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Who is the Devil?

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 24, 2006
    7:00 PM
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everyone and welcome to this evening 's presentation in the last week of freedom from fear I'm very happy to see Google bless you as you come on in the day Josephus while you're doing that in the hands of those love with this fall the first time please all right one habit of quickly over here right to my left anyone else the right yes I can't alright yes I see a fireball I see was like you so much unless you wear where people suffer nosebleeds high in the bleachers all the seats of their God bless you where you want a portable to Richard Riggio I am very privileged with you take that as a serious statement I am highly privileged to be here in this position to deliver God 's word I might pray for us I speak from five to five someone will say Lord give that man the right words to say it is important that you do that because I have flesh and bones as you are we need divine help anytime we handle social things I give a coming list of our heads and pray the father in heaven we thank you for being so good we thank you Lord for the expression of your love in the gift of your only begotten son when you give him your give all that you have no more touch our hearts that we might be willing to come to the place where we give it to you all the three half father remove our hearts selfishness of Phyllis with the self-sacrificing love of Christ till now is to hear the word of truth take possession of my mind and keep it pointed in the direction of chief I pray the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart it acceptable in your sight I offer this prayer Jesus in producing a map a few years ago I read something do not believe when you have it you might not believe I apparently someone in Florida who was the was severely damaged by the yearly floods and tornadoes and hurricanes that come to their talk go to court I believe in the language of the court was there something active the persons suing God for the damage from the hurricane and walls amazingly if not amused me was the fact that the case was accepted pending the appearance of God Ciresi has shown no there would've been a prosecution against him for an act of God I don't know where this expression originated an act of God referring to a act of climactic goal to give rheological destruction but I don't understand why golf is almost invariably made for Lewis structure arising from changes in weather patterns and one considers blaming the level the devil just saw scot-free not God who is not who sent his son to die he has always held responsible for every new natural and unnatural disaster no I should say there's some disasters God sends memo says if I saw them have vestibule ring the locality where the little Jim Turner was losing method it already all I come from the Locust and to follow the letter or if I send pestilence upon my people and my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven I would forgive the sins and receive their last spouses clearly tells us there are times when blog you are at least endless calamities but you know sends them without calls on your sends them when he has exercised enough patients without doing damage to his justice but all is not responsible for every disaster because of that was referred to Scripture as the Prince of the power of the air on something tonight who is the devil OS for them I was quite nervous as I was preparing my fault because I did not want the devil to know what I intend to talk about the last incivility WY as we discussed the open while one of the biography of the devil with us that he is an extremely wise being your parents to look into the faces of children and fairly accurately determine what type of thinking goes into well established in two thousand government can do that because he was made wise like all of them available most of what preachers began to preach that he identifies people who need to hear the message enables the traffic jams the Catholic Church in this method of the family said it brings other responsibilities that have nothing to do with internal life and people instead of cognitive award may go to these things on my song knowing that will teach all away from hearing what they need to have as a lifeline I open my Bible limit the passages I do not intend to preach about but if you look over my shoulder in my view I have no power to deceive the devil but I must do what I can I don't use the residual I do all my sermon preparation in my head I don't want to get any advantage in knowing what I tend to talk about some of my field anything that's my personal conviction the Lord 's label me as a preacher you could appear because the devil cannot actually an activity read the contents of your mice looking at your face is a mix of guests was without I don't want you fascinated by the I want you fascinated by Christ I want to move by his sacrifice I want to understand that everything Jesus gave you gave to you as an individual not the person next to you you must absorb the effect whatever Jesus Christ dated a good for you on an individual basis I realize that John three sixteen says football club a while but you need to understand your personalized digital world gone below you need we give you the only person on the earth to send Christ would've come to die for you when Jesus said original low in the Garden of Gethsemane and then shall have to be set as a standalone he would get his humanity that is