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Hands-on Approach to Pain Management, Part 1

Carola Janiak


Carola Janiak

Founder and Director, Hands-on Medical Massage School



  • January 30, 2012
    2:00 PM
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wow how to obtain a hands-on approach to pain management my name is Corollas and yeah and I am the goal director owner and medical massage school and we started to school about eight years ago and was there when we started actually and I used to work for Doctor Thomas I spent nearly ten years with Doctor Thomas said he was my mentor in the size and hydrotherapy my background is nursing as I came out as a nurse as an RN and I plan to just take some the size classes lines natural healing and they go off and work for Pritikin Institute but it didn't work out that way I ended up staying with Doctor Thomas and love it because we got patients from all over the world they came with all different types of problems and mostly pain related and it was amazing when I saw these people getting well into short pairs of time and leaving some time and no pain at all or at least eighty to ninety percent of their pain gone just through massage and hydrotherapy and natural remedies and nutrition of course as well so it was really an exciting time and I'm just so fortunate that I got to spend with Doctor Thomas unfortunately he did pass away let him we wanted to do something to keep that vision going Doctor Thomas used always say catch the vision and sunlight all we have to continue that so that's what that's why we started the school we went continuing it we wanted to be close to Loma Linda University so we are only like three three and half miles from the University we have the medical students from there that rotate through we do presentations on campus we had all different type of affiliations as well as a clinic on campus whatever medical massage clinic at the Drazen Center where we had about Panthera test so it's another place our graduates can work after they graduate cell line anyway that night as he hung on medical massage going to learn a little bit more about fiscal only have a couple of our graduates here with us but I would also like to start with Yahoo! 's family is from the very beginning we actually had instructor courses in my home before we had the building up and ready for students so I was very thankful that there was one of those first one so I'm going to let her introduce herself and running under Frederick and after given my life to God I had no idea what to do as far as a career actually to Southern on unit University anonymity what major to take in so I started crying and pleading with God to show me what he had in mind for me and so on he said putting things in motion and he showed me without any doubt that massage therapy was the way that he hadn't been yet planned for me also had decided that I never ever wanted to teach my mother is a teacher and my sisters a teacher come from a line of teachers and the one thing I never wanted to do was teach us got to show me where he wanted me and he brought me right to Corolla and I'm not teaching at the medical massage school and am so blessed God has better plans for us than we ever have for ourselves like sheep to DC also access about graduate and then them a happy and I'm from Jamaica I came to the school in two thousand and six and it was God that led me here I didn't even know that I was supposed to do that course with our hands-on medical missionary but I was less than I learned a lot that I often that I decided to go to Jamaica and step up on the lifestyle sense of their own we have about three different places in Jamaica and they are all excited about the work and then though I just led me here so that I could down share with you I didn't even plan to be here this is also a miracle so we have been doing cooking classes teaching hydrotherapy teaching my sides and most of the people in Jamaica are so excited about it and they are excited because natural remedies work mining and Nancy Schnieder in New York State and down I went to California to him take and Mel criticized Israeli into health really enjoyed I would come to the health summit and I went to annotate classes with the Chip program in and classes on documentary depression some of our financial expand my health ministry that I have going back near Rochester New York science would be a really nice asset to it I guess so I want to avoid some of some New Age thing that come within the size and I have actually come to house some in a couple years I'm a recent graduate and I am regarding community with an economic impact on how to get the nutrition consulting class from Darlene Blaney there is a whole another story but anyhow so I am I I ended up going to California and picking from their size though graduated really loving the other using it a lot and I ran on opening up five practice back in New York again told in no do I do with you a little breathing a little information about grieving it you have a handout there have been passed out to you and dreaming is so important so important with found and how the end relieving different citizens of the specially if you are suffering from pain learning proper breathing will help reduce pain I think that a lot of studies with breathing and breathing exercises and it is very medically beneficial the blood benefits to it pain management reduces blood pressure help you with stress great antistress technique to you on the handout it says that these are breathing properly he placed one hand on your chat I'll try this while typing you can try one can onion test in one hand on your stomach you and get free breed regularly and if you see that your text is driving more than your abdomen or your stomach and your probably not breathing correctly you want to make sure that your breathing the money get into your the one that you want your breast and get into your lower line and that will take breathing in using your diaphragm so after doing that we are going to take a deep breath and read in unaccounted for and hold that accounting seven and will exhale counting a and will do that respect for altogether will practice one time so we can breathe in slowly counted for outcomes one to three or hold to three or five six seven exhale unaccounted eight it would be very slow one to three or five big seven eight and try to use your abdomen wouldn't do it again if you're feeling like you cannot hold your breath for those that infection don't worry about it just do what you can because sometimes it takes working up to be able to do that let's try one more time I will try the more time ready one two three four hold one two three four five six seven eight and exhale one to three four five six seven eight eight one more time to do one more time ready one two three four hold one to three or five six seven and then exhale slowly to three four five six seven food breathing exercise you can do twice a day and work your way up you know you can do that