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Jesus Methods in the 21st Century, Part 3

Ernestine Finley


Ernestine Finley

Featured speaker at conventions, evangelism workshops and training events, and author



  • January 31, 2012
    9:00 AM
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father had only praise you for the wonderful things of the Louvre praise you for who you are we praise you for loving we praise you for caring for a praise you for hearing and answering our prayers the father we ask for your Holy Spirit in your power and your president a year help my father to know how to reach the community where we are father help us to reach those that are longing to know about you and we thank you that you will guide us in Jesus precious name he will yesterday had understand that pastor family talked about the five keys to successfully handle it on and so if some of you want to do that training in your charts I might mention that we have a full book on a call light your world for God that are taking through the five keys and then actually trains you and how to set up your church in the various ministries particularly Bible study ministry and particularly prayer ministry Bible study ministry visitation ministry and literature ministry and don't underestimate the value of literature ministry in your church but they were never talk about health ministry that's another whole ministry because here at the health Summit we want to do that and so on start morning by sharing with you a story there was a famous old monastery situated on the side of the class will meet in water of the Mediterranean area was beautiful and forest wanted to visit the monastery that was one problem one problem problem was the only way out was an old wicker basket wasted off by a route that's the only way they can get out there and the Tories got into the basket he would ask one question he asked the question on the mom how can you change the route he asked all that don't worry we change it every time in the ranks and change it every time it breaks you would you feel safe with you they'll say that well you know what the truth of the matter is people have broken out they have broken health and I want to change it but often when it's too late you probably recently even heard or read that book on Steve Jobs and how he said he wished he had taken care of his health and how he wished he had done something differently and so we all feel that way sometimes when it's too late people have broken out but how can we help people avoid these killer diseases these killer diseases are in our country today but not only in our country they are not countries we were in our in Melbourne Australia has to fill me with enemy during a series of evangelistic meeting their but we know now that was very secular and if you think the United States secular time held in Australia Melbourne Australia has been voted as the number one most desirable city in the world to live for the last several years if you take everything like education culture music art history Wagner did everything Melbourne Australia is very very desirable and that they have even in the paper narrows fourth page sports affected by they call it a religion page and it is amazing and we wondered how could we ever even vandalism rates Naumann Australia so we decided to do something very thing that any teaching you here today we decided let's go and do some framework let's teach people how to do Bible studies and felt me to our materials that we views all around the world because the five Keys to successful evangelism work anywhere in the world and we talked them to Melbourne Australia we started training people in literature ministry in prayer ministry Bible study ministry giving Bible study in fact we were even taught have to I would have to go out and knock on doors to do some doorknocking to actually act to teach doorknocking and well luck on the American and I not done doorknocking in Australia and so the only way that I feel like I can teach it if I do some doorknocking can I go and do some doorknocking in Australia if it works but I hear people into secular love could we try and we just had a handful of people may be ten twelve people that work and come out because they didn't believe in it and we decided okay after I shared with them what we were going to do however can do it we put people on this side of the street people on this side of the street we went door-to-door doing survey and you know that in one day and just a short time we were even out there that want a be an hour and a half two hours at the most they got twenty one Bible studies it was just amazing and so here we were in a being in Australia for very the meaning and how are you the Marines the Australians while we started teaching and training and Bible study ministry we started teaching a letter to ministry and then health ministry the health ministry is what turns people around the high when we started when when even the past earth the world will take all bars and when the pastor began to see some of the community people coming out to the health program to help back those two nutrition classes to stress and harassment classes I started saying many be this is where and I'm here to tell you my friends that we opened our meeting we had smaller venues because they thought they could work in Australia so they gave us an auditorium at the five hundred on one side of the city and Denmark was undertaken other side of the city and we had another auditorium with five hundred and we had another auditorium that that approximately seven hundred in the other auditorium and I'm here to tell you that that opening meeting marks reached the opening session nine time nine time nice time and we started on our main session was going to be at seven fifteen but we had to have a five fifteen session so we had a five fifteen sessions that we went to authority o'clock session then we went to our one o'clock session and then we said what do we do they didn't know what to do so they said were given nine o'clock session not have to save my faith at that point with a little you know maybe week as well but do you know what we packed the auditorium at nine o'clock and they couldn't close down the nine o'clock session we have so many young people coming and so many young people and it was amazing because we had a wonderful series in Australia not only were there I don't even know how many baptisms there were just been hired since because they use the DVDs all over and recently we just got at our vandalism counsel at the GC the caravan literally hours and baptized because they took on the pop and New Guinea they can come to some of these other places and the Lord 's death and laughing like that but you know what open it up health ministry health ministry so how can we how the people in our community avoid these killer diseases cancer heart disease diabetes high blood pressure and stroke well there is no shortcut in short it's not a magic now it's not a pill I cannot even tell that an exilic it is what it don't matter of making good choices and within our hands to help people make those the right choices we can remain healthy night so I know I'm not aware of the fact that we have environmental and we have hereditary factors and there is something beyond our control I can't answer why bad things happen to good people and some people get diseases that I only anytime and see what we understand some of those things I don't I can't answer that but by and large we can be healthy by choice there's no question about it so do I read lifestyle choices really make a difference by a lifestyle choices we can contribute that they can contribute to premature aging there is no question about it we know this study the rent but the Bible ancient health principle are you and however were absent for a while now no