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God's Obstacle Course

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • March 25, 2012
    6:46 PM
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over Wi-Fi or we come before you tonight Lloyd were in need of a word from her mother we are pushing the time when many of us both as ten combat is no need to know how to become even more data so you know we're here to strange manner by your presence inviting us to please select a printer you would speak to me tonight Phil me with your spirit and Jesus precious and holy name we pray amen on the way here I was all going through one of the stores in the airport and I saw this magazine got caught my attention off first because of the color of it it just looks really interesting and then when I looked it with a time magazine and all the covert intrigue me on enough you can see this special law special ops and all the subheading of it is the hidden world of America's top this warrior I picked up the magazine because our I knew where I was going I was going to Hawaii not that why the thought police but in Hawaii we were going to be attending arm I thought Matt this is really neat on the me pick this up and I'll take a look at how these special forces are trained I skimmed through the magazine and read some of these different things it really me man look at how these guys you know that that make it into the special forces are trained are some of them are have their hands tied behind their back and there didn't interest into freezing water and all they have to stand there as long as they can or slimmed down to the bottom of the pool and pick something up with their tape and swing that some backup and also that these are all training sessions these boot camps if you will require these these these warriors to be like seventy two push-ups into many sometimes give that out into and in desolate places under hunting down and then when they're caught this is often omitted when they're caught on they go up to four days of intense enchantment interrogation that's a treated like prisoners of war and torture is a edition and and and saw the setting of America's toughest warriors I began to think to myself you know God wants his people to be good soldiers soldiers the nasty something when when when these soldiers are being dipped in ice cold water using the daresay my trainer hates me why they doing this to me know how many are saying that you know what they realize that they realize that they are trainers actually love them that their trainers actually desire your the best for them below within the lesson to me was very profile I learned through trials and obstacles where you begin to think that God must not really like you too much were things like you letting things happen in your life that you wonder where he will want to play tonight it's all a part of God 's obstacle course by the way that is the time of my message tonight God obstacle course usually without it we are here to be trained now I know this is a beautiful cat and the oceanview was just as beautiful right but but I want to look at these next few days the boot camp a man yes their present of things here but but remember that God is here to China God has provided I believe an obstacle course that hastened toward will produce powerful soldiers antiretroviral center amen amen so I would like to invite you determining your Bibles of the book of second Timothy chapter three second Timothy chapter throughout Malaysia something out for you tonight beloved that my the grace of God you will never forget second Timothy second Timothy chapter two second Timothy chapter two before we go to the verse I want to take your minds back we're in the time of the children of Israel they have spent four hundred years and six in captivity and God is about to leave them out of captivity and into where the promise land God was going to leave them from slavery through the wilderness into the land that had been promised that but before the children visual to get into the promised land they must go through a training if you wear they must go through our time of trouble as it were do you understand the children of Israel did indeed go through a time of trouble there in the wilderness in fact trouble was it was so tremendous that the whole generation was wiped out it is kind of reminiscent on what's going to happen at the end of time are you with me so that if God was leading these conditions of the children of Israel into the promised land he also knew that he was dealing with people who had been subject of four hundred years of slavery captivity and when God was not doing what he was about to train up soldiers using oven uncharitable the journey of faith it was the final phase second Timothy chapter two verse three and four the Bible says here the home therefore doo-wop enjoy what everyone had missed out on the sidewalk soldier of Jesus Christ not land on walrus and trying to consult with the affairs of this mod that he may please him who has chosen him to be a soldier is a beloved need to on a journey way to our hoping to get to that promised land around the pennant but in order for us to get there we must first leave captivity and between captivity on the promise land there will be a time of trouble that each one of us facing so I graciously provided a boot camp I just think back to the Old Testament where the children of Israel are being that out into the wilderness and you realize that the Bible calls and lets him of Israel but this is no ordinary can I like to look at it possibly can with God himself training the children of Israel in the arts unrighteousness thoughts special boot camp God 's special training ground and maintenance training Russell special anyway she was there what else was there the sanctuary was the kind of understand that through that sanctuary got sought his people about the plan of salvation are you with me but not in the very process through which the children of Israel went from captivity and to the promised land that damaged framing that God had given the children of Israel we find present in the very of Jesus Christ please stay with