more often if you would like to a little in the your stress level down a little bit of help you focus on right now this is just like a classic score because I just gave me the roll call that weren't pacifists around what they're asking is if you can put your initials on their next to your name now this lets you start that had passed around because in order for you to get any see you have to show up every day right which is only five days hundred and eighty days like going to school okay so five days if you can shop for that data be great needed to certificate again and make sure you study because a nice hat that they now understand the next as you can relax then this is a massage classy we want you to relax and we want to do as much hands-on as possible with you I know we don't have a room full of tables like we do at school but we will we will work it out and we've thought of ways to do it so that you can all get some hands-on learned several body parts because it can be learning some anatomy and physiology and all those exciting things around where marks on her body so that's begin with prayer dear father in heaven we thank you so much for your love and your opportunity to be medical missionaries for you and father we pray is this class goes on that we will learn what you want us to learn that you will open up our minds so that we will remember them so that we can help others so father please give us healing hands for use of it we can't touch other's lives in your name we pray amen all right this is not a picture of our school when you first go up grassy expanse we're working on a new classroom guys are running out of space which is it's a black thing but it's also slightly worried until we had about forty students right now and we offer up to an associate degree in medical massage so it's over it's like eleven hundred and some hours eleven fifty five hours and we also offer a certificate program which is the first two semesters of the four semesters AAS degree but it's not inadequate and the size degree except basic professional therapy degree so if you know anybody that would like some training were on very serious about what we do we are very medical ministry oriented we start every day with prayer and a little worship with the students and a lot of our students are not and then and now is a really neat thing because we get to share with them all of our health message we teach psychology so we get to share Neil Natalie 's depression thing we teach nutrition class that we share a lot of the check and things like that with the students and nearly half of all arose as spiritual care class we get to teach and write out a ministry of healing which is on something you should see these people that say this genealogy white once and for grace this is the most beautiful staff I've ever heard in a week here this summer students and a change is lied because some of them can tell you exactly what's after they were studying save this chapter in this book just touch my heart it changed my life so we have more more students now asking for class Bible stories they want to learn more about the Bible because some of them don't even know anything about any of our simple Bible stories or even the story of Jesus so it's a really unique opportunity that we had and we also want them only a bad thing is that because they sometimes will even have Bible studies with the other students in class like in their homes and things like that so but we do train for medical missionary work and that's all we do because like I said we want to carry nine our health message and of course we know that were in the end days right so we want to carry on and we want to follow and you example right this is on the back of our ever since we started on the back of our catalog Christ Nashville will give true success in reaching the people and I believe it's on your manual as well be defeated on your manual bigger your basic not our manual but the one for the health on I know I saw that someone I love this flight yes this crisis in a line will give true success in reaching the people how did Jesus do it this Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good night he mingled with them designer then he showed his sympathy for them he ministered to their needs and won their confidence then he bid them follow me write you see how those steps progress in our lifetimes this hammer then marry you now you need to do this we need to do that but you know Jesus mingled among men he saw where they were at and he took them from their won their confidence and then he bid them follow me and I tell you what cuts in the size is a very very powerful tool for reaching people 's hearts the hearts can be reached at massage in that why I love massage I remember when I was in nursing I love my nursing job I did home care I was diabetic educator I worked with cardiac patients I get all the brand-new heart attacks and and on CHF Kurt congestive heart failure patients so I did a lot of education I loved what I was doing and then I heard about this place called me Mark how many of her lemur Institute and I heard a lot of rules those kind of scary to me but I heard also that they were doing natural things in getting people better in just two and half weeks damn down often isolate some of them are least decreasing our insulin and not needing cardiac surgery flight was now enough I really believe that so my job let me take a whole year off and go out there and see for myself and I felt like God was calling me in that direction first a light note I really don't want to go on pretty happy around that in our wages kept on my mind and on my mind I said okay Lord make away and I will go and I was even done a redesign when I first you have decided to do it in a ripped up my resignation know now we're getting to be a leave of absence will pay for your insurance while you're gone just come back and work for us and you can work it off sounds like okay so anyway I got in the car and just pack up my car and drove out to Doctor Thomas he was well that was that we mark the time actually a nice song things people who word looking like they are at the brink again and went and always just starting to change it now and I remember in our staff means we would pray for these people and I mean there were some really seriously ill people and we pray and all the staff pray and it was so exciting to see the changes through these natural remedies and that's right not to learn my basics and massage and hydrotherapy and on after that I went back to nursing for a couple years and I was like you know what I know something matter but how can I as a professional to do this and still make a decent living is not like I'm a nurse I make pretty good money in our night and I like what ideal so while I took a vacation to Florida on I said you know Lord here to have to show me I don't know what you sow during this vacation I was in a prey and ask God for guidance and I ran into a guy at work with Doctor Thomas 's name is raw after why I don't