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Cancer Prevention, Part 2

Hildemar Dos Santos


Hildemar Dos Santos

Assistant Professor, Loma Linda University



  • January 31, 2012
    2:00 PM
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as far have fallen prey to my father we thank you for lessons we thank you for who people look to have the other friends and forum your message for us to spiritual message of health message and make us to understand more about our body is in our minds to help other people to help our relatives to help our friends to help the community make us to be inspired by you with your Holy Spirit and have the power to make the changes necessary for us to have a better life and then we can chat we ask your presence now Jesus me help thank you for being here in thank you for those outside us through in the program and I think that someone got some of the other guys are back the related website anyways let's go for their cancer prevention we started yesterday in general talk about the website of screening and then today we will focus most mostly on defectors that we know about cancer thoughts and finish this we will start with their cancers individual we believe we have a Skype with lung cancer I I expect the finished lung cancer the day also and then there is the most important election if you have to miss anything should be to date shouldn't be the day that but thought this is the more important because this is when I talk about the the factors that are causing cancer and then there is one more important lectures but to the last one because of the less when we will rocket out and we'll talk about some other things like cell phone the microwave excuses good causing pills are not than what is the draws and calls and and then we'll talk about dedicated self-study what we have in the Adventists felt that if one nothing else than the second one and then Adventists would be Joe that is the infected third with Jen and then we will explain and see some statistics in terms of cost of cancer to another disease so that that the last lecture was going to happen Friday then that one you should not miss if you're missing something but still have work to get that Sydney is and then you have everything that and I just hope that they are going to require that the knowledge of our Siebel knowledge are required for someone for yourself is just forty four guy wanted and so you move about Islam uses that we should that make a face is that the rabbit with our Job verse is so over he is obvious you can listen to the live program if you go to all diverse thought relative personal blog or something like that this is the best source apart out of personal part okay that's that introduction here so we should not tell people about that but the is it's very important for is that the left leave my constitutes are involved in ourselves and our so I don't so I don't do gives a presentation in a church I don't present his life in the church but I I I I I he I I I meant little more open shoulders and then imprisoned for that is that we have to be careful not to offend people and then then we put people off when we start making jokes of all their their diet than because we are better about that's not the right requisition but as we are talking about cancer prevention we will know that the diet is one of the most important things I like to use the inside this will hold the remaining renewed that the is is is about the nineteen ninety seven nineteen ninety six that they did the first one in the cap if you go to their site to Harper reports aside from the Harvard school of medicine they still have these when that so I'm okay to use that but the business professional reports of Gaza prevented up with the two main factors in terms of supervision that is the smoking and diet so those are the most important like that I responsible for maybe two thirds of the gifts is that you have a wrong and in the beginning we thought that was just lack of fruits and vegetables or by the presence of far off needs but now we have this whole thing about the obesity that is related with the result Cancer guessers and so we will talk about that so what we are going under today we are not over all of these with with I would say focus on their ones that not bold so there was that Diebold we will go over them by those those are mostly there was that we cannot change patient old maybe you can but it's a family history of heart the perinatal factors may be a reproduction not economic situation environmental pollution so sometimes people cannot go on that and medical procedures also is a little hard so than anyone smoking yet is that the list of the argument over now but anyone is a smoking tobacco hello we invented this idea that we that we should smoke something but it came from I think it would inherently involve I would say when we saw five for the first time we got fascinated by that the IA I wish in the Bible they survey the fellow something a lot what them and when dissolved by what was that the because I believe before stating there was no fire I believe I might be wrong and vital as something that came out after the decision but anything anyways we see we seen all there is there there there that addition the natives in the world cultures that they have I have fascinated by fire into the mix sacrifice life of the use pipes piece five five copies of something like that and that's maybe one reason that people with smoke that the first time that sweetheart something about the smoking that might be carcinogenic while the sixteen oh four Wendy is gaining the elimination that the counselor blastoff tobacco smoking is a custom loathsome to the hateful to the nose for the brain dangerous to the lengthening the black stinking fume thereof nearest resembling their portables Asian spoke of the big book is bottomless and value if you are in the territory of genetic help me with that I don't know what is the Ephesians located by the nose contract and have the provision but I'm still lost on the way looks like is some something that is smoking like a peanut dumping or something like that and anybody know and let's let's Google it guess I is related to this I smoke insulated the bids the main gases is standup is not just the risk they are fighting cancer you goes beyond that the most loose visible in both the circulation the the was amusing in the new smoking in one day he reached or the like to blather and acute phase and even then the subjects of the UK you through the cervix in Denver the leukemia and then I related to all of these types of cancers so it's it's up was on his own real flies animals that's what he does not smoke the idea to him will you smoke is not the usual for them so this pictures are just forgetting because nobody have ever seen in the design most of the rare exceptions I I I believe one time they made a bad usable in the second death I'd never heard that I never see that the paper but it is necessary to have intelligence to smoke isn't it amazing that we have to have a break because the Jewish vote for the first time you will reject up you will coffee use the assistance bought this life you have the best that stays and then and then it is not the smoking loaded up to have a brain of a good brain when it best his people said all all I would not smoke and beautiful his wife and often no better with a liaison virus is not value you will say that nicotine is so addictive that the nicotine is considered today at the same level of cocaine and heroine soldiers were to have an idea that just because legal but the exemplified stick business is using the same place I mean the doctors in the house know how hard it is to wait harrowing hoping you get Best Buy the heroine is something that the threat additionally we say that there is no cure for that week James exchange methods on an they didn't even buy with methadone this is unofficial addiction mostly that's about that that's what happened so you see Bethany continues a substance that is very very very addictive and I I use the Bellevue sun experience that the researchers admit pigs they put pigs in the cervical and then and then put the electrical