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The Discovery of Chronological Order

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries



  • November 4, 2011
    3:15 PM
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but I do know is the hottest guy I qualify as an visit I have a handout not when you can wonder that ahead of these anti- and we happily handing out here I believe in him and in any intent on an ELN 's Melinda Melanchthon and anybody can take it home when you and you can put in woman over the principles on this afternoon and landed replying so I went below about you and how you bring the grooves in front of them he also and got there about a system that you L first of all the boy began making good on their thing this is not a clear call to the newsletter sign up and is the most seen a ministry we send you to the Mayall Street sermon CDs every quarter and a newsletter to be updated what we doing so he liked to be uninteresting fitted out I may give it all now you handed in on the center and we can have all become active this time and also lets you know that we hope will know that within the school we have in Hawaii the restorative and is called the living Waters school in the pockets of the big Island in the summers for nine weeks and we study done in revelation but I might burn is this I want to marry left a event and prophecy when God 's law enacted so I want to see mounting back then what where when the ball last events and compensate I want to know the why was I want to know why always love you CNN the love and the power right so I'm not alone my brother is a combined along with the mathematical I believe that every prophecy every man and every document library rankings revelations in this also the pop it in the USC out at a much clearer picture of the love that you love him all are the Nike will him my leafy men a big my heart how much you powers and God 's love so that the bread of the school because studying away and I'm looking forward for next year it's going to thank you limited amount of people UK to keep the quality on a visiting quantity and went necessary qualities that would limit the marketing Council to let you know and they may have a fire tonight on the chairs for the fiscal year if you have your Bibles and yet that would have had not yet who doesn't have as one of the here and have had no idea she got it okay so turn them in your Bibles to John chapter three verse sixteen I know I know you notice back but I want to show you what we did what I did last night a couple tax administrative and principles I want to be going over today's call the discovery of chronological order the discovered chronological order newbies got caught iconic the discovery because I feel that when I was learning not too many people using the chronological order in in Bible study because anxiety sixty one degrees showing videos a lot but I never thought things in it that you know I see in it now right so discovery discover chronological order initially be looking at this time so with this would be learning I pray that God world model is relearning this season one hundred to study not only to be learning his method of the study of chronological order but also one and Mary they can would God love today studies that he has met and I pray that you see more clearly a picture of God 's love for you let us pray father humbly ask for you to be on buying teacher study and break into groups for you to reveal to us your character below the thanking Jesus name amen John chapter three verse sixteen so when I look at this text and hours in artists the difference between righteousness by works and Mike is my fate and that my main thrust unit is not and is not based upon me doing things while the first one against another text energy feelings chapter five verse twenty four and twenty five and this has been a key text that has really opened my eyes in the whole Bible is asked about relationships be satisfied with twenty twenty five during their please and we go back to John's apathy for sixty Ephesians chapter five verse twenty four and twenty five notices here therefore and the church is something antichrist so that the Y beaten on the husband and everything what is a high event women with a man in the painful taxes on a lot of women you know in order to not offend one and he ought to go to women than in the phase angle winning the implement someone like that I miss him I like to see happen cannot do anyone I sell but if you live stop Derek did you know that this is right in the spyware what when you submit to them that that is what I work anything why no one am I talking about an insult to understand this tax you have to ball to the next cat birth twenty five so see what it says about that husband is what not know why even as life I also want love the church and gave himself for so not as though that merges my favorite is my work this will brighten this might take a little back to the gospel Christ died on the clock my question the question why are we supposed to serve God why because he loved not the most last night first right he loves us and that was me respond to that now do we not respond to limit with God loves God the gospel is God loved us and I was who was the initiator gone and with the responder so God initiates you want to us and we do not initiate any Pentagon we already respond to a lovely day then somebody Michigan law really respond to that not because he loves us so much that the gospel certificate back to the sixty four twenty