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Cancer Prevention, Part 4

Hildemar Dos Santos


Hildemar Dos Santos

Assistant Professor, Loma Linda University



  • February 2, 2012
    2:00 PM
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the just on the on the idea of developing a program like that the newer Georgia we should do our best not to think breasts and that we a bunch of lies in them because these will put them off we'll take them so that's why I focus on diseases that when I do that but I'm we have a problem on a Loma Linda because of the Mac Donald's things just because of that I mean that the checking of the church is divided because the wrestlers are saying well we should not be the business off telling people what to look for or blocking that people 's choices all food and they are right on that but on the other hand our point is not that we are not pushing our end and I'm also this is not even the universal church is just a group of members of the community does not together and talking to the Council nap but they were not say what the church and what university things about that and books are that that that that the point is that we we shall not be also told relapse that I was able to do whatever because that's that I was discussing the situation Buckley we have with our churches internally I was invited voltage to churches and in California to do a health ministry the best invite me right away is another thing if you are going to work with another church is not yours you have to have the best those are or the community on your side of what otherwise not one I work how I hire my experience is not going away the best it is not unified to be hot well I was invited to go down so they wanted to promote the diabetes prevention program hypertension prevention program for the community to attract people to help me this is to improve the health and then the masses that the church when I was there they might need to the public the church and then they have cheek and fees show lots of cakes and ice cream and then after death I talk to the press as I don't want him meet in the molten those easier with the if we want to promote these methods outside we happen to something inside because if I invite people to come and then they come to that judgment is think by the lack of research on the diastole and the guys seven the fifth dog check charges the review will be prepared because the most certain the light was a surprise for me because he might judge and multitudes of cycle of low money and that they are vegetarian athletes by that one was not than once all far from Loma Linda and then just like that though the best if you want my help you have we have to do that first he never called me back but I was not his fault that a death and death I couple of months and then he told me I'm not best of the church and one soul and end date you have trouble to have some problems inside than the I think many you are viewing the church adeno boards but the VA have good intentions but you see you have to have the best of our site but you have to know that George M M you cannot go ministry is what you can do a minister but you have to start from scratch and not sometimes we do a ministry tool reached outside in the side with published to the outside movie vita members and the members will will will gap is and I have another story that is very interesting in our thinking that we have a lifestyle center running for about forty years the president of Argentina has been that many governors have been then in that sense it is this is not Wildwood style a lifestyle that a famous insult America MMR Obama did the biggest soccer player was better because he was addicted to cocaine or whatever and then he was addicted that so there was this guy that was governor for the province he was a candidate to be our governor and the Viking it went down to follow the program became vegetarians people with his wife in the program they began to hit than this serve only healthy foods in his house and then he was elected governor of the province and then when he was elected by the brothers he asked the guys they do you need anything in your area and then they ask well we have a problem here with the phones in the footage you can set up some more phone line on our change the phone four others would be very good in the event so when they have been the wish of the new system they invite the government to come and be as loving our college know that the center is one thing that colleges are not abused so he came down for the celebration my goodness and then they have by the queue and then they have a lot of Swedes unlock the gates and anything what's going on here bilaterally organized to be a healthy and low income here in the wall while I have been with you that you think I see it what the weather will well well how is important for us to do some background check for background training we expect that all our members will become vegetarian healthy minded but not least we are institutions should promote the legal healthier health amen amen amen that's the that's is not something that okay you will is in my life I think there are art reasonable solution revisit that hormone that mean it viewing your house is not public we don't interfere with that so is your business but that means a judge has a philosophy to follow and that's investing the alcohol limit on and Smokey and the areas and smoking a holly on compositional money in the industry is been but by Thursday we have one guy but the therapy we are enforcing more on that so anyways I just want to share with you some of those things yeah it's the other you have think about that the just that I was working on Vincent 's Hospital that we have a law that the vision not smoke but the big guys with money they would smoke in the admitted in the room while he was walking the in the parking lot nobody will make any fuss and killed that goblin kin with the law that the mill is smoking a hostile demand we know we are smoke-free the FAA's new situation among the sometimes we are behind their deltoid is owned that before we start I will pass one thing I I check it out this rate downloads effect thirtieth in our class here's to you for you to see if you cost me the thirteen dollars single was I saw one for four nine dollars on Home Depot but they do have the thing but that that is that there is a glitch on that you have to put these in your room for two oh three days and then you have to send to the laboratory so if you are outside of the states that you you might need to contact them and see if it's going to work because if you are out of spirit come to me but that he is insane so is it don't they ask their feet the sense of the depth of his SOA for you to know that we have the is disabled by one Augustus order to become open you can basketball that rains on raids on Queens reigns on key desk form to see you how is your home on that okay okay so let's go for the outlier I have another thing you hasn't complain about my ten dollars a search materials and ten dollars involved in a locked iPhone through adult if I get this then this disc an applicant offensive folder lasted five and I put all of his materials inside I have seen things Joshi at one thousand dollars again one thousand dollars in it but with an assessment data computer assessment was these include the presentations I have seen year things six hundred four hundred and complain about in books skills and be back it up yet so I am I I'm not saying I am not in the business of making money without I just don't I I charge because a anyone of judgment but with my experience with that Hispanics I gave everything for free and I lost a lot of money with that thinking copies and thinking all my good lives in a farewell is less stressful for me plus was stressful to every dime I say I run a copy seventeen dollars for ten for them often both things on his own but anyways I'm just saying that I will not do that in this but that isn't as far as the use of our unity as the org charts in your meanest letter okay okay not about the best deals commercial and discussion we go to answer privation colorectal cancer so