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Hands-on Approach to Pain Management, Part 3

Carola Janiak


Carola Janiak

Founder and Director, Hands-on Medical Massage School



  • January 31, 2012
    2:00 PM
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I felt welcomed back again this afternoon and I will share something with you to help wake you up since I think I started nodding off and then get right away try to stay away for just a few minutes there were many does give you an overview and hydrotherapy because hydrotherapy is so much a part therapy is well with my therapy courses and we always include behind the therapy because in such a time John and such in a great relationship with massage therapy when I worked with Doctor Thomases we would usually give them about a half an hour twenty minute half-hour miss of hydrotherapy before we incorporated hanging the size therapy so we were reducing hot and cold tree and now it really can't down the muscles and we could get in their work saw much more effectively so the combination of hydrotherapy massage therapy is a wonderful thing it's kind of like the gospel and medical ministry they should never be separated as they help each other out and talk about that too how one minute medical ministry is the right hands of the gospel so I want to share with you one of my favorite quotes again she means there would hold on all that strange Christ method I don't know why it did that check mother slides here families are right but no idea why did that I checked him earlier today but anyways we can still read it Christ naturalized could I want you guys to really get this into your head because this really is such a big part of medical ministry the Savior mingled with man is one who desired their good right he showed them his sympathy for them ministered to their needs by preventative and won their confidence back in the day than all on me yes so I want to become very scenario is that because it is really the basis of medical missionary work of divine origin through medical missionary work is of heaven the origin and medical missionary work is of divine origin and had a most glorious mission to fulfill I like that does not commission at the Gloria mission to fulfill if you look in the back to your packet there's a whole list of almost three pages of quotes on medical ministries of some of those quotes so be there in this presentation I don't have all the front part of it in your notes but the back part of it on the Internet so I'll let you know when that starts if you see the hydrotherapy work starts at the dilation and nine the constriction and then again we know that during his ministry Jesus devoted more time to healing the sick mentor preaching and also I do relieve the suffering of the body you will find ways for ministering to the one in a one time I had when I was at Doctor Thomas is my spiritual life was maybe a little rocky at times and I remember even when I went to we march I just wanted to learn the techniques and all I really want to have anything to do with the spiritual can remember having some type of bronchitis and somebody giving me a hot founding patient while fermentation is a lot of work you know you put that you have to have yours keep the air for the sea and then you put the phone limitations on the back and on the front and you have the ice and everything so one of the ladies at work they are volunteered relaxing the secretary business manager and volunteered to give me a hydrotherapy treatment now is like well okay all right you know so he or she had me down with these heavy packs all over me what where would like to go right down to be fulfilled and she shares her testimony with me she told me the story of how she found the Lord and how the Lord brought her into medical ministry and to me that was just the most meaningful to hang you know that she didn't awful lot of Scripture she didn't try to bombard me with the three angels message and all those kind of things although those are wonderful thing when she shared her testimony with me and you know what we can share that with anybody even to hear a Bible verse of something positive is something that gives is not just a wonderful thing so we get to spend time with people only get the size when we put them under all those packs of hydrotherapy and things like that we get to share Christ with them in our own story is so powerful to chair it says you can point to the uplifted Savior Intel of the love of the great physician who alone has power to restore because you got a remember a lot of people may come to you as their last hope infants and doctors all over they've been in had treatments all over the place and you think well I don't have this big education and might be able to help these people but you know what we haven't had right we have the great physician that we can now a neck and communicate through us I can see in the Lord 's promise is that the medical missionary work is to be a great entering red wagons where the disease soul may be reached this is counsel my health page five thirty five if answering lives and the mayor so many souls out there that need to be reached and then add every member of the church we have contract time when every member of the church should take hold of the medical missionary work you believe that night testimonies volume seven page sixty two and I love this story and that the good Samaritan assuredly I say to you as much as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren you have done it unto me in and