four and a student in the Seneca epistle therefore as both charts is not begun to try right as that parallel right then you know why beats it own husbands in everything would be subject right soul in the same way twenty three acts got twenty three and twenty four right soul here you see that as the charts another was the women submit to the new and as the man by laws the woman is the women only respond to enough love of the husband what about my husband if one and there is no long on about half the month at the Whitney can we know the husband 's right by the conversation but the gauntlet when we can make men when we leave our homes and we all live as Christ loved the church and only then can we spread the gospel and only then can we recommend all wives to submit to us amen I want to wipe when not limited to the admin if they saw the love of God within the husband zero again your job husband knew that John Underwood by the US trademark furniture and Jonathan if you know that your husband would die for you would you not willing to submit to him he did when he got married did you not something happen from nurse to the deer out right now but there was a time to you what do anything for him it was a joy concern was not why either that joy in nineteen men recall lot we lost our biblical rules have we not in on my wall model was Hollywood and so God had to be changed to the violet and also this gene defects unlocked my understanding of the whole Bible why because I learned that gone back to fix it is not always initiates and we always respond what is a bank for that understanding we can unlock chronological order legal defense of Georgia John Bieber sixteen out of the genetic John three sixteen so when I lived in this text initiate about the specs José on doctors thought I came with the eyes of looking is that that God initiates and I respond I do not respond first Pentagon initially just I do something God does something after but before I was talking something happen before that the name you want to respond the Mason focus on the guitar the persisting the Bible to the sport fingers for birds but have to grow that happened above about as Bulldogs all line with the birthday long now chronological enemy what are the sequential order one of the audit event that happens long gone long known the world that's you and me that he wanted gave the second word right Nettie J his only begotten son that who and who was appointed as the first part lobby was wanted that birth also the second by giving was that also get a third one that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever what the third one believes that the third step right release was part of that dog on another obscene white everlasting life and death of benefit God is not yet common as cause-and-effect to write delay that in our Bible study and in five African American European attention and command so here you have no renal receptor one hundred of the same unit we tell people you you need to believe we don't really know law through the clearly possible that when missing the gospel that there are steps that have been before you even believe I don't stuff that happened is that God initiated and you only responded to logon already is doing in your life the men you can never believe that the Holy Spirit has long been working on any network on the Christ is not anything that you were claiming you don't even come to Christ is not beyond power is limited the Holy Spirit was working on prompting I find it hard to believe that way they then not the gospel so even if all love the first driving then he blesses us so we understand his love then we believe and then we I think with a beautiful godly families behind Kate Mrs. for you I know we haven't it a bit time here so if you can turn to second Corinthians chapter five is fourteen I couldn't justify the fourteenth even if it is cause-and-effect is happening here but chronological order is not related like we did in this study in their night on the effect link text the text get second cry on Corinthians chapter five verse interview Bible is the intern there please the Bible says and what constrained to those Christians to do good works the Bible says for now what love of Christ what strained us now another word for constraint is compelled by force on force no what we need to do with music attacks to determine what is the order you assess up the questions which comes first in its neck in a question is that this comes first before that way does this come first before then not the Bible it goes backwards another way the Bible puts a certain order backwards and you have to split the order to really understand what's really going on is a dentist back to the question I would ask limited effect don't ask do we constrain ourselves to do good works and then experience the love of Christ know what happened doing for the salsa do good works race result of a Christ or do I will try to become the love of Christ we then do a good whack with our men so that Oregon is chronological order yes in which comes first what the input before I won or the other it is within that attack in examples because you begin to groups and for no forth I was six or seven right up the bitmap so let's go to the next tax in Romans chapter thirteen birth ten inguinal with that on the classroom and thirteen percent of the palaces here love works no ill to his neighbor a death full are what is the thing the law is the line of building off the line the law right so the question is do we go to Longhorn