these this is colorectal is that considered that there is even though on the whole is anything else considers taking over Colorado in both is the second cause of death in the MySpace purpose use I frequent often fifty years in this survival is fifty percent in five years those not bad that's not good and that's the main theme here the problem is the diagnosed the diagonals we will if we win they went gong says that he has diagnosed a diagnosis people already have what's this say is if there is this off on all for America soul making America everything is made in China visit made in America so you see the raking in Africa is much lower is the in America's higher among African Americans health explained that his is not gone in Africa but the graph he had for the having trouble with that why is that lifestyle and car rental doesn't have the the seventh run in families but the I have my doubts about that yeah mostly both so that the people with high risk you have formatted his servant does not guess of all that's that's that using a family history before six years old of his disease than this inflammation near chronic inflammation ground is these are sites on this is not spelt like that is CR CR oh eight Shannon CHR CHR oh and that's with the AI old age and I believe that all we have an English glassy and low-fat diet rules that symbolizes polyps are related to do this and then they'd have these formulae the number of those multiples is open some people have these singing had been if a person who is asked to envision results of the guys about using aspirin for heart disease they threw the abuse is something that was independently related to prevention off the scales and I don't know how let's that's what they observe the name and the and if you missed that this is when checking for the so these are two quality they're not cancer yet and this is that I want to show you I mentioned that there is a new thing that is that they are doing that in Europe already on the my enough and being on a couple of years will come to Americans that shall come Seo Lulu will you have to know the class in the intestines but the idea just if that thing that being goes through your digestive system and then will eliminate your call I will feel that for the five if something is one of the major change because we were little we will make more diagnosed with that because people will see the Ruby are able to see that on the field got while they has you swallow swallow it and and then they have a lamp that you think of well I don't know the mechanism very well but the injury is a camera inside with a lamp with the with the EU might be an LED lamp LED system yet liked sorry I make a lamp and why is he a you well is in the position vote for me for me this thing soul is what you give them for the and lose those long will this entry is located here Leo ingested that the movement be funny if you are is your intestines are clean you have the same preparation and then the absolute goal data and will film everything with they have a camera in the light and then we'll go over that whoever it ever them yeah I invented by the MS is not going to work the lanai everything in this thing it looks like this is the result of those and ninety four is open of them in the minds of that form for whatever you need for far endoscopy and see in your stomach if you have ulcers for result was only one of about this site I know that they are using the Florida of Florida called Joseph because he think I have your knowledge will have you for knowledges that they are using in your weld this is the symptoms for four intestinal cancer but the intestinal gas it is a complicated but that is an diarrhea or constipation can be the most common is bleeding on the or pieces with the lot difficult to do and to completely how if you are a you to have these tools narrower than usual persistent abdominal discomforts us cramps of pain or feeling full of Littleton losing weight fatigue and limos and vomiting by business who will cancel but that I will show you I have IIs story to share with you again on someone that have diarrhea and hypoxia of the diarrhea was food poisoning and kept drifting death and nine was off was so what are the things that I associate this will when Imation causes he has no meaning kidnapped with me it is that is factors that that associate the weekend not proof causes and gives up type of disease but that being obese eating red meat eating process that meets all called an abdominal fat will not just be abuse the web this effect is so this is an interesting graphic that show the consumption of meat thing the meaning they can't dissolve the world and that is this qualify can the home counselor through one hundred thousand inhabitants that of course as is trying to suite we use we don't accept visa approval Trinity because the you might be just a queasiness the thing is that when we don't have that we cannot make a assumption we went literally with the advanced with a wealthy might be neat I might be something else in birthday then if we build more research so got a letter is then in a state setting the thought is where is there come to value might not I don't have wears a makeup all my goodness I cannot not do not doubt that the fact that he means that you are eating well maybe anything better than that of the high-fiber that's good well okay so I hear we have a similar one business galas lamentable foods and then agrees that the rate of you know why we cannot do that because if you build this lot you can fool like cars indeed this could be a very good tool for the amount of cars of me have and then you cannot make an assumption that the amount of cars will increase colon cancer grisly lung cancer though but the then that's like this I just don't accept despite qualify all fall flies the fifteenth because Sue Seawell just because there is more cars is not only that but if you go around you can also link explains some of those things in an indirect way all people that have more cars he means that the walk less usually walk last there will be more of these and they will have more abdominal fat and then they might be limited to Cass at his feet you will you will you you you might be able to do the amount of salt again the rest need to contain carcinogenic 's and Vineland the noon in neutral soul and then now we have two things if we talk about the ACH that the is the benefit by being business single clinician about the barbecuing that the need for agreeing to meet whether the heterocycle heterocyclic come in on our minds Laura means what you call is used for this I had a high temperature so is not just barbecuing but did you over goal you mind you my have the same problems that or similar problems and those the this is why we we both by school who deep-fried beings because these new Google a lot than the issues one of the two much I think that they mention is that I am iron will will mess up the blog he is limited to much iron you can I don't is a free radical that will somehow block the action of their antioxidants or thereabouts not going to be hoped you'd like to try to eliminate desire process and meet so sold now you have the solid amine based on truth and hot dogs grieve the result Balkans for by thirty to fifty percent and then the process of meets also inquisitors guffawed it's than the then we already mention why is that because in the United States the compounds in them this is their article am a gun institution for Gaza research VI is something else America needs to do the work of the research may be and then this is routine that there between the facial what they did this is so is that making process that needs and every big part of the diet many Americans do also gleaned balls is clear through this so that while we are I'm not American but I consider myself America offer if you talk also I'm not American but the mother especially on that brain dead the fourth of July hotdog style is not the best one to go so there's that when you and I like the is looks ready for life these things and stress by last January the fifth the end they should be included five K fun without them so made with real chemicals women represent me a