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Fitness for Life, Part 2

Don Hall


Don Hall

Founder, Wellsource, Inc.



  • January 31, 2012
    9:00 AM
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today we want to jump into the starting with fitness and strength building media guidelines is that all Americans should have aerobic exercise program and they should also have a strength training program in Lompoc about some of the reasons why both are important and they kind of do different things so will jump into this all right so the benefits the body 's primary muscle is not a slip on your largest organ in the body of ours I know an e-mail slut every of them skeleton ugly and if we don't use those muscles what happened to the they start disappearing nothing I know few fussy people had polio where the nerves dies it's a muscle and muscle it is completely disappear it's not used for maybe some of you had a broken arm spin put in a cast member when I was about six or broke my arm and was in a cast significant doubt I look at that rural arms on about half the size of this just in those few weeks that it was in that cast of muscles that and I register my will armor never be the same again this is a started using it a gamer that and so there's this term and muscles we use a lot you either use it or you lose it and that's why strength training is very important that it also helps to increase our muscle mass form course is its function and why is muscle mass important if we get older and as we get there certain age forty fifty and their most people 's muscle mass begins to go downhill why does it go downhill but because their defender I'm happy to be enough exercise this living but as we get older people become more sedentary and so they begin to lose muscle mass and eventually when you lose enough enough muscle mass than it has the real significant problems and some of the problems have been with her health muscle is used to to clear the glucose and things in the body mostly because we don't use it the reason we know that is because if you take an eighty -year-old and take him down for a strength training program and start exercising guess what happens the muscle Max Starks going back up to get across their health I will so sorry our muscle mass of the largely dollars of agents and has an effectiveness that but if you use those muscles all along you don't vandalism it's about twenty years ago I started adding strength training into my program and then I was just a runner joined in marathons and bike in the ethnic aerobic exercise and course we did a lot of itself was a big factor but then as I begin to do strength training I found that my strength went up and now that I'm almost sixty five stronger the right display I can press a lot more weight than all the different kinds of things and so and so if you keep active during all those years you largely keep that process and happy now the biggest reason people go into nursing homes care centers is when these books low muscle mass they present the muscle mass get so involved that you probably seen the people in the chairs are sitting here and try to get up the cat and how they rock they were the funding they make it no strength lack of muscle mass and Christmas mass was master who was now no what if I can't get out of that you are is go one step further for this input is making another thought it and I were in trouble right and so the kids said is up in a nursing home as we can figure something and the strongest predictor who demand up in a nursing home or not is your muscle mass also muscle mass as a sharp protein storages for the money and I say we get older and we have a serious illness went up in the hospital for a while and want to return to face if we don't have that reserve then we usually die from not regarding enough fat storage that we run out of muscle and then when you're in a starvation situation you use up muscles well and most people when they dies not from a lack of the still have my fat tissue around it could burn project that a certain amount of muscle the reason for that is his muscle is turned into glucose when you're not eating and you have to have a certain amount of glucose regulating way it serves several functions and so one of the measures of good help is me in any kind of muscle mass particularly as we get older very important for our health resistance to disease and survival and so on his muscle mass helps it also increases the metabolism how active is that metabolically affected the status if there hangs there doesn't do anything that broadband is a little bit it generates in the heat but most of the fat is an art and as our muscles that really control our metabolism metabolism is still on a calorie to be burned today about going measure R better metabolic rate and in the metabolic rate is directly related to your muscle mass so I would have a greater muscle mass we burn more calories on eight BC that can help us and maintaining her weight is a lot of people who have a trouble they get their muscle mass soul mold with your calorie needs are so low that they can't do this happen almost have to start themselves all the time and so as we keep up a high muscle mass organ of burn more calories all day long even oversleeping the saga it helps in keeping that weight down so is the metabolically active part helps a person maintain independence in older age we talked about that in stimulating those muscles keeping them strong interest function greater strength I can do more and have fewer limitations we don't have a lot of things today that require a lot of strength because we have always laborsaving devices but it does give us more strength more endurance and particularly your dream morbid respect which the backpacker anchorite here you go to have some pretty good strong muscles at forty fifty pounds for a week or a hundred miles at a time my last backpacks are put on Mount Rainier