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Some of this and Some of That

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 22, 2006
    7:00 PM
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him will and will go to this Friday evening presentation am very unsealed I sincerely hope that you have a lovely day of productive day a day walking with God I have a good one of my cycle for that I think it's a lot as I get the privilege of being able to preach his Word without persecution there's some possible world where you come up to this so I'm grateful to God for this for men's privilege I thank you for being with us all those welfare for the first time as your hands for site visitors unless you about vascular quite a few like you very much for coming I do hope that you would be best as you said with truth is useful and received medicine out of our hands and pray loving father in heaven by asking the name of Jesus to be with us now as one more like we discuss truth outside the files to admit men and women free Lord take control of the minor the speaker over the hearts of the heroes of the truth Mitch Fryer for speaker and audience I offer this prayer to Jesus member for missing a man I was also special prayer for anyone who is sick please come forward anyone who is sick I would prefer you not have a healthy audience that we will see how to put if anyone is sick I would prefer you know praying for the sick Bible says in Psalm one oh three read it from verse one bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless his holy name all my soul and forget not all his benefits forgive us all find iniquities who he is also a diseases a special prayer for the sick physical and mental and spiritual goal to do a miracle at any time never miss an opportunity to make yourself available for the miracle working power of God where privacy is assisting versa this is the Bible says if I was diligently hearken to the voice of the most like all I will do that which is right for this site and give it his statutes and keep all his commandments I will put none of these diseases open you which I hope brought upon the Egyptians I am the Lord that he is going to heal Exodus twenty three percent to five and he shall serve the Lord your God but God shall bless your bread and you walk on I will take sickness away from the massive US Legault says you'll notice every promise of healing is associated with obedience to God everyone else refrain with God all things are possible once impossible for the medical first floor is possible for God it is the December things about impossible with men are possible with God one final call with praying for the sick and about every eye closed I love my father in heaven we come into your presence to seek your mercy of your grace and your faith rescue first that God is all a hearts on what evidence exists that is unlike you we ask you to remove forgive our sins we pray in our transgressions cast our late fifties into the depth of the sea and remember the mobile and give us a heart and the mind that he loves to do right will review all the sicknesses of our illnesses Bibles says in Matthew eight four sixteen seventeen when even was come be brought within all double possessive devils and he cast out the spirits with his word and healed all that was sick that it might be fulfilled which was opened by Isaiah the prophet saying himself took our infirmities on their policy is his meaning that high school organs of course since across the glucose synthesis across the grass in the name of Jesus they bought the power of the plan is as certain that all of this will be the powder cleanses us from all in sickness is how ailments one of the conditions week on us to a floor -based healing apostles that really you will Smith help for your glory farce at the highest we offer this prayer from our hearts to Jesus lived with Thanksgiving when everyone say a man and a man gluttonous you will bless emergency seats on returning to do next week I didn't have special anointing service for the sick a special service I wrote some of the preparations would be on what date it will be a special anointing service according to Jim's five fourteen from sixteen for the sick welcome those who were coming in August two oh subject for life some of this and some of the is our subject for the night some of this and some of that it's a different kind of message do not it is actually three messages in one what I will be doing is answering objections and I felt impressed to do this by the Spirit of God answering objections on the sermon is some of this and some of that level I go to breach about only either of the bridges series like this one of the questions that always come up is the Bible says that I can eat anything because the leverage of more tubular feels it is sanctified by prayer and by the word of God to every creature of God is good for food is not what the Bible teaches on life in the sight of God innocent when I deliberately effect which bought has forbidden lettuce the act of general view of the Muslim Genesis chapter two verse it rants of the question does the Bible say that everything is going four for the no subject is some of this and some of that era little very little the first overlay Bible says Salina Tuesday on all overgrown minimum vote Liberal every tree that is the site the fruit of life the tree of life also was involved in three modes relabel the reluctance reasoning that sort of life in the midst of the garden of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil we have a start training in chapter three or seven when I believe they frankly so we have the tree of knowledge of good and evil the tree of life and century rehab for each reasoning