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Jesus Methods in the 21st Century, Part 4

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • January 31, 2012
    10:30 AM
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welcome welcome welcome view announcements that you have some questions then we can go from there those of you to come again come on in and join us this is the place to be is the place to be in a few comments about the evening programs to put them in context for the last twenty old longer than that now my wife and I have been in ministry for over forty years since nineteen sixty seven and early in our ministry we read the clarity both in the Bible and the writings of Ellen White on health ministry and the integration of the physical mental spiritual so for many many years we have been incorporating the spiritual principles into ministry in a variety of ways in the United States we often would work in a city for six months a year we were in the Chicago area for six or seven years six years nineteen seventy nine nineteen eighty five self-help programs all over that city everything from the health testing programs like the exposed by the appliance nutrition series for stress management series and one of the challenges that we often faced was that we would develop relationships with people in our health programs positive relationships people would be growing in their understanding of health I would then hold evangelistic meeting him we invite them some would come but the gap for many was so great between the health meetings and the evangelistic meetings in there many reasons for that they would come to the health meetings wanted two nights a week then we go for five nights a week in the evangelistic meetings the gap was large we would have a teaching seminar style of the evangelistic meeting in the in the seminars we would then go to a preaching style the gap was large for many of these people another problem was we would go from pretty much straight health and very minimal spiritual to a lot of spiritual little health and that gap was large for them what you're seeing happening in the evenings here is not in the introductory health program but it is an intentional desire to provide a pastor with an opportunity to bring people to a meeting that is not doctrinally spiritual but ministers for the heart needs in the context of the larger health Soviet people coming to a five date I had a stress management program etc. and you're looking for range into spirituality that's what you're seeing in the evening the evening is not the introductory health program secondly there are scores of people in the community who already are interested in spiritual things and who are absolutely amazed when they see spirituality very overtly in a health program there are non- and finished churches now that on apologetically some of the largest churches in America you take Rick Warren 's church out of Saddleback on apologetically combining health in the Bible very openly so what what you're seeing in the evening helps us to breathe bridge those gaps and provides that opportunity to do that and that we are having some very significant experiences every night you notice I go to the door last night a man came out shook my hand and he said Pastor Findlay tonight was what changing from a another young man came out last night and said pastor we need to spend some time together which we did ministering to the needs so when you be in that meeting every night people 's hearts are being touched I talk to a lot last night he said I am driving to how were his her night to come to these meetings I learned about them I drive two hours home after the meeting at night he said I just wouldn't I just would miss these meetings so the Lord is working there haven't been the interest and have been doing some statistical studies there have been about two fifty to three hundred non- Adventist that of registered for the meeting and one another way they preregistered some of the most of them in common they're coming through the doors they don't come every night there are significant numbers that are better than they are someday have a question I think yes that yes the audio is available on audio verse and so can you share with them how they can get this on audio verse okay the other thing that we could do to provide you the notes the other thing that I may try to do a nutritious matter of time what I could do is print out the slides and use them and you could use the measure notes so you get the content of the material but she wouldn't have the graphics you know you I could print out everything you can use that as your notes and that may work yet if that would be helpful here's audio verse the slides today that I've done are really quite amateurish I just did some of them are not some of them are professionally done but I put this program together recently and I haven't had our staff go over it yet so that's why it's a little different than some of ours but pray together and then withdrew father in heaven as we watch into this very significant presentation today on the biblical foundations of the Adventist health message in the biblical foundations of really how God has understood clearly ahead of time the nature of man and how God in his infinite wisdom and his creative intelligence is U-shaped and fashion awesome how is built in every nerve and tissue of our body these health principles we pray that you help us understand them clearly today in Christ's name amen your church a health evangelistic Center as you look at the admonition church today the question is sometimes raise if your church closed its doors tomorrow would the community rush to you and say please reopen your doors you're making such a valuable contribution to the community when you think about the communities around us multiplied millions of people living in our great cities tens of thousands living