question about it dining down on Egyptian mummies confirm the truthfulness of God 's word God 's word there is no question about it Doctor Rosalie David of Manchester England the University of Manchester did studies and she set it is likely that Ramses the second hubby just died of a massive heart attack and Doctor Claude if they did x-rays on fourteen hour and then mommy 's and discovered that the same diseases we have today they had heart disease cancer arthritis obesity high blood pressure rheumatism and sexually transmitted diseases is saying they the same same things that we face today number one killer here in the United States is targeting cancers number two and by the way cancer is touring so fast that if possible it's going to reach heart disease and unfortunately it is getting a lot of seven day Adventist workers share some of the reasons why for at least half on the possibilities of why we don't have all the answers but there are some possibilities of why it's happening testimonies volume one page four eighty six says this the health reform I was shown is a part of the third Angels message it is just as closely connected with it as an arm and hand with the human body so we know we know that we have message my friend we know to be afraid to present this message and you know what we can never go wrong when we just present what God has told us to do I when he won in my nutrition classes I stand behind the scientific authority I than behind the net authorities I'm not a physician I'm not a nurse I'm not a dietitian however my daughter is a position I found a lot of the position my son is going through PA school online finished and had a Masters in exercise science and health promotion and my daughter is a registered dietitian so I we have the medical field within our family but in the medical field I was in elementary education teacher and so that so you don't have to be woke health professional to have health program you have to stand behind the authorities and I have been doing nutrition classes health classes and nutrition classes since nineteen sixty nine forty one years now and I've never had a debate in my class because you know why if you bring them into your home and you present the practical and you present what they wanted here because they come there because they have heart disease because they have cancer I had a lady come to me last night and just you know this really upset and said Mister Stanley I have to talk to you please can I talk to you he said that I have to talk to alone there were people around she came to me that I just been diagnosed with breast cancer what can I do what I don't have the answers on that position but I know that if we follow the principles that were talking about cancer is that none of feet as quickly on and broccoli and on that note veggies and fruits as it does on that sugar because I think I'm fat and sugar and salt we do have some answers and behalf some answers that we can give are you doing this how you do it how do you even go back to your churches pastors and train your charts the new health program I believe in my regular training of Bible study work and health work I tell the people that if you would do this one thing I believe it would transform your churches into a church growth church this one thing ministry of healing let's read it together one forty nine Arab League shirts should be a training school for Christian workers when I went to training school for training boys Josh you said your charts as a training school he sat up and asking set up chairs you set when I when I was teaching I had students believe that I have some students I had studied I have some tables or desks or something you have chairs I haven't chalkboards you have a whiteboard you have screens today you have PowerPoint today so you have all of that and you bring the people and undermine the night you teach them how to do a cooking on Tuesday night he teaches how to do a Bible study ministry on Wednesday night he teaches how to do a stress management that your church is open all the time because you see that the key we just came back from China and when we were in China this is last of and a few months ago we were in China and we had passed as needed there we had a demand we had several other things there and that with both our mainland China pastors and people from Hong Kong which is part of China as well and we asked them pastors your churches are growing here so fast one church the largest church in a Seventh-day Adventist churches in Shanghai China with over six thousand members and weekend we know you took this charge of the woman casting into this problem why home-grown wife mom homework is six thousand numbers how did you do it she said first of all after Mrs. Finley we go to the church at four thirty or five o'clock and we pray that we fray that the key we also work they work and felt when you have a working church when you have a committed church but we also reign the people how to work and how to do this they call in their disciple and so how do you have been training all day and she said but are we somehow how often are you churches open because we said in my country in many churches it's the least economical building in the world because it's open once a week on Sabbath morning how often will pastor Mrs. Finlay were open only for five seconds even seven days a week and so you have this training going on ongoing in your church what do they need training well here's some of the quote all because I want to get to the heart of health ministry but the members should be taught how to get Bible reading hopefully one night evening teach people how to give Bible study and then she says that she does on talks about Sabbath school in helping the poor knowledge that and she said there should be schooled in how it should be cooking schools and classes in various lines of Christian help work the we need to have all of themselves and cooking schools in teaching people how to do this so what are some key reasons for conducting regular ongoing health ministry look at them what are some reasons that he's taken a lot of time and very time-consuming it's a lot of work I know I will be here every morning at eight thirty nine o'clock at the church working all day long with several other are you ready for what we have an program just to get ready for all those food demonstrations of the library but let's look at some key reasons first of all health narrative provides a great opportunity for Seventh-day Adventist impact the world opened a health message this is an opportunity for on two open Sindelar on the message that we've been given an and we been given a beautiful message my friend in eighteen sixty three Alan White had her first is a vision on how in a single Michigan and she saw that God wanted this to go throughout our churches because the health of our own early pioneers is not dead so they needed the health message as well as writing a help message to others is a popularity and effectiveness in wellness programs continues to rise initial share with you that recently released their ninth annual study of employee benefits ran and the survey found that health and wellness program have become a mainstream staple for many organizations and one that's producing results so here in these companies they are doing health programs because look what's the answer to some of the no insurance that everybody's talking about it's really for inventive medicine and preventive medicine but what is the populate what what programs were at the top of the left in popularity weight management they said tobacco cessation and diabetes prevention first of all let me talk about tobacco cessation we used to be in the sixties and seventies benefits for earth that had my husband had at least four and five hundred people out to his stop smoking plans in those early