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Hands-on Approach to Pain Management, Part 8

Tania Frederick


Tania Frederick

Instructor and Student/ Instructor Coordinator, Hands-on Medical Massage School



  • February 3, 2012
    4:00 PM
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have had an ongoing as we need to get out on time today once again there waiting to use the room for other purposes that we need to keep moving I would really want to share with you just about headaches and this is very personal to me because before I became a massage therapist I found I was starting to get migraine headaches how is getting headaches every weekend in life often I would have a headache for around two to three days before managed to feel better enough to go back to work and I start crying ages pleading with God to show me why was having a panic that the time is working with a lot of chemicals of my work before beginning massage therapists as thinking that maybe just changing my job would change the migraines that even off Tropicana massage therapist I was still having just been really bad terrible migraine and so I spoke to a friend of mine who was just graduating medical school not talking about headaches and I've been to a doctor before and he told me let we can detect and then all these things but it's not really going to tell us anything so pay attention to what happens before you get a headache and I had been keeping track of what I was eating I have found that I was very different foods and get the headache or sometimes I wasn't eating anything couldn't figure it out and so is his meeting with God to reveal to me why I was having these headaches so later on when I moved to Loma Linda used to living Chattanooga Tennessee back there to Loma Linda and my friend who just graduated medical school told me time and his two courses for headaches stress and dehydration but that's interesting and then that was like a light bulb for me because I realize I've never thought about dehydration causing headaches before and I start really paying attention to how much water I was drinking a finding that when I would have my migraine almost always the day before I would go a whole day to be so busy that I wouldn't drink even doing massages in between homicides as I just be thinking about my clients and I was wondering taking care of myself and I wasn't drinking water and I found a direct color correlation in myself and for my headaches and faithfully what I have discovered is that muscle tightness the headaches now stress I ever had a stressful phone call but I remember one day ahead my hand on my husband 's back in the guy really stressful phone call from a family member I could feel the muscles under my hands just turning into some deal and he got this phone call and stress type is up the muscles with dehydration we talked about the fact that when we get dehydrated the body steals water wherever he can for vital functions and so the muscles as she did glide out and they get really tight and then we also have little something called toxicity and out when we are gone expose himself to toxic substances the body was to get rid of that toxic substances so its use is whatever water we have available to try to flesh it out and toxicity could be a lot of different things and often we just think it may be alcohol trying us out and and those types of things but even excess salt I have found that if I eat very salty things I had to really think a lot of what went to watch the amount of salt and also showed there is something that often we don't only think about as being a toxic substitute that a lot of sugar the body where it puts the body under a burden to try to get rid of this stuff and so on whenever we eat that way will he eat some of these things we need even more what their flesh that out across system and then they health act is learned about recently was this just the fact that with headaches have been a lot of studies where they find that when people getting take magnesium supplementation that their headaches can just disappear at once Clawson told me she's not taking magnesium supplements and she no longer has a problem with these debilitating headaches as she used to have and found that Epson salt boss that we recommend offer massage races this season that is actually most effective way body can absorb the magnesium visiting some of these things everything works together is never just one thing on its own this will be a bunch of factors working together and I'm these are just some things that sometimes people don't always think about that could be contributing to their headaches for me personally I've found just the toxicity and dehydration as long as I take care of those things and enacted absent some thoughts too I now find that I just don't get headaches anymore I just don't get them I prevented stop the courts instead of trying to relieve the headache once it comes this thing is always to keep it from coming in the first place so we don't have to deal with it and so there is some common muscles that came to get really tight in headaches and one of them liberty talked about subscapularis this is actually the number one headache that scapular because polls on the tracks and makes it I know when we won the war all along the back of the head here all the deep work which is loosening up a trap little bit more so we don't feel the pool does help with headaches that we haven't taken care of the real cause which is subscapularis coin and then causing back to you where the muscles attached so I'm jumping the gun here but headache along the back of the head it's really interesting because if you know where somebody is experiencing a headache you can figure out which muscle you need to loosen up get rid of it for the most part really neat and often a condition that someone's headache just like that said I feel the headache along the back back here then are traps attached up here so if the headaches all around here that's where it's you don't let loose in the upper traps is there actually stretched height and polling here but they being strapped that we want to listen subscapularis the one that's pulling us this way so someone's having a headache and you see there like this and helps us to know what you need to loosen underneath here as that subscapularis pulls us this way it stretches up a trap and the Yanks on that that statement of membrane around the skull in accord with a lot of pain if we listen that it just can get rid of it just like that is he's just showing where the sub staff to have a subscapularis catches up behind the head and initializes some trigger points how to pay manifest itself with this particular problem if it is not always just on the back of the head sometimes I shoot with the front and around little bit because they get the subscapularis muscle again I just thought I'd say the picture on that is right subscapularis it tells you where it is sad is underneath his scapula is that shoulder blade says right underneath the shoulder blades and are you passing out on the humorous hearsay can see when it is sort of how it brings you in this way and I thought I just sell you a different way of working on a hook around and pushed up against the inside of the bone and this is just doing the same thing pushing up under them on a part of this shoulder blade with someone lying down way up with me so what happens when you have pain on the sides of the head is not always right here on planet irradiate all along the sides there is a muscle ten paralysis if you look at this muscle anywhere along here where it attaches you can have the paint people feeling all along I might even appear and then what we wanted gaining downlink and relaxed muscle pulling on those attachments that if they feel it more a year comment lacks the muscle again the side if they feel it pulling I am trying out work more towards the front of the muscle but the way you do that just take your fingers and understand the price into the site often we think is just