in the villages of our world in the small towns the people that walk down the streets have been questions within their hearts and minds often when I am in a new country I spend time in storage just walking many years ago when the previous Soviet Union dominated Eastern Europe my wife and I lived in England from nineteen eighty five to nineteen ninety the Berlin wall did not fall until nineteen eighty nine in those years we had three socialist communist countries in our division Poland Hungary and Yugoslavia was responsible for evangelism in Poland Hungary Yugoslavia and you couldn't hold any public evangelistic meetings in those countries when our various sneak you couldn't go to be put in jail unless you were able to negotiate with the communist government I remember the first time that we went to Poland and we began to negotiate with the communist government I have studied the statistics from Poland it noted that worker productivity was significantly less with people who were smoking cigarettes and social meeting with the Polish officials we said to them we can help to increase work productivity in the nation now to a socialist communist mind that was significant so we were invited to and I would ask what is one of the most troubled cities in the nation and they said to us it's good banks in Poland the Giants was the center of the Solidarity labor union movement that was under the influence of the Catholic Church and the American government rebelling strongly against the communist government so we were invited to come to get tanks to see what we can do the first thing that I did is I led a protest march through the center of the city you would be surprised that I was sponsored by the communist government leading a protest march I was the head one in March and I had a large cigarette that was inflated and I was holding it up and I led a protest march against tobacco through the city people joined me and by the hundreds and we came up onto a bridge overlooking the city and I learned in Polish and Jewish son of venue which means crusher destroy your tobacco in a week through our tobacco off the bridge into the river and we marched the auditorium where I had a five day plan to stop smoking we protest against tobacco it was a fantastic time it caught the attention of the news media it caught the attention of the entire society my wife went down to the Polish marketplace and it was a meat shortage in the communist government was incredibly concerned because the people were we laying against this meat shortage we said no problem at all we will have a vegetarian cooking school and so we had a vegetarian cooking school hundreds of people came and the pro- democratic forces labeled us as Communists because they said you're in collaboration with the communist government and this is just a ruse this is just a poor light to get people not to rebel against the government what would the Democratic forces who want to eat meat and so we tried to assess what are the needs after we did our health programs they are in Poland for a number of weeks one day one of the Polish officials said to us Mister Finley here is a blank piece of paper this was that this was the national government of Poland they said here's a blank piece of paper I may put my signature on this you take this to the local government officials in the dynes in whatever you want to do you can do we applied based on that to hold the major four week old preaching evangelist at meeting indicts and we've got permission to hold it in the Leningrad feature a loose theater dedicated to Lennon our church had forty five members an opening night we had eighteen hundred people out I'm reminded of that white statement nothing will open doors for the truth like medical missionary work when we went to Hungary the Hungarian government had an article placed in the paper and the article said Seventh-day Adventist evangelism donating his evangelist Seventh-day Adventist preaching is different than Billy Graham they allowed Billy Graham the Hungarian government a permit for three nights to hold meetings they are in hungry I followed up after Billy Graham and they gave us a permit for twenty eight days to hold meetings in a large public auditorium the reason they did that is because they said you administer significantly different Yukon and don't only preach to us you want to change the quality of life in our society I knew when the doors opened in Russia that we needed to do something significant we had been in Russia working for many years and then the Olympic Stadium opened up order to hold meetings at the Olympic Stadium with eighteen to twenty thousand people a night so we decided to do a massive health outreach we invited a hundred medical personnel to come with us and we had a hundred nurses and doctors in a period of three weeks we took eighteen thousand blood samples unheard of in the Russian society ran cooking schools in five big plans and health expos the help text was open all day hundreds of people were coming in that series three I was in people Russians made decisions or baptism when you analyze the needs of the community and you incorporate physical mental and spiritual ministries together it makes a dramatic difference that you can hold health programs without the spiritual and simply impact a person 's health and not change their behavior or spirituality in fact the possibility that their health will change will be significantly weaker but when you incorporate physical mental and spiritual dimensions it gets the attention of people it provides the Holy Spirit the opportunity to transform them because in all the society these people are deep within there not only asking the question how can I get a better diet cannot only asking the question how can I quit smoking here's the question they're asking who can bear my burdens burdens of anxiety and stress and worry the rest deep within their hearts there