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Heart Break

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)




  • April 4, 2012
    9:15 PM
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father in heaven were thankful today that we can come to this place but we can think about you for a few moments and we ask Holy Spirit that you would draw near and that he would speak to us that you would write your your your words on your life hearts and our minds we thank you become in Christ name on it while sitting here at Southern good to see all of you talking to somebody as of yore in the nursing program some of you don't know what you're going and what he was a Junior did know that but I'm just right for your parents that they can have enough money for you keep going figure that out and I remember very well setting where you're sitting up particularly here I went to Andrews University and the very much enjoy the time in the health collegiate years and try to save up so my kids can actually go to school in a few years so little bit about my family before I get started my wife's name is illuminated to look from your constant in this group McIntosh she had another crazy one from a constant message of Macintosh in spite of a and so is a lovely person and I was that she can come to be here back I think of one of my nephews goes to school here somewhere Alex nephew please hear what he is is my love you please big now and then had a couple other of our family noticed my wife inflammation I have four living creatures forges a considerable problem while and so I have Elizabeth May Elizabeth Mays the place of the place by Beth leaves the place of their lives means rust the place of rest but she didn't get that memo see full of energy zone is Elizabeth and I have been at Catherine Caroline Catherine Caroline casseroles means what pure as he is a pure delight C is quite a opinionated little bombshell and she is as about as funny duty to see is a thought delightful young lady and then we have Donald Malcolm named after of course myself Donald Malcolm means Malcolm you know but I think is very cool Maumee Street is an energetic have no choice of mounting the follower Robin Colón the means of the Dove soap a follower of the Holy Spirit which was what that means and in that country there was a Gaiman Banas who was secretary and in the vegetarian in the Pentagon Toobin anatomist and those of Baltimore called Malcolm likes those that followed along and so those of the early ad activist and in Great Britain Scotland and then my youngest is James Madison seventies most of that full name and James Madison maintenance of the fourth by the United States and then my wife said you can't native seventies most because I was preaching that week and I told him that I'm printing our neighbors for and is a great word in their seventies most entity is born on a Sabbath his name shall be established these mounts and he was born the next sampling two weeks later set up as an audio told everybody to forward many years ago so now I'll actually he was not named anything for like ten days as the great numbers when I'm back to what seventies of no seventies most seventies both know something that would back and forth and back and forth so now his name is James Madison S on the birth certificate a out of your last one is the stand for a new unit to say seventies months is a walking Bible study he doesn't even know so anyway I'm delighted being as I thought I thought that on my collegiate years and I couldn't remember any worship talks whatsoever as I can remember one time I can't remember what anybody said at any worse while in the object of one of my notice and a night that you would remember that would help you and I remember Janel I can remember what I ate during those four years but I'm a lot will decide on a meal and I am alive so that I hope you get something against you today when I remember it later on maybe it's just the right thing for you right now so that when I want to talk about his broken hearts broken heartedness in our in a place like this or in life there's basically three things in life your hat your mass and your dispatched and when you come to a place like this you don't think about being hacked it up as I wanted to run out I'm not a kid three and all is you are a dog I am not thinking about bad about that thing is being matched some of you I can see I think about being that even tonight I can just tell by looking at United and listen to the new looking into the eyes of your beloved and your what is the right order is so this idea of being maps and Ali interview I'm thinking about the dagger down not too many also we might be jokingly because I bought your really not thinking about that so shocking about being brokenhearted me seems like something that you know is in that meaningful to you but let me say this is there been anybody here this was the right one to be matched with only to find out that they didn't feel the same way about your no longer matched mature emotionally attached and as you walk down your probably right now even hear it now you say I will a lot that way because that is I want to see that person and the problem is that maybe you were physically involved as well at some level a Muslim ball and now these of your heart broken maybe you've got tonight with a broken heart because of that maybe tonight here here because your parents love each other you thought that you went away to school and they got divorced and now not only their hearts are broken but your heart broken anyone you know someone who's parents have been divorced is nothing worse as I get that an ongoing death it's a broken heartedness broken Hardin 's last week I was working with a program we had twenty two patients and I talked all this last week an average of forty five minutes three times to these twenty two patients so do the math I was talking all week and I was listening as they poured out their hearts and their brokenhearted