cells surrounding the circle to geeks will go undo the fence and they will never go there anymore never been so convinced that the defense that ethical fence off the patent would not go over that but human beings think those is more and more and more in the Beth a Payne and then they want to have these more morsel what is that about or are intelligent for me intelligence and was wisdom well I give this human being so let's talk a little bit about what we having cigarette smoking apartment to Hoffman he will do an excellent analyzing what is that they have so to have cargo outside ammonia nitrogen outside the causing inflammation hydrogen cyanide that's supposed to be boys on here that the killed lives Celia in there in the lungs hydrogen sulfide that produce irritation and pain the respiratory tract Acre Lane doctors also say that thoughts and methanol but these who we use that the Brazil to the fuel for cars blocks the population and ingestion we have also then the nicotine fennel ethical and in the probably well we have a law while Google but they are this fulfills one of them in any most iron producing mood any defects or carcinogenic events you see here we have nicotine that is the man victim factor in the red smoke and also might affect the endocrine systems and there is one research the negligent by the cancer producing off so the idea that weekend Best Buy just size smoking the new cigarette but does not have much of the specimens and exceeded but just have negligent might not be there the best one because we still have something to improve the scans how I we mentioned yesterday that the smoking company four thousand eight hundred compounds and then they haven't is that it gives that the company 's ibogaine is talking five hundred and ninety nine and is a combat zone that brand of cigarette they will list some or all their obvious five hundred ninety nine ten before we go that that is sixty nine carcinogens in a visible eleven human carcinogens proven to cause cancer in men and their seventh probably probable that the ecological cancer and forty nine animal carcinogens also as are possibly to cause cancer amen we don't have I sure answer on that why we should would like a bad self is concealing the skin than with the person who you let me a couple of years and see if it is skinned girl accounts of wisdom of the event and that human being not very well affect the legality of soul okay this is that it is for research on Cancer the classification in this divine name that book that I mentioned yesterday while battling back here this is one Michelle about the likely having said that mean losing our normal life here usual we buying Home Depot like aphids on form for being super effective than welding torches arsenic and is an invoice benzene in the ball well with them by vesting anything up Home Depot that one thing is alike there like the fuel gotten on car batteries monoxide car exhaust fumes beneath the insecticide formaldehyde embalming fluid of that site would look for that smokers are preparing themselves for that slant on hydrogen and I got felt punishment by gas lead lap old old pains and let the dazzling methanol of rockets you will make again they use the content for cockroach poison fin all toilet bulldozing effect in full attempt to ban nuclear weapons than that the present of providing a quality pistol in and the social and biannual chloride that unless they he is here full unknown to them if you want to make someone to quit smoking now you can tell them that the when the person is both you years or she is inhaling some radioactive substance all my goodness but this is what we have that and this is one of the cancer-causing agents because ruled radiation will cause the the cell to new dates as we saw yes so they fit them off I went who qualify will say well over his views similar to the normal level of aggregation will live on the ground not sure about that but that anyways visits if they have very good the idea I remember I is that the locking my smoking cessation class of gossip and see you have something there that the should be enough for you to stop the eleventh carcinogens that they are proven to cause cancer idea that fellowmen well you can read that you without you seem to the bottom this is the belong to them in idle mode using Bologna because below belong out for us insight is bullish or Paula and them but I don't know what the wider meet people and have a lot of fun of results that other quality sites okay so their learning thank you so then we talk about something like that but we didn't talk about cigarette with the we we are removing begun without without weapon I remember I have a psychiatrist that was my professor when I finished that his schooling psychiatry and he was he was what the goal I smoke were in the role dildo was that the chain smoker you need and then the Halloween we talk about several thing we have to handle this guy a hot glass is a professor who have to handle him until he gets a sweet side when we get the suicide one of the gives us how about self suicide self slow suicide in the equitable book anymore because that's what they are doing any of nothing than them well I prefer assuring the buckle of the regarding baseball who so I have left vision was a nice anomaly in the end she came to our program to stop smoking she was so happy that her husband was smoking too and he came than the good blogspot and pinnacle or he would have a problem now because if your husband 's spokesman you don't you might you might have a hard time well I don't know what they did that but that's a game back to food was in my desktop alternatives of the men the gentleman in his farewell is surely the Bible okay good for you yeah I cannot give the guy in black and well I don't don't know about that but that leaves for was not bad and then when usual debacle according to the robot co-op lets that the bike wetlands you my degree is the risk of oral cavity lit Dawn violates an pharynx cancer so it just shows where you want to do something you are the less usable the sooner you and amount insoluble cigars you wanted to live so you showing me you are infidels they had songs sniffing so is available both based preference of course we don't talk about that because smokers of the RSS teams that happen we we cannot say like that but that mean for us by the way if you buy this CD we have the debacle outliving the city I'm not making a commercial but because you already bought soul is that the event you can get is online to talk to stop smoking when you put Sanyo all manual nicotine patch it you are supposed to take the old one is off please some people they are so addicted to need within the hotel you have one vision she comes to our clinic with an oxygen tank to come flying in help of the business would give the program shingles home to come back cannot stop both of the sons we a few feel the bronchitis whatever you call she has whatever disease of Boston has living better depression hypertension diabetes multiple sclerosis multiple disease that she comes back another week of photos of helped me I cannot stop and I am with the political money it can stop reading mediation peeks inside the patches inhaler use cigarettes whenever you you you think she is using and cannot stop so what meals for smoking we have if we when I help will someone we felt that the mitigation the big goal dorky I don't like that name the zero width thirteen civil war for working with the Windows you down if you are you the techniques you can wait in the techniques that we have hours summarize here you said it you have to step with the then you have googled Gloria refinement in the data to who you raise the OR or eliminate everything that the kind of resembles cigarette smoking in and then fill your environment with with the clean things with the with with fruits and other things and a draw way to the ashtrays and other things like that then you get a support group is very important if you have a support group for us and then if you will not be the also you have to help these guys are mean though nag of them don't put them down don't judge them by me get in mind that go to the scene here