me here because of the missing something profound something amazing something mind blowing once you go with me to the book of John chapter fourteen John chapter fourteen beginning with verse one when you get there please say amen John chapter fourteen beginning with verse one are you there amen John fourteen verse one the Bible says here Jesus is speaking to his disciples and said let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in we had my father 's house are many want nice as it were not so I would've told you I'm going to prepare a place for you and if I go under paragraph things for you I will come again and receive you on the myself where I found there you may be blocked also not where was the place likewise going to prepare for his models his father 's house where is that it's in Canada if the heavenly Canaan on with me so far so Christ said I'm going to my father 's house to prepare a place for you and if I go I'm going to come again and you want receive you that where I am dare you may be also normalized and on his Rushmore the Bible says and when I call you know and the way you know Samantha him nor we know not with anomalies and how can we know God now way in other words is asking here when it is that happen what is the direction we get the father 's house are sometimes some fun of this message the race of a father-son using another when Jesus was saying unwanted repair place for you when it was trying to tell them what is in the when I get here is the way that your Benedictine the way verse six Jesus said unto them I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father box by means so much is a showing of medicine the path that you need to go I am traversing backpack before you so that I am the example of how you get there are you with so far so I went in the following example Christ's example in now once in the seventies of the Christ and then I suppose I wanted you to a particular portion of Scripture that shows the celebration of Christ's entrance into head it's found in Psalm twenty four Psalm twenty four beginning with verse three Psalm twenty four verse three when NASA may notice on the Bible says fool shot us an intimate handle all the more or who shall stand in his holy place gene that he that hath clean hands and up your hearts he went mountainous focus on the vanity nor sworn to see if you shall receive the blessing from the Lord and righteousness from the dawn of his salvation this is a generation that seeks him that seek the face of the Lord O Jacobson who are not as arsenic is not your heads oh ye gates and be elected out the everlasting doors and McCain on Google already sounds a lot and who is this King of glory over the none the Lord strong and want my feet the Lord my feet and also requesting glycinate about Jesus and what are you doing he gets to heaven and one of the celebration is being celebrated as the Lord strong and mighty mighty and while battle I think Christ was the best special ops person there ever was such that notwithstanding your beloved is that Christ as the what are you doing battle in order to getting on with me what if we want to get in blues who must do battle to sell insurance obligor and goes on to say birthday who witnessed King of glory the north on strong in my mind about that has only get even if the everlasting doors and the King of glory shall come in with this King of glory then order plans he is the King of glory and so praise God we've got a picture here is my answer Christ has crossed the finish line and barriers the right hand of the father and I haven't seen any prepare a place for you and if I go I will come again meaning that you school will go at the same process but I know something that got that sometimes we noticed before Christ's victory a sentiment that and that is before he and they had an key hacks and feel that that's what you're here for tonight I want you to realize tonight this these days you're not only here to learn how to study the Bible are you with me you can know how to study the Bible and be lost for eternity you know how to become a well rounded shoulder are you with me so so so I want you to jump back to our chapters says Psalm twenty two Psalm twenty two twenty two in big games with these words my God my God why I will forsake me know when and where that came from Jesus as he is on the prop here's something amazing but here's something powerful I want to the award here who may be wrestling or struck or discouraged you feel sometimes like an old dog love and then they can figure out how I got has forsaken you saw once you watch this in Psalm twenty two is trying out my God my God why have you forsaken me in Psalm twenty four he is celebrating are you with me Christ in order to make it into the kingdom hearts of gold for a lifetime of trouble the point where it felt like his father had done what forsaken nominally to me that special ops training how do you do when it appears that the father has forsaken you are you with me God wants to train us so we get to the place where we are selling a fish in assault is that even if it appears that they haven't even found himself thinking of the S train doesn't know enough to keep fighting Psalm twenty two verse verse one my God my God why have you forsaken me why art thou so far from helping me and from the words of my roaring all my God the dates on about here is not and in the night season and I'm not fine but thou art holy and all old that inhabits the praises of Israel our fathers trusted in thee they trusted that God would deliver them they cried unto thee and were delivered they trusted and they were not confounded but I am aware of the nomad undercurrents of known and despised of the people and that she knew me to scorn and they shoot out of the nation they had seen each trust that on the Lord saying that he would want to remember him him him him him or him seeing he delighted in him question did not deliver his son yet you don't deliverance and five if you are delivered from something it implies up half are you with me if you aren't and never from something if you want to run away from something on the Bible says that God has provided a way