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No Turning Back

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • November 5, 2011
    11:00 AM
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Santa hello one half a way they've really noticing and why we sure appreciate the good music here and not affected with twenty two or three years ago I did a series of meetings in Micronesia and the theme song was Jesus 's so I know that when I got here is good to hear it again him I was sitting by Elder Watson I can leaned over and whispered and since you let me know of the church opens up somewhere in Hawaii how is that I told Karen I've been talking each other letting the Lord to become before my hair turns gray when you think one thing I wanted Sally about exactly connected with the message this morning amazing faxes can be doing something that thinks very important what your prayers there are way more acts Seventh-day Adventist Christians in Hawaii and North America then there are practicing there is a tremendous harvest field of people who wants in the Lord but got discouraged a lot of problems and so are doing a special program Elder Wilson was kind enough to tell us we get uplink from the General conference worship auditorium in the beginning of the year in January thirteen fourteen fifteen amazing fax is going to be doing a brief series for meetings called reclaim your faith and were directed and especially the people that once knew the message or once baptizer went through the schools and for whatever reason have become disconnected how many do you knows somebody in that category what if we had a program that you can bring them to bring your house turn on the hotel and visit when you come have some soup with me and some bread I want to watch a one-hour program review and then just pray that God will talk their hearts and invite them back is of being a big group of people that is a message that need to just hear the father 's voice calling them home so please pray for that program reclaiming your faith now that ties in with message today which is really dealing with not turning back we're talking about soldiers yesterday I told her I might have to make this part to if you're going to be a soldier you need to have resolved and tenacity and determination to do what your commander has asked you to do what he pray with me just a moment more father in this beautiful Sabbath day we thank you for the X-Files in the breeze and we just now pray that the reason your spirit will blow through this place and especially our hearts speak to us Lord encourages help us be more like Jesus as a result of our time worshiping you in opening your word we pray in his name and I'm inspired by the stories I often read in history of his military exploits and the bravery of soldiers and you study the Civil War for example how many times doesn't matter North or South the commanders would send their men charging into an absolutely withering blizzard of enemy fire and they knew the likelihood that they would be my now is about seventy percent might not die but they were listening and wounded and they went on at the church while the stories were people went on what they thought were suicide missions but they went now one of the keys to being a brave and going forward as a soldier and not being afraid with the enemy might throw at you is it you have resigned yourself to the fact that you're already dead once you're already dead you have nothing to fear from the enemy so you commit yourself to say I am going to take up my cross and follow Christ and were crucified with Christ then nothing is that the devil can throw at us and that temptation if you then never gets a lot easier one of the stories in particular that is them encouraging to me truly fantastic story and if I can fantasize that I go back in time to some different part of the history where would I go back to I would like to go back and be part of the Lewis and Clark expedition now I know here in Hawaii probably want to go back to Captain Cook I love to have landed when he didn't see what it looked like Backman while it would've been something the first of my list is it like to be on that expedition Thomas Jefferson had just bought the Louisiana purchase from Napoleon they just expanded the size of the United States by about one third the problem was they did not know what they had blocked because very few people just a few trappers had been west of the Mississippi and Missouri Mister Jefferson got together with the call the court discovery led by two captains that have been proven to be very brave and determined man Chris Lewis and Clark Annie sent them with a group of about forty minutes I want you across the cotton met is no muss is no freeway there's no interstate is no railroad maybe we'll find that the Missouri River somehow connects with a link that then connects with the Pacific you will find the Northwest passage and I would be one of the greatest discoveries because you can connect the oceans of Europe and Asia they really thought that maybe somehow you get the Mississippi or Missouri and connected to the ocean but beyond that they said we need to know what the land is like we don't know what we bought meet the people there and they were given these gifts and things the meet the different natives they would meet along the way take notes send specimens this penalty kitchen a prairie dog and actually the parade on survived and made it back to Jefferson so then they took off eighteen oh four and two years the rigors and the hardships they encountered were phenomenal keep in mind they had the howl upstream for about a year and a half sometimes they had to take all of your gear unloaded and ported some little waterfall at one point when they had to portage Great Falls in Missouri they understood from the Indians that it was given they calculated it was to take them immediately to carry the boats around took them a month and a drag their boats up the hill stepping on prickly pear activists from month with all their gear