this one young lady seventeen or eighteen years old and at the edit had tried to commit suicide three times the week before and as I began to talk to her and begin understand that it was because her boyfriend had broken up with her and abandon her and she began to reason emotionally want in their life I thought my heart daughters work this is my daughter other stores but one lady who came in this last week was an especially difficult case he came in and she was that second group who later in life have that life ending up on her and she came in a beautiful person but she came in looking Saturday was a vehement talk to her again to listen to her I said has someone hurt you in your life and she told me to terrible story about how she had been molested by her brother and about by her father and that she told me another terrible seasons I'm worthless that that's happened to me on worthless and tears began coming down her eyes and then she went on it is not only that as a result of that I became pregnant and then I snuck off and I had an abortion no one could ever forgive me for that if the people in my church note that anyone now that it happened I wouldn't even have any friends now as you begin with a wood broken heartedness is that I hope you don't tell anyone my name or where I'm from or anything about this because my life is already over but it would be even more lower broken hearted broken heart is requested today do you say that we live in a world of broken hearts nearly and some of you are brokenhearted tonight some of you are about to break other people 's hearts some of you are unwisely involved in breaking one of those arts as you know realize that I still love you but broken heartedness our Scripture today Lord says that he especially draws near to the brokenhearted so I've you have a hard husband broken for your part of the heart situation someone else did something in your heart is aching God especially draws near for those broken her that was unscripted today right he identifies with us so what I want to study tonight with you is how God identifies with the most hopeless situations that were in and he doesn't turn us away when we do something wrong he actually loves us more even when were breaking his heart he loves us more you realize you have a broken heart some reason I have not come to know and then not accepted in some of you are not where you need to be in a writing as our weight as I give up on you once the region and is a great book is talking about this idea about God how Christ tries to recharge them as the book of Hebrews Germany notable became rules will get Hebrews chapter to know I'm not going to go first by the although I'd love to because I love expository preaching but I'm going to basically summarize this chapter on the lookout for points with you I want to show how Christ identifies with us on Michelle Christ identifies off on behalf or for us and I want to talk about how he I he is identity out on Andaman I thought about his identity for a lot so first of all his identity with lots of the amazing thing is in Hebrew just the two chapter wanted to is that God is doing everything he can to identify with us even though Roma says while we were yet sinners enemies price rise identify with us but tries he does he identifies with each of salt if you are looking in receptive to this as in verse eleven that he is one with us he is one we are all of one thing is allocated at K identifies with with you verse fourteen look at verse fourteen and so much then as the children have partaken of flesh and blood he himself likewise shared in the same another words he identified with our flats and with our blood relative but that's like saying that's my flesh and blood that someone who is related to me let's would Jesus as he identifies with us is our same blood type stored in old doctor in India he was a missionary 's out they were attempting to help this person and person was dying need blood transfusion nobody would give blood nobody because they were all afraid of the sight of blood or anything about blood finally know what was going in the blood there was no one it was stepping up and the person was dying and was discovered the doctor became it was a missionary doctor he became very concerned instead while what is the blood type and they said this is the blood type said that my blood type put out his arm they took his blood and life came back into his patient and the news withdrawal until country the missionary gave his own blood to save the life of an entity people flocked in Internet yet identified he became part of their flesh and blood World War II was a G.I. who would been seriously wounded had to have a blood transfusion blood pressures and came many began to wake up because of the life-giving blood looked at the bottle of the bottle said General Eisenhower Eisenhower had given the blood that was saving his life is special when someone identifies with us amen so he identifies with us is one with the seizure of the same flesh and blood and back number sixteen is says that he is of the seed of Abraham which means he even shared the same genetics is Alia now I'm not got messed up at me my parents were messed up my grandparents are messed up in the league of the volunteer Barbara A I messed up to when Jesus entered into human genetics it was made of the same saying how the same as last sandlot hallelujah he identified with the house in Scotland for my honeymoon twenty years ago that the Journal secret on what to take my wife back to where we went on not include this year hallelujah praise God forward to have Matt when I get this statement will back and pulled out my old journal I know exactly what the trails where we were on the animals try and find a couple points that I did in Iraq let you a little secret on the unit early the morning and put them there just in case I don't find them so that my wife with a guy brilliant and I wanted to be married another forty years of anyway so but I was