Bible names of the three thousand Garden but this is not found in Genesis articular momentarily melt at Genesys again carefully on out of the rock Mary Lou Lord both liberal and eventually the present of the site and look for food this verse is already stressing trees that bore fruit this verse is not saying that every choice in the garden or in the world was before followed the thrust is very stressing trees that were wrong producing their other trees in the garden that were not from dirty trees and not before vote let's find out anything till seven thirty one reestablishing the pattern that not all sorties were good for food not also usable for video thirty one reverse a note of this chapter God is speaking against several about his warning federal that you will be destroyed just the way bought destroyed the king of Assyria now God is describing the king of Assyria in all his glory of his father and his Splenda and enforce a in describing the they brought is hard for this rate also have receivers in the garden of God could not hide him the first trees were not like his bowels of the chestnut trees were not like his branches while never thousands phase that am the Garden of Eden that's what the garden about me there were seniors there were chestnuts there were four of the war of the trees now we know as it is remote from the retrieval and eats the fluency are for the point I am making is that every slave of God made when Rivera was not actually designed to produce home so when Genesis denies this I'm out of the ground that the Lord won't grow every tree that is pleasant to the site and before followed Moses understanding and realizing he's about to write about the tests whether the passive eating he is stressing only the fruit bearing hold very traced the point is not also raised were to be the body before saying was plant -based but not all class will good food about that impression your understanding are you understanding that this right again went on the regard of the world he made a variety of trees some were forbearing it of those others would just choice a decision in the first for other purposes but not to provide full effect let no doubt save animals the flow before this whatever the revealed visitor the only thing available to eat rivals not all earnings were fixed for food the same way when I would've followed nor all that were fit for flow now the diet has gone to me because there's no vegetation of the blood Mountain not all animals are fitful for are you following me all right the principle is not authentic this is the form before sending enough disdain not only read these the Minnesota Genesis a resident question the Bible said I could eat anything Genesis seven seven verse one and two no subject is some of this and some of that regarding three areas in Genesis seven one the Bible says on the more set of Lenola palmtop on all of my house if you are forth the uprising walked righteous before me in this generation of every beast release what does that tell you immediately went back before the flood there would be spent for twin and beasts that were unclean before the fund nor preached all hundred and twenty years before inflicting there were clean beasts a new unclean beasts and Bostick of every clean beast thou shalt take how many suffer minimum is inevitably some of all cleaned by two look of the Mac again of the first time but once more clear than unclean why because Lynn nor comes out of the ark he needs to eat the green meets but he's not allowed to eat on clean food that goes back hundreds of years year thousands before good use will save a lot of guys in Deuteronomy with Joe's unclean unclean when we back before the jewels if the Genesis seven Dennis is not reform but flesh with the butterflies of the race as the cellulite what about saying don't eat blood some people associate that with Digital's uncle Jimmy's blog forbade the economic blog right after the step out of your normal Jews who feel five thousand years old Jews what I'm saying the fundamental principles of teaching were established for the world law for any particular group of people to Joseph Raven software is not a phrase or the beautiful normal adults were too beautiful not let us go of the Leviticus Chapter 11 rather the question of the Bible saying I can eat anything that has eleven resume refers to violence this figure then save the others of the visceral think these are the beasts which is shouting of all beasts that are on their watch so I thought that's what if the whole and this club and for the child of God among the least that usually over seven and misaligned given amorphous line that they won't produce the big all he defined the whole for the Yankees was not because he is one enclave is over physically less critical notebook was not speaking to you speaking these people of the world was a sadistic people eating anything novel has a separate user smoke he is unclean to you if you would of course for it is unclean to you four five four six four seven eight is unclean to you lower hold as you because if you are not the only one of your life will feel about people not left Lebanon for the individuals excuse eating anything first of its before let's get some information about with you it is unclean to you first limited sample formative numbers one although subject and first division before reading for verse one world Timothy wall now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to suggesting spirits and doctrines of devils let me pause about aggressively normally do in these last days people will walk away from the truth to believe doctrines of devils that is not only sad it is tragic that people see in the image of God since that aside you stated from and be