all their ammunition all the samples out in the sun they pulled until they fell down at night the pastor moccasins and sandals again just the things and went to wintertime get stuck in the mountains ran out of the the horses all along the way it wouldn't take much for them to just turn the boat around the house nouns drain home friends they went on because their commander the president has said across the cotton whether they saw some things over growth of resolve land flowing with milk and honey and I wish I could've been on the next vision of the hardships but just to see some of the things they saw unspoiled that would've been something they never even considered turning back to the year and a half and finally when they paddled down the Columbia River and they got to the Pacific Ocean Meriwether Lewis wrote in his journal all the joy after year and a half of trying to get to the ocean and never been to before and you know it is interesting to read the story in the diary when I finally left the Missouri Sardinia to the Great Plains one of the one of the soldiers I think in the event Patrick Gass Patrick Gaspar himself was amazing because he actually not only survived the Lewis and Clark expedition and numerous Indian wars by the Civil War he was ninety three missing one eye he offered to enlist you had been in the Lewis and Clark expedition he lived through all presidents can you imagine knowing Daniel Bonin Thomas Jefferson and all of these characters only to Davy Crockett and in the scene all that change in history quite a story when I finally made it was that Italian actor Jesse wrote when we finally got the Great Plains and with never dreamed that there was not much expanse should you got to keep in mind that those of us who grew up on the east coast you can leave the Atlantic Ocean and a squirrel can hop from tree to tree until we got to St. Louis and we just couldn't imagine a country with no trees so this all wonders he just couldn't imagine that they finally with the destination and they were so static old enjoy in a federal year and a half to get there they spent a winter in the rain of leadership to give the messages to finally took off only took about six months to get back one downstream if so excited to get home but when I read that story reminds me of another story in the Bible that you find in numbers thirteen thousand soldiers that are sent on a mission to bring back some good word Jeffersonville Lewis and Clark bring back some good word we want to encourage people to forge ahead beyond Missouri to settle land by the way have to keep in mind the Spanish were making their way up Mexico and Jefferson knew that if this was to be one confidence that if they did not have settlers that came and occupied the land it was going to Spain and so they were in a hurry to get them across to bring back word to encourage the people to settle this frontier they just want from the French will God promises people are promised land and after going through the wilderness for about a year they went to Mount Sinai to build the tabernacle he finally come to the borders and some of her little apprehensive about going into the promised land delivered stories that you might be a nice land that is very powerful nations there how we overcome them and the Lord spoke to Moses saying send men to spy the land of Canaan to which I'm giving to the children of Israel sent from each tribe of their fathers on the end one of the leaders among them the twelve spies were chosen and also soldiers and list their names most of the lanes a sort of evaporated into the oblivion of biblical history most of us remember the names of two of those soldiers what were names of Joshua and Caleb and then again the more specific instructions for seventeen numbers thirteen or seventeen so Moses sent them to spy out the land of Canaan and said to them go up this way into the South and go to the mountains see what the land is like whether the people who dwell in it are strong or weak few or many whether the land they dwell in is good or bad with the cities they inhabit are like camps or strongholds whether the land is rich or poor whether there are forests are not even on the Great Plains be of good courage and bring some of the fruit land at a time was the season of first ripe grapes shows during the fall the grape harvest and they went and they spied the land from the wilderness of sin as far as re- hop to the entrance of payment and they went up to the south and they came to him run behind him sheesh I tell my the descendents of a neck where there is no hit-and-run was built seven years before zone and in Egypt and they came to the Valley of 's goal to cut down a branch with one cluster of grapes and they carried it between two of them on a pole so they brought some of the pomegranates in the face and the place was called the Valley of Nashville because they cut down the cluster which the men because of the cluster which the men of Israel would cut down and they returned from spying out the land after forty days now right away I wanted tell you there is a big difference between two of those spies and the other ten when the first cross the Jordan River in the first city to someone across Jericho they were camp not far from Jericho and Canada spies look at the Paul massive walls of Jericho and said how in the world are we ever her available Congress city it is fortified like this in addition perhaps NMSA one up into the mountains and today I once was known as have run back then it was inhabited by a race of giants coming in a couple the children of Internet and every one of looked like the cousin of the life said the King was taller than Galactic King had a bed that was thirteen feet long doesn't know how tall he was a justice is that with thirteen feet long that of iron any other bid were broken and tempered Peter so uses all race of giants as a result like grasshoppers in their size and antenna despise that we can never take this land they just shook their heads they made up their mind the two big as a