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Hands-on Approach to Pain Management, Part 6

Tania Frederick


Tania Frederick

Instructor and Student/ Instructor Coordinator, Hands-on Medical Massage School



  • February 3, 2012
    2:00 PM
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and while this has been recommended as they are in a Hall of Fame part of hallway to the one I follow Christ example that Rick has a medical ministry every poly- dishonorably when I look at what he did was when he was here on earth and I think Carola mentioned it how Jesus think very little time preaching and a lot of time healing we only have one serving similar amounts that's only half as whole time and one of the people that I work with at the school my name is thy cruelty she shared something with me that this really resonated and she's indicated that they would preach think about it as take the key away and P stands for personally you want to personally reach people and that's when people will be receptive and open what you think to share information with them and something that crawl away shares with the student is that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care enough bank the size is a way that we can let people know that we really care about them instead of just tying them I'll pray for you I hope you feel better we want to actually do something to try to help them and I know we shared a lot of techniques and we shared a lot of Avon 's Springs with you in this workshop that make people intimidating for some of you on some of you have been kind of working with things already said not so scary that even if you can't remember what's stretched area and was height area even if he just goes to the stretched area even if you work on someone's shoulders when their type I'm just that you can give someone instant relief from back pain you may not be here taking with the cause and there will separately be talking about but even if they just have someone pray with them and just give them a little bit of your time and attention it can mean so much someone who is struggling with pain constant pain is getting up there all alone and hopeless no one cares just a simple touch in a prayer can be so so powerful and so we just reach out to people more think it comes down to actually carry about other and sometimes we don't even have that naturally everyone some people you meet and you just want to get to know them the space is something about the track we want to be their friend I have people not only sometimes you come from different backgrounds sometimes they don't always get along with everyone that we meet back what's amazing is that even if you don't have that natural chemistry with somebody if we win we pray God will give us that love in our hearts enough found that often start carrying the most of those that naturally it may not have had that natural feeling for a first as a play and got sold out hearts with his love just as beneficial to us to have that experience is actually much more beneficial to us to have that experience of that change in her heart that God created such the most important thing is to have the highest runs form and to care about others and want to reach and want to help and when people feel that from us they feel that we care about them then their hearts and minds of the open and God will be able to work it was to do things that we wouldn't even imagine a room elections to massage a lot of you may have heard it there's a lot of spiritualism mixed in with massaging can make the size of the scary sometimes because of all the software 's energy and all the things of people doing massage and simply cut massage it's a spiritual thing that found that it is very spiritual aspect to massage and so what we wanted to us Christians and that's why we pray before we work on someone because we want five two comments hatch that person 's life we want back part to be want into the exposed eyes and make the difference between the new wage teaching and Christian form of massage will be praying us got to blame it in the New Age philosophy people actually start to believe that they are healers they believe often act hot seat imagine ceiling as they work on the body and they believe that they are energy from their bodies actually creating feeling the person they work on and what this does to get people a sense of power and importance and they feel that you often get massage therapist that can become very conceited and feel that they are able to affect healing is so special that have been feeling these this talent the feeling of hearing these healing hand and arm I do believe that God is given a school talent and that is very talented and left deep massage that but we wanted to it's different if you wanted awesome God to work through lesson had him work it was because strip prophecy tells us that even if we don't have all the knowledge Bank Angels will work it what we do and they got to heal people far beyond the natural remedy that were even doing and sell him let's remember that Jesus on earth he had a full divine capability to be able to heal the wound in his own power he could do it that every time he healed somewhat he prayed any awesome thoughts do it so he didn't do anything not one thing that we cannot do and so that's what we want to debate any time that we want to work with someone and not offguard to play I know that as a therapist of my personal secret is often got to work through me so that if someone if you do have a wonderful result we can truly say praise be to God he would always get the price to God and not take it to ourselves because we we can't handle that kind of thing and it's not good for us for her killing and we don't want people to look at us and weight people to Christ and Ms. Christ in everything we do them I really want to encourage you not to be intimidated even if you don't feel up