opinion over that is in a worse state than treble square around the little side trip to think it's a hundred miles and my wife and I did that together and it was a great trip with training the ligaments and tendons also become stronger and help prevent injuries over outdoing things were we put a lot of strain on those other important issues that are not used to their more likely to become injured Arthur and the muscles help take the load off of that particular Denis and so forth I think one of the things you do in physical therapy should try to build those muscles up around the both structures so they injury would heal take a load off and the Muslims help increase on the number one cause work last time so when were working with our businesses corporations and strongly for a show that's why ways exercise can help as it helps prevent those injuries by keeping those muscles strong we did a safe way and return reader Laurinda Workmen's Comp. claims by ninety percent in the first five years in the primary thing we were doing is keeping those muscles strong and particularly this muscle here we go I would be core muscles the abdomen rectus abdominis the SS their sixpacks were not as strong as they should be as so then that was back in the answer when their Latinas were then mostly individuals with Dean and all that if not since they were doing if you have a good core muscles they are holding that the firm that you have more likelihood of back injuries will think of exercise strength training is also increasing the strength of the bones but it does as we put a load on those phones they give stronger and longer just like muscles of your use of it is what happens they begin a demineralized become weaker if we put strengthened and an exercise on those bonds then they get stronger to handsets for the weight training center in Milwaukee that put some strain on headphones that's good preventative fractures jogging is even better because of some bouncing and more strain you put on those monster properly become jumping rope would be another good way to keep the leg bones but doesn't do much for the arms is a silly to do some push-ups are some weights and some other kinds eventually get all those points and that keeps them strong so what is that as well as some visitors your exercise and strength training we were reduce the amount of mineral loss from the boss another one is if we don't have enough strength went on and the balance and the one fellow is working with I don't know if it's in the series and remember later on will show pictures of him when he was walking in his older age about eighty need heavy speed always park and joined the balance you got it it out there in the tripod and use it in your pocket and has again do you know walking down like this why are they walking away more muscle mass and strength and so they got been in this case was his name doesn't come down to the gym will work on strength so what's a good way to improve the strength in your legs along oppressed laborers to put them on their begin working that out and also began working the abdomen and back muscles and resisted middlemen over he was standing up straight again resume assiduously all I like this he was like this again and not this shuffling down there but had a good gate was that you is he relating to have been keeping up like this gentleman but after he got his strength back and things he decided about in alliance regarding it and so they started walking on the treadmill regularly and that doing weight lifting leg strengthening always different kinds of things is another twenty twenty some years and when he was a hundred years in better shape it was a such amazing what the body can do if we exercise offers pictures of igniter on things in the last days things and see Ben styles so it actually helps to prevent fractures as we keep our muscles and bones stronger is another one improves insulin sensitivity why is that important as we get older and sun sensitivity goes down at the body 's ability to use and so what causes type two diabetes which is about ninety to ninety five percent of all cases is the body 's resistance wrestling goes up so we can't use the insulin very well and the money keep putting out more and more insulin but eventually gets exhausted and gives up and then has a young diabetes so exercise in the muscles particularly helps to improve insulin sensitivity a couple of things one is loss of abdominal adipose tissue as you begin to exercise said that this is particularly aerobic exercise in this case is you burn the intra-abdominal fat first I would predominantly in a new burn the subcutaneous fat a little slower and continue to exercise and obviously goes anyway but the very first time you burn up it happens to be that this intra-abdominal fat tissue that is most dangerous for causing insulin sensitivity exercise burns set up a portion creature muscle density and that in itself even if you don't change the diet of a diabetic or whatever because starts exercising insulin sensitivity improves the user and slow they have their blood glucose levels will fall by the way that happens along with an uninvited is why keep your blood sugar levels low regular exercise when the best ways of doing that and helps your body to use the insulin that prevent that from occurring so in preventing diabetes or managing diabetes and insulin use it's very beneficial to some of the reasons are that we don't normally think about strength keeping our strength that keep your muscle mass challenging those muscles run our life we maintain strength and function so here are some guidelines and so on in doing some strength training techniques from the American colleges ports medicine I want to train the mess major muscle groups and here's their recommendation is that she was at least eight to twelve separate exercises that train a major muscle groups of the money so we want some exercises at work on the legs