seduced by doctrines of devils for Sue over from before speaking lies in hypocrisy out of a cause associated with a hot item of earthly fundamental marrying her husband to abstain from me with all hath created to be received on bandwidth with life every of them which believe and overthrow while recruits are on course for its one and the things we refuel was if it be received with thanks Kevin Bouygues identified by the word of one and plan out let's go back to verse three was personally forbidding to marry of our concern the and come mandated to abstain from meats which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of full auto believe as those who will is Paul speaking for the whole world know Paul is saying God has created these that I'm wrong if they are received with thanksgiving of bowls believe in which now believe what there's only one thing were called upon to believe of the gospel and one person that's Jesus Christ Christ is the heart of the gospel but also is that he was about how Christ is a man will so that those who believe our goals will be the most left-wing heart one believes for thirty four left Walmart type one reverse is forty to fifty are subject to some of this and some of that return of the question does the Bible give us permission they like Mark one verses fourteen and fifteen I can hear the music of the pages turning all right you should've found marked by now you have been south along the verse fourteen now I will touch on was put in prison Jesus came into Galilee preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God am saying restricted in the time is a pattern of the law of God is written and the time is fulfilled and the capabilities then he says repent and do the liberals when Paul says that the review for suited for free for both critically just received of them which believe of them which believe the boss molested a little gospel a while Romans one Romans one I'm trying to stay a buzzword that you know what I say is biblical about my opinion Romans seven one three four four sixty by the says this is false I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is what the power of God for the salvation to everyone that believe that the digital first of all to the green four seventy one that is what the righteousness of God what from face-to-face as it is written the just shall live by faith but Barcelona is the righteousness of God revealed now reflective for seventy four for three four Everett fusion of what is going to say on that basis to believe if you need anything but refrained from buildings amounting hypomanic abstain from meats which bought created to be received with thanksgiving of them will believe the gospel which is the righteousness of God of the Bible says believe it does this mean wide leader Rossman method because the Bible to the devils believe the victim it was a bad flexibility disbelief of the salvation were talking about saying people same but the possible and call aesthetic of God have has created some meets benefits for those who have accepted the ghost and movement joints of slight importance in for six if thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things or the Reverend the Saints also a second across both their lives transformed there covered by the righteousness of Christ this is the whole polish I think Paul tells Timothy to follow the Saints in remembrance of these things thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ tell them that there's some forms the committee so were talking about the sites not the whole world will be blessed to have the cake and eat it too so that was a most important basin above that I could eat anything your office love of images if you don't know the lizard unless not what they meant what he meant was not that I can eat what I love I will say I can disobey him he figured it would not let those who don't know someone that would move on to the mix now you want me versus five and eight Jerusalem has been overrun by Nebuchadnezzar six Daniel Jerusalem to Babylon Daniel was a young man Joseph along with Oneida Misael Azariah better known as chapter the second Bendigo Nebuchadnezzar wants to educate them that they might serve is not models of the first five became applicable a daily provision of the king 's meat of the wind machines running slow noticing of three years that I began to roll much time before the K Nebuchadnezzar what the feasible special night given special instructions that after three years he would extend mercy but Daniel purposed in his heart or possess me in making off these my delivery digress again will you understand the power of a mate of mine when your mind is made up no one can move you with this benefit will go on its rate of two evils no one single Bible says Danielle on many of us we don't want purposely no horse to do anything as we were like this when a student preferences in fifth of Pakistani forces were formidable if your plan is that Iraq was an television point where the music and just sit down with you about your grades would improve if you're purposely a hot cutoff those friends that try to get into drugs and alcohol whatever else you life would be safe talk and I will see you half the mid- buzzword gold mesial downhill for posting his hot bath you would not defile his body they are some foods that they filed the body of Daniel said no but my sister the Bible does not teach you can eat whatever you because your body does not belong to first within sixteenth ready for your bottle with a price therefore glorify God with your body reveals that it which are goats frustrated through seventeen if an event is for this body Hamlet shall destroy psychophysiological many services which we suffer the result of what