result like grasshoppers in their signs for Joshua and Caleb had a completely different attitude before Joshua and Caleb ever crossed the Jordan to begin to investigate the promised land they heard the orders of their commander isn't going to bring back some of the food of the land they heard him say he is a land flowing with milk and honey there is a this is a land God has given us reason it was called the promised land is good God made promise in the belief and so they had in their minds God is given given us this land and so you've got completely different perspectives as they begin to look at the promised land ten of them are looking at all of the problems two of them are looking at all the promises ten of them are looking at all the trials they expect to encounter two of them are looking at the size of the grapes pomegranates the things Caleb went up to the mountains and have brought Mary said wow look at the Springs look at the fertile 's all ten of those are you kidding look at the Giants what makes you think we never have this land when I got appeared to Carmel mount caramel where Elisha allied to rather we had that showdown that's where they cut down the cluster of grapes on that same one cluster so big it took two men great for breakfast and I was able on what you know I'm pretty fit I lifted up will cluster with one hand can you imagine a cluster of grapes so big I forget where I was all I was in Australia and they brought me some great ceremony each grade would like that being when you get to heaven that land residual plant vineyards and eat the fruit of the union invite your friends over for dinner you'll soon have a great this cluster bracelets will be a bit too two-man want to man you think decided to carry the cluster you know if you go to the land of Israel today they've got a logo for the Israeli tourism industry the logo is two men carrying a one gargantuan cluster of grapes between them and they do that in honor of the two first optimistic tourists they went into the promised laugh they believe was Joshua and Caleb so they spied out the land that Caleb and Joshua were worried because they can see the negative attitude of their friends was going to infect everybody when it came to give a report and it would've been nice to sit by the campfire least interesting and hear the discussions at night when someone would say you see the fortifications of the two types of parasites the Chinese ice and the rugged country how are we ever going to be able overcome them they invent a warlike people for generations we just came out of slavery what we know about war and they were having these discussions and Joshua and Caleb would say what he has talked about God what we did for us was how far is bronzed look at all the miracles why when we doubt that he can I don't know all the answers but he brought us this far you can bring us all the way they probably have a lot of interesting discussions with side is the percentage that on twelve only to said we can make it laughter spine when they came back verse twenty six they departed and came back to Melissa Moses and Aaron after forty days in the congregation of the children of Israel in the wilderness apparent educators and they brought word to them and they showed the congregation of fruit of the land I think this is important I got the pinion I can't prove it but you can prove me wrong some ensure that Caleb and Joshua made it a point to out run their other ten friends because the first report you hear sounds positive the first thing you hear is that getting fruit and I think that some sentinel was with Moses he's watching the plane it across this fall flat in a solemn barrage of something years coming for the present way things are coming back we see someone coming little cloud of dust coming up across this this fall flat and our tool of the residual of them and then there's another ten into a lumbar readiness is in the carrying something pretty soon Joshua and Caleb are the ones that come in there surrounded by a cloud of fruit flies because I got this cluster of grapes they been carrying for days in their pockets are stuffed full of sticky things in pomelo 's and pomegranates and all disparate I also grace the people in the land of Graceland and give me what it says in verse twenty seven we went to the land where you sent us ensure only those with milk and honey and here is the relevant the people are going will learn the remember eating the grapes in a path around on a great time but by then the other ten condoms next verse the huffing and puffing so this bicycle nevertheless the people who dwell in the lander 's law and the cities are fortified and very large moreover we saw the descendents of a back there and the Amalekites dwell in the land of the South and the Hittites and the Jebusites and ever I dwell in the mountains and the Canaanites dwelt by the scene along the banks of the Jordan all the people began on all in all my exhibit fair to the reports in the begin to doubt Caleb quieted the people what is required to people it required someone if they're not making noise the people all began to moan they all began to sign and what is scalability jumps up on a rock critic in all CME clients the people before Moses what is he safe will let us go up at once and take possession for we are well able to overcome I'm underlined that my Bible is a wonderful promise we are not only able we are well able where wars enable we are exceedingly abundantly above all that you might think around able to overcome now I'd like to give you a report today you can do everything Jesus asks you to do you miss your best I mean what were dealing with every day is can I live the Christian life let's face it sometimes we had us this temptation we struggle we wonder are we meant to make it I'm convinced that he really believe you have everlasting life that it a lot easier for us to resist temptation to do the work of Christ but because we doubt whether or not we're going to make it we cut a deal with half a heart I get as low parable