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A Loyal Soldier

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • November 4, 2011
    4:30 PM
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thank you Callan aloha I had someone ask me minute ago so when was your first time to why he had to say I really don't remember because my parents brought me when I was really young and I don't remember that we are very happy to be here and I say we because I'm here with the lovely Mrs. bachelor of defense by Karen and I gave is these very pretty lazy and mine match my shirt hers matches hers but I have a fever so I gave mine to her and I get more mileage of the flowers that way but it's been wonderful to be your night will make no apologies by telling you we came a couple days early and I I shared with what the Bible Army group I thought I'd be delighted to come but I'm bringing my wife taken a couple of days all so we've done that and there is just been wonderful though it's but it's great to be here with you as the Sabbath begins and to be able to open God 's word and I think that there the focus of army is really a great catalyst for revival and in the scene a relieving soldiers in God 's Army and the Bible being our ammunition that's really what it's all about and so I wonder if we could just as you don't mind joining me for just a moment allowing your kids and let's asked regards presence be here your father we like to add an additional prayer and in this nest next segment where we direct our attention to your word is Sabbath approaches and beautiful voice we pray that you will stir our hearts with your spirit I asked Lord that you will be present in this place that through the Holy Spirit you'll do what only you can do and speak to each heart individually wasn't glorifying you to be transformed by your word we pray in Christ's name and now there was a little rumor that maybe what I'd be doing right now is sharing my testimony and I hope you'll forgive me if I don't do that the book is better than the movie so I fit in a book and you know I have been so many times in my poor wife here and she's going to deserve it either that really lordly something else on my heart I was studying last night actually we have been listening to the programs does your string as a bathroom we've got the Internet and I've been listening some of the very speakers we turned it up in the room with an listening and it's been wonderfully you doing as we appreciate Brad work that he's doing or amazing facts team is a story in God 's word I like to direct your attention to an article titled this message today it would be a loyal soldier and it comes to us from the second book of Samuel second Samuel start with the first verse and Sullivan you're going to the census familiar but some is not not just for the sake of the impractical right now what is my quitting time no say anything like as long as you want because I want you to add the five thirty okay thank you Melanie I wanted to be punctual and sometimes I think we believe that the immune musician is commended because he plays along rather than well and I think of the Holy Spirit five minute this is the work with this is a story of Damon 's infamous sand with Bathsheba and there has been none no shortage of messages that talk about David sent and typically is used as an excuse for bad behavior and I can't count how many times are heard somebody say well we also look at David course usually those people don't spend seven days on their face repenting like David but we also like the site well after all no liquidated cell and it is true we are all human and we all stand but I think in looking at the story typically we missed the real hero in the story we were so preoccupied and distracted with the despicably despicable behavior of this great one of the greatest characters in the Bible type of Christ David that we missed to the real hero 's verse one second Samuel eleven it came to pass in the spring of the year what kind of winch she should go out to battle the Davidson Joab and the servants within my second was the King job related it says this is the time when kings this post to go out to battle what the kingdom he stayed home David reached the zenith of his power this point you look at the history of David and even though it is ups and downs being chased by Saul he basically went from victory to victory success to success he was winning things politically he was winning things I spiritually he was when he things in military perspective and God was with him everywhere where you Wes many of the story and it does all problems follow after this and it all begins with a time when King is go out to battle David stable not figured it's probably appropriate in an army meeting to talk about military issues you know one of the most common questions that we get at our Bible answer program is regarding Christians serving in the military and are not aiming a delve into that right now because it is such a volatile subject that is a whole branch of Seventh-day Adventist pianist reform that broke away from the means of the administered back during World War I over the issue of involvement in the military of course I was accentuated during World War II and relatives get into a little bit fuzzy on cellulite not only did I can get so preoccupied with listening to myself that I lose track of time in order to send uninterested in what I have to say him so I get distracted but I need is a great tension and