some works on the Mac and abdomen somebody just in the arms and shoulders and says only to those exercises will take a little time today to go through it and do some of those exercises figured if he'll just run through them here what is going on the screen first among them is a group that will air on video darkness the big muscles of your bicep is the one we do here so simple it is to get a little weight and just do a curl either way you can get these things are very inexpensive device and weights that you can get in the store and just keep at your home garden yeah okay Walmart and not very expensive and and you get to three different sizes and Daniel have some weight citizen thanks and that what you want to do is you want to get away this heavy enough so that when you do it about the eight or ten times you don't do it anymore that's it it's enough if you can go on forever is not enough is it and they need to put a challenge on his principle that you need to challenge that muscle if you want to get stronger in a thing as FUD that O'Reilly gets stronger so we need to do and it will have every matters can be a time when you can't keep going up as a limit but in a way a nice challenge that muscle so now we want to do something on the back of the arms intended to strengthen something on the front nobody also wanted to strengthen the backcountry and that keeps it in balance so what can we do to strengthen those muscles that's it you take that same way Google does and let it come down to your back in the news during the note this is I heard about her dizziness muscle back here or sometimes you'll see them then over an advantage late in going against gravity this way was not a good omen and recall push-ups is a muscle suit us it also uses the chest muscles yeah I just got better you can see me so that we got both the front and back they are selling out of the part of the argument with government and shoulder muscles are not to how we can strengthen those who take the same barbells and left and that's a good when you need and when you first started sometimes it's good even without anything is a lot of people dipping in that shoulder right okay so you may need to get some special direction from a physical therapist her son how to do that but Virgil probably tell you what hurts you need to get strengthen those muscles up some might and do something about the future when I found as I said a lot of pain different joints that begin to do strength training after several months it all went away and so this because you have a pain in the joint business ready means exercise but you do need direction and do it right way and science of the get worse so on people triggered the start patient with this here just by doing the arms I think it is sometime discredited among the front of using different muscles and sorry is another lighter weight as it's a little harder front and so we can get those in a variety of ways I lately are doing misunderstood the stop right there if you do go beyond that you need to rotate before you go off right on that so my physical therapist tells the gate otherwise two anyway thought House of Commons that is physiologically need things that sell bouquets and I would network that they are preliminary but now talk practice and stretching along with so those are all good things bench press should be another way that we can do that and you to do that you can get the kinds on the machine suit amid worry about it or if it's a free weight which I like to do that my wife has to be there a second unit of the last at August a pendant of adversity and so work as a team that is been fun I when I was younger I used the press about a hundred and twenty pounds ninety one hundred and eighty and I ghosted over two hundred South Wilson a wages by doing that it builds up okay now the shoulders high purity gem and a lot of these things usually of your gym but you can also get these your home I asked Ashley bottle of Jim and have in my home to do different things on this his tenure there the best Leslie grab the bar of their new bloodbath in my book down and party agenda first doesn't mind your head the next time some that were beginning to work on some of these big muscles back and here also on your shoulders but also on your back overhead press things December say muscles back there again in the shoulders and also upper back and then we have the blocks after the new book usually need to be on most people can't pull the rate up anymore it might just pull apparently got hold and that's enough strengthens those muscles to when I generated to ten now I don't try to estimate a private pulling on the link works a little better need to be carefully know what overdue is because of injury no spice especially if you're not used to decipher the start are careful is not and we talked about the SideArm that so those are some different kinds of active sizes to get the upper part of the body just though I like the best on the chest is the practical the butterfly and is not a exercise machine that has little panels here and you bring the men and a you can work that weight up gradually over time that's a religious builder is that and so if you building up on your muscles some earlier fact how do we get the ones in the backside the balance of the Ralph city narrowing is a good minister Tina portals muscles back to keep those imbalance restricted one muscle you want to strengthen the other another good one is if you're using the little barbells again is simply beyond the on the bench here and even for easy answer that helps the muscles in the back to get I suppose thanks for the just push-ups are good for that to the home of the abdomen curl ups recently setups physical therapist over such part of the lower back the number you could do grown-ups and I would demonstrate those again using where you inactivate the hip flexor muscles by bringing your knees up and into screen partway then you