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The Power of Cause and Effect

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries



  • March 25, 2012
    8:17 PM
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him to downcast something going on finalizing the liner and then it am I say he is on the following items closet that is allowing him he will then meet in London on Wednesday noon and I'm what you are doing is unlawful joining a something is valued on and on I got in and in and in what that's like me and if and when at all if anything so call system in a positive effect right whatever happens you the results anything that so you do something and on the surpluses that needs to be understood to look at a study in inhomogeneous a lifetime and reality study on silicon alloy needed is positive and focus the thirty first seventy need to buy those final turn to John seventeen thirty is anything Murphy so maybe that three thirty three thousand seven and I looking this review is reasonableness clause of that intimacy that in this text when you see that at all I is eternal life I know you recognize the problem is knowing God equal to eternal life I mean he was a want by normalizing alignment people missing on the legacy nobody will listen you see because when a bomb the lesson is doing the right way to make up excuses so when I saw me as of late winning the easiest thing that is a lot more than just in between Sundays meeting between the cause and effect here is five centimeters ascending into the mind of John and Jean get going gone on a golf eternal life anything you a good and in and in a management of the arcade is good to so Vanessa Vanessa cause-and-effect and I think it was a slow one right on-site schooling is nobody than a life in discussing the sweetness is missing that would help solving it in one single is one that will cause attributable one text you grab another taxi because it affects away the extra solemnly gone if we can elect Vivienne is something missing out I cannot along the way as are the next conversed on performance of any horizontal one you done for them I'm assuming you are intimately the sun was setting I him I have left a villa in chronological order from November seven venue Tonya was a common thing I wanted was a want to thought really hard we don't want to switch things around for the order is correct anything you don't even said that we see in a you a you and immediately meeting anyone as long as his two things may many that they were what was one of God I went out like Bill God okay so but there's a pathway I know anything is going so you want to switch easy ones I and so I think that if you want anyone know what I mean anyone that long is wanted by the Bulldogs in other words reason why you love because you are one of God and an amazingly large because he was lifelessly fit so if you want to block you will like him obviously that is suitably going to make honor what about when they said and also if you know online meeting life him nothing is known by his and so now not connecting this is they live in connecting cause-and-effect undefeated text that we had been in the music said nor God is what is happening of naxal known by the next that is what is going to go live in a closet fixating on the cause the fact wasn't happy you know God will honor you want them up with another public anyone could have anything you happen to you again and I automatically bet on you jump off the feeling that the law is so cause review clauses if you know of God in his life and innovative physical abuse I know this is here freedom only my mom and beautiful so I went with the next evening and you in the Bible is even a Bible inauguration facts about that you know Don even among and Verizon is using is not as definitely as you don't get them going on to become lifelong I noticed in doing him a nominal benevolent and again closet back is likely between secular dominoes annulled by right with the next evening there is going on in Hawaii was known again identifying the phenomenon as known in the dominoes is it just one site at some I think I connected a finding on the flag in the final wife I thought I'd bundled on a note on it and identify long on one name when they log off limits on the mainland on anything inherit in the week and night long to connect he and Ms. will give obedience and because something being in on the nocturnal life hasn't been doing obedience all I thought that was musically what I know by your own sleeping around a wise and loving Savior I know God is in the moving right so what does something missing so what is a good critical to Johnson that what you begun working with you and John fourteen personally three so we looking for one word on anything now intertwined to deciding you want to see God you want to see one parent among which is ninety and two things were not related and connected by that method like this leave a comment read a all right meaning is not visible you need more intellectual knowledge you need the power within the leaving of the BBQ communities on for the rest of the economy is driven him I was a senior and what is it that my condition receive you then right on the back and when I meet you in and see that Slovenia saw it means that if this is automatically sent this one have to write something on doing so in you what will happen automatically millions of exit through them all it was a good and one of them I love you about this with two moments have been thirteen percent identified abdominal strength was needed I still have you known five night ULI is a you know I love right hand and was the next thing you you love and you'll be running on the other hand the nominal love in any of anyone will be in the wonderful of you I given us both to remedy secretly with once I love moments