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Reconciliation with God

Hedrick Edwards



  • September 23, 2006
    10:00 AM
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good morning everyone are welcome to Bible study hour I've been asked to study the word of God with you on the subject of trade actually we've had some confusion but on the DJ as to what we should talk about to be talk about reconciliation with God which is a subject very close to me but this reconciliation with God reconciliation among human beings the world is so divided and so broken the messy one of the most crucial messages of Scripture for all time is the message of brotherhood and solidarity with all human beings of every nation kindred and the however a foundation for such a discourse that might come sometime in the future is free so we've decided that via going to study refutes this morning the subject of freedom not entitled to listen the good fight of fee in crisis of trust the good fight of faith in a crisis of trust it's just forth an invite God 's presence to be because as we open the Bible gracious God author of truth inspirer of Scripture God whom we have not seen but who we know is with us in Jesus Christ we invite you to be because another especially in the open you would it seems who's the author of this truth this book will will guide us into a true today you must receptive minds and hearts in Jesus name I I sent out that would free resetting all around them played with for generations this lets the tester to English siblings these siblings unknown as trust and believe of belief trust and believe these was often used interchangeably in the Bible with the depending on the context in which it is because we had translated from the same root and the origin of language will not elaborate on the fine distinction that may exist between them suffice it to say that we cannot talk about biblical faith without using or at least bearing in mind these two siblings belief trust I began by asking the question and unfortunately we not have a lot of time for interaction I I'm a teacher and I like to interact with students but the demands of time and not allow us to have a great deal of interaction I can't see very well in the lights blazing on me but I'm sure you know that so every once in a while and don't don't hesitate to let me know that you been in June so the question if you believe doctors of frauds we devoted band would you follow the instructions and take the medicine they prescribe you have no basis whatever trusting them I know what Johnson would be using the same line of reasoning do you think it would do any ultimatum good for you for God or for the universe if God would go ahead and save everyone including the rep those who do not trust in that inning lifting from God to you all for the whole universe a long-winded piece in the value you were to do that it is obviously very important to be able to trust them in the trust other human beings if you enjoy living together with them in the same neighborhood on the same community we may live in neighborhoods that we don't enjoy me hate it we don't communicate and that's not the way to live but if we want to enjoy living in the same neighborhood with other human beings in the same community that must be mutual trust and faith how important it must be then to discover who God is and decide whether we can put no faith in him this something that is of utmost importance because to be truly and fully human we must be connected with the divine to be truly and fully human we must be connected with the divine disconnected from also humanity begins to degenerate and crumble on much of what we see in the world is a disability humanity and favorite is the only means by which we can be so connected with the with the divine phase is the only mechanism there is by which we can be connected with God therefore feet is central enough for unit of us freedom is behind that is the key in the North house to the door into God 's house in a few University created to advise only those who choose to have faith in him and trust one another to constitute his kingdom and faith is the only condition for entrance into an enjoyment of God 's special family notice how the following scriptures to help crucial and decisive features if you have your Bibles might want to refer to eat was eleven six I think most of us might know that Scripture and without faith it is impossible to please him to please God without faith it is what him impossible to please God if you want a relationship with God if you want to be connected with God it is imperative that we discover what it is and that means knowing expediency I'm not capable of exercising faith Hebrews benefited also tell us that the just shall live by it talk about righteousness just being righteous in the presence of God the only means by which we can be made righteous is by faith not by anything non- pedigree not by a genetic constitution not by Elwell Montvale privilege not by our religion the just shall live by faith Martin Luther discovered that opting yes close no spiritual struggle and the text goes on to say and if anyone shrinks back my soul shall have no pleasure in him that is to say it is possible till shrimp from faith on exercising faith I the just shall live by faith but if anyone shrinks back but since my social have no pleasure in Slate is possible to shrink back I see running from their greetings to you on this power is a friend of mine right