may want hold it or just do lots of them crunches those kinds of things I guess the big muscle right down the middle because I want a sixpack that works on that I've got a sixpack which can find it in there that is as I tell my wife that I do about the two hundred and fifty years of the five hundred situps every morning I got tired of data longtime seat and do some of the kinds of things across relapse we have another set of muscles the internal and external obliques and those are kind like her girdle and there are good exercises to show the big muscled in the middle and you have these crosswords and redo the I kind of some of the grown-ups comes sideways will demonstrate us that gets those about growing holders good you come up and hold and that was the point was kind of like now that's an advanced my case we just told yourself here and from your toes and you just pull yourself that is how to do that even after really keep these firms in this about people like to see how long they can go she's doing a little more investment on Tuesday net in a lake up there as an fun once you sedate synthases price of Margaret and I was moved down to the legs leg extensions is second to take some equipment receiving equipment and in you lift the weight up this way and builds up in front of the leg here are your bicycling muscles in a way on the opposite that is at home I have registered over my bench of my foot under that same thing when I bring my leg up this license leg curl and using those kind take special equipment is rid the gym consent makes little handier spot goes to have me home so I can do that to a leg press security gem you can put the weights on it and press out those of the biggest muscles of the body are I should do about two hundred fifty pounds on the leg press is that there was a big muscles and hold her weight if you don't have that they witnessed is an simple things almost every exercise you find a way very diffusion your body working against gravity and one I like this regard I is sound kind of the launch is take a big step just come down come back up again and I usually use some weights in my hands this has to even if you don't know say by the time you're done a dozen or so those can be independent in those muscles so that works amount if you want a little bit stronger one than you can do it on one leg becomes a balance test my whatever chair there beside the door down and touch the floor and come up with one leg and by timely manner ten or twelve of those you'll feel it that really works out the links to see you can do some exercises real strengthening the most muscles even without always the specialized equipment is now a you can good example of better gymnasts don't spend much time in the weights and irregular body and if they want their arm stronger had they just do ahead understand your push-ups that were those ways of doing it but if you look at somebody's vertically built I think the gymnasts are in very very strong to do some the things they do cocaine in the back a little bit there's some back extensions on I usually do and I have a back condition I've had since I was twelve scoliosis one shoulder basics a little one hit is higher near the domain they got lined up goods I have a lot of acting but I find that if I do these exercises in particular back exercises with it then I don't have those problems are little and posting away on the don't sit to August fourth against me now so one of the back extension to display flat it is raising for Patrick regarding and agencies muscles up and down the back on rowing exercise another good national for the back is back involved in future legs a little bit of Neptune your back and they let go down or you're going down that bargain exercises is greatly muscle in the back incident have to be difficult time and you might try different ones on different days saith the guidelines by American College of sports medicine Julie's eight to twelve repetitions per set of each exercise to the point of near fifty third that's about all you can do you know when overdoing your first time I first started on keep their weight down to about twelve reps and then slowly began up a little more weight on to get down three two six three and when they get stronger backup to ten or twelve in a bit more weight on it gradually work up so progressively increase the weight the resistance or the number of repetitions as the exercise becomes easy and so all of those increase the exercise load of pair says that at least one set of exercises for each muscle group is like if you were doing the curls you do those least once a day if you get real serious about muscle strength may like you to do more often and it says you can increase to two to four sets for greater strength for the first ten years it's all ever did was one that worked quite well you get marked your benefit during that one every day if you want to get even stronger than you can do a couple times after you get done in February morning at the rest of her manager to do another exercise like an egg leg exercise or something to come back and do it again as he do that two or three times and it stimulates that muscle maximally for increasing strength else if they discourse Martine so it's up to you you don't have to do more than once once with you everything you need to keep in good health if you want to get really stronger zero progress if you two to three in the hospital better I use a however you a is is is is is is is is is is a history of right forward I'm not here is strength seminude rate is not a strength you follow these things that sometimes you need endurance are out there hanging on those arms all day long and so endorse a kind of strength is the more reps in and out into the black and noticing only needed to three times per week you don't have to do that everyday aerobic exercise many daily Delhi so doesn't need to take very long vista couple times a week or so and your