over the last time we are going on we went to the Holyrood thousand there was this big gallery of all these photographs photographs paintings and they all look similar to say knows Santana facial features some of us are artists here they can do that same kind of facial features this man what a resemblance of all of the monarch and all the other people is that what they all look alike in the Jordan said notice guy was the worst monarch in terms of faithfulness to his wife of any monarch but he told the photographer he told the artist that everybody had to look like him in the pictures none of them looked like this but praise God does not like that he's been faithful to King entered into I say and black areas are genetics Halliburton he identifies with us for seventeen what do you know what he was in all things may live his brethren and all bags are in a strong no one understands like Jesus no one understands like you know what I don't care what you're going through tonight I don't care what you've been through I don't care what you will go through Jesus Anna says they can identify whether this is Israeli to identify over once I was working in a busy emergency department in the hospital emergency radio network one off the hard and there was a person being brought in I could tell by the way they were talking about this person that the paramedics did not think much of them in fact I've been a paramedic working with them before worked in the emergency room so I knew the guys like you just tell because you know I could tell which is not really the point of move on so the guy gets in and they drop them off they don't let them convince the neighborhood zero next sentence of the triage and I think they did that three houses where they figure out what's really wrong with you and I think it is because I was working there and I was a nurse who was starting to become a pastor with the nurse of the better together the parts that a lifestyle based on a set of the first is of the Goldwyn but that of the parts that I have to like it let me anywhere there was a you know this guy you know this guy will send this man comes in this mechanism is named Sammy okay I change the name because of hidden requirements but names and Internet survey comes in sin Senator King instantly had an uncanny ability to identify with everybody in the room like the secretary he comes up to the first secretary of the window resize your ugly are not the only person with a juggling I sure your husband does do you have one and the lady that starts crying because her husband had just left her house like man this guys I got a demon he's like the understand than this other person to go you know what you probably are super hero that you are yes you are the leader 's runs out very angry and then another person and the next person and at every single at missing the Presley talk to for some reason he had the uncanny ability to find and identify the variation as they were calling for and magnified pretty sound he had everyone in the entire emergency department totally check whole building so they said Don Bridger bought wanted to go in there they put them in his room I'm excited about and he had one leg tied a large item and it was his screaming at the top of his lungs is it okay to go on the span of theology major to win in the database when in their egos while you sound happy Jim I have wanted to laugh and begin to say things about me that were they were like they were honed in on all of my multiple character defects earlier in a minute doesn't even know me and your group using the link is glycerin shall you is screaming out in the warmonger do what I want to thankfully I pray in the dirty utility room before women but next to the bed pants meltdown is the Lord help me when I went in there this thought came over me at JM like you would like him to act to you the golden rule is a while I like and actively is as strong as long as I like that so that I like and whispered to me so he starts yelling I don't mean any harm in you know what I mean he's screaming to delete your and him and is starting to whisper back to me as he identified with me because I say here the people else about that I think he'll is so that I called the phone bill with his alert all these guards have been there like it over they would have done little in the hospital again with her Band-Aids right of the writing that they were big and thousands of the room they goes in as I lay there will subdue ongoing and in the geyser jillion egos that the demoniac mode is under what you guys come in here despite Henry's Carranza and Danny Hale but I think please get out your daily and I don't have the ghost and by the logo on it goes I don't know when the Lord please help me what my essay and this is what comes out of my mouth assiduously to just count the ones that went white it is then I what I do say that we goes and said to me that he lives in the heel is a pacing that the Bible doesn't go and I don't have a clue as the boys were constantly impresses me see what it happened he was identifying with all people the wrong way I try not identify with him is identifying with me and ascribes divine was going to do throw me the purse on this one came to me this game is how I asked sure that how all these terrible things about me and certainly I simply wanted all you got to the ignition the issue of the issue is as I have the answer of the act they asked him who is you are in the middle of the polls will I think you'll even understand what you understand about what you want and with true you really are all nice and clean and so you wanted to add exactly as I want to understand all dollars and he like you were going to be nice there was something that happened something that happened I said why me I really didn't tell me about his life to begin until me of all the terrible things that happen in life he began to tell me about the broken heart of this that he had let his family had and that everybody in the