goes down here let's go to the second base I was baptized once before can I be baptized again I would without question number of the church of the Pleasant Valley I was faithful a statement of that let's will accept you at stewing my time is moving so quickly I will never understand nowhere else in the world of icy time flies so fast as this lies in Redlands I stand up I say hi to twenty five minutes of gone by what would I say what you have to really verse one and when the day of Pentecost was fully come but all with one accord in one place on Sunday because the sound from heaven of a rushing mighty wind I felt all of the house with her was sitting of the former tells Microsoft I saw what did you do all filled with the Holy Ghost I'm together as a group of the prongs of the human novels what I'm there were dwelling in Jerusalem on Joe's estimate for if I was developmental out of every nation under heaven what is the developers dedicated the list of the religious occasion what the developers dedicated a lot for the church development Muslim Bible says this in example development both accept a bold moves to ask a I believe every person listed in was about man woman boy and girl accept it and that's something the previous chapter Stephen has resulted that in our something at first the Bible says and devout man cottage theme of this barrio and made great lamentation over there what does that tell you met along the sense that life of Steven 's faithful development risking their lives by a associating themselves with statement will have installed what he really defiled the land college tables was barrio and made great lamentation the was growing a small those who had asked to underwear in Jerusalem Jews devout men under the national out of everything but I'm not these were the men listening to page through all people preach the first thirty seven of them of accepting a recovery for the conclusion of subpoena several lapses when they heard these things they want to put in their hearts who is the over the top of the long-awaited temperamental back asked to listen the first time Parthians Elamites well maybe not as a Macedonian and then Julia a positive and Asia Phrygia and Pamphylia Egypt and in the blizzards of Cyrene about of the MSI Radeon strategies around Joe's proselytes frequently asked on the developmental various missions became immensely the boat mending the sun the Bible says at four thirty seven one three there were convicted shall this have become too involved on this visit what shall we do about personal reforms and was an accident to get me closer to you to send them repent and be baptized every one of you which have augmented he expects them not for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost devout men price the thorax nineteen see some more development act like a reverse one Rafael said objection I was not high those amendments arts I am a part of what was I to I will you before what should I do this whom the Bible as likely reformers want bodices and get the pass that Linda Paulus was at Corinth Paul having passed through the articles came to Ephesus and finding certain disciples descended have you received the Holy Ghost these you believe about how can we save the Holy Ghost a visit of him remember the beginnings of things the Holy Ghost these of them are the ones that were not caused a visit of the John's baptism were for those of all John verily baptized for the baptism of repentance saying to the people that you should believe on him which of him that is Christ Jesus you refer six River six over five sorry where there are those that were how long do they wake how soon she did was right whether this because he was sincere in our baptize little Jesus I would Paul have millions of the pond over six the Holy Ghost given them of his speaking tongues and prophesied on all the men were about twelve Howell of babies crying in verse one the cycles but this falls with limited information you will also separate those instructors that break the law husband and Thomas says that the majority of the operation of the Holy Ghost is electricity since everyone will believe Jesus is less than God these are critical troops as regular of the executive of another spinach for the shows you've got the decision to me this drove the cycles they were just the monster would you have twelve disciples that we really know the names it would twelve others nothing about other than where they virtually never heard before the unhesitatingly give you listening devices and acceptance over five the fundamental nation under heaven with itself see into the house and fiction fire of the goal baptized what shall we go up you said repent and be baptized every one of you the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you will see you see the problem this must be associated with roof Jason Thibodeau sixteen two eleven ago when people would have nothing to do new service delivery development are you with me there verified them okay but committing to the infant name of Jesus and because of the absence of life-changing information if you are baptized not knowing what to do in your ten eleven twelve eldest son at ten eleven twelve not what they're doing I was in Idaho June something is called one oh seven but closely related border and is little more settled like a talking it was he said of the decision to baptize I want if you have any thoughts as exactly what you want if you have any thoughts so I said well the disgruntled faults I so want one in authority similarly the level is is about he was a list of what kind of damage are you asking a wife I want to be baptized at the live close to his eligibility Michael you I like to be the personal medieval are baptized not