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Teen Talk: In Search of Love

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries



  • March 25, 2012
    6:57 PM
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what is really going on during my stay together and assess the relationship ninety relationships in different places but on Monday obesity is not having presented as yet as I is living for young people is called Joseph Malone and I don't get an inside view it issues and not someone on the online letter wanting any of my mental energy in mind and onto viewing area but not funded or not practical in the whole and how your relationship is in the home with your parents your dad and mom in your seat as a goal for the work that so with that yet if I was with you the substances at the Schubert seven is out opening acts and will be going to the study now this couldn't wait to go through this if you just know the look of the tax and just listen it is new to Christianity in a viable that's what he asked us where you're at okay if you are more advanced in your Christian walk then you can actually look at the Bible cat and you think they are in the blanks in your you know what Dan think in this and I think I'd be really bad then you can live in red in the blanks he connected for lung injury but more partly understand anything else they were neither can you be filling out the answer the site is easy to get the start within every single one of you rather you realize not you happen to fire the and to be loved by someone through anyone he wants his love feeling you have is I had a longing to do this authority with searching for this law if many people out there who actually love can go two ways cannot lucky enough to go good luck and actually go very bad amazing relationships or been in any human law document reading that anything that before I been hunting and in a relationship before so I mean this in a religion you seen among your friends and relationships when really really bad young unmarried with his relationship argument that okay so you know I love looking go good I love people that cannot unforeseen you get married to the wrong person you can enter to be the most visual person there is in this world right the repair principles you about the weather dog oligarchies about God 's purpose for so as we look at this may God help us see what was really setting for the heart without industry bothers you begin in the ask Leo Holy Spirit that you may be a teacher help us understand what you want to learn we thank you in Jesus name in Canada and I'm very interactive so if you can look at the text and reader text for me and it also would be discussing it cannot actually open up in this time for you to share also so it's a good read Genesis microchip how did God begin nutrition Americans instructed to recidivism reduction in a window in Genesis chapter two verse seven benefits up to birth seven anyone there we got them you see many men attack such as the tube birth that these the committee allowed someone to hear anyway and it is the first effect in job anyway feel but I missed people you go ahead and I so believe in God trade with the first nitrate it was who I very good reason had mitigated if so I would like to cancel the God create him when he together he created what to live by himself so that the trade out doing the time when I was all alone we just came in who any animal and lofty thing readily it was known mainly was not solemnly does not allow minimally the first relationship and have lived with God and there was that this apply to online the first thing God wants for you and his blood purposes will be looking at what God wants for you the first purpose of this God wants you to have a relationship with him first before anything else comes along through anything on a Mac he wants you had a religious of the four things that birthing is having relationship with who God and God gets enough the first thing that I've been now gone already love the site and he wants an experience that love sushi and love is already there but he wants to respond to the love that you have for him I can uninstall to number two consuming regions is happy to visit me cannot effectively know your depressing unless you have a relationship with him first you know as a young person he wants to have a second thing I wanted to have his Genesis chapter two verse fifteen is a very effective and the Willard W Chris and not having his relationship with the second thing is just stupid the second being that God did for adult was the second purpose of entry aching man was bored him to do what dress and see what going is what is out with a dress of the maintain I'll keep looking me when you was doing he was a guy in a very good thing the gardener is not going to what is that when you have when your garden and what is that call with recall that that is a job a occupation VSC that's a second in God we plan on the second purpose in creating man was for some idea as to what Saudi relationship to God alone and effectively was that they had envisioned by God gave to add him an occupational life work life career were right you did your relation by definition and I wanted to he wants you to discover the lifework that God is closeted with network and within is whether Symbian nurse whether it's going to be a ENT but if any began alternate whatever it is not a specific calling me want to do and you know who is to discover this they get parents need to determine who a what you need to be between us you you need is a new realize that God is calling you to do right even if that was the calling that God is on the do nine oh young people who actually are doing what the parents are coming