we ask God for so many things and sometimes I feel like I was having given the prayers and how I got him science I don't mean ask for sunny things you know you can do something for you to do something for you so this is a really neat opportunity that we can actually give back to God and sages on winters for use only somebody is thinking willing Alaska nine and a sound body that I can have genetically missionary work with today and he well he never never fails natural remedies see the pill had their it says let's pray for the sick ministering to their necessities not with drawings but with natures remedies and teaching them how to regain health and avoid disease that said testimony volume nine page one seventy two and then are our last slide here on Nass words of encouragement he will make the week strong because they trust in him to do for them that which they cannot do for themselves within that mean that you are you and Doctor are you a nurse I don't think for a minute or not absolutely absolutely but God makes him for our lack of knowledge is something he makes up for it says God will accept the wholehearted service and will himself make out the differences and I love that because there's no way we know everything about the body even physicians and nurses they don't know everything about the body but as you keep studying and you keep praying and stay connected with God he will make up the difference for our insufficiencies and that's on a ministry of healing page one fifty so I love that it in there is a place and ministry again talks about Angels and Angels will come and help us now because they know we're wholeheartedly trying to help people so that's a little bit about the history history of hydrotherapy very fascinating Hippocrates way back in four sixty BC kinsmen of power to create a fever and I shall cure any disease he made that way back then this is a lot of what we do in hydrotherapy have you heard of fever treatment right they put them in a Taliban heat them up to about a hundred and thirty hundred and three tenths of a client gets to a hundred and three degrees and keeps it there for about twenty minutes or so many wonderful treatments for cancer and all kinds of different things there is a guy William Winter M.D. he was a Czech Austrian Jewish physician and I like Leon father of hydrotherapy he was an influential neurologist and hydrotherapy commonly characterized as the father of I have had hydrotherapy it truly has assigned because it is drawing people in hot and called in and got into the trap you got it now how long should be hot how long should it be cold water different things it truly is a science and they used it way back in the Mrs. eighteen thirty five nineteen seventeen when on Mister wits with her next that their doctor winter naps and he looked in the old old box you'll see studies that he did actual scientific most of the studies that we find our back in the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds and now they're just starting to do studies on it again we're hoping that Loma Linda University well will get on board they've talked about getting some studies with our therapist on the ammonia and hot foundation helping elderly people to get over pneumonia using confrontations and that's coming from one of the main physicians and neon immunology department or whatever so initially has instant presidents is an Austrian farmer who treated himself first serious accident and get a car that rolled over and he was injured all over the city know what you're never going to be normal again and he said well he had picked up a brochure some run a street that talk about cold water chores and so he started just wrapping himself with these literally put cold water and a cloth and wrapped his needs his elbows up rap of different parts and even getting in the cold water but cold was his big saying because called actually will make you strong I remember one time a physician down and Doctor Cox down in Mexico how to place in Hancock these people they are in Mexico to give hot and cold treatments but they would only do the hot part because they were trained I bought from little online that if you called your kind of sick for they were allowed into the hot are the treatment that they would never get a cold part in that so important for reaction incisively you please come down and have a class for them and teach them the importance of including the calls I learned a lot about the called and how it is so important for reaction and it does make you strong I remember Doctor Thomas talking about a lady who had an lady and her husband came out and say what we do now we I want to get better from this end face is what we're dealing them I think she was acting like close to Lake Michigan her somewhere close to uphold late and it was in the wintertime and he says well take your wife and tosser in the lake every day and he is like one you know but he went home and he actually did that is why Doctor Thomas 's favorite stories I think that here all the time and the and she became well after while and when you're dealing with patients with MS you should never use heat to one important thing when you're doing hydrotherapy never use heat on with multiple sclerosis we can actually worsen their condition so-called treatments are great for them and us I hear he treated himself in first treated as neighbors in eighteen forty he ended up treating sixteen hundred patients from all over the world farmer saying some of the patients and found an inquiry when he became so