knowing what is done gone over the ignorance in the says that he doesn't hold you responsible to Google but God does not glorify you God desires that we should know if you are baptized not really knowing what you are doing you want to pray and seek God now that I know now the greater light has dazzled me what should I it is what God tells you the lifetime but God will not counsel you contrary to the truth the Holy Ghost convicts in of the truth as a vital knowledge of the provisions of the anything like the Bible this provision is for people during that time if you walk with Christ as useless richly as you roll the covenant you have to come back the way it was originally established through the rite of baptism to reenter the body of Christ you broke it number three a bit of this some of this and some of them the Bible says the first images is a want to tell about a fourth of the week let us look at every use of the first day of the week in the New Testament Matthew twenty eight and see if of the eight occasions one of them says it is a set Matthew twenty eight reformers while we are answering objections of unusual type of presentation but I will do motives you know Matthew twenty eight reformers want back to the first gospel one of the greatest number of chapters which was the shortest mark grandnephew to the gate horse won the Bible says in the end of the sum of as it began Baltimore is the first day of the week get better magazine on the other maybe to see the sepulcher now examine of course Lotus one four six in the end of the Sabbath as it began to do what Dalton was the first of the week the Sabbath was an end in the end of this was also as it began to dawn toward the first of the week her magazine and the other living to see the sepulcher because were coming to involve the body the development of the day before because the day before the Sabbath bookmark sixteen reversal on the second use of the first of the week Mark sixteen verse one zero has the Bible to show the share with that person Mark sixteen verse one bouncers on whether the Sabbath was while tax manner finally unmarried mother of James and Salome have brought sweet spices that they might come on the market a very morning the first of the week beginning of the sepulcher of the rising of the sun yet again we have the information and when the sabbath was past gone very badly very moment James and Salome I brought suit spices and vinegar like a very early the morning the first day of the week they came to work the rest because of unwanted body with the refusal to know on Friday evening because Osama is coming slightly with vassal early morning there what do you think you know it but the refusal to honor the Sabbath and that according to twenty four of forty three fourths fifty six I will gather Julius a method for the adverse one resumed sixth of March sixty first one method of Mark sixteen verse not Marxist in person but as it is not where Jesus was risen early the first day of who we yet have first met in my domain of the hole he had cast seven devils is there any authority for keeping the first of the week in the first all it simply says when Jesus had risen early the first day of the week that's when he rolls all Christians agree that's why the celebrate East you have forced from them in my deleting out before you cast seven devils we have three horses Rutherford one for the adverse one watt sixty one six we have no authority for regarding the first is holy basil to twenty four who voted for verse one movement for verse one four eight verse one let's looking forces up versus fifty five and fifty six of chapter twenty three to make a connection underwent a also riskier with him from Galilee followed after I'm beheld the sepulcher on how his body was laid in other words they are one of the exactly how he was laid where he was made so many kids are going business could be done quickly and efficiently for thirty six of the return of prepared spices and monthly for the first unrest that has some of their hollow on the biblical manhood the flat will be within the sacrifice of Christ freely from the law but this is a crisis in his belfry obligations will big love law these days of their wash the body and how it was late when it was made on their return moment when midnight means one and she love Jesus Lance is ready to you March sixty nine now when Jesus was risen early the first day of the week he appear first of all living magazine is a little 747s shared out much assessments are many often give unfortunately much for the littlest of them are the same the potential he was saying I hope to get worse so she knows me that same Constitution terms of the blood of Christ if you have a decision to make this is the body of men who died for me this is the born implement and test out some of the most meat or something would believe he doesn't want people sometimes this is the body of the man whose feet unwashed with the appointment of the hairs of my head on a more than what I put myself at risk to those that publicly this is the man I loved PR is but I have to keep most so while it looks like a good thing to inform the body of Christ on South the physical deficits and bomb the body of Christ mailing under these Sentinel mold if you are like HIV to motionless the dead body there went back I'm system rested on this how must be according to the commandment of the commandment does not recognize the body of Jesus Catholic social because it was that that was what was able from site my little cousin excuses we love the world this is Jesus the understandable you won't love you want to understand what legalizing why don't you like Latinos on the status of the outlet opening is on the heart is the first law novice