in that they need to do you know anyone like that one be a nurse to let me be a doctor when he be a dentist I never heard of before no friend like that you need to discover for yourself not be present by anyone when you discover for yourself what God wants you to do right and not other people and he thought the question was in the crowd that you can open any kind in the two you know who wasn't thinking was an adult whether that was a day for Adam to do this life calling what are some other person and demon is like calling will need him to do it looking like calling according to documents so God is the one that gives it to us we have to discover within ourselves what it is known on in respect of parents but we're not supposed to go against electronic artist colors in an account of the same in a church were not convincing to people on what we think diminishes to do we should actually allow God to reveal to them one of the nation God is called into exhausted herself a lifetime would be paid in people what we believe they should be doing citizens in Gaza though that like calling again asserting himself that there think this is to the twenty one looking on the net tonight I relationally die now you have a lifework and if there are things concerning the Genesis chapter two twenty one and twenty two feet this chapter two verse twenty one twenty two and the you will O God Campbell was an I see what you can arrest anyone you don't he made a wanting right so then God brought a warm in other words then it was a woman and you know this woman when the exact perfect match for this one this has the most perfect soulmate error that before it was was given to know who was the one that Bobby had a naïve appointment at the Bible did he find Adam what happened a good God is the one and what if you just think Boston and bring to you a soulmate I got he has what you wait it out and then you bring the right person into your life at the right time and annoyed I wasn't searching for the day when asserting China make it all happen God made it happen he was on the clock and to each other in that beautiful easy people trusting that we today a thing like ice cube right I go to beautify effort at doing an off-season he's funny you know I've been doing between what is I really am God 's plan for life to shoot anything but is that there were missing when I see nothing right tonight you see first of all we need to have a relationship with Hoover number one what would God is forgiving God does he want it we need to discover our life occupation what a life work and in the things that happened that one happens guide to what fine our life Salome you are filming here then the third thing I get a laughing is turning me to Genesis at the former is one so what was the last purpose of God income meeting that celebrities are enough out of uniform purposes I feel lucky visas for the fourth okay what do they have after they got together this Omega beginning a man what happened next maybe for the Tuesday if Google multiplied it and they had what they had children I saw Don wants to multiply Sonata was the one we had a wife relationship with Hoover got very good at anything you have on ballot to discover a life like I like occupation very good answer for everything on trading you is what you want to find out what also made right after the finalists on the what does it do is to let be fruitful and multiply actually making a single thing of the flipping of the family says to you I think about it think about it why am I think about it God wants you have a relationship in reverse why because if you have a relationship for us than he is to help you to discover the second step which is to find your way life calling right and again elect call you work and play and in other words if you have your letter calling you making money and it would disappoint you what you like to follow me dry and when you saw me driving then we get humanized then your able to have what you now you have what she would like to see that an Oregon and all the things that you see on the floor preventing treating trading you in the morning now today's culture protocol to hear today right content but not for purposes for your life behind the word is a confident you see today is called zero you're seeing young people had the fact right outside America that you need to the Internet effects on the economic Latin America one hundred FX outside America happen and an unconnected within again got babies so now you know what it is the completely opposite Sonata starting on the opposite end under having children for us is that you and young as sixteen years old Fairview eight years old nephew and you singularly happy to wrestle my point in all the next appointment again in the book is making a visit of boring I want to be stuck with your one -year-old a morning meeting is on our map find that you even if you happier like that be raising a child alone by itself measurable counties measurable cheap electric Charnwood 's escape for keeping cheated on life as yet of being too young why is reporting opposite the God 's purposes check children on a web of what the user TV child by herself has that ever happened to guess a knife backwards was the second thing happen so what while it is even number once in other words reservoir you see that having children did not realize that they had they had children then their weakness this files then all of a sudden because we had a child together and another made us all what do you say that we may need to do we need to what getting married we see that for the frightening is that all memory you know we had children it mainly been a mistake not less than a second permanent but we need to think ahead to