as an American patient set of what was senior is that there is a child directs us to the father 's house at the Lebanon along this path in God 's obstacle course and that we aren't strangers like someone running an obstacle course and jump in with its object and dining over that on the having to crawl under a certain object got has created an obstacle course that is designed to join us so that we can get to the father saw relationship to three verse twenty one tells us that he overcomes I will grant you in my phone anybody in the Bulldogs because before or you seen what you'll hear that Homer can't deny what he's done me as soon as possible course will be granted I feed on Christ alone not a problem and it is not how much you but we have an adversary who is doing everything in his power to stop us from getting thrown down for God needs to train powerful and diligent soldiers soldiers that will make it no matter what obstacle Satan comes up with Proverbs four eighteen thousand the path talk about the path I'll know who the jealous that happened than I want to be on the path of the just how much you Jim God wants us to understand what this half of the just is what this way is what this obstacle courses I want to go with me to the book of Proverbs chapter eleven why does God want to train as what is he training us and I should ask prominence chapter eleven prominently in the chapter I want you to notice with me beginning with verse four when you get to be saying that Proverbs eleven verse for the Bible says here reaches prompting on in the day on walks rather but reminds us that there was much that were then remember it from lot that so what we see here the Bible tells us that will reimburse more recent reaches profit in the day of rest what about telling your money reaches are not good in the time of trouble but righteousness is what will count on you with me righteousness is what will do a Roth in the time of wrath in the final Chaminade something is righteousness righteousness is right doing and someone else then righteousness is character character was involved with me to problems twenty two Proverbs twenty two Proverbs twenty two and verse one problems twenty two verse one this verse actually all correspond with the verse we just read what it says something a little different when you get here please say a man by the way Army Bible camp one of the things that you're going to train the most on your fingers with your mother turning a lot of are designed with me in front of twenty two verse one the Bible says on the unnamed is Robin at each house and then break while raising and loving favor rather than silver or gold so seldom as we just read then reaches profit in the day of wrath while one will profit in the day of wrath are good until you write not when we mentioned in a way that signify how rates are something watching me on the danger of connecting name with what someone says in the good name and the name we often equate with an lot good one magnification guess what the reputation is not character reputation is not what is said in the last days its character sometimes once a try not entirely sure if the problem statement you want to read to you sometimes page one sixty one mental ability and genius are not character for these often possessed by the also have the very opposite of the character reputation is not character true character is a quality of so revealing itself in the conduct and in this outgoing character is a capital of more value than gold or silver seminar I want to understand what God is trying to do is trying to train our character is set in the Dan Rather and a time of trouble we will have characters that are suitable to enter the kingdom of God by the way the Bible tells that you I saw no reputation a lot because he was understood that reputation can easily be destroyed how return is why I saw the soldiers must be home and Don wants to train them God wants to call them or leave them in a way that they will produce commonly targets visible page two forty eight excess trials on one minute or again for the perfection of character definitely got provides an obstacle course he is doing is not that dangerous not to harm us but to produce character so worried we won again we want to get to the throne of God amen what when we wanted to throne of God all we need to do is to see what was it that Jesus went through what was his obstacle course that many came to the throne are you ready for this another aunt and a son twenty two is the deliverance on sorry if the is Christ cried out and Psalm twenty four on board to take my jacket off we are in for Lou and I think of the and of you know it finds the Rhine currently know it until the time is here comes the good part that the sermon on the spray heavenly father please guide us as we finish our study Lord please help us to see and understand your obstacle course in Jesus precious name we pray and song twenty two speaks about Christ on time of trouble I found twenty four space on him enter the kingdom of heaven then where critics how do you think we will find the obstacle course that is him from trying to the twenty four how did you get Psalm twenty three this holding Psalm twenty three beloved Psalm twenty three a song that we are all very familiar with I pray it will open your eyes in a way that you have never seen it before Psalm twenty three is God 's obstacle course Psalm twenty three how many mercies and the song just look at it in some six persons since birth is a human verse one the Bible says the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want the first obstacle that I want to talk to about the first obstacle that God 's people must learn to overcome is the obstacle all data the obstacle of death using other end in John chapter one verse twenty nine Christ himself this is this power is off Psalm is is is a reflection of the things Christ went through in hand like that prepared him for entering the kingdom of the Lord is my shepherd what necessary do you mean school she was trying to call the ungodly ethanol life crisis now I'm not according to John one twenty nine then who is the shepherd his flock so clients could