Christians have to be careful some of the ends have to be careful of taking certainly hypocritical position I think we ought to be grateful things will praise God that we in the military because the freedoms we enjoy as a country the freedoms we enjoy to circulate and to propagate the gospel are because those freedoms are defended and great sacrifice but having said that we all have different gifts and it becomes often a real conflict when practicing Seventh-day Adventist Christians enlisted in the military service without an is anyone getting into not having said that I went to military school the first time I was five years old far as I know you can look it up on the Internet not me but black fox spoke at OSCE military school is closed now but it was military school for the movie stars kids in Los Angeles for about fifty years sixty years and my parents sent me there and I was five years old parents divorced at three and so eventually this is how we get the idea falcon out of the way so we get on with our lives and solicit legal boarding school and I still vividly remember that went back to military school in New York military Academy which is still open and for Donald Trump when he was just ahead of me I was like actually he was a senior I think what I was in elementary but but I never been in the military son Daniel was in reach daughter sure he was in the Army so does give you some context if you hear so appliance does want to know where it's coming of them give you the truth but just in case on my something like when you enter the military someone else's go make your decisions for you I think one of the biggest jokes in the world is when someone says on the joint military to get away from mom and dad 's discipline of finally get out on my own and when you why does the military school we had a rule for everything in our son going to Marine boot camp and that we were there we graduated but given the freedom to practice all your convictions in a situation like that have you know about Terry Johnson and Desmond Goss and that God can not has his people to so the Bible is an awful lot disabled soldiers and military endeavors were not under theocracy now but I think we need to praise God for the military not as a light work of God sometimes since people who work and if we are his soldiers we need to be aware there is a war party read the book the great controversy if USA and Spanish of the Lebron conflict the is a big battle and even then the kingdom of him and everyone else was subjugated they taken the kingdom that was surrounded in a siege can take a long time and so they visit Luk Joab I haven't had time you know were just starting to build the kingdom and was a lot of management to go on years of you guys don't finish off Rama which is a N Amazon doesn't stay here don't think you're some office work so he stayed home and happened one evening the demon arose from his bed and he walked on the roof of the king 's house nothing wrong with that he went up on the roof drain they were done well to pray that anybody was sightseeing and from the roof he saw a woman beating and the woman was very beautiful now that in itself was not a sin initially the Lords of you walking around the room and you're just objecting us in exercise and fresh air when he observed into somebody's courtyard evidently something that he wasn't supposed to see it on the go the house is so close in Sacramento you can look right on your house in someone else's house and I mean I don't need a camera lenses as their only nine feet away it is a summary on talking movie subdivisions our houses you can jump from roof to roof without exercise and so that young he saw that and I think it's appropriate to spend a moment on this because if you are a Christian if you want to be pure of heart in our common culture today things are blatantly out there as a matter of your man or woman sexually suggestive images on television in the magazines on the street a little more than usual in Hawaii the weather so that unless you made a covenant with your eyes as Job said you can find it difficult to be pure of heart in this world now noticing something inappropriate is not the same as soon conditions that were not the same thing Jesus was tempted Jesus never said if you're in a healthy individual and you notice something is sexually provocative that is on the streets you can say I recognize what that is and that she's look elsewhere and if you really want to be a follower of Jesus you are going to face a battle and we made several times a day if you have a TV you have to be able to press the off button change channels or mute frequently if you don't have achieve your better off except you'll get a lot of our programs that are still not having a TV if you can do that in as I heard someone say Internet is everywhere you turn you got to do like those is a make a covenant with your eyes and they sought but nobody was really around and keep him accountable he was separated from the Army got something soldiers do watch out for each other these off myself and you know that's one reason I think the Internet is especially dangerous is because there is the availability does every type and strength of sin and very little accountability I need to really live and walk with God in this age in which red how they saw but he didn't just look he gazed at a glance turned into lustful look and what started as just your mind what the right with the left and thought you know nobody sees me appear