he does that for you as an individual not forget the person next to you from the beautiful you'll understand resident was going through Isaiah chapter is what Ezekiel forty seven twenty eight the book of Ezekiel twenty eight original rating verse twelve or left videos of universal level if you do twenty eight rating for verse eleven moreover the one of them alternately say Son of Man federal limitation upon the King of Pirates of the King of Tyrus was a historical figure but sometimes in Scripture Gaul speaks to someone else through another person remember in Matthew sixteen verses twenty one and twenty three where Jesus show his disciples how we must go up to Jerusalem and suffer many things of the elbows the chief priests and scribes and be killed and be raised again the third day verse twenty two of my concerns in the Bible says that Peter took him aside and rebuked him saying if often the Lord shall not be under the data was trying to Christ from nine thirty one for the event log the first twenty three then Jesus turned the seventh in the behind music at the lowest interest rates meeting the devil speed was not sent but Satan was working for Lisa and as is the present on the growth of his usual style but no reply I would level with working computer was to me you want I must be unmarked over on both what the devil ten years ago since I was existing ones how many accidents across the highway because someone looked down for one second but if I was the lookout for specified twice the performance and surgery you look around their own thing was that as of Jesus spoke to say but people usually when the Lord say to the Garden of Eden Genesis seven three four fifteen I will put enmity between you and the woman images I see them proceed it shall bruise thy head about of Moses in Christ was not really a primarily speaking of the Southwest he was speaking to say how the result that in Romans chapter sixteen verse twenty Paul write access on the bottom piece sound roles sit on the audience sharply so we know that God spoke the same but through the supper that acted as his physical agent of the devil comes to you as he is not initially against the evils of several get the price in the form of Peter did five minutes to destroy Chrysler cars was just a few days all through Herod I wrote to all the children which would result in a certain area try to comprise them become himself he was Herod he always comes someone else was easy to wonder idly and my digression in what form that would come to Christ and will he could not have come as himself you must overcome a sense of the former method view of the Christ in his weakness because even land hungry for forty days will run from the monster romance is infiltrating reverse twelve policy list of the sun full of wisdom and perfect in beauty by thousands of before he became sick seamless officer must hold unfortunately means him on a language where all made Lucifer what you do you brought the mold legal Safari van was the highest expression of creative ability of God represented in most of represented the most remarkable and astonishing example of Paul's ability to create more than any other angel in heaven who reveals a far was an expression of God 's ability to bring something into existence as the Bible says thou sealers up the sun to see Liz is a better answer I have always say I couldn't possibly make will be more inscrutable designs as if I will see most of what absolute form was the perfect in beauty forget the perfect impunity for the keep in mind before was it is not new either the unique it is my using his enormous wisdom to determine what temptations best since you want me but the fish we may not overflow you don't have a selective discarding sauce honey white when he has us on Sunday so he applies the British press are reduced flow of wisdom reserve your guy understand and with which we know human power shall not contend that he see that again for human beings however educated and smart VRC presented himself or herself to be done from the devil one on one not even the angels in heaven for doing only Christ is the orderly Christ can set font sizes one one on the strength that's really what I play with temptation was an perfect ability for survey of Ezekiel twenty eight now has been in the bottom of the bottle every precious phone was uncovering decile is a description of how he looked on the outside the sardius topaz of the barrel notice of the just the sapphire the emerald of the carbuncle and gold tenderness in the present can you imagine now the Bible doesn't say that Mozilla was covered with jewelry by losing the Bible says every precious stone you when I have skin to be a virus can be put on cream I what else people would most writers and the relaxers also for your hair I was sure and we put on the cleansers and shallow cleansers all kinds of things that cause a lot of money actually do nothing at all although fresh one of the big lessons there will be much more will these things can find us at the point was Leslie Sipple was truly over and put it on what this upgrade is so obvious but that the volume of the battle the only the just book this hostile the unruly uncle and goal to precious metals that were more long-range of glorious fruits made by God a he had a voice verse matures over the second part of the video verse thirteen the workmanship of thy comforts and the five types was prepared in fee in the event that was what created Lucifer was created not the workmanship was me was me who were much going need the vociferous voicebox releasable when he sang you heard the sound