pray the Lord on my father is the mind without Shakur then he goes on to say the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want by the way it was was taught was the shepherd of Jesus and he is leaving the other hand because that's what Shepherdsville where was he leaving the eliminating of Hamlet two does not even believing that I am sent across economic as it sounds or as you when I must learn to overcome the fear of dying he is a unappointed Hebrews chapter two verse fourteen and fifteen holes replaced it with me and Charlie that he was chapter two Hebrews chapter two verse fourteen and fifteen listen to what the Bible tells us concerning Jesus Christ Hebrews chapter two verse fourteen fifty four as much then as a child in our partakers of flesh and blood he also cannot insult likewise supportive thing that through half the team might destroy him that had the power on one death that is the devil and even even then you don't fear that you have more on their lifetime subject to bond beloved Jesus are the solider was not afraid of death and so the very first optical UNI face and then we must overcome the fear of dying weights are not necessarily come up with Juergens I know I'm talking about the fear of dying this out are you with me we must does not understand the law Jesus and I sent her an atheist Sheppard when you delete a hot bulimia is not as nice as Christensen twenty ten Trenton do want to follow me that if you want to be a soldier of Jesus Christ you must cease to fear death if you go to the site that does not fear death does not fear anything are you with me and God is trying to produce a super soldiers for the last date Isha produced all those who will be in the ball against the forces of evil forces of darkness and on top but I hope that's what you hear our in fact another one of the benefits when you overcome that obstacle of death you know the condition of the dead the Bible says in Ecclesiastes nine five and six the leading of a survival of the dead know not anything new that does not know no enhancement Northern NV all those things our parents than Minister Daniel that means when you learn to overcome that we thought itself the things he used about it Scott is not done your day and the things he used to hate is not the anger envy is not and you are memory the practice that we evolved for what people have died in what way and it's all gone gone is trying to train soldiers beloved who will overcome all of the fear that I find interesting beloved in the law if we don't master that without being serious trouble even when Hughes was on the cross and opportunities on a high dive and the Roman soldier came and he looked at Jesus and Jesus who looked like he was dead but he couldn't come so you know what he did he took a spear not Jesus was alive what would happen when that spear penetrated he would've responded eleven we got everything we claim to be dead where do we love that at all the last dose take that spirit I will now take him alive I start getting please write it's not enough to think that without it's not enough to think that we have to really die on some other one teaches us to overcome this obstacle we get one step closer to Jesus Christ it builds character when we learn how to die Johnson chapter one Johnson verse one two forces is very bad I think you give the answer is not my the joint of the sheep fold the client about some other way the same as a thief Robert when he got entertained by the door is the chaperone unless she had the answer and learned a lot through the standup water on it and the sheep hear his voice and it causes on see my name and I want to now I'll materialized as of the same obstacle course is shown in Israel went through in the remembrance from Eden into the promised land okay you're really learning to get excited all by myself and then when God comes to Israel to Shepherd he tells them they are enchanted and put them not when my sheep hear my voice and humiliated them off in the same way that God began the journey of the children of Israel in the same way we finance on twenty three that very first obstacle the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want eleven we want to be good soldiers we must learn how to overcome the obstacle all that we must be able to be must no longer have to fear of our slave masters if you know when I'm done on the pulse of the door and gone with all the children and on the movies you away from the slave masters want to re- children Angel Cossette all we can do that we will now play Masters Matt but they have to operate in full confidence that God was able on some of it we already looking at our slave masters we want your site massively right what is it in the alcohol is a drug is a friend who is a master one estimate Master God says that the first obstacle need to overcome is the obstacle of the fear of death not your slave master of phase I say I am leaving you today by the blood of the in the first was on the same as my summer I shall not want now the word want me these on your I shall not decide not behind the vaccine I don't desire 9/11 what is so important that were designed to work last day those are my shepherd I shall not love them I myself I somehow want people to know me so much that I is not you're not being the world has to offer and when you dine itself that want that you use the house are done none of this is so important because of the book of James chapter one the Bible tells us that sin is a result of acting upon the so you see of it when we learn to guide itself and allow the north of the are separate we overcome the obstacle of sin and death we overcome the obstacle of all the love and wanting the infinite God fulfilled my every designer and there was nothing I wanted to as well but on the yard when you do that you're on the right step to becoming a special soldier for Jesus Christ but it doesn't end there love because the next obstacle that we come across the obstacle while the now given away the split was to Suntory 's reversal the Bible says he may get me to lie down in green pastures he is meeting me beside the still one I can think of what image comes your mind when you