I share with you real quick just the policy makes a point supposed to write down angels appear on the platform I was with the one really would when I said that but does the following things will abuse adhesive under good news for you I have here with me on the left of the big bag of golden keys and everybody that is hereby why we camp today I got very exciting news were to give you a golden key because he came and everybody that has that he is guaranteed of everlasting life you have everlasting life it'll be in your hands all you got to do is have that key on your person when Jesus comes you got everlasting life aren't first of all how many of you would be excited to know that you get the season resumes you can keep and do you you got in your hand and it just doesn't hang on to it that your everlasting life is right there to let them know I would probably dot tape it to my body are Sunday just to make sure that I never lose my keys but before the angel disappears users now keep in mind if you're ever tempted to sin the double will appear or one of his minions and they have to hold your key before you can send maybe you get it back maybe while all right so you're excited you got your key you have everlasting life for his Laura but the reports in your car down to the supermarket aisle and you struggle with drinking for and you see you know in order to get your cavity article by the alcohol section and you slow down Google 's old cravings and you stop your shopping cart because the minute their and all of a sudden the devil appears and he said help yourself is ontologically you can have a drink God is merciful he'll forgive you later you get you back some of us weekly with the devil that way and where were willing to gamble with temptation and sin God is merciful God does forgive but you know the most dangerous thing that leaves the unpardonable sin is where we get to the place were we presume on God 's grace it's a wonder it's a wonderful thing to understand God will forgive whosoever comes in the face is a very dangerous thing for us to take advantage of order to to presume on his grace to abuse his grace is that I plan on sending as I know thou forgive me is that the attitude of a Christian now if you know you got that everlasting life in your head you know you get energy wouldn't make it any easier for you to push your cart pass the liquor section when a pack of cigarettes be worth more to you than the assurance that you got in your head when you want to lose that as I think of we understand that when we confess our sins the Lord he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us all unrighteousness you come to Jesus just as you are he gives you everlasting life now if you really believe you have everlasting life why anyone does without assurance and play with sin we all agree that you are risking that assurance when you venture back out on the Devils territory so the question is do you really believe that using Caleb said he is well able to get a man on meeting leave after he says that notice verse thirty one the man who would block up when instead we are not able to go against the people for they are stronger than we know wanting what was down to make it as simple as I can for you within the Christian church not exist within the Adventist church it's our church with all Christian church I hear it everywhere I go and all denominations there are conflicting reports that come from the pulpit one report is God wants to save you from your sin he can give you victory over NEC if you think that there is a sin God can give you victory over there in your mind the devil is a better tempter than Jesus as a state is able to keep you from falling and the same God that help me with drinking cursing airline smoking or drugs and the long litany of things I believe he is able to help me with everything else that he will finish the work in my life if I don't turn but you know what the children of Israel when they started their journey to Egypt they began to worry I'm turning this week as I get wings on my face began to worry just in case you know we can't make it to the Lords taken as the planets inhabited by other nations of been there for a long time Jacob left along I know they've grown they think there is now we trying to get back we're getting it all kinds of trouble we can always go back to Egypt when we got jobs there we were gotten used to the food we know the language we got the option of going back and you know I think that as long as he was a Christian think you've got the option of giving up a lot of us how to dabble in Christianity but we don't make up my mind to go all the way to the Pacific no matter what happens if we make up our mind that Jesus is called is that Jesus will never ever ever ever command you to do something without giving you the power to do it inherent in every command of God is the power to perform the word of God in every command is a promise if God tells you the Iraqis and the Peter once you walk to me on the water when Jesus told Peter to walk on the water if he wasn't able to walk on the water by the way to be a Christian in this world is a miracle like walking on water it's almost impossible unless you've got one of those surfboard for the panel that you guys use here for Jesus worked a miracle you keep your eyes on him the only way Peter to walk on water is it to get the size of these is the only way you can live a victorious life as if you keep your eyes on Christ constantly if you change your eyes on Jesus and you start looking at the wind and the waves jumping in and out and say I don't know of any advertisements women back to the boat and we consider our retreat options as soon as they started talking like that you get the student to messages of your coming ones that you can make it you can be victorious you can be like for a Christian you can be a new creature with the new hearts it's not like that bumper sticker that as Christians are just forgiven we are not just forgiven we are transformed by the renewing of our minds we are