have any of you now have but he's a therapist and he said you know why you need to go to Doctor Thomas says is like Greenland have even heard the place in our head heard of him but in my heart it was like I got all excited like this and said this is where I need to go in so soon as I got home I apply any said I'm sister and so I went out there and never regretted it for a long so just to learn into so if you wanted to medical ministry and you feel like you're contracting a certain profession I spent the Senate is a lawyer back in Pennsylvania and she says I really went to medical ministry I went from now I went to train my husband I went through this I want to leave the law and do medical ministry it's like God is an open of way you now so if you feel tractors made because this is God 's ministry and especially for the end time and I love to hear President Wilson talk about that it had said he gave this beautiful ensued during his ministry Jesus devoted more time to healing this snack into preaching and has such a joy that we cannot change the disease conditions in the body right we don't do it that no matter forget the size hydrotherapy we don't make the change right but it is our part as medical missionaries as workers together with God to use the means that he has provided then we should pray that God will bless these agencies I mean we seen miracles because we may not know exactly how to do something perfectly but God will bless it anyway as long as our heart is in and we pray for his extra blessing and who should be involved right we have come to the time NSS Trent Lott ever a hundred years in our right wing and remember how the church should take hold of the medical missionary work every member of the church should take all the missionary work so we go over a little bit of the history of medical massage but you guys are trying her to Battle Creek sanitarium how many you have been there have you seen the actual sanitarium a few experimental Linda Arabi said appear that wicked it has all these core doors running to a car was amazed as we need to go out there one time for a financial aid meeting it was close to Battle Creek so I took someone with me she was she wasn't even our best and she was so with the world the see the history of our medical work there at the Battle Creek but then after Battle Creek it went to Loma Linda right the school of evangelism and you know physicians and nurses were all learning hydrotherapy and massage therapy in and I and I remember I I go down library every now if I don't believe something have to go search out for myself so I went and I I found some of the old curriculum is back in like nineteen oh five where both physicians and nurses did have classes in massage and hydrotherapy because they're the ones you had to prescribe it the physicians so on in here says to the size training was established by sense of right and out right now there is a physician Doctor Tiffany Field she's out of touch institutes in Miami school of medicine here in Florida and a lot of our research comes out of this Miami school of medicine she is so gung ho with the result that she seen in children using medical massage now not only do we haven't had any of the massage therapy we have actual journals peer review journals really brings up the credibility of massage massage is becoming more and more credible and these are just a few of the classes that we teach and learn me teaching you little basic parts the somebodies because we want it to be very practical for you wiki Swedish deep tissue sports hydrotherapy land pain management neuromuscular myofascial hospital-based and try not all of them on price missing one or two and then we have science courses they have to learn about the body and we want our students to be able to critically think about what's going on in their body so they need to learn a lot of anatomy physiology past nutrition kinesiology psychology communications business spiritual care and pain management so they learn a lot of these things so in the mornings they usually have their theory classes and in the afternoon they apply these things to the body they do the hands-on silicic a look at our amazing bodies soon I will praise you for I'm fearfully and wonderfully made by marvelous fireworks I I I love this ever since I was young I used to love that quote selected a look at some of the different systems in the body the size of facts every system in the body right muscular and joint says helps to relax keeps muscles flexible relieve soreness pensions bad loans all of that simply through touch the skeletal system this is a big one here and proving the body alignment when I talk a lot about posture how important posture is in having the body in a WiMAX remaining staff times reducing pang and increase range of motion especially in the joints we don't believe that anybody should be in pain we don't like we want anybody to be in pain the system this is why low-carb our bodies our land system beside her sewer system light of the body it gets rid of all of our toxins and and helps to get them out of the body lands and jumping and exercise are two ways are the main two ways to move length so if you're not exercising you should at least be getting the size so that massage and land for two ways to move that it met Stan and exercise are two ways to move the limb and it even is scanning it stimulates the blood supply to the scanning even in the skin so when you want nicely tanned skin and massage can help to do that and of course the nervous system right don't we need dance one of the first benefits we had a student clinic at the school it's a low-cost client we charge thirty five dollars to the public making con man sometimes to three days a week we have quite a few people pride eight thirteen twenty some twenty to thirty some at a time that that will come in maybe an morning or evening to get treatment and it's the students that work on them so that way we can give low-cost treatments to the public and one of the rats are one of the first benefits that they say is this is a first time I've been able to sleep not this is my personal size announced the first time I connect to sleep through the night fantasizing very very beneficial to help people sleep is when you talk about like fibromyalgia find a case and a lot of them don't sleep at night and so they don't now is it because or not sleeping at their muscles in our bodies gone war is a getaway around so it's all elections first the egg or that the chicken I think so but we know that it helps to enhance sleep to release name lowers blood pressure and anxiety levels did you know that some of the main or endocrine chemicals that are affected by the size dopamine increases your levels of dopamine serotonin and we hear that a lot right so many people are on my medications for around people who went to low serotonin levels and/or fans oxytocin visiting LA oxytocin has it's a bonding format and it's usually when non- women have babies it helps in a lactate and also bond with