by Popovich and then if you have busy mind you can help them because you have many health people they will stop out there for a lifetime as they try they will not suffer first-time so just keep that in mind do you ask them how many times it tried so I never try and say well you might not thought that the first trial so then develop a program of rewarding to me you you put something that like how much is not that consumers were willing well much to bear my dog is a joke and said she was a five dollars video input five dollars birthday if you smoke went back and sewing thirty days you have with fifty dollars and the Lincoln blood celebration if you stop smoking with that money up like this so you have everyone so is valid for the first six months that you are doing these is is good to save that money and do a reward so this is our behavioral technique that you then substitution they smoke or are they electing they have to have something to hand soap you are helping someone you delve them to have something was dressed all our work can or whatever and then they have the name they have also to have something demo so they have to have left to be a godly glorious spirit or or or I was one of chewing gum and that is where last leaves to them as and then the whatever you would for them to do and then you have to assess whereas when what is happening when they smoke and then they have to do something to replace that example some people and they wake up in the morning first thing they will proceed with and then you have who put the new routine on that first thing to wake up in the morning is is new with the orange juice or whatever something else before I walked the carpet to shower before it's funny because one time I was talking about the routine and then I jump to the spiritual part because I always mention the lifestyle we all his nation they stressed the value of having a mitigation having an abortion in the beginning of the date because we believe that this is how query helplessness grid cells helping anybody so this is the prescription of the implementation is Doctor they you are not reasonably find some instead told books are something that the helps you sometimes I get in trouble with applets but the this time I told the lady well you have a Bible because she was Christian and then note because it would be good to read the Bible and she said both of the sons I open my Bible and the first thing I do often is like a single choice the roof but there was a take it farther so that when I get values but that he happened to see ported to see how hard this is a big down the diet exercise stress and diet has become a very interesting I have one multiple says from a position from Australia and his singing what do some research red meat will increase the great enforcing so we know we a lot read the article on blogging that we we make weeping for granted that they'll avoid but this guy was a Australian guy position not relate to he is an even not the creation is first thought everything that pay they fall the sun best opposing the agreement engravings and him in trouble salary but there's some other vessel about them I think this visit of the base the weight of father there creating away so it's something that weekend gotcha but thought I can you think block done for us to do to gain valuable itself counseling that alcohol pepper in coffee I related to smoking somehow so we have to go over that the only problem is when a person is addicted to multiple than many people are so the added addicted to coffee while all to smoke in the phone and then we have to do something good and then sometimes I use the tool to go over them with all of this being so with copy that is the most many people stopped so they stop alcohol and they cannot stop smoking your babies is very is but that they drink coffee and then we have to assess if they are addicted to coffee how do you know if the person is addicted to coffee now you can speak of it cannot sleep the much headaches if they stopped the big headaches that's at the Ritz ability as a new sleeplessness is limitless Matthew can I function without them so we should bring some coffee yet please have to eleven yeah my good death so when they have these kind of addiction soul I mean them in this way is to ask them to stop making coffee for what is this all they got heart therefore they they will feel miserable have they give visible in all of this being so neither they are addicted but in general four oh five you can leave a person drinks four oh five cups of coffee all are Coca-Cola for they be addicted to it so you think they call they will feel symptoms so then that's why we vigilantly deal with people are addicted to coffee we have to make ability you have to keep in mind the best ways to quit if because this will call for four four cigarette but we have to sometimes making in the faith you put two of them other things I might not be able from people might not be able to overcome but your year is individual case I just want to mention you have to be aware of this clocking the fastest they well can put everything but some people are very weak if you quit everything they will die not died but they will all I have I have one patient he died after eighty years old smoking in the dive from heart disease but that what he was my friend and then I he was smoking front of his vaunted his mother was all his people for life seven amygdala the thinking rhinitis in all of these was to find sections on what type this all is always every three or four months with that because of the gut when I talked to him is that eight privacy and we are friends we keep the friendship but you believe in nation that so he ended up Diane well-known for his mother is very better with people have the is this barrier sometimes but the the we have to understand that the as is the disease this is a nonfiction focus on which we verify we have some help we have the nicotine patches gums under laws that the things that having all of these three you can buy over the copying the state I don't know if the Nordic countries you can buy that you know anything about that for you yet you death they go most anybody else I need view Avenue if you will if the government allow one should say that the government pays for that weapon must be that if you can buy without prescription your country will hobble your your day Mark Martin you don't know because you prescribed everything you are in charge of ethyl I did lend you got the mutants you sugar is another thing that my related to upgrading micros are great in your right death though those about the other night I I made an interview with Doctor Mike Farland that was therefore that he might have been your country and he was the one that decided this five day plans and he went to China and he was well when China was very heavy communist then and he was promoting unified big limb which black felt that was God and he said that he was sitting down in the with the Communist leaders and sometimes lonely that will go to talk to him I'm comes the Christian tell anybody with that I'm happy thank you I hear and I believe in God praise the Lord and affiliated about a very interesting but not all steps that's the main I think the main part of the of the five big plan is is is they bought part there were the other parts could be proved to me we have all the great free program that is a little more implemented than I used it quick now all of them are IRR of followers off the off they went but the quick now is a little more with the behavioral techniques that they mention here and then you can buy them with no interministerial department off the general office so we had some department that don't work together but that is not the health of biphasic sterile department which now programs if you are interested is of a modern program for more than five day plan well decide that they have been nasal spray may have any hate it we have the bupropion under varenicline update some companies use some pics may be your companies lose the defending well we have some restrictions for the amis inside the is an antidepressant and as you know went to the present have a lot of side effects