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  • March 25, 2012
    8:15 PM
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maybe I'm not as good as a man a man missing and the less immediate I mean and is thankful to God for what wonderful God is in God that he is always a tonight is the only sharing the word MMI was a new claiming to Romans chapter five is unfolding immunogens use them enhance your Romans and their fiber is eight Birmingham presentation entitled tonight 's call fully known and yet fully long fully known and yet fully low as I began I want to share your limited on my story I believe as a pastor here in Hawaii conference I strongly believe in evangelism evangelism is light mannerism but life Denis my churches in any given their background that one of the churches when I first got here what's on musical in the conference the church that was given to me and I I decided that I wasn't sneak up on this checking my first assignment street furniture can see how they really are I is not something funny when I was coming my first assignment I went to the back door at the sign in the crowd when I walked to the back picture again I realized something that included myself there was less than ten people within a church and a Guggenheim if the communication music are you the new pastor and I I have a also discourage also this guy because when I was on again distracting I was in a beautiful building it was a really nice and I thought an American icon why did you call me to this church know God 's blessing is anyone in the evangelism Minnesota program here moving clockwise it would bring Bible is in the tent meetings we did all things you don't bother reading the last and you know before this time to compress president has said that they wanted to shut down the stretch that ten people there I nicely with and it will also air in the winter visitors we were gone we move in a powerful way and God bless on the numbers of attendance and baptisms back in the chain of you and became baptized in and in both high wind up in an economy love those two numbers don't be first to let misery in his skyrocketing with an attorney hundred fifty percent in the first year and is going up higher and higher and more so I love evangelism God bless baptisms came on the news came in I Peter Gregory their braille press event listing meeting and then we had ten years on and on and on and then there was a woman named event talk community who happened to be baptized also that woman happens to be my current wife I only life I've ever had him an honest try to prevent some only do I believe in the addendum below I love evangelism it is a scene of the accident when I wanted tell you something morning love this evening I'm not in that mean that there is no is not the only answer to alter and I know that the only thing that we hear a lot of path there is an error that we must go out with themselves and with the band and we must bring them in now what we need to do it the only thing we need to do making his inclusion in my experience in ministry God taught me some lessons along the way you see thing about this in today's culture it is very easy to get a consult even Hawaii people all like to enjoy right they like to have sex out there right and they like to make babies I then a lot of strain these children often asked why they're not raising up the children whose reading of the children today waiting for loving on a similarly calling Brown publicly popular now women there thirty years ago Mama right then meeting of the joint because they want to enjoy sleeping with anyone they want to have the joy of having a baby and look at is so cute I again I wanted to the time dimension and constrain them out right away the digital is the babies went in the nothing to actually made up a child that not to train a child internecine and the culture is any parallel that is sign of God 's church today is that I also to relate to have me know when someone is born again that none of Brett also know that you get excited we had twenty masculine way I think what we've seen doing I was doing I fear that also on the one arguing those people framed on the cognitive but my question is as they come in ennui training of the children in the way that the single that when the Old Bailey not be part unless you then know whether God Wednesday my journey needing your Queen Caroline a world that would allow the culture and coming to our church out in the same thing we were interested in green and into the church rather than they themselves for who they really are not muscle another question I've asked why they running away into the conclusion nonclinical meow five criticizing evangelism on civilians items donning under them who God is that in my doing bonded on the work is an empty vessel the use be used by God but I've been coming in the insight who believes in evangelism and assess up the next question while they were anyway that lets of is my question in your body the church is all home and the family right now for the balances of the calendar can take care of his own hollows alternate take care of the line house of God I reconfigured his own home how can be taken out the and with the bull charges only and is actually an extension of the family at home nearly I will out and not have people adopted into my family and I didn't like them right if my holiest solving in the whole list on it I reflecting Christ character of love to everyone then I got into my home they will want to stay below anything in a way need to do a more inventive little and I doing evangelism I bring them into the church and bring twenty and Kaylee with dear lonely one below the way I can go out and I can get dressed they end up not really must young people into my home and I can bring a man my question is why are they running weight in my column that I need to go out and do not want children I'm into my founding of the problem you need to get the Internet is increasingly tricky waiting for your literature into my whole or maybe I need to stop that looking to structure my home I look in the character of myself and see that I need a revival and recognition with an outline when he is a loving and evangelism is not human the answer to our church denying the unit of Pharisees the Bible says Jesus said to the Pharisees