the baby so when you're getting on the size you're actually helping to release this oxytocin the size is such a bonding thing that's why when how many of you have gone from a size therapy many of you pride felt pretty close to your therapist on sale Faye Amos is part of it to announce why when we do male-female we still do male-female but were very careful because we keep these things in mind but it's also the oxytocin very binding decreases cortisol levels cortisol is a thing that when you're under stress for long periods of time you collect cortisol when you collect a lot of cortisol you collect a lot of fat near Valley area one of the signs so and also the growth hormone which even as adults we still need that for other hearts of our bodies function circlet for a system now that's why Anna saw as a taxi and create your red blood cell count and your white blood cell count you can study chalet we definitely increases your circulation now if you wanted just to go get a simple Swedish massage and how it but why all the nights relaxing the size how many miles of running to your circulation you think that's worth it it really speed up your blood flow just like running how many miles more he said one twenty five well not quite that that's that's almost a marathon not that a big gap Saturday it's usually equivalent to running about seven miles increases really increases that circulation and it decreases your blood pressure I remember even going to somebody's home and nurses launch any work on her mother and she took the blood pressure before and I worked on Tonight Show nursing studies actual studies edited decreased blood pressure then I worked on it he took the blood pressure sure enough now is significantly reduced after the fall so you know it probably close to fifty minutes in our regular Swedish the slide is about fifty men at the other you can do a lot in even shorter periods of time you know the thing is even with the red blood cells are the white blood cells if you read in Doctor Kellogg's book the Art of the signs his excellent book on at the art of massage I think it's like chapter today has the benefits of massage and usually likes like the blood pressure are the white blood cell red blood cell count will go out and come back to ten hours by this time needed and assigned it stayed up a little longer Alan no longer and blood pressure stays down a little longer cumulatively yes yes that's criticized is to be part of a wellness program so the more you get in size the Mark Sheila K benefits that you have to win people in our student clinic fettered by bad X-Men like computing feeling back in my feet in other thrilled like I can hop out of bed now you know a lot of our senior senior clients alike I can get out of bed now easy in the morning I can hop up have more energy there's just so much that people don't realize the benefits of their arms digestive system how many people have problems with their digestive system lots and lots and we will go into the hole on thing with the anxiety but even matches to calm down the nervous system law actually calmed down the digestive system because Walmart 's hands are full by justice system to write you don't feel like eating are you eating you get bloated afterwards your food is not digesting properly so missed signs can actually help to relax these abdominal organ we can even for people who are often constipated we do gentle massage all around are following the way peristalsis gathers to help with that and did you know that if you have any problems with constipation you can do this to yourself just gently doing circles right around falling year write down here and drinking two glasses of hot water is soon as you get out of bed in the morning and I know there a lot of young people that have problems with constipation I remember my friends and I might euro like in your thirties are your forties and you're having these problems so about a morning through glasses of hot water notes he now landmen nothing else had straight hot water not scalding pampering yourself a nice hot water to get that all going in and eat about half an hour later before that so I gave your your body time and usually after doing that for a few days to a week thing start progressing well again as we need to get rid of those toxins right and it will also time intestinal muscles and elderly people who have problems just in a meeting time those muscles and we also do this from the size where we learn how to work around gallbladders even hot gallbladder to help reduce the pain and things like that but those are more advanced techniques but there's just so much to learn and that the area of massage and here's just a few recent documented findings on preterm infants right three fifteen minute sessions for five to ten days studies from several lots of documented thirty one to forty seven percent increase in weight gain and intrigue turns out that the preterm infants that's a big deal you know for them to quickly gain weight carpal tunnel syndrome they were not talk more about that new guys a bit to work on each other and see really where carpal tunnels coming from and how to relieve it it's actually quite simple and non- NA Senate just daily cells the size for four weeks decrease perceived pain increase grip strength decreased anxiety and decreased depressed men and is all out of credible journals here and enhances K law she was a student of ours when we were stopped in Ukiah got and she had come to us as a patient we were seeing patients from Kaiser one of my friends who is doing a resident I think I prefer no water for patients to us so we had a higher access therapist just to take care of all these Kaiser patients that we were getting were injured on the job which she had carpal Connell both her arms and she was off work for at least quite a few months if not a year and she's just a young gallon really wanted to get her life back so she went through therapy probably at that time they were only giving insurance is only pay maybe six to eight treatments so after about six date initiate such significant results she decided hate irony five therapist figures she has carpal Connell and within probably a couple months it was pretty well under control on it was in short it wasn't too long after that that she started classes she has hopped right into our next class became in the science therapist and she got hired at a very very busy icebox and doing at least five to seven patients every day our clients every day and I checked with her about two years later and she said you know what my carpal Connell never came back again because she learned how to take care of it she learned how to prevent it from coming back again and using good body mechanics keeps her from having a more problems with it then on his first cognition and learning four -month-old infants were given eight minutes in the size play or no stimulation and they said that within the size they had increased cognitive performance they couldn't even think better even appointed chairman