well-known all over the world for use in the cold water in a healthy diet was because he could do that people in your neighborhood find out and sending everybody I'm pretty sad those who you have contributed even the doctors ask questions and bangs so he published the cold water cure back in eighteen forty three and is in your Sebastian in eighteen twenty seven eighteen ninety seven it was a Bavarian three actually who cured himself of PB TV was a very has pretty much a death sentence back in those days so yet he cured himself using hydrotherapy in a treated royalty and simple peasants alike as they lay healer again not a physician the priest and if you never heard five Doctor Jackson he wrote outstanding results of hydrotherapy by our pioneers and he had a place in Danville New York and this is where Ellen White actually learned about hydrotherapy and had recently gone while not recently here but she had read some things and it helped her two two daughters could save their lives I don't remember exactly what disease they had color are something like that but anyway she gave the treatments that Jackson had given her to give them in her two children survived in and also later on she took James White there for treatment so he was one of the big physicians who had a center it never really did hydrotherapy and help to cure people they are and of course you guys probably know this guy here Doctor John Harvey Kellogg community link at a video he was just a little man I was reading our was listening to a sermon recently and someone said he was five foot eight and from there since I talked to her normal Leninists on the older nurses still remember her doctor catalog and I used to have them come out in a pocket Doctor Thomas 's hydrotherapy classes and she said he would always be on display always wearing a white suit exam on his bicycle and dryer in our rotting fire Howell said it was the yet he was quite understand he traveled all over the world he was five years ahead of the medical profession that's huge and when he was asked that by reporter one time he said it's because I follow the writing of Ellen White so in the direction that she gives me so he was the director of Battle Creek sanitarium of course there were two level remember one burn down and then another one was presented and he had a few if you go to the ABC they have a book called Kellogg very interesting book of his life and he had he adopted I think thirty five forty kids something like that I think this amazing thing that this guy did he was into inner-city work he went to Chicago he helped that the alcoholics and things like that was one of his favorite things sometimes to hang out with them is what this guy was saying a historian and nontoxic sanitary and twelve hundred bed hospital that's huge that's huge in Hanover two thousand people working for him so all the people who work in the kitchen and remember I've pictures when we went in there when we visited Battle Creek being chandeliers that came from like Portugal or whatever special blood and glass huge huge cafeteria I mean you think of it being packed with people on eating healthy foods and things and is Sandra Salas from all over the world president William Taft Henry Ford JCPenney Eleanor Roosevelt and Mary Erhardt and they took a lot of charity cases so he was very generous that why not just catering to people who could afford so this is a first one that was built and then this is the one that's actually still standing while the Welby but these are kinder big hydrotherapy of takes a lot of plumbing but I would say it's quite doable in the size and hydrotherapy and intensity on the one the government actually exist now they store a lot of error governmental papers and things in here but you can go when they have a little catalog display by the sanitarium display and sound we are fortunate enough to have some a that the more the history that took us around places but it was beautiful they had gold stair steps all marble flooring made by me in of course war or not to be overly ornate but you can see why Alan White said you know it should be simpler and you know what when you see how ornate and everything and it's like wow now administered the back of it it had like three or four different borders big ones coming off of it like that so the place is really huge in these beautiful columns you could just walk through the columns and all around the grounds is beautiful green grass trees it was gorgeous I could see why people came there and then another role advocating hydrotherapy was George Knapp combats he was a physician and also believed hydrotherapy save many lives in nineteen eighteen flu dinners remember that I mean you weren't there but have you heard much about the nineteen eighteen flu by the Spanish will you know how many people that killed worldwide many many people see I have I may have taken that slide out but I think it was like twenty million or something that was a certain amount of people that remember reading I got from PBS one of those videos and it talked about they couldn't even make coffins fast enough for the people that were dying in as soon as you get the flu in the morning to get the symptoms you are often dead by the end of the day they were already tell tagging people as they were bringing him into the hospital knowing that if they were already coming in on a stretcher they were not can survive but I remember even talking to people at Loma Linda that they knew somebody like in the military and had given hydrotherapy to their troops