I don't like to use that my my preference so when I got the patient is to use the practice if I have the something first thing is that that's why Logos lets them okay you have a side effect as they develop what else single readily available the value is that public values in England Gino Raddatz I don't expect other people 's it will carve a hard problem that skills me as using two packs of cigarettes per day now they lived under the highest batches twenty one milligrams so you will not cause more than than what they already have and everything is on the nicotine is not his Lord then then what do you smoke so I don't see any problem if I have to use that if I have to help us well they have a problem volatile I don't think so I will disagree with you on that at well different if we are in this is that the old school sorry about the old school and bought a Mac file and without a wife but that may than the failure of five the plan is despite the business is five the glance over your nose you lose a lot both smokers because of that program because viewing five it doesn't have one hundred people I mean fifty percent those thought the other fifty day will go all out we and then gets fifty percent of stopping in three months the reduced to drinking and then and then goes why don't know what happened we never know nobody does anyone who am otherwise need to look for you then I have been a lot below so that's a big fate on that we we we accept the motif window envelope follow-up after the support group we are not doing much but I really do the main thing is visually a support group you to have a constant program form stop smoking this was being better than anything else and I don't divide the discuss about that but stay with me any we are talking here about harrowing to your expected love five they plan for people to stop thinking how in this impossible that was a you could talk to about this it is impossible so why are we don't think some of those can gentle helpful that that's my point to the Sigrid of any a stop smoking program is long for if we promote promote long-term doesn't matter what kind of method you use but you are providing assistance for these guys to put that thing is that when you do a long term you have to have weapons in your pocket if the guy comes back and you can keep saying the same thing all goes back to rebel the link off the collector don't think off but don't regard any expense of healthy meal have fooled to be at the Boonville Malvern offers something else and will help some guys we got what then were you doing that help except except for ignorance is I don't buy a bunch of people therapy people are using that the softball I don't buy that so but be automated with the new building no year if you stop with that okay that's okay well we say well we don't buy acupuncture whenever but the eye I am I am from the side of the patients I I I feel that thought we we have to try as much as both because this is a big killer we have to try whatever we can to help this person to overcome and then we have to use WAP link and weekend on what we cannot if we because if they don't stop in the five day plan and then we lost it and then they will not come back what do you think Mbeki met up with them in the program again and that you are not offering the program so the best success rate for all this is thirty percent so if you if you have a better one and only one day I came here in Florida the doctors came to the board and value about the success rate of seventy percent of the UR not being honest with me sorry because seventy percent is like that you build the program without one hundred and then in the first week you lose sixty percent of these you just have fifty and then from there to the seventy percent of them quit but in all your lost faith in herself the right help and is a seventy percent and then if you go three months in those states these who have little or no you will success rates should be fixed my father knew who the program please visit behavioral therapy behavioral outcomes six months after any change is go see their time that we can say that the person is a man he is involved going to behavior that is already overcome over again well one of the best ways that people use is a use that vexes many Halo or their catches and I got my eye while I am very frank with you I I really in the beginning I was a five-speed plan for us to make emblematic I did a lot of fight the Lindsay Brazil and I can hear I I was expecting but I will go genome with the if you will find that plan okay if you don't want to use the better you look like they plan in this state and discomfort fifty percent of all dinners or urologist will already have the best we will be using the bachelorette so they will not ask you the RNA using any other more support for that so well that's it there is a lot of other things that helping that you see what I've said that is not the sole began the book is not getting a little discussion in the Internet country here because these have welded the kids will like that than his full nicotine is is is much better to have chewing is located in father smoking in the cigarettes of the Bigfoot AIM in my class most of my students they all use figures not good and I am the one the thing that is good it was what they're talking about well I understand that the is not there is not course of the review and all was well that they stop this business is involved in this thing or because this is not something that harmful volatile baseball to log in the first place these on the FDA now but they cannot stop invigorating business less less harmful than the theater so he will not produce the much of the feather of these I like to use for smoking cessation that people are using the episodes of the buddy will create less passive or or environmental of the black smoking and secondhand smoke is given below with with VCU theater at and then you want to kill yourself you kill them kill your family please send that will give it like okay let's move on from that diet then canceled I is thirty percent thirty percent off because of the essay is attributed food diet and this is the main things that he fruits and vegetables I like these mention here about from hi there Harvard Medical School was not the most notable high schools in the country with this consumption of saturated fats in red meat I grew the risk of book all across the cancer so I don't know why people say that to other parts of disease because business is becoming diabetes and hypertension and cholesterol in the lead up about this they are they are in the right maybe cannot they cannot thought what is the envoy that will meet the high debt is getting to the science now more and more more demure during takeoff char broiled foods meat and avoid deep-fried foods Inc. with the fruits and vegetables and whole grains so this is not the Loma Linda who is not Loma Linda University saying his business Harvard Medical School desk what is important for you to know that I think you know but so many you barbecue the needs and in the needs will drop the fat on the charcoal on the chalkboard who will get the bills of Iranian and this is equivalent to such and such cigarette smoke and so let the smoke of me yeah yeah I think we are going to get there and I got there but it in terms of five oh five of me I I was wanting in the culture that we need three times a day I will spot the guys that the morning glass that I was giving a lecture and then I'm insult of Brazil the date would do they have iced income they put they speak on the home the article directly and then the cause listing but one day I was traveling in Argentina with the gulch was in Argentina and I saw these things would be like that and then have in their individual decides bigger than that of the those needs will not drop in the chuckle will not rebuild the bills of fighting those data the depth and when I was in the clinic I told officials that and then they said all think you're the little since I came to a clinic to learn how to meet no other really messed up with him but there is no rather than so in the positive side use more fruits and vessel because they protect against