Esther herself is silently delivering death dull today like an inauthentic in a hospital behind the morning-after pill it could appear in the next morning at the raping travel guides continue on so when you write that happens to write unfortunate but for the most part majority kind of the capital seem to strangle out there in a copyright he is creating his candidacy had CC is with me and so not easy for us all to having children is often how we know we messily try children to get married now my question is was that person and I was not just sold me this stuff in a situation and make the best out of the situation and get married and make the best out of it but my question are they truly had to have been married for so many God is called in to marry on a chilly happy to method Indonesian non- invisible to the maintenance although likely to get pregnant at sixteen eighteen the Bulldogs preferably nothing about with the department is that there that that sat in metanarrative on proceeding wake up and wanting internal over anything that this was not that this is not the person actually third step what happened out there had a child together and then they got married in a synagogue and Mary and what has been with anything how can you tell me anyone any money good soul not in the money and the company money what do you need to do work okay now working on my question is I'd be working to the light calling that God is called into tonight and backwards I so now they got children and messed up on happiness of all men and I some I do not live in the web and more unmanageable and then I was given a job ninety five forty two forty dollars a week for the job you never lobby heated by never called back job do not recollect that it you know people like that zero doesn't end there and not because the lightest on this architecture regularly young down because you have a marriage is someone you do not love not have a job that he completely then my beloved life anything that the life is soul they find that you sometimes you see that what happening the figure when he died he is taking gospel purposes and he swings it around because you can't trust your on page four zero eight Swiss things around by wants of the sovereign immunity hints relationship with him first right and then we love him he would help us discover our like calling and also be able to support a family and also find a soulmate that he wants us to have been also be billed with the love of God then we can treat all spouse and children with love and respect with the love of God and have conference but illegal and Satan 's way which would be choosing right your life would be messed up any thoughts in this question you thinking when he was waiting and then I got a good way has undergone a good way for me to be happy going to put a good rewrite this is a good way I electronically the best way to see how he met up with the best way any question I Genesis one twenty seven Genesis one verse Genesis one verse twenty seven what will be created in Genesis chapter one verse twenty seven in the lab we can share with someone who has enabled by me can share with someone else Genesis one twenty seven and consuming caffeine is one we were creating in the life image awful exotic diets over creating an image of God now my question is who is God and man first off or receipt says God is what love is real or trading him a job love so you are treating the too long and should be the death of God is right on the fly within every one of you you want to belong and you want to love why the code that was implanted in your heart by God install because you were created in his image which is love that's why you want to be love you want spirits loving you want to love someone else that is within your heart you want to do anything now of forcing then many people out there who are not expressing his love as to what they do because benefiting the within your heart there is a whole football lover and because you're not feeling your hard regard log many young people oh boy now and am trying to feel the hole in the heart when another person 's love when I did another guy 's heart lung when another girls love you in a hole in the heart giving for a refuel enough about my God so what do you have young people who had become engaged in like a gigantic was admitted to a high shoot up a high yummy young people what they are being in love and I love without her thin but it hasn't been addicted to being in love literally they can be in a relationship for three months and they can break up and I'm very next week they can be another relationship and then they can bring up too much later and then buried next day and we can even jump to another relation you know anyone like that IE9 you never see them in a mirror maybe I went to understanding to develop me about the relationship my lot more hardware had a hauling it wasn't your dog loves within a few I tried to feel in love relationship with the drug addict I got a high from being in love is been in love before you see you have okay parents they do have puppy love whatever you want to call it but even a relationship before the Louisiana in a deal that feeling is like enough she is the height of gentlemen must be good at feeling of being allowed by the legal entity or below and Johnson each of the next relationship equally from a high to hide behind but you really truly love that person is a question you really love efforts he has seen a lot of times we call love is not below we just addicted to be because we want we looking for love in all the wrong places arena for redoing and the only cure for love addicts a day is on the high level event in an effort on the begin and not enough getting to the next