process with me so I don't know that Willie Green 's inflammation five percent increase in call risk answer prayer when the job excess of waist circumference that's that's a hard one that in presenting reasoned risk of World War I one ethernet and a waste delete ration so easy when I know they hate they waste heat ratio this is the one so you have the values that have the vet is in your I think it is desirable for man-made like ninety five and desirable for women this point the far less and then you measure the circumference on the order in via Armando umbilicus normally would do a little bit of the umbilicus and then you do the one in the hit they should be I'll write that vulnerable to let him know so that he should be in there but the quiet and dignified you should look laterally incentive with the demand tape in the being of the circle of financing the buckets say they're wasting their upper part of the formula then hip and lower parts and then you do the division and then if you have thought black money going out on that link Ms. given thirty percent off the risk you can do that when you go to your apartment this is something that is something that the we should love to we should love doing pinging the public enemy people get that it upset with that because sometimes people get the metadata okay now we had one amend their ways the integration it might be offensive to someone so just to be a laptop on that even though I've seen their hearts Anthony normally but they did in the community food tools to check the risk of heart disease they didn't help that I never did but David had done so it was about because the film the people is hardly Alexis a while we are doing we are going to do now but when you are open they can people one one uncle reaching truce to sell a test that waist circumference also has something so mail if they a have other golfers on thirty years fixed we we caused we we we call here for more full days have high risk what order they have with the conference for we mouth thirty two they have a higher risk I don't think you're going to measure my my waste of regular exercise for that of reaching fibers ungodly in its family in the form of the new is in the form of two fruits and vegetables probably protect the disc answer and that this is a big skilled big thing is in fruits and vegetables is that there is in the fiber in the past we are set up fiber was the five rays become young and old mounted trend is to see that they face a minor by a specific antioxidants that are responsible but still most salty studies confirm that fiber is that it's very hard for the twelve I don't know I have cellulite on those who I might result in death of the book that I really don't know there is this some up with some of the things that we seen the MLS closed that is and then obviously met with dialogue for if nobody knows that's good I should stress to have set something up because you know the mysterious guy and he was laying there in the country on them and then AES you know what's that people know okay so his and him but to follow moving the ball that they hand over the notebook website anyways we will go back to that classes of the well is on the line of questioning in my clinic well I remember that there was a group of the nation that needs you need keep there and then the call will accumulate some toxins ignore four years and then that's what but the business community not through your colon will not believe anything that but this is better so that's why they have to do is placed there or are and him they have a machine and then they got the stream there was a group in Guatemala that they have a clinic that and they got today's string before you both what best you should do I and him because then your mind will be very clean I think we go to extremes on that I believe it I believe that that there is no such a thing that the McCallum will accumulate if you use a good diet you will clean up that you don't need extra asset things but that but that's my opinion on that a likely thinking likely we use in because people combat for the thoughts soldier happier than the thoughts I don't feel that that is a problem with that that is if you want to lose him glancing an insult when video is better then them up all evening after you gave me use that when a band that got some therapy we did coffee and minimum many times but then we gave up one you saw the results were not good for Fort Jensen so we gave up on that but that's my experience it to people that that will but we are talking about and the end that's the that's the reason we go well because of it I only is a causal thoughtful gifts and this is one of elements in the time well positions are not the I love the way I I respect your opinion I don't have chelation is is is such a complicated things that the that Benningfield the simple fact that pets are final holding any good unless you have the vertical leap to sort through the global since but even though we could but the closest if something is holding that will create the big inflammation like an appendicitis sold cannot hold anything side thank you well anyways by Ian audiobook you come with your experience and I come with mine and so I respect that but I I don't know where mutilation is an incognito I still I have seen many people doing to listen just to make money on me was not doing anything for the patient was just doing these unwelcome here and become uncle Michael Madison and Vogel and then they didn't change anything so I feel well what what's going on here so they have seen the new my name I have some some benefits but the family oddly reluctant was that free radical Valley but I'm not sure if you think this election so many things that I don't believe we will Google do that maybe when we left a don't remember if it seemed that okay that they had is the olive oil of these they said that volleyball here protects up against the against bone cancer so you have that high is the lowering takeoff olive oil is related to do a higher risk of colorectal people abuse this lighting a different way that we are used to the maleic grief should be here and then and the degrees here but that but said that David Gordon goes like that that that's fine we grant them out ubiquity is the this is a business that is being very criticized a lot because the legal seafood that they thought they could include the other conference than then not the difference by not being as they mention but the anyways it I like that because I like a lot of what and I is not just because off my face I mentioned to you Wyatt why I like it was because the something of being used for milling ends and that he might be something good that while you looks like they want to the front is a loser what affect and that the most valuable of the living and then we have a discussion with the G program one time when we have a discussion with the with the hassles being guy that because vessels being a journalist listening and humor that's a finger one reverse heart disease with diet plan based five zero fat and he proved that when he went long in the name is not talking to Loma Linda people in the charge and then a lady with eighty nine years old that's much of the original notes and no diets as well I believe let's is not good for you on this metal fence for an open fire Loma Linda moves on birth what do you mean by that night because the mice that he we have to clean up everything for the diet for the present to revert out to and then indebtedness that they we we we proved that let's will be Korea's heart disease so and then it becomes a discussion we deflate in the blood vessels the end as late as of the end then it is that Bob you talked about the husband about this from your religion because I felt the vitamin eighties in who are you are you and well back to Valencia that we have is we talk about heart disease that once one is that treatment is what one thing functioning Manson is is another thing so if you have a person that is that a person that is overweight and have a lot of social chemistry that Gallo is an attempt with the fat Don and Ken avoid visiting for a while there for a while two the present to drop all