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Heart Beat

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)




  • April 7, 2012
    10:00 AM
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way entitled our message for today heartbeat and saw real look at here is the second link of my Bibles all is just reveal a little bit this morning for we get started first of all when we started our series we talked about what actually probably the best response I've ever heard this today we talked about heartbreak right we talked about that we live in a will live in a world of pain and agony and heartbreak we talked about the fact that the campus like this to as many people who are breaking hearts and there's many people that are broken and we talked about the fact that thankfully God does not abandon the heartbroken as an abandonment in fact he like we saw draws near to those who are brokenhearted especially and is able to work in their lives in a way that began working other people 's lives and he can identify with the heartbroken because he came and had his heart broken for you and me he identified with us and for us he will identify us and then he wants to identify through us those over talk about first then secondly we talked about the wounded heart somehow I your bitterness many times there is a expressive of a water park and we look at Psalm one hundred and nine and we look at Psalm five and we saw how God can even draw near to the angry bitter heart and can cleanse that angry bitter heart that was heartbreak part two below if you want to listen to any of those you can listen to them on U-verse .org content than last night we decided that the need was for a heart transplant I gave you my notes right it handles with you also cannot relook and of and we decided we look at the the heart that God wants to give us we we found that they largest quotation from the Old Testament and the New Testament is a heart transplant it shows that God wants to give Ottawa look at all four chambers of the heart and we saw that they were very practical chambers beside sanctification we sought reconciliation we saw our mission and we saw justification so that solo review and me my review this will open again here in this moment but today will talk about heartbeat now some of the longer you are in the health sciences are taking nursing her pre- matter pre- vet nary in our home if you have parts yourselves as so this'll be relevant everybody but in our rise in nursing school years back you know we had to learn all the hungry all the EKG so we can look at the P Q R S and then Canadian all those different ways and we had to figure out you know whether or not that PR ratio was correct and without the QRS they asked me while was elevated are not showing one another heart attack in which he wirelessly in our commentary overall as a VeriSign as of right now for the first time it is very excited of the new and very suddenly erased your head that an e-mail is interesting that when you look at the heart course it has those four chambers and has one of the two nodes in the heart liters ago some of them die because a lot of the last SA node and the NAB no one what does the essay now do advisors you're fired some have doubted virus slows good excellent we help and then what does it what and then how does it what is a word someone help me out your sinuses the Sabbath I rise of the SA node sends that signal down through the water they call the Purkinje fibers I can remember in a while that the bundle of his majors with adjacent to the figure of change you did change the tape on your glasses it used to be clear yesterday now spring and I Olympic this led to the end though so that is so yes the essay written out fires in the ghost dance the AV note and this is what I want to get across today no you have been declaration by the AV note but then you have to have a demonstration by the ventricles or your dad all right declaration without demonstration causes fibrillation and here is that I is always have to have a heartbeat we saw that there was a heart transplant but you know they put that hard in MMA allow this potassium chloride or what the take that it may they have to restart the heart they stimulate the heart and then you have my notes Gleneagles and the man is it takes a village and then he would have the contraction of the heart and you have perfusion of the organs and your life so declaration demonstrations animation of the organism through the beating of the heart all right so get with that was mailed my introduction so let's move now into the more meaty part we saw what was the largest rotation of the Old Testament 's availability saw yesterday Jeremiah thirty one two Cambridge after a ad then Hebrews chapter ten as well and we saw sanctification without reconciliation we saw Ms. Shannon and when he saw justification results for chambers of the heart and we look very practically that will those look like in terms of relationships as well we had some fun with that that was exciting with women very exciting of course I could be quite as exciting last night but it might be it is never know if I see you dozing off it will become very excited so sanctification reconciliation mission and justification less than impressed further forward today and we ask this question why was it that justification which we normally think about at the beginning of the Christian walk I was placed that the animal was not only harass place to begin the lessons they for instance prescribed in Chapter six those insults were someone who you were sanctified you were justified talking about the cleansing of the Corinthians why was that place what we usually place of birth let's pray