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Good Gifts Come From Above

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 19, 2006
    7:00 PM
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everyone in well-known users these millions of me I believe is the nineteen all right sometimes like by really going to the nineteen I hope you are fighting the privilege of coming as I certainly do every single day I hope you had a pleasant day today I certainly had one speech as it is with me every day I think of you all during the day I first for you I pray will request cards as I told you I spread them over my bed shoulder undergone several times a day of my asphalt please take a individual usual at every car every request software every heart Harlem bring conviction of resisting mine I pray that prayer last goal to bless you I believe that he is so very happy to see you will be with us for the first time that he'll have blessed you about SU God bless you over here but let's might above if I miss a hat because of the glare of light syllabus I see you thank you very much for coming will you come I have tonight thank you for your faithfulness medicine out of our heads and pray our father in heaven we find you for the life you've given to us today we decided to go the privilege of sitting in your presence than listen to your divine word would ask the father in the name of Jesus please enter like this graph your manservant the words to say if in the words of the prophecy of digital photos when you said to him now therefore will I will I will be redline all entries you want I'll shall say being with my mouth and be with the hearts and minds of my brothers and sisters in Jesus name we pray amen our something for the life of this well what is called from a bottle and I think my title from James is the one person even says in an every perfect gift is from a ball and was down from the father of lights which will is not variable this is neither Chicago of turning going to do this from a bottle let us go over some things I have say particularly a few things I said about Jesus Christ and the reason why I will review about it is because understanding this about price is fundamental and foundational to your relationship with Christ as my eye today this method Jesus will wall the streets of Galilee who fell asleep in about the Jesus in the most face human beings then Jesus went hungry or set of faults that have hold of the birds of the air have nests of the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head that Jesus was nailed from a house to house for the house of Mary Martha and Lazarus the Jesus who very few people believe this was the same person who say to you it is essential to understand that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the creator God of Genesis chapter one the sort of divorces that identify Jesus Christ as the creative cost of several one reading verses sixteen and seventeen for by him referred to Christ all things created that are in heaven and that are not visible and invisible whether they be thrones or dominions or principalities or powers all and created by him now this does not exclude the following Holy Ghost all three were included but of course there's all things were created by an mayonnaise but she just wants to gain a sense all the all creation is that you all things were created by him and without an unfortunate seventies as an EEE is before all things and by all things of this agreement that Christ not only made but it is the key things running you must understand this revenue grew seven one report from horse while it was long to reverse one of the computer good gifts from about euros one revolvers one the Bible says God Wes subject five hundred divers manners spake of the follows my profits in these last days is unto us by his son Willie F appointed heir of all things and also he made the wireless will be the right of the glory of the express image of his person and upholding all things by the word of his power that's what John seven one and read from verse one is a computer good things come from where about good things come from above John chapter one hundred and four verse one minus as in the beginning was the word and word was with God and the Word was God the same was in the beginning with God or three all things were made by and without him was not anything made that was made with his family but that was okay and the war are was while we give flesh growth and what you see to the loss may I world knew him so we have been amended as the one who said method method of the original graph this was the same person who came out not one has ever fallen eleven Jesus Christ pratfall is not good Lord no one has ever descended all that Jesus Christ from Karen in this largest of my privileges I sent limits are not give up eating in açai Easton subject himself to the father and he came as you'll and I ready to walk in our shoes and see the page 's over all of the risen priests Christ can intercede on our health by the way of the three levels of them on a father-son Holy Ghost the one with judge is Christ John five twenty two the father Douglasville man but hath committed all death of the son Gregory from the lives of private crisis I judge no one rises saying why he was under he do not come to judge but having gone back and he is waffling that he's coming to execute judgment Jesus is the judge why because he understands divinity and humanity because he combines both not having Elizabeth review lets go of my favorite book what book is that Genesis chapter one every go get comes from where about the exhibit from bottle you know about the recipe about appeasers this seems endless dose is one hundred and twenty six about their medicine man in our image our likeness and then have the legitimacy of the following ad of the capital of all the earth on romantic revenge thing that upon the bed is aware in that course I want to the regular pension Joe and password needs boom the web all day I believe he is doing many of the law audition for many of the Ativan have to give an account from the governor supervises them to the cantankerous when you walk outside you will have to give an account of the person to hold what you taking it all belong with you while you have given out for anyone adequately forgiven you I thought this question of his image two million over the fish of the sea over the following and over the cattle of all error over every creeping thing that is upon the earth every good gift is about what you will give small gifts out of the long-lost