no one 's given all by myself wow I probably shouldn't be looking but I'm the king I can do what I want I'll return later who knows what it was but whatever he was thinking you look long enough to become infatuated and then he asked the servant paying all that houses right up the street here in the fantasy to court your ignorance of who is that woman now he Re: had like nine or ten wines at this point and you would think that that would be enough but maybe when he first acquired because everyone was doing it is all along work for the heroine you know and as soon as they said that is best she's not the wife that right there should've sealed the deal with the hope to forget about she's married but visible light you are a riot is out of town on company business and the router while she's probably only but also he was thinking stuff like that the wife of the Rhine to get another word view Ryan means fire of Yahweh fire Joe this was a spirit filled me when you read the list of David's mighty men Uriah was in that list I have yet to read the exploits of David's mighty men if you believe the Bible is the inspired word of God some of it seems pretty incredible I believe it honey there's a whole litany of men that are listed there that everyone am one of you don't than one first century someone who could kill three hundred men single-handedly or jump down alliance until the lien or take the spear away from a giant Egyptian and then killing with his own spear because it is one thing after another with respect to and I love David they were so loyal to David when they were running from Saul 's army went from three hundred to four hundred and six hundred and living in caves and rugged mountains and the drinking is there water sulfur water from the deserts and data Monday just with whimsical longing says all I could just have a drink from the well of Bethlehem I drank from railing when I was a kid 's clear fresh water and his men love them so much they heard that they look at each other and the Philistines were occupying the land at that time the garrison was there as a whole troop of soldiers those men three of them went and if while waiting for the city they got probably try to sneak in but at some point I expect they were discovered and he was trying to pull water out of a wealth of their commander will emerge swinging and slashing with her sword they find their way out of the city trying to protect the sacred skin of water so they can bring it back to David and say you wanted a drink here's a drink and they are all cut bruised and bleeding that's what they did for the nation we have less love for Jesus who he wants us to distribute the living water David realizing these of you know this is not a good precedent I don't want them to get themselves killed off to bring me a drink he poured out on the grounds that I don't encourage this behavior because you kill yourself trying to me a drink for that to Uriah was united in what was reminding doesn't hang on the best kind of love they have for their commander so when David ends up doing the wickedness of it is compounded when you consider it's not just took another man's wife he took the life of one of his soldiers he took one of the wife of a soldier who was ready to die him so he sent a messenger and I might have spent a lot of time on this in a breath she became the house and probably better we don't know exactly how that all unfolded but David being not only a brave strong soldier the Bible said he was good-looking he was also a musician and writer in the poet 's even if they had a chance husband is out of town know some people made it sound like the rape drug is safe it was if that's what but the really be slower another way and that advantage ever she was an accomplice you little while later she sends a message and said I am with child again I don't get distracted but for those who have a hard time believing that life begins at section the Bible is pretty clear on this Susan Seo got a growth right trying to come down to heavy on this because statistically they are people here who have had abortions and praise the Lord he forgets but always be honest yet acknowledged the human life is sacred were made in the image of God life begins at conception I knows a lot of difficult political issues connected with it but let's at least be upfront about getting in trouble if you start seeing anything other than what you just design with child endangering he's very smart he starts to project what this means many things but someday become early if I get Uriah home really quick she's not that far along they may not ask any questions and so he sends for your ride and he's mingling out does not only the sin of adultery is mingling with deception and deceit and Davis enjoys it send me writing a type promised urgent quickly enjoyable obedience he sends writer David and when you write come to David he said the house the house Joanne doing enough buzz about going to tell me how things are transpiring in Joab obviously is one of David's mighty men he had been underneath him because at this point David is in charge of the kingdom and all his mighty men serving a cabinet positions playwright Ali has old troop of soldiers under him how does the war prosper while if you gone about with his men like he was supposed to you would know how the war was prospering but here you get a king is disconnected from the soldiers and then David said he ran go around your house wash your feet so Uriah departed from the