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Secret Service

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • November 6, 2011
    10:15 AM
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this is the final messaging and believe that it's over already that's right because it's not over it's really on us begun amen and amen I appreciate the song that was just saw a I know it has taken from second Chronicles seven verse thirteen and fourteen this means that second Chronicles chapter seven the first thirteen and fourteen seconds on those chapters seven verse thirteen and fourteen the Bible says here if I seventh heaven that had been no rain RFI and the locus and empower the man or if I send pestilence among my people readers would meet you will is my keyboard which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then when I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their wonderful promise God says he will send the rain if his people were called by his name will turn from their ways and seek his face I want talking this morning and noticed this final message is usually one that found all takes a lot of thought because this is your commission I don't know if you realize it but thought today you are being deployed for Saturday's tray with me please heavenly father please speak to us today him or we want to see the see your face Lord saying a lot and heal our land is our prayer in Jesus name amen like you to open your Bibles to the book of John chapter fourteen John chapter fourteen Jesus is speaking and in John chapter fourteen in John chapter fourteen verse one Jesus said let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me and my father 's house are many mansions if it were not so I would've told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I do one prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself where I am there you may be also and you are looking for word to get into Paradise immune and forward Sebastian me experience of power and I was a time that will be when we will answer sweet harmonized together I am looking forward to that time as Christians we are on a journey in fact when you came here we began a journey we began by going through the twenty third Psalm showing that the Christian is on a journey and we saw that the journey began at the crossing then we look at the parliament colophon twenty three all was was was showing the pattern of the sanctuary all sacrifice and what it means off for Christensen then give himself the tribes influenced that Jesus Christ we even had an appeal for baptism that some people make decisions to be baptized hopefully all of you have made decisions to be baptized whether that is by water or by the spirit we we we might insist that the concept of prayer at the altar of incense and we saw how prayer equates the soldier of Christ it is communication system in a foreign land we saw how important prayer one we took a look at the advocate of silver and we saw that as soldiers we must be equipped with the sort of gone with the word of God we must be equipped with the knowledge of the truth that Islam in the word of God can you see the journey that we've been on yesterday week we look at this blueprint is sought by God I have a message for us to share with the world we are called to be the light of the world and we discussed the ways in which we can go out and add and share this message with the world we looked at the candlestick and we saw that as God 's people we are called to witness we've been on a journey anyhow you want to be deployed you see our mission is suggest the paradise a man in the book of Matthew chapter eleven verse twelve Jesus is speaking and he talked about how the book the kingdom of heaven those who want to get to the kingdom of heaven must take it by violence read that verse taken by violent take it by violence wasn't me it simply means you can get to the kingdom of heaven without five you have to fight that's why will call the five good fight of faith so didn't get to sleep paradise requires about you are being deployed today deployed for battle deployed for service but it would before this to send you what way with out looking at one last part of that sanctuary found within the most holy place you see our house has covered every other article and we have glimpsed that the most holy place my beloved and I understand that there is an adversary out there wants to destroy you you see the battle believe it or not was not so much I can like I'm learning that there were angels surrounding visitation and Satan could only do so much he couldn't even cause it to rain the way he wanted to visit this was God 's training ground but now you are about to go out into the battlefield where it will be you by herself missing the devil doesn't really attacking all that is meant to attack at the training ground is about training camp yeah you know he little skirmishes here and there but it's when you get out there that's when the battle really begin you know how it works you come to camp you get inside and I hadn't ever studied the Bible like I have an way that I get a hold and then what happens when you get home him us into the same routine of things the Bible tells a book of first Corinthians I wanted to turn there with me first Corinthians chapter ten first Corinthians chapter ten beginning with verse eleven the Bible says not all these things happened unto them that if the children of Israel for ten samples and they are written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come just as we are on a journey to sleep paradise saw where the children of Israel on a journey to the promised land and the devil trying anything still on their journey soon soon soon get them to fail at the fall and suddenly find that that really these these these challenges these obstacles couldn't really stop the children of Israel they check moving on they kept marching on but there's a certain place where the devil seems to have done on his attack and it was right at the children of Israel were on the border is of the promised land similarly you and I are in a battle you and I are marching to sleep our guys