and then experience the love of dog night is the question asked why do we experience the love of God negative the power to fulfill the law which is the second one I can see that so when we spared Lebanon we will fulfill the long-haul vessel because never the first floor cannot rinse it as long tool God that this command is allowed to move each other right so long for me as well as the law of God because a lolly view of God 's law as they got a review of the lot maybe it was that if you have the love of God you will win out obey Allah what if a man this is my burden in the Binder and is involved in prison to I've had a lot of presentations and studies and classes in sermons on what I need to do what I should do heavier that also but I've never I've read here in the same reason patient never had in the past where the love of God is so clearly presented before the law-abiding in a thing presentation well I on experience I seem to love more song that I wanted to obey God in the lobotomy insolently with me that words for my background I was so listened to the law right obedience and heard it all but if you do not present the power to do a little thing that God is not to do really mean you what I saw been if you never heard what you need to do it and don't need to do to attract it is better to be in the world and knocking about the law and to being the church and hereby the law not about God 's love and what I thought was to be a breast-feeding Paul said turn out to be a curse what I thought was to be going he said with the law cannot be occurrence enough was important that I believe the gospel would need to be married where whatever's plot when adoptive status prophecy whatever it is on that statement and must be married to get a B do not marinate them together even animated Romans chapter seven Paul said what he wanted to do he didn't do we knew in addition to keep it in experiment before I snore city Madam splicing the entertainment kids running inherently right and I should imagine my wife in the clothes sold her right foot a day but I give inimical shoulder I worry keep on going over the Saints in the north of the repentance right that peanuts because of how all the other one is not how I wanted the power to give the big deal that they wanted it I think love that's the power name on God 's love amen enable right we can say how long anyone in the matter what you do does love love love I got other work right to use those Adalat is still being young young educated than in argument cold shoulder TR July the net I don't as long as I love God right you know my heart even the night before that of the work and any other sheen of flourishing and attaches as an ill Nino being mean to love each other in a number enemies be kind to my wife and my chemicals shown in my children I love them and then he cannot do this and only had to saddle on all OB and since I became incapable holy and in this and that the reform and help me on and just a foreman on the farm when you leave out the love of God and guess what happened manageable in fact the more I reason with a flavonoid that working with it doesn't matter what you do it is love God is anyone happy right to enjoy lifelike and there is no law right and then yet I seen the people wrestle his loss of the burn and are never happy right the measurable but it off with such a young offender level you will be not because you feel you have to be afraid of God because you love him and you want a Mac like how to win your first Meriwether name exactly how I was the honeymoon in an average in love experience lasted two years of it if they truly are is a sad lonely doing you know Holmes apparently the church we fall loving dog without a sponsor so much that it shall not following on an ally still it would not be obedient to God and I was all disobedience close that we do not love God and falling me all disobedience pros that we do not love God and if you love me you will live you'd see my comments on talking with lengthy multiphasic if you love me you will keep my word how God 's word you will cause and effect we learn that earlier because of that's important to look at another texts here and in a break yup soon again it's good to acts chapter three verse twenty six is accepted three verse twenty six of the center accepted three verse twenty six the Bible says unto you first thought having raised up his son Jesus sent him to bless you know why they bought sent Jesus to blacklist what was the purpose of this one was a continent that was the reason why with a chronological order here bought sent his son Jesus to grapple for what purpose Bible says what is neither online with a note of iniquity sin with Don Sanders blessings upon us and down upon us why so that he can turn us away funds in other words the blessings of God 's love is the power they can thought the victory all within a funny is the chronological order right so God bless you love you so you can have the video within right but I cannot find the we say that with God bless them I love the so that we will be obedient when you I will try and well-being and then blogroll line love you and that he will be falling not find anything that Sunil okay but according to detect if not you are going to have to belong to does all works God bless there is nothing love the first initiation and begin initiating education response we learn about that right God loves us and left and because the method then we will live and love the real-life triclosan because the well-being because we want to