are questions where can I find purpose in my life and where can I find meaning and who can give us security where is their security most people are smart enough to know that someday been a die most people are intelligent enough to know the older they get when they see their friends names in the obituary column that one day the friends their friends names can be a being the obituary columns are asking the question work I find security who can bear my burdens they sit there with their lot tell him coffee in the basic problem is not that they are feeling their mind their bodies with caffeine it's that in their mind they have no sense of direction there's a great emptiness so where not only interested in helping them get off their caffeine so they will not have muscular tremors and a greater possibility for heart disease but were interested particularly in helping them find Christ who is the one who is life eternal scores of people are asking who can handle my guilt and who can have weird how can the condemnation in my head before he and they look out through their eyes into aimless purposeless lives in there looking for meaning and purpose of Jesus Christ and of all people in the world Seventh-day Adventist and given a unique message of physical mental and spiritual healing I am convinced that God knew ahead of time that in the last phase of verse history but the perfect message to reach this society was a message of wholeness the message of physical mental and spiritual healing I I want to go through the Scriptures with you and look at the fact that God has given us great health insights in his word and go through the book of Genesis go through the Old Testament go through the New Testament and down to the three Angels messages and share with you some things you may not have thought about before God 's principles of health are throughout the Bible throughout the old and new Testaments physical mental emotional and spiritual health are intimately linked they are not separate health is part of God 's plan for abundant living in the Bible 's first book Genesis when you come back to creation it was God that created this world you see and gents on thirty three verse six nine eight little of the earth fear the Lord let all the inhabitants of the world stand in all of him when I think of creation and the fine tuning nature of creation and how these bodies of ours were made and I think of the universe I think of the rising and setting of the sun that the composition of the air in the magnificent aspects of the sunlight do you know that there are one that was twenty by one thousand twenty five different light rays in in in the world but only sunlight can produce photosynthesis sort of a thousand twenty five light rays only one of them is health and healing and that's the one that God gave this earth he spoke it was done he commanded that steadfast soul and God created the world it was created by the word of his mouth what God says is so even if it were never so before because when God says it it becomes so gotten that the laudable word that comes out of God 's mouth creates tangible matter and so within the word of God we find the power of creation so God created this world by his word this world did not evolve we go to the first book of the Bible Genesis you see those great principles of health that God built in Genesis we go to just as we find God through the firmament with the right percentages of nitrogen and write percentages of oxygen and air is chemically designed for our breathing and has the right viscosity for it to go to the sunlight and everything about sunlight is healing that God placed in the universe you look at the clear water in the back to Genesis and you find those great principles of creation health of choice and rest and environment connectivity and trust in interpersonal relationships and you see the magnificent world that God created God must be a God of infinite variety of incredible design and amazing love when you look at the master of his creation all through Genesis of those principles of health those principles of diet lose principles of sunlight in rest and fresh air the principle of trust in God and loving relationships we find right in the book of Genesis Genesis one twenty nine guides that have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth and every tree whose fruit yields seed you would shall be for foods of God David Letterman even perfect diet God didn't say I will jump on the back of that cow when killing roasted for Eve tonight but God gave them the absolute ideal diet a plant -based diet that fruits nuts grains and vegetables the Eden diet was of course this vegetarian diet and then when the sun sets on Friday night God introduced to them the Sabbath one of the interesting studies that I've been looking at my shared some of the meeting of the night is a biology chronicled by outlet of course this time Carla biology is the study of circa scepter rhythms the second is seven and if you look at the way our bodies function on a cellular level there are many reasons in the body that function and sequences of seven blood blood for example and your and chemicals in your body are regulated by the circus at the rhythms of seven your blood pressure is red it has it has a circular set the rhythm of seven in seven days it tends to reestablish itself heart rates of the coagulation of blood it's very fascinating that the Sabbath principle is written in every nerve and tissue of our bodies I pointed out the other night that the French recognized that the seven-day weekly cycle was not tied to astronomy but tied to biblical values the reason God gave to us a seven-day week and not attend a week or five day week is because he already had built into Adam and Eve the circus at the rhythms that were part of the rhythm of life in the rhythm of body and God knew that as they rested on the seventh day in these rhythms that he had