those for cancers and more cancers well here we have the position that thiol is foolish we don't need to go to the communities and see if you read Fred needs you're not have the scale saviors cancer and business he is in the solar people will turn off on you if you start like that so I I believe the best ways to go with the best diet not sure if you know what the Dash diet is a dietary approach to stop for hypertension is can Google it and move no more about them but that that they promote a service of the all fruits and vegetables a memo yesterday they mentioned that we should use the service of press seven and I was able who can have continued that the meaning you can seven twenty seven provision that would mean well I don't know why I never worked in service of each I would say that several thoughtful that that's fine that's what the authors of the vault is then that that's that's manageable eight to ten servings of fruits and vessel for the so that's what this author believes that the fifth month following again so you can use that in this database they follow up with whole grains they follow up with other things that will affect me if someday they are not present them with the eye havoc at hypertension cleaning reminding in a church one time and then we have a group of people with hypertension this is something that the I I preach that we should do more I used to have a cholesterol clinic hypertension clinic diabetes clinic in the chart that was a support group and then and then we are going to start now I don't run those anymore but I I'm what is that now support group for weed control is something that we should have more according to I think I talked to you about that but to check what is the need of the community but that's that's thing for them but I forgot to mention these less find that sometimes a goal with new starts and we we should go on this is focused but the then maintain is that we go like we going Hong Kong when we talk about new start then I did a lot of that in the main problem that they have sometimes his depression and suicide and we forget completely about death penalty focus and something that might be a good but we leave behind no hall of needs so thank you for reminding me yesterday that we have to check that is about that why was her name again Doctor Lloyd Logos soul BJ is something to both Loma Linda what was plenty we are negotiating that but he may show about anything is to play screening see what is the middle of your surrounding community and community and then the again for some stop them and let's go back to this idea I like vision in that I will almost see your hand I love my visioning and the big-league servings of fruits and vegetables are the MSU Bass one week and he rolled that she has to bring the report than this is set but that was a beautiful I have dreams big sevens of fruits and vessels were there cannot even in the health of that the point is that one is supposed to be able at Bowling Green green apple unit one serving off limit for the year life is good of you fell out of failure to nod me I think of them all you exist without government have been whether please love me is that much sooner as it would be good lemon of that type would like the longer limited to my crib and then they fill up with water and drink a little bit because the sleep I got my goat visited by the add-on obloquy is the business all this business about the I have I have a passive that came in and did the twenty one days mid-level than nineteen twenty one days the you would build anyone levels and limits that will enable at the twenty one days without anything is not that good now but I was go than he has a problem with his gallbladder and have some stalls that and so you get the diet than he was wonderful and I told passive but don't tell the church about that because they hereby have problem when people blame that on having or doing that Sunday evening the husband provisions only stay with that the longtime years before you okay but when he went to the church and his God and I will not all okay what happened the best two months he went to a pizza party and then he went from the support directly to emergency room one hundred stalls and the gallbladder so you know those things then think that you can get away and then do whatever you will and elite there also I don't buy much on that without that some benefit the few one of the thoughts of them but this more important don't forget is that homework is a lifestyle you have to goal and blow lifestyle now that's that's that's another benefit the question that they all is not induce and it's hard for me to understand who wins of that so both are so-called if you can do organic that sold out of the cell but if you are out of this country are even discomfited by me you are going to buy a tomato like this for me the organic unit of habitual at three dollars a pop so can you afford that if you have the other one is going to be ninety nine cents a pop but that gap with any of your leaving California for it to get the latest from love from his bloody hot in their website for me you cannot have fresh food well you left well that end up that way is that is is okay but that well let me finish my answer because I love volleyball longing to finish so I guess I will buy organic okay that's the first London that's called the second one the second part is that most of the resorts that the thing he were not done by Oregon that before you pull most of the research that is done the prevention of cancer in the world with truth and that's what they are not whatsoever organic old messages that the third one is that if you are so he will have to go to a list but she mentioned that several police that the again have a list off of things and mostly you have to know that the this one like I go to the supermarket as a organic bananas like giving me because with this type of organic pineapple skewers me because the wind is hot skin here is a lima Ohio problem with these the oranges and then and what their males is that I be less this is a problem this is that there would be one of the worst is that wild strawberry and then at the mates also is that blueberries if you generally what might wild blueberries much about it yet but that that's what them slug pocketable beaches is not good to so it has to be a heart that mean you have to feel it so then you are you are getting whether that is certain that what is the worst food that can have pesticides and sleep your you're getting close races that but this is a vegetable that you learn a high school you stem high school gives to an external event before the cup with things and then they put the cell is big on that any couple of seconds there's always this so there was noticeable municipality full review when I've Valerie you buy you buy organic because you are the aspiring of a fiber is not hard harder than as part of this death if you would let me that was okay but anyways I even have to make a balance that but the that that the situation I don't have any others of them than that will I I I always felt it started that this is the research same it is protective even though it best aside so that's what I think because I am not in the ideal placement people might not the final have the money to buy that then is still give you a feel if you are talking to a carnivore good luck it may meet behind bigger trouble than we are because the pesticides they will sediment deposited fat so if you have a pesticide in your neighbor you can I even need both of these ways the very pollutant because although the things that are going that and it was the ability the underwater so why I'm being is contaminated to so you can I would like to update you you you cannot escape from that death the prices up in the price of Google developer throughout but that but that so is everything now well all the all the research saying that the four pesticides award whatever you do that for me things I've been here remind all work under Washington thing but you wash me we have to wash anyways at least that is simply limited with salmonella that the letter getting away with if you watch very well okay let's let's move on here