not informed to the world we never is called us to represent him we are to be Christlike abilities power we are able but you can hear a lot of emphasis on well this was a nice trip that we took out in the wilderness we saw some wonderful miracles and the promised land is actually not a real place it's a spiritual place we aren't really expected to actually inhabited we inhabited in our minds you'll hear all these strange convoluted messages that say everything other than he wants to save you from yourself and he is able to save you from yourself and other spices we are not able these were handpicked and they began to give the room the rationale for and they gave the children of Israel a bad report as of the land that we spied out as a land that devours the inhabitants thereof and all the people we saw an immigrant great stature and there we saw the giants of the sentence of a neck who came from the giants we were like grasshoppers in our own sight that was probably thinking like grasshoppers and so we were in their sight and all the congregation in chapter fourteen now all the congregation lifted up their voices and cried and the people went on that night and all the children of Israel murmured against Moses and Aaron in the congregation said to them if only we died in Egypt be careful what you pray for what lonely we died in this wilderness why did the Lord bring us to this land to fall by the sword what have I ever try to start being a Christian it's too hard to be priests into five ago our wives and our children become victims it would be better for us to return to Egypt they decided to turn around before they got right on little more than the promised land they started talking about they can throw a rock over the Jordan River and they started to turn around this and let's find another leader let's have an election and Moses and Aaron fell on their faces and before the assembly Joshua the son of nun and Caleb the son of Jesse were among those by the land they spoke to all the congregation and sent the land through which we pass is an exceeding good land that the Lord delights in us he will bring us into this land and give it to us only do not rebel against the Lord how are they rebelling against the Lord by doubting that he can bring them all the way and by losing faith and I think one of the keys to a victorious Christian life is we have to make up her mind Roberta follow Jesus that there's no turning back uninspired by the stories you have in the Bible of people like the license when he was called by you or by you I just knew I systemically say goodbye to my mother and father he was on farming wealthy farmer he turned away from his inheritance he sacrificed the oxen he was farming with and use the influences of firewood so there was no turning back Jesus said according to Steve yesterday that a man puts his hand to the plow looks back is not worthy of picking you know what time you like you didn't have another servant before Elijah and when he lines it took off to run through the wilderness his servant turned back but when he lines up the licenses look guys called me to go to bed book is called to go to Jordan 's call to go to Gil Gell you can stay here if you want to license it not on your life with a file I'm getting go with you I'm not in the stop following you you would not turn back Naomi said to Ruth you want to turn back to get that freedom letter was sent no way am I turning that she said and that this is if you have your Bibles you can look in the book of Ruth Chapter one verse sixteen sorry friends are marked most of my verses in advance you know your people are my people your God is my God where you go I will go in there will I be bearing the Lord do so to me and more also anything but you and that separates separates us wherever you go long ago where he lives our lives your people are mighty your God is my God where he died here I'll dine there will be buried I will be crucified with Christ the Lord do so to me and more also anything that separates you and me are not turning back to matter what some of you know the story backwards has fifteen nineteen when his men landed and he just had for five hundred men decided to take on a continent and he knew that they were to have a hard time along the way so just to remove the option that some of them would get discouraged and turned back in or does it after they marched out of sight of the ocean he sent some men back in he said burn the ships they set the ships on fire and the men look back in horror and saw that their way of escape was gone and court has said that means that the only way were going to survive is if we go forward and we are victorious once all soldiers realize the only way to survive was the win you have six hundred conquistadors it took on a million Aztecs and they took Mexico City are not approving of what they did on the telling of motivation you understand you know how to motivate his soldiers are not endorsing his three-year I was telling you what happened he know that in order for them to take on all nation they had to see that the only way to survive forward about us as a church is still in the back of your mind have the option that where I can sin now I can turn back now I can always repent later no one reason for losing so many young people is because and I've heard so many times have been a lot of schools and academies are a few years ago I was agent may we did we can prayer about twenty years ago now that the button in the longer schools and you know a lot of young people say when they counsel with me in their dirt being honestly say your pastor done on young is a lot of things on the world I haven't seen code for tried and you know I think I wanted just to find out for myself was going on out there and then I'll come to Jesus after I've evaluated in with the options are for myself I remember on this Christian church in his and his school am I like these that I really haven't been able to make my own decision and it will be there and I know Jesus is merciful and I'll come back