built in the body already on a cellular level biology is only fifteen years old and researchers are continuing to study it the more they study at the more they say there's something about the human body that when you rest the seventh day you renew your physical mental energy and it's it it's just incredibly fascinating study when God gave Adam and Eve the Sabbath and when they were created to rest on the Sabbath fellowship with him that had biological and scientific basis to find their rest and strengthen him so health is part of God 's plan of the book of Genesis you find all those essential health features in Genesis AR fresh air water environment trust pots without a good relationship with God we come to exhibition find the same thing Moses exhibits an understanding of disease not understood until three thousand five hundred years in the future to share with you some incredibly amazing things about this the understanding of diseases Moses had was far distant Moses was far ahead of his time not to give you some example Moses was educated in the University of Egypt Egypt was the medical center of the ancient world never forget that the greatest universities in the ancient world were in Egypt Egypt was the medical center the ancient world now here's a fascinating fact Moses did not include the medical errors of Egypt in the Old Testament he didn't but he was educated in the University of Egypt which was the medical center of the ancient world Moses had advanced flawless medical practices with the conspicuous absence of a harmful practices that plague the writings of the Egyptians what do we know about the health practices of the Egyptians what do we know about the medical literature of the Egyptians what we know about Egyptian culture lets the back and take a look at Egyptian culture here is the average to high risk that the archaeologists have discovered the Everest papyrus was the leading medical textbook from which Egyptian physicians were trained okay there were eight hundred eleven prescriptions and I've gone over many of them just reading the prescriptions of ancient Egypt not just listed somewhat humid and I thought were kind of interesting I could listen a hundred of them but splinters you use warm-up blood to place on the splinter you take the dog of a mole in the dog of a donkey mix it with warm animal blood and put it on the splinter for it and that will draw the L in the splendor here today we did find some dog and make some blood and put it on low skin diseases in Jim shooter in a skin diseases were quite common in ancient Egypt for skin diseases you take a hot student that's the truth of the page you take the dog of the cat you take the dung of a dog you take exit oil extract you take berries you pounded together and make it into a polled for us and rapid and and take that alters and spread of the skin disease hogs who has done dog dung barriers of the Barry's brother best thing in their impounded make it into a Poulter 's now various treatment of the disease including farmers your written Todd Duncan dry excreted of a child if you have sore eyes you take the urine of a faithful wife and put it on your eye that he's on fatal dog take this is what holds this study in the University of Egypt Board of Education but he does not include any of that in Exodus why not because he was inspired by God what the authentic health I want to go to Egypt look at some of the diseases of Egypt what we know from archaeology and history of Egypt the arid Egyptian desert preserve the money 's bodies the Royals for thousands of years and you may not be aware of it but not one or two but thousands of mummies have been discovered well well preserved shallow burial in the desert afforded natural mummification in ancient Egypt is very natural and very easy when the archaeologists have discovered these mummies thousands and thousands of the many physicians have now begun to work on the money so shall you soon scans of money instead of things that we discovered the internal organs except the hardware removed and placed in topic jars when these that mummification was really interesting I will not go into the details of it but I'll just tell you the internal organs were taken out they were placed in separate jars in the mummies were established studies done on Egyptian mummies really confirm the truthfulness of God 's word Doctor Rosalie David who is a lead physician in Manchester University Manchester England had assess surveyed and has done what top seats on our sense of mommies and Doctor Claude roof a x-ray fourteen thousand bombings now what do they discover when they were answering these mummies when they discover when they were doing autopsies on money let's think Ramses the second the archaeologists found Ramses the second smarmy victory found that particular money and here's what they discovered it's likely that Ramses the second of Egypt died of a massive heart attack because when they did the autopsy on his money they found that his veins and arteries are largely blocked and he died young from architect here is a article called ancient Egyptians suffered hardening of the arteries taste CT scans show the study was conceived by Doctor Gregory Thomas a cardiologist at UC Irvine after he read the nameplate of Farrow Bob Menem in the Museum of Egyptian antiquities in Cairo the nameplate says that when he died at age sixty he was plagued by Arthur Russell Ro system arthritis dental decay because atherosclerosis is characterized by calcium in the plaques Thomas reason that some evidence of the disease might still be present and so he looks at sixteen money is and he says that they had heart disease why because the Egyptians were eating a high-fat diet in the Israelites were not the Egyptians diet was much much higher in fat content so today we know that the principles that God gave to Moses in Exodus have a scientific basis when you study the plaque into