millions on that if continues today when Adam and Eve left the barn unfortunately they still have boom the even of the same degree but they have some formal dominion is like most is a revelation humanist like those who destroy the Earth will miss you will position as having been bought a lot of familiar for us to ponder on the rivers and restrain his underlings bought another five hundred million additional effort out of the mold on here for many that I take care of the Earth in such a way that you are have on single or I guess that's the reason I believe this number is not okay with you Dennis is one of the video every good gift where from all notices one about that before I have given you every herb bearing seed which is among the fifth of all the earth and every train in the west of history because they say to you it shall be for me to every beast of error of every following pair of recent afternoon according to break into his life I have given every green herb for the now going into the many and I think it was when I die maybe more news about the hundreds of thousands of people die distributor of the experts are tracing much of this the diet of the livestock wingding outrageous with our teeth call center of the your perfect but I can't let you decide what you need I'll decide for you by the hell out of a hobby shouldn't have been out of the current level in and out of the goal is but for some reason I said I will love you even up the perfect people to decide what they would eat I felt old I've given you every herb and eczema visible and invisible leader demonstrated which is the food which we humans seem to you it shall be for the glory to you and every piece of your every following a nervous sort of a couple or man you raise some lines enough on during the Bennett Roth United States there were rains all their lives as they did here but a problem over there will offer the Lions turned away under photographers of those who were there could not believe it will cost to unknown see that Amanda was offered to be turned away I don't know a video how fast but said he will come the rules should be lessons one hundred million one hundred eleven via another budget for the ball nestled another look at that point is added to the end of their life at all I is the Genesis opportunity for a as we consider every good gift square from above yesterday would this come from on Genesis after the one person I say was in the Bible says the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden and that people of the land will be a phone in our household and a very special way was in the East of Eden that was his home his private home yes the unavailability of Taiwan man and woman wants to have a place he or she can pull off hold once a removable one of everything is okay I probably raised by both of this but there's no place like home even if you hold his own poetry behind a rock the is no place like I also want to leave a whole this is your home in the Bible to vote up flag blog Martin says somewhere really except the Lord build the house remember is in the building is gone building your new one will be the structural walls and the rest of the item being what goes on is called the architect of our holders of what it is a very ugly man with the uniform domain at the back of his informed about all but this never ever let you thought about her surveillance system is a good view good gifts come from above I find it on Google just when you say whereas not possible for us was that they log off of the map and put them in the north of England to addressing and took even one that where you are the double-blind work for idle hands no a lot of time at WR so where is to save from going out of physical benefit of our development of our work load gone to the man to regard will be addressing to keep you put a hold shoulder and when he had to work we are required to work not necessarily 9-to-5 for someone but as long as you live in the US a few mental and physical energies of any of the tech out of their apartment you call your election bought it on their what will reflect off one some like the million also I said it will happily do it again I'm not as watching the kind of the medium exercises all because there is a connection between how you know of how you would've been some people believe that are important we do this like I like like the cost is affected by how I get sloppy and lazy and somehow in the last five minutes of your life will save you you'll gently given high responsibilities in the URL is also dropped in front of the unit 's room I saw far as bioengineering and so is he doesn't position you have the new role statement federal and that is evident in all seriousness and probably how we do not affect what will allow us to be like the call it is an open connection between this might affect life because when Jesus comes on on the best but when Jesus got everything is destroyed by the Cal she gave him a long essay on a botanical remains in the field on the Israel reform the type everything in there is a connection between our longest hard-working people in the world what is going as I was honestly will inhabit and while you get out of it what did the lady in California in the United States and of your body was mostly given up on Mrs. yours religion of the condiment of their homes to convertible give them work dresses as they never wanted in life digital file he given you reduce your organization pushing the envelope in short you have that is a function of the carnal nature we love to test limits we spent all the children that social human being is that Thomas had no systems or sailor 's mother was an advocate that it would just come from about ten systems exam Bible says in a long block on the masthead of each of the valve is really one of the threat of the eligibility was outshot not even list all on Thursday four seven eight out of all histories forgeries and every single one is at your disposal of the source of energy and unreasonably long I am reserving just one street formers though is that the software did not go that out of every German artist you'll belonging accepting the need of one bucket at a little test what are the would of been when you are forcing another spray together let's located you understand how easy the test was also you may have all these Julie's effects on I can imagine an easy address book and give I will give them tax in July God and will also have some professors on the numbers in both specializes in visiting the right to access is annoying that you will always been a fundamental