but I'm the one slide to warn you is that is that once you leave this place and once you go out there into the real world into the into the into the mail now feel safe in his I go to the fact that around I cannot in the military Sarah wanted about everybody looks around because they know some of you some of us may not make it back what a thought what about using the love God is trying to prepare us for Satan doubled efforts the way I like to put in the limited benefit of this faith and will try I fascinate you like because you have come to this camp because you have been equipped with the word of God because you understand the significance of the candlestick because you have been trained through God 's obstacle course there is now a target on your back safe and is seeking an assassination attempt on your life the children of Israel all rights on the borders of the promised land I want to the notice of me what happens in the book of numbers chapter twenty five numbers chapter twenty five verse one and Israel abode in Shipton and the people began to commit Horn on with the daughters of Moab and they called the people unto the sacrifices of their gods and the people did wow sounds and they are now and it is real joined himself unto their Lord and the anger on the Lord was kindled against Israel I want you to understand that Israel had been stopping at various places in the wilderness and invention of their half stopped before entering into the promised land and this is where we find that they can download his efforts reading on the Bible says in verse four and the Lord something Moses take all the hands of the people and hang them up or hang them up before the Lord against the sun that the fierce anger of the Lord may be turned away from Israel and Moses sent to the judges of Israel saying everyone is meant that were joined on to bail PRD no wonder that when the government sanction sent Moabite women into the camp of Israel and the mad way and enjoying themselves and began to come there are times of corn on an idolatry the devil knew man's wages eleven we are living in a time where exhaust upon both the borders on the promise land and the devil will come and attack you at your weakest point he once found a attack you so that you will not you will be eliminated or assassinated if you will not make it into the promised land first since the Bible says and behold one of the children of Israel came and brought them to his brethren a minimize woman in the sight of Moses and in the sign of all the congregation of the children of Israel who were weeping before the what will the congregation and when sin is the Son of Man has are the son of Aaron the priest I even brought up from among the congregation until the javelin in his hand we went after the man of Israel into the tent and thrust both of them through the night on Israel and the woman through that her belly so the plague was stayed on the children of Israel and missing those that died in the plague were twenty and four thousand twenty four thousand one you think that was going to try to do just before the promisor he is going to try to wipe out as many soldiers as he possibly can we read in the book conference in college one three page one fifteen near the coal address history Satan will want with all his powers in the same manner and with the same temptations wherewith he tempted ancient Israel just before entering the land of promise he was raised the hairs for those who claim to keep the common man and some dog and walk almost on the borders of the candidate canine he will use his powers to their utmost in order to ensure souls and to take God 's professed people upon their weakest point Matthew question where are we right now while all Wednesday night when the sanctuary Thursday morning all we we look at no further incidents sent Friday during my workshops we journeyed to the table of sobering Saturday afternoon after the opening presentation we talked about how we can be liked we meet John for the seven branched candlestick well we might not the Ark of the covenant not the company think what's happening is another when you are a Salazar in Michigan that first obstacle the altar sacrifice can you make it New Mexican obstacle the labor and you get to that part of the government obstacle course we talked about the front view and manage the data a soldier you are the friendly man the more I was on .com find your way which means beloved what God is the place that God is trying to get us too often lately is where the most holy place not when you are dwelling in the most holy place that is when Satan will unleash at me being he has against you that's when he's want to go all out in fact we read about in the book of Revelation chapter twelve offers you all are very familiar with Revelation chapter twelve Revelation chapter twelve verse seventeen the Bible says that Dragon was wrong and what with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which dwelt in the most holy place yeah I mean in a minor translation but that's what I say the devil was angry with that with the woman and recommend while the remainder that special who got special blessing who knew what she comes up gone public they or the testimony of Jesus so that God was angry with all who say we will keep the law not my beloved achievement law of God means that you are experiencing victory over sin this is what the double will try this is how the double will try to assassinate you he needs to get you to rank those are on God seven you can make originated and disqualified from entering suites however how do we do with the children of Israel the board of the promised land you know you have your Bibles revelation twelve verse fifteen I want litigants from his twelve restricted so you have a double once beloved relations Wolfenstein says the serpent cast out of his mom wanted the flawed after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood that's not to carry leaders does not decay interest reassessment is a VA guide to carry away the Dallas goal is to get you to get carried away that's not yet carried away you see the devil over the other's mouth his insider is the