affecting the artifacts vastly Catholic missing a few know God he connected nominal cost effective so you know that I wasn't happening and what love God it automatically signal dog you love God and you love God wasn't happy he got up and obey God I think connecting Domino on conflict that automatically happen and it's a holiday that you love God and we confirm of women that affect that loving guy looking on this readme .txt and romance there are thirteen with him now I will in and moment in the half but it was a loving of the law of his full height his fields on twenty three said that if you love me you will gain you write in August all because when you have long it will fail if other wholesale level for the law the law we view as loud by because one of the first four commandments if you have one of the last economic nineties Shaw the rhizome love fulfills the law because the molecules like love because if you love God you will keep all for coming if you love each other if you love each other you will keep the last six the longest media love you so so we rethink cost-effective lock up a cliff into rocks below unit on thy right so if you reconnect ignore God you will lack on God and if you log on you will life of a guy to see that but here's the thing could it be possible that were focusing on what you need to do an okay I tell you what you should do and what you shouldn't do but we're not going to tell you about the loving God and that knowing .net possibly think it maybe your sermon then maybe it was okay this is how you need to keep the Sabbath holy without you need to keep the commandments of the need to do that also communicate here that but they're not talking about the however they will let you need to identify quite a falling little Italian okay but is not all love and not beyond beyond I didn't know when they should love God what I know nobody is what the very bottom a note administered with teaching you what you should do initiate doing okay but witnessing out the way to power the love annoying guy and an introduction of God but maybe even how to get on the ongoing God is a mini review got studied God 's character not knowing right the effects of climate thinking no you know what in eighty eleven you will gain back their advantage that the setting is a nagging and so that's so thinking when I saw nobody eternal life but China figure out what is the insights that Stefan Nancy the silky nobodies here eternal life is down there said since opening a blank like dominoes right nobody in love God in a big fundraiser Friday and again fumbled Jane God honoring down to eternal life right I think emotive about what he thought of having to exercise up it that way you know when you'll be good to what is the thing that we must do in audit to obtain what went to sleep now eternal life waiting signal good for one living in the Bible that perpetuating eternal life faith what object was there in the Bible and then have to do an audit to continue eternal life what you are in life Genesis chapter three verse twenty two anyone read of the Genesis affidavit plaintiff said he known gone you along God -year-old big God and this so you can't let you connect any one doing it on his yesterday 's eighty dollars and forty one evening he is eternal life is the life at sea of life 's alendronate putting them between will be the end and eternal life what time you come that will be instituted to your life I is another pet journey to Revelation twenty two verse twenty Revelation twenty two by fourteen can we meet along the mine by the graphical day that way do it when not working to is not as it is way in obedience I saw a real Damien wasn't happy when I have access to the life feel like I read that's hereby what could happen live forever do you see that Sony John seventeen birth even if you know God that is what I sent him at the eternal life so if you don't want me and my father was encephalitis and how many times get that and I fill in the thanks of the dominoes might cause an affected monopoly down the Nixon when the standings he began the wood of and understand and if anything him him him solid minute one here is not gone maybe not gone you like and what cause-and-effect thinking a lot automatically allow God of automatic if you love God wasn't happy you elevate John fourteen to twenty three right if you obey God cause-and-effect laws in your big wasn't happening you have taxes to the white here my feedback right if you have access to the gym like the cause and eat your food with an happen you had me what it's like John sent me birthday right eternal life is lightly back there is what only God nothing got the concept that the principles of abdominal floor goes the morning and right longer than the click exit had loving it and I connected than an anatomical had five right and I look that was okay right so the government not a Texan about the hassle Dana connected posted together as you are doing or being obeyed and then after Labbe and upon it with another thick add the bay that no that you like it went on for the seventies he had been in effect who doesn't is that we doesn't understand kinescope one step that we went on knowing God to generalize so let's go backwards I want to go back was for knowing God through one step before and I want to connect it with the sad death if the no goal to SQL twenty first twenty oh nine and was right I wanted him I found the I have no son but it looks like text that has went on it when we protect I thought I would know understand and abdominal heaven nor I so want to connect to their and see what's on the other hand I doing went backward no-no I know I know and I'm not really technically figural chapter twenty and on why was the beginning wireless cyber giving to us that we may live novel by BSE that the sign was given to me