the hardening the calcification of Egyptian arteries you notice that there was a high incidence of heart disease had ship ship was most likely the mother of Moses good I'm not a mother but that that the that they deem stepmother the adoptive mother of Moses and you know it's very interesting they have found her mommy CT scans in DNA testing on Shep shoots mummy revealed obesity diabetes liver cancer and death in her fifties death in her fifties why because of the Egyptian lifestyle and diet that was different than what was given to Moses in Exodus via topsy of the young Egyptian man named Doctor revealed the presence of trichinosis parasite Egyptologists now believe this was the result of eating pork what we see when we look at the diseases of Egypt what do we see there we see heart disease cancer arthritis obesity high blood pressure rheumatism parasites and STDs sexually transmitted diseases we do not find these and the Israelis don't find why not because they were following God 's principles aren't you thankful for God knows our bodies ever scientific basis of the administered with the biblical health messages it's not based on a whim or fancy now let's look at some of the prescriptions of the Pentateuch this is probably one of the most surprising things for me because I've always taken the position when I read Exodus and Leviticus that largely what we find they are did not other than the health laws and I'll show you some new information about clean and unclean but I think it's kind of interesting anyway but basically when I read the health laws of people asked me about them I would say will a lot of this stuff is ceremonial but the more I looked at the some of those ceremonial principles from a different size and sometimes reread the Bible leadership look at things in different eyes because always constantly learning and growing the more I looked at some initial different eyes the more I saw it had a scientific basis is I want to trace of things it may surprise you you know the blood of course is the liquid of life the Bible says the life of the flesh is in the blood and blood of course carries both red blood cells white blood cells the red blood cells of the oxygen-carrying cells white blood cells of course are the cells that help us fight infectious diseases blood transport port transports blood oxygen protein the life of the flesh is in the blood for many years doctors believe that if you have a fever you have to do bloodletting and so they did bloodletting in a couple different ways so let's suppose Chris good friend Chris has a fever is a result of three Doctor back in the Old Testament times in New Testament times during the Middle Ages rep George Washington was a Chris got a fever we got to help them so I would bring in Mike my little odd container of leeches leaches that you know these little wiggly wormlike animals and I would put them on Chris's skin your ready grass for the madrasah student they would leach out what draw the blood out from him and my idea was that fevered blood would come out and reduces temperature but what am I doing to my friend until the math right George Washington died at the hands of the bloodletting physicians that this is a fascinating story apprentice starring Washington at a very high temperature so the White House called the blood letter and ice in his veins and trained how almost about a block his temperature did simply rose three hours later they did the same thing they called the blood letters a third time in Washington you can read it said please let me die in peace after Washington's death in the Washington newspaper the next day the headlines were our esteemed president dies in spite of the best medical help that the nation could provide bloodletting was the best they could provide the Bible says the life of the flesh is in where the blood so that's not simply a spiritual statement although it is like the pledges in the blood of Christ of course Jesus blood but that also has scientific basis germs and sanitation Doctor Eden has Semmelweis in Vienna Austria noted that the pregnant women that came into his hospital in Vienna had a death rate of eighteen percent so when a woman came to the hospital his medical students who went to deliver the baby had been working in the labs on cadavers and so they often work in the labs on cadavers dead bodies and they would go immediately to when a woman came into the hospital she would now be ready to deliver baby and then we go from the cadaver lab without washing their hands they would be working on the dead by I don't deliver the baby the death rate was eighteen percent Semmelweis noted that midwife deliveries had a death rate of three percent and Semmelweis then said why any notice that is medical students are examining cadavers before the physical exams with pregnant women the Semmelweis said okay I am than a demand that my medical students in every doctor and my staff to wash their hands before the physical is in the pregnant women he was considered crazy the medical establishment of the day did not understand germ theory that came in much later we understand that today now the fascinating thing about Semmelweis is this Moses declaration he who touches the dead body of anyone shall be unclean for seven days he actions they shall purify himself with water on the third day and on the Sabbath day they shall be clean but he shall not purify himself on the third day of the seventh day he will not be clean I had read that in Mystic this was largely a sanitation declaration that you go back to the Bible to find out what they washed themselves with here's what they had to do and I never understood it they had to wash himself with the ashes of a red heifer mixed with you said makes would see a royal slant back and said why why you burn a red heifer and you pour the water through ashes what does that do if you analyze it chemically it wasn't forms an antibacterial