think of green pastors in making a design on in green pastures while Martin is getting a word that comes to mind why P and one that bin Laden visited the second obstacle that God 's soldiers must learn to overcome in automated in the kingdom of heaven in order to be going so to try and meet obstacle all inpatients if you want to see the seven eleven twenty eight the Nihon United redheaded and I won't give you want practicing on the house no one is coming global evening leaving the still waters just named by and everything is just one is tranquil right stamp you think about it what is the opposite is still once raising one hundred remember reading in Daniel seven about when Daniel sees the four beasts he sees them in the midst of what ranging C using of enraging season represent strife and anger animosity and a one-sided value is not the second obstacle that assault of Christ was learned to overcome in the ounce of self-control on maintaining your PC and Mac even when things around you are not peaceful if even the Bible says that Jesus was a fifty three percent and making with brooms are iniquity members he withdrew was he was to talk about how I hear that happened down for the slaughter and yet he did want all not in my topic see the main thing this piece in the net on the right astronomers run with everything in the very time when you are on a combat hospital infections low twenty one was not Jesus and your cases you see your soul you want to be a misogynist you need to be able to maintain a fierce calmness around the tubing of fierce calmness to the point where nothing can rally you like nothing rattled Jesus I thought about was reading on my yacht in my time magazine about some of the training and I mention the argument one of the trainings and they do they will get a soldier and taken you for days of intense interrogation and torture and that soldier must maintain his quantic nurse I thought Lori commented us to maintain our peace when there is a storm around this but I cannot say something this minute not in excess of what is the Bible study everything if you only know how to study the Bible but you don't know how to maintain your piece and you don't have to die to self your wasting your time you're wasting your time we want well-rounded soldiers a man saw this one not just strong in this one week and that God is looking for soldiers who will be able to stand through any trial to release his mind to page three forty three we read here that the universe is watching with the deepest interest the conflict between Christ and the person on his face and the great deceiver those who recognize and resist temptations are finding the large bowel the sides are given the combination is a man got into your temptation in your parents authentication means the compensation the tension from rascals so cannot stress in his own strength of purpose feeling as I help with this seafood is the stronghold thing my favorite is my hope was sold to be the fears of the temptation the more strongly between my eleven what if your patient satellite how how how long are you willing to rest the reason why God put his obstacle before it is because he wants us to master rest when we learn how to master arrest and places him in the face of conflict and trial we are on our way to the kingdom of but there is another possible to be found by the way by the way it is the same obstacle that God and the children of Israel through because you remember that as the children of Israel were faced with the Egyptians each time then and then makes the before then you know about the key opened the scene we might see she's still or please state all no one are interesting that client 's writing is very thing he needed was not still want to meaning you don't get insurance on the trust inherent in the very thing when the children are learning the method when not part of the cities in fact the Bible says when they had money monopoly through the seas came back the month of the thinking back to its strength or power or its roughness that's the Hebrew it's a roughness can you imagine the children is a walking through and look at Warner's dislikable so the Bible says that when I won't spill you leave me beside still waters beloved dog is providing an obstacle course it's interesting the remember what Malden status on the room began to worry just before he left that is why the Bible says the children of Israel shall hold their peace remember still waters represents holding your piece Moses says you will hold your peace and the Lord will do what for you Donna Swan to train his people so that it will be sent for the kingdom of heaven on the twenty fifth of the kingdom of heaven but there's another less anniversary of Psalm twenty three because of another obstacle was overcome presently raised dearest Dorothy my soul even need in the path of righteousness for his walk namesake son and yes they will start my soul all that means you use my soul and he is my soul is in the obstacle obstacle number three is the article on our sufficiency is our sufficiency I can do it myself I can save myself know we cannot save ourselves only Christ can save on ASAP I did twice plaintiffs they quite have his father to rescue him they got right there in the Garden of Gethsemane client is completing monthly billing he's leaving he's trying to his father he said Lebanon my mailbox not to be done the Bible says that Christ flied out with strong chairs onto him that was able to do a lot say that Hayden or rescuing hidden some another just as Christ goes through this obstacle of thing not mine will not sound dependence dependence upon my heavenly father son you and I must come to the place where we understand that we cannot depend upon ourselves but we must depend upon Jesus you know what to does the Bible says Jesus advert related to do one make intercession for who farmers is not home yesterday through Christ's intercession on our behalf the most dangerous thing in the world is the sin of self sufficiency Christ demonstrated that we must depend upon an outside source our strength in fact you know what he was doing in the vicinity what was he knowing when the sons was one