Gammons assess the Lord be with us as we know now study some more father in heaven or thankful that you've promised to draw new mayor were two or three are gathered in your name today we desire to claim your name where Christians we desire to have that heart transplant desire to have a heartbeat today and a vibrant renewal of our experience with you only as a result of the spirit that you promised so draw near we pray Christ name on okay so why was it will place last enough thought about this question is a excellent book that was written by friend of mine Skip McCarty go out looked at the confidence and actually introduced me to these four ideas that we look at very practically last night but nowhere in the book that he addressed this issue that justification was placed last in outlets in this role he played me because well always hear about it being first is that of last result I would does wake up why is it last why add why was the first with that wake you up are you awake okay with that wake you up and so I I begin thinking about that him and the other thing dissipate to fix all that may be more starkly there are people and inserts that have this idea in the theology of justification the only thing that matters while the only thing that matters why the place alive nonetheless I would like to know what these people thinking an enemy sending magazines and newsletters in all talking about justification and I'd automatically house and so I was thinking why is the laugh maybe there is something here that can help me help them help others okay now 's a little more starkly but so I began thinking about that so that perhaps we look at the context of Hebrews eight to ten for a few moments to really understand how to get at this first for questions about the context will help us look at our question about justification verse what is new about the sanctuary the book of Hebrews second what's new about the company situation third does context and timing teaches anything and forthwith diagramming this x-ray light of what we discovered in his insight into our question of the Meridian for things and they were going come back to that question of why justification the last continues to items like about this in the nighttime meeting you have to be awake for such a thing as this so I can justify talking about this is the sunrise service so ill are awake for questions about the context first what is new about the sanctuary here in the book of Hebrews to do now without even looking what's new about okay what's new about the sanctuary year but like Hebrews eight one two five says it's now Avonlea thanks Red Hat 's new money they got to see if your house was Your Honor and that I was in heaven only when we might notice that very know is not here love their love job I suddenly cameras nine wine will listen to some of these texts are you using with your own mini eyeballs Hebrews chapter nine verse one almost is open up toward a little bit here look at this in danger even the first covenant at ordinances of divine service and an earthly sanctuary itself so again is not of this world that sanctuary has given its way to a heavenly signs were imprisoned nine eight what does it say there the Holy Spirit indicates that the way into the hall as the ball was not yet made manifest for the first tabernacle was still standing so now you have his way into the holiest of all open and of course the lawyers of all doesn't necessarily mean one of the compartments of the sacred it means that heavenly sanctuary itself always double and Hebrews nine twenty three and twenty four looking down there at the end of the middle verse twenty three therefore it was necessary that the copies of the things in the heavens should be purified with these but the heavenly things themselves with better sacrifices than these for Christ is not enter the holy places made with hands which are copies of the true but in the Avenue itself now to appear in the presence of God for so now the heavenly sanctuary is the focus can you say that first question the answer to it the thing that we discovered is that the focus of the book of Hebrews is on the heavenly cipher not just seriously but on the heavily safer the location is in heaven and why was it so helpful to the Hebrews why was I so happy about this because they are sanctuary was about to be torn down their size or was about to be obliterated Jerusalem was about to be destroyed the author of Hebrews unveils raise always Brent Sadler I got some good news for it even though your sanctuary can be taken away you have a better one and and have it isn't God good and outgoing tides something away he always replaces it with something better I was on a mountain with a boy young man ask a man it was the two hundred and fifty pound I think about last night it is grew up right there in the sentence and I was there with him and needs all races I really want to get my heart to God I really want to give my heart to God and a soloist handling of that and he said I like to watch Lord of the rings is it okay Lord of the rings anything else I liked sports I like these that you have all these things analyze original God is not knocking at all the doors inside your house is knocking at the front door amusements of the entertainment center anyway apply all these things they are under conviction you're afraid his binoculars but is asking to come into the front door to the about when you invite them in the front door enjoy your sound willingness to those other doors in the and I said anything about God this like last as we caused is that when he knocks on your door and he says I want to replace something ally says something better items and knocked on the door and had