for the best region with this request is being inhibited in the vision of religion Jean P fifty three West fifty three hours I got to drop dispensing is this abreast surging is a we have the awkward gene and have the suppressor gene ontology knows that Jean got the cause gases up and then this shall have the suppressor gene that will fix the felon who cause up to both of them then destroy the cells so they are convincing that they want but if there is a vocation that we examine the member the soldier looked is that there and that's that that's what happened so with the paperback is Jean Labatt said that they would augment the soul we have drinking capers apples on the new big as saucers green tea and capers thought I have those of the levels the agreements he has two thousand milligrams per kilogram offer of recipient capers one thousand eight hundred and what's capers is one escape whenever I hear I am writing this I've been a note that this was good but the usually the biggest advantages seem to use that the people that you can go and begin people with with lemon law juice and vinegar yeah if you want but but that's it that his mother Linda called low range that is the parsley family visit be dropped as low by a heaven seen these before then you gave them go away with apples and bread on there are so also remember as well that are really reaching that folic acid the project against locations so then reaches our self folic acid is one being and then the IM one time they called me about there being another time they called me about their body because I promote me as a lot as it something that you can use water is being any given with pesticides they have low pesticide and because they go in the hay inside the fact that Glover is solely leaving my not being side of the beam but things are good for diabetes these are good for hypertension the best foods for weight control best food for for cancer and best with the drop cholesterol any kinds of beings know it this insists that this list is that so many as are the richest source of broth fiber that may have I think I will have with their auto show you unstable weather you have been so it should be as excellent so that's the sacred women will sue people say well I say either I have a lot of gas with beans and farewell shows lung that's one being that is not that hard for you and then that you can buy just because a spousal subpart I only saw it being better foretells of our diet is upside being just slightly so you can imagine how all of just to finish I will get to I have always gone full program and the peoples they what's the best with the beings beings and things and then they fit in with the Disney gases are well in gas will make your life your him a desperate other than that and then the best recipe and limited them for the best this is one of me obviously one that I know but the loblolly have a limo food food food food food experiment but if you want your bed the Dean is sending water in the four to three dollars then he drove his mother you could go to the items that you might eliminate the vent of the enzymes that produce the gas so you can do that also okay Hitler had the cruciferous procedures are the vegetables have a kind of funk flower that these the native format off across and draws these groups enough must group but the crypts in a laughing and then means that varying across bearing sold what flour is this anybody is that is they call in America Rockets led us but do the arugula arugula something that is either flooded that they sell I have just let the my in my garden I don't have much of regarding but my wife likes to that of vessels that he will be there areas out a time in who you like he is that been sold now the fly when the wind of flowers like that the abuses going to beat to beat therein through strongly we might not handle that at saw Bobby's is for Bishop now all my goodness you don't know which one is that you look like the guys that thought Oliver was doing visiting the MLA and Millichap all the hotel this sort of August is finished organized Dennis are you are here nothing has been as a rebel exacted all okay how about the England I'd have a clue the Muses who I about inclusion please broccoli and nine new video I is I also have the behavior but that it isn't from this cauliflower cauliflower novel about the efficiency called again was also going to death if it is millions in a holidays is the okay you are good though I I I love this stop coming to Google and unchecked this brings up beside the bed there funny thing is that the all diverse business Frank and his English British iChat he went to schooling I think living in a result that high school elementary school and that he brought his truck for four of them and then he brought this was the longest amount of feathered area theme this school and they had bought the kids brought the kids together on the desk to see how much that they were using I highly doubt that you are a mighty my class in the morning so you already know that within them he thought they may so in the item about all statue and then they asked the kid yes they did know that no team there was no kid that the left of the meatless and then have to not that yes catch-up catch-up invigorating though that statute was made by the made people think so you know what happens I remember seeing up with a level of faith those I don't know about that bag of french fries I try and drive by the miserable date of the know that didn't believe that guy went to LA and then have a hard time in the LA school district because he went to bring it to heal in that alley districting anyone I have the digit because the show hall Beth Haas said that before I don't know what they're doing there now but the weather is if this is lots happening this conscience so if we adopt the tools in the Wii will have an academic of cancers it that we will not be able to control because they are not if you are this stopped me I think the best thing that could duel with the kids this tool thinks them are or are work with them to cultivate to apply to prepare because then you have been outside that that's a great idea okay so for cyber reach out also any lycopene like watermelon tomatoes on lycopene also protect against the anime patient's in the lens in intestinal cells so we have like being here and donate those and then paint the whole cereals such as soul with Brandon Brown rice dinner this space the risk of stomach and Ken and Pincus cancer is not very strong evidence that they have some effect so maybe I'm guessing so this was presented by Ms. as I was a experimenting in date in cancer that she went to Loma Linda she was from Europe she was not Adventist and she said anything less new can lower the risk of this gas according to her research then we will have a lot tomorrow that the literal all is related to stomach cancer but most is not Saul himself with the process but the move on the wonderful well as I mentioned yesterday that you might prevent gastrointestinal cancer but the well and I saw that the association with new gun in the colon cancer is not strong the association with mucus producing prostatitis is not strong also sold yet with them for the monthly is like the smoking problem is going to take a while until we get things those the industry holding these the for quickly the lobbyists uplifting discussed in the love is calling more than than than than any help the gates are so and that's why we added we have to form coalitions and people together to the speak up because nobody is another that if someone doesn't start okay is that they evolution that's the pollution okay that's that Somalia have the problem would set so much that will have a problem in the brain and the eyes because of diabetes the perfect lever of the remember this guy that thought Michael Sparhawk spin of two months are along three months and supersized super size me in one of the things that he develop out that he was eating only McDonald's food you develop that leave against that the results does that leave you and then we will see well because until then nobody mentioned that it will be done physicians do with nomination much about that fat