sex John chapter seventeen presently John Chapter seventeen verse three is actually okay well John seventeen birthday how do we obtain eternal life John and ending the first three three Windows blanks in the uptime measure going through this you can keep up cannot it wait for later John seventeen verse three and how do we obtain the light of any athlete Jonathan Soichiro like this based upon what knowing God so that is a relationship with God not knowing is any cash or relation acquainted with knowing me lava can't know the Bible says Reverend Dennis is out of no leave and he had a child is no mean in the Bible needs to have what they need to sleep with someone in the intimate knowledge of the bond once you have pleasant intimate relationship and with a meaningful relationship with Pam not a shallow experience relationship with you and I forgot one for you to have with him now sit upon today is that we living in the world today that God wants us to have meaningful relationship to one another by law and the relationships we have with a lot of while there is very shallow relationships I seen the youngest generation and actively getting worse and worse throughout the generations but the generation within a younger generation observation even younger your generation today the relationship they are not meaningful relationship is very shallow relationships were passing out over the mutual churches and we gone many young people today you see this involved by cons of friends at school but is found only in the heart to many young people today are surrounded by family home but if you know and feel me inside many young people today you have a thousand friends on Facebook but it has absolutely no way to open up the Hartsfield that you know what I know young people gallantly pressing PL teenagers and in times of friends there have been further from the basement now all of their talking and chatting to you they are lonely and abandoned no one around them if you know and understand them to handle are confided to have actually know when they can opener could be the deep meaningful relief in a shallow evening nothing so we see now today more and more and it is not getting an economy is that the setting for love and is looking for love and attention fund because we've been God the father I think Anya and I ignore seven years old and if you ask her what do you have a hole in your heart for she would tell you who my daddy I trained her well for my daddy two thousand and annoyed within any single money there is not very loving to eleven on the loan only by God but by a parent failure creators they creating so you have a desire to belong by Gamal and provided that rather you have a long legal evidence of the money is still in there man and woman together naked in the deposit victory the picture bought for you within within your heart you have a desire to be love by them and if you don't get the love and then when you think people see young people to get love family to not getting it on and waiting to figure out other people very good but what can one me I cannot like fingerprint or fingerprint relationships right media the people that not there what about even getting into trouble many thanks restoring this is from a young person who went to one of Academy and the Academy and the mainland by the California outpacing ammonia is younger told me that my friends they get in trouble at school on her this answer why why would you want to get in trouble on purpose so they can shovel on paragraph just to get attention from the interest credited one when you do something so crazy why would they want to get in trouble why do you want to get together one evening a suspended disorder mom and other common before to spend time with them everything that is negative McCain saying he said to me he said negative attention but attention evident easy to carry the full professional if in some time working this is one time when a private dismissal of time in church they have no time to spend with the showdown thing I think the relaxation that you not I still love you I fell in love she am a that you and your parents are parasitically while I did everything for my daughter to put them before I gave money was she wanted to get a good education about car and I get all these things for them I given closed I get what she wanted and yet still she rebelled against the wily rebel because they did they give that child the one thing a child long enough part in it that was fine nineteen example example we underscore the property tonight and is not the sole school behind in Hawaii nine weeks in the summer when the suiting it is summer and Islamic cancer is dying about elitist you got out of accounting for the drug use is somewhat not the ones on opening up to me and signaled why why why did what turned you a nascent Musial Hasek Yama I was a good team is going up I never got in trouble I love my parents want to make an sort happy anything to make them happy I did it I want to make him proud of the FY wine but when my mom got in I got angry at God I get angry at anyone else and so I just I thought getting to Charlie my dad Mama single time my mom has yet to go to another country to be treated so lost that really shows a mama wasn't close my dad he should left me and also with my dad and a member at the school he said I also wanted to at the all I have that is my dad now I love my mom I think you know my guy now we come to investment we never knew each other on the line Disney .com is the only one economy at all I got on the only child is making good progress and then one day his father King to the school he visited is a ninety week leaking is coming by and one was taken to the school they came to