so already we can begin to see that my faith is so essential one has a choice one can chose to shrink away from faith and that many people when confronted with the choice shrinkwrap or think is the only means connecting with God book in righteousness to be justified in the absence of faith to be use all kinds of human humanistic mechanisms defined justification and me have all kinds of stuff stick to God that be your phase is the only way last week my wife invited me to what the late arrowhead where how colleagues at Loma Linda University were having a conference I've been guessing yes before I drove there what I discovered was very why being there is the very busy I wish there was not the way a high weight in gold Arafat but alas that was the only way I don't want that I knew so I have to go with next the winding treacherous road we got there safely no accident thing to say but the next morning I was coming down alone she had to stay on it was funny they can not Augustine winding treacherously it was funny that his father and soon as I got out of the hybrid eleven accident because of the fog I believe but I I miss the way because of the club for a while I felt that came back on the road I eventually came to San Bernardino woman in the back I'm grateful I wish there were another way but I had to struggle through that one winding road not to get hold of it we see there is no other choice but to choose state to want to be connected to God and yet important than the fundamentalist state is it is not something that you that that that that that is easy in a sense Scripture refers to it as involving a high I want you to know that Scripture refers to freedom involving a funny first Timothy six twelve fight the good fight of faith if anything am not sure of that it would be easy in offensive should be natural but if the five but I'm glad that he uses the qualifying would looking that good I got some fight with there read about would like to feed it in the fight because the hall of these on this but I didn't tell you about a very disc quality of the front yet again begin the fight not because they didn't have his inheritance is soul probably not the it is a fight because they are powerful forces bring forth these in this planning that I've done in the public arena this quality of the problem with the better crisis of trust right now and although I knew knowing been living at a time when humankind is caught up in one another in grade conflicts while over one hundred thousand for you with engaging two major wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the streets of Baghdad and other cities the insurgents are fighting back against me about three thousand American troops have lost their lives in this war with many thousands more wounded and over thirty thousand Iraqi civilians have been killed so far I'm getting mine I'm not passing judgment on the rights or wrongs of this one simply describing what is happening in the love less than a month ago there was another finish line eleven and they are widespread rumors of wall mole wants to come goodbyes look for most of this is what is terrorism and below the FLSA that this war is not likely to end real soon some say that this is a clash of civilizations the East against the West Islam against Christina last week the people at a few of the commands by some of the remarks he made about one of those civilizations might have hit is what is the basic cause of this but think so many lies beneath the many people fearful and unhappy even us here we here in the United States isn't a lot of challah that causes it and a lot of our will is it lack of resources getting almost no welcome is it lack of intelligence not really it is viewed to a profound distrust of one another's motives indications are that the foundation of conflicts if we all trusted one another and reload what trustworthy and favorite one another there will be no conflict that left the faith in one another the profound doubts indeed distrust among you which sections of humankind can only breed conflicts and violence in so many and so many of us sometimes so kindly allow itself to be swept along in this lack of trust that violence against the spiral out of control and assume a life of its own digital to South America by the United Nations assembly this week did you notice some of you what time I could sometime now that I'm retired I have the flexible time I can look at some of these things enough colleges and universities even some Christian ones the seeds of doubt and unbelief of being constantly sold in stemming skepticism about the very existence of God or denial of him as the source of life and the object of human destiny on this planet so if I but this is just the visible manifestation of a market crisis of trust which begun in the very presence of God in eternity most of life Jared began to nudge it helps about God 's trustworthiness West Indies goodness and yet is he in him then he began to indulge in self idolatry as a substitute for the wisdom of the creator I really liked it I really like the most high self idolatry and he would like to see you loose all humanity to join him in one grand culture of doubt that this is in distress they let that you want to all children of a fed up also for the working of planning some see some unclean but I determined to obliterate phase from being faith in God and trust in our fellow men and women unfortunately it appears that he will have achieved a great deal of success I'm