significant in the sixties late sixties and early seventies now what have we done with almost we almost don't even do it at other organizations are taking it all morning doing that yet that one of the things that was at the top of the list and popularity and the other two have to do with what you have to do it slowly have to do with me weight management and diabetes and diabetes on the rise because of people 's diet wellness programs have steadily increased over the past few years from thirty three percent of companies offering them into a way forty five percent offering them into ten by two ten Iraq to forty five percent of these companies are because you know why you save money and save money instead of buying all the insurance plans that everybody's talking about you have something that's preventive and they're going to preserve the health of their employees therefore there is their budget is good to be believed down as a result of that growth in larger companies over five hundred employees has also been increasing from fifty seven percent offering programs into eight to seventy one percent into time so my friends look if these companies are offering at and yes they are doing a good work but they don't have all the full message we had got a phone message at the chance that we can be presenting and look at the popularity of what's happening in just the news media twenty two million copies of the National Geographic printed worldwide talking about the secrets of living honor filtering Seventh-day Adventist the popularity is growing and health there is an openness to health New York Times bestseller author Dan Buettner reveal the secrets of longevity and happiness backed by research working with National Geographic national institutes on aging and AARP they found me we found parts of the world where people live the longest and the happiest life and they found that the average American could live an extra twelve years did they not already I is the NFL study twelve years and the forty percent happier by optimizing their lifestyle environment because you know what some people say I want to think about it now living to one hundred now they're talking about that the healthy hybrid and living in the saddle and eleven hundred and fifty people in nursing homes and all these people that can't function but were not talking about that were talking about an active healthy under and so that's what we wanted and you can we can preserve their health by what we can actually had a have a clip on this we won't show it today but many of you know that Bill Clinton has become a vegan vegetarian and the reason in the clip shows from CNN why he has become a vegan vegetarian not because of some of the reasons that may be found at minutes ten you know taken on some of the health message but because he had heart disease and a chair at and a bypass bypass surgery and he said I want to live to see my grandchildren I want to be able to function and the only way after he studied that the only way to reverse heart disease is by getting on in a diet that the only way to reverse heart disease not the reverse partner needed is still in eating animal products are that it's just not possible but the world is open to this the world is open to this message right now that we have met through this again aromatic on ministry to thirty nine and back on missionary work in the gospel practice the compassion of Christ revealed and this work there is a great need in the world is open to it the world is open to what we have to say right now so there will not on our door the problem is that there's nobody on the other side to open them to war that's a problem that we need to have our churches open bringing people in because the world is open to this God grant that the importance of medical missionary work shall be understood and new fields may be entered immediately there may be you might have a little charts you have a large church I don't know what kind of church maybe a pastor you may be a member you may be a leader of that church but whatever it is whether it be large or small we need to enter that field that territory in fact as the church should make that territory that we have a priority in fact we are told in the Seventh-day Adventist manual for our church pastor 's manual that at our board meeting at every board meeting we should be discussing how to reach the territory that we have and then she says one thing and then the manual says one every water we should be holy and the board meeting should be holding on how we can reach that territory and you I know we talk about other things at the board meeting how to fix the repeat leaky roof or whatever the problems are what color car better in a light amber rather than how to evangelize the territory that we have in the world is open to it is that we should capitalize on the opportunity to organize health ministries in every church because you know why this is an opening Wagstaff Patty thank you Patty telling about you today though I will tell them who you are because I have intelligence value and so thank you yes the opportunities are opening testimonies volume seven page fifty nine every day see if you be entered by workers trained to do medical missionary work and you don't have to be a health professional to do medical missionary work and medical missionary will work will be the work that we will have right up until the end of time and the work in fact the only work that we can do at the end of time so how do we train what we train and how do we do that well see my health evangelism because why do he think what health evangelism what is frequent self evangelism sequence health evangelism means you're not having a cooking school over here and then you have any you know six months later have the stress management over there are five years later you have a mandolin the multiyear state the vandalism means you are planning I see when I calendar on the net when we go into any city we do calendar we do a countdown calendar and we have a we had a plan so you may want to start with a health expo house and always a wonderful way to start because you can bring people into the community then you may want to do a stop smoking our brief free you know that's what they call it at the General conference right now the brief three actually Australia has a wonderful stop smoking plan though he wanted to stop smoking plan you can write to the health ministry with the villa when I was there that I don't believe that health director they are now but that leaves very nicely because when they go to the temperance does and you know that they have a problem with smoking a one-stop you know just what we are offering here at this church here in the brochure to our next stop smoking plan and you given to them to help out and then what about natural lifestyle cooking natural lifestyle cooking I mean when I'm presenting night after night natural lifestyle cooking if you have invented the evening meeting I will talk more about this tomorrow but natural lifestyle cooking is a way that we can show people all the varieties of things that they can do with a plan may diet an end that can lead to stress management and then acting lead in the Evenson Bible study and Ensign Danielle and studies that are nonthreatening the book of Daniel just simply says what can the book of Daniel do for me that after families of seminar chapter one how can God turn my defeat into victory likely turn Daniel stated in the victory how can God guide my life and Daniel to liking guided history down through the ages how can he protect me and Danielle Frazer like he protected me shack Shadrach Meshach and then allowing the fiery furnace it's a wonderful study in golf from his any other but what about the CDs and DVDs and all the things on plenty of evangelistic meetings and you see how health evangelism see my notes on