and relocatable as one out for the first of the week very early morning because of the sound of bringing the spices which they had prepared so that others with their Mrs. Mary Magdalene and the other ladies mention of Mark sixteen verses one to seven upon the first to be visible to Johnson at the twenty hundred in order to assist use of the term first there's a weakness in the evidence the first is wholly Johnson tried to reverse one this is John chapter twenty verse one Bible says the first of the week cometh many when it was yet dark early when it was the end of the sepulcher and see if this phone taken away from the sepulcher she just came to look for the Savior Sheila no authority observed that this will be she came to work at high stakes on twenty two of course lighting content is most likely that in the first at evening being the first of the week whether the site when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled both Arab and general the the seventh of them if you look on the opposing and what libido unfortunately many the same day at evening being the far side of the week when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for what reason theater that was scared to death because they believe what happened to Jesus what happened to them they were hiding of worshiping doors bolted when you were suitable to those you want people to come in worship that was scattered that I did as I was just passing solid mama to the government first of the week authority for giving it holy both the occasions that of course if the expression is found in the Gospels is one of the book of acts at seven twenty three two four seven is a good video some of this island some of that browser objections asked twenty one four four seven I live on the first of the week when the disciples came together to make bad qualities of the members of the popular moral and he continues his speech until midnight now let me tell you something according to the Bible again begins when what part of the Bible lifetime what is it now Saturday all samples according to the Bible when I forget this is the evening of the morning were the first day when the sun sets a day has ended another one begins so when you read acts twenty first of upon the first day of the week when the disciples came together to break bread Paul recently been ready to depart on the morals of continued his speech to midnight your thought life was I was under the sun our something like it because it's a force of the week it was all worked Saturday nights proposed meeting because we will follow the Bible 's method of getting it at sunset we begin out is when midnight so your plotters midnight mice is five euros is that after midnight come several times where the sunsets this has for us in California on Redlands however they begins at sunset and sets sunsets so when Paul preached deluxe twenty seventh he was actually preaching on a according to us sounded like the way we reckon time because we will not see what my smooth rules is out of the remote biblical that way all this is fine medically this is under because I did begins at sunset and ends at sunset Matthew twenty Air Force One will authority for giving the first important March sixteen forty one North forty Marcy said of course my authority I don't try to force one no authority John twenty one North over the joint venture life gave him authority asked for the Sabbath this authority is the last one was revealed sixty reverse one this is going to first with a six day everyday from verse one always forget of the special collections of the Saints in Macedonia the literature detail the various emissions from sources on it right now concerning the collection of the disease as item or the chores of Galicia he was totally on the first week let every one of you may buy him in-store escort has taught him that the bugle gatherings when I come on Paul is saying is according the Bible scholars people but they were paid on the first of the week so far once his money over big authors so bosses the first of the week as long as possible you need some for your Macedonian brothers were in trouble I'm coming through the Hari because it really can't wait for a job when I get down before I get there I'm coming to write a world where I am going to us people have needs all policy you get the money together but if you divorce in Jerusalem recently means a private setting aside not a church service setting a site that everyone who leave my healing install that is individual private or home it does not prescribe a church service even if this product or service you how much of service on Wednesday that's not a problem if you have one on Thursday that is not a problem the problem is when you try to mix for the holy which it is not the problem comes when we tried to meet Sunday holy which it is not going number seven thirty three and older with me numbers twenty three resources nineteen and twenty three a Republican close numbers as a fourth book of the Bible as phone numbers because another abuse was a number by trying I believe first A three first nineteen bodies automatically should lie by the Son of Man that he should he said is unknown whether or how feasible is shown below restricting I have received amendment to bless the men I'm speaking he blessed and I want to reverse but if you read I believe the first sixteen of the subjunctive was the first thing on the more good one and what a word in these models this was the word bought put in his mouth that he can lie on watching this is all one can reverse Genesis tool versus delivery comes out on the seventh day God ended his work with you and make you less than on the Sabbath therefore all his work which he had made and bought blessed the