of history that's what the other one is that every single plan diet that is built fat wheeled degrees HDL everything I did that I did the research on that with the new start program with a guys sitting in in the days that zero fat the very low-fat usually decreased LDL ludicrous cholesterol and he grins like this and it is an HDL that they well be grizzly scale but we don't have but the rate is good because but thought nowadays when you have a diabetic is HDL I mean they don't accept that is considered that the bed the best fact that the promote two degrees over the rates of participation so if you want a little bit of olive oil are not you prevent that drop in HDL and that's that's what happened I will goggle usually have happened everywhere you put the little bit of those those natural fats you a degree in the last thirty of the grievance dealt eighty degrees cholesterol and triglycerides but to the music still so yeah okay so it will come back to work on me they are part of guarding inhibit a nitro nitric oxide and then block them find cyclooxygenase Seo asked to let the phase one enzyme remember phase one there was not room to sarcasm let me have protect against colorectal cancer so that is some evidence on that so you know that so that's that's a good point because this day of authority design for attending the expression of seated before CYP four feet the Iranian talk about pencil and then we talk about that their fiber guide Doctor Burkett 's guy he was the one that was mentioned that they help off the nation is addicted to a you would think that their help of a nation that is related to the size of your thesis that and then and then you said that the that help the clinician is related to the time that this been in the bathroom and has logged in but they built a funny guy I think one time he went Loma Linda we met when I was a student it was due alive vibrant gallic acids only become a fetish and a needle in the Indonesian of thought of physicians the research but that Carlson resorts does not follow the delete that is some complete the things about that but still fiber is glossy there are probably probably go probable cause of cancer sewing the book is in the driver is across either side is probable is not to say that now that if you have a limited out without it that is a mistake he okay with me fiber is going to the mobile protection and often answer just to the protection so is not that is not definitely something that will affect one hundred percent is on the second level okay so that's what they wanted to go wrecking your handouts correctly note you have to check in with you did because is on the way I messed up on that is yeah I am human but I am a perfect source back in so sold that mechanism for fiber is a very good lens and is when we know if you'll have what is fiber coming from my plans you will you bring this up fermentation for this is sort chain fatty acids in the present and a fermentation that the book generates it is good to rate this one off event and then induce the pauses than all other process occurrences developments obliterate these enough book of optics substance sold that said Nathan McGann 's but the essay and I thought my ideas not the fiber but the default like that using the same five foods on the carotenoids and by the way can't optimize does not mean just Beth accounting they have bought I believe more than one hundred count of the night scene glimpse some services that we even though no they are finding things and lets every day some something white like the isothiocyanate so this field is to open to define areas in five or is it that the things that with the five but anyways side like this sauce is his likability I have read the show we put the where that where the foods the richest thing five I will be a legumes beans beans legumes let them things so that he rates us thought softball five ideas is on the inside rehab prosperity as we have always grabbed the pictograph is a wholly bit about nothing got closer to be as so I would say that that flaccid was on Woodland but this call for for a school with more beings inoculates that induces something that the beans are good for hypertension are good for diabetes that before we control that meet for cancer that before heart disease so you know my fish is when they come to my office whatever whatever is the diet that they are dating I prescribed lists one cup of beans for the so these is the prescription of pipe with for my pistol is up to you how but the media looks like there we have enough reasons the prescribed either I don't have them does that this is it but that they have a lot of whether problems with that with food that the but I the problem with Mexicans one of the cities with the highest rates of obesity and the world 's next proceeding why because they are not the using the maximum additional foods anymore they are using Mac Donald Spitz the KFC on all of you you will you be able to live the award with world with Michael what does the corrupted that the more beings in the world that seasonal automatic teller Brazil Adalat and the last the vision exam the international visit they use value of the good being all that good thing is that the biggest consumer because if you are a Mozilla meeting is rice and beans of the date with only a thought much brown rice but the beings have if you don't have been seeing i.e. irony are they the you you you will have a meal that sometimes we had of being using the lunchtime with only these that the a breakfast but lunchtime and a nighttime we have to have rights of means otherwise when I will left that is that Ken Ferris where the address of the Fresno not given the nonbusiness of the author Natalie and have the last author Natalie Coughlin and and and and and and and is informed that will give it but anyways I don't believe that I don't know if we widely would news you might be less than the present invention on the in the business of the bottom that is not is loss of lives does you know but please have a group of things that you can do like you go by the beings you are going to be writes whatever means you and them then the other one would be the that the barriers studying black bears them and raspberries so they are very region that Denny O'Neil goal by the by the other one old mule on Brad and the union still have a good one everything over five and then we go by something that is similar likely to have sleep with date so we'd scheme here without skiing seven seven and answered but that will be the Tyrell of the llamas the other five something that Google in that direction to and that a few are able to meet they scheme here may be but anyways some people are going through streams and they said that we should use the orange we do with their skin have you heard that ha ha the Asian guy was a home on I was a phone call and they said that they know I just gave they have more than five thousand and four and then I said okay but the real howler we do then we are going to the extreme off eating just about the outside so you just about them sold yeah so anyways the anyways I told them well you you good the they whitefish point of the orange okay but the Dino Thornton not sure among the website you know we have seen them again be aware that the white influence today if you buy cereals on things like that then you buy something that I is a law of fiber inside checking out because the ninety syllables or fiber from wounds yeah they are quitting that in the indemnity this would so then this is that this is that there was a good whipping even more stress it more natural if you eat something that is moving regional news maintaining body semiconductor you have to be doubtful in his incest websites or so okay that's good okay what's on my foot what's on my food but somewhat okay like let's go to China Mao so find that shine also dissolute from the China study so you see you the amount of fiber that they eat into my face in China on the China is going to be almost three times what we hear then their musical clock on cancer is I would say the have for Alito will have e-mail in the end than one Thursday in in in the female soul and calls for us to even though