because a lot of military people were getting all is well and they all survived and then somebody else said they had a clinic set up during hydrotherapy and as long as the people could walk in in Battle Creek included they would get these special hydrotherapy and I'm pretty sure was from my what I investigate much as I guide was the hot fermentations because of the respiratory thing as well so with the hot fermentations in a most everybody who walked in survived and got the therapy revived otherwise they had nothing the medical field had nothing for these people now we look at the swine flu right was entering a scary there for a while the H one and one you know that's not far from the Spanish flu and if you look at the molecular structure of that so many wish I knew when my physician neighbors news like it's not far from the Spanish flu what do you think we could one day have a flu that would be that when we now have mercy versa all those things that they don't have people are dying of infections because we don't have medication to combat that you know so do you think you need to learn how to therapy hydrotherapy is an amazing thing to keep our immune system 's up and have people are sick Pentagon tarpaulins are we go to their homes and give them treat man's to get them while because we don't know what the future holds we just now this world is getting crazier practically by the minute right and I recently found out not only did I have it write a book for nurse says he also wrote one for physicians and on any used to teach at the college of health evangelism of course which is now known as Loma Linda University saws really thrilled to get that it cannot just pick that up at Amazon I aren't ordered it on Amazon flight through it it's like I hear things and eyes at the checkout I and evidence -based study in nineteen fifty nine review of studies on the effects of heat treatment Mayo Clinic doctor researcher Doctor Joachim and his colleague site findings indicating that the number of white blood cells in the blood increase by an average of fifty eight percent during an artificially induced fever that significant increase by fifty eight percent almost sixty percent increase in white blood cells that we don't know if there actually producing nose white blood cells in the bone marrow where we produce them or if they're just all coming out to the rescue I think the troops are all just coming out so researchers have also found increases in the activity of white blood cells during Hindu Sievers so other researchers as well so we know that hydrotherapy is very important for our immune system and when you do a treatment that remember Doctor Thomas citing a similar article saying yes it goes up about sixty percent they can even go up to two hundred percent once the treatment is vanished and you rest we should always dress for a half an hour after an intense hydrotherapy treatment in a faith Danny goes up even higher solid land the same research I'm because I went to be that hard to check blood counts and hear some of our newest research is great for detoxifying number you detoxify we talked about yesterday simple hydrotherapy treatment if you work out row harder you have any type of deep tissue or size you can take a absence all that yes I saw that wonderful for that honey cups of that since all in a you guys are good okay I'm definitely passed around as gritty stuff real right pain management cancer the doing a lot of things that even Valley now with sound fever treatments and cancer and it's amazing the results of their getting arthritis stress and muscle tension increasing body metabolism and elimination of toxins and of course increasing blood circulation the goal of hydrotherapy remember were only as healthy as our circulation right the goal of therapy is to improve the circulation in the quality of life this is important because blood delivers nutrients and removes waste right so we need all the nutrition at the blanking gap fox again another nutrients and we need to take away the waste now have you ever heard of peripheral pomp what is peripheral mean time away from the core of our bodies right we are here that tops night and its pond bank and it pumps the blood out to our arms or legs all of that so how do we bring them like that because these tiny little vessels capillaries and in fact through our veins right but her veins don't have a okay pop like a heart behind it right I can slice and artery and how the blank iceberg she write in a disparate right out of there everybody of my heart now if I cut just insane it's kind is described it is no big force behind it but you know what you can create your own peripheral pond are your little heart down and see simply by doing hot and cold water treatment that's why people pain in the legs be it from preferable vascular disease diabetes or rockets the hanging type of on ischemic pain act enough circulation cotton clothes some thought he needed the pocket some hot hot water some cold water anybody can do it and you can actually create your and is take a look at this with the heat it dilates right our vessels dilate with the cold they constrict so if you're going back and forth quite a bad teenager normal vassal there survive is a dilation your vasoconstriction with the call and you can actually create his palm and it will start the pond that's why I've seen people that we mark a man with blue feet almost no feeling in her feet and Amory day we would just simply do hot and cold always longer in the hot and always short in the cold short