right that I cannot access one role the easiest exam but human being has ever had to take qualities usually just leave one from the other nobles there are some other way I just want long was so sweet for everything all I want long at all why the okay I I just want one on the Walmarts of soul we sent your demands are right opened last one hundred and twenty thousand I need all ten I need all the trees I need often do not send every time I know what day out of a visual medium figure my world and I think of himself then is the hardest five eleven because he built specifically it doesn't happen it's good for tomorrow kids out of given limits this is my will that none of the farm from any given consequences give them six the ones you like the fact that in this country there are consequences of crime is that don't you impose consequences on your children PCS you don't want to put on your part pray for the best there is a highly prayer but on your car shall need to understand the consequences so do adults not God-given consequence is the perfectly reasonable in the day 's outing is not wrong the shot shortly gone once a surprise no one one does not fight with guerrilla tactics you design one does not believe in an ambush on music copyright face-to-face processor will follow at Anfield no can't find what I say you're welcome I wish Ms. Sutton is the violation of the revealed will of God but visit out again send is the formulation of the revealed will of God and after meals when you really don't know what overlooks the old statement that if borrower like that when minimizing the dad when we will tell you what difference is that he is I don't know I have the window but will settle tell me what all women many people at Babylon at eight euros myself is that I don't know I didn't know I had no way am I I said silently as of the counties is wireless of moving the review will and you both will fire there was an awful lot of video by home work minutes his statement overnight compromised immune system gets a nothing against you I fifth role as is I do not sometimes one-sided school you get season visas these of SMG 's output bedrooms that's the way it works this legal consequences to companionship is overstating of Genesis to put this stuff about his awesome are these just give up on the happiness of the whole world it is all well say it is not the mathematics of your law alone I will make you unhealthy the more his knowledge as a supplement from his wife and also does not limit mentioned below but ultimately it is not move anyone should be single and have a provision of adequate measures are in but we must also include one ballroom him also it is not bode from people this is an visual because I will bet that it is is not good for someone who signed up for something less than a button is not going to be and I will did about social subplots and so we see one another I is you and you and you have friends when a friend bringing money and how a friend that wasn't enough I had relieved that of the death of his brother and implement much of a Yugoslav upset of the goals in his abysmal you will be his bowels of the Gesellschaft waited as Jesus says that henceforth I call you so for the service what this one was 50-50 but I applaud you for we me companionship we need social support I'm depressed of the white label holders it is not mentioned in the own isolated luminal support as we give them the medium capable diet gave them a whole day from work to focus on the consequences for the limits across services mankind is a social creature you need to come when needed the marriage then implement it had risen and wanted to as wrong about all this with the following out of respect either one of Israel the flesh is the role of the regulars will have taken from video one robber on how to thread this is now bone of my form she shall be called one because she was to wear on the first twenty four months and therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother as I please was wife of this shall be one flesh will gave the human comedy show of the other one word that monogamous marriage is a big word is one man one woman wants to follow the path was that people has dwindled to business when one of not more than one man is his investment management women in on TV and I will forget everything is nice I definitely doesn't help others that are our cousins across the border you want out of it there's nothing you can say homosexual behavior of same-sex management and it was brought that therefore shall a man leave as long as I thought he has why is singular why as the Israel why would this be another modifying the only physical information the Bible does I believe is not one with mammal epithelial inelegant orthodontists in the from the estimate had never while that eventful evening we happens I always know when the ball is one of the last one and one ten and one half I and you are you one I will graduate on the one hundred and eighty one and nine husband about his wife also one that's one husband gave him dominion of give a bunch of gifts from above for the happiness you get a call going if I will thought we must have hours to get before you are currently and I wanted him to get the militants is something going to the weekend like Jazmin this is a omnipotent government the deadline you don't forget getting the consequences of visit consequently in Hebrews six thirteen about this went on a positive brother because he could swear by the way this easily by himself but himself up as collateral for our salvation the consequence was that he found the simplest economic and he was going as a consequence both testicles on himself because he's an ice him than you know anyone who has written on the wall there was anyone who might offend his wife and so he went himself all around them and often give up and he will we don't understand risk consequences and huge bowls of one in which will be self-centered focus on someone else also have companionship where everything give them manage all these things out of his room when he went out with regard my brother was really something thank you wow gold here believes that the manual to be a contributor of losing unwanted help someone will be set on any one person but it's a common outcome your athletic ability this is not likely to all right I will exist here uphold the medium of the Bible prophetic invective all right original for the Limited edition at Santa will dog everyone is publishing public income from the disease I don't want to see Jason Collins a Methodist I wasn't excited all right