to eleven one fonts techniques that we did in the cloths and don't be afraid to reach out and touch someone even just do some gentle soothing treatments think about what Linda shared the first day with a shingling justice to ALJ and soul soothing treatment that is very very simple and easy to do you will be amazed at the results of just giving support and caring people is a large emotional components of pain as well it's amazing how people of faith believe that they're being taken care of they feel better even if you haven't had the treatment it's amazing how that works they did a study on status and cut a lot of accuracy the study strike the people come and bring medication and bring a sugar pill with it even then studies on placebos where you have to perceive as being given one being given by friendly Nazis telling the person this medicine these reviews to help you add an and the nurse suggests give the medicine elite and I find that the people given by the caring family nurse those people do so much better than the Ciba-Geigy by the meaner the attitude and the mind is so powerful remember that ninety percent of disease threats in the mind tells us this effect to thought especially prior to this knowing that you know how many people came to Jesus and a real problem was killed because of sin such as knowing that God cares for us and leftists want to pray we don't always know what was going through what's on their mind with burdens that under just the cumulative print can be sent so that start with pray before we go any doing investigators caution I pray that your spiritual be here paid that you will forgive us in the lessons that you come into our hearts and Celeste with compassion sounds like a quicker view on what we did yesterday because of back pain sciatica pain which was started with he talked about checking to see it hits our event and all you have to do is find the tops of the headphones and then it's a fun if there even then we worked on muscles on underneath the low hit and it makes you want to work underneath the low hit the sea with pulling it down and out we worked on PFL at little muscle and the fronts goodies and gluteus medias although I have found to foul really is often the muscle that is involved on and it often as they need they reject the hips and he should see that they even if you loosen up was pulling them down so then we went to work on the on the muscles above the high hits and remember that gets height because the hips aren't even they get type because you're not stacked in a tightening up to straighten you out so even though these are the ones that course the pain most of the time Hillary I want to help out even the hits out as well so we talked about how so as long as attachments along the spine and causes a lot of pain and Dan we showed you got the technique to sell at and I just wanted to mention he had a lot of other type muscles around so as I think religious standing in trying to push in it it's important to be relaxed in this area before your body will make chewing so I do have annual roster is to send around and is checked your name make sure that everything is correct sign your is for the certificates so I just want to reiterate again hide Portman is that nothing should be painful for uncomfortable so if you're working on something on somebody and you see them Wednesday and fielded by tightening up that's a sign that something etc. but too much pressure or may be especially so as sometimes living Texas being that we need to go and I very slowly so that wardens have time to a better way of thinking so that we did a real simple sub last stretch and I find if someone has a tendency to have as tight so as doing the stretch every day might be a really good thing to do sufficiently been sitting for long period of time that muscles shortened if it shortly for a long time and just a short and then we had better really neat little exercise is safe for people with bad knees leave contracting opposite muscle which is gluteus maximus and that forces so as to relax so the next muscle involved with a high hand is a muscle called punctuated unborn is a really small muscle it's quite shaped rectangular really small hitchhiker muscle and you can see that it attaches on the twelfth rebel to floating red top also has attachment fine all along and then onto the iliac crest here this muscle the best way to reach it had little picture here term is not necessary to pull someone's underwear down some not sure why they doing in this picture that just look at him if you go in straight up the side this is to the point for a bleak that what they assemble armies wage that city to the Jahan on your side right in the middle Rhine beside they go back about an inch back from the midline about one inch in pushing straight to the spine nice and slow growing slowly you should feel is a really strong band of muscle right here and it will if you kind of found hillside banjo fiddle intensify as you stretch it and giggle softer as you come closer that's how you know that you on the correct muscle quite greatest longform is often also involved is low back pain is very important low back pain muscle and often does someone like Q output greatest conformal off on only to say that she well tried before long make they will kind of do this action often was the first rise in a growing line often because they're feeling in my back is a little bit there's the I made attachments pulling on the attachments now feel the pain along the twelve red or the iliac crests unethically are easy signs of the families I add on the high hip it's going to be sufficiently tight because of the hit for high beautiful area shortens so use in the battle something to help this balance somebody out again in a so really simple side stretch and how you stretched you a little stand up and see the stretch that your hand on your head and stretched to the