his son never forget that day before his son that he bought just about someone over to live with him hazelnuts involved in the church and ministries and another sixteen -year-old you're a doctor called by God to spend time we did not avoid method naming training evangelism but all my time here and on until August for this time outside I can busy anyway weekend even if you connected no party was he told me that was funny in school he said the count on one thing to do in high school the noise I think in the name of God the data was using service of helping other people and neglected his own found that happen in the turkey thing in the past there is a lot of PK the current footpath of pathos before are incapacitated then the most trade this better most of my finance is out there and I know I is a hangout of them why they neglected the neglect of any good at all in the name of God and neglecting the children in doing all because of busy or physical gauntlet this is the church and other passages but maybe a father they now know what about maybe apparent than bonding charts and take me for life then after that I seen it happen over and over again unable to work me that two making the many things I love to make a lot of money and giving you money and buying your loving my Dominican materialism is not a blood disorder one thing but the whole time of the body is about relationships is a not relationship meaningful relationship knowing God is eternal life and relationship with your parents call this war to have meaningful relationships today knows what God wants is the experience that left me on meaningful relationship you want is any want of anything I want that the relationship of the shallow kind of stuff of real knowledge would offer that you sometimes people they like to put up a front and a young kid I done it before this came from Academy I spoke to this relationship out that some parts of this and am enough of ninety people will crack a lot of jokes on the outside about that though he may be that they may be on the outside the inside is emptiness it was a lot of fun people like to laugh and joke about the problems and they look like they're having five feet on the side you know that I was iced to pretend that I was a hurting I can make it look like elevating okay how the other in the life of the party to give it one last shot is heard it be possible it is maybe people here could be hurting baby with getting all the more happy-go-lucky and friendly and funny but the thought of finding something missing himself to think about the things they do left that sent me to Malachi chapter four verse five is fixed now chapter four first five things what is the last message to be preached before Jesus is the last message to be great Malachi chapter four five six of the reductase and had a red anyway Malachi chapter four verse five is the last analysis to be preached to all the world but before Jesus comes and parallel to the second coming of Christ nor the last massive increase in the world before Jesus comes again his analysis of the restoration of the whole what do you happen not to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children turn the hearts of the children July to the father the new restoration of the home doesn't be a revival of the founding is going to topple the way for meaningful relationship out of the shallow relationships you and I use the last generation can be applied to think expressive and to teach it I believe exactly before Jesus comes he is unhappy the God of the business of restoring all right to ship personal testimony I grew up we were raised after Catholic monk in the church when I was younger there are eight of us and all the young apology to raise our faith over reason and is seventy advocates and my dad was an alcoholic my dad was such that the softener bans I've had to sign a guy came home one day and on all in their but he came home all drunk and deductible moms ridicule her and he reported on how the shooting rounds of the ceiling 's sister called the police on him the priest came another way thing on the things happening in all K apiece there was nothing in doing and arrest them you know that he went outside and he left them and I was mad he got the gun mama locked himself in the role you try that there broke down the door and came right after New Year's jump but the sometimes get awaited me to come it to him in jail Elder such as alcohol I does come home among all junkie my mom my dad used to be mamas a ton of Sonoma County to see any subtilis quick guy phone book into the back ship redoubtable go hide in the corn belt of molecular using to know how I felt about my dad I hated my dad I do not like my dad alone what he was into my mom would get on the Haiti was a horrible life and am I happy my data converted the end of major car accident he was ready for the hospital they carried them to the cluster to the hospital it shut them upside down we kiss again Muslim line in his brain deadwood Ludington in his brain is to keep his great ally to keep him alive then he denied see my life and I'm going to give my life to you to get the money coming I always be our senior high school seventy 's own finale out and saw a great reader that I'm leaving so I left home and I know I haven't been in a semi- window on again be here have a bitterness we've found maybe your media gotten a few maybe a mom nephew maybe living the grandparents mediated their home it is still hurting you by the worth of the CQ who knows another's hurt out there who even a simple world son them I got in and I I wonder when the molding in the world in outside funding God then converting me I don't like her I got converted me and then I went cable related to