life so the ashes forms and antibacterial iso- that's about us when you mix that with his son if you go back and look at any major medical textbook of real darkness in its antiseptic and it has an antiviral oil in when you mix that with cedar oil which the Bible says its anticancer oils antiviral antifungal and has anti- inflammatory properties so when God say to them God said to them okay if you touch dead bodies what you need to do is make this potion and we can get allies suffer mechanical standpoint it's acted in antibacterial as antistatic as antiviral and antifungal anti-inflammatory God knew exactly what he was doing God knew exactly what he was doing so when you look at the Old Testament this is not sneezing on some ancient prescriptions that are so irrelevant by some one a Craddick God they have meaning delegates speaking of leprosy you have the concept of quarantine directory concept of journey so far the concept of cleanliness the concept of bloodletting the concept of quarantine he shall be unclean all the days he has a sore he shall be unclean that's only during the time when the store is festering these unclean shall dwell alone is arbitration shall be outside the camp so you take these lepers when they have the source that are festering you put them outside the camp why because leprosy is contagious the idea of quarantine and disease was known in black plague in the fourteen hundreds and your people are dying by the thousands and what happened churchmen read the Old Testament came along and said Courtney isolate those their dying a black light emitted the idea of contagion was far and the classic medical crew tradition it found no place in the voluminous Hippocratic right in the Old Testament however is rich for contagious sentiment especially in regard to leprosy and venereal disease so the idea of germ theory the idea of isolation and quarantine totally far may I suggest to you that the Old Testament concept of medics and in the writings of Moses is three thousand five hundred years in advance it seemed for an employee in advance of its time we find the concept in the Old Testament of unclean and clean as well and what we know scientifically is there anything and had there been any studies done that are little more recent on the whole idea of going unclaimed Deuteronomy fourteen you know it well you preach it you thought verses six through eight you may need every animal with cloven hoofs having the court split in two parts that use the cut among animals in other words it divides social what is going to what is unclean pig of course is unclean I will get some I will try to discover are there any modern studies Levitical laws of food consumption David Mack published an article in the bulletin of history of medicine recently in Johns Hopkins University and what he did is this he took seedlings and he planted them in juices of various meats fish is in foul and very fascinating he was trying to discover the toxicity the the less the toxicity level the more the ceiling would grow the higher the toxicity level and he said that clean averages clean animals have eight ninety one percent reduced toxicity last level only a nine percent toxicity toxicity level the unclean had a forty eight percent reduced talks the city level or a fifty two percent toxicity level so that unclean would have fifty two percent toxicity the Queen would have nine percent toxicity and he said because this is a ninety one percent negative toxicity level he said in all of his research the clean foods are far less toxic than the non- clean foods that has a direct result on the seedling growth he said he will get all of the unclean foods the toxicity level is dramatically higher when you look at sea creatures that don't have fins and scales the classic work that was done on this was by Doctor Bruce Kolstad the Marine biologist after the second world war the American government became concerned and they were concerned about flyers that would shut down in the Pacific and had eaten unclean foods and become sick so they had Bruce Hall stead a marine biologist Adventist do a toxicity study they funded him for about a year he published a massive study and hall stead even pictures of clean and unclean and sea creatures and he produced a manual so that flyers were shot down they would know what they could eat what they couldn't after the study posted said if the book gets wet and they lose the book just tell the Flyers of it has fins and scales they can even if it doesn't don't be notice warnings against that in the Old Testament they shall be a perpetual statute your generations in all your dwellings you shall eat neither fat nor blood pork of course is extremely high in fat content of that we know today elevates our cholesterol whether this ad that contributes to harming the arteries of the aversive influence of porn consumption Professor Hans big biological therapy textbook this is a textbook written in nineteen eighty three for medical students and he says consumption of freshly killed corporate products causes acute responses such as inflammations of the appendix and gallbladder by A execute tests of cataract gastritis with typhoid apparent typhoid symptoms as well as acute eczema carbuncles etc. etc. so you look at some of the studies are coming out these symptoms can be observed after consuming sausage meats including salami which contains pieces of bacon and form of fat it's interesting that after World War II meat products and especially pork were difficult to purchase in Europe the diet of most Europeans consisted of fruits vegetables and whole grain breads during this time there was a marked decrease in cancer and heart disease including cancer heart disease in Europe after World War II it's much less why because the animals of course many of them were killed off during the war and they had been born a vegetarian diet God 's wellness plan you shall therefore