strength will improve if you do that on regular basis and makes a big difference in her third arrest or if it were real serious and weight training they'll exercise may be really hard these muscles in the next day they work on these muscles are related in weight training but the different muscles groups that you need a day or two to rest in between circuit training is what they're trying to do is using weightlifting and other kinds of exercise so that you get more aerobic benefit and if you enjoy that that's good or you can just do your weight training including aerobics or just turn it into an aerobic exercise but just going from one another so faster heart rate doesn't have a chance to come down are you probably won't miss that yeah the interest little bit before he and another set of those things but enjoy it's good it's a good exercise and is sometimes funded a different kind of things is still here for their suggestions are perform each exercise zero four range of motion is overdoing our push-ups will encourage you to come her down her backup some people do push-ups that it's easier to get to the top half but when you go Go Daddy use different muscles and such good luck to a full range or if you are doing curls you would want to do this he went away to a full range and see if that muscle little better I lift weights in a careful controlled manner not jerky so you don't want it you don't really think that's going to gradual and saunters from injuring yourself for one thing and it just is set saver for the muscles muscles balanced by alternating pairs we talked about to do the fun of them to the bacteria in the abdomen or back exercise need to breathe normally is a tendency when redoing to maturity hardly a man hold her breath and how it happens and we do that we we we raise our blood pressure ciliated and exercise always brief and so on redoing out semi- encourager people that he did push-ups people and things in order that is a hard exercised by some brief is your breathing then you keep the blood pressure for building up so high and a person who had might have a serious who problems somewhere you don't want that blood pressure to get high is if you hold your breath in regard to get that blood pressure of two hundred two hundred and fifteen even higher but as you exhale when you're doing the hard part so I had some really heavy barbells and is you come down it's a little easier are you really exhaled in hard part of the exercise anyway that is to breathe normally don't hold your breath and working again for safety so you're this with the weights I had a foul Dave is actually my house he was the rug cleaner and I had my big barbells up there and then he figured he was pretty strong the acid of a healthy signal I got them eight picks up those barbells nebulizer was so heavy that he takes a step or two back and fell flat on his back fortunately they were big enough that it didn't nation but he couldn't get up I lifted about the need and get hurt but that team the safety of this good and sometimes it helps the coach the other personable and all and help debris that are not always kinds of things over visiting and be a good way okay sometimes women are concerned about weightlifting is it just for men women he was strong bones to that healthy joints and Miller go skiing with some of our members things and not get injured so it's important for weight training her women as much as men sometimes when so I don't want to get those big bulky muscles like the big weightlifters when or not I don't have any big for the muscles that I can get my shirt on anything either when they do that what was your day usually taking androgen Sarah hormones kind of things that don't matter and when don't have as much hydrogen anyway testosterone so you just kind which at that it was great big giant muscles with you just do it normally like were talking about here it will get stronger and more defined muscles that give a bigger but they're not meant to be bulky and things look bad they just give you good shape whenever one lady that came to our class was in a hospital setting thank you with a trainer alternate only long with exercise Jenna actually beautiful body she was not tiny and frail to big and strong but very nice shape very strong recruiter push-ups she is going along she's got up to sixty or sixty finds his family obligations that I can do this on a aortic much stronger than I was at the Met she still had a wonderful Belden on a very pretty body so muscle will give shape that you don't have to worry about getting greatly bulky muscles okay some ideas on on strength training will practice this afternoon earlier this morning I hear his layout roadblock I'm uncomfortable exercising alone heard people say that a lot of people are nervously beginning out and things alone so you need to find a buddy don't you or spouse your friend if you don't get anybody else get a great big dog a mean looking on if you're afraid to be out alone are not the best area about and take exercise together and she may be made at the gym and exercise their some other place a lot of people use a videotape to be as those reasserting our house a lot in my life as when she likes to do stretching exercises a yoga tape and I found that those are real challenge and that has helped me a lot in my flexibility and so learning to do the most we do them with the person who's performing them and they system greater working through incessant things you can do in your own home so I'm that kind help if you don't like exercise on a lot of people don't sell nonthinking get-together biking hiking skiing golf tennis those are all infectious Port Arthur should really have a lot of people profundity that other people like you just exercise alone and no one at the rate method of data that some enjoy going to the exercise club and I was always the one that just went out and ran over the hills in the mountains and the trails might