the ministry and I diminish and then I felt that I need to restore my family and I want to go home and make things that my bets I went whole hog so I talked to my dad and I tried to reconciling him and I realized that my guide eighteen nineteen but I realize that all communications will be no we do have a meaningful relationship I bought one at without they can enroll my prayer life God please let me have a nonlocal neoprene upper I realize I never had a normal home the one in the non- MobileMe could underground nonunion issue where the normal whole ways it is not there and so I think a lot about my friend on February even dolorous were born and with Christians my dad has some method life you want to reach out to me any clinic he wondered if he didn't know how to 's whole life you know how to have a meaningful relation and he wanted Susan what happened I had to reach out to my dad I was young again and I had to go on and I can make the revision I turned the TV none of the stereo TV ninety talking to catapult me out it turned off and we got talking we built a relationship and you know that a beautiful relationship I got halfway modified musical we know you have beautiful memories because we believe in meaningful relationship that was on the ball meaningful relationship is beautiful a summary and somehow mom and dad election day love you because what they done to you maybe haven't been this late day love you you don't stop praying for them and even hindering up your present you maybe have to be the one to reach out the apparent unit the resulting amount you have to restart your dad if you want a love you but they know how to express the love all of you know all anything about not being giving you money auditing eleven binding honoring the law allowed existing unit a good education athletic and loving the oil lobby time and just teach them that God gives you a block display here he wants you to experience his life if he wants you to understand that she will not be built upon time my daughter want to spend time in the she wants it she lost it everywhere I like my found in the wearable my family is more thought into my ministry my family and my ministry my speaking engagements at not being my family 's first priority and everything I do in a God blesses God blessed because of the in which one church I lose money my speaking engagement I please I mean other people my room my wife and I with you on that because Army buddies and found these beautiful I was beginning to send me and I lost another thousand dollars billion in the hole because the pickup line I like my dog only pay for the speaker and an OPS elite know-how to try to defeat the boss was free so what does lunch I can do it on the way did I lose money and begin my founding and a beautiful offering and dropping for me in your enough data collected not one thousand so all in all the collective more than enough I believe we do first you put God first God bless you because you do put in for what he said he met Ethel Dallas to put them first with your family for us and he's in the flesh in a powerful way I want them into the story as it closed last year this is the end and you thought La Niña has always a piece of the seven half especially if you said the young father have one if long way from God the conclusion the young father wonderful away from God and in meeting the end of his old yet thought of suicide but then thought this is like Kennesaw was lonely and regardless more begun to see the things are unable when everything is around to gain attention north his father had change in just two short leasing authority that his father had done what happened here they need to be meditative writing everything in it will allow the body within a definite enough of my life I decided I wanted to get over assuming hotly the boy looked down at the floor that he said quietly I think I like to do that Bob is still there did be moved and both of them came in this boy a hobby Kevin went last the next data modeling in New York in business for a few weeks easier to come back home when he finally came back home and got a Arab mark then I be appointed his son came through in the crime is father and I were excited and full of joy and he said to his father parentheses that his voice full of one to know God is the only father not I chain immunoglobulin also wanted and endocrinology having changed me but you save everything on it in my bar until misapplying his appointment to God through the scene is founding in eighteen hundred and ninety three and I changed my home when changing the way you wanted to know the what me that you wanted to go the way of him on doing you want a home that is happy and full of joy you start to make a difference you make the move inside the kind I like to spend more time with you that monkey is where you can know you'll make a difference in Berkeley change a whole hall Jacob will maintain you in his failure to him God can do great wonders and delete it to a child in enough hint one business one eighty five when you are the God of love and life experiences he was easier and yacht is not going anywhere than some of the company we'd be willing to question that a lot of you think you for your thank you for the line is somewhat what seemed a whole is lazy does anyone here at Ray Lord that you may have filled in with your love thing that impresses me with you gave me from a I decided to plan out there on my mission is to utterly content of love to the preteen and teen I is for more information on our may see any services we provide please go to our website at www. nine allow in their car I sent www. now and they are called not alone in your


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