you do everything you go around the world will want to populate apostolate is the convert was not time you will go all around the world one possibly leave it to them also but the Pharisees is an annual maintenance wife know what child health as yourself and the Pharisees believed in event is in the below named the record that I think will go out and they were bringing people into the church that was successful but they were reproducing the wrong character within these people that's a laugh became bitter now I thought about Army 's training and you know we training I mean isn't he on each strain on or enforce a strain to win the event always supposed to win so that was really strange to win we would will always long and we so when the palate with a win against all again then I get to try out again so is laissez-faire the men of God causes the wind out of the paint and experiencing my mile walk with God and I realize that I was at a time in my Christian walk is a pastor that I was experienced as victory over sin and God has called his people and I think to experience your bigotry within a and then I struggle believing it is bejeweled as soon as we reproduce Christ character because I can either say that we cannot win the battle and not even try they doesn't matter what you do it is believed and autosave you what you want to believe their individual within twenty feet myself and amassing gaining the victory and then I came across this quotation now I need you this this is one a quotation that changed my life because I realize I tried everything is a point in my life I lost my conversion experience as a pastor and I was trying to be individual but pride and selfishness and conceit and Ambien jealousy and seen in my life and I wasn't gaining so I thought I was trying the individual must fit in my life to prophecy expert in unlikelihood and I did and that the individual within it Wednesday by doing that within the next that is amended off individual within them but one of his prey Harding and pans and things might cheapen my faith in this duet hardened on the work of my numerical hospital confessing the theme of things every day never been there then again this quotation from thoughts on the model that can speed seventy six God will not employ compulsory measures for this law is the AJ which EU is now hello hi would you say that I read it again I wanted to thinking in mind is the whole point of the sermon law is the agent would see this through a spell then fund the high long in the nearby woods behind you this subject is not elected question in this issue then averaged them out every second and then I preach Chen on every class I teach in on any presentation on again somehow reveals some aspect and clean any review of some aspect of dog law immediately one evening because I wanted to visit with Santa Montague has anyone read how characters of Christ character love we produce within then we had attended long that you have a low table in between Spears and the transformation of all characters and relax and allow the net power and also missing the lobby when I was doing united in the monthly cost of Cialis doing on a thing as being a success on a conference line left and although there is but I was missing that the one the one great thing on their degraded thing is what is love I thought of missing it at the powerful victory in my life I wanted to advocate public UUNET Navy on us how God has worked on the phone with all my love tonight is noted that Mister Neely was allowed on his nose when I needed we need so tonight is the open word may God open eyes to see I didn't speak about character of love is for father is the only word no more and we can do nothing without you not annoying easier this time because I got listed and maybe see the love that we need thanking Jesus me in Romans at the pharmacy tech the Bible says God love us a bottle to bottle coming then there is long for us in that while we were yet sinners what happened Christ died for your birthday and we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his son once more being reconciled we should be seen by his life and that was below the boxes and while we were yet manners trying I was in while we were yet many one will be an unrepentant while we feel any while we still pay ten God God still love you and me than at the gospel when I went that when you see that love a spell singer from your heart and my heart that the powers of the gospel integrity John three sixteen and a been there the ones that it is excellent on three sixty a note from the memory but I was aware that it is the order to mountain of over chronological order in our class but I want to look at what is there this is your God so loved the world that he was gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life cannot be in the order the last thing it easier to get everlasting life but what you do in order for you to obtain everlasting life you must like you must believe the two and I went there we had all the time with my kids I do not can be saved with it what do you have to believe as if we initiated by the agreement on response I think enough of that issue but the beginning of the begin renewing me believing before Helena was a molecular mass of the want to even believe below the recent visit of God so what do I do for and then when the idea he went on Berkeley he was thinking you but I think now before you believe the money validity for a believe the bodyweight elegant bodywork change reply you are transformed before he became a nutrition guide before e-mailing the pain and God let me know three oh rescued amen I got the love you even only been repaired he still loved them and that God letting us know you are neglecting deployed on into your life that is what inspires you initiate to do you respond to believe Malawi they then because you believe in a transformed life he had never one for Gardens agreement will a few stories here to need to John chapter four verse thirteen for verse thirteen we looking at for some other woman at the well the woman car what the Christ it's a woman knows about this John chapter four verse thirteen and fourteen about with says Jesus answered and said into her whoever drinks of this water shall thirst again but whosoever drinks of the water that I should give him