why is it an act is an act to the next I'm alive we hold all these house programs and their wonderful I believe in them but were not were not connecting and getting people into the three angels message and into eternity and that's our goal that's what we wanted to someone said to me when I was holding off teaching these kind of principles and holding health program for example you can send me a mean to tell me that you have and I'll carry emotions and your health programs and absolutely genius ended me exactly that will allow if you think of this one even thirsty again the water I need and so I would hold health programs even if they never expected you that because there were many people in Jesus day at that time that he'll didn't accept them but at the same time if we can give them ten years more of life when we want to give them a hundred million years all eternity of life so yes we do have enough your motives of statement yet they need I actually we been using passive families CDs and DVDs on the revelation of hope on discoveries and all of the different various DVDs and things that we have been in South early amazing because that is literally not even score many more hundreds of baptisms as a result of that and dies just amazing and we just think we passed them out as as in the set up a library without the little library of these tapes and bring them to people and then we collectively bring on the next one people and just recently we had while I can tell you when we were in China I would then actually we were in Hong Kong and a pastor came up to me and had seven people with them we spent all of his family I just have to introduce you to these seven people things have been baptized as a result of the discovery series that I bought at Karen GC session and bought a set of the past is at least discovery and he showed them to these people and have all been baptized it's just amazing and so we had the class evangelism is very important I think Dave and Linda and I were an illustration of that in the value of multifaceted program we were in Chicago and then I was coming to our stress management program the aim was not interested in and anything religious at all but she kept coming night after night and she would bring materials home we had that little book called like that at best which is ministry of healing that we gave out in our stress management and she said it down on the table and gave started reading it and when he started reading at the sex she came home one night she's talking reading and she said but but this book has a religious tone and she he said I don't care if it has references to God if it reduces my stress they kept reading that book him on to our Daniel found in our camera for evangelistic meetings in both of them were baptized until you see what you see the vandalism dies if it puts the whole package together if it's the whole package together yeah well one that hangs that of course very important is to help people whether they accept God or not so we all carry a motive is to help people to bless people to give their longer life to give him health and your health program and give you thought when you do what we call throughout the day you give him an opportunity and then so were not forcing anybody and if I don't know how to break the record occasion if they feel that in your church or in that community but I know that we find that many people on our open are open to spiritual things because they have to some secular things they have come to extract they have come to a cooking school and they have come to stop smoking plan and so I just think that I don't think I'm not sure that the whole community will not because at some people except God and religion at the end of the day so I guess we would just have to get our prayer groups knowing and tray that the Lord would you know last that but I have found it just quite the opposite in our vandalism actually I have found that it had broken down prejudice and I'll share some of that with you could buy some awesome experiences that neither the genie told that that's the thing that we use revelations help in our discoveries Mark 's new series yet we do on the cover that gap I agree with that in fact to understand how that it we can just be open even in our home and our health program of evangelism my friends really works it really got me seen it through the year when you see there is what we call the narrow view printable we need to have the abroad and our churches and have a lot of things going because what appeals to one person may not appeal to another person but the narrower your programming nephew were result Ron earlier program broader results for greater results and so when a church is not systematic and ongoing multifaceted program to make a positive difference in the community it becomes the center of her influence your church become the center in other words if you are charts close down tomorrow with the community think about that if your church going down tomorrow with the community technology Simon Haupt they helped me I have diabetes and name well he helped me I have bought this problem or that problem and they helped me so you can now you say so your church can become a center of influence testimony nine seven eight sixty two would come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work the world is a laser house filled with victims of both physical and spiritual disease so even if some do have this friend is a feeling that their thinking I don't think the whole community if were really ministering to them because there are many people that come to our programs that don't come into the church but their others like Patty who had come into the church and our great worker and so we have to recognize that our church is to be a center of influence and so we come to a time when we need to have every person in the church we may not get every person but when at least many are willing to work everywhere people are perishing for lack lack of knowledge of the truth that had been committed to us the members of the church are in need of an awakening that one may realize their responsibility to impart these truths so we need an awakening in the church thing to say to the church members look people are dying out there I often think Lord help me just to help one person like that lady that just came to me last night pleading with me Mrs. Finley can you tell me anything that I should do where should I go I recommended that a lifestyle center to her and a few other little things and I don't have all the answers but we can pray with people we can help them and we can have our church at the there are health and healing athletic needs to be our church needs to be center of health and of healing missing the door of hell is open now is no question about it and now it's time to open the door of the church so that the door of health developing my friends and now it's time to open the door of the church the problem isn't that the door is an open for people wanting something the problem is that we don't open the doors wide to give them what they need now what we need to be sharing where we are select because reacting to cover here number two health reveals a compassionate loving God in a broken world John ten ten says I've come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly convey testimony line seven page twenty five day workers are God 's witnesses revealing his compassion and love and ascribing all the glory to him whom they love and serve they are God 's witnesses and reviewing his compassion every time we get a hydrotherapy treatment every time we give a nutrition class every time you give us stress management class we are giving glory to God we really are because where were saying look God is the one who can really heal you got the one who can really help you he's the one that can change your life