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John Bradshaw

Speaker/Director for It Is Written




  • April 9, 2012
    7:00 PM
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everyone blessing to see you here tonight thank you for coming out thank you and be half of Jesus what he wanted you to be here and I I am prayerful and hopeful that tonight would go to be richly blessed as we open up the Bible and and look at some things that I hope will stretch us and bless us and be meaningful and tonight I just want to sail for that is really an introduction to what's going to come we give for a couple of weeks so be little gentle with me tonight is his round one and we've got a few more rounds to go before we had done so this is the sum total of what we're going to experience together just an opening salvo and I'm hopeful very hopeful that you make plans to come back tomorrow night in the next nominee and so on and see the series through because I believe you will be really richly blessed well let's begin by praying and expecting the blessing of God would evaluate it with me as we pray a father in heaven thank you that we can come to you tonight in the name of Jesus we are grateful for your wounded we are thankful that there is hope for all of loss because there is a God in heaven who loves us and gave his son to die for us as we come to you in your will tonight I pray especially that you direct us we don't want to come presumptuously we come in the spirit of all they learn the hoping to learn believing to live in having faith that you will guide and direct us and grow us and so will do that tonight speak and be heard and grown that this errant faulty human instrument might be used by him and in these moments that heaven would impact Russell a blessing guide us by his Spirit now we pray gratefully and we pray Jesus name please say with me a name I remember just when it was it was in December of two thousand two easy to remember my wife was great with child expecting our second boy who we knew at that moment was going to be ago and we knew she was going to be named Shannon I had chosen that from long ago my grandmother was born on the banks of the River Shannon and son my daughter would be Shannon and Shannon is just very grateful to this day that might happen that my grandmother wasn't born on the banks of the Mississippi but things get it if they're not all that different but it was December two thousand and two Melissa was expecting he was only days away and that's when something interesting happened this was in North Carolina and being raised in New Zealand I wasn't I guess by then I was but you know I wasn't raised with the with the vagaries of of Southern American women in North Carolina in December it can be warm it can be warm all the way down to the week before Christmas short sleeves whether that I've experienced that all there could be an ice storm early in the month and in two thousand and two there was an ice storm early in the month ice storms up pretty then it's great the rain comes down at freezes instantly after everything is coated with ice if the sun shines on that it's beautiful it's like looking free nice and the sun shining on it go to your viewing a million prisons and it's just gorgeous except that ice weighs something beautiful will who knew I did know that ice would weigh so much we had a tree outside is really outside the dining room window was in it I do know what you call one of these and maybe it was an out of the Taser was an out of the tank at school another detailed of another difference was that I would be take out front and it was those one of these was an evergreen shaggy looking thing and when the ice storm came this thing which was all I don't own tear in twelve feet tall was bent over in a perfect like a perfect upside down view it just been painted in fact I think the tree is still been to this day we couldn't quite straighten back out now the Albany today thankfully good been but you get some other things that cannot and up and up the gantries another brutal anyway and you get to my son they haven't given a loose brunches and stuff is going to come crashing down which is fine unless the trees come crashing down on power lines which invariably they do they must add the trees came down and someplace down on the power lines all over North Carolina as a matter of fact and we lost power it was really very serious they brought in trucks utility trucks from South Carolina as far away as Georgia maybe other places these are just the ones that I sold and people across North Carolina maybe not the entire state but across a wide swathe off of North Carolina were without power now to begin with to be without Alice got a fun because it's got it likened and we were off work at that time anyway and so you know no big deal I guess it's easy for me to take up I wasn't I was in the private one but for us it was my son and I we had a good time he was two and a half years old and then it was we lit candles man you know and then we pulled out extra blankets was fine so being so-called of food in the fridge wasn't going to spoil maybe the freezer would be a different matter but we thought the power would come back on the program and so we lit candles in the evening and we had fun it was lovely and the next day with a power didn't come back on and so with taking the soymilk and putting on the back step you know when this is cold out there not quite cold enough given the house but we are confident that any day now with all of these work is a veritable army of them looking that the power would soon be restored now by the time the next full day had gone through was get no cold in the house so we knew what to do we just pulled on more clothing another jersey won't swear to perhaps or a red jacket with something before long you have on two pairs of socks and Ogg system like that but a big deal you can you can survive and then the next that was even colder in the house was not a good little bit frigid and in the evening were putting extra blankets on the bed and looking at each other and was saying how long do you think we can deal with this and remember Melissa was was expecting to have our baby go any time and eventually we broke down you know across the street and we didn't know this and they didn't know that we didn't know this arousal would come and told us across the street and one over there without a big basement and gas heat and so for them it was it was it was Florida down and I was happy as clams and an wall life was going on but for us life had stopped it was called then you can be cold and okay but it comes good to a point where you can be called and actually worry for your life no we went there because we knew that there were places we could go but you can freeze to death in a and so we thought less selves and we wanted and we said okay it's it's it's it we got together and we contacted some friends from church would contact mocking Teresa and they had to know what they had they had a fireplace with with with wood-burning and I guessing they had gas and electricity I reckon they had electricity that everything and they lived about twenty five minutes when they said just come on over and so we did it was so nice to leave the igloo behind and get over to that the Moshe 's house where the weather was good at least the weather inside the house was good wasn't the weather at all where it was warm inside the house and they would just you know casually and comfortably dressed better than normal amount of blankets on the bed and and and so full of