write that because no bank is what happens he will live the rest of the refinery and miscellaneous you that if you obey God there is special blessing of God this is than since the rain and on the just and the unjust is not right so in other words God bless his people people people and their obedience right so you ensure that your leaving Beth is thus a man prays not being all that but there's another thing before you even miss before you do not initiate the obedience to get in on United Nations before God doesn't ignore God is the one that initiated once that before you even respond it any admission of a reprieve by letting you continue good things I do in Houston forward in the family I love and we many as lots human nature or whatever this was work any loss you and the chronological order that he loves impressive then you will obey and yet because you obey this special blessing that upon that and it goes on and on loving the understand the word of God I believe more of God 's chronological order we see how he meant kids when the text and breaking up in five minutes canvas totes you against breast John chapter four verse nineteen I just see how this works chronological order you impersonate to cause and effect the one what is the right order right first John chapter four verse nineteen to the famous text gave first John chapter four verse nineteen the Bible says we can't hand because he was a wrestler love the night here's an example that this text is not in the right chronological order you see that the violet of the zoological backwoods so you think backwards on this soul what I do is I because he was Barcelona so where does God loving us happiness equation at the end of the beginning you see that the clear additional dogs also had an answer for this too chronological order gone long thoughts tonight because he loves us was a map in real love him I imagine God loves the Andy can't delete him him again we learned English Asian response always initiates so God loves us and because he loved us for our feeling annoyed and I cannot love you it is impossible for you to love him impossible according to this text so another words but he had no use either a page things six but it says only by love his mother waking to nobody is love him so another words if you know God 's love for you you will love him enough automatic men so the question to ask this on dial-up I would ask what would be this is God 's love for us awake in when she finally see the floating him that were in there with the I love may awaken within us hard when he finally sees me funny loving and is aware now everything that way but doesn't work that way now the words I'll love for God actually awakens when we see God 's love for you and me I imagine that's what God wants of the sea abuse happens when we doing is we have a thick integrate into groups three and four and you can studying groups and I want what I want to do is I want to gold to first John chapters one to five and I want you to pick some tax and it can be one textbook the chapters is the one tax maybe two oh three when it finds in fact that he gives a chronological ordering you can actually bring it out or cause-and-effect whenever I needed bringing out a share with the rest of the group I want to focus especially this time of the love of God loved by so alternative to see God 's character love within within these chronological artifacts again so it is time to go for letting me be me I have ten minutes and it would come back to ten minutes for the goose the M4 will be a Bible you can do this final chronological order than what it is that you get offended on New Year's Day many men take a go-ahead first John chapter is wanted by keeping attacks or two or three by the Holy Spirit he regularly do thirty seconds are you an nine eight seven three two one okay so now it was okay the no-nonsense get a good good looking but here's the thing I want to think that I used speaking to me okay and I want you to listen me if I'm either someone who doesn't know coming out of the Mountain Dew does love God enough to own all I can I don't understand about God without an appointment Limerick to find anything about God 's love God loving CNN it found it so let's see we can do it with and I know I'm knowing it down again but is not a God lobby cannot do have a few hand there right so with music and share about something about God 's love can get a good grass about God 's love is and I want power and time of trying to obey and still baby my my habit of my cinema to keep on sinning and sending insignia was not on ability to God 's love redeeming a power and beauty limiting giving up power at the MP3 gateway microphone again for inverse H McKay so it says the very procedure room whoever does not love does not know God because God is love so starts with God is love first cat and then we have to get to know him Captain and we will love but we don't get to know him we won't not so in order to love we have to get to know God so the order is God 's love we get to know him and then we learn what love a good writer I seem to be an okay thing is already long as stated in ready right and if we get to know law then we will live in and we would love a Mac so that you get to know God you well I love John McCain I seen this year okay and what the doctor very good in man he converted me not quite done by his again I'm reading from first John four seventeen cat teaching this is a perfect human love because many of us struggle with love and many of us have challenges summing