shall never there are no more than that I sent you shall be in him out well I want is springing up into everlasting life and what you are saying to this woman that you can drink up the things of this world but is nevertheless satisfying the only thing that can satisfy is why I have to offer to you and God is the love I have to give you what happened best it can with anyone and then asked season of the Bible says the woman seventy yes sir Ganymede this walk-through that there is not neither comehither to join in she wanted to slaughter of love she wanted this this thirst to be satisfied within the belongings of the heart she wanted to be complete and that's what she wanted inside of her they conversely seen as anything but before you do this water wanted a notice what he did for the giver sixteen the Bible says Jesus said to her goal calling a husband and come hither the woman answered and said I have no husband I want to know is that Jesus first enters into a forbidden realm on this woman's life she thought that no one know about you see one of his woman comment an middle of the day wait-and-see game because she knew that if she had communal morning and evening when everyone else came doing today that there are real people they are talking about her whispering about her gossiping about her and so she purposely came in to get away from the Gospel gossip in a dirty looks is going on about her not his woman must be nastiness of the question and saying to himself to Jesus if he only knew who I really was when talking to me nonetheless he noticed he said to give a short answer I is not to say I have no husband end of story rights you want to go anybody am and I had a conversation is coming to talk me then I get a shot Anthony watching the Sunday of exactly what she did write she want to change the something was what Jesus said what happened next in breast anything about this Jesus and until you send well I have no husband for you have had five husbands and he will you have now is not your husband and that there is now tuning otherwise it was a woman who was searching for love her whole life she wanted to express my love is really all about she went on first Nancy one venting their mac & cheese marriage as one man thing and if he found her true love absolutely and she's so excited the wedding day Kong is going well then you imagine a year later going to the divorce papers imagining occasions be feeling she got married and she got divorced but didn't end there she got married a second time and that she got divorced the second time there's an unmarried at the time and they got divorced the third time the nonmarital wartime in the divorce of bartending under a feeling time hoping that this was too long that the big-money liberal heartland to love what happened but she got divorced the fifth nineteen ninety she must be going through an analogy isn't now number six was a man the ceiling and marriages she had given up on marriage that it never works this announces shacking up with her boyfriend then we told you in the Bible that she had met nine number that Jesus Christ metal completion of law is satisfied in the belongings of a heart below you see this when he was sixteen million nodes in a woman actually knew everything on the secret of mana like in case they are longer he shouted I know I want to know about all you will you and I know all anything that you know what I'm still talking with you I feel along you I still care for you University minus we are afflicted when I best food for doing on February the one people to like us relate people to love us and really is no an immunoglobulin know who really were because beyond the committee working on we really argument can't even talk to us leaving one time and and accept the butt is not how God works for God knows everything there is no bottom including outstanding lucky if they all love anything that noted Islamabad wants his people to cheat on his weblog wanted to love the other that no matter who wants to the doors upon church when she went back with the love and respect a guy treat this shows the what this woman's testimony to the world as it says in verse twenty nine with thirty nine was the Bible says the Bible says she may not practice again this was a evangelism she said that Khan Sandman with tall me all things whenever I get is not just the Christ were thirty nine and mid- American limits they believe in him but a thing of the woman would specify he told me on that ever I did was came as a man that taught me everything that I was seeing with everything that was in the lobby in the name of the man when all around him I found that I was bullying alone and yet for me the thousand thousand eight hundred and not only did I see it I experienced it I'm telling you about it I was floating on it yet I was fully long as you can than to start immediately chapter Don Johnson the egrets feeding and Bibles the woman caught in adultery John chapter eight verse three new Bibles what did he really religious leaders do know the Bible says John chapter eight verse three the Bible says and ascribed the Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery and when they had set her in the midst is gently unmask that this woman was taken in adultery in the very act now Moses in the law commanded us that such should be stolen but what stands out is based said tempting him but he might have to accuse him now the religious leaders of the church accept this woman up to commit adultery another was the religious chart numbers the leaders within the church didn't have any luck what is going on this woman was condemnation that's all they had put his woman in an care bargaining chairs and I think Charlotte about this one knows what Jesus did for a six about this year continues on with Jesus through down and with his finger wrote on the ground until he heard them not now what did Jesus run aground as soon I know the thin audio I love a good and white when what kind of the Bible do you see God lighting with his finger and come on and by the knowledge of the law there is life on soul chooses wedding with his finger in the fat was enough he ran well in the Bible that God uses finger and Daniel representing life judgment cementing the long judgment and sin and so his right-hander started the long judgment and