these also we cannot make conclusions just on these because in know that the you might be just coincidence sometimes the of research is done is done and then we won't talk for variables but there are some variables that we don't know that he might be auditing data about the cause and please is at least give you a bit direction consult this study is on the ecological is that selfish undergoing the beginning of Bangkok this gives you the direction so if the direction is wrong with you again nothing is related so that that's good for us because it's saying no you are you don't need to discuss these events the man when we are naïvely given this supermarket once and so that's been through it I think the self-study consumption of beans and dolls to times a week or more have forty two percent less rate of colon cancer than consumption of less than one a week given that something solely I we are we are going the same direction yet right risk of cancer with the health local cancer with Nichols enough meat fold and fish several times per week so you're going to assume that the new ghost and that you are setting up for trouble I'm consumption of fruits and veggies Ford isn't for you B grieve the risk forty percent so we didn't find anything on Milken and cheese on that may be on the maybe we didn't have what many people to make a a bill but the way they find a new professional athletes that Wallace opera glasses off of colorectal cancer sold out wallets where independent study consumption of brown rice three times a week B grieve them the risk of full load work of God bequeath a result fathers for forty percent and consumption of legumes again three times a week thirty percent less quality to those things I hope we do have a synergism in the other we have fought seven efficiently my aunt I have anything if we need to eat brown rice every day with legumes everyday things on rise in the right way dry fruits three times per week the greater the risk forth in his six percent and then consumption of green vegetables on Sunday or more than a four percent volatile parts of the precursor so you seem ED is related to others a downside for short and five oh yeah whether in a mostly is obvious is a big mass okay is very hard to differentiate between this to me they tried to do that for a while now he looks like the trend is school posted if I buy the whole I don't know you have something to say about that here you will you finish nutrition going on but the Omaha promotion of your delimitation but that that's picnic on the with fiber with Doctor blurted the fiber was unsolvable five syllables fiber the schema fruit sender in this season those are the ones that were related but not dazedly is not just those on the man soluble fiber about the old mule and then acting that is inside of the fruits also has the latest info and he becomes an arrow compressed okay colorectal gas and water drinking at least five cups of water they might prevent my dear mother prevent effective for Tonkin it was significant for women but not once dropped Favre for both but there was not significant for men so I would say for this for women business something that we insert what do I why way what would be the mechanism for the present I got and that is the points that we make with the fruits of vessels you can not forgotten no and another manic they have their fiber to fiber has jeweled mechanism here one is that such mobile facet will not have it done on time to absorb all of the specified that the second point is that the minx who may live a later alighted and then and then protect the absorption of those of those pesticide filled we still have an advantage even not the organic course of images the best of the bone thick I affect well baby yet almost all of them is that she is the big five two is only for those rivals than if their valuables related something they put as much or as many variables as possible to control for forum when they see some obvious but well are you united with I believe they control four four five a date on this one to have the significance that may be in the problem is seeing his five cups the use the grief he had them I have another result it with six cups that we we consider additionally sorry levels to a and then they might have a better fact that that that that the problem has led to find people that are drinking six cups of water just and of themselves then with outside but anyways emissions of the top about the lives that I was reading this this article in the childhood abuse the Journal that the web a problem with men because the feel that fruits and vegetables are we humans affect our well-being is not an actual man stopped on the admin has to either be in his rehab that will map to understand this culture but the residue is like that to a only the job done was in the things that I thought was interesting because the most of this kind of wood we'll will greet people dance that saluted and then but the rest of being approved up because people do this is probably the simulation problem and then once you lose weight in a visit down dieting of being a plant -based diet you improve the circulation whenever okay there have been effectual perform a video is showing that with his nation solely seen if weekends as well maybe we should not talk much about that but if we can convince them that the gift is in effect that might be happening because the pickup and that the ugly I guess smoking off the promoting anti- smoking campaign because smoking causing of them alcohol at the same vigor that I did the barnacle counselor e-mailed at thirty grams off of alternate is the threshold and alcoholism this is one got picked up by mission but this is the problem with alcohol into Walden and heart disease so if you don't drink you may think that you have a high risk of heart disease if you think you have moderate value if you obliterate drink you have a lower rate and then if you have drink you will you are high rate so this is not as numbers are not a IPO the number then this may someday carved that this that and that's why they think nothing better to bring in and I met we have to discuss the no-bid we already talk about death I don't buy that but the most of the research including my boss said he is my bosses that the researcher on these that out metabolic syndrome and she is still saved well the research safety of them given with the wind that being of related tools the design that they have because they would think this got been written with many people that I've known drinkers but they are not vacant because they are sick and that's why increase the rates here but the field this is something that you will say is that if you have a scientist thing or church or order a person that is very open they will they will go with beards and they will win the debate with you because the business is being consistent and is being ethanol and not resveratrol we have understanding Brazil resveratrol has all the good degrees in in in in in their factors that block the blog there is not always good but the essay here that is not just is that's all we have project and your I think that's the argument look at the use that's because we cannot we cannot use because the government is that if you use orange juice because I say relates that whatever the excess is bad for you would like to just digital of orange juice or orange you will you will not have a problem if you need a little more if you give it five forms for the instead of using one why are they so but alcohol is a drug and that's that the always talk about who is is a substance that don't have met Robert we we got the point the only thing here that is not right is that heart disease because heart disease we have this negative high blood pressure is selected to high level offering the not lower-level so but that but that's the problem way with it whew what we have done I am I able I believe that's the argument that we have to use that we don't focus on just one one thing but if you go to their abuse that is they are still saying that the mortality is really is prolonged it is the greatest mortality you have loans that if you do drink alcohol well this this issue will