king he was dismissed in executive who is a lookout and have a loyal readers they can bring you some food matter-of-fact and musicians outside your window we're trying create ambience for you so that you know well do it you're supposed to know when you come home and your marriage about human and you've been out of town for a while but the most incredible thing is you writers and themselves verse nine you ride has selected the door of the king 's house with the servants of the Lord and did not go down to his house now how is probably lose votes when I asked this question but you've got a acid I just like ask the ladies how many of you would be understanding if your husband forgot about what's happened with David and that she was nothing it happened your husband 's been off in battle the man out in the field fighting you gotten very little nail probably no text messages no sky back then there are about thirty miles away which is a long way back in and he comes home and you get flowers come from the king with his beautifully prepared meal I will have to look like flowers you know and you can hear the musicians are outside the windows from you complain and you're why not there she understands her neuritis come home sleeping in the barracks by the palace how many would understand that that has been there one person and so you and your husband additional summoning my feet in front of the state and the children but that's the difference between men and women your right hand and made a vow I believe you made about a lot of soldiers make the house you never the Mount Jeff Lord if you give me victory first thing that comes out of the gates of my houses and offering to you that he anticipated that it would be of a happy kind and they had little ranches back and I have goats might come on the builder cannot meet you in the sheep in McAllen they all think you're a female age and he was in offer sheep goat cow option even came out of his days working on first listen offering even expected on and at how announcer in different different soldiers would make these files you often see this in the Bible I believe your I made about and it's not uncommon for soldiers make a file of abstinence from women Wilder and battle human when David went to the tabernacle when he was fleeing from song he asked if he could have the sacred bread nor the priest asked him how he kept yourself from is when soldiers were engaged in battle these the say and you know it's a superstition but they felt they were more clear only more fighting if they maintained their masculinity in their dry and that was the belief in self yeah being an example to his Manitoba 's memo got bring a message Asa don't worry man I may keep my bow and deliver the message coming back because I knew to be an example for you I'm not really demoralize you by coming back telling you what a wonderful time I had stayed in a five-star hotel with that he left relaxing while you are all here sleeping in these notes thinking tense out there on the front lines of some deceased seatmate about is my belief I think the support for an and David says is incredulous widening you go home but think about the difference between the soldier and the King the soldier who has the right he has every right to go and stand up to this house he maintains self-control he denies his passions he denies the ease of his own bed in the shower in the companionship of his wife because he said the first thing is God and the one who doesn't have a right David he takes what is Nokia 's smart contracts now there's only one sentence that Uriah speaks in the whole Bible this is an integrated reading rewrite is one verse but in my opinion PCC gradualism versus Annie says did you not come from your Chinese did you not come down to your house he almost gets his hand at any David got problems and found nothing his plan is completely flopped and by the way there's a message there for us sometimes we think that we can connive our way out of accountability with God sometimes we think were smarter than God David was smart finally Bathsheba was smart I don't want anyone here to think of Bathsheba was just some pretty nimble partnering that she was just immediately headed beauty you know who her grandfather was the wisest counselor in David's kingdom is a foul was the grandfather of Bathsheba Elizabeth she was signed to survive Solomon how smart was he on a Lenovo came from David Tsai some of it came from the spirit of the Lord but I think you have some raw materials to work with NSS evil was beautiful and intelligent use of the Bathsheba when she intercedes with David at the end when there's attempted coup over the kingdom she's smart she articulates yourself well that we can understand why you Ryan to drop is and what he says in verse eleven Uriah said to David V are what is the first words out of his what's in the art the law of God whose presence hovered above the popular thought about the central focus of the arc I've actually borrow this but never forgot it because I thought it was a good illustration you know on the planet you've got the holy land which is in the holy land you've got the holy mountain of Zion or mount Mariah and on the holy mountain in the holy Temple and all the holy Temple you got the holy place and then deeper still solely of holies in the holy police of the holy Ark and the holy Ark you got the law of God surrounded by gold these two rocks and almost throughout you got the word only one hot in the Sabbath