a meal is notably goats opened the door some good tokens out there in man sizing him and I felt good to do yet but there's something I think of Psalm eighty four it was also noted that from us so I think something away he always replaces it with something better in the living room as I look you are out of your science was in we do not doubt but there's something better than losing color to sell the context Jesus is the beer at the temple was about to be destroyed God was saying now look not just at your early ciphers about to be destroyed look at the heavenly sanctuary above second question what is new about the cabinet situation of course this is a book where people have great debates were not recovered all here but this is a good couple points first of all humorous chapter eight verse six it says look back if you present a three six you have now is obtained a more excellent ministry insomuch as he is the mediator of a better covenant will what's better about the covenant we saw that was taken right from the Old Testament and the New Testament but it says it's established out what kind of promises that are promised why they better promises because Christ is come and fulfill those promises about what you think is better a promise or a fulfilled promise so the idea of better means that Christ has the velvet is more excellent it's a better covenant is as better promises Jesus in our Scripture reading last night to get this he actually is the covenant another word was talking about the old covenant got it and Jesus himself actually is the common covenant look at it with me in Isaiah Isaiah chapter forty two and we read this in our Scripture West Lebanon quite get to it and let's just look at verse six by the Lord have called you in righteousness and will hold your hand is a mother that then we'll keep you and him who by the Lord is all capitalized and is as I have called you would just capitalize another was God the father talking to God the son I will year and I will did you and view as a one covenants of the people so who is the town of cowardice is not some ethereal thank the heart transplant that goes in the Old Testament New Testament is Christ in you the hope of glory can you say that so Jesus and is in fact the company and he has still failed the promises he resided away into the holy holy as has been made as a result what Jesus has done any presented nine first eleven and twelve what does it say this is that there's better blood not the blood of bulls and goats but now the blood is applied according to the author of Hebrews what does it say eleven and twelve Christ came as a high priest of good things to come the greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands of this creation not with the blood of goats and calves but with his own blood he entered the most holy place once for all having obtained eternal redemption so better blood away it into the holiest better cleansing verse fourteen in Hebrews nine were just looking at the contacts to try get back to our question what does it say how much more so the blood of Christ who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God hot cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the living God better one thing that is what a better way better promises of a better person everything better so the book of Hebrews is delusional that's the lots were viewed something that or something even much about so he rejected nine hundred sixteen what does it say there am he reserved nine through sixteen look at it with me for there is a testament there also of necessity must be the death of the testator so where there's a will if you put a well in place or a covenant in place it doesn't go into effect until the person who wrote the will dies and now it's saying all promises of that well all promises are they now are inflated because he came he led that he got hallelujah Penny is entered first forty four as we already read into God 's presence on her behalf and send now can finally and fully being dealt with as a result what Christ has done on the crux can finally and fully be dealt with in the Holy Spirit has now concentrated or inaugurated the heavenly sanctuary when he went out there remember he was anointed with the oil of gladness more than all his brother because he hated lawlessness and love righteousness and Sony went to have it when he was there what happened Pentecost in fact it was so much Holy Spirit on Jesus that what happened it not only a non- narrated that new sanctuary but again down to the ionosphere the stratosphere the atmosphere and came down on the waiting recipients and tongues of fire the inauguration of the heavenly century everything is better so I we learn anything here from the context is a sanctuary and it has all these things develop where does the context and timing they change anything but getting receptor nine twenty seven and twenty eight and as it is appointed for man to die once but after this the judgment so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many to those who eagerly wait for him he will appear a second time apart from sin or salvation like about that for a minute pointed a man once to die the context here is Christ that only does the guy said that I once and what kind of death that he die no one else's ever died this death he died the second death supported the men once to die Christ died that second and then what comes next after his death what would happen after supported her man was denied but after this the judgment in the contact visit its price and that but after his death there's a judgment gazing at an accounting hell is a very important little nuance to see a thing so the judgment comes organizing at work