may be ten to twenty second hot maybe twenty to thirty seconds and you go back and forth like best it creates its own path you see that that make sense so very very beneficial but also very simple night why is one her apartment most of dinosaurs easy to get lost anywhere can retain heat and cold better than any other elements it is better than anything else in the world it's a natural substance it's not Fox's people are not a large deck water right it's inexpensive easy to apply it comes in three forms writes Saleh in which is ice right now I love solid I easily quit as water and vapor is being and you know you can burn your self-esteem right-thinking it very very hot in here 's an temperature resisting that you might get up to a hundred usually a hundred to hundred and ten hundred and twenty very hot and ten percent humidity then you have your hot flick that with the diabetic you want to keep it closer to a hundred and it's up to a hundred and four you could even get hotter but a hundred and four years in the temperature of the kitchen easy by Ynez that a hot tub downstairs we seen out of our hotel room and time in a higher first two days or at another place and in every evening or during our hot and cold jump in the hot Time Warner Road that meant there and jump in the cold for you now let around in fact sound because it does make you strong keep your immune system not great and in the wintertime and in the sauna that the dishonest with the dry heat forty to sixty degrees we just got a new infrared sauna or where making a little hydrotherapy suite and so that's thing it gets up to usually a hundred and fifty they say for thirty minute to sit there and they say very good for detoxifying and lots of other things and Italy have paraffin bath which we do have whining you guys any get to try out and see the temperature of that Hyder five degrees two hundred and thirty one spoiling and water and then Jessica and I even now as Fahrenheit holiday he witnessed paroxysm ten twenty five to about a hundred and thirty maybe thirty four and you get your hands that will show you how to use that it's a lot of it it's so simple and we just bought one of bed Bath and beyond for what thirty nine dollars we can have her five dollar coupon otherwise noted and thirty five dollars and I know Walmart had them for like twenty nine dollars and in finding a year arthritis not for arthritis any type the injuries are pain in the hands wary when a soft petition before you work on this if you have a lot of scar tissue Leon get feed and you can put feed and you can even take a paint brush and painted on their paper wax fine needed up and covered up so will sell you how to do that surprise when you're later days that you'll actually get the police put a hand and feel film it will get half the class one day and half the class the other you get to experience it but it's wonderful wonderful for arthritis now I have a homework assignment for you in their dance hall homework assignment hot and cold showers how many of you have showers very are staying right if you don't use the husband to gave the thing they did Tuesday in the pool right high called is one of the best thing since you can do for yourself even have bring morning I almost take one every morning dependence on Russia I might at least one time on the South South high they almost can't stand it so I'm here showering and shampooing and all of that you know keep increasing the hot naked nice and hot he almost can't stand it that's the trick otherwise it'll sock you cannot say get real hot in name you put it to his cold as you can take it now you might need to start out with cool it again when we want to work enough to get as cold as you can because remember the cold makes you strong right the cold will make you strong so you just keep keep going as sent to the college you can and if you think you have a cold coming honor lot of people around her sick you may want to do it at least two to three times they come home from working at a meeting in your presenting or something like that now onto so be out video taken hot and cold shower don't grab a Coke or coffee or anything like that hot and cold shower works sold much better and it's all much healthier without the side effects don't do it right before you go to bed okay do it in the morning or somewhere where you're okay to be hyped up so with your homework assignments okay so if you do it just one time in the back thing if you have time in the morning to three times back and forth hotties you can take it that is called intending to jump around me now move your arms and end of you know that that it really helps believing me I still do that and they go back and forth three times and we always end with the cold sea and with the call in at the end put your feet under in the last part that drops out so that your skin becomes nice in red make sure it's all over your body and your key into the night and read and then you take your towel to dry in the dry very vigorously anything that increases air circulation now I'm back and it increases your search engine and you will probably feel in a whack away tell you tell me tomorrow how you feel after you might be a little itchy in accuracy don't get scared like a little itchy year makes her different parts of your body and that's okay for thirty seconds called outright twenty to thirty second yeah and if you have around an attempt to match the people to learn and start to wonder I have read the arms are broken down into loud images quickly bring it back up to the