side yes I can feel it while and if you ask actively banged to the sides year shortening the opposite side enclosing it to relax even more than anyone find it built fighter going one way more than the other was a pretty equal for equal if someone will off on their hips often one side is going to be tighter that can be tied on both sides of the past muscles are always involved with even hit and the reason for this is the fact that when hit soccer and even they are not just high and low like this they actually twists so no hidden only to us back in the high hip noninterest twists forward so you have more than just a high load thing happening is actually the hey Senator they would iliac crest so normally you see the X you have on the one side internal obliques will be tied on either side external links will be tighter I don't like that which side is which just know that on both sides you want to work the oblique as well and makes a really easy to work but we did earlier taking our hands take it strange the side of the field but uptight and then stick some deep breath season starts to ease up a little bit this is a great trigger points probably have both internal and external oblique crossing over each other I hear five off him I'm feeling a bit better already something else he can do besides just trigger points to raising the side he can hold on in school we can't hide here in about you guys nice squeeze anyone feeling tenderness there now one thing that I have found is often people will be told that have lower back pain may need to strengthen the core so they'll start to really work the abdominal muscles but what I have found is often cited abdominal muscles are clogged and not healthy was will pool in the from and out for the low back could be stretched to become very painful efficient SI joint off when people have pain way back down in that case I'd join you think again currently feel stretch pain that that is what's pulling on the SI joint to stretch it and make it so painful and often massage therapist will do that join really worth it but they really just listen and enjoy nobody wants your feel the stretch sent us feel better but they are not taking care of what causing the offense sienna abdominals have a lot to do with that besides like paying the back that this uneven hips of weeks always involved with that so someone was scoliosis anyone who has uneven hits you really want to work the obliques they very very important so very easy just pinching and squeezing the whole side here you get on the one side to getting an external SID getting internal of weeks ago but more so once again this does take a little bit of fun patients to loosen up on someone that may be fairly simple techniques but that should appoint on the side can kind of feel with your fingers when you do it yourself you can fill a tenderness product probably before you feel that the firm that tightness under your fingers but just as you pushing gently the field existence where I just make sure you do this gently can be pretty and came and often when the next left cells and it would be to someone else to take it easy on yourself and have one thing in every time we try to work on a muscle we want to go to jail someone was sharing this with me Nicklaus who want to go gently but purposefully they want know what muscle where trying to work on it we want to go with purpose we don't want to be just kind of feeling around when it got gently but purposefully and this really is a principle that applies in so many other areas of life as well not just the sauce one J until by purposeful in the way that we work a so strengthening our hats were running low back pain and stop sciatic pain by taking the pressure off the middle picture here on the sciatic nerve and you can see that inflames sciatic nerve no one saw the one normally people feeling on one side only although I have worked for people with double sciatic pain as well as something interesting is that ninety eight percent of sciatic pain is caused by the nerve is compressed at the lumbar spine here's like exits the spine this is where most of the time the compression actually takes place and as a massage therapist I was always trained that this is think will perform the syndrome I mean some people came to fifty percent of people the sciatic nerve actually goes through through the reformist Muslims is right around here somewhere and in some cases performance muscle can press on the northern core sciatic pain that this is not the usual course of sciatic pain member ninety eight percent positive studies tell us ninety percent of Taipei was not a nerve decompression at the lumbar spine was actually coming out of the lumbar vertebra so keeping that in mind I hate will be on the high side this is very uneven hips so we can just see what it looks like a tiny seed at the vertebra and pulled me close together that way the nurse comes out and getting paid to write where the nerves exit the spine so it's a member at its height the assembly is needed on this non- hurting side Norman is no side will not be hurting if someone has sciatic pain normally on the high side of the hip where that learn it again and only feel the pain fear but when we want to work on the side that that's making an uneven style is also as an internal obliques of the tightest on the high side on burning them and all these muscle gets shortened up you can see very easy to just look and even hit the can see how to open a short and they are according a lot of low back pain and nerve compression so sometimes people have a uneven hips images have low back pain and heavy sciatic pain because a feeling that that was probably on the Q well pulling at the attachments but sometimes they could have side pain if the nerve is being pinched as if the other muscles to that can be involved with I'm even hit often abductors these are the muscles on the Internet by and