size they did studies with these accountants they went in and they massage them for about ten and a tested them before their calculations in their timing on honey calculations they could deal after Vista ten fifteen minute massage they didn't I have to think that I found out that they could do twice as many calculations with half the errors that someone of our size books are begin a size that's actually this one of the studies that were done so if you want your brain work better in the slides is a wonderful way to do that eighty eight see how many of you now any cancer some as ADHD this works incredibly we had a young boy lifetime contract the father couldn't make it for the classic so they said you know one can see my son come in my stead and mom was very as long as the apparent Cinerama on the size and minor in cell we gave him just a Swedish massage in one of our around students gave just a nice Swedish massage is young eight -year-old boy with ADD ADHD he had some type of a sleep disorder you had all whole bunch of diagnosis that the doctors had given out and they wanted to put him on medication but then mom said no when I'm not putting him on medication so today after his he goes to school and the teacher called her mom up after class and says what new medication do you have your boy on I can't believe the difference in his behavior and when he came home the mother can even see a difference in hand so he started coming getting massages at a rate on a regular basis and I saw the other day is not a little boy anymore he's quite calling call me just you know Jane wonderfully and even one time he had gotten set and the mother had said we need to take you to the emergency room your fevers way too high way take care of you and the boy said no mom now gets to a natural remedy remember like the massage work and we had talked to them about doing so people who are overanxious and anxiety attacks anything we like to wrap them and especially for high first the first fifteen twenty nine said Iraq actually will help to reduce the fever so they didn't aim within no time his fever was already down he says the mom these natural remedies really work so I took an eight -year-old cousin mother told me that story migraine headaches a lot of work is lost due to migraine headaches migraine headaches are not a very pleasant thing but was just getting regular massage even thirty minute massages twice a week for five weeks less pain fewer sleep disturbance says less analgesics take an and increase serotonin levels so even migraine headaches can be relieved we used to get client said Doctor Thomas 's climate anyone coming with neck pain are being a car accident or something we would really work them while working in almanac and after a few weeks they be like you know why I get migraines anymore and we didn't even try working on migraines or anything it was just one of those fringe benefits that seem to come with that Internet often say no more migraines were so happy even osteoarthritis they did clinical studies after eight weeks improve mobility less pain and improved range of motion archives of internal medicine knows from now and this is also now I don't know how many of you you know the verdict page I knew her deliver the page she was actually on the Weimar board for a while and down she had gotten quite ill she's a businesswoman seeing a lot of real estate and things always a go-getter well they put her because of her blood pressure being high and she had some funny on themes and nerve tingling going up and down her spine and so she goes to the doctor he's like all know in a chapter share high blood pressure you know here take this medic case I had a bad reaction to medication started having seizure activity so at every times and see a doctor he tended it worse and so finally here he was in bed now energy having knees on not something she bounced around have any seizures that when they hooked her up they could see active seizure activity going on and her daughter didn't know what to do and finally she called Carola help us what can we do what natural remedies so we sent out one of our students is is also a nurse at quite a few nurses that come through our workhorses and we sent her to the home and she just started doing we said we would start out with a wet sheet just for many in our rap sheet pack and then do maybe just five minutes of lymph node size even after just five minutes of lymphocytes in the rat every time she would have liked meeting also coming out of her lip or something like that she drinking tea she had all these detox things happening to her but she started gaining her strength and within months she was out of bed and back to work and I played Senior Summers is cool if you believe it on doing so well you know it it was just beyond the wraps and the lymph node size and she continued to do that and she changed her body shape she said all through her life her body shape was she had to wear small tops which I had to buy the big plan for the bottom of her body as she had that shape and she hated even as instead no matter how much weight she would be she would never change her shape so went the length the size continuing sheet for about a year or two every week or every other week something like that she actually changed her body shape and she went back to her doctor and said no I guess I I wear a size for a draft now straight down to just sell happening that that's one of her biggest benefit is there that she talks about is that he can look better and feel better he exercise analysis I can keep up with all the grandstand then says Jesus is really excited about that started out just as simple natural remedies five are mounted how many of you know some a farm outside that kind of ramp that now days right at all to farm out there randomly assigned to the size Katie received thirty maps twice a week for five weeks with significant results sleeping better and activity levels increased less pain breast cancer this is a big thing now cancer and saw their finding that the size actually helps to to increase these natural killer cells these big natural killer cells actually go around take care the cancer that we have every day we we we depend at pick up cancer but these natural killer cells take care of it and are white blood cells so they found that with you actually increase natural killer cells and I found quite a few articles on that and also increases your vigor your naturally ocular cells in your lymphocytes when we first started our school there was a gal at work at the school of medicine at Loma Linda University she had been a race she's a breast cancer survivor and she said when she went to her oncologist their Loma Linda University they said there's one thing that you think you can do that will help you more than anything else and she's thinking oh boy how expensive it is convenient and went on and on saying this is kind of benefit you do it at least you know every other week in your wonderful benefits and she's like what is at one end