and are not really taught you don't make a decision right now the unity of Christians is the devil that's exactly what he wants you to think I'll come back later phrase got some new but it was very very dangerous for us to play with eternity that way and thank I can always turn the I don't change my mind we need to make up my mind that there is no turning back for Christian notes a wonderful story to keep reading your Bible the people prayed their numbers they said Lord if we had died in this wilderness and God said to them all right that's what you really want he said this generation that did not have faith that they could go all the way is not going to go all the way those spies they did not believe they could make it on not to make enough about the ramifications of that and this is a sober thought how far have those spies until they got to the borders of the Jordan how despise experienced the Red Sea parting for them all close life experience that others in the place of fellow musicians and experience the miracle of victory over the Amalekites down the architect behind the experience a lot around the rock experience they leave the bread from heaven they experience the light of God 's presence blowing an example above the sanctuary they heard the voice of God pronounced that he had a rehab experience of the probable spices they had doubts that God can bring them all the way no the Devils always enjoyed without your minds but you cannot entertain those doubts you got a make up your mind to be a Christian you got a make up your mind that if Jesus is not the way then God help us what is a mean think about it I've been out there I tried everything you can imagine and sometimes when I get discouraged at night like the disciples of Jesus a unit of the same thing I was aware we know what else is there when I go back to Hare Krishna for my tentative sorry friends and where you get it all every thing else is so empty and electric drugs and find eternal life that way there's nowhere else to go if you want to live forever he sent Jesus something you just cannot make up your mind I got up that all in on this hand I am not alone back in each instance a just in case I lose this round all bet on a different different here because forget please forgive my metaphor would get when you know about my checkered past so I'm not encouraging out of this man is that he got normally and say this is under the aggression on market adjournment this is the option that Jesus is given us by I see the clock and rain outside you know Jesus gives us one warning Luke seventeen speaking of the second coming verse thirty one seventeen thirty one in that day he was on the housetop and his goods are in the house let him not come down and take them away and likewise the workers in the field let him not turn back and then Jesus says one of the shortest sentences and sermon in one sentence remember walks why she kept the option over Angel said don't even look back but in her mind she thought room is easy to empathize lots wife you figure family still back there all your possessions is still back there easy to get distracted to look back don't look back there's a verse Hebrews chapter ten verse thirty eight thirty nine now I just live my faith but if anyone draws back my soul has no pleasure in him so you got a contradiction here between living by faith and looking back if you are looking over your shoulder all the time for one thing if you're plowing a row when you're looking over your shoulder you can follow crooked role if you never try at trying to sometime find a straight line on the street Richard is no cars around trying to write a bicycle down that line too hard now try right to bicycle down that line when you look over one shoulder unify not difficult that really is you will list the one side if anyone draws back my soul has no pleasure in him Hebrews ten thirty nine but we are not of those who draw back to perdition but of those who believe to the saving of the soul is a conflict between trying back and being saved Proverbs four twenty five let your eyes looked straight ahead and your eyelids look right before you ponder the path of your feet let your ways the established do not turn to the right hand or the left will move your foot from evil don't even consider returning out-of-the-way in Ohio started out telling uninspired by soldiers sometimes what they do in their training alarming campus about not too long ago the Navy SEALs were in the news course they were the only team that pulled off very risky maneuver to get Osama bin Laden but not long after that a number of them were shot down in order takes to become a Navy seal it's Marine boot camp on steroids they go through the most rigorous training matter-of-fact the training is so severe that when they get into the final week other training they have a doctor on staff because they push the man to the point where they could die and the doctor has to check the revivals along the way to see if they can make -based study and spend millions of dollars figuring out what are the limits of human endurance and they push the man up to these limits time and time again in their training now the amazing thing is they go through a week during the last week of his training and during her weight for a hundred and thirty two hours they get virtually no sleep they are badgered their put out in the freezing waves where there shivering but denied enough food they are there put a tie their hands and feet and they throw them in the water and then make them trying to keep from drowning by the hands of your type with instructors pushing them under holding them under so they come up choking and gasping and there shivering violently before the novel waves with wave after wave washing over them in cold water I distance our after our abyss Junior so exhausted to stay up for twenty four hours twenty Everest therefore a hundred and thirty two hours under those conditions bullets flying over your head having to carry heavy loads just is one obstacle course after another