he was agonizing he was praying on at this point in London and he throwing Christ prayed he said if this is impossible that this cup pass from me I found my favorite response and private equity praying silence that he doesn't know what he was in grandchild someone without illusions and if you want to be ongoing Psalter of Jesus Christ you need to learn how to write a note so we advise her found by peers saying amen Lindsay is a prewritten and then what happened to Peter Peter Friedman on it listen Jesus was demonstrating Psalter or Psalms whose as I am in God 's Army must learn how to pray pray long after five minutes not good enough and not the ten minute not good enough and got the answer right or twenty minutes not good enough in dots are using the astronomers find people who who can spend hours in prayer Matthew some week Estrada find people who are spending hours in prayer for agonizing for sweating hasn't learned range of the blood because we don't have to agonize now will not know how to harmonize their sleep deprivation I was reading this article that they submit soldiers to this very thing sleep deprivation they want to see how you act when you don't have any sleep in what is so far when you don't have any sleep they want to see you does your mind still work correctly when you don't have any sleep Peter Jesus didn't Jesus sometimes spent all night and prayer and then went out to work the goddess Rana trained soldiers who even under the greatest mental stresses are able to hold their peace the realize of the time of trouble to be like when you may be lacking swing and review all video you say people can tell when I have not slept the night before you I think and you can tell yummy sleep of my students have and yet without sin that Antichrist is trying to teach us how to pray so that we can become well rounded soldiers the seasonal distress and I was before it will require a faith that can enjoy wariness is a hunger of faith that will not think those of the early trauma the peer of permission is granted to all to prepare for the time Jacob prevailed because he was persevering and determine you know Jacob was right the same guy after wound Jacobs time of trouble his name the one negative dentist trouble without anyone engenders trouble getting to learn how to present Mayor Mike Jacob K and Central national when Don are all my prayer prayer team do you know what what saw the Bible uses to represent prayer in the revolution they represent its incense the rank and six regular communion with God and Anderson are enough in the Old Testament I used a clown to the children of Israel the promised land and otherwise a cloud dining than through the wilderness in a very similar we are told that when the fairness of this child he wonder why guy you went through one of the co-conspirators intended so that we can learn how to better communicate with our enemy fun in fact this enters into the Bible says that Jesus when the defendant they had something received him out of their sight but what a crop the know why because Jesus was going to take his place as our walk interests when humans what can we defend ourselves we must expand upon crime our high priest are you with me right now are you ready I'm just asleep who would've ever thought who would've ever thought through we just talked about how we began we said that God got back there in Israel was reunited training camp and we talk about God 's boot camp about how God had had had had social things there in the Old Testament that temperature to understand how they said what you help me here what when we set it wasn't what in particular that sanctuaries are okay so I want us on your picture on the sanctuary and you help me here there on how many articles of furniture obviously here six and is going on these policies are very important six articles of furniture six monasticism one one five six six articles of furniture that both of them quickly the first article of furniture is found in or out of court and is called the author of one sacrifice okay and then the second article found is not labor and then in the holy place you have three articles of furniture the table of sobriquet the altar of incense and the seven branched candlestick and then you have me on the continent which is not thrown now not now there's something I failed to mention about Psalm twenty three using a signed twenty three verse one and begins the Lord is my shepherd what is Shepherdsville daily but Psalm twenty three birth sink and I will dwell in the log files on the Lord so watch this Psalm twenty three begins when a large separate leading on to where we are feeding with Christ on his walk down some debt the picture here there are things that is in the blog and look in the chapter on Psalm twenty three there are things articles of furniture nineteen eighty one impossible to imagine what let's check it out in our supper and I shall not want in one point until the hot line gone on the goal Troy gone obstacle course and naturally you still he's trying to leave to the secret place on the multi- sometimes one the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want verse two he needed me a always on coincidence I don't think so one I got the name of the moment and then when I still want I was one that got destroyed additionally his obstacle course is in the same obstacle course given to the children of Israel back there in the wilderness thirty he restored myself speaking about trying out into the desert where is that point until the author of agency are you with me God obstacle course not unenlightened that is the joy that we can read verse four Psalm twenty three breasts for free is not as with me I know I walk through the valley unless shy now that that means I want you on your way I know I will be at I will know what she had no evil for thou art with me and my past where they go they comfort me you can watch the scary thing about walking in a darkly you can see so so so let me call this obstacle before the constant cool nice site soldiers need to have good night vision goes I believe in the annual sense and operate even when I dock you see another in the garden effeminate