going here but you actually have a muscle there is gently press with your fingers and often you'll feel that tenderness in their questions then there will be deeper he have to push enough to a good kind of feel a little bit anyone failed opinion is there you don't want to have it to you candor I just want to hold it takes in the blast hits soften underneath the fingertips and themes that once again just relaxing this is actually my mentor only to see her one day and I had a headache and I told her I had a headache and downside I thought last sessions as can be over I have a headache it says nothing about any large yachts nowhere is a headache not told it's right here just came in the least this muscle for me my headache was gone we were able to continue on expanding together that said there's one other low pattern and sometimes people feel pain all around they four had collected by what I can band around the headache deep inside it's hard for people to explain keyword is that they feel it deep inside and there's some muscles called Terry Glades actually attached deep inside the skull and when they get high if one side sill height of action to take a chance and move it over the side fantasy summer is not quite straight it's a little bit and toward that year that's a sign of that side of the secretary with her tight and long claim you taught me have to get gloves indicts the mouth to release some of these muscles of my mentor showed real trick if you come in right about here any kind of feel around you feel notch uvula to the bone kind of makes little how low your payment is once again set the higher right here if anyone feels tenderness if you feel the tenderness is perception back towards you here and you'll feel it softens up the medicine of the most little bit it is crazy that on if you release this you get centrally aligned and that headache go away often I carried would have a lot to do it headache pain as well anyone need help with this one just feel right in here is a little knots and I intend to fill that tenderness right away type their reply center on now for some other Muslims in general almanac muscles looking to get really tight with a headache and I found for me personally if I were really dehydrated Nevada migraine everything you said hi staff feel the pain in one area similarly some as muscle appeal out for monopolistic type so there times you can just take the headache away will wait on it and everything is not so I think taken over the time for the area and we hydrated and for the headache go away just don't disparage if you are always able to get rid of the headache immediately I have noticed that happens with me that way sometimes the really dehydrated everything is just so tightly takes over the time for your bites recover from that so if each member from the first David Bailey in the next is working by the net that can really help with headaches and won't let at the hospital is back to this though not back here for the mastoid process that often get paid toward the back of the head could be that SCM closing a sternocleidomastoid attaches to the sternum and clavicle and the massively person with myself another really good natural remedy is just I had if you think about the fact that those muscles of polling on the attachment inflaming bendable thin membrane if you put cool on the inflamed area I think the pain way down a little bit more thing so nice when the body 's logical understand why it's doing it is very cool is really good to correct the headache and then listen up the muscles that are pulling on opinion that pretty much it for headache additionally want to share that with you we don't always think enough about muscle tightness with headaches and I have to tell you on my smart phone act down that downloaded at it helps me keep track of my water intake I've calculated how much I need for my activity level my weight and being on models smart phone I can just edit drink water I put it on there and I can make sure I drink the proper amount of water everyday and if I do that I just don't get the headaches so always think intelligently about the understand what's happening in the body they need to think intelligently about what you should do prevent that from happening nothing was staying away from the things that aggravate headaches he really careful with even I used to love chili beans because I have so much flavor and they don't have a lot of fat unites to think such a great dessert next to level a different flavors that you know those flavors are made chemically they reproduced to think in a lot of chemicals and a lot of sugar in the school jellybeans and my husband cold and headache pills now because I used to really left anything are you sure you want to take some headache pill because neither suffer for this later so sometimes we have to just enough to get rid of some of these things that are aggravating pain and disease nobody am the one I have it's just cold water intake it's that have a lot of fancy ones with great special effects but this one is very simple and it doesn't take any battery life I love it the way in her point is that's why the artificial sweeteners that favors in the water and is repeating because on the video it's a matter member that Kathy is a diuretic and sets actually pulling water out of our system even more so a lot of people think I'm thinking he went drinking coffee wondering that yes actually dehydrating their hydrating person you think about this before but a lot of people don't like the taste of water action I used to it like the taste of water I used to drink the soda at least a soda a day and my husband when we started dating he was the one to start giving me a hard time about that that the people don't like flavor of water you can take fresh fruit and printing awards and actually my favorite thing to add our frozen raspberries you can just keep in your freezer increase handful of Broad Street in the Wharton is that sit for a while I like to get on one of them for temperature but if there are stories that know what they will turn the works of bright pink and give the incredible flavor people want to know what to put in there that will swear you put sugar and art some kind of flavor in the end just this minute and they will make it taste so delicious and I getting all the good stuff that got put in the fridge in along with the water yes cucumbers and if you go online and you look for water recipes you'll find tickets you can add strawberries lemon slices orange slices all of this summary different combinations Warner says that regulation and once you get used to thinking what say you get to like the fact that there is no flavor you like the taste of water itself the best to educate it takes little bit of practice to get there and what you want one thing that I do find is God 's remedies only don't cost a lot of money and they freely available to everybody send when somebody has that expansive and expensive thing that you have to buy or not they can be healthy and red flag goes up because God 's method of methods are normally some fall and they never cost a lot of money that such got salvation is free the cost of everything beautiful and when it comes to what do we do need to be aware it maybe if the enemy they would love to see a sick elasticity a sickening pain so if you can let as you study about the processed food industry in a lot of great documentaries out there is it's really evil to see what's going on in our food supply and our water supply it now and it's good to study into these things for ourselves and research into it but I think Carola 's got something to share with us she in here if she is not the myth go ahead and just do it learn you are the same size and you know you like this new this media was used by humans for the NEDs summoned if you would like to learn more about the NEDs some as please visit www. term in a health something .com or if you would like more free online was www. audio verse on board


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