and that's what were really paying and so we need to share spiritual principles naturally in each program output this gentleman was talking about we need up front there are three simple ways to integrate health principles one of the effectiveness of prayer and a blessing just a simple blessing that you have it the cooking school the other is the power of spiritual illustrations talking about Brett I will learn the bread of life Jesus Christ and then importance of a logical sequence program when warehouse program we actually share the logical sequence like there we thank the people at the end of the program in fact I have it in my book I like your world for God in the back it's it had yours for the asking it's called yours for the asking and then we say would you like a copy of our health and healing magazine just checked that box indicating that the free gift income and your program we can and do something for these people right from the community Levine and I just checked that box now I know that many of you are already asking when is the next stop smoking plan if you have friends and you want an economy one another program you just check that box and you know you've Artie been in your church lining up your sequence programs so you know when after the date yes I have were having another one on April ten in LR whatever your dated and if you would like in a nutrient to come to a nutrition class you just enjoy these nutrition classes just check that box and so we throw it out you know we did on that box on the boxes we said if you would like to know many of you some of you are seeking something spiritual and if you would like you been coming to these programs are welcome to come every night night after night without any obligation but if some of you would like to you from the spiritual although more and more to give you this series of lessons called search for certainty and if you would like some Bible lesson that you can do in the privacy of your own home and then pass the family has a whole series wonderful series of Bible studies that lay members can get more they can do in their home in the question-and-answer form call search with the or check out box we found that out the first time that we ever did that we had over twenty Bible studies and someone said wow I think it would work at all we are not Bible study thing just throw it out but you have logical and I'll tell you just a simple prayer of blessing make the difference my first cooking school than I ever did not reflect the net but never got been violated and now this was the one in Los Angeles actually that we did but the first one that I ever did in New England we were just asked to go to this little charge with Mark first charged after an internship and it was one of those that the conference president said pastor one church is dying the other one in half and add any other wine while I'm not sure it's even got to make it and we want to send something out on the pastor 's wife and fellow we thought we would do well extended the insurance is one way that was only half dead you know that was supposed to be the good church I prepared a sermon all week and he is still in manuscript writer write down all the sermon and you never know it could be printed without a manuscript but write them all out he said asked me to go down so he could preach a sermon to me and trying to start in a picture in his mind youngest young preacher and I have a whole church full visibility is good insurance and we went there the first Sabbath any on the only one there with the deacon and staff he said that kept looking out the window when he said after I sure hope somebody shows up today and that was our introduction to our first church that we said okay we need to do something about that we started writing the Lord Francie laughed when we put a little ad in the paper we started Bible studies we had thirty Bible studies on the week and in addition to that we said why don't we do some health programs maximizing his program I found how to do health program for our young preacher 's wife and love cooking school in all you do stuff in the home and this shall unit again I do this and so I guess I I just watch out and get it I thought this is end of Napster August holidays after that a young girl jelly came up to me one night and she said no I know that you have your blessing every night he said I know there must be some spiritual thing here because you have this in the laughing she said using Bible studies and actively elegant Bible studies she said welcoming study and could somebody studying the Bible is open and said oh yeah and started starting with JoAnn a few weeks later her heart as she said has been a high school teacher in town and he's never heard any of these things before you think that he could join the study started studying with days in jail we can they were both baptized then they witness to his father and mother we started with them they were baptized we studied with his brother and his brothers wife and they were baptized in that first cooking school and I said to the Lord right then and there it was in nineteen sixty nine Lawrence if this is the way that you want to win souls and I will do this for the rest of my life if that's what it takes I know it's a lot of work and I don't know how to do it but I'll do it I made that commitment right there and I can tell you that every almost there may be a few that I may have to but every single campaign that we have had I have done a cooking school our Patty that came in because of our cooking school in Chicago and our pre- work in Chicago and we would have done those and health programs in our in our ministry ever sent out God will give you soul is no question about it do not help five twenty eight we should ever remember that the efficiency of the medical missionary work is important in an sick man and women's is a man of calibration taketh away the sin of the world we need to keep pointing them my brother to Jesus there may be some people who are prejudiced there maybe some people think that that's what the church is all about Delaware and if we truly have a heart for helping people no matter whether they accept it don't expect they will soon get that message as well they will soon get that message but there are some not by beholding him that it will be changed into his likeness by beholding Jesus they will be changed into his likeness okay number three health ministry is a daughter day means of reducing suffering there is some suffering in our world today people are suffering from many of the needed and they need help they need our help medical mastery two thirty nine three together medical missionary work brings to humanity the gospel on release from suffering Internet pioneer work of the gospel it can be bring relief to people if the plan year work of the gospel health ministry gives Seventh-day Adventists an opportunity to indeed we do is give me in a broken world it gives them opportunity to reduce disease in a broken world in North America let's look at this and many other European countries as well and Australia as well around the world as well I just did we did a series in Singapore and can't insert in the leading in the very well for our heart diseases number two because of their diet cancer is number one and I realized that after being there it's amazing seventy percent of all deaths are due to heart disease cancer and stroke that's in this country and in many European countries as well and believe me these principles work even in Europe I can tell you I'm here to testify that we had wonderful cooking schools and stress management send and health programs around the world that heart disease is the number one killer in America and according to the World Health Organization a total of seventeen one nine people worldwide die every year of heart problems heart problems