commandment and the first words out of your eyes now is your disease to take the art with them in the battle of soda captured by the Philistines Temple had an window yet in the priesthood often going in to see violating oils appreciative the priest would say before he let the soldiers going to battle if there are any of you here and you're scared go home doesn't Jesus saying that it puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not worthy of the kingdom if we follow Jesus we don't want to turn back we don't want on your back to the enemy in others a story in the Bible Wendy was talking about his mighty men and one of his mighty men in particular with Eleazar the son of Dodo I forget that not the dodo it was Eliezer was his name and it tells about how they got into a battle with the Philistines and the army of Israel retreat because they were so grossly outnumbered but Eliezer stationed himself with David on a high spot in the field of barley and they fought against the Philistines that surrounded them and almost like sands they slew this whole contingent of Philistines when the rest of the Army retreated Damon and Eleazar would not retreat underground and eventually the army came back and join me at the victory that day because when everybody retreated David and Eliezer would not retreat so the priestly figure in the battle increase for say whoever is afraid it would also say if you build a house when you have a live-in go on home Leslie died in battle you might die in the battle and someone else losing your house again dedicated to what were you planning the vineyard of Yahweh forget my window Davis people an easy out or said have married a wife which road to wife which is not at your by the way useful to have one year off after he got married free from any business would be more to nurture your relationship with your spouse so when people winning the battle the whole idea was if you have any second thoughts that you not fit for this army the cancer if you're going on about Windows Army if you're second-guessing yourself all the time then you're in the wrong place you got to know if I should do one of the verses you can't forget is John sixty six the gospel of John chapter six versus physics Jesus made some difficult statements and most of the people stop following him and he said to the disciples will you at this time forsake me know if that where we can ago we made up our minds the file you are not turning back so Uriah was committed he said I am not to get distracted from the battle you ordered me to come home and deliver message on following orders are not going to my house I'm more interested in God 's house to get that wasn't the art supposed to be in God 's house so Uriah 's heart was with the our present was the presence of God where's your cane what priority does God and his work have in your life first words out of his mouth DR and the second was and Israel God 's people in other two great commandments are love the Lord with all your heart mind soul and strength love you I process all of this love relationship in this one relationship when the writer then we still limit people is really what is a cross is about a vertical relationship isn't it lovelorn lawyer and love your neighbor horizontal relationship first anxiety right now with the art of Scott and Israel of the Lord love your neighbor and he came less the art in his room and Judah and was more specifically his try his family it was amazing I forgot to tell you your writers on your I have a one oh your itemizing and he was one of the monument of the comic attack note that means seeing my blood was not even what you are here he's passionate about the tribe of Judah it is interesting how people who are in the sports as they move from town to town what team they choose to adopt recently because of what counted now moved to a new know anybody on the team or know much about the sport of the financials rooting for whatever their hometown recently was part of the new and it becomes he aligned himself so thoroughly with God 's people at your notice how it hurts or sometimes more passionate about the message that people who are raised in Israel was a comfort that his name fire interconnecting insights were a minority in spring from an ancient warlike people that lived in the area of Turkey and Judah Israel Jews are dwelling in tents there was still an attempt the Temple was will him Lord Joab and the service of my lore now he thinks about his fellow servants they are in camp near one of the rings it's these with Ms. as I travel last month I went to have been filling up and around the world in about a month it is little more than a month flew to the Middle East flew to Dubai preached in the United Arab Emirates about four different towns the days and times flew from there Indonesia spend another two weeks they're doing revivals evangelism and enveloped the University there for hours each way just like speak to twenty theology students but he get a perspective that this is a worldwide work and Uriah was not only thinking about what was happening in his house thinking about was happening that God soldiers were out there on the field in the battle wasn't one and he was restless to get back to the front and one of the hardest things for some soldiers they get a minor injury may send them to the infirmary and you think that they would be sold faithful to be off the field of battle but you know the typical answers of those soldiers I miss my buddies one of the