get tai chi when hips aren't even so just keep that in mind that sometimes people worked everything and someone still having pain because it's still some tightness to think about the hit and we may always realize it we think of the hips is not upheld this is being solid at the pal list consists of three different but behest rebounds to iliac crests and the sacrum and you have three joints is not a solid thing so when Linda Albus even our muscles gets height tweaks the whole area inside the polling area came to get very height of the body wants to stabilize the joint as soon as something different type is getting twisted the body says we need to stabilize and so on the Muslims hold area will just I found to try to provide stability so often there's quite a bit of work that needs to be done to loosen up for air the house and how someone had that sciatic pain often loosening everything happening getting everything even just doing a gentle pull on the legs and also helps separate the vertebra so that that nerve has more space as its exiting the also remember drinking water that lumps up the spaces between the vertebrae the cushion between the vertebrae as well so drinking lots of water is good to the people have found sciatic pain and if you do trash in the latest machine up pulling with the arm strength voices leaned back with your whole body normally we wouldn't do it this way we as therapists only has one Linux table this was the best extract the final Internet without taking one myself okay now I often hear that the Bible should be the textbook for every course that we learn and when I learned this method and even hits I found that just about everyone was sciatic pain I could take care of it paying almost no time take care of their low back pain was so exciting to me and in one of my students on hunger they discovered that the Bible Proverbs twenty success is very fair length of the land are not people and found that the parabolic wrathful and the true if you have sciatic pain it gets to where it hard to even walk the bread low back pain is not there not able to be as mobile on cell phone I discovered that we discovered this great new theme is in the Bible God save them so long ago that uneven legs he defended e-mail is one fact make someone working for that was really neat and I really do believe that if we study the Bible for every subject is no limit to the knowledge that we can achieve side and sell side pain often straighten ahead and I have to tell you never have to do this that this time you are in my practice will always doing this recipe I gave you has taken care of the problem but it is so having sided pain it didn't help the possibility of the performance could be entrapping the nerve this is the muscle the performances right in the glitz and most of the time he just does this performance from the beginning you can actually aggravate the nerve to just because they feeling of bear and I mean that's where the problem is that outside to share that with you in case that will read it doesn't work you may want to work on the performance muscle and just thinking in very gently this is one area where sometimes you can have nerve pain if you work in the believed right there because the sciatic nerve does go right to that muscle and some people or underneath a most people so if you are working in the glitz deeply in the glitz and you feel the person feels increasing pain numbness tingling these assignments you on the number and seemingly get off that area at least is up to pressure get upset spot but at the fit again I haven't really have to work on the performance that he thinks this is how people work on the performance gently presents the muscle located in the love the glitz fest of all time and it just waits that softens and relaxes just like we've done all the other muscles that were loosening okay so what you dare someone has low back pain and their kids or even spend a lot of time on the uneven hips because so often when it is Somaliland do we know it below back getting stretched rights so if they hit even if one is not thinking along what muscles could be polling on this low back strain that will stretch it could be coming from several different places so often I find that the abdominals are what is causing low back pain is so important especially someone full time if they form their back with a tablet often as they follow everything heightened in the front and then it actually pulls the iliac crest I had one person and a better osteopathic health learned she was telling me she showed me her back and right back here the bone was actually sticking out a big novelist sticking out the back and she said I'm scared what is this any with the big knot in your back because it found her hip bones are being pulled for it so strongly this will porn was actually sticking out and saw worked on her abdominal and as I was working on her abdominal sheep and having low back painfully yours in shipping dying every week for massage wonderful massage therapist but no one ever walked to the front they kept working on the back she had pain and as I kept working on her term she started remembering things that I was working on abdominals appeared she was saying all I found the handlebars of my twenty euros ago was so painful she was remembering things that happened to her and she actually had something called emotional release where I'm sometimes people can even have an emotional reaction as you release the muscles they can want to hang up or VCRs she started crying on the table she was apologizing saying I know I'm crying and she was apologizing to me and I just know it's totally fine just need a safe place as you like the keyboard key only drawback to stop the old areas she she was loving the work is she just led out onto releasing this whole area the pain was behind her low back so excited to finally have some relief from the pain