cause in a chattering away what you mean pastor chariot LA James chapter one James chapter one verse fourteen and fifteen James chapter one verse fourteen and fifteen are you there James one verse forty fifty miles of Miami man is tempted when he and carried away okay what we know and I will open the mouth and found a flaw in the cause the people of God can be chatting away now bother on lots time he carried away twenty thousand because they followed their own lots James one fourteen reads every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own knowledge and insight then when lust has conceived to bring it forth and sin when it is finished reinforcing that the math is something life then according to first-round report sin is the transgression on the law so there is an beloved when you get into the most holy place where the law of God is trained designer Houston are you out on the most holy place so that he can assassinate you give the fire is such carrying you out on the most holy place since drawing you out on the most holy place so that he can assassinate however God can protect you did you know that in fact God has a protection service and introduce you the title of my message of God 's secrets started half if you know the people like the president of United cement we know that because he's an important individual jihad favorite you are very important people do you are you are very important you are God specially trained so and so God knows that when you go out into the battlefield that the devil is seeking to fascinate you to edit them in a cute but God is not going to leave you went out with Psalm ninety one Psalm ninety one the Bible to the mayor see that I was and I want to see great forays on the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty wherein the fingerprint of the most time it's the most holy place I will send the Lord and he has my music and my fortress my aunt and handling well I stress Charmaine he's out there remember the from the snap on the following are you following is a thing called setting up this man is trapped at and is booby-trapped that his and mine but God said that he was in the suit replace on the most time I want to provide him with secret therapy it has shown each other that even with them and from the noisome pestilence he shocked harmony with his feathers and under his wings shall not stress is true shall be thy shield and my booklet also not be afraid for the Taliban night not that I would Monday not the customers that wanted the darkness north of the shots and then went to the new big I found in South Florida Karzai and ten thousand iPod but it shall not come nigh me only went nine eyes on Bobby Wolfenstein rewarded the weekend because I has made the Lord which is my refuge even the most high by habitation there shall no evil befall thee neither shall any plague come nigh my dwelling and then set out for us in that I was going to meet up for yourself he will can his angels charge over the century me in all my weight now know what sticks out to me is the word over and over is anyone is anyone thinking covering Sarah 's secrets eleven dwellings and excitement for a moment 's wait no matter what level shots to break away from them twice as large strategies that he said even though that's not like math is not landscaped on this one God says if you dwell in the secret place I will keep you I will give my angels charge over you you will have your own entourage the Angels that will protect you and keep you in my law and in my word Joe had Secret Service absolutely so at Secret Service the halftime child was called up her big man remember them in the art that a company is really talking to what about victory over sin victory over nonresident come on your historians on what happens God says have you considered my soldier told me my servant Job using the gel was a soldier are you with me job with a solid job was a warrior and act as an warriors you have to let warriors doing anything there's a reason why God didn't say when send hinges to the God condensate known about I don't like my certain knowledge about God and what him always shine in value you will doesn't is a nice urbanism I saw that I trained them personally is some another one child no way understand that God is saying listen I'm instructing in the drug trade you don't fail me currently dollars until now the often failed to draw new soul could overcome the double the tax so God says and considered my soldier Joe father was not much in all of your and what results when the things they say that yeah yeah you know what is happening I mentioned that I would listen sometimes I believe that the devil will go straight to God and the like I got you if you are now your servant to go through this child or the situation I bet you he or she will follow and sometimes God will say go on Angel was minding his business and if you haven't been minding your business I was just minding my business and this child this temptation came out nowhere and so until is being tested in the Bible says twice in all this Joel did not want seeing you want to know why because Joe had secret service among to the bottom you see part of Jones trial in fact the majority of Job 's trial dealt with his reputation is all nonsense I was apparently right now he is suffering as friends coming in and claim of the reason you want to bring in the volume on the something wrong Joel was marrying to submit to law reputation while keeping his character sure in the eyes of God descended on the if the devil cannot assassinate your character he will assassinate your reputation and there's a reason that he tries to do that because decisions all had responded in the in the wrong way to install the gun to try to get all all all standup and and all the things about what happened another is that is that Joel would have been going to reflect the character of cell righteousness the devil will try any and every attack to eliminate you and he was trying to eliminate Joe in this very way Joseph had Secret Service you remember what happened Joseph is an Potiphar 's house and so on in part because I make an attempt Joseph and Johnson did not