that so he says get the sauce given the size wire going to the chemotherapy why you're going through the treatment get massage because this would help you more than anything and she did and so when we hope is that she was oral advocate for us instead and told the school of medicine love you need to get our students over there further integrated medicine rotating through massage they need to learn about the sauce so we have probably a hundred fifteen medical students line that we deal it she gives us all the statistics of the end of every year but we have about hundred and fifty medical students at Rite Aid for a program every year so we get to teach them a little bit about what medical massage is pain management those kind of things so it's great for students because they actually get to help client peach these fourth-year physicians and nine and also get massages and things like that as well so lower back pain this is a more recent article will go over that later when we do the lower back pain but this just came out in the annals of internal medicine relaxation instructional massage and the usual treatments and say right anti-inflammatory meds muscle relaxants and physical therapy that was one group and he had two groups of massage therapy and there was a significant difference in the massage therapy groups of whether they were getting gentleness signs are whether they were getting the more structural type of massage researchers measured at ten weeks six months and a year later they found that the patients and boldness size groups fared significantly better than those receiving the usual care so this was a big eye-opener and I remember Loma Linda a lot of my friends that were doctors are likely to did you see this article they may keep up with it near read these articles doesn't really exciting to see so they are tire were almost dining area this portion in order to get to the low back ninety percent of Americans film the size is good for their health now it were glad to see that now ninety three agree on the size can be effective for pain relief natural and be dealing with here is pain relief forty six had besides to relieve pain and fifty persons fifty seven percent said their health care provider strongly recommended size similar more physicians and other health care providers PAs nurses nurse practitioners are learning that heyday is a benefit for their clients to get their thoughts so the healthy get a massage and the everybody get up for just a moment and I know it's right after lines insects have time and were just giving you introductions today were and try to get lots a hands line that they will get started in just the second and don't worry this is really short it's just what you need to know before you start learning resource techniques reduce weight make sure you know what to say but let's not save cell on take a lot of time and I would talk Corolla talks a lot about the benefits of massage I just want you guys to know that just a gentle just walking gives you a lot of the same benefits that the source data safety content in the size of the day every one of us can take this gentle walk to keep moving get that circulation so starting out on his leg over once again in the sauce considerations what we don't want to win you don't want a massage that if someone has if they were feedback this is a big contraindication I mean really don't want to massage and just none of the above autism may be overwhelmed with one within illness and massage is not a good idea on inflammation in the information is a contraindication for massage service for signs of inflammation redness heat swelling and pain these of the signs we don't want a massage is pretty much common sense for example if someone sprained an ankle they probably would not want you to massage the area says a great common sense thing another just dangerous condition is if anyone has a blood clot risk we do not want a massage someone has to risk of that author blood clots are asymptomatic it means that they will not have any symptoms so if someone knows that they are under risk that the blood blood clotting risk just do not want to massage them until the doctor releases therefore that also very close veins be very very careful of varicose veins we don't would put any deep pressure on those varicose veins because was damaged the only featherlight pressure though we just don't want to core the damage on the varicose vein with a varicose vein Google valves have become damaged and the blood pools that's what causes them to bulge out like that and we just don't want to put any pressure on those battles any skin condition and this is commonsense if someone has a break in the scan if they had a sunburn on any kind of a rash meet up with one avoid that area they can still get a massage but just not on that problem area any undiagnosed escaping injury is a contraindication to any and with a sharp pain of faith we don't know what is causing it is really is best that we find out what we're dealing with before we tried the source area and then is one other thing we need to convert these are just endangerment sites in the body these are areas where they might be pain and harm caused down we had the carotid artery running down the front of the net and basically we just want to avoid an exterior triangle of the neck and you can see in the picture exactly where that is just avoid that area and putting pressure the client Audrey in connection with the heart rate to slow down and that can be dangerous was for some people also the popliteal area which is basically just the area right behind the knee to get the picture you can see that the muscles kind of opened up right behind me and a lot of nerves and vessels there so that is not protected by muscle in his poke light into that area also have lymph nodes there it can just be painful uncomfortable to it could be dangerous to press this link to be serious we can lightly touch over every system want to point to pressure their and the same thing for the armpits you have a lot of nerves and vessels traveling light in the armpit area you don't have Internet areas we don't want to hope into the armpit and tomorrow we start getting into the more therapeutic techniques they are going to use the armpit as a place to get to certain muscles but we're not going to poke right into the armpit be very careful what direction we go with waiting to talk to the subject in general whatever you post massage someone you should never cause any pain and a lot of people have come to me and I've gone for massages and it was so painful that they don't ever want to go back from a source in a maxi half one person told me that they kept telling the therapist that it was painful negative they won the therapist to stop and find electronic form of the table to get away and the therapist Raven by the ankles and yank them back at the miss someone says that she would call that a massage terrorists that is not a massage therapist is down they should never ever be painful and we have to