cries could not see through the portals of the film agency so we have to operate my faith why because the jobs one by one they not by science so Christ to exercise a visit if you will I know I can see through the mountainous island I will fear no evil now why wouldn't he fear evil why would he feel he will diverse as thy rod and thy staff where they do they come from the amount runs that put with you talking about I run myself through what allusion can we think of Ronstadt okay oh seven Toronto separates that when it is and then we remember term on horseback Trent Lott Ron and what it don't but I want to watch this on on numbers Chapter seventeen verse eight on that surrender even turn if you want to hold your place is on twenty three number seventeen verse eight the minds of the King ask that on the morrow Moses went into the tabernacle of the witness and behold the modern common for the house of Levi was one line in and brought forth while through on a brought forth from the fourth line and blown blown blossoms and you didn't want on the Internet if they weren't around my kind of mistake it for a profound writer a contact me so that they are not supposed to blog home on Toronto I fear no evil because I brought a knife that is with me the entrance that you well resurrect me remember whoever you want they were determined to be the precise in the very same women of the reason why Christ in a high priest in the achievement to state that boom boom blossom and body son you know I want to invite a son of that I will fear no evil to come and then sneak on resurrection Donna had given me that evidence given on the just see you know that is not safe that God wants to train his soldiers he wants to give us that night vision when no matter how dark the circumstances get we learn to see in the dark we learn to see in the dark in the very same way beloved viruses the wicked stumble in darkness is a faster one article of furniture we talking about here are by the way opening the book of Matthew work says that on those that sit in darkness under the lights would come onto them he remembers not before they dispersed sixteen those that sit in darkness are a light or sunlight appeared in that shadow gets of another that light is Jesus Christ and the reason why we don't have to fear is because Christ as our enlightened guides us through the valley of dark places and docking which a pastor one article of furniture it's obvious it's the seven branched candlestick by the way if the seven if the Shannon is a fountain all you got a new guns astronomy you marinating your seven grants candlestick cannot really description of seven brass candlestick going to Exodus twenty five or thirty four Exodus twenty five verse thirty four were almost doing it another way almost in Exodus twenty five verse thirty four the Bible says and the candlestick shall before bowls need like onto all mins within the house and there followed the seven branched candlestick had at this design blooms blossoms by yeah and I wanted about as welfare not evil why because God is with me he and Jim and me my vision and therefore I don't need to be afraid that I don't need to or even unethical and sellers of Christ we can a lot I like to shine no matter how dark and get around we can be good witnesses unto the Lord Jesus Christ no matter how dark it gets around this brings us diversify along the way your member when the clouds of the children of Israel through the Red Sea you're never that to the Israelites it appeared as darkness but since I'm assigned to the Egyptians the greatest artist but to get Israelite it appeared as while I was driving that I'm going through the Red Sea and when they did and got the directly in the daytime they went through in the not gone live wasn't with them in the dark place five what almost is not in the spotlight with me verse five Psalm twenty three VeriSign I'm assuming that your readers myself and I had no praise God is doing every single DC the reason is magnanimously but this is absolutely amazing now that carries I came out before me in the presence online any now anointed my head without my cock runneth over now prepares a table what's on the table and introduced at maximum then I want around one five am rewired that proceed out of the mouth of God beloved is in any any coincidence or do you think I got a strong source something here it's amazing Jesus on all Jesus in the wilderness table prepared beforehand are you with me when it came inexact he has feelings of not already on the table in front of me I already have a lot of gone that somehow meant by Brennan on what I want and rewire that proceeded out on the mount of God but I'm learning something here the thought is inherently one of the eye I am coming to believe that one of the greatest training obstacles now we as Christians can overcome this obstacle of fasting I was reading in the specialized magazine that some can't be sold as are required to ball without fully what is God causes people to learn how to try to the word of God more than we treasure our daily food Hassan sounds pretty Yahoo but God is trying to train assaulted the mother can I find something that all what is the know the Bible says Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after what might but they shall be it what's the quickest way to get hungry the quickest way to get hungry is simply not to eat you see that I believe that one of the one of the reasons why God asks us to fast is because he's trying to create an appetite are you mainly the more we have highly rehear the long reply I made me hungry for your many hungry for your truth many hungry for righteousness and the law we learn to hunger for something similar he says he will be fit you think about it these three articles of furniture right here the tennis so read that Bible study the seven branched candlestick that's letting your lifestyle and prayer if you want to the optometrist Christians needed to be doing these three things is a fascinating read I have wide authority all that press office who he and in all all on witnessing and is one of study also going to use online between like I'm just a little line from here