all kinds of challenges with love in our life and I take this first because he says first of all that God is love and all who love who live in love and in God first of all copies of and is and sanguine blood first John four seventeen and take ahead sixty okay five p.m. I'm sorry I'm reading right okay we know how much God loves us and we had put our trust in his love and God is love and all who live in the living God and godliness and then and as we living God our love grows more perfect so first about God 's love for canine and all who this in love living God podcast and in godliness and then and as we living God we rolling his loving to perfection in Manchester last question he got a lot of ready I see that you all in love involved in God because God has really love writing I don't remember good as he nodded is happening right but about their software had an design this is an verse ten uses herein is love not that we loved God but he loved us and sent his son to be appreciate for generations for our same God loved us for evening but that he loved us enough that we love him but he loved us and you mean sent his son to be appreciate you for our sins China figure whatever is iPhone when crossing the fact you have a substantive what is it I will have a element of what he knew his God we initiated a level you need we didn't love him enough that Cindy sent his son to be good substitute for our sins so Ukraine audit that you think that change all the giant antifeminist son and that is to love and not on loving him first I definitely went okay output in Africa going to getting cozy witty humor partner that good chapter two verse five after two lives in the night Reeves is bound to keep his word in him verily is the love of God perfected here that we know that we are in him but I is I see we do this chronologically if you want to know the hearing God keep his word that's the word of God the Bible and the more you put the word of God they were night heat in my heart that I might not sin against me the more you have of love of God is perfected in you so we can have the spirit prays Lord we need the word in the more the word you have an work he had forgot he had been the more of his love is perfected in you and that is good and no thoughts on that I saw that I thought of the offering it to the very good ahead of SU click here but if you continue on that first on verse five it says hereby know we that we are in him so if you keep his word you know you can tell by your own actions and by her own impulses and desires whether or not crisis lately and you because the lifetime of your desires will become you mold the light hitting theaters because your thoughts are like anything he loved what he loves you will see it coming out of Matt and Matt can I separate affect how I fear for me that okay with Janecek and more as whosoever keeping his word right in him verily is the love of God perfected I look at that more so that the person who has the love of God perfected in him he will keep the word of God and men he will keep the word soul doth the gospel right in the neck called bloodwork blog mixes will be related at last night and today that whoever keep his word not because they had the effect anyone out there and if awesomeness on the text as we did have a chance yet of a group that he may have action was coming of the light on him I got three minutes to figure it one last one left one I like them well chapter three eleven twelve thirteen fourteen and just break it down and insist that in the very beginning he mentions that from the beginning does not then this can enable is a choice there the choice to choose love or not and venison yet it would down to fourteen different to life so the choices are is God 's love was from the very beginning it was the message was out there and so we had the opportunity to choose between attempt I have elected a good thank you for this helpful video on a sunny man cat I'm going to close at this time but before close there was a hardheaded out you and Mrs. Foreign Ministry sign-up you get on succeeding this e-mail obvious at all on seven presentation on every quarter so you could dissolve and eighty Duncan Hannah etc. now we can pick it up it is time and thank you very much Jamie what they don't think you one else can help it is put on this and I'll and advocates of the session so if you can remember that God always was not always doing that he was responding to the initiate God initiates and we want this is an open of the eyes everything that it doesn't start with you to do something before God will respond it Don had already initiated everything and when you finally see that death on the lawn awakens law-abiding nothing awaken on something in you to respond that looked on already again in December let me know what is behind that and I love I will give the power to be obedient and loving wonderful merciful God then we can be that God 's character money go home what is behind them so that anybody in his father a big thank you for word treat anemia I can with Hassan Mirer then on and why more can have the best certainly that in teachers and be our teacher thinking a new moon business it is bit is I allowing their ministries my mission is to him if God can does not do the eighteen and eighteen of the evidence in this generation for more information on our many see the resources we provide please hope my website at www. allow an critical or that of the WW allowed and there are on the


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