and my friends many of them could be saying that better prevention programs were in fact many of them could be saved if many were programmed to put in effect we have the opportunity to do it and cancer is the number two killer and it's growing cancer is growing according to the World Health Organization 's global cancer deaths are expected to reach seven million seven million by two thirty there could be seventy five million people with cancer worldwide according to the World Health Organization seventy five million people with cancer it is wrong and we need to help people with diet because that the biggest one of the biggest errors that's one of the biggest factors as in nineteen sixty there was one twenty women in North America who developed breast cancer in nineteen eighty one eleven women will develop breast cancer and now one in seven women will develop breast cancer it is the growing is on the rise and that's why we have to obligation we have a responsibility to help people and churches and osteoporosis is a growing problem as around I realize that there are hereditary factors involved I'm not a living testimony of that osteoporosis hits white female especially those who are small bone and especially those who have any hereditary factors my mother had to hit fractures and I am an osteoporotic patients however I'm here to tell you all felt that in this last year I had a person has no half games had never known that following these principles by seventy five million people in Europe US and Japan that's why it's hitting European Americans and Japanese their smaller small mold and educating white scene now you can manage it out it's fitting that this is on the rise and they are affected with osteoporosis seventy nine million people in Europe US and Japan are affected with osteoporosis osteoporosis is estimated to affect two hundred million people worldwide after noticing we can help what about the obesity problem in many countries over fifty six percent are overweight or obese and we just die I put here on about one third of US adults thirty three percent are obese or All-American and young people seventeen percent of children and adolescents to nineteen are obese and we just got the figures from just the other night if you were here at the health program that over sixty percent sixty one percent are overweight in this country sixty one percent fellow obesity is a the problem that we are aware as well obesity increases the risk of diabetes it increases the risk of high blood pressure in every increases the risk of high cholesterol coronary heart disease and stroke so we can help you ball with this obesity problem and on this is something that we need to tackle in our churches in the Western world statistics indicate that the leading causes of death are programmable and fermentable these are preventable my friends and Seventh-day Adventists have the unique opportunity of making a difference in the lives of millions they can make a difference so in health ministry we cooperate with God in restoring people 's health and were cooperating with God in restoring a healthy number four health ministry enables people to live a longer happier life we can help them live a longer happier life God had given Seventh-day Adventists unusual insights into how the gift of prophecy and the gift of prophecy God is revealed the benefits of lifestyle practices so we have councils on health also gone diets and food ministry and healing all needs things that we had inside information on why I never worry when I'm up at a cooking school about whether I just go back and make sure it in the spirit of prophecy I don't need to reference it that way but I just go back and make sure that I'm clear and if I am that's why I could say was on unequivocally last night 's nuts grains and vegetables are found all the elements we need for good health because that's a direct quote from the spirit of prophecy and so I know I can't tell you why or what they suggested that it be in the future even on B-12 and all the rest we encourage people if they are need for vegetarians to possibly occasionally get in the twelve Cal in our something done our enemies get attachment means while not been tested several times on the need to carry my husband had has been for years we just had our B12 tested and were very high so I can't I can't tell you all the things that are out there on the scientific but someday and find in fruits nuts grains vegetables all the elements we need for good health because that's what were told and we have that enlightenment medical enlightenment century in a medium what are the remedies one of the true remedies for how their right year Mister Healy one twenty seven this is a key that lets reading together and I had an exercise from your diet the use of water drive in divine power these are the true remedy these other remedies for disease I said that you many times the medication is worse than hundred meanies because the medication had some time together I'm not saying we should never have medication I believe in the medical work I believe in physicians I have two physicians in my family and I believe in physicians and we need emissions and are times when we need medication my husband as you know our right now because he's not walking quite a fast just had a new replacement surgery when we're in South that it was error in Zimbabwe he fell and interest in and he tore his meniscus and then when they had hardly started breaking away entries with bone on bone and he had to have a whole knee replacement he had to have some medication during that time I can tell you because he never take medication he also had add reactions to medication and had to cut down on the medication and endorse some of the pain but saw any doubt that much more quickly than the average person as well because what are the true committees is that your remedies short hair on my being temperate in all things at any of the rest exercise proper diet and the use of water this is what we need to be teaching people in our churches this is that we have the opportunity of helping people live a longer healthier life by making right lifestyle choices by teaching classes on the data and other plant -based diet some people are teaching them vegetarianism is not whole vegetarianism are teaching them how to eat with milk and eggs and cheese and the problem with that my friends is that it cancer is growing as a result of that even among our own people because first of all the reason one of the factors in cancer growing among Seventh-day Adventists is that over fifty percent are not even vegetarians and Loma Linda has done ninety that has shown that we can live an extra eight to ten years if you're a vegetarian and vegan vegetarian and eating a plant based foods reduces the risk of heart disease in adult diabetes and high blood pressure and all these things but when we eat we going to increase she said his practice has evolved we increase our risk of cancer by ten fold ten times when we meet and then she says Council on health one fifteen many die of diseases wholly new it's immediately when the real cause is carefully affected by themselves or others didn't even know what and yet luck we after that is a negative at all if the event into the nightly meetings and you see even last night on vegetarianism we showed all the wonderful things that you can use the vegetarian were not presenting anything on the negativism were showing the benefits and advantages in all their variety that you can have someone do that again tonight on nail balancing but the real cause of many of these is mediating and yet even in our church as we have people who are not vegetarians and then not teaching them the whole message of really getting onto a plant -based diet which is really all the important thing because hearing Doctor Natalie is not proof positive page