and here's what makes it yours what makes it also difficult at any moment during Hell week out in front of the mess hall there is a bell on the polls they can quit whenever they want all they've got to do is say I've had it they walk over the belt have to ring the bell three times less than the flesh lust of the eyes private life those same areas were Jesus was were you ever while we're going through all of this anytime they want they can say how about a year I am ready for a warm meal for a hot shower for a warm bed and to get out of his brutal treatment and in all the years of doing this whole week typically seventy to eighty percent dropout in the ones you drop out the recently dropout is because they have considered that they can ring the bell on the one and just knowing they have that option are doomed to fail and affect there been many that great away from their team in the chain calls on and they walk towards the now and they come back to the king and the officer say if any of them have ever made any steps towards the bell what do you ring the bell one time they ultimately will go back and ring the bell yet at times they end up quitting eventually because they made the option in their mind that they can turn back the wondering how long they can last until they fail as I granted about the Christian life I wonder how long I can make it with gratitude I am persuaded that he is able to keep that was committed on becoming instead I am persuaded that he that is begun a good work in me is able to keep it on our church we got a big problem is a lot of people look in a marriage that way they think they've got it an option where they can ring the bell to get out of it if you're every Christian you get married there is no bell during the wedding bells and that's it there's no quit option is no turning back sometimes we make promises and you make a value similar to follow you whatever happened to make a promising new put your life on the line you put your child on the line you say I am not delivering my work we need that kind of resolve and determination and tenacity zit cream than a Follies uses items using the folly now not aware evenly know if I'll send you think the Marines have a hard time for those Navy SEALs second Corinthians eleven liters this is our last verse second Corinthians eleven verse twenty three Paul takes just a moment and he looks back at what the Lord brought him through are they ministers of Christ I speak as a fool I am more in labors more abundant in stripes above measure in prisons more frequently in deaths off he lived day-to-day with his life at risk from the Jews five times I received forty stripes minus one three times I was being with lots one's I was so three times I wish your friends a night and a day I even don't say that a night in the day I have been in the deep end journeys often in perils of water in perils of robbers and perils of my own countrymen and perils of the Gentiles in perils in the city and perils in the wilderness in perils in the same in perils among false brethren in weariness and coil and sleeplessness often in hunger and thirst and fastings often hold and nakedness beside all these things that comes upon me daily I'm trying to care for the church of Christ how could any man who wrote most of the New Testament how did you learn all of that yes one Paul saw Jesus on the road and he prayed and fasted for three days he made up his mind is the Lord uses what he wanted to do anything on the Internet no matter what happens Lord if I die doesn't matter if I'm dying now I'm taking my cross the following units whatever you throw at survivor stoning publisher corrects Jesus that I will never leave you or forsake you and he said of the Lord to send me on this journey on your follower relieves him turn in a friendly thing is for the piece comes from the Citroen recently with Chrysler where belief I believe that you are able to bring into the promised land and it were to make Jesus is offering you a golden key right now is terrible if you leave that using all things are possible in the days he is able to keep that which is committed to him you must make up your mind Lord I'm not a follower every newly where else evening I will not leave you nor forsake you before we have our closing prayer is wanted as I believe there are some here today that maybe you've been looking at the Bell even think about the option of giving up any need to make up your mind no matter what happens even if I die I'm not hammering at them doesn't matter that fifty percent might be getting on nothing on him Jesus can set his face and look at the cross and go through what he did he's the one that were following then came to give us his mind can he give us his victory you can have everlasting life right now significant and he can give you grace to live in well my woman the new life he will be a soldier and Army are you willing to follow your commander leads what Madison do some new weekend everything commands us to do we know what you understand what is similar by your grace to go on and father as we come before you right now we pray that you will give us that eventually that piece of knowing that you are able to keep that which we commit to you against that please fill us with the Holy Spirit I presume you each person here in our very struggle sometimes we get discouraged and we fall everything in my ever Jamaican helpless I have about mind that Paul had where we are agreeing that we are crucified with Christ it is not us that live anymore when I can live our own comfort and convenience were part of an army that even though trials and cold and pipe patient may come that we made up our minds that we are not alone everywhere you go we will go where you lodge we will launch your people are our and I will be crucified with Christ blessed person blesses the Sabbath and pray for your presence and blessing on the remaining presentations that we can Christians in word and deed in pricing we question the reason I


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