have Secret Service okay somebody help me insult and didn't not have Secret Service he would've fallen at the enemy when God cannot when Satan cannot destroy the child HR one video chat and so wasn't really so bad reputation please following the Cubs were going somewhere with this Joseph was wanting to their reputation because of his love for God by the way I want to the notice of me very quickly Psalm thirty one verse twenty one is a net gain angels of peace Psalm thirty one verse twenty this is beautiful watch this on their Suman Celsius all medication was being my mind and all these things is what the Bible says if not sound then in the secret online presidents from the prior man knowledge shall keep them secretly in the pavilion from the strife of time okay you see that does not knows that well in the secret Place UK I thought their character and even if you shot up to their reputation God says I'm not Daniel had Secret Service a decree was made no mention on economic impregnating on the thirty days when Daniel do embrace what do they do they think Daniel Diane and I invent but the line also I know that you will need to throw in there realizing that they went home in Arizona thought I get in and then I realized Virgil and Michael Owen said Daniel Angelini November when one is that we are not many angles that were then realized that I had Secret Service Summit I like Daniel Lyons Ted and I divide that means you could service about here Daniel the Secret Service the three Hebrews Secret Service when they were told the bottom of what I and is and they refused about what happened is that they were bound to enroll and I never thrown in a fiery furnace who was in there with them Jesus Jesus was in the five-year do you know this a kind of glory that is found in the most holy place it is the only history he was more dwelling in the very presence of the Shekinah glory secret service process and when you look at the ever found bound never felt bound by situation on found my circumstance is when the when the three games with the brought into the fire you know what the purpose of the fire was it was some burn the circumstances it wasn't super and then when God allows you go through fire the assembly of the I will throw some things that you feel how you use a thankful to God then when you are gone I got the things in the demo thinks he is not how to occupy now really I only desire is to burn the rope I'm no smell of smoke on you sometimes they stay in a secret place special presence and know them that the devil can flaunt against you will prosper so since then his father leave this out on the secretly the Bible says that the Dragon opens up his mouth of the flawed after the woman and without reason Psalm eighteen burst forth it talked about one of the fund represented by the way and were not what is water represent peoples nations multitudes in tongues of some aching for thoughts about the flood upon the ungodly so there's another one of the ways of the double chocolate eliminates you is my sending a flood of ungodly people into your life when you go home from this please be careful who you're hanging out with the careful bug because the devil will send a letter of friends he will send a flood of people if they want to start writing what you can to get it a night about with us come on get back into the routine of things be careful of the fun of the ongoing but without not only can not can the devil said ungodly friends to get all also said ungodly enemy and see if you are not ungodly people to make you yourself become ungodly than the devil has carried you away so this is this is a high fat warfare the devil is waiting to me is gone people need to be able we need to have the most special baubles that enable us to see the government got for what they are he got lost in the secret place of the most high will all buy under the shadow of the Almighty me will not care what the devil authority doesn't anyone even care we will care my character and when I didn't care about reputation was that whatever happens to them about I was suffering as long as I'm suffering it for righteousness sake God is trying to train all soldiers beloved who will be strong soldiers who will take the kingdom of heaven by violence you know the type means me and we talked about ability where Moses went up the mountain remember that the children is aware that in the valley below and most of the lady is coming in the same way Jesus has gone up the mountain even racist comment it appears what are we doing out here in the meantime he signaled its on the vigil began to murmur don't murmur that has nothing to do here in the wilderness young people that has nothing up inside here in the wilderness the children as John murmured and a disqualifying that it's not fun out here they complain they were better they were angry obviously is whether we got some new lessons and realized long help me not to fall after the same example that they can after they were idle the Bible says they got up to sing inputs at the dance and the planet me that what I hope another .net I is I have nothing to do I this is still your father questioned the cons what is the secret to dwelling in the secretly what is the secret to blogging in the secret place and in a sacred place on anyone music replaced by heart doing well in the Synchro plate readers have about the log we ran in such a way where the devil cannot entice us to fall into sin how can we read without bothering to all of our own desires that's the question and the problem that many of us have is that in trying to achieve the law we are looking at the law and trying to keep me of another that is not how you end up keeping the law you can keep the law by looking at the law I say that as Seventh-day Adventist we sometimes maybe next the things that we should be looking at in the most holy place is in the logon was not the only thing that was there there wasn't a man on that was in the art as well this is not a what was the matter about garnering a certain rate of brand and Green Day numbers on the sense that he ran down a double portion and on the seventh day he rained down but that's only sometimes