twenty nine it says Lonergan selecting together one cancer Cancer and cafés on the pancreas liver kidney and while panhandling to a more liberal inside of me that's exactly what animal products into neural cancer is definitely linked there is no question and I know that because he says that we increase our chances of cancer by ten fold to call that tenfold by ten fold if we're eating meat and so we changed not only our own people but the community how they can get off some of these things and even Doctor Ernest Weiner MD president of the American health foundation said sixty percent of female campers and fifty percent of all male cancers in Western society are directly related to over nutrition host of the time that's mediating over nutrition is not already on some apples are some care and usually over nutrition on that since we entered an end needs and all that particularly to the high intake of fat proven oil and felt that the scientific Avenue and answers out there my friends about their and yet councils on diets and food three sixty three said ingrained in vegetables are not actively found all those elements that we need there is not right there in black Hanes infernos and civil document on all the food elements that we need so we have all the food elements we need in what God has given us in a plant based diet number four health ministry enables fetal cells the health ministry enables people to live longer healthier lives and number five health ministry breaks down prejudice and builds relationship I wanted tell you about our experience in Poland because this is exciting when we were in the trans- European division from nineteen eighty five to nineteen ninety are people in Poland wanted we had three communist countries Poland Yugoslavia and Hungary they wanted us to come to Poland but the government did not give us permission we said we cannot go and fell they said that pastor we want you to come and hold an evangelistic series but we said unless the government gives us permission we can go but they said pastor we know how to pray and I started praying and they started fraying and praying for this and so we got a call from our leaders that said please because we have an appointment for you to meet with government officials I happened to go with my husband on that visit we met with the government officials and they said to him Mister family they never called him past December Mister Finley I have a question for you tell me see things you can do for our city what do you think you can do for the city and I Paula from the city if the center on the Solidarity movement and pastor I don't know their family what do you think you can do and he said well sir could I ask you a question heart disease here yes yes smoking with one hand and some people have on cancer yeah I store the stress of the year I think I have lots of stress is that you are well what if we could come over conduction stop smoking plan that we could conduct a mom nutrition classes now than he was in town on me I highlighted on cookies I don't know anything about in a map that you are in you now and so that will help them nutrition classes help people with their high cholesterol and try to reduce their stress get them on smoking in the Islamist enemies you do that you have our permission so we went over there and we started working with our leaders unite and so people were responding we had hundreds of people that were coming out or stop smoking plan and they were marching through this story with it we had this one in Maine fake cigarette we are Marxists marching through the street and then direct from owner cigarette into into this container Hemingway was born down in the restaurant where we had all kinds of things that we were doing that we were doing nutrition classes all I thought Ottawa ever knew how to learn that on Americanized and make it politicians now why you got onto the market in your market like doing it and you do it and several people I don't even know a few hundred people came out and delete I will think and then we taught that the church members that we had how to do Danielle and Bible studies in these programs health programs free so we got a call from the gone off from the leaders that said the government leaders want to see you come back into the office so we flew over Poland were living in England at the time and we went to Poland in nineteen eighty seven and is still under communism for the wall fell in nineteen eighty nine and a significantly where getting word all over the city that health is improving crime is going down we have all kinds of requests is that weekend I'm taking you a blank piece of paper and you can do anything you want in the city and so he said well sir I would like to hold a series of Bible lectures in your life the inner what he had just given a blank piece of paper is and so he said well no I didn't tell you that you can do anything as I and so I they gave us permission we wondered what would happen now we had to work the work and health program believe me and I'm here to tell you we had only approximately Seventh-day Adventists and that's how sixty six zero may work but they prayed some of those people prayed all night they had all-night vigil of people on a different power in a one-person play at two o'clock when three o'clock all around the clock they ended up they were working health programs they had rival studies going we taught them how to do Danielle we time how to do all the things and how it's going and now it was time for us to have our opening evangelistic meeting how in the world of omega L twelve hundred seat auditorium in denying our former yeah have a lot of praying going on a lot of faith because you're not in the duet I'm not than I do it only God is coming to an Alitalia we did a lot of praying a lot a working meeting on Friday with framework and exactly for that opening meeting and we had our signs are posters we'd lasted a while to that city note that Jackie was called new life because new life could health could be the evangelistic meetings is always known that she knew life in Polish and it was plastered on every train on every trolley every tree how around what happened on opening night they were lined up down the street and when the doors opened a natural style they went and got turnstile they rushed into that meeting and you know what happened until you what happened that auditorium was packed and I there were hundreds of people standing outside and you think that sequence of vandalism work I can tell you working hard places it's not easy ninety five percent Catholic and communist and I mean it was time and yet God laughs that series of meetings and they said came into passive family what should we do hundreds of people standing outside the Libyan authorities and asking if we can have a second session they did they went out to the people and that if you wait another hour hour and a half to two hours you can come into a second session they came rushing and rushing out and rushing into that second session but when they sure went out to see the person that withstanding the people that were standing outside that door one man was waving his philosophies his Polish money and he said please leave out the installation is to feel an affinity of meeting down in Iraq now would bend and I felt that Forney Harry believed laughing to in the Penguins of that meeting blasts that meeting for the people were studied with baptized that led to our meetings in Hungary that led to our meetings in Yugoslavia that led to our meetings in the Lahaina University in Moscow Russia that led to our meetings in the Kremlin with over thirteen how wasn't coming every night in the Kremlin Auditorium can you imagine one of the most beautiful buildings in the world the crown landmark free stuff for you and sometimes advancing six thousand five hundred people everything