sad to say I'm sorry to say that he has the visibility of the radial success notice how Jesus in describing conditions just before you turned the question in room taking a when the Son of Man comes will he find faith on the it's a rhetorical question but you know what the thing is an obvious answer to that question is yes but little you think you have everything but there will be little multitudes would scoff at the idea of faith and I think well the promise of his coming when his father is out of the bottle and dignity will own the beginning that's why believe as I reflected on the little law is not little flock and so you might as we been fighting a losing battle if I could see by no means creating was eleven when you have time and see for yourself the great cloud of witnesses throughout history that surround the people they read it again and again and again history of the well since then read on the following personalities of a will stand up against skepticism and doubt and worship the one true God we are fighting the fight of faith but we are not fighting a losing battle the will of the flesh and the devil all of these kinds of pizza and pasta across substituted for God the people of God are joined at the top of the sheet and according to first done by four and this is the victory that although the world what even off eighty officers normal human resources not Allah know how well intelligence although I believe the involved intelligence measuring intelligence is a feat that overcomes the world if we do not have been we will be at the mercy of the Weldon all be done do you thought there the flesh which is constantly in adding editing and greeting on the devil we like a roaring lion Lynn about seeking whom he made about Liam will be up in multiples of all hope all is unless we with the shield of the great enough achievement event you do not find 1099s and stolen his costly so costly that no one can ever buy it is received as a gift I must be treasured and protected if it is to be retaining it is still God has given us to everyone a measure of faith the capacity for belief and trust but if we accurately we must translate the most protected in a hostile environment as the apostle says about this was the one since the sudden you may have to suffer various trials of us of which is the ill-fated images mall precious than refined gold proved genuine and resulting glory and honor he said he is more precious than refined goal you do not get it in ninety nine cent stores if you have been blessed with the gift of faith protected treasury not saved and invested on classic Don John Python shell and fresh as a legacy to your children if they will receive it for there is a massive plan to root out feet from get them done this plenty yet that dominated by human pride arrogance and find out against the his only wish you the frame then that is from the new left follow from the palace of the government human being the building and around will but what is the street or in the sale was once the is what it is not because people are very confused on what this thing called the community is it affiliated in the thank you very much excited this is widely believed that phase somehow defining I believe in the God that is you are really no better off than a drowning man buffeted in trouble what does grasping at the stroll all the man fainting from this from first stumbling what seems to be a promising spring only to have one business goals shouted as you discover that the Israelis of the Mira of us have thought the speed of a blind man in a God room second-level cache that is not bad in other words yet I engage in a very few does not is just a figment of your imagination nothing more and yet doomed to be disappointed soon the whole league I felt some people think of the sun say that faith is believing what you know and soul and you must force yourself to believe what you know and so I know everything that I did what I have to believe probably got some kind of therapeutic value everything are presented with having Jeff God is simply not will be held in trust in God who exercises absolute on demand absolute obedience and but the city 's unofficial name is those who failed to reach is ideal or rebel against him picture that a happy judgment of God of the PT I myself at this point in my life could not have feet in such a thought I could only be afraid of him but that the agent of the devil brings the many mind sometimes from the old I'm afraid someone you can only have another freedom and that the trust with the popular misconception is that anyone that the death lamented always just millions of atheists agnostics unbelievers so many red nose against the very idea and thought is it any wonder that multiplied millions believe the only thing that they can see I refuse to believe in anything that they cannot see is the cause of these old was afraid for conceptions of God is this what the Bible calls faith I submit no they cannot become my favorite humanity of both I recently got accurate exploit the subject this is an introduction this meant that you could NASA either the came to believe in God he worshiped his dreams God 's and he built that Hamish represent the authority of this thought and come in everyone you need on me this is the man right on allowing underneath what is not a dog demand so minister the human was on a five to be good and was going back with the conception of God was his conception of article on demand solution underneath three