hardest thing to remember that picture of the flag being raised on Iwo Jima and a beautiful soul can send them on a tour to know trying to sell the war effort one of the hardest things also resisted we don't want to be doing this we want to be back with our comrades fighting the war they felt so useless this involvement propaganda and follow-ups their heart was on the front lines with their friends so they knew were still struggling they felt more comfortable being in the trenches with their friends fight the battle you try to get out of now you try to get back into it it were soldiers and on Sunday we need to pray God will give us that fire that Uriah that we want to be part of the essential identical to my house to eat and drink that eating and drinking are important a little while and forgot but the what time was that he insulted when I buy forty five by twenty five by thirty five five thirty it was a five fifty five ten of the area is a two-part message for tomorrow you wanted to be on the frontlines they were encamped in the mission field second Timothy tumors three and four you therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ no one engages in warfare in tingles himself with the affairs of this life that he might please him who is enlisted him as a soldier Uriah was thinking that maybe you sent me on a mission to fight when the battle we fought with you for years the battle still going on we haven't conquered the capital of the enemy I'm not going had a hold right now and get entangled I noticed down the front lines building your time to go home and writes by the way you know one of the big differences between men and one women are often more relationship worrying men are more generally speaking Haskell oriented I realize there are exceptions but well proven and that are often ridicules for being so oblivious to relationships and so focus on tasks but I think God made men and women the way we are so that we complement each other and become a whole by combining the two but that means there is a time to be hassling and what time would be if you're in the middle of a war not to get so distracted with the relationships at home and forget about the frontline there is a time to be task oriented did you know that we have a task right now we have a mission Jesus is given its marching orders so David he doesn't know the stuff the rise man he thinks of drug he will lose his self-control and Davis is your I will tell you what you stay one more day I've been writing out some messages for Joe and quite done yet I'm paraphrasing a year and also tomorrow and I'll let you depart your mind Uriah remained in Jerusalem that day and the next and he stays in the barracks of the house knowing David Collins is dry you to my table were no mighty men were friends never those days when we went to Holland and eight start eating drinking reminisce about the good old days never this experience that Alan and lots to talk about a good exchange wounds and in stories and address of someone of that in Bible days bottles of wine skins were not printed with how many proof was on the skin the Rosario nebulous line between what was fresh and what was fermented and he started slipping Orion the strong stuff and direct the drinks to Joab and in the field to be polite and had a drink visa now let's host that a soldier that's older than what he was doing the laundry and to be polite he suffered nor I remember when I went to Russia they kept giving me beat soup and you want to be in all some of you probably love it but to be polite I'm heated I finally developed a taste for first few times I've is impolite Jesus sending whatsoever things are sent before you write it so your eyes the employing and then he says here's another catering the only expected he's been going meat and drinking made him strong in a one reason that gentleman and not necessarily gentlemen will try and get a young lady to have a drink or two on a date is because the labels and drugs will lower your reason the reason making parts your brain your resistance to temptation Christiansen and drink any alcohol ever and that's coming from someone who did not grow up in the church made them drunk and that evening he went out to lie on his bed with the servants of his Lord but he did not go down to his house he was so committed it was so ingrained in him that there was nothing they would continue to turn him away at the direct Fox's book of martyrs got a really little pieces it's heavy stuff you read it for free online it's a ancient text public domain but you know what some of these people went through the biggest fan footage truths and under caution how they would not give them the message they would not sacrifice their beliefs a few little words would set them free and make the pain stop some lost faith of so many died rather than denying the Lord he would not go to his house in the morning even wrote a letter to Jonathan descended by the hand of Uriah and he wrote in the letter saying sent Uriah at the forefront of the hottest battle and then leave him there retrieved from him that he might be struck and I say right delivers a message it's a sealed scroll job takes and probably writing anxious to know you doesn't think he's hiding anything from Uriah but eons old slip message and he starts to read it it turns the back of it to you Ryan when he reads it and read it again he reads and third time meeting the right alignment saw hard to remember these men who you worked and fought with