descendent of sad as he's been donning the role to grow the want to use this electricity is impressed that any of the on-topic off-topic eight Kabbalah says so when the continue acting the setup and something thin and him he that is without sin among you their first cast a stone at her and again he stooped all involved on the ground he had given that retreat is that you without sin cast installment of client 's adopted she had expected that the first song was good because again since she was a beautiful again somebody here the big crush on him like she was expecting to die soon I've heard that sentence and her alumni know what the people didn't do when he saw the commandment and dozens of God and heard that China's Mima use the diverse nine about this and then which heard it being convicted by their own conscience went out one by one beginning at the eldest even to the last and she is left alone and the woman standing in the next one by one they dropped their stones and it started to slip away one by one until all that was left was the woman in Jesus can you imagine that scene the rest what did you say to this woman about the rest and eleven when Jesus had another thought to thought along the woman in fact I wanted where are your accusers as no man condemned me to send not by Angie says under her neither do I condemn the ball and why Finn the more I want to know that Jesus didn't say that in order again you cannot say law and send the line then I won't have any condescending look noncondensing on against you said that no one have any condemnation against you Jesus said hearing studies in a few I'll have not condemned not handle combination for your Deplin ball and sin no more another way Jesus loved her it was a woman again who knew that she was formerly known and yet fully human wonderful dogs serving you love this so much similar wonderful God he was a woman who say he is a man and Osama my disgraceful sin yet in the midst of this condemning charts who condemned me he does not condemn me is about the gospel and not condoning law when she saw the law it was amazing my weight fan was next on the heart and she may not understand normal and bloody men she knew she was fully known and yet legal visit on that story was that chapter one verse two can be good with their chapter one verse two Divine when they got out there to do the Bible says in verse two was the accepted one first doing a marvelous buy within the beginning of the word of the long life of their and the Lord sent them on their ability to be a wire off hormones and children of hormones the lands committee greenhorn on departing from the Lord is the whole affair was unbound and now God constantly they are an sensible and they all want to go out I want to marry a prostitute not a reply prostitute with a prostitute is no continue the act of prostitution can you imagine if we do something with their thing I now know that denies the people that he marries this is lamented she do not change me I'll ask him from meeting bond and be merry culinary do not change her inside she was still the same one he and I think a meeting horn on the cheap Lambert on the man while he was still American with their thoughts profit and what happened next would diversify the ball within the first nine then God calling a person for his life names along me is that there is simple you're not my people and I will not be a God was on this kind of Hosea real-life that are his children and he had with his wife was not on himself it was the on-demand team guys in the pain I've ever had some every cheat on you the other reason maybe now when you are married the name you would like any government high school in puppy love nothing happened when he cheated on you I doubt not but happen to me a lot identified really as you have looking at the something Hosea and what he must be feeling at this time to give birth chapter three verse one with a glossy was it to find you know the Bible says here then allotted to me call yet love a woman belonged author thread yet another thought stress according to level of the Lord for the children of these are not worth .com was there there his wife and napkin and I bought always been the punisher Federation bar to Chase on the longer you live on alone with the children and the one we gone with some opinion of the night and you save wholesale I want to go after your wife Natalie sing to God mean the one who cheated on me can you imagine this is going on and he's going to look searching for his wife and his hosanna without he remembered all those lonely nights waiting up for his wife human at all those drawn on my vacations were supposed girlfriend in them along those times she returned home with the smell of other men's cologne can you smell it can be the penis will be any setting forth thoughts on this earthly wife your daughter 's life with Gmail you will strike to his broken up your home with attractive children I left everything for her lovers demanding your chasing the wind was obvious there was another man were to God when it was then fine is likely to burst to instruct the Obama says so I bought her to me for it being pieces of silver for home I bought in a half homer of boy now essays he bought her that where people bought slave markets just following in the slave market the prosecution team that one was he's won a battle a few hundred bucks here was a woman who was at one time so beautiful at one time so happy when a life but not too many years of unsatisfying jeans she was not even worth anything now want to put us all in the wife's a single misplaced as you're there and you hear people getting for you and the calling out numbers there you think you here the familial boys because you are not expected when you think it was invoicing you thought it wasn't used slowly looked up and you realize that it was a husband and now you miserable and all the people give her the last person you want to think even see was your husband and he was beginning to you loving you and all you knew that you were not worthy on you knew that your Guineans many singles nights on the Internet on your journey with her mother men usually known as somehow he still loves you and at this point he finally realized that where you are at you are fully know and get food what happened I want to know that