okay with adjacent isn't reasonable diet holism but that is right here by holding knees in a whole anyone believes in the home like to see sister your beautiful home is the woman in the call center for the alright comes the good as theirs he comes about arena here you go all right for them this is a hot button at any and all I will believes in work because Google was listening to all of you have okay to come recommended by the mestizos lately does good brother over that side work will be a Medela community to somebody else's life even all right okay what is whatever you like anyone in develop but was moving slowly he has arthritis I'm not sure Google .com Islamists than us yes my beloved brother blessings upon you on visualizing run this consequences for actions of an event that this is a lawyer he also thought about how this is a fascinating other day saying that you have thought of the law any other law consequently right on endless consequences you gave us a minivan environment in the diocese of memory I guess I will provide you with what you remember what he gave in and of unanimous on was is that the public will love companionship and love the benefit this is from yes blessings upon you missing the government of the humongous evenness of companionship is not much is not necessarily advertising so please don't think that the website how a fan of Microsoft and this is my value on my part and software about who is allowed by hi it is not really that is why I am called upon by the escrow my good brother will be so much yes all this for me blessings upon you blessings upon your last role Ms. Rodriguez was the music is to be done on living ability to output the Garden of Eden going to the happiness of the world can you imagine a world where no one is in charge of anything is a forty one Cal you will pay everyone eats anything I will where there's no one has privacy some of the college where you want to use cardiovascular world without work lazy people in all fifty states also he's not just from above my beloved brothers and sisters I noticed I is a serious is this everyone in sight he does while the technical envelope computer models of sessions the police would have the limits you have the lyrics the FBI will have you ever wonder why we believe any limits consequences to discourage people from crossing reasons you know the trial devoted I'm going to have people don't highly relevant kind of ends apprenticeship when the tribunal in orbit for less like a hangover all I said hello to me and you and you will see our companionship the sorry for the twentieth time in the Lausanne White House video noise my door I don't really want I compatibility anywhere that is somebody wants he wanted me to give the Fellowship is trying to fellowship under Swedish Fellowship 's Christian question what you say is the last life that is why I doubt if I want to try and I got once been a part of our business and global uses for his relationship with those who will be as easy as one that's the church of those who believe in living righteous lives by the power of Christ and Christ himself says he ensures is his body says of the resort the menu by a whole work movements consequences companionship unloaded in which one of these is that for you this was long at that point but he's going to follow are you sure you have no problem with any of these anyone who makes men unit of energy in the consequences of what was new but without that have other people in Los Angeles Italy whole people who you hit having something that you configure our brother unless someone we can tell you is going to be sent on the following argument is going to have to know the world most of these bridges in the world says bona fide fun it's okay with that okay going I love the ones you want okay understand the medical value visual of the benefits of the night was as high I want on your worthless call a problem going to trust were now sometimes it's hard but I understand okay fine all rights in the ocean but I understand the help of the moment consequences okay sometimes harsh but I understand the thinking behind that is one is fine with me forgive the potential with my friends house one understanding when wrong my companionship Marius yes I like I sympathize with those okay marriage is fine then we come to this one the music longer limited normal normal normal normal this won't work so what you like these we go like this one also has to see if though removed by foot what is this form is along that is our way of saying that if all of these this one at all these lawsuits and have about as the result of the Medicare don't destroy the world by flood 's will exhibit as far as what they are before God does anything to be enough to speak to someone on the earth a representative of the mobile cost a lot of messages one is wrong with this book is so reasonable goals as well if you can find one person that shows you where I change this I was and we say identifying first if I found of course I will have to find it I just don't like I was ludicrously argument of friends you can just evolve into my brother here said that my brothers and sisters please had to write about blessings on you this was a this is an all right writer I was looking at Susan 's individual I offer so also is no way long to find the resources one thousand dollars interest I'm making them off right now and one hundred thousand dollars mice and was ironed dollars of his chart and want to the five thousand if you find one Bible verse that says the first and because warning I can find you several the citizens is enough also if you find one verse that says God changed some settings before I only want jewel in seaweed and sea forces about it here to being housing automobiles or visit one of vertebral people displaced originated from my heart taking it on the awful multiplicity will finally one for a census of the Osama want to have on offer yet because you all is he he will back someone gives bottom also every good gift and every perfect gift is from above including this one but you will read in verse thirteen Isa fifty eight reinforce thirteen now that I slew him pages in this book is God speaking through Isaiah at all for a with iPhones from the South from doing vice versa on hold holy being mindful call the sabbath a delight the holy of the Lord Honorable Ann supplement one twenty nine is not as though speaking on wireless shop out there like myself in the role was the work values of the universe fourteen is a connection between the best things in fourteen of one bonuses to stop doing