judgment later on in the chapter will accept itself what price to start doing that doing these sacrifices anymore that's the point of humans and one through a four one two four in verse four to summarize it is not possible to the blood of bulls and goats to take away sent and we don't need those any more than twenty percent the tennis sank and that it were shepherds and five through fourteen wonderful text Christ is the true sacrifice let's read it quickly it is so powerful therefore in other words because of what is done we came into the world he says sacrifice and offering you did not desire but a body of repair for me that's the incarnation in burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin you have no pleasure then I said behold I have come in the volume of the book it is written of me to giant whale of God is through covenant Christian event previously say sacrifice and offering brought offerings and operators say that those are but had or have pleasure in them would drop records a lot then he said behold I am come to do your will he takes away the first that he may establish the second by that we will have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Christ once for all that sanctification first thing in our list reconciliation is there too isn't it not my will but thy will be done reconciliation saying mission of the father saying medicine of the father was there right so all the chambers of the heart except justification are mentioned and that in a sense although it's pretty much there as well to but look at this this is a great text underline the study your Bible after Jesus is God after he died after all as things have happened my evangelical friends will say what and when I need the lobby more we don't need to listen to anything about God 's law anymore but notice what the Holy Spirit says I would like to listen to the Holy Spirit instead of your friends or amusing friends know acquaintances dear friends but notice what the Holy Spirit says this is after crisis is live is died within persisting a great sermon title but the Holy Spirit also witnessed this to us for after he had said before what a great sermon title after he had said before was that me another words you said it once before and now he same again what is his objective what is the objective of the Holy Spirit he wanted a O'Neill that's when anyone say no art in the and is the same hard notice because he quotes where Jeremiah thirty one November sixteenth this is the covenant I will make with them after those days that the Lord I will put my law in the hearts and in their minds I will write it then summarize in going to the end of our four-part heart he had their sands and lawless deeds I will remember no more same order sanctification then justification same order justification is last year 's coming and arrested okay he wants is low remote parts of myself we look at what's new what's new heavenly sanctuary secondly what do we find that our promises everything is better because it was Jesus third what do we find the contact in the timing shows us that there's a timeline in the book of Hebrews Christ can he was born incarnation he live and many die right and I was raised again and after that the Holy Spirit is saying objective same thing I wanted to this is a timeline is it's showing is a timeline now what happens then actually be verse twenty five when we see next in the timeline of Hebrews first twenty four twenty five oversight about verse twenty four church time under organ donations can be exciting I can't wait but the limited start on that because will get confused verse twenty five not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as is the manner of sense but exhorting one another and so much the more as you see what's as a next holidays that were designed for was the second coming coming as a second Andrea say something else day of atonement actually have a job in other words death another words that damage home is coming Jesus talked he dies and then the Holy Spirit just and right align your hearts because there is a day of atonement copy Yom Kippur the day of judgment for the Hebrew this must've been accelerating by Chapel and find out but there's one and have it I added another sacrifices but he is the sacrifice cut samples but it got better promises but is adamant that the Holy Spirit still has the same type of example but there still is the day with the day of atonement we still have the day to day what is the group milieu voices of the holiday that is the object itself first what was that about the sanctuary is location second what was that about the cabinets into waste and its stipulations were augmented right better promises more excellent ministry start does contact is anything about the timing yes the incarnation of Christ and to incur the life the price had to be let in the death of Christ had to happen the judgment overseen by Christ with follows judgment was committed to the sun is a hallelujah to the so that was my summary statement just in case you lost everything else I said for now our fourth question that we've asked you guys are doing an excellent really feel like you're doing excellent calling no things which are not as old as a biblical principle just in case forth what diagramming the sanctuary and light of what we discovered Dennis insight into our question what was I burning question why is justification placed last in those last both in the present and he presented Jen and also in first Corinthians while supplies last as that of Earth when all is people around the ethernet is the most important thing about what we think is important of according to the author of Hebrews example is that were talking about