heat again if you start feeling faint when we hear getting really hot they get cold quickly don't pass out I remember learning to give me that we want to have one of those big showers with the sixteen had met and had another kind of power pros said that your hosing down when in the lady who is teaching a passed out I even get to the patient even get to the cold yet they okay yeah so anyway he passed out right in front man like she might sure what they just be careful that you don't pass out right to make sure that you end with the cold and vigorously dry off okay now maybe Bernie do that tonight or tomorrow is due in the morning rally I see everybody's hands you do that okay and asked tomorrow when I organize find out how you doubt if you do it three times you must rest for about twenty minutes after saying slander bed and raster in Outlook at your computer your friends or whatever but rest now that and try necessary and see how I feel that the fracas be nice and now I think in thinking that change in skin color is the same when you're high you have like a deeper red when you do the call it turns brighter and I have darker skin in a target cell but you can tell by the feeling and you have a little bit of skin change so so go for it now be excited to hear about tomorrow okay I get therapy treatment time called fermentation salt glows all my average rent to teach all these but if you're in the morning class you're probably learning at otherwise there are books to show you how to do that kind of the thrashers book Doctor Thomas 's book not brain science in now that's I were just giving you a few basic Searcy can go so closer great for menopause and depression I have people that come to my house and if they're a little bit down I say here put on my bathing suit amphibious assault glow and you know and give people forget that we do stuff like that for them so I just thought my bathtub with a little bitter water and then put down maybe like this somebody ankles and having to stand in Marion and I does take some salt in a bowl with a little tiny bit of water to make a case that's a ball just like one of those bowls and for that you scoop it out any kind of sandpaper them all over vigorously life-and-death to starting up the vanities of delay any weapon down a little bit and when you get the books of account you how to do all that and I think you all the rest of it can do there the round face because a lot of them want their face and it feels so soft afterwords in its national high cellular one brand natural high you're feeling down nearside really know some the added salt low salt low party invites Air France and you guys just thought I gather we will abide and be happy right so that's a wonderful way to pick people up how long does it take it now and net and a person is never going to forget that you can just use table salt this get that thirty three said Walmart salt Yum you can use some people he will use rock salt and send different salts but they think of you for that but even just using normal table salt is fine now don't shave your legs before asking contraindications if you shave your legs right before it might burn a little bad so if there's any sores inside that young so now but other than that it's a safe treatment and then are already in the shower they just rinse off with warm water that's all Vista so they get all the salt out of their off their bodies and it went body wraps all wonderful things for anxiety in in fevers and we talked a little bit about that yesterday contrast with that we talked about that just plain old hot and cold foot bath so there's lots and lots of different hydrotherapy treatments that you can get take a look at blood and hydrotherapy hydrotherapy is very cool because you can do what nobody else can do you can move water around in the body more powerfully with hydrotherapy than anything else right okay take a look at blood and hydrotherapy blood has nutrition box again carried by the red blood cells are right are single out now that and on there are certain kind of therapy treatment that can even increase red blood cells of the twenty thirty five percent very significant body defense says that we may have seventy nine thousand white blood cells in each drop of blood in you can bring it play what it needs fifty eight close to sixty percent when you rest sometimes even up to two hundred percent increase in white blood cells yes it says here almost two to three hundred percent event carries away talk said and waste products and that's all about blood now blind has to limitation not that God has created us with not enough blood do we have the money now splendidly a second how many quarts of blood yet it's usually about five to six quarts about five quarts of blood that we have in our bodies that circulate right so a lot of times there's not enough of it when UAE whereby your blood gal right side you have enough in your muscles to go right after you eat and work out and things like that now because it's busy helping with the digestion and all of that that's why your mind tells you don't go swimming after you've eaten with all the blood is right here need to get our hands and your muscles are not enough blood twenty five percent over five quarts of blood are constantly in the long so twenty five percent of that five quarts it is a quarter is always in our lungs and of course he always has some the labor and in the kidneys and things like that as well our other Oregon so here's the second limitation implied there is a tendency of blood can just our