her all these years but Joab without question he decides related PC user must be reasons never had a bad order from David he doesn't know what's going on but he obeys Angela Spicer Place against the walls of the city where he knows the strongest bravest most accurate fighters in the ammonites was Mrs. Lockyer I would get this new tactic were trying out I want you and your platoon to charge the gates will cover you with your insurance like that and he gives the order in it were told to storm the gates maybe try to breach the walls in our break through the gates and based on the wall instead of providing cover arthritis men charged forward and Joanna told the archers don't find no project leave them exposed it is a retreat from him that they might be struck and you're right out when he first got these orders I suspect you thought that many battles you know something about strategy he knew that this was a suicide mission because even when Joe and reports about the death of Uriah he knew that David would become incensed something what kind of crazy mission was this and you Ryan went on to enter that battle he'll made an order from his commander that would result in death he had the fire of God for the same revelation about the Saints they love not their lives even unto death if someone might ask you might ask me are you prepared to die for your faith your movies to say not now but I trust that is that it comes out in the strengthening and but we develop a pattern now you're right I had developed a pattern of old vein God and putting God first in everything and the other thing we learn about him to get self-control Uriah and control over cash and you know I think in this day and age especially where it went there is never been a time in history especially in the United States that I haven't forgotten party message where we have there's never been a people where there's been more abundance of every not only abundance of time abundance of food abundance of entertainment him your cell phone for anything that bleeds over into the little things of life it's so hard being a soldier in God 's Army of the same more about this tomorrow in the message they are about not turning back but I think Uriah went down fighting he got an order heated probably started the fire from the wall and when Joe asked men do not give them cover the obligations set out the bravest soldiers to fight right then and there with him and rather than retreat he stood his ground as he even told anyone down swinging we always talk about David and mesh easily forget the hero the story is Uriah what an incredible man that would put God first like that the Bible says whatever your hand finds to do do it with all of your might you know you you probably heard this many times but it's one of my favorite quotes from spirit of prophecy in education page fifty seven the greatest ones of the world is the one that men of course that's inclusive and everybody people got servants of God then you will not be bought or sold men who in their inmost souls are true and honest men who do not fear the call sent by the right name menus consciences is truly dirty as the needle is to the poll men who will stand for the right of the heavens God is looking for those kind of people in his army will have a fire of God LMS self-control that will have those priorities in their lives the same first the ark of God the people of God the mission of God and putting their own personal comfort and needs and satisfaction not at the top of a list like typically we find that the bottomless putting the purpose that I have is when my buddy Ryan the kind of experience I want where God and his work on first then there is the appropriate times for vacations as appropriate time we know Jesus would come aside and rest a while is that time to believe you keep our vows to God and keep admission of priority that's my desire I trust that you desire friends it is likely to stand with three together and asking them less finesse the Sabbath approaches just pray for the outpouring of his fear that we might have a fire of Jehovah that you Ryan our hearts and minds loving Lord where were inspired and were humbled as we look at the dedication of your mighty men Lord I pray that each person here that you might give us the courage and the singleness of my to put our hands to the plow and not look back help us to make that covenant to keep your work your mission your battle as the priority in our lives we believe that your last words to go until the world should be a first priority for believers of us to keep it that way Lord we know that without her spirit we can do nothing we pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit on this entire army camp experience on all of the presentations in each person 's life or the promise that if we draw near to you you will draw near to us the very fact that these people assembled vacation there drawing near to you so we want to claim your part of the promise Lord that he will draw near to us help us to sense your presence especially during these just these beautiful sacred hours beautiful a beautiful place in your presence will be here Lord we just prayed as the Sabbath hours approach that will really experience that rest of that outpouring of the Spirit bless us in our fellowship focused be conscious to keep this time holy and onwards with each other and that all we do will bring glory to you in Christ's name we pray


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