is often the don't think about the opposite side and we had some a contract church 's teachings hydrotherapy natural remedies and he was sharing with a church that often if you work on the area of pain it doesn't resolve itself put the hot fermentation on the opposite side of the body and he's been finding results with this treatment his name is Floyd Mayberry was sharing this with my church and I was so excited because I know why that's working it's always good to treat the opposite side as well also tied hamstrings someone has really high pensions actually works one came to me the back pain I did all the things I shared with you couldn't find what was causing his pain as I didn't know at that time that tight hamstrings can also pull down a think about that dollar bill that was being stretched different ways if these hamsters a type of bottom neck holding down the group also cool is that no back to become strangers stretched often if someone is typing the hamstrings they won't be able to raise their leg ninety degrees often if we can only go a little bit of the part of the way there have the full range of motion so what you think happens when someone like this is down in a chair because they have to be at ninety degrees to be in a chair for the Hanshin 's only go so far in the low back stretches the rest of the way and then no wonder off to someone sat for a while below back is killing and being stretched so powerfully citizens that they often that gets missed hamstrings pull down here people compensate by stretching the low back so we had a huge muscle in the back in this door saw this is the row is muscle pull your arms back down and bodybuilders put in the cobra that kind of comes with invalid this is what really not a very powerful musclemen back while he concealed with white stuff down here at the new residence is connective tissue that this particular connected if this Muslim it's really I is also pulling on the low back said something else to do that could be involved in low back pain so just in general low back pain he went think about what could be pulling on that area boys in the back to the strictest drain and on many someone's the more information someone tells you they can tell you what happened when they backed one out what action they were doing it can give you a clue as to which of these muscles may want to look at that much it just for the low back pain I paid a hope I just got to thinking about different things so often when comes to back pain people don't know what it is often people give up they just don't take the pain meds because nothing no treatment that they be given a successful even the massage sometimes people just working on the painful area they just think about getting massage in different parts of the bite it may be there would automatically think of without hearing about this that that's an excellent question am so glad the backyard that chiropractic is so powerful and wonderful he went careful going to massage therapists and chiropractors and doctors and every health professionals artists get good ones and occipital and that any time we entrust up by someone who willingly do some research and make sure they know can hurt you to see he had good feedback from people that they've help always good to do research before you is going to someone because there's some wonderful chiropractor fifties that's great work and then there are some that can leave you hurts obscured and the same thing in the massage therapy profession you have wonderful massage therapist to do such a good work in any had the terrorists that you have to really watch out for so just be careful where you go and look chiropractic doing relaxing the muscles that pull the bones out the best chiropractors do work with massage and hydrotherapy use in the muscles before they align and said that if they can be launching in the alignment of the muscles are no longer pulling it out and then you have a longer-lasting adjustment as well so okay if they hit it straight and that is actually how do I don't have been the slide there is actually something that people can do to keep that aligns and from baseball how do I even had to something happened accidental something the sooner you catch it the easier it is to just realign it and having to go back to normal place someone has had a chronic problem for many years they going to have a tendency because it so needs the body will actually grow into position as a body feels the pull this is getting pulled and stretched the Bible actually laid down college in which he strained to better resist that whole and then hopefully grows into that dysfunction so it's a lot harder to change around if someone had position had a column for along time or if they had something like scoliosis is going to be a constant thing at the notoriously shifted constantly work against that can see in the body so some simple tricks if someone has a low hit if they can go to the shoe shoe place and get a feel lifted about five eighths of an inch on the no side but that does is it forces them to step on the on the other side it aims at giving these muscles a break that different type that pulled ahead down so it doesn't even have to wear that all the time but if they start noticing it keeps going off of pages where that left an issue it actually helps us by walking around it helps them to even themselves out on and another thing to have found with the pal this is that especially with someone who's been tight and I just want to get my husband has scoliosis it is something I work with a lot if I thought hands something called a SI lock it out it spelled S I L a C S I lock about something that she can put under your clothes and it just provides stability to the inside to me it just holds the pelvis together with people all have this problem when I attended for a long time as you said and free of the body feels unstable and