be very careful because when the Muslims tied it will be very tender and sensitive so we always talk very gently if I can handle that pressure they would go a little bit deeper but we never just grab someone with a lot of pressure always start gently and we have to remember that pain is actually our bodies with communicating with us a body cannot tell us what's wrong but the body can tell us that something you can just know it's been damaged and so if it's painful we can actually be damaging tissue we could be posing farm instead of helping somebody so nothing should ever feel painful that is about that if we work with in these parameters we know that we're not going to cause any harm he can only help with nothing on so if you're not sure if the site is safe just have them check with a medical doctor and get the release is there a lot of different conditions out there if you have any doubt whether the massage is safe or not just have them get a doctor 's release one other issue is very very important to make sure your hands are washed before you work on somebody this is for their protection so make sure you wash hands thoroughly and we need to finish next to you wash your hands thoroughly as well often done in it even if someone did clean wonderful friend great person as they work on each other the dead skin cells will leave how many did himself a habit of sloughing off constantly if we use massage oils or lotions we actually get covered in someone else gave himself and that we just want to get all of that stuff clean and often actually began working on the fact that it really that the biggest way to protect yourself and the people that you work on Eastern hourly wash your hands before and often make sure you don't have any cuts or broken skin as well so you also want to make sure we clip is fine now nailed it best if you massage someone if he had your nails completely sure if this can't see the nails in the future hands and something else is as Nancy was sharing with us how important rest is breath taking deep breaths and relax as the entire body gets oxygen to the whole system and just having your client take some deep breaths is a long way in getting into relaxing massage sometimes we need to take a few deep breaths and then we can be relaxed some people as well been the most important thing is to avoid some impotent crazy for working on somebody and ask you to pray for someone quietly when I went to a different small and other sized horses to pay for my clients while I worked on but something alert from Corolla is praying with your client before he starts the massage and I found that the benefits increase a hundred times when I do that often no matter how much training that taken off high experience Diane the comments I get back from clients that people remain berries they love without playing with often I think they like that more than the massage and you never know what people are going through sometimes people under so much stress that have records on a sold-out you don't even realize they have and we always do it respectfully we had on our intake form so that if they're not comfortable making just indicate fact that we never ever want to pressure someone with prayer and so many times that is the most important part of the treatment so guys go ahead and doodle chair massaging Corollas trying to join Sonja Pierce thinks judo demonstrations and we usually always wipe off the area Alex sees Clorox wipes and its rate of ninety nine percent ninety nine nine percent of our wellness and staff as well so were very very particular about cleanliness we've got the places I remember even brining getting a chairman signs out in Vegas a five minute segments in all we got this guy he's really really good sushi massage and afterwards he had made in the chair never even change the space that they would like a clock face thing on my aren't you going alike claim that Clinton shares fell cleanliness is a huge thing for us and also helps to take off watches anything that can bond into people and Catania the kids stuff I asked again we wash her hands we only have lots of bond will hand sanitizers that we take with the same Wasson things like that so when we began and of course shorter now right and I say in the sinuses I think my nails might be a little bit too long to write you want to shorten house because sometimes you're using the tips of your fingers and you don't want to be putting little nail prints on your client I everything and do no harm so we start out very gently even just placing your hand on somebody like this to be different they cannot read the skylight on now in what is your name is Susan so we wanted to take a nice deep breath Suzanne and just relax in the course of the seller to make sure her back is straight in that she's comfortable are you comfortable relaxed and I'm just nicely started out just with what we call patricide we don't do a lot of robbing or not using whales so we just take the skin and move the scanned right over the other body parts and not just do like what I call I can walk and Eileen with my body so I don't work hard to use my whole body I see when your therapist few yen up with strong legs a lot of it comes from the legs and I discounted catwalk had never had a cat walked like a rebel leader on you other going like this that's a J Gagnon making contact with your whole hand anytime to squeezing your fingers together this is a nice way to cover the back do a little patricide trying to save your sons because if you use your thumbs all the content and aware out in your noggin and in size so use that as this is Kanye Keener and hence feel the patio found their you can use that without using your thumbs so I'll just even when I'm in the middle of the back here I can use my thenar and to cover these areas that wants nice it is to go right over and asked to write our wingback writers and select sits right I called your infraspinatus a lot of people had tension in her scientist take the heel of my hand and you can do little circles there in houses pressure season and one thing that usually before I started to a chair massage I say a very simple little prayer with my client and I always try to get their name first which I had its assays and assay Susan can I have discussed but apparently we always ask for permission and down most of the time they say yes enough on to say that one little sentence Lord please give me healing hands persons you know is simple is that a lot of people have pain right on their shoulders here and so these are asked their upper traps in the low that's her supraspinatus muscle so I'm okay this part of my fingers kind of glass in my fingers and just a gentle little circles appear right on the top this is all part exercising I can really feel she has some stuff going on here is when your working life deal Whiteside feels kind of firm or you know where you feel a little and not for a long strange and sometimes it can be just connective tissue that high a muscle that's tied all along and not anything