five three young men decided that but that Jim got an ear if you will still default to what you what was really at I need it oh yes and you know what he did instead now I'm getting another chance underneath what God and the refuses of the community don't even need to discuss this with you anymore we decided that we are not worshiping that the unit would be maybe discovered that they will save from his burning fire for all this Omaha hold onto let's go to the anointing to come on everyone who sent letters always enough you'll laugh down unless you thought commanding them to worship not even the anymore but God of judgment music in the fourth thing for which they can not be compatible amended if it was Apollo command that elicited they then think about God a lot on calling him and all of us would be bowing down and worshiping him and yet it's a much rebellion against him and will fate cannot be commanding demanding it must be one I cannot come at compare my children to trust me I have not demonstrated trustworthiness please leave them in the rough I say I submit it's movement will delight it is our Dunning actually commit the sun is shining of everything that the blood spreading his wings and leaving the air the hungry infant regions like mother 's breast naturally rational human beings created in the image and likeness of God seeking the father space and that they are not so hold back let's face it has been discarded but that's what it is I think thanks the many ethical or not we will make sure you'll and RSS high and buying the rest until the rest in God but although everyone has been given this capacity to think of as a measure of the egg is also a choice so then what is this biblical definition of feet and you know the passage in Hebrews one Faye is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen next the simple king James version another good news version renders it to have faith is to be sure all of the things we hope all to be sucking over things we cannot see okay and you'll be shopping with you hopeful how can you be so shocking that you never see another pleasant fate is confident assurance concerning what we hope for and conviction about things that cannot see if that is indeed so I must ask the question where does one get self-confidence I am due to their northern color one from this conviction and certainty about things one cannot see being a scientific age C experiments in regard it is important to establish the reliability of any finding that is being incredibly then again and again and again so back in the sixty four dollar question how does one become this conviction uncertainty about things we cannot see and I submit that it is the strength of evidence that persuades us and gives us this conviction and honest examination of the evidence and discovery of this trend that gives a conviction about things that we cannot seem to fall across is to look for evidence are going to get there at five this morning and see that the only begun I will have to end there is than me just mention a few more things in nineteen seventy seven I was invited to go to Asia to what Philippines and I when I boarded that plane seven forty seven I don't know how many beautiful women you should be thanking the can carry five six Trinity women's belly I saw it they will looking all kinds of luggage and stuff in insight and something and meet any hope that the ever fly up in the pickup bed to bed for nearly twenty hours and landed softly and gently something in me question that nevertheless I bought the domain taking my wife and my six month old daughter into Buckley heading for a country I have never seen live among the people I had never met Tony was I being naïve or foolish what is it that made me do a thing like that phrase was that the woman from the order to foolishly would like trusting something well to lender the ethical if you saw something like that because the wood all that preflight briefing is is is is impossible is America no states of America because I have seen it happen many many times I had an eighty yes even though I have never flown to the Philippines I had evidence of the Philippines existed I ran a stop and talk to people have written people people access to that voting I think that I believe that this cd before I am to blame before also many times I said no this electricity but I think the weight of evidence is on my site unbootable and you know I went and I might cross the Pacific Scott left I Indonesia debacle Sri Lanka Japan Korea I discover that my fee in the highlight in the mid- mechanism in the slaying was well on the only ones I was scared that I was going to crash but I didn't the evidence was compelling but I've seen over many years and that he needs to follow the real genius of the Christian message for him but God does not ask us to believe in him and trust him so completely without providing us with adequate evidence on which to rest off the he does not office to take the lead in the dock that God he does not ask us to become available sleep by every wind that blows invite his intelligence creatures God lines of their minds that they find themselves consider the evidence and make a choice of twenty he has gone to great lengths over many thousands of just introduced himself and humankind so that they can have the evidence he has done this for the body like the nature and have been the glad glory of God the fundamental sure this kind will pay on the day of the speech tonight you acknowledge