I would hear people say I I came to church today and I didn't get sick couldn't eliminate the reason that you found the bread on the seventh day is because you weren't looking for bread on the first day on the second or the or what I said what is usually not gathering for yourself using the chart on some of my anonymous sorry the reason why you don't understand the sermon is because you spent the whole week sleeping while I was getting red the reason why the word is born to you is because you inject excitement that I was giving out all week and how is it every morning to arrange bread down from heaven and we wanted to raise bread got ten dollars and you will looking flying on how you'll never believe what is now will write such things into my sound system all in Christ character mother what he's trying to build us similarly we have to learn how the samples is not how went through this when God was raining that ran down he was trying to teach the people how to depend upon him or how not to worry don't worry relax rest don't worry read that read she was choosing on the principle of rest and regalia we don't worry about your food Red Hat rest on the new mouth of a Sunday Monday along amount of phone when I met him once and he and the than the Wii he was teaching them out to sign that when the psalmist came around they had gotten six days of practice is him will also result in that we don't really keep the Sabbath Bible and the charge ensemble that's not keeping Osama she is is when you land the fragment when Don Treadwell the first thing was good the second it was good the barn it was good but what they Monday the fifth innocent and daddy if your lemon of France bankrupted the second a truck in the learning target before they could contribute asynchronous and a demonstration of Usama God that we are happy sad but that's why we are having some something that always a happy family did what God asked you to do during the week that ended in fat some then we can experience copy some I can't wait for some loan that anybody remembers signing bonus urges a slow is because we are missing that has been when looking at the top but we're not looking at the manna average Robin but it teaches the same lesson is a damned state that it's a it's a dead thing that came to life melodic and represents Christ and him crucified represent Christ and him crucified and he was nominated as new look at Christ and him crucified we were naturally cheap small but there is one more point I want to understand this is absolutely absolutely important to understand that not only was there I was wrong about it and not only was there the matter but that was something else that was actually so important in the most holy place and it's an old like me because I try not glory I suck at Larry Dunn Larry program is God I want to listen to what I want to about the presence of the end of the education page two fifty five she sat as a shield from temptation and an inspiration to joint venture with no honor and throwing equal offense of God 's presence eleven when you live life as though you are living in the very presence of God it will keep you from sinning when he was led like with the belief that you are in the various Shekinah glory of God it will change the way that you live lot at wife has no other influence can equal dates none she said he thought was Johnson's shield him that's the corruption of Egypt one thousand the thought that he was in the very presence of God we must walk on everyday thinking I'm in the very presence of God like God is with me but that's what Secret Service is that much if you are walking around without Secret Service is because you're walking around with all the thought that you are dwelling in the very presence of Jesus only in the sense of God 's presence can banish the fear that for the timid child would make life a burden that him finish any of the where is the promise that aims all on the Lord and did not allow them that fear him and delivering them this is an very mathematic traveling down for me that he and hang in memories all the picture of the angel of the Lord and camping roundabout another when you're on about Higginson a soldier on the battlefield and he's really warning pulled up a trinket he looked at his wife or his child put up a trinket and see the Angel of the Lord when you're in the midst of the battle remember not to memories call and see the Angel of the Lord surrounding nothing else can equal its influence extends into the sand and I I mean I cannot know the lot as well although the request president until he wants and draws and Jonathan was father one of them wanted wanted to he wants to carry us away using the tug-of-war charity draw if we keep our eyes on that sick and lonely please visit with the wrap this up on the disease very quickly we just have a few more moments that I want to see this very quickly in fact when on the metabolic numbers twenty one give her what happened in one show the Ms. are being bitten by serpents and God tells Moses to make a lot brazen one started and you want to put on a pole pole who were not serving represent Jesus very strange symbol to represent Jesus very strange symbol to record is this what you want a sudden something else you think about it we want when you sharpen when looking at the Army of crime and then even when Moses was talking to God and Mona got shot me I want to carry we want to see God 's glory amen the Bible tells in the sector and is not by myself only the glory we are changed into the same lot image but there's something we need to understand about because when Moses show me your glory God responds by saying no man can see my want to have a candidate so God 's glory is equal to his face not now the reason why God said that no man can see my face and that is because if you did not say something to happen is very simple like it in that field Gatlin Estrada if you want to really look at my face Mohammed Wayman got no mention of the division lead exactly exactly you can look at the face of Don and remain alive now where yeah I will follow my look at the face of God when Jesus comes along and says to Thomas Thomas this along