that's accumulated in our trigger point were in talk later about that she is actually how to release a trigger point and will go a little bit more here we can do a thing called the fifth twelfth and in your book you have a little routine it should be the next page and say lower back routine what this means anthrax I disturb corner turn on my fast I just mean an interest in CNN and you can just do that now I get my working hard as so many husbands and wives are like my kind of my husband size twenty two minutes my thumbs are sore my hands are sore I just can't do anymore and then we can know what there's one we I think it's what your second or third lines were talks about putting your hand on the opposite side of the spine if you're able to do that and in this kind of pushing it away from the spine were working right along a director history muscles on each side of the spine that can be very tight so we disco like that and then we do the opposite side as well which are foreigners and have to do that this registering demonstration here then to work on the Mac what I can do is I want to make sure that her neck is nicely visible achievement in a chair like that are sitting like that you immediately get the Internet right so you want to make sure that their head is forward enough that you have free range of the net so even for her comprehensive forward just a little bit more than it down just a little some a little more free reign here in the next and I'm just taking my fingers and taking the scan in moving the scan see that removing the skin you're not running across it we only give any Indian burns right wingers want nice and gently and using a lot of pressure now need to use a lot of pressure now know were dealing with her next year so it would be nice and gentle and always good to have both your hands on even if it's only one hand that's working right now one can wonder where that other handers are what's coming so it is nice in January on this kind of scooping out like this and I worked my way out right to what we call the occipital ridge if you feel along there's called here feel the rinse everybody feel your little ridge the DA gears call here that's a great place to work if you have headaches so what I'm thinking now I'm in a go around stand in front of the table are in front of the chair and placed as the pads in my fingers right along that ridge and then I can pull back a little bit into a tiny little circle now move up in how the houses feel Susan me to think you are okay now usually ten to fifteen minutes on a chair can actually help to arouse a person 's cognition it makes you more alert if you go beyond the fifteen minutes the sympathetic nervous system takes over and you go more into a sedative stage seventy one again on the size is some understand her naked short enjoy a really common down given the longer massage and you notice Honda slowly moving out to the side and if you notice the ears year we never want to go behind the year and other contraindication if you feel here can be very kinder we don't go there you see here where we're kind of goes up like that we display right here before the ninety degree angle right we only go that far so that were not in a damage and even nerves and now anything you can work your way back yet space is there the what type they are but the gentle sun can be very very tender they are especially as they have frequent headaches and again you see on this leaning back a little then from there we go and tell okay if I work on your scalp to all that than this it is a outline therefore bang just to get your scalp massage and all on gang is on this taking my fingers around dragging them like this on a scale if you stick your fingers right in there you can amass their hair all up and that could really mess her hair up if I wanted to but we only do that and what really feels good is all up and around the year in this whole temple area here if you criticize this whole area here people are just like melt underneath you underneath your fingers and a lot of attention is carried in the temporal area even when you chew your food these are temporality awful feeling into your gum can you feel it and a lot of people kinds thirteenth at night songwriter clenching and grinding he imagine they wonder why they have headaches right is a lot of that goes with headaches as well citizen eyes relaxation expert hair and will come down to work on than just a little bit as you work your way back down again do a little better cat walked again anyway do a little bit health net and he got never had that done MaryLou 's hand and at first it might feel little uncoordinated they just keep doing it some of Frank's napping with the towel we want to keep it loose we don't want to bang on their back right so we do student and say she's just gotten over a cold there South Bronx Hyannis or content scanning what you can do so with the same most than always using arrests are then your hands like that you see that's how they're come in you see it are in their and it can help to relieve some of the congestion in the lock so we have undo that eventually try to get any breathing cock after we've done that for people working just as we never want to work on this line or bang on we stay away from the smiley torque writing and real it feels great this is the one place I'll use my sons right in this area between the spine and the scapula the smaller area on both sides and a lot of people are tight here an ally trigger points you'll see later on we talk about that my son may spend a little bit of time doing that I write a long respondent the spine is right in between I don't work on get so any questions that once we done this to help manage whether we do it bang if you got big guys you can use your fifth real life though it's always role light in fact and Emily and Lewis and my nerves stroke just nine needs the barely touching the screen dragging your fingers you know what a chairman size is limited it's not can be like a whole full body massage but yes you are still than get those benefits increased serotonin levels opening even just a chairman size can do a lot for a person to comment down help them feel good increases circulation absolutely quite to the extent of the full body this is very helpful I any other questions are you guys ready when I would like for you to do is they looks a little scratch maybe we can pull the chair is a part allowed that you want your chair to be trying to the slide so that people can get to your back like this if you turn your cherries aside and leaned over like this then they can get to their back if you don't do somebody in the way that he can turn your chair to the side and a partner that you are new and you and you and you need him now his media was used by the maneuvers will begin JPL summoned you would like to learn more about the new Navy some of the please visit www. in a need help someone .com will it was more green online is www. maneuvers on board


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