keep his statutes and his commandments which I command you today that it may be well with you would with your children after you that you may prolong your days in the land which the Lord your God is giving you for all time I love Deuteronomy four verse forty because it tells God 's purpose for us God wants its to be well please built these principles in the old and new Genesis the Old Testament Deuteronomy four verse forty which the Lord your God is giving you let's look at health in the New Testament what we discovered a healthy test of the ministry of Jesus gives us a powerful example of his interest in the whole person Jesus what about Galilee teaching in their synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people Jesus was a teacher preacher and healer Christ was interested in the whole purse physically mentally and spiritually know I want to show you something that you may not have seen or understood in the story of the woman out with the issue of blood it indicates Christ interest in the whole person the word well or QR is used three times in the story so the woman comes to Jesus and I would like to look at this in Mark five verse twenty two and I describe my Bible earmark fibers twenty two to thirty four because this is really worth taking a look at what you use as a case history of Jesus intention marked by verse twenty two to thirty four of you have your Bible please take your Bible and turned Mark five were to start with verse let's start actually would verse twenty will move on in the chapter little bit and start with verse twenty five North certain woman had a flow of blood for twelve years what was happening this woman evidently had a menstrual cycle that did not stop for twelve consecutive years she was what did that mean for her in society it means that she was bleeding from and bleeding she was weak she was emaciated it meant that she was an outcast because if you have that the flow of blood then you are separated from all society it meant that her children could no longer jump upon her lap it meant that her husband could no longer hug her it meant that she was as an outcast of society she was in she was emaciated her clothing no doubt was dirty and the button she wandered from place to place she had to scream unclean unclean she was desperate and destitute verse twenty four she had suffered many things for many positions I wondered what that passage meant and so I went back and researched the kind of QR is what his daughter for irregular medical site and making a regular cycle I'm not to describe to you they are too gross to describe but I will tell you that woman suffered that woman she suffered many things to many physicians introduce increasingly enough and this is just a little aside Mark states that move who was a physician doesn't state it tells the story she had spent all that she had it was no big better but rather grew worse so here's a woman it's getting worse and worse she sees Jesus she's then she is lost weight she her energy level is down she is powerless she is an outcast from society she's had all these experiments to get well by the positions and the Bible says and she said if I only may touch verse twenty eight they have the schools I'll be made well another what I want you to see if the story is that this worked well if used three times but every time a different Greek word is used the woman desired with the issue of blood she desired a cure for disease the word for well they are is directly well and what she's saying is I want to QR for my disease I want directly from therapeutic so she's tried everything she could she is sick and so she said somebody gives me a QR give me directly when people are dying of cancer today people have elevated heart disease many of them all they want to secure whatever it is that your real cure radiation therapy certificate Nick chemotherapy AutoCAD twenty one I guess I got that I have to have the skewer so she is focused on the QR okay now I can do through the story the word made well verse twenty eight in the Greek is therapy well meaning the QR for the disease or the ferret the appendices this has to do with treatment of the disease so what she wants is some kind of treatment of disease she's not particularly concerned about lifestyle change but she wants treatment secondly the woman experiences what she believes to be healing from the disease as she goes on she touches Pam of Christ's garment and if you will continue there and look at verse twenty nine immediately the found of her blood was dried up and she felt in her body that was she was healed of her affliction now here is what we have the second word the word for healed in the greatest I ever met you which means freedom from disease so I want you to notice the subtle difference there the woman is looking for a few more for her disease or she wants if you are external then she says I am healed from my disease people want QR is modern people want to be cured modern medicine focuses on disease but Jesus focuses on something else so this has to do with feeling physical healing of disease now here's the completeness of Christ ministry Jesus gave the woman much more than she originally thought now look for example at verse thirty four Jesus says to her daughter your faith has made you well go in peace and be healed of your affliction the word for Madewell of the Greek is so-so which is the root word for salvation indicating a physical mental and spiritual healing the woman comes looking for a wife QR she exclaims she's been free from disease but Jesus says your faith has made you well which is oh so which is the reward for a physical mental and spiritual healing Christ was not content to put her on a better diet he wasn't content to put right away and told programmer put her on a new starter creation help or anything else without in cult incorporating spiritual Christ said to her Jesus was not willing to have this woman