did thanks never did go to the club this last year have gotten married second time my first life night two years ago in an accident and she never chosen cell sites where did everything outside that the second wife she likes the jet penetrating and bullying nasty out there I just put on my clothes and got it maybe she doesn't like that so we go to the gym now just a little later like a still more pleasant in the wintertime and she likes the social and visit with people and making friends thanks together set a club can be good to some friendly environment safe environment there can be evil there that can teach you how to do these different exercises and give you tips right in the specialized exercise equipment is finite and enjoy some of that now and actually meet new friends and they also have classes all kinds of things and we learn new kinds of exercises or you might like to it on your own but not along to exercise in public spaces the people around us were the parks high school track may be nice to go to attract luck and a lot of other people down there just be with his people around you not isolated here's when we do sometimes in our area and when the weather 's not very good so you can get out and do things that you don't have to be alone specially you live in an isolated area not good yellow I tell my wife you need I said that no window shopping right exercise in the with your brother okay now along with is challenging the muscle if you wanted to get healthy and bigger and stronger without it we need to give it to make sure it's getting adequate protein virtual find is when you're trying to build up your muscle strength and muscle mass you need a little more protein because that's what your muscles are made from and so making sure we get adequate protein as a nutritionist I've observed in the Adventist church is that we don't give much credence to protein in the head is almost the bad words in people 's lives but we need protein Jan have a healthy protein source every male driving really good help our immune system is all made from proteins thanks to the protein helps to a give satiety signal get hungry between meals and so on so it should have a good protein anyway that they can build a Muslim I wanted even a little bit more so two things we we strengthen the exercise the muscles me we challenge it and in the protein helps them to get stronger as their own made from protein it needs a little more also sure exercising vigorously defend breakdown the protein of the and so it needs to be built up recognizes pretty long running like when I mistake verify your running down our two sometimes three hours in a day and has a lot of wear and tear on those muscles and so your need goes up a lot need about zero eight grams of protein per kilogram body weight for person who's on this normal lifestyle but if you're running marathons and those kinds of things you need about one two GG that's about fifty percent to percent more work on a real 's heavy strength training program you need to get groceries to will will look at that memo calculated your needs and the resource of his life a lot of times we hear the fitness centers they send you these protein drinks and I got overly sold on that I think they make a profit on those that like the salads for good think within the South that you need a certain amount but you don't need huge amounts and a few this would drink an extra glass of the nonfat milk or soy milk is what I like down after workout after work out you should have some protein within the first hour after every workout that's when you have the maximum uptake of protein by your muscles within the first hour after you exercise and so younger a person at least twenty grams and it was a good studying American College of sports medicine where they took these cocaine pills powders and they just don't know and he also took soymilk and they found the milk soy milk work just as good as those being high expensive protein things so save your money on those and just an extra class to sort out whatever you like the usual extra boost Vanessa maximum time that first hour after weight trainer or aerobic exercise even when your muscles are the greatest uptake of protein at that time so it helps to stimulate the muscle to grow stronger I guess that's what this says so at least eighteen grams of protein was an article American College of sports medicine they found that got maximum uptake of protein taken more than that right after it wasn't no extra benefit but that was something is recommended so I stimulate muscle growth with exercise and natural protein stimulate muscle growth don't really approaching well here's some traditional sources of milk and a good source of protein your yogurt of course high soymilk is just decide my way the quality of protein and sorry about the justifies cows not soak you don't want to have a product you can get it from here just as well but she's very highest people like that tofu is pretty good just to have also a new life means is my favorite the thing for protein cell cup of beans there's a whole bunch of different kinds can rely missing soybean soybean to be even higher they're very high and could be nice if your noble activity a would be another source twenty two million voters are high in cholesterol and saturated fat are the careful on those and then this is what the traditional person needs in America was not a vegetarian and of course it's very high deaths per one pounds so I'll usually a typical serving would be three or four ounces she can see this very high so if you're not eating these or these then concentrated later funny other sources Arthur Gore 's advantage that these are high in fiber low in saturated fat cholesterol and you live on those compared to the others it'll build muscles justice just as fast as these were ever that one study the soymilk as they found it worked just describing stupid muscle growth as the cows not all