never be sold okay that they will there is not a result because they don't have that one hundred percent proof on that you know I got been in the unions randomized controlled trial a randomized controlled side of how to have two groups one group that the rental mice shows and movies lamenting help on mother will not condemn you follow them for ten years and then a discussion of financial to do because if I am in a group when they asked me to drink alcohol I will not think so you will mess up that the research right vessel approval with me from something like that but the also also we have to consider cohorts like death itself that the people have an alcohol via stool belongs that the inventive thinking when they get the idea that we have to use seashore oil we have three fish oil and then they come to a event self-study and then we said well we let CNN we Israel things than we have a lower rate of heart disease that is better that the thing that we need to the shawl so we far as my not be something that is good fish we might not need that while the American doctors studying for the addition they are very conservative on that so you should not have un-American book to tell you to drink me most of them they will they will not say that the alcohol is good for four days they are not to the point that that's vital call back if you drink they will not tell you that nothing they will tell you to use the moderation but that is better than their young daughters that's the point of this cushion sole let me share with you what I do when they ask me enough in visitation outside and asked me should I drink alcohol they drink wine and I said yes without you conditions was that first the brain should be Welsh him after the second is that you have used to buy another brink you have to boil it within minutes it is the book that's all vocal holdings Inc. with the visit of the number of businesses out there is convinced that the low quality the result is of them all findings that as a result of the rest as well as colorectal cancer in men so big of a brief alcohol he women to so you better not to do that so this is the videos is one over the second one who will give you a breakdown I was the discussion today was not that much in many fights here in the underthings that they are yeah yeah oh yeah hold FF holder on the yacht and guiding idea and I had one hypertension in my church in the past I'm not doing that well but he was a support group we develop them you down well I I can do that I did the cholesterol of edition ideas and movies I might go to your church and then featured to do what I might literature to do that for you have an idea and you can have the program of the design for the I have to have one lady did not follow the thing in the book preferably betrothed you but that is something that is sometimes do you think it bought Russia is a little more complicated you might take a little longer to drop his ultimate drop it and that is a lot of factors we have overall defectors in the some people is related to stressful but we can lose on where you leave on the far far but we can loosen them asking that you have my flying Windows when the handoff on the next phase of the handouts and everything in me that you the back page there is volume phone number my meal that Google in Jamaica came in on time so there's only the one she just told me that she was the music came on the phone maybe maybe maybe she has another person that the idea I will help you in the problem is the what what what profession you have your matters that you via the way in the farm for the masses of you have to do the GRE is a luxury yet he is the graduation graduates of vision all exam something about the is a English test with the well is English to have some map to have some enkindled the master for my program you don't need to for my program you are you ready with our program at a lifestyle one is just another five twelve for the price that that's something that you have discussed with one of them that you are a number of educators engaged lifestyle medicine is a little more complicated you know because your analysis you are you'll be okay but then pH you need to be a neutral provision re: I think is behind and they require that now do you do you did you feel all that fun form the LLC law link and then the recruiter will talk to you when goodwill is planning on while on the time that I would be something to no call the problem is not the problem is that the lifestyle medicines on the line and I've I believe is one third the fifth book is online now they have a plan and visibility to use you bulimia too many kids almost online two thirds online and then you have to do like jewels some as anomaly in the OE don't have that yet you don't have I talked to talk about the lifestyle certificate that's a yeah you get you can do if you won that one will give you a online and from that you can get one third of that value for Massimo not that that that that holding the realized fuel laying around them and discussing views with with the boss that we all have a price you it's in you was offered on campus in the past but the is nondegree nondegree a is for people that the behavior feeds a health professional vote was to have more on the on the lifestyle that's good if you did some unknown health professional that he is doing things in the community that you are turning their job but would like to have more background help that that's what will please you they go all the government here is his pushing against those things because that is a lot of problem with with giving diploma for people and not not following up property with the communication and so many of these guys didn't enable glass the company is now so many health nurse of Phoenix Walden collagen click compose the web 's universal Phoenix they have seven hundred thousand soon as the other the biggest one for the exclusionary now scrutinizing what cannot you and I on the net there is thirty five or more inside Loma Linda in the school of Public health though the pricing Loma Linda for this global Delta seven hundred dollars per unit sold then you make that conduct all know what we are discussing because if I do that is one of the above twenty thousand for the lifestyles that you did not lock the acting within that that's likely guy and that's why that's why we aren't trying with I have a doctor from Brazil looking then and then and then left Brazil because she has about three eighty nine gynecology as a mastering the and then knocking nice violence she wants to have that she can fill in the just for that which is data assisting therefore when he had with the family and faith or the other based on the family whether let's posit that now we are offering online okay with itself and an interesting live with us on missing assignments on a Mac with both medical living room and went to this risk we want to continue the moving of the results with you Mister Selzer and you will you succeed that you wouldn't will put up with everything to you such as regards the other poor substance and essence of it was dismissed supports should I saw them on the glass of inside the philosophy number ninety nine the missile 's Muslims with the Mono Y do let's get an obvious reason I'd like it is a most lamentable like read and I are you feeling a with disgust as the human menu is not exactly a giant limitless is a single Google is by utilizing on a music CD in Scotland anything must be the reason of the best in you and you will when I is is an is you have also new this lumen for me I remember when you are at a minimum they can make a move into thinking you was advising massively nominal money the woman in the registry this equaled by the math in my lineup and seducing single episodes the job is as yet of the ultimate lesson okay guys let's go back being just guessing because gas that is becoming common design and is gone so is something that the very very challenging because it is difficult kennel so that is serious well this is like the other cancers because the difficulty in this cancer is that there is a desktop unit symptom when the symptoms so while is already late but the other characters I like