to here in from here to see how to get you get a scale you cannot balance you know what happens when we meet again note you have your centerpiece here and then how did two pieces hanging on to balance you know what happens in one of these is heavier than the other you are about your and that is Christian you want one and I want so many Christians fall now what about other prior and then I'm only missing but but but but studying him what you witnessing in a study using another way what were trying to say what I'm trying to fit among it in the Army experience should not be shocked you want about any one of these above the other when you come in here you're coming to learn how to be a well-rounded well balanced soldier by the way that the obstacle is the obstacle of unforgiveness is an asset on forgiveness when we got you think the Bible to prepare a table before me in the length on my enemies know what God prepare a table for his people in the presence of an unreasoning policy I want you to eat in front of them and show them how much I love you just eat go eat eat but evidently not but he's doing anything son I prepare a table before you our enemies are here not allow for the tables on your cop is flowing over what to do without food he seen the money the reason why we study the word of God is she share with your friends share with your end you know what Jesus did to Satan when he can examine wilderness and say the inner want to do this Jesus gave Satan grant is do the strings are at see Jane we all plan on coming to give you to move your as wanted use of brick Christ said his enemy when he was sitting at the Last Supper and consumers listen anyone and I can attend both before and in the problems of eleven in the Donna's coffee here to learn how to study the Bible not imagine what that all of a sudden the Bible but so that you can read your enemy you know that unforgiveness is one of is perhaps the greatest thing profiting off again is not giving you in fact Jesus said if your enemy hunger see if the forests give him three and then it ended off by saying do not be overcome of evil but overcome evil with good overcome circle course eminently finally end the first six verse six says Psalm twenty three was success I will dwell one in the house of the Lord for reminding me that more and I will dwell in the house in the house is a Hebrew word minute and actually simply means we pay very that word within the human work content is used three times in this chapter sixteen verse siring children inside the most holy place I will dwell in the house of the Lord I'm gone beloved that most holy place represent God 's house in the heavenly chain and how many you want to get near it is interesting that Psalm ninety one begins he got one other inescapably on the most far sound a lot on five under the shallow of the online extent he will be protected from the plagues that will come upon the art amenities they wanted to say if we want to be protected we must make it in this place before the climatology also of course but he was an angel on earth and you know what I send you for the conference sounds were not gone I think I will protect you and treat you see and read my own law you want to make a very simple appeal to you may have been looking at God 's training over you and send on the street you know God must be out to get me because he's he's throwing me in cold water and not you got all these things going on in my life seems to be off-line beloved and actually something the harder the training knowing that indicates the greater the designer forgot to see you shine whatever obstacle you're going to beloved listen to me gone is trying to create soldiers soldiers who would've ever thought Psalm twenty three obstacle course who would've ever thought sauce twenty three shows us the sanctuary outline and sanctuary in God means his ordained means my way of God is where in the sanctuary the fact that a father 's house is in the sanctuary but not as you walk as you listen to the words of the song meditate upon them as you never have before and him while also going to be realized I met a lot of things in the house new eyeglasses frames and realize that something no one has been using your design is going to train me I will bring whatever hospital I need to bring whatever sovereign whenever circumstances and you need to use them mainly a soldier a kingdom of heaven teaching how to study and work but also teach me how to pray and teach and how my life sign despite the circumstances teach me how rest when the storms are probably confusing how to overcome the fear of dying to self masters I want to raise your hand eleven isn't to me as Seventh-day Adventist we jump into that most holy place and we say I got the logon all good what you don't know how to die so if you don't not opinion your enemies you get you don't know how you have to see some invisible storm if you don't not let your life something you're not praying you are not receiving God 's law but nothing you do those things you will unnaturally be keeping God 's will the Lord from the possible course and help me to make it to the house of the Lord that's a desire again I want to ask when asked the reason heavenly father I just crazy night in a very special way that you may list of every special category equipped possible to train us with everything that we need in order to leave this place well balanced well rounded Christine thank you Lord for what you are going to do through these next few days and the rest of our time living in his flesh in the precious name of Jesus we are for a fire at what introduced by Tower of the women in our mission is to help prepare people for the Zune coming of Jesus Christ live link to the supernatural power of the Lamb of God thinks is best I'm sure he is Christian or anything for more information on our multimedia resources incurring on speaking to these log onto our website at www. power of the Lamb .com www. how are our homeland .com or call us at area code eight oh five two two six eight zero eight zero that annual I is six eight zero zero thank you and God bless a pair


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