didn't find a kind of exercise you're doing if you're going on a walk with doctors trainers you can eat and go around Milwaukee body can handle it we then owned by backpacking reader breakfast media will often ask for and if you're doing a kind of excited quality before you go if it's a real strenuous exercise is vigorous you go out and have food in your stomach a quick digestion it cramps and it doesn't work soccer jog me in more rigorous things you want to eat right Americana might be at least two to three hours before otherwise I would need anything so you need to have an interest of Mister come back and eat after your exercise benefits real papers and it doesn't have to wait for an hour through your hungry sitting in an exercise you out within the first hour within the first hour after you do that within the first hour in a dispenser house tradition this if it so strenuously that your muscle hearing your abdomen blood supply shuts off when the muscles in your food just sits there nothing happens anyway executive your problems if it's a general kind of a mostly white weightlifting is not that strenuous it's hard for you second split it's not really hard for a longer time is generally a light breakfast before we define my life I subducted you get too hungry otherwise and doesn't bother me so much you can wear exercise free doesn't matter when you do it except that you works out for you and you do it regularly I find if I don't good morning it's hard to get in an evening to get too lazy maybe it's all just wait not go to some more regular find it in the morning for me yeah yes that's a register product is muscle is the pretreating Siesta at the methods that you guys we just looked at you get plenty of protein from all kinds of sources ha ha reenter throw in as I mentioned earlier in administered drug notice that it's a problem read more carbohydrate and we should we should have more healthy proteins and healthy fats to balance things out is a lovely maiden when the bread and potatoes and serial high carb foods foods good for you but there's no protein the speaker is I would agree protein is helpful in weight control program because of satiety and fidgety carbohydrate like you go to a Chinese restaurant you get rice and vegetables denies rebeck is a tough thing is that it does not meet the revealed two hours later restart again origin and that the lasting power and so we need some good tofu or something and without the rice being error vegetables that have some higher protein it gives you more staying power should you not so hungry sister and that's right not to remain by satiety could hold you over that way good that observation one other thing is if you are on a weight loss program you need more protein to the reason for that is because the reader each are cutting back neck especially a lot of calories in your diet your body always uses the the highest priority is for calories and Sophie not enough calories to take some of that protein in city using them for building protein needs uses them for calories as we are weight-loss diet it's better to appear percentage of calories from protein as well is it two times so here are some examples of this kind of quick meal and show how easy it is now this is just other sources of protein even bread has some of its whole grain does not know Palin sought and vegetables not much but a little even fruit has a little bit so they all contribute some but it's good to have a good root rich source of protein and amino acids are here to an example of a good healthy breakfast to start out maybe with oatmeal I like steel cut oats is my favorite slow cheerier and Laura glycemic index might have some soymilk with that you might have some whole wheat bread with some peer butter on it it's a healthy protein and a healthy that there and that you might want in a poor you could have something in place of the what I do is echo cup soybeans I have what I call my savory soybean emergence in China had his feminine side I said boiled soybeans but they had that tomato sauce in bottom of the good season to think I'm the really good and so I just a lookup of that and I one of the microwave and I have that in place by a gallant factory can have scrambled tofu things in an orange for breakfast and already you're off the day with thirty one grams so if you balance and choose the right kinds of foods it doesn't knock you had the trios and you didn't have the pain of or didn't have something here that it would be about half that when you're handsome where are if you like other side of the package of how you how much protein as an omen mouth it's about two or three grams so beautiful handful on Monday when I get more protein that when you make in the mountains pretty low in protein and rice that was even worse very very low in front inside I don't recommend either need a lot of misses nutritious as Malcolm Etheridge replacing for so well I thought we had that here solicited we go through and find that I'm not sure why that doesn't show up as it was there when I made it I think we did it before this I'll go back and look think it might've gotten hidden slide disappeared and I spent my holiday legal relevance that Saturday on number ten you have it in yours I think I think it got deleted out of mind somehow yeah maybe look him up his regard in my gotten money to the wrong key and deleted so will this go on upward on the whiteboard apparently can't find anywhere else okay and some other foods say we let that one already Dennis an hour for lunch okay and so this example they gave another new values a lot of other things that very question better in the veggie burger you would have a high-protein big Gardenburger something to an energetic class about a had a couple of lentil soup free high is that an apple and a handful of mixed nuts forty five grams C so that's that's a good amount is that never get hungry soon after that name there's going to be real