of the coverage 's I'm trying my own limited way to try to describe what must've been use of photos voice was a musical instrument made by God himself the workmanship about how much I love the I wasn't prepared in the above of his music classical music sometimes I hear these men sing these women singers which is what I signed up my study am reading him relaxing Liza Lord please I would love to single enough hot if I can sing like that I wouldn't call you have to say I would see there have a glass of water please have him do the voiceless sometimes intensify verse fourteen a lot of the anointed shot of the public on I said the Somali waters of children which I was especially July Angel remembered regions is that the food was twenty four Bible says so he drove all the man and said at the East of Eden cherubim angels to guard the entrance of the garden of the nonnutritive life cherubim in Genesis three twenty four is tomorrow I am restored to the individual treasure force fourteen we don't have cherubim we have one Shamrock in other words the also full was a shower of unpleasant how I feel fish are amazing gone the holy Angels a thought but blogger had selected him for a particular task the task of the coverage of the coverage a report for zone Angel the function in the very presence of God movement any abnormal angels which are also most afar there was father son and Holy Ghost then Lucifer right next to go in the top of personal bodyguard bios is high absent diesel meeting Lucifer was on a consulting being exceeded in power only by God the father of the son and God the Holy Ghost so the exodus from twenty eight Exodus twenty eight as we continue home is the devil Exodus twenty eight was the other high priests part of his clothing on the hybrids represent Jesus Christ and Christ desires to give us is while Roman writers as he asks about righteousness no one can say is how the breastplate of righteousness of the high priest is described Exodus twenty eight routing number seventeen viruses and thou shalt set in settings of stolen evil florals of storms the rest of it was over squares living covered just part of the papers of the woeful rules of storm three and Israel in terms of the provides of Israel yet a storm on shoulder stability of the six oh zero six tribes here since all of their unabashedly thou shall center incentives for evil for also sold the first role shall be a sardius topaz okay go figure twentieth seventeen will bank easy to print University Jacobs ready a thirteen as for seventeen levels the high priests must have a society of seventeen before obvious obvious of topaz carbuncle is not easy to forgive her for being the sardius topaz the diamond logic notice similar Nevada wants to overcome financial bypasses many this shall be the first rover city the second role shall belong on Emerald gold sapphire and a dime Leslie Siegel 's radiant research in the barrel the Onyx just a little comfortable to be in the high priest numbers go back to Exodus twenty eight percent of side ports might gain the third role is what I like and I get an office obviously we don't find easy to read it worth living so let's say reinforce prejudice on the fourth roll up arrow on it just for double back easy children interested in a will see the middle three a sort of super are of burial on this address and football we have goals for lives of individuals within thirteenth and well received by Exodus twenty and for such Reggie rehab there shall be set in settings of both David and causing the water we say of the darkest tones on the high priest was the something something wrong the series are looking into the repetition is a key technique for teaching decimals of restaurants when you notice they look a lot to laughing like not only but in general unlike what I by the way is a Balthasar Foss a minute more misery that God desires that we behave in a sunny life of Christ that was able to the story Americans with Christ this amendment in your Bible studies researchers know little alternate plan bearded Murchison subdivision Bible studies when Jesus of the Bible studies progress dormant Sentinel mythologies as I know I want to send but you're just fighting him on his lies on the bouncers were somehow doing something if I'm sorry of the Bible were to suspect his mental imbalance these are all convinced down the street about horses brought I'm sticking with movable Jesus is evident but will not access the same if this is the guy talking about he is down the street so the marvelous part of this essential walk out of the house down the street went to the house and not all criminals up under the guise of various messages allow or disallow disabling and leasing you pull me about this how we treat people how we handle those movies that's all he does it is my process of this is supposed from less than five will tell the difference when anyone I allow the fullness of Christ and the rest of us as we receive us this is my fantasy of them of Monmouth is the reality gone desires with all the fine pop that we and our allies will reflect the fullness of the count of Christ and his metaphors availability the fullness of his heart felt that he worked out on this earth with your needs and publicity image exudes with you versus the Virginia Woosnam Bible says Ezekiel twenty eight percent is almost perfect evaluating is the day that thou wast created gone there's nothing in the double demand for the device and what makes nothing imperfect powers over the highway and then I've always created unsound in equity was following a fee that all the Bible says about the