lever would be from cirrhosis are a few I hope these about because you wait the next Donald type of food so it is weekly music files José you are using this for the latter on yourself to just be careful okay gallbladder stones kidney stones the problem problems your back because of the process of weight thyroid promos is over this reflects Gerd Lenz 's heart disease diabetes a fertility and in the problems your knees and being ankles on the and had so we have a problem with the busy but will be a beginning degrees there are easily rolled back there was and then you will increase left in the nasal in and those the most of them are operable to resolve console and cancer cells and will increase the risk of colorectal cancer users thinkers and kidney cancers the leptin with colorectal and prostate cancer so we have enough evidence on that type two diabetes and guesses so the ideas I have already enough consequence to be bandwidth that if you have diabetes then you have easily resistance so you also have one promoter of cancer most like so those are the biggest of the car mostly related to obesity in various a couple of more cancer that that that that that list that I could thyroid cancer I believe you bikini is also related to that so there is a I might need to update this young off course this is what they can from them who the book keeps on that but some researchers saying that the that bar type of cancer is being is becoming bigger and bigger the so if when you told to make on several volcanoes it is not just like thought against fat all the best decides on marketing pesticides are leaving means are not eating meat with keeping your weight on because the weight the weight that will will be a mess by the way that is an interesting thing you do you will lose if you could take all your fat and when you make a surgeon or whatever and analyzes that it will be a regional specified in all that will be rigid best cited by Siebel then defaulting Arafat so that's why when you go to crash like you have to be careful because in the first time you might need books to keep yourself because you have relieved of his death from the tissues in both the circulation so you have to drink a lot of water in the other supervision on that well this is the one nice like that I represent the lecturing in Chile and NIV as well as meeting Julie is not the fault by his essay on the over the Ronald American loss is fun because of junk food is good as I make you fat soul of his whole campaign that they are doing against their country and business something that we have to wake up not that that's the main reason that we are against MacDonell because they buying our children the time making up our children's mind children's no more appalled me is the round although many other characters are all wrong okay so what is the best way to lose weight I have this be dropped but there are deserved any old the first surgeon in Brazil to do length and very famous insult America that he is already that but he was doing a speech and then when the only difference being she was explaining when I present come to my office with the weights problems and then I tell them well you have to control your food this is all about the only much that he would open a drawer and we'll show this picture and benefit do you see any fat people here on our father this is a Nazi concentration camp they welded on the and they cannot believe that event would remove the daughter gave been dry clothes on that's at half the value on Matthew eight with the with that throw a few the approach I don't have the hell of it so questions mission forecast is that the cigarettes lung cancer prostate cancer prostate result is over this larynx we could say that the week with a mission that was about enough related we might not find one that is not really about children also related to obesity rest and thinkers let's talk about exercise this exercise is exercised in the event so exercise will begin his ability and is related to five percent off gases I would say doing exercise can relieve five percent of guest degrees Lord is upon counsel and that's very good a positive results here promote a low risk of massive address cancer and then if you can't all be if you have the holiest of cancer that will go in directly and that might be good for Lennon thing Chris is essential we need one more beta know what innovative office before me we already know where anything that low exercise you my valuing anything like this I do have a good thing and with a high exercise my stop your ideas system so just be a bit patient that even though cyclists have until you can make activity more than controls solely means that exercise that you two doing so good and this is because of death according to fitness status it's an old slide but this is still good for you if you are poor fitness immortality for gasoline generally is in four women on men ninety degrees if you are moderates of it you'll use you have almost half of mortality and then if you are a good fitness you have lots one fifty or more one sixth of the more wealthy of the mortality year sold that is no Nobels of all that thinking across from the studies so this is what the new procedure for exercise one fifty minutes boot up with hours that I was fifteen it is very again three hundred minutes per week so please fix it up yours live in Europe Europe handouts that the New York men of old meal and at the management of your problem children Elizabeth Ewen Arbor Day and then we have these white ideas of his home exercise like to think that emotion slots that anybody can help nonexercise activity when Genesis not know are the simplest thank you very much and that it is a simple exercise life as either active demos in the that exercise that you do while you are sitting on that if you are what they want to do business is one that is very doubtful but with dollars that don't want to get knee-deep in intervention when fingers when I picked them calories per hour that the board but the dad divide and of finding out the types of devices to help people that these the city now you have peddle here we have a kind of because you wanted to recall that I'd I don't I've been listening and then this is Doctor James Levine is the guy from Mayo Clinic he is working in his office and then he bought it but the computer there and then with a screening end of form and a fax line and then he works like that so we can buy now desk that they call treadmill desk and then the costs about one thousand five hundred dollars zero much well but if you went to save your life and dualism exercising during the day unless you usually giving the lecture like Meehan so I'm doing exercise you are not that standup of the lease and I will not stop talking soul move your legs move your hands and let's do something a although some exercise during the day like that you can plan about the three hundred and fifty galleys that the birthday and then this is equivalent to forty five minutes walking and then can bring the ball up your weight volume one years old but we had to this figure does not know the state more than one hours feeding we already passed will not hear the other secret is that the right tool to walk down this data is not based there will be long gone that in the US are back used by your legs as you can one thing that you can bring to your office some equipment that you can do exercise and then you he assured the initial valuation methods on the third that's good also many of you will that that is not that you cannot live without so that they block than the days that reside in a bit of research that if you know anything during the day and then in the women are exercising again the audio counteract the benefit they are sitting in our city and then one hour that engaging is not good how I got them off so if you can build something during the day much better okay if you and I the outlet behind if you would fit you be pleased it but I will continue smoking a mental exercise side business something complicated exercise for smokers they have more left Nelson does not then people involved exercise in the so what people of exercising smoke people may have best guess