with you if you see a new thing on the also remain looking in the face of cheese are is the same as looking in the face of the father of child means then the glory of God and my right arm he is not there in Iraq is not a niche of God is seen in the face of Jesus Christ from this event page and uses Bayesian adventure you see that picture God says so I want to achievement and share a memory foam is obviously necessary you will know my character may seem and I believe that many of you have the wrong picture of Jesus as they I wanted more than Isaiah chapter fifty versus very quickly Isaiah chapter fifty Isaiah chapter fifty conversely we have the wrong picture of the glory of Jesus 's face Isaiah fifty versus please notice what the Bible says here Isaiah fifty versus except as Jesus speaking here says the Lord or perfect I gave my back to the minors on my sheets and then not stop up a hair I can't not my face from shame and spitting what picture onto the space agency this is not seems unwanted in a nice part of him that's not a faith that's not the blog read the things Jesus wants you to think of things and Shane Abreu they all think but then dropping off a big him she cannot receive nothing like that the colonists there was nothing like that but on the notation that Dorothy and get him that they gone once it is shown by a shower some of all the guys handled it on you and I can wipe you an instant to us you do this to me because I love you the Lord is God in the long-suffering in mounting its time is gentle not in such heart of our heavenly father knows no one will want to how you look at that saying is someone are things that all I get is we live the faith of Jesus we see the spinning this baby coupons specials permanent shame you realize that the shameless the glory they realized that the same he went through not defined the glory or character of the heavenly father not you are a soldier on the battlefield at your face in getting sweaty your face is getting very as people are spinning upon you argue with me remember the face on your Redeemer you are being falsely malign you are being persecuted for righteousness sake don't you know you don't want a child remember the face of your Redeemer seeing the glory of God is in the Bible seven hundred and fifty five of fifty six run I think it is that we do not want to look at his face we can't stay as far as faith I want that house saying I want that's what decided I want a common glory to the same as if you let it be like me you're not happen but the childlike meet the math about the circumstances might need and do not have wanted to mention that you protect is always right when God no matter what he will not be able to take you on the secret place of the most five eleven are you seeking the face of God second Chronicles chapter said first thirteen forty if my people which are called by my name will do what humble themselves and and see my face when God 's people are women's unpopular done Larry same trials and situations that Jesus went through barrenness shame when their women to know that the sound was wellness and I'm about anything and everything for you my face I don't care I will stand a righteousness for your namesake and was gone here and send the battery one last verse forty recording in Revelation sixteen verse remedies in six or sixteen when Jesus comes again one of the wicked want to say Ray or from an high on the day isn't eleven this will reveal that these people never knew did not know the character of their heavenly father the character of Jesus because I want you to imagine with me someone running down the street and there's screaming you are my wife and I are at campaign that's what we could say I will not because the few not know his glory another were on a journey to sweetheart but before we get to sleep our legal obstacles to face we got the house to find but if we stay in the secret place of the most high God will see us through God will see us through them or them in a him this is a him and him is is is is is is him I is in Spain and see I lay as he is aiming child's meantime family and community this is a him him him him him him and him him him him and him him him to naming names that have him in him and him and him and him and him and is a is as young as an visiting in her a new and and and and and and and and and and and I will pay as you like anyone was seen as valid I want to make a long uphill today is very simple so I had out as well that is the most I I to scenery service that serves on the passive income is in and yes we remained loyal for service through a family one of us needs that protects a that is sure that is sweet I sweetheart as long as they had to say it was all worth it in an attic on them when he battles involved in this files whom difficult to them along the same denominator is knowing that these are quality designs this honor our witness you weren't you wiring portraying the sun is Hollywood so was not allowed in although I do help us in our challengers may reflect how the one-on-one engineer but we will integrate and in Wednesday Northlands on this journey with you once training us at not knowing all we know that Satan is coming and now say I get it going on and on and but we know that you have confidence in us but in yours I had some sort of remind us and us and we are continuing you with us he is not really challenging us is challenging Jesus Jesus was never in doubt that he will that his best-selling uncertainties that we ourselves might humble ourselves and be willing to take the shame and whatever is going on long as we know that you are with the disease is holding namely rain date is a message was recorded and produced by power of the land ministry our mission is to help prepare people for the coming of Jesus Christ by bringing to the supernatural power of the Lamb of God that gives them the experience of victorious crystals and letting for more information on our multimedia resources or inquiries on speaking to me please log onto our website at www. power of the Lamb .com www. power of the land thank you and God bless you I will


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