may not possibly back with us I know when Oregon together like a miniature in the other direction and our interconnectedness and not to understand it so the fact that is the sacramental is the bar knowing before I logged before all beanie and nine PAN the Senegal is in the beginning but when we noted for the five it on the end we not you must keep in a bid not one of anything on the votes that may help you to get to know the time date a good good this time have anything to do with knowing somebody than anything so one nine seven five has a specific time when I thought of relationships do not say that love to me it's spelled G INE placed on the right never without all children why not find that fallout is not money is not material things is not a good education they want to find a forty one subplot in the same way to get to know him he wants you to spend time with him and not for the sound of his life at the beginning will they get this right after fun all profit he put aside that not only an input in the beginning the direct quotation underneath you special testimonies about a creature as this year the sign of obedience is the absorbers of the sacrament of the fourth amendment cause of accurate and about positive that an additional right backlog in man to know what foreign commandants that will line people on both of their all their social time is not with the rest of the commandment that the last thing that's in the God-given District of San Jose at the beginning of the cycle right so that the dots of the family was given not as of Friday night I give it as a blessing to mankind the fact was made by man not man for the fact that I saw now to connect on a concept that went on and on breaking to groups of history suicide with soul when I saw this on the this is one meaning the black text when going on in the family I it within minutes under the sink actually computer Gregory define a neuropathic location defined by what they connected out is a prime example of the applicant 's other just and when a minute not really knowing God loving on obeying God is not that all GM life which is eternal life in IPN but I find the concept that can't and if you were to keep that sad event you will have eternal life amen savage review that outweigh boy and as if somehow I ended laughing event site using evolved the sobbing of the wrath right rests on what biblical were only known in people think the fabric is just my physical wrath when we are two methods says in the Bible and God rested on white is white cement with me roughly gone at the thought of any kind we about the dog never need against hiring the right someone about a month and rest it was not talking about physical it was we were not meant to want to this note we as much money as we can it's a pleasure so we came to see Bobby on Saturday he see that held not by the measurement at the present of the fabric was righteousness by faith resting that you cannot save yourself the line saves you number two you cannot change itself dauntingly contain any thoughts or questions if anyone's understand cause and effect cause otherwise says they that dwell always calm cause and effect there the now and you naked dual line was asked by an inability to groups unity studying Isaacson when I thought this is this what it was man created sixteen right now is created I went it was on the him I mentioned that the next there I am enough and when and not as nice work the first day right so man was created by then he was like that the next relation and that he was work phone that the gospel of the Senate first we create you first night you rest in a company that works any retrieve you and then you work based upon the plot is already done for you on the appreciation for what he's done event one one funding of any doing evolution manager Bobby within the created on the faith-based anymore then on Saturday what do people who believe in Sunday was somewhat anti-Western management Saturday it working I went into a Sunday while Griffin worked with you think I'm being right so the Navy so the sun in a false religion is that working-class logging on and anything by working an update life met with deducting how do you know Revelation chapter fourteen in Maynard Matthews Revelation fourteen in Revelation chapter fourteen verse eleven the so-called people received the mark of the beast language of the unfunny assays and the smoke of the time in the thin forever and ever and they have no life raft busy that day or night why you have the right to likely methods of oppression that significantly behind nothingness at this happen then this will happen and that hope was wondering elected nominal as one can detect the next into the top of the Bible is one example of many rights I think and you thought the question was fine and I know okay to make the groups field for an assignment for you John chapter fourteen and fifty break into groups and I want you buying as much cause-and-effect verses in their green out apply on the interpretive thoughts and you make an application for today as it is interpretation and in its application to make it profitable so John went to groups of like one five John fourteen to fifteen working grooves and find cause to effect and it I think several of them and look for the love of God can avoid focused on real happy when that for the love of God and salvation on the gospel these three four improves editing operation had not been around in nineteen menus they do they are noting the meeting my mission in England in nine hundred and knew the meaning he needs a minimum number and range for more information on our ministry and the resources we provide below remembering that will be a learning of new not allowing for not warning WW no new allowing them alone and


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