touched the hem of his garment and leave the same because what Jesus was interested in was not primarily therapy well the cure the disease not primarily I have mail the deliverance from the disease but Jesus was interested in social Jesus was interested in a physical mental and spiritual healing so in this story in the original text of the story we see the completeness of Christ's ministry he will not allow people to touch the hem of his garment and leave the same Jesus is interested in the completeness of human beings in social just physical mental and spiritual healing Jesus is our Creator Jesus is our revealer Jesus is our sustainer is the one resource wholeness hope and peace and as health educators our goal is the point people to the hope the piece the wholeness that Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ alone can do when Jesus passed through the grass he touched people he is vocal home he was interested their physical health their mental health and their spiritual health Jesus come that they might have life and they might have it what more abundantly physically mentally and spiritually following the Savior 's example the New Testament church met the needs of people in Jesus name in these early disciples demonstrated a concern for the entire person physically mentally socially and spiritually may I suggest to you better for only interested in the physical health and mental health of people and do not share with them the spiritual dynamics that that is akin to the medical malpractice what is medical malpractice he can be defined a variety of ways but one aspect of medical malpractice is if I know what you are and I don't think you'll accepted so I don't share it with you I could be listed as doing medical malpractice if they resecured that I know is a cure disease by I make a judgment that you are not interested in that you when I said before every audience is out at health educators be very honest with the signal I don't share the spirit you because I want within anybody you want my response that is who made you judge over those people whether they'll accept or whether they won't you are making a judgment call for them you are making an assumption that deep within the fabric of their being they have no interest in spirituality judgment the Bible says Judge not that you may not be judged now we conduct our health programs we advertise a cooking school I don't get up into the Bible study but we do share in the context of the cooking school gentle spiritual principles not as overtly as were shearing here obviously it has the nature of the program were talking about stress management I'm a little bit moreover spiritually it depends on the nature the program but were always sharing spiritual principles and at the end of every health series whatever it is we pass out a form that allows people to check I like people if work I'd like to be on your health newsletter I like to receive your life and health magazine I'd like to participate in a weight control program to participate in a non-smoking program I have an interest in the spiritual dimension of life and I would like to have your Bible study guides like to attend what your classes in which you talk about Bible prophecy will give them about ten different things they can choose from in a form called Moore's for the asking yours for the asking so every health program that we can we share a form that provides that for them to get a copy of that yes you can if you get my wife's book called what your work for God like you are forgot what you work for God has the five keys and it written and will check here to see if they don't have to pay if the ABC can get some like you although have it tomorrow like you were forgot Christ method alone you know Elder Wilson Neil Elder Elder Ted Wilson is going to launch at Spring Council the sheer a new medical missionary program in the other day we were having a planning meeting for and I suggested to him that we might title art the Christ method alone and I just put up the top my head on April the nineteenth want to pray for something April the nineteenth we are bringing to the General conference fifty five of our top leaders throughout America were bringing some people from supporting ministries or brings in people from our institutional ministries are our general conference officers will be there all of our vice presidents will be there and we are to spend one day studying one question one question what strategy can the church develop that will affect every division every union every conference in which every church in moving the church ahead in the missionary work we are looking at one major question what comprehensive strategy in the church without we will have four leaders from throughout our denomination doing that Chrysler epilogue will give for success reaching people instantly what time is it I can finish in fifteen minutes and give you some questions I don't want to rush over this though Christ method alone is to give true success in reaching the people the Sega did what mingled with man is wanted desired there good Unionville when people by going off in the woods someplace unless you go out from the woods like UNIX different UNIX outpost deal with people if you're isolated in your church or of your isolated even during the apartment city if you feel that mingling with people is not terminate you like the Jews believe they touch somebody of the contaminated if you believe mingling with people to contaminate you you missed the ministry of Jesus Jesus mingled with people you desire their duty want to help them in the world we live in a selfish desire to help other people disarms this medium was used by humans for the NEDs councilmen and you would like to learn more about the NEDs summons please visit www. and help some .com you would like more free online www. audio numbers on board


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