happiness out there the lunching at the lowest two parts the diversity about this and I sent her use shall abide for me many days thou shall not paid a high and I'll shall not be bringing men so when I also be again underwent these are commandment words right there is a obedience year that I worth there was a call we want to thought her again it wasn't me a call and then you don't really know now and let me know it was not long of God and loving a haunted cease all as you saw him under the husband had her she wasn't letting to allow in food no more wasting and the last experience love was the means by which sin was expelled from her art and she went off to sin no more you will be faithful to husband why cannot be questioned often very nice thirty CNA balls and now her heart on ESI has been transformed it had been changed in a themed envelope that expelled the things she wanted winning Omaha and allow one to obey was Anthony recollected for eternity was learning to us to give birth one that is allotted to me bull yet love a woman the level perfected an adult is according to the love of the Lord for the children of Israel beloved tonight bought a pair of the law that holds there as for the book is like the love that he had when he had thought through seventy on his church and God is not as expected not just to be obedient on being fake columns of the methods enough I believe that you though there's been an update of last methods the one methods the last Muslim mercy giving him into the world in the revelation on his cat ever turn off white while below them it was a lower one a loaded award is learning how the beginning and how much more intensely more intense we need to be calm that comes a method of Latin that there is going to be a power outside of us on the map however is called love the lot is now spent on the high end of the final generation that the character of Christ allowed properly read Windows within his people what is interesting and Mrs. God has for his people and ensuring you from the heart insomnia who has ninety nice on the night in my sleep sleep is my sanctifying XTs the victory that can only be found and always is a God honoring God upon and use of our clear the real missed the word is the first time conversation I thought is what is law below e-mail that is what we need is well thought anyone means the power of his love life I know that as I need in my life there is a story for young women in Christina lived in Brazil Christina couldn't wait to be she could get away from a mom and all moms name is Maria she was longing for him finally he got his own office yet save enough money she was there on me planned that she had passed about bags and one morning is Maria had gotten up and went to check on on her daughter and peek into the room she found that her daughter and runaway quickly she realized what I'd done because in a girl and then Yong is only one thing that you could do it she had run away to real emulating one thing you can do in real was to become a prostitute the question I think the bag as he got all the money she could see right to dump unwanted pregnancy when she went as one of those vulnerable in order that was a picture right of yourself because you want to do nothing subsequent to the picture-in-picture is enormous amount of money he put it all together Nancy Moore method and the needs picture on the back of them missing manager real looking for dicey when a lot of cases of ill repute on the pages she thought her daughter would probably go to so she went to the nightclubs to the bathrooms and put it on the bathroom window similar to all the prostitution houses deported on the bulletin board this original on his damning places as she put it in the phone booth hoping that one day ago I would see the picture finally I run out of money she had decided to go home she went home hoping that Adonis see that picture several months later casinos walking down the steps on his unsatisfied dreams of her life as she saw walking down these passengers what she thought would be happiness he now realized that in her life and I had turned off the weekend wanted to turn out that she was visible should not be in your home seems so far away as she went toward the alternate steps to use of the phone and see real-life Chicago sinusitis you realize is to recognize and that was a picture she moved in a closet and with a picture of her mother she thought wow what a picture of my mom being it is in his prostitution house is a right will you see the sign in if you want to put up in the morning Sheila added energy in owner as you read those words whenever you have done what any become it doesn't matter just Jonathan Adam was a matter with you become our wasting it on your own formula Judaism Bible many American on the meaning of love only thing I need to want to have been aware of that loves us morning away we had done on me what we might become a radius he thought long will we allow people who are not hurting me and would love you and sinners and this appeal is that you ask God to open your eyes to review his casually as anyone with common sense show me your life like odds are you sent a character a monkey man anyway so the inheritance of love revealed that I really want to hear and he is able to see what he thought he will all you craving mode this memo I saw mean we are sorry you feel but also the second he unfastened and that is that we know that even someone on their enemy is using the song love and commitment deposit I will know who you are positive you a lot but in the long in my life is that God will like you to step as he can be a news in an in a live in an and he sat as a meeting is an as is you is or she is in pain and is we will a little now he is a he is a a a a a a a a a a he a heaping and him to a bed and a is in man is to him as and when he has an eye and he is a is the time is him for him to a time when he can find grateful tonight the revelation of the other parts appear as a pilot and deepest longings on the soul scene when I went tonight is one of the Law Review as I written behold you glory that we've been transforming today less than one year he is nothing there thank you for those in the meeting I is less than thank you Lord is the same as you need to


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