neighborhood had tears begin to come down his eyes as we begin the sutra is like the other injuries that he had what we're dealing with is not a person not a person that God didn't love it was a person whose heart had been broken and he was lashing out at the world brokenhearted this can manifest itself in anchor and bitterness he was broken heart and God was trying to reach his heart how many want to be able to identify with people like Jesus identifies with you not only does Jesus identify with us she identified on behalf of us the book of Hebrews it says just perfection can become our perfect can you say hallelujah to that hungry children the perfect yardage messed up so if you look back you were perfect in the past which means anything the future is not perfect the only thing that can happen is that Christ will give you his perfect life and live that life really like it is secondly he gives you first eleventh and sanctification is holiness that is elevated because I love you and thank all of you and back when Warhol were not holy holy and were certainly not holy holy all those holes in holiness and I'm and so he has to live and dwell in us you know you want him to do that I happen to you Burstyn says he can bring sons to glory in other words areas near his heart he can bring you from your story is not I is you can change e-mail from where you are and deliver him to go on if you want someone to deliver you I meant that you had a swing you just got even in which God did not bring to your remembrance but they do not Holy Spirit brings lengthy remembrance of things don't get me into a miracle but very often he doesn't help menu then we got your dad does he want to break your heart through your open to doing things differently amen begins a visit Edinburgh sixteen to the scene again say is I get to her stool in a probably the biggest building on campus financial aid need to buy an ancillary complex motives told underneath her she is a valid area is got Angels and he's got under all graphic or image that the reason that I like all Apple 's others avoid as on behalf of us now this is a big one his propitiation is for us but the big word this means that he may exhaust favorable to the father by what he did on our bad things that have eluded so that the boat is a elevator that he helps us in temptation habited in settlor it was all points tempted like as we are yet without sin and taken out twenty dollars the tenth okay he understands that temptation however he does and on behalf of us I like this one though he tasted that for a all of us rely down what here's the good news guys nobody has ever die I know one has done the second death only person that ever died the second was Jesus Christ there is an elevator that now he presented as a boy to man once to die that's asleep then the judge but try to God there's only one person that has tasted for Mac Jesus Christ he died the second hallelujah he did then on behalf of us all we want except will be that on behalf of now I can reasonably do you do not really know what time it is bundle were to appear with me the roundabout route over time time is all I've got plenty of time to get like forty minutes like half of us and this is the good news about that by the way when I was got out of nurses training in college the most important thing is that many was this RP seen people who died to see people die changed my life and gave me a greater insight on much greater insight into the importance of every day when I was doing CPR on my forty -year-old friend who had a sickly event and he was our fellow nurse in emergency room and he died after forty five minutes of trying to resuscitate him that changed my life tasting death I want to say about Jesus but listen to this he is a stock in this bizarre basis he felt that by Sandy was being separated from his father the golf is so broad so black suit deepen his spirit centered before the agony that he must not exert his divine power to this agony you must not exert his divine power to escape as a man he must suffer the consequence of man's sin and he must endure the wrath of God against transgression this was Jesus when he had to face on the cross of this is what Satan did them during that time NL different expression don't kick a man when he is down Satan kicked a man when he was down this is what he did Satan told him that if he became surety for the world the separation would be eternal it would be identified with Satan 's kingdom and would never more be one with God that's what the devil told that he said to those people that you came to say they rejected you look at those that are seeking to destroy you that your disciples the disciples are going to rather desert you don't betray you their most zealous ones will deny you I'm summarizing all who forsake you he said that he said Hawaii and doing this for these people Alice on what happens this paragraph I think is so important no way of escape was found for the son of God he was facing death for all of us no way of escape and this awful crisis when everything was at stake when the mysterious chop like you know Socrates eight drank a cup of death is the mysterious cup trembled in the hand of the sufferings that happened out hallelujah right on the list outright broken heart in this for me and for you right in heart and the heart of his broken heartedness for me every event that happens up I wanted to have and will open for you but knows what happens when Jesus that is open alike seldom for a man the stormy darkness of the crisis hour and a mighty angel a mighty angel who stands in God 's presence occupying the position for which Satan felt kind of this item tries to elevate the SSA made that we see in relations at the eighteenth that angel came down to the side of Christ the aims of candles that is closely your death is not going away by the way that you're studying for the B angel came not to take the cop from Christ and what to strengthen him for drinking with the assurance as he