origin of evil and says this please let me thou wast perfect in my way is that the file was created on two in the cookies mysteriously was found in Lucifer over seventeen Barnhart was a method of the because of I want yes we ready for the observed plaintiff of it was full of beautiful wisdom and perfect in beauty because of this one of the contributing reasons for the idling Moses was raised in the Philippines and was there with my was his dream was to come later in high school also the girl who thought she was the previous want remember the guy who thought he was as he said all that out yet good there's something about outward beauty corrupts the insight is not inevitable but it happens too frequently I am pretty one handsome all of a sudden I begins this was new to me all in my presence while softly around the wheels of this particular because of his beauty was was on the signal path that I was buying reason of thy brightness loss Linda Alito on the outside of course adding that the height position that he held methods also external because of the digital divide is not a journalist what we want to let you know every thing on the outside affected Lucifer on the inside and somehow sitting began in this creature soon began with rules of how the Bible does not go into details it simply says it begins with him now let's have some more information this biography of news about Isaiah fourteen fourteen reverse twelve as a video who is the devil Isaiah fourteen reverse twelve Bible says how about fallen from heaven norms of the son of the morning how about a thousand rounds this week in the nation for all I said if I heart all I will ascend into heaven quality might doesn't have a lose lose for what we have ascended to heaven as we lost the comments I wrote he was always enough always in the presence of God but you see was not one of the power brokers that was reserved for the saga the son of the Holy Ghost is a facet I will ascend into heaven and he was expressing his desire to be as high as the blog actually today the place of Christ I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of all I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation is likely before I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like a bull's-eye sin above the heights of the clouds the clouds of resulting evaporation from disease clinics in the reverse count right nor it existed is a little so they are all clouds in heaven but of course will speak about being surrounded by a cloud of witnesses clouds that refer to the beings in heaven the angelic population I will ascend above the height of the cloud I will do whatever the Angels about who worship me I will be this sums up everything like the most that's Christ that's all that's in addition no one is authorized to harbor it is a heart yet versus the valve shall be brought down to hell the signs of the assaults in terms of Lucifer yet thou shalt be brought down to hell the sides of the next verse their best see the shall look upon the unknown hourly you say is this man to me the to tremble that did shake kingdoms business of atoms in the Longview on my right not to document the world is a wilderness and destroy the city 's literal that opened not the house of his presence with less than seventy again that opened not the house of this business Jesus came to undo what signals the analysis of first on three Google there with me first John three eight as individuals of the first all three day after medicine is a flow without acknowledging what you might address that does not mean we make the mistake are you with me I first does not mean he will misunderstand all he wasn't always struggled with a particular weakness of his final house iced over that's not the person referred to network evil practices soon is of the devil you see you are I will of God or the devil is going to for people who swallow that we try to find a middle ground the source from which we can argue because of the mental powers looking for man or woman's mind the power of all of the power of the government will of only two powers of the university 's automated Jesus Christ will come to make sure that I was in the beginning it would be that breakdown in criminal you want to follow the power of Christ all those who identify with the other how they want them Wayne Justice as alive as there's enough evidence to is of the devil for the double set it from the beginning on a personal reversal saves up to the full versions earlier than say whosoever Senate transgressive also while the law for certain is a transgression of the law what was the most for the future is visible each plants grass but won't know you are likely to understand that goals over is funded orbital and Christians will understand that the universe is okay don't the Bible says that seven hundred and eighty seven Cassell said that this kingdom shall not have the double hesitating on that is highly normalized the kingdom of darkness is the visible game but I can do nonetheless something invisible is the real as for the real and the house at the Avenue the times in certain positions Jesus Christ has been a long Q&A that are permanently and totally by living a life of obedience to the law that regulated is to say as soon as I possibly can live on this earth for the believer in Christ is holy rehearsal URI are practicing the life that would be required of us if you because the life is in your world is a valid life that people live in heaven right now but does not have two standards of living he has one advances law even get that's what I see you together is my fault maybe