them to not because they are the best of the day I would say they are more dangerous but because they are expensive and that's a situation so I have my secretary was the breath of the in-home then I asked her what happened and Associates said her mom was diagnosed that goes like SIS what type of cancers is that they can scarcely and that she asked amygdala some diet than the mother treatment for that and I have been experienced for I was a drill for patients with the same so when they asked me that in some treatments may well we could build with the kind of late and then she laws she survived for two months and I have one of one lady Brazil the same thing and I have one late in the MySpace the same thing because when the cancer is found if there is already spread outside of the thinkers surviving one month so there is that bankers and so that bankruptcy is is unlocked is hidden behind a stoma and that's why it's hard to do anything on that than the news is not easy to find the answer if you send them bankers and dividing two parts for those that are not thought to see it the first is the endocrine part of producing Celine and and then you have the type one diabetes that this cause of the cause off month not the producing good bit bigger than he is not producing easily and and then the best luck we discussed when they people say that this is because of new intake but that rather than you can take I would say that the assists because of lack of breast-feeding in our circles everything that we got that this nuke related we have to snoop is causing but the research is not saying that that is new there is such a saying that this lack of breast-feeding something that happened in our view not a named acute when the they are not breast-feeding is causing that that theory is that when the kid is not breast-feeding him I need some solid food in solid foods my have some proteins they eat being just as protein whole proteins that they should not the patient needs amino acids but this protein came from fluids from full meal could be him from other types of protein foods that they have been the simulation and they develop an idiom in the election reaction against that protein that not only is reactive to that protein but up back thinking that the bankers and then killed that think ourselves on that process so that's the mechanism if it is nearly my e-mail I don't know but there is not very clear now what is the prevention of these diabetes type one use breast-feeding to have this gives to the proper food when they stomach an investment is not developed yet so step up to the audit process at least six months of breast-feeding as the Nevada prevention by the factor of advances on metabolic syndrome is not that the phaseout that bankers itself we have a problem with that because why we use the Lynn for the high no-no I think that the drug companies even my boss we haven't is that because why we use 's willful new UES wine reviews map for mean for diabetes type if the problem is blocked for this in all professional things Lindsley something that bothered me but that one time is Lynn that that's what they said to go some yet so that that's the thing a win-win Niagara with them they make a monthly dues that the any drugs obviously acting the receptor but the faith filled still have an overproduction of insulin the thinkers and then but the problem here is that we have a lot of official in diabetes two they have a lot of feasible in the beginning because a problem using this fell marking the bankers so that sell his block it to the effect off easily in the method this is the challenge that I believe this is a disease that should not be treated with drugs but I was in the diabetes and Hong Kong there was a diabetes conference and I was down in the nation map for me also helps to drop some cholesterol in hand and was helping people to drop weight in a physicians that will compress medical conference as well if this drug is so good lest that is led to the water in the city do you feel we got this crazy idea but some will knows that but instead of going to the cause legal tools to the kind of mechanism that will visit Arkansas all also like all the drives will not be a safe drug for the safety of my have side effects but we talk now about the acyl grind them even if I thought the thinkers that produce this approach things the homilies of birthdays in the phase helpful around the digestion all file carbohydrates and proteins and and lipids so that part is the part that we did develop a process to think askance is rare enough in Asia and the business the most part of this is adenocarcinoma with emissions Montgomery man state diagnosed four percent of surviving five years that's what I'm saying is is one of the worst cancers it is related to the black easy for a person has diabetes or metabolic syndrome inside it's one high risk of metabolic syndrome the one-dimensional it yet you have to have three or more of these recent conference on the same values that I mentioned before Friday's areas through the sunrise over one fifty on a few one euro one seven millimoles per liter blood pressure one thirty over eighty five even though the we have one twenty over eighty of the limit blood glucose higher than one ten but we are talking about the one hundred and and no is HDL for meal less than forty and forty meal less than fifty and I kept that means respecting your if you are from a previous charge you my use these effect on Medicaid the only one that is using this field this is limiting on this leader also fought on Brazil uses self that the users solo like I don't like the doctors on agreeing there in the world but they should get together the lets user one one single value anyway but you have to have three of those to be considered a metabolic synergy of having a positive have a high risk of cancer high risk of stroke and heart disease in the end I am a high risk of diabetes it does not mean that you have diabetes I want to talk about that site you have a mother or father or sister or brother that I have had think askance that so you have a high risk of his disease in the end this is what you have to do in your life you should do a family three with your family tree would not be always there but what do you see as they happen we should know very well if our moderate have these our father have something like that and then at this argument that is what they have the disease and why is that I like morbid predispositions and genetic but the human being this isn't if it is not genetic it looks like we go we not enough thing mold our body is under more of the liberalism areas that have been if we ate everything above all the disease that cannot consider genetic but it looks like we inhabit that trend and so we should know more about that what is the trend in my family to protect ourselves and then we would do we should do and we should encourage people in our community through that see what they are is a simple thing but to see whether you spend in terms of health and the and and and and and then send us the thing weekend tell them that the manual this means that our habits related that their deaths were doing the same thing like I had a good diabetes I don't have diabetes you may be yet but I have a strong gene for that because my grandfather had bitten my father had been most of my uncles have it both there was a difference between my father and my grandfather I usually bring this discussion but not really I think this position but my grandfather died read eighty six years old he used to leaving the farm he was living alone good for never drink never smoked was exercising all day long and never knew that he had diabetes when he direct eighty six years old date the he wasn't also the check is bought they have diabetes but he was that my father dived sixty five years old think he is was cited he left the church but smoking start drinking it for me was obese was lawfully exercise the completely messed up his life got the worst diabetes but you can imagine a value within a petition on sixty five years old is a genetic believe it is I was pressing with my brother because some guys that you guys are going to have