was taken when they are seen empty because they had a fantasy when they started they were it was a doable for the Russians they were pay the equivalent from the ruble to the dollar and dollar thirty days before our bears a list of meetings they were paying what was equivalent to one thousand dollars for the scalpers were buying and selling and it was unbelievable that people came they sold whenever they could salvage after the meeting and naturally they are feeling empty and that you intend the Olympic Stadium meeting where we had eighteen how many people coming in this year that within ninety one ninety two or ninety three in Moscow in this year this coming year in the fall we will be going to back to Russia for our twentieth anniversary from from there and also to an amazing yes we present an health as well the present health and in the meetings in fact in the Kremlin we brought a whole team from Orlando we had a health expo set up people could come every night we had physicians and doctors giving health lectures and we had anything that my friend Vlad to this while I very where we had the satellite all over the entire eleven time zones in the Soviet Union here can be in the cultural Center in Seattle and this was the cultural center in p.m. where Mark and Peter will pull it off staring and preach the three angels message and I can tell you something in the nineteen fifties Nikita Khrushchev got on the same board the same board instead in twenty five years they'll never be one anyone call me chuckled and laugh me one because we die and put them in a museum in Moscow that people can remember what a Christian look like while I'm here to tell you that my husband and Peter Koolhaas stood on the main board and treats the entire three minutes range of message across eleven time zones of Russia and it was incredible how is baptized and baptized so it opens the door of my friends it opens doors and health ministry so excited about what God is doing with the health methods because and every night we had health lectures in those meetings every day we had a health expo we had a long team of doctors with us we had Loma Linda team with us we had we were giving blood pressures we were taken off blood samples we were doing because we had a team of professionals with us as well and so it was amazing health ministry really work yeah Patty that's another hall meeting that I could tell you I may think I mean it was amazing what happened there we had a lot of opposition but in spite of the opposition God blast I mean from from them burning down our sized to putting the last in our baptismal toll to all kinds of things that happen marching without with that of Mark picturing a black handle around the city all the various compositions but you can do nothing against the truth but only for the truth and God laugh and now it is America what God is doing you are going back there again this year there excited about coming back twenty year anniversary that within ninety one ninety two and ninety three and we go from one church in Moscow at that time is now thirteen churches in Moscow one thirty the Navy and so he demonstrates again not never before has anybody been able to preach in the Kremlin and never again where having a public auditorium but it was a miracle of God opened the Kremlin at that time it was just a miracle miracle health ministry provides a vacuum or health ministry provides unique opportunity to integrate the physical financial emotional and spiritual dimensions of life at their prejudice is broken down we also have the opportunity of imparting their life imparting is impacting their lives spiritually we can impact their lives spiritually as we break down prejudices not what happened in these countries it's happening all over we present health where ever we go and that's part of the message and when we help people physically they become open spiritually evangelism five thirteen nothing will open doors for the truth like evangelistic medical missionary work nothing will open doors like that and Patty I just have to tell Patty story Patty came to our cooking school in Chicago she's sitting right here today she came to all are on you I think you can do the Danielle as well came to our Daniel she then came to our evangelistic meetings Patty was baptized and now she's conducting cooking school she's also the director of prayer and about country life and coworker from and she's getting ready I did not resist the last year today but die out I love Patty she's one of our converts from health ministry and health evangelism so right here before you the Savior made each work of healing an occasion for implementing divine principles in mind and soul minister healing page twenty eight it made each work of healing and occasion for implanting divine principles this was the purpose on this work the purpose of Jesus work it needs to be the purpose of our work and then the last one today health ministry is part of the three angels message and prepares the mind to receive the gospel message in the coming of the Lord and so why should we hold health program because we wanted to Los Angeles today right yes I'm living with you catalog and I have seven page fifty nine at the right hand of the third Angels message God graphic of treating disease will open doors for the entrance of private truth and hoping door and you never saw before you start doing that and you'll see the door after door we saw the doors open I tell you we saw the doors open even in Europe they told me when we went to Copenhagen Denmark you can't cooking school here because it won't work you get a dozen people I thought while wildly just try it and see what happens if we get down to nothing more than we have if we didn't do it and I well I said I'll make again to stop worrying that will be American I pulled it out and try to do it as Danish as we can and we went down I got I will help me and we had a doubleheader Friday doubleheader cooking goal double-header cooking school people in and out because the auditorium that sixty and we had a hundred and twenty hundred and twenty in Copenhagen Denmark bringing the work is the Lord designed that the restoring influence of health reform shall be a part of the last great effort to proclaim the gospel message ministry of healing two fifty nine J this is to be a part of the last great Africa proclaim the gospel and so let's review as we closed in a lecture you on the reasons to gather why we should have house programming will x-ray have managed to provide a great opportunity for a seventh address the impact world open to the health message health minister number two a health ministry revealed a compassionate loving God in a broken world number three health news three in the God ordained means of reducing suffering number four health ministry enables people to live longer happier lives number five health ministry breakdown friendliness and build relationships health ministry provides unique opportunity to integrate the physical adult emotional and spiritual dimensions of life and number seven Houston history that part of the three angels message and prepared in line to receive the gospel message and the coming of the Lord you see people are wanting a good insurance plan today but I present to you God helped him land a God has a health insurance plan and if we follow that my friend if we follow that there is no question about I know that God bless you and your health ministry it out what we need to do is we need to just take the lotto job doing his job do it to do it now I pray that God will bless you doing on this media was used by honeymooners for the NAEP health summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and help someone .com or if you would like more free online services please visit www. maneuvers and on board


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