is would stumble the heavenly right and what's that largest quote the woman tells about sanctification reconciliation and mission and then justification why is that last while let's do a little chronological marker do the chronological markers of you was a content matchup with Daniels David Talmud prophecy they actually do notice what is a member that have any remember that David Silva prophecy on the two thousand three hundred days then sell the sanctuary be knit stock made right may cleanse twenty seven order right so notice what happens four fifty seven and Jesus comes and a is sanctified his reconcile his mission is the same and then something happens in eighteen forty four it's interesting could it be related to justification anyway what's luck it is called the day the day was the key expression that would remind believers of the day that's what they literally called it a day so let's look here in a couple tacks usually when we think about justification by faith or justification we go immediately to Romans chapter one verse sixteen and seventeen let's look at it another Matthew Mark Luke John acts and then Romans Romans chapter one verse sixteen and seventeen for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes for the Jew first and also the Greek for in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith as it is written the just shall live by faith so the power of God the gospel of God justification by faith but jobs he declares them just nothing they can do with the declaration shall lead demonstration by a NN so a declaration we also have demonstration in the context of faith which meddling as a gift as well so the just shall live by faith at present but noticed something else a text we got off what were thinking about this issue of justification right to my attention by the scholar NT Wright in his book justification very fascinating in his blog he likens everything that Paul is say to the children of Israel and he says what was that it comments on this verse I want all slaughters ability to show universe look at Romans chapter two and verse thirteen for not read this you have a Bibles is a new wondering for not thy hands of the law are jobs in the sight of God but the dollars of the law will we justify is not says that a Harrah's but the showers it's not just those who talk about the declaration itself but also have a demonstration that are justified can you say hallelujah to that now you beginning to see why justification is not at the first but many this will have interesting that is not as they harassed but it's also the talking you know whether or not someone is a doer and so you see them do it with me so Paul would often talk about that taxpayer tempted to the doors of a lot of what is one of his future there is a day Romans to an verse sixteen what does it say in the day when God will judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel how can we know when someone is justified and the day of judgment that's what I'll say right with me I don't awards declaration is not enough there must be a demonstration the jobs shall but Evan was a day when this judgment will be made and what is that declaration leads to demonstration with the Pentecostal or the Pentecostal brother Christian because the Spirit has said like you said before I will write my liner hearts and minds in the this is a picture I look at this text of letter this I love this text Romans chapter twelve role as well I told you this was Bill Moran the Bible study moving up through the I Ramos at the twelve first one to three I beseech you therefore brethren you know Paul is always the same while this is daily in every single epistle of Paul is like a psychic counseling session is like a cognitive behavioral therapy session what he does is he I he identifies first of all the problems and then he obliterates the problems and then he answers all the questions people might have about the problems and finished as an light of all that therefore let me show you something on his arguments before in the book of Romans all the arguments then becomes it is as all right as we summarized to give you a bottom-line statement here the Budweiser I basically say therefore brethren by the mercies of God what's the underlying theme by the grace of God of the founders of her blog is the grace of God by them the grace and my life and what he has done that you know what present your bodies a what's it say living sacrifice holy acceptable God which is your will service reasonable in light of what I declared and what I've done is reasonable for you to do this do not be conformed to this world but be one transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may want to say nice prone what is that good and acceptable and what perfect will of God in other words yet the heart transplant my laws threaten your life and you're going to live according to that not just declaration there's going to be a demonstration venues Internet so will be living sacrifices will have transformed lives every thought brought into captivity to the obedience of Christ this is another place from being the perfect will of God God 's longer than ours this says it is not just declaration into demonstration but keep in mind what to say there to each has been given a measure of say one identity because we went out even have the building blocks and less he tells us a measure of faith how many five heart transplant he now against the heart and places them in an defibrillation with a measure of his Holy Spirit manifested in Spain and it bred cannot rise to the occasion without haste and you can either unless he puts in eleven of his righteousness right is the point some listings sacrifices see