the evidence is the nature of having my driving of the song that was sung by Doctor Soliman dentist in Menlo nineteen seventy nine when I was speaking to a group of people involved in southern Philippines and I love it wasn't zeroed out for me I still have a case fading effects over God speaks in the stillness of the night God speaks in the diesel wall in right of flaming sunset paints the sky insects the clouds of the you will be in all these wondrous ways God speaks in the mountains and the main PCB in the center the rain is in my view a pleasant rushing and a history to see God speaks and you need if nature testify that important evidence to back up before the evidence the greatest revelation of God the world has ever seen it in the way he revealed himself in flesh but the great evidence greatest evidence of the that God will hold no one has seen all his life no one has the will no one asked us became God visible God on a boat blog Attorney General in Jesus Christ as Jesus himself says no one has seen God at any time the only begotten son which is in the bosom of the father he has made him known and so you find the right of the book of Hebrews saying in many and various ways God spoke a hold of fathers by the prophets within the last leave useful to us I have fun talk must be based in Texas right maybe to walk on dusty streets I speak would step out of the woods of forgiveness to take the children and is on on that suffer them to come to me the rest of his times on the head of the city and killed them distill this song when people were hungry he said give them something to eat you ran out please wait to read this flooring of Jesus and you see the evidence compelling if this is not been easy wonderful trust can be healthy and him one day and I must one day after you have been with them for three years he said that he was going away Jesus but one of his disciples to set and all what you think is very wonderful but what you want to see is the father by John John chapter fourteen and was easy to visit show us the father and he shall be satisfied just show us the father we ACO we like you but you know what we want we want to see that one of their ancient of days the judge that fits under the rule and what does he look like show us the father we shall be seconds by you know what Jesus says and I been so long with you you don't know me if you have seen me you have seen the five and therefore if you can trust me you can trust the file I fight Jesus is the light of the world is truly the light of the world and so I say to him we have phase to believe in the existence of God studying in him we have faith to believe in the heart of God that God is looking for trust we have faith and believe in the promises of God like you didn't have all the thought that was kind enough of the promises of God in Jesus Christ we have taken the lead in the presence of not easily done that's his name Immanuel meaning God with all that is involved in the state that God created but he's on vacation and come back to liberty is with us in our trials not sorrow and unceasing than some more walk with me in Jesus Christ we have faith to believe in the power of God is dead and his glorious resurrection he demonstrated at a mask that even if so so I say to you my brothers and sisters that there is a crisis of trust we must fight the good fight of faith in this time of trust in this time of distrust in this crisis there was a young man named Pat who we lived in Spain with his father I like to tell this story because of the a lot in just a single story Apple have some disagreements with his father as you know sons and father sometimes have seen this levels in this agreement and I feel if you don't have those your look like saints all you young men Saints never had any struggles with your father but Apple had struggles with his father and this agreement was so strong that Apple decided that he was going to leave home and nephew and a half and went from the rural area where they were to he was away on his bearings didn't know where he was for a long long time yes but the father began to feel so bad about it and fill it he was possibly responsible for his son choosing to run away from home and he wanted him to come back but he didn't know if you find him he decided that he will put an ad in the major newspaper in Madrid and growled and he would put together for several days under your notice is accurate but would be read like this all in all let us all come whole on this fund given if you want to come home and come to Madrid on such uncertainties need me up this square and he indicated where he wanted his son to meet him so that if his son would agree that we know exactly when Brittany well that took the train and went into Madrid on the appointed day and he went to the various thoughts and he was flabbergasted when he got there what do you think he saw Esau and Han read full waiting for their father is America naming speed and those waiting for their fathers but what have you got hesitant we will need for God just as we were made for all the parents neighbor mail sometime but you can also only want to be one with them so it is with God we are longing rehab substitutes and we rebel but the penal souls belonging is full oneness to become you really will be done in whose image we were made and he has given us evidence in his blood evidence in nature on evidence in Jesus Christ let us come home by three


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