diabetes momentum what do these one difference you can I can have the diabetes when they get most of my grandfather things while enabling water when I have my father 's age depends on my lifestyle his expression by April on the lot so that that's where I am spending okay so this thing goes I will knock over because the symptoms for this incident that don't help diagnose Bengals also popping forth in so easily and picnic any of the wealthy Celine in the purpose of cancer is this thing that those similar to what Patrick Mason that's when Geffen felt they are eager to have children and miscellaneous data is the hormone that will give more sugar than insulin is a cancer promoting activity activate aggressive progression and aggressiveness so is not a moved notation Berkeley is not something that will mess up with good DNA but will activate there good the growing of themselves we already grasp Islam of the self-study Florida the risk of metabolic syndrome for fifty five years of females than males so this is Daniel advances that have been studied so that this grant the being conducted a mission for female and male with fifty five euros agent with the fifty five years old with us they hi they have thirty pounds who b are vegetarian or even likable visit that an then and then they have helpful prevalence of diabetes if they are the vision exam or will like to visit then sold if they have less diabetes may have more or less probably peacefully and because of that thing is like that you have a problem in the receptor this self insulin does not easily gone by Mitchell in other than to sell so that they could start producing more easily and instantly dragged up with at least some suicidal that felt and then we have what they call easily resistance you have a fast obviously so if you check a person with diabetes type two you might have a high level of these so you can imagine the cancer cell .net and they might not have a problem with with their receptors against himself they have a reset the problem and it must follow that have a receptive problem in Dnieper but they got themselves a easily and come here and then you have this is a high risk of a rates is related to discuss abdominal fat also we have these look to the light without I'll just mention that this is what the resisting all people might have high risk in red meat and alcohol are effective as they are not that strong but they are effectively to the original the regional joke was lovable Callan if the draft accounts and protection fruits regular exercise dry fruits and other than self-study dates raise legumes we'll go back to that foods rich in folic acid so here we have we have inducted into study one forty gave some thinkers guess regardless of just flag you this legumes legends but given that he needs based on raising them on the right foods is wealthy but the rate of cancers breaking thinkers on bats of those little people so this is good news for us is a very complicated against them not us but is becoming more and more marked but when you have many of those old that is a profession I think they are the professionals because we don't drink and now the profession is that we both spoke about two other factors legumes so I so weak one third of the race of thinkers cancer than those that need the little bit low for all four of twelve legumes and even a dime just twice a week you have debt that that's great so is that something that's more more more freeholders method something all wrong and in the fall in the I agree with and also grow is another question one guy asked me well you agree to give hormone to be worked on them because they had a man taking growth hormone all of whom performance and to have more muscle and old man on and be help with school began for me will know hormones my be really good to the promoters of they might not be the Janet to promote anybody else that I might be missing the effectiveness and unrelenting existing here resveratrol and banker cancer so dismal that he not give photos virtual before radiation and then he found that the cancer cells led the holy assaulted that me proof the effect off off off off the radiation so that is hierarchical those rates for cancer cells and then of this is where further up always fall but the visit something interesting again I think I've mentioned this before is no problem to use our natural things and diets we the chemotherapy in review of the radiotherapy because they might even have higher attack on this cancer cells so this is the source of resveratrol and so we have been keynotes also now that so you have a good question I have to check on that if it's in a schema of the penis or are they hope units I don't know if anything is game for a while until I get there him and this should hopefully this is with Ali I'm not vision exam because I love the animals admitted that because I hate the vegetables of folic acid foods those are the ones that protect against the against the biggest cancer what are the higher level of folic acid cancer foods that has sources duly given these of folic acid is important for late is not the have our fragments so that doctors prescribe from you you might have folic acid so it saves a lot of beans they don't need to own evening news but the problem is that is mostly related to for law for pregnancy or people that the blueprint maps although good people have fun enough eighteen teenagers teenager kids Branson interpregnancy that the have the support people have the money they don't have a good diet that will have lifestyle then mostly in drugs and alcohol and it's in some ass I have one of his goals on time that was King was not smoking and fifty years old right now no beings and then when I stop smoking and I cannot stop remove this complicated on the review procedure what better in building the normal life in some places is not easy to Google help them about this is that the Danielle diet give us nothing but that's mostly been wanted to drink at the end of the ten David Newton held to embed an understanding of the young men only that their wealth with this is what I used when I want on but I thought about that the big-box diet tomorrow and admit we have italicized days on this principle we can survive two weeks for ten days with vegetables low but is not based typical and that my my aunts challenge needs several times she's just need to think yet another morning television just because of this food but notes that he was evidently a bright burst yes maybe then looked in ten days this gives the data includes the visible my patient with people that disagree with you and that will affect a that you might have something I have a hard time one Sunday there is a lady that came to my place in the lonely and that because he knew that I was featuring diversity and I was on visiting the church of all felt my church has six to seven thousand and what you see once the promo event held by then then I told her what we want to me any now I come here and should have been folks in the becoming she has baptism or whatever religion and that she was grumbled that because shoes she said that abuses the thing so I thought that I think were well let's talk about that well what did the Daniel Gladwell is a beautiful time ten days with Joseph vegetable and then what happened after that well done you go to your diet than that I don't attend no end in a what do to promote often than not it's a normal diet than that and then I asked very well let let me just talk a little bit you come to Loma Linda on the way most of people visit day and Denny I cannot tell them that the state then they visit dance and then you go back to meet is not the lower kid then we discussed in discussions she was the portion which abortions in his farewell in a lot we happen off here and consult you should go to community relations that they don't have a traditional death so you are your trying to what they call preaching to think why are something like that happens into the quiet soul and I think you and then defend that the pollution but anyways you you have all of these things and it's interesting that they are literally a diet t


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