seventh day now you tell me who can reverse it the Bible says when the method is going to represent let me tell you quickly went on curses no one can reverse the Bible give the permission to eat anything I like no multiple not in the least I'm about man is going to search my rebaptized yes if you will significant knowledge never had before of the Holy Ghost conviction I was baptized when I do nothing tonight a rebaptized yes please lament is next week the vibes of the first visit of worship even worse when I needed this Wednesday the first live holy no response in the first business of there's something in people that drives them to do what most people do there's something you necessarily wrong but will try to do what's gone what God 's word says God is looking for people John four twenty three would worship him how people love to worship God in spirit and different voices that always annoys going to college that will find all seven assuming dilution from worship the instrument and even because that's why I I was essential for deliverables the start of crisis just wanted to try block is brought to you so you must worship in spirit and insolence and that's who he is looking for according to the words of Christ those who worship him in spirit and in truth as a fondue tomorrow where having some service right here we invited some of you do keep the Sabbath the first time it's either caused or limited with minimum also if I give those who used in the sum of summaries are interested and you want to come back we want to see you tomorrow both of you will come tomorrow in the Sabbath for the first time or to begin keep you to begin ecclesial hands Matthew there others that your hands we have a special bit afford after the service goes of probably not here we have the cards you're coming to keep the Sabbath for the first time or to read reseal keeping the Sabbath you're the ones I want to see we start the flow I present level we have a special dinner right after service may come back and speak tomorrow night another message from Baltimore how many of you would be your tomorrow and so you're coming the service office you first time or resuming the practice anyone else I can see the about the lights it has raised the question whether considering re- baptism of easier items considered a blessing of abundance you unless you consider Pressley of Messieurs Johann Sebastian publishing was a new consuming it please pray for your presented on considering a company presented on mercilessly my times about up the camera but not for the service you consent to come and we pray for you you're coming to church tomorrow for the first time Sabbath keeping you close well let's represent you that God will bless you here considering re- baptism because you've drifted in and what you are doing so right here you must consider as I said prayerfully botanist of the July annual come tomorrow to observe one some of the first time comes than here let me present you thought if you resume a healthy habit of keeping some of you come right here in the prayed for you like about my other preachers come join us here so that was surrounded by power is likely to run towards us Williams will bless you a present will so come of this letter brother my brother coming here you considering baptism or relapse is one of the doctors about it more precise eventually you'll come in tomorrow to keep one seventh the first time or you coming from the practice because you have about the drift of the way you coming back to do what God requires of you and some of you but my system I see her I see her every much as one of the Mac faithful system will bless you if you come unless you will bless you anyone else those of you who would pray the Holy Spirit would move the hearts of your brothers and sisters would you send me you pray for them the blog will direct right of the middle day staff will bless you like this existed God bless you God bless you happy to see all was out for those of you here and read about every eye closed reflect rarely tell you what you come tomorrow we're going special ribbon on this we can identify you for the rest of the full we want to know precisely what you are when you come tomorrow as well eyes closed enough left for a unlikely to stay right where you are selected for you briefly father in heaven I present a few of those whose hearts have been touched by the truth that others on whose hearts the Spirit of God is working to the point of perspiration the giving up console software those hearts and reasons as well tomorrow we celebrate the Sabbath as Jesus invented as Adam did and we want to follow that tradition because it is biblical and we have more authority for observing any of the day we want to put in our bodies only those things the Bible says it is I would want to abandon Festival spin it and be rebaptized as your directors and to be baptized no father in the name of Jesus who died for these precious souls I present them to you as then when the boys and girls determined to obey you you will place your spirit in their hearts I prayed and I made the firm and the decision came with the hope that someone with us to protect the minority jewels that all heaven rejoice in their decision that all have a permit the rejoice of the other decisions that will be made I will visit red along with my publicist is it Jesus lived and for his sake and all policy will say a man on a man goes mu gives the repertoire get some cards right you are going to see my mother Moses this is the second mother will Google should you have six somebodies have that know how have you ever seen him on television in behalf of the Samarra rescue I will see you tomorrow


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