where we are the sanctuary that are transformed by the renewing of your mind I wanted to they fro one is that perfect will of God can you see how the text is a sanctuary not just declaration by also demonstration no hard Christians only wanted the new heart Christian in if you have a new part put into your body and they just live the same way what's can happen apart the local plaque again and you'll die but if that new heart experience for a major entire being whatever you eat whatever you drink whatever you do you do all to the pool and obligated at your life is transformed right Dennis play out in Christ's life without he sought leverage Chapter ten verse five to fourteen by the way he was sanctified letting there among the people can any good thing come out of he was a wicked city right sanctify he was reconciled to his father on the cross and that sense of mission he also demonstrated and you could say that Christ was justified in the side of the entire universe because he was the just one who lived by faith and this is why Paul says he is both just and the justifier MN all right in Christ's life there was more than just declaration there was also one demonstration hallelujah now matter how many are beginning to see why justification was placed last in the list my first emergency that getting a more clear as the day yesterday adjustment lets adenosine receptor ten verse twenty five to thirty eight the receptor channels now I somewhat suddenly have five minutes this is bad news because I have like five more hours to cover but will will will will will will finish in five minutes they can break and come back I am excited about this justification elicited today remember this day of judgment that was coming let's look a little closer now back in the book of Hebrews Hebrews Hebrews just ten and look at verse twenty six first for smokers twenty five the oversight be assembled together as is the manner of some exhort one another and so much more as you see what to say next the day approaching this is the day of what judgment so I just wanted to be entered into by God 's people live in verse twenty six for if we sin willfully after we received the knowledge of the truth another with music window markers as one who is well all that there remains no longer a sacrifice for sins but a fearful expectation of what to say next judgment so the author of Hebrews is saying what Christ came he led the dive the Holy Spirit said still same objective I want my lot in your hearts and minds because there is a very coming what day is the day of judgment going through twenty six now to be known and fully entered into this day of judgment God 's people there is a profile of the day of atonement people it's given I would like to see what that profiled the day to come in people lives I would like to have the characteristics of someone who has the new heart and that's what sells and chapter ten verse nineteen to thirty nine come back to that just to be able to quit right now and when you look at an exciting profile and that's really the heart donation God wants to get the others but let's let's look at something very key our question are burning question was what why is justification for last it was put first by so many people we discovered this because they did not really understand something what that the just need to live by faith in order to ultimately be told what justified and interesting is that declaration must be joined with demonstration according to the author keepers now and see if I'm right look with me in Hebrews chapter ten after this day of judgment what happens first thirty the Lord will judge his people at the end verse thirty five now notices remember the day was mentioned that now notice what was the next in the context verse thirty five therefore do not cast away your confidence which has great rewards for you have need of endurance that after you have done so what does it say there done the will of God you may resave the law so when you receive the promise after the will of God is done not just declaration but what demonstrations and by the way is that all giving God the glory has to be because he gave you the measure of faith it is righteousness you're allowed to be lived out within yourself but then notice what happens what's it's a net adjustment after Jesus is the first time after all that what does a nice verse thirty seven for yet a little while and he who is coming will can't and will not tarry what day is that that's the second coming the day of atonement and the second John Wayne and then what does it quote right after that now in context of the second coming the people living just before the second coming the people doing the will of God from the heart the people that are proving that good and acceptable will of God now what does it say verse thirty eight now jobs show Liz by faith gays do I justification misplaced last what is the next chapter all about how the people live by faith and they all adjusted and then it sang a duet by faith estimate all the way out to the second coming the jobs show what loot by faith here is the patience of the saints here they did keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus he doesn't do them as a measure of faith Groh 's faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God and in and we pray Lord increase our faith in the faith increases and increases and increases in God 's transplant then actuates our entire being and it's not just declaration is also demonstrated how will now look at this I checked myself as a way to minute I disagree my doing violence to this idea of righteousness by faith and I am I in trouble knife I similarly look at some non- Adventist scholars as well