once briefly noticing that the words of his mouth mouth with the try again by the time I went on golf ball is the only standard of behavior of young centers throughout the universe executives of the three or so they possess another lesson we appointed as promised look for new heavens and new earth where his mother walked righteousness what righteousness Romans inversely have all the rights this is of the law might be fulfilled in us Christ came to show that Ms. Heinz and the bottom half for the Angels is the standard you have is about the strength of you have ever made is the same under the wheels of what is yes officer if enough people bring along one of people who drink it it's a good decision is not all just gone with him is not neither shadow of turning a righteous life and it has always been what it is not how I will always be what loss does not change understand the box sat as much a change of domicile of the Constitution in the United States a new law that seems contrary that sacred document called the Constitution and before out of court it's constitutional that is the standard all tools are measured by standards that we tell you all issues of right and wrong in the government of the universe had invited on all these issues on measured by the standard and so it allows goals across zeros of the same point of harassment how it transpired I don't know what weapons we use on the concert all I know is how deluded Jesus one he won that battle he can win the private battles in your life and in my room because Christ had to defend stuff you defend his kingdom because the allow provider list some of the low without penalty on you would be to put the kingdom in jeopardy of collapse and golf club not an so-called elusive of all the Angels with one third of all the angel how many of those other nor those of those oils by businesses in the hands of thousands of thousands and thousand five ten thousand however many of the arms of the disease one third one third of a number that cannot be counted is itself beyond computation what I mean you can't slice of orange slice as older properties of the rest of the orange if a number can be counted one third of it perhaps can become to whatever this Lucifer brought with him one third of the angels now how do you do that see DC 's analysis of the disease was sent you have only one way only one way he takes what God has said at posted but he does not trust it to the point of deformity are you with me he just wanted as we say in my hair was going to visit up to the any change in golf standard was in being us all a hair represents a corruption of monster you see this assumption we don't know one was in the second half but we can work back are you with me wish I were back because I was remiss on my knob on Genesis chapter three jump in my times I don't just assume with motivation was that the system was officially seventeen you're familiar with that passage on the Mont Blanc commanded the man saying of Etheridge live the garden columnist for the buck of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it for the day now he has never all ready those floors for me thou shalt surely die now let's look for three four four seven three now that I'm the servant son of the woman what ye shall not surely die but said Walmart was Mosaic law you shall not surely die what was the only change not that is among Everest of the change all this is me there are millions of them until you he was confronted with thou shalt surely die and he shall not surely die or her choices to have told you over and over of choices come out until life death heaven have all said she'd go we share the same Seattle choices house shall surely die you shall not slowly die to choices of authority is unavoidable for you the walls but instead found to actually do not the paragraphs on the he was sending was proof that you can trust the word of God Genesis one eleven the balsamic reviewer three photographs of Nebraska and Baltimore the value stream in which the serpent was calling that you bring forth grass or be the seed of the Fuji you the food is fine at the word bought the very serpentine show was made on the sixty on both of your report in the degrees of his kind cattle and creeping there is once so they buy atlases that is why the trust is unreliable and should be accepted she had no evidence to the devil sort of the struggle for any policy she had all evidence and he had in the presence of evidence of the power of Baltimore and in the absence of evidence of the public comes word future levels were where millions of people today there is no evidence that sound is only the you listen to me in the hole and cannot be the best one for several parents and other simultaneous and Baltimore he eventually having them understand the things I will do nothing with your that you are standing you know something that's pulled it off on using them basket of that is enough you see is those who are higher than all of us how he takes the word of God twisted slightly and then we are presented and confronted on his face with the reality of choices while glossing on what anyone else up to the amazement of God to the shop of those who love truth most of the world chooses what God has not sent by a additional limbs I just don't understand but I referred to this as evidence that we tell you most able to sincerely I am not referring to a IMO trust six hundred people I talk to people as long as Jesus is going on the reception of which they are not even aware that is the level objects into churches families friends groups causes division novel set in the