was drinking it of the father 's love big daddy came to give power to the divine supplicant Bears appointed that happens I am of the salt that would be say as a result of his briefcase I doubt any site you have presided out at a site you have any start up another favorable as they in a world of sin and die for you it is a lot these people be as safe as a result of your sub reassured him that his father was greater and more powerful than Satan and that his death price death would result in the other defeat of Satan and that the kingdom of this world would be given to the saints of the most high it's all in that he would seem to travail so Isaiah fifty three and be satisfied they would see a multitude of the human race I internally say can you say how either that by the way book price that wasn't says the Angels around God 's throne the light more to be around tempted attempted both are calling for there a friend I don't like to be around the throne of God and the right mouse and when will I I got ago there waiting to be dispatched to help you just as that agent was dispatched to help Jesus can use a hell user that he was identified with your brokenhearted this and he'll come right when it seemed like a canyon through the nose what happens last paragraph price agony marked as well bizarre pages six ninety three and six ninety four Christ's agony did not cease still had the other trials but notice once is not but his depression and his discouragement left him in agony but no depression endnote discouragement not at emotionalism that what happened in this obligation under his disparagement and the press in the store added nowise abated he was still having to face the final exam but he who was his object was strengthened to meet his fury and he came forth call and serene heavenly peace rested on his bloodstained phase he had borne that which no human being could ever bear because he had tasted the sufferings of death for every ten years out after that James is what a friend for starters he identifies my thoughts and he identifies for us a vendor that is meant to the drives of the second half allowing upright in the Lord all the third morning not only does he identify with us not only you got identified for this as in the same chapter that he identifies as this is not ashamed to call them brothers and sisters in a season and anything on any safety only anything whatever your name is at least as that's my boy that's my sister my brother is not a say I was so happy when my wife said I will be your life I can't not go bifurcate the amount of time in which she identified with me hallelujah and it is aggravated by many people as you want three hundred six hundred and I will you know you want when they see one I represent about your Madonna likeness we get the point but Jesus does the same thing even greater magnitude and all of them had healed converse beyond bottle a while once says that that is why I can not it's time to die you are wireless that I had a little in the field when people don't identify with you those in other a girlfriend or boyfriend the UW group at her boyfriend those in the goat improperly I never knew and that is why I have been God is not ashamed he identifies with you the other advisor Barnhill and he will identify you know it but that he resented to enter his with a God who loves us like that will we identify with well we identified a dynamic range identify what will we identify with it better than the street last week there was lady homeless lady held a sign up now work no money I need out I went by the drug by I drove by and I was like she's probably given use the money for alcohol or drug so on the dinner money than the drive-by visit would Jesus do that I turn around went back to set as five dollars assistant thank you some I said that this was terrible set out below use it on medicinal marijuana as she looked at me with her eyes but I drove away and I felt really bad much of a government around him and I went back and she jealously gives with her five dollars and I said artist came back to tell you care about medicinal marijuana she goes you know I do use medicinal marijuana a sound care take all the money in my wallet I general money my wall is only eighty bucks on the lady begin weekly as he says you know what I'm not using this for medicinal marijuana or alcohol anything thank you so much thank you so much you know giving that money for that lady was not so much for God and use of so much for her as he use it on me know what she said next set I've been watching your car don't correct the stocking medicinal marijuana using lady walked all that she said this is what you said she looked at me she said I see that you work over there at that school what you do over there I said make each theology she said what's that I teach people how to be like God she said you were like God to me just now I'm so happy I gave her all the money in my wallet and I pray that she one day will identify not with me but with God guy did everything for us he identifies with us he identifies for us he desires to identify he only wonders if will identify with does he understand broken hearts Jimmy identify with your broken any dispatch the same age so I pray this week that you will identify with him again father in heaven Lord thank you thank you for identifying with us and for us and thank you that you already have planning to identify right now the stillness of the moment maybe they're just people with their thoughts same well I want to identify with you Lord give them courage to totally identify with you this time and this place and the Lord take us from this place and so Phyllis people can identify with you or was in Christ's name we pray amen and this media was brought by audio price a website dedicated to spreading God 's word release and audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is much more so than please visit www. audio course taught or


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