is that regards the exercise but not exercisable smoke so exercises blank what across on this bed is across from the pencils that one of the main thing that the multitude that exercise is important to prevent the to prevent disease and increase longevity rethinking and a possible exercise and obesity even if you are fat but the new exercise you have less heart disease then there was the price Keeney in the exercise and the same for high cholesterol exercise science cholesterol and bad that the nonexercise lovable last so don't forget about that we focus on diet much but for those things we we we we figured out that exercise might have a way Somalia something that is not related directly to a lifestyle we have been speaking human papillomavirus not be as a cause of what kind of cancer death that's interesting in someone mentioned that British way to say that because here was a cervical consumer when I have the home home is a survival on my goodness when I come here and I think survival as they walked with that anyways ninety nine percent of people that have cervical cancer and HPV and airy essentialist is the most old sexual partners related that we will have when we talk about cervical cancer we will we will talk a little more about the is and that is a big confusion with regard the Zeeland Servia accents of the vaccine for the computer while the government without but we will get them sold Wesson and I found that by threatening this is that the Wii will go to a chapter of twelve things that do not much else lifestyle outs leave as we understand it but that is related to lifestyle no doubt about that this one particularly yet is this is a different of the sexual lifestyle but to his nominal dollars and is great the problem with metaphor for us because sometimes you have him to charge someone with the cervical cancer and then just to manage with the same wife and four years and also studying well it is a problem to Beth O'Donnell but we know and then was able what's going on you know I need someone this is jumping offensive with cervical cancer that that that that that that's the problem me if someone had the scale so that does not settle to sleep it is not up yet very good the exception and that's all confronted nothing that the possibilities knowledgebase in the past we have whatever beaten because they might need in the day my getting no or they might not know what was vacant but not days this is the liquids like having a sweet dog having sex though for you to have a stool not having this vision you had to have been the end of block somewhere this was not liable to them what the output set by the other point is that you have to have constant the is just one fix Google is that so it have to have constant contact the one in your life to have these but anyway so we had expected that by even talking about simple density I thought I got here to help you make it big in adding another discussion that I thought you just just got off the finish is long the problem vaccination getting no problem whatsoever but the problem is that then the side effects of vaccination that group is the things I do think that we have a normal life so if there's not that probably is a difficult part of the passengers of the public good vaccination have anything positive to buy with me but that perhaps some other thing at that that's the way of circumcision I don't think so circumcision does not do anything wet what they're saying that business is the approval the problem is the problem is hygiene brigade in and settled as Mission Bay Spain got the conclusion that the are circumcised you will be my being worse place than on the obstacles because you're not that I haven't not fudging the bottom of beer out but saves lives that is not just does not have anything anymore to do with that so this I know the size they did not have any effect on organizational disease by promoting a lesser Ms. Goody probably go to the left from yesterday because they felt the patients 's mission movement and disease I consider that the president of the viruses of themselves beautifully Ohio awakened from the you might not have it at school plates and changes the subject you cannot struggle for Monday exigency of wealth to their relationship and liaison and cancers that the degrees are unanticipated up back the real fact is that the possible school like that of the gases and then it is related to the grapples in cyclical hormone dog has lymphoma hot looking forward and then cancer everywhere so these is one of the competition of this but this one thing good news is that is the picture of this virus is beautiful to be a phone like that I like it it's been his new office on it with a contrast is good than bad Epstein-Barr virus is another one and we have us site them both the tomato virus that is related to late and Epstein-Barr virus that is related to the booking form and then lived for Angel canceled about this may not engage in other biologic agent so we have the HVAC HCV virus that relate to believe her cancer providers of my related to some link from a medical back to you Lori that does not provide as much as related to Islamic cancer and and then we have the is mostly meaning in the ashes of the most think income does not have these far as I like Brazil is gone the is not from Brazil this is very so when we have a lot of wanted and then have these meals and then the baby of the labels of the holes for the as this just Osama and in fact that the believer and whether so this is a picture off Helicobacter view Lori so if you have I store my goggles are or if you have if you have indigestion you should check for four twenties back into the graph best method of the normally using the gleanings projected to have a sometimes and even at the reality bought you might try charcoal I believe John who eliminate the is and even gotten to getting a design both have a research assistant clinical observation but that I treated many patients with ulcers guarded but we can't know with the charcoal and day-to-day previa death you sold and the best of lists anything that is your type the digestive system I have a dental havoc time to talk about that its refusal is the typified spirit virus is not and is a feature of that so I'll call alcohol increases the risk of business mall for a delighting Joseph was colorectal breast the lever so we have up a big list of far off off if XE there is no a month that is also a come on for alcohol and that's there that you can resolve cancer given neither moderate drinking is a high risk of cancer that is of those response association so this is what we've found in science when you have those respondents was Saito said that means that viewing granted those of something and he agrees the problem then you have something that is not proven but this almost something evident so alcohol and heart disease is a problem because low dollars this is a to relationship of those as well because if I have been Cardinal Health I will all go back to that but global is the will will have lower rates of heart disease and some of those mean we have a lower rate and then high dose will have a higher rate against leaves you relationship and that's a little confusing form for is that this includes link you might not be a strong evidence but this one is a strong so when we got there we are my thoughts so we have the sun to sun for those radiations can ultraviolet again of them instead the DNA will have more musical fun of full-screen cancer is the second guesses them Casaubon is not that badly not my present the carcinomas than that so let's see his red and they stink over bike also is that it gives you a an idea the problem here is that the Sony have all the benefits of this game but the skin also form of vitamin D what these of the carcinogen so now they are saying vitamin D produced by the sun has not bad their benefit then the sun producing carcinomas and good skin so inside something that there is is is is hard to put them that at this those that think that they has filled out that the sun will not only the sun will usually will cause my cancer more cancer in this scheme a


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