see what they're saying as well as MS-DOS Australia one of a prominent and a scholar and also you what not and Wisconsin is supposed at first look at Susan it was not Ellis none of his color for the quote from the was absolute by faith is using a different way than Paul uses it in emphasizing the need for initial faith apart from works that's declaration while Hebrews uses it for Jen Chang Ewing say is a hallelujah the social lubricant this statement sets the stage for the rollcall of faith in Chapter 11 this rollcall so that faith often causes persecution even death it emphasizes that these Old Testament believers even amidst great difficulties can have insight the author of Hebrews asserts his confidence that his readers will also continue in faith until the unjust shall live by Daisy what justification is placed last by the author of the fascinating music now let me just look at one do this maybe do this next hour so you can see this people and what they look like when we show you though another prominent I was a theologian than just a devotional reader Melissa aloe White House to the same conclusion the author of Hebrews did several have written a man climbed if the message of justification by faith is the third Angels message and I've answered it is the third Angels message in verity which of the angels is the third visit the first the second or the third it's the last one another words she sang justification is the last message just like the other keepers it with Nanette now knows what else he says God 's forgiving this declaration is not merely a judicial act by which he sets free from condemnation is not only forgiveness from sandbox reclaim a from sin it's not just declaration it's also demonstration is the outflow of redeeming love that transforms the heart not just declaration but also demonstrates that looks like a white read the book of Hebrews in a plan is one visit allowed the heartbeat is a God Holy Spirit stands as his electrical force that gives us not only well but the dog of a heartbeat of faith but just love shall live done by faith that's the rub David is whether Janet letter perfect obedience the render to God through the imputed righteousness of Christ declaration in shoots his rights as we can I will get I would belong declaration and ways our advance of the wine demonstration the fact that God loves us as he loved Jesus Jesus reached out in faith in the father gave him everything he needs some angels he was both just and the justifier of those who live by faith not just declaration but also demonstrates it out physically speaking when people get a new heart transplant they often don't live that long suggest that they do before they get a heart transplant they checked the mind and there is a matinee say what are you really desiring to have what you get into this is all kinds of other donors who want to start and wiser we give our deal not I like that I will but have anything that still is a good thing you see we might want to say I want you to declare that I have a new heart but shouldn't we also want him to demonstrate what the new hard to do shouldn't declaration lead us to desire to see demonstration enough my answer the reason justification is for the last is because God ordained that way and Corinthians what is says they were homosexuals they were drunken they were this analysis and science were some of you but you were sanctified you were justified is nothing better than seeing a born again Christian whose a born-again Christian I when the honor property for about four years for a half years with two people who used to be meth amphetamine addicts totally under this way of the devil totally under the sway of that drug but they begin watching I got one of the went to jail guys out and they found this old TV other than watching this TV and they saw Doug Vasser on the TV and the sort of watching the presentations on the Gospel and everything else and they said that's what we want and they began attending church their lives were radically changed completely changed completely change now one of those that have elder of the church and preaches couple times a month and the other one was the Sabbath school teacher and I have complete confidence in her because her life has been changing by the declaration of God and now through a demonstration of God 's power in the life I want that for your lives and for this campus let's pray together and were to come back we'll look at this profile and we look at something called organic donation what on the cover is this little bright there was a time in this church the seventh endless church that Ellen White said Angelos and Waggoner were preaching that the loud cry had begun and that is stopped why did it stop how could be started again this has everything to do with our next subject now this heartbreak my sister heart transplant undesired being before the loud typewriter return we need an organ donation chapter will study will be Isaiah fifty eight so joined when we come back following seven thank you today that you came not with just declaration but gave the ultimate demonstration allies of death the South heard that that gives life to all as we think about that on this campus this week were thankful for not only your declaration but your demonstration and that you are living now even now demonstrating that you desire us to not only declare but to be a spectacle of men and angels on your behalf we don't know how you do it but your promise has been presented to us we want to enter into thank you becoming price this media was brought by audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in www. audio tours .org


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