the body will one everything up off the release and it destabilized sometimes will want to know if you are someone ways that help out under their clothes it just gives that by that stability and doesn't want up so much of the things that people can did besides after my husband I haven't stretched all these muscles that we went over and for the CFL you just stick your head out back to putting wholemeal baby on your hit that reaches back to your found right here he well fell as deadlines that we did and if the obliques the logistics of beliefs you want to be sitting down for this connect stabilizes the hips and I had my husband turning twisting like this to stretch their obliques so he had specialized double stretch which he does every day it is now he doesn't or issues don't have the list but when he goes to on long hikes and walks he had is shoes have a no left do not live in issue by lifting the fields of business but it's not being scrunched back he'll build up to the issues around server first companies that they feel unbelted up so that they just help me get even that you often with a sciatic pain it starts with a ankle or knee injury because if you ankle your knees injured what do you do you step on opposite sides to prevent that from Harding as you compensate for a long time these muscles tear found greatest need is a really high medical limits down and then exiled pattern people in that reply added anyway originally they had knee effect pain on the other side is not the same five hurting when I had a sore knee and left ankle so a man's rambling this point that you do something that you people can do the husband that he does a long time without getting tightened that maintains himself that sometimes all of us get busy and other failure dehydration I just have to mention that dehydration is so important it they would make it dehydrated the body actually takes the waterfront everywhere else it's not nice important and uses it to try to try to for cleaning purposes of life I must look into wide out to make it really tight since someone has a tendency to tighten certain pattern if they get dehydrated all my dinner and then even nutrition everything everything plays a part is nothing that is not never massages and just wanted some works together with the eight laws of health taking deep breath getting oxygen out it especially milk and sugar we have to be really careful that combination because I had a non- Adventist Al Qaeda workshop from anonymous presenter and he was sharing that on the totality of what eating milk and sugar comes it makes the muscle so tight and something I really really shouldn't be having out I had to have some accompanist visceral manipulation works on the organs and she could tell by touching out organs which of us with the dinners which of us were not because the vegans they had such healthy organs it were just functioning so while you could tell by touching with those they were eating a lot of dairy and meat that the organs themselves were hard and they weren't notable no painful to the touch was really interesting everything works together and I just wanted mentioned nearly think of new start all of those things affect the muscles in the body that sometimes people do all the eight principles and fit body out of alignment they'll still have pain so I really believe it should be a new start because we need a lineman 's in there as well for perfect health what you can with herbal medicines when we put that together with working on the muscles the so powerful because you take anyway the causing it adding the healing agent you know those things are really very useful for the joint it's amazing what can be done that once daily join sequelae cemented the muscles nuisance of this has faith but now that the body can really repair with his think that reunions much more effective than just wanted to mention about the shoulder I keep forgetting to bring a set of if you think back to the frozen shoulder recipe I gave you with infraspinatus being manic high causing frozen shoulder the other day I just want to mention and if you walk on someone and you listen the rotator cuff and often words it just tightens right back each time off you work on it I have I did work on someone want that so much relief often I worked on men I would heighten back almost immediately and they went had checked out and they had a care in the rotator cuff and if someone had attended a rotator cuff the bodies trying to heighten up to protect that Tarek simply come in they are really convenient the body script right back up against it if you do some of these techniques and found by just typing up the bodies trying to just like the hips the body type is not the field they may may need no bounces to give the noblest ability is something else going on thou are I had one student to work on someone without saying technique and often with the client he landed during the treatment off to it he had a lot of pain because he had a rotator cuff tears well ask someone if it was seen or if someone's is tiny right back off to you do the work on the rotator cuff 's hat and check with a doctor to seek to have the rotator cuff is that something that you know using the muscle does not can help it just be aware that I have those then I have worked with have gone in for a surgically had it repaired and then often that they not been worth a listen the scar tissue from the surgery and as needed body wasn't fighting against the work connecting just be aware that that is existence while the taste of Corollas has something to share with those going on among humans United business media was used by honeymooners will begin he was summoned in July to learn more about the NEDs some as please visit www. and he felt something .com or if you would like to listen more free online was www. audio verse on board


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