active and so here we go so we look at the day the three males the total program for the day were shooting here for the example used came out to be a hundred and grams and the and that the goal of putting today was a hundred and nine the goal was at least a hundred and five services designed for no active athlete whatever and seventy five estate for the active woman but we had a hundred ninth so if you use the right kinds of food is not difficult even on a vegetarian diet is now how do you figure that out for me you easy labor did my little pens go you probably have an example there but we can use it here to the formula is usually given and grams of protein per kilogram bodyweight we don't have any homage much away by kilograms in order to people from her use the metric system right so for you folks that is zero eight grams of protein per kilogram of body weight now that's for the average person without exercising your exercising vigorously to try to build muscles shoot for about one zero if you're doing marathon a really exercising and might be as high as one two to one five with Merton College sports medicine recommends that they got a C arranger so I have taken part of this is is a good this is minimum is not an equipment issue for if you put that in pounds you just multiply pounds times your weight on his right times a mature way what is thanks to well yeah right I just think you are okay I got it now the Khmer zero four times your weight in pounds equals your protein needs if you want to be one of these higher categories you can use zero five so do a hundred Segway hundred and fifty and remote by zero five what is I come out seventy five so if you were getting seventy five grams even on a high fitness program to be getting plenty if you did zero four times that would be a little less than either of so I can push the button over here I think that makes sense to we just did the conversion automatically so just all yet remember zero four is where they had the sedentary person if you're real active just about half a gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight it's easy to take your weight divided by half if a good estimate that gives you an nice little extra surplus in my phase should be getting the minimum amount anyway we should have a little more than that and something I did before I started to get you down even as little as you can not sure why they do that makes not just push the button did not loose forward or back great thank you man is prepared okay hey questions on that self associate in his life as a will is is well approaches are made up of amino acids and agreement that says there is something that I'd been over both strength training and increased amino acids in the blood stimulates muscle growth in the solar talk about his drinking that glasses are now Courier some other protein source in that first hour as you digest the proteins were to go to the single and your mother 's protein coat and your bloodless amino acids so when you have a higher modern amino acids in your bloodstream and you exercise those muscles that you have the maximum formula for making a muscle stronger makes sense as both stimulate muscle growth the proteins are made up of amino acids twenty different amino acids you breaking apart the protein apartment in a pureblood 's amino acids will say your but denies idea if you could let what happened is you set that sells it smaller and your muscle cells get bigger so that often offer what will happen is a personal get on good exercise program that will lose anyway if it was under many good and don't realize it are already setting up about in all a notch or two less as a member enough some FF is your wedding and muscle weighs two thousand so your weight may not change much and so we do something called a percent body fat determination will do that little later after a law court will actually calculate your percent body fat and I had one lady to join the class and says she worked really hard she looked really good she had a phone up a lot and she had lost any weight usual discouraged we took a percent body fat from the beginning the course in the course when she started and went when she ended she was seven percent body fat seven percent less underweight and changeable so in a fitness program is fun to check people 's bodies that because that's no better indication of the thing that can happen even be very sedentary ever very small muscle mass that too much fat you and if you look at the height weight able to the BMI is still okay though you check in percent body fat you find out you have a lot of fat but not much muscle so a percent body fat this is much more specific to the individual and help you know how to reach your ideal level access project that said I will will will will will will it's easier this is in our young and well as with original research was not it is more difficult to do that so the original researchers looked at longevity are used BMI denies pretty good but there are people 's extremes I have weightlifter one-time came through when two hundred and eighty pounds yet less percent like that than I did the Army would let them enter the army because of his overly on their charts to that took up her shirt and showed him use a power lifter needs is to really muscular and so that is in the hospital we had to document these percent like that was London Army laid is not a silly thing that you know Army does that sometimes so that's extremes but most people will fall in if their BMI is high usually overweight is just the people exercise a lot that can be different sets when a fitness program by step and move paying the regular malloc this media was used by bodybuilders will begin he summoned if you would like to learn more about the NEDs some as please visit www. and help someone .com or would like to listen more free guidelines www. on Hoover's on board


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