it thirteen is now a website for some slots in some walking over the North and whatever you want with time and effort from doing that old letter on five twenty nine has gone and called us underlined the holy of the Lord Honorable and shout we are called upon the ongoing violent ways of finding metal is not speaking on wires was fourteen and manage somehow acceptable I will arrive for the high is that they are not as many respects I day I when you are I will bless your life and at Lorraine Islam I is there an e-mail of the time in the knife on all the blessings of Amara but you that he is is will will will will monetize original but is it you begin to get you to both reports of Mark twelve hundred articles for twelve reinforce twenty eight Mark is a second possible marked well rehearsed with the Bible says one of the scribes came and having heard them reasoning together perceiving that the accident well settled to him is the first commandment of all is sensitive the First Amendment is your audience while a lot of voters Walmart is starting off some of the above along with all my heart I will myself with all my mind at all this is the first of the second is like naming is how seldom I give advice besides there's no written amendment than these responded to this private event well Master Powell has said that you folders one to there is none other than he and some of them with all the heart of all the understanding of all the soul and with all the strength of the love his neighbor as himself is one of law holder offerings and sacrifices as it were thirty four miles and when he saw with you that is all that and still be squeaking and why the said him him what Jesus Son of Man thou art not far from where this may be how far we walked you have no problem dominion nosedive numbers hold non- Muslim militia limits as you should know what to do what I perhaps closes Jesus is it you you're not far my favorite work you really have been able I'm seeing several of Jesus about voices silencing not must be expressed as Jesus said if you love me you finish all my mentors I specify think of your heart now Mark twelve thirty four now are not far from you what if you've come this close this easy to get one more step in obedience to the administration what is the intelligent thing to most of the necessities of anything at everything and feel younger schools why this hour for God of Fujimori 's I recently joined the measure I'm too busy with my own situation but gone since me to preach the truth you are my witnesses but I cringe every night from this ghost and so that's often about my dog is a lot of opinion it is one of the José if your Mercedes-Benz using the mechanic is as I think in the thirty with oil use of the water is a lesser opinion on which is a check while a lot of opinions out to start is enough to know I think his carotid arteries in the United I think his was at the second someone comes in the house you're missing the point that comes to know you think you'll check him I is the last opinion my opinion will settle several and not the villain up in as the new couple things one I never knew that I found to consult the additional malware Mister okay authority was noticeably limited for a vision I offered one seven four three I don't care what you say of what I like that when they destroy wealth among the one hundred and three five hundred dollars life additionally we need for the five hundred of these were more definitely find at one of the present identify my father husband nor because you told me to send you know I can find that otherwise one would you want to criticize the man said I was born around one hundred by one visiting I love you from I have multiple using the forty dollars I'll send you a bottle of holy water etc. one one one rebounds were also Sunday thirty five dollars also your prayer shawl it'll impress on you is I have a question for you heart is what is that he is misleading is not bad says if you will this momentum is coming to visit and will be collected very for some of the new life in community very special this is becoming music and some of them decided to come back to doing of the Rizvi has less like this I do consequently cards more conventionally the decision is some of you weren't here last business someone among it was the Lord this message is not to be the others of her I would like to experience keeping a self elected to follow if you have been able if there's someone here who say that you have not yet made a commitment that you have to like to keep us up to them anyone you have looked at the sun with your keyboard and obedience to God you have not kept one or is there someone here you used to you will come back doing resume if you resume the last letter level do miss you but I would come to become obviously can't judge him at Gabon message up on your blessings upon you but this will bejeweled like you can stand right here when I want some good literature succumbs to her okay he's coming the next day he's okay anyone else is a medical of multiple samples like to see what it's like one of the site or I used to keep it for some reason I stopped I want to go back to doing what it was right resentment moving get a QB for the first time I go back to doing what you know is if you can try to come right on the car I want to keep some of the first time all I want to come back to keeping anyone else you're coming from you coming obedience of Christ I want to old Bigelow keep yourself and once community and then save it for my brother the and everyone else keep O'Sullivan first time all I want to come back to do that the British argued with these situations if you decide to write it on the car given to me at the door but it was similar psyche for the truth night after night give me the power one more bit of a fearful you sent a message of blessing to our faithful know anything about divine power ever had about her freckles father in the name of Jesus I thank you for those who come to hear the word I believe was come with coverage as the others were too shy to come to the right of the car more fast to live with Jesus give us a heart to do was right because once like this was best for us to understand what everyone is no such thing as it is what I want happiness father bless us bring us back tomorrow night you must and so on for Jesus and reserving as a looking upon us we pray in Jesus name of producing at all I'll say a man as a men are best going to miss about this you would you want to write with residual hands of the door


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