so busy he doesn't have time to care who's right and wrong is that he doesn't care almost everyone's motives are the findings of yes going he doesn't care who's right or wrong now we are sold to see we got caught up in right and wrong why we should be focusing on the righteous and unrighteous are you with me right and run us over this before I believe it is not the same as righteous and unrighteous menu right people are unrighteous but I will knows that if you study elsewhere you will discover the power to resist him so long as you don't it gives you three jobs and graduate studies and boyfriend you got me little or woman who just don't use or any list of things all of which are wound none of which come under the criminal code but in Troy you from this as long as the government keeps you from this you can go just as often as you like but if this is a smiling pain I have never been successful I will speak it through the presence of a living God to get people to understand that the dev tools greatest triumph is to get us to disregard not deny disregard it nor the life savings from the speeches your dessert is not sorry for Susan is a Jerusalem partner having an agenda that figure was a far worse than non- Baltimore procedures I've gotten up to one of them I sit on the community board for the beautification of the Redlands and I am in charge of reduction of small and any company so I don't have time cycles were easy only through unfolding July it is an old word that there is power to resist of being that hasn't lost a step of being in Christ can set for one-on-one presence in all high seals is that if you are more long as this will the government has some of those imprisoned on his present house has several balls that book is keeping up with all the fashions of the world more Christians in the block that will have three padlocks on agenda I have to keep with the first session with the jerseys in the building mission station Nigeria I saw the address on the beyond civilian again look like and what about you I so outcast is certain since that event I so of Brad Pitt was certain I don't get my soul Rolling Stones a certain seeker login who here we have the vocal stinginess I will middle on a somewhat uneven but I will be limited to I work for the giving station that will have six titles that overshadows the whole pride in the law didn't do anything I went to school of two degrees I did postgraduate work I wrote several papers in the focus of journals only six people read more importantly the Portland prize that doesn't know called in focusing on Jesus I love Jesus I love cheese definitely good heart under the title comes under the tribulation initiative in the face of the my beloved brothers and sisters there is a power abroad cold the devil his intention is to destroy you in hell is a summary of this mission right next to a summary of the mission of Christ the Bible says the faith this is Christ cometh not but first you should destroy that the devil I will definitely have them I have a small but literally all gone says she Deuteronomy thirty five phase I call heaven and earth to record against you this day I sat before his is not like a better method of traffic map will the mango says Sheen 's wife chose he and distance between you and the creature called Satan on me but millions of life better and wiser than any of the creative behavior you have the power of an individual with knowledge of the listened to me he said he left heaven Apollo filled with guilt content and whole Christ and a great Christ's will be Christ because the mission of the devil was the overthrow of the Kingdom of God no suicidal citizen if the devil have succeeded in destroying dog you are destroyed himself because all life comes from but so is sold around the same just has to destroy the ultimate evil six is the destruction of all the destruction of everything is going to be the ultimate it was not just your destruction and the destruction of all visual through a window now destroys us so he tries my beloved brothers and sisters unless it was either Carbonite I just wanted to the site in your heart for use the tool powers on the earth in the universe Christ revisiting the power of good said representing the power of evil you will not have to chose as he was confronted with the word of God and one of the devil with the evidence of the devil 's power future holds he's how will you choose tonight shows go shores Christ shoes Gutierrez the goals we won't thereby put yourself on the side of those who defend the Constitution of water this was a law is set to destroy I covered myself right now in your present liberalism going to stand on the side of going to bring my life is power in conformity with his will how many will assume all the support of your kingdom to Israel to Santa Fe my brothers and sisters let us pray for our saliva prey will think of God he vice versa Christ also been different if it is ever had about a very close while the name of Jesus replied before you learn what it reveals of your love of the enemy Satan his hatred of the audio children that's all in the name of Christ and compensate common slots again Phyllis and powers give us a mind of hot all day to belong to citizens of the addition of a father when you can't save us and was at last and last world where law when the righteousness we perform our hearts with Thanksgiving in Jesus name of writers say that all quality will say a man adamant bluntness I love you it involved with again the digital hands at the door but you get my friends


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