pool in different parts of the body when it pulls have you had what I sometimes do we have had dry bitterness and anger on your computer and not exercising on your blood and guts your brain is your brain does take a lot of energy and blood well done in the brain now if you have and how best you have blood that's always pulling an account as area what would looking women get a lot of crime answered and a line that is crystallized being congested all in one area right now we can go out and exercise and workout are our muscles and arms and legs and that helps the pool some blood away but we can also move my client what we call derivation its ability to move blood from one part of the body to another and find those old words back in hydrotherapy days derivation so if you have a headache and you put your feet in hot water it will pool the blood where right to your fee because the vessels will dilate and it will pull the blinds down at in that direction and that is a very important part about hydrotherapy when you're giving treatments think about what you want to do where anyone in the event blood into where anyone in the event that if we had a pain in area where people are having a lot of pain remember talk about the pain cycle a lot of times there's not enough circulation in that area because of the talks in the ischemia in the crushing of the vessels kind of thing that's not getting enough blood with one get lots of lights and area of pain and any problem area so when we do that same shoulder pain how might I get a lot of likely shouldering other seminar on in the muscles you can even I have a clock that one of these towels like a Kauai around ring and out put it in a microwave in a plastic bag heated up when and why not write on airplanes Alan between the battle heated up nicely wow maybe you're working on their fear another part of their body word lead on here for a few minutes before you start working on it so starts to comment down so we want to be able to move blood around day here just the basic kind of therapy guidelines always keep your feet warm during a treatment right same thing if you have fear menstruating anything that bad that's going on in your having a lot of pain keep your feet warm because we were were counseled to have even circulation and if you have cold hands all the time her cold feet make sure you're keeping them warm right cover them up and keep them warm the lower the temperature of the shorter should be application very very very cold showing twenty five seconds no longer remember Doctor Thomas is why we were taking classes Doctor Thomas was called out he was actually teaching one of our classes for us and he was called down it was a cold bath day so we feel this big bathtub up up with cold water in and through ice to make it even colder I made it nice and cold Faye got called away on a phone call Silverlight C who instigated it heading into there so we had a guy Bobby he always volunteered so Bobby Krog crawls in and were likely to see how long can you stay in the goal but he was in for about a minute or so the lifesaver a newsletter turning blue and Doctor Thomases came back then dear Marilyn there are few and all of that that we did that because really if in the call like that should only be a few seconds better in the cold middle still have a good strengthening of fact we don't want to turn blue and get hypothermia things that so anyways now we we were existing so as to progressively react to the coldest applications so when you're doing your showers low colder little hotter avoid any heat treatments for patients with multiple sclerosis right now he for patients with multiple sclerosis applications should be preceded by a warm or hot treatment such as a hotfoot that demand anything cold make sure their warm first it just happens to be part of the disease process it it grows more with the heat if you know anybody that has en masse they tend to have their house cooler and they like the cold they do better in the coal bin in the heat I've seen an MS patient one time going to favor treatment since he came back way way worse and whenever health centers and I felt really really bad in it when I started studying this on like no wonder you now MS is one of the only wine is that particularly no heat so young and in this is yet twenty to fifty million people worldwide I should back to the slide out but I think I can't get the answers to show the importance of why we need to learn hydrotherapy because we may be helping a lot of people when nobody else can this is from Doctor Harvey Kellogg's thing that he had a like-minded magazines good health they are the Spanish influenza treatment twenty five cents copy back in the good old days so the medical mission that works be part of the work of every church and our land sadistic content Branyan back home again and to everyone who offers himself to the Lord for service withholding our aim is given power for the attainment of manager lists results right and I love the exit said God will give us abundantly above all that we can even imagine her thing right after I think of when I think of him as your list results for those God will do great things and I found a ministry of healing page one sixty so believe in God he will this media was used by maneuvers for the NEPA health summoned if you would like to learn more about the new baby comes on the please visit www. and need help some .com if you would like to listen more online was www. audio reverse it on board


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