and we made it to the house and it was a safe haven it was a refuge and it was great and we will walk again and we wondered but what about our home and within the world will they restore the pal you see while we were there living in that house existing in that house it was one thing in our mind on online and that was having the outlaw restored normally if there's an outage somebody has crashed the car into a transform or something you go to get the power back on it in our two with three or four but until I stole or for tornado goes through you can be without Powell IV there have been people that what people than without ten days or two weeks it's not pretty or we wish and what we were wanting for was that the power would be restored you know we didn't know until the next day that the twentieth thirty minutes after we left the house that evening the power came back on the matter was taken while the house warm-up I suppose restoring power that's what we were wanting that's what we were hoping for if there's no power it doesn't matter how good your dishwasher is you can't use it because it is about it doesn't matter how bright and shiny your clothes dryer is all your blender is it doesn't matter what you have one of these very fancy refrigerators in your kitchen or something bargain basement it doesn't matter it was when there's no pallets like the great equalizer when this locality is no power and no matter how impressive the appliances look no matter how expensive they were not matter how much you like them when this note how long they good for nothing and so we understand that in the day-to-day realm we understand we understand that if they had no batteries in the remote you can click it at the TV set till the cows come home and you to change the general we understand it doesn't matter how much you want to watch the basketball game or the one in the thing on television if there is no power you are watching it remember the bad old days when the battery in a laptop last to give them eighty two hours and you will like wow my laptop battery lasts two hours you are really something and then when the battery runs down and there's no power it's just frustrating the we know how to deal with what happens when there's no power in your Christian experience what happens the when you can wait out an ice storm you can be inconvenienced where inconvenience but it wasn't a big deal software rep power that if we were without power for twelve days different matter but you can get by your typical power outage but what if this note Paola in your Christian experience and you will know what I mean what happens when you come face-to-face with temptation that is serious perhaps old temptation is serious I shouldn't try to make up temptation hierarchy let us say you are confronted with a serious temptation and it's an added cost for some resoluteness on your part it calls for some spiritual backbone it calls for some spiritualists feeling of spine what happens when there's no power what happens then when when when when you're called upon all confronted with a moral or ethical decision that is of some importance the making albeit not making all of which decision will have some ramifications in your spiritual life when it the power what happens maybe you've experienced waking up the next morning and sing when the will was that or maybe you've experienced blundering through some situation looking back and think with that me what happened there that's not who I have that's not how I live that's not what should happen that's not how I was raised that's not what I expect from myself it was no pal one what happens when there's no palette you see ladies given the we need to understand that that that it is important that the spiritual power continues to flow LI and when there is a power outage what you go to do to restore that how I wonder if you would take your Bible if you have your Bible with you and should in your Bible to the book of Romans and that would be Romans chapter one Romans chapter one turn their power whereas the power to come from we talk about that a lot these days there are some people who bothered by by this worlds dependence on fossil fuels evidently there can only be a limited supply of these things and they foul the environment and so they say where should we get the power where should we get and so today you know the old kinds of different sources for us to get power now what where I grew up we had some discussions about this New Zealand's only the size of Colorado it's not the biggest place if you put a power stations some with you go to be putting it in someone's backyard and the NIMBYs and their everywhere don't want you putting a Palace Station in Europe in the backyard you know but not in my backyard people better than one and so website where we go to get Powell with New Zealand has revisited and rivers that run through valleys is still easy you just build the dam and then an flood the valley will radical you remember in the South Island they think they destroyed these the magnificent all kids and they they they they drowned towns you know what people 's livelihoods were affected and and then those apricot orchards were destroyed so so there was some debate about this social palette and just up the road from where I will end in that in the town in which I was born just up the road from where we lived right on the on the banks of this is the group that they built a cold five electricity generating station and other some issues there the town in which this place was located was was all coal coal mines everywhere call call call they said we hold is called in the ground it's to get out of the ground and grown-up and provide how we have to tell and then and then they would geothermal power station of geothermal energy in New Zealand and so they kept some of that a native power source out of a Palace Station and today you know we wonder what we go to do we don't want coal-fired power stations that know that one of in Wyoming and West Virginia but some of the places they say is not good so we look for a good source of how nuclear power they say that's pretty easy and relatively cheap but I thought you don't have to be agreeing you recognize this is a downside with nuclear Palouse the people in Chernobyl and Fukushima and three mile Island is a downside what do you do with all that waste so the question all of aware to get the power is a is a very real question I and you people are getting creative with this we spoke to to a guy the other day just the other day and he was a taxi driver at one stage and he drove at all diesel powered Mercedes that was the taxi and in an effort to save money he powered the taxi on used cooking oil is good about that and he said he could buy the stuff for two dollars a gallon and with a minimum of fuss put it into the taxi and he had a taxi that was driving on it was not using fossil fuels and he liked that he wasn't like this when those vehicles drive past I've never experienced this but when they drive past a smell good and he said that something that worked well for him was that you get the passengers in the car and you drive along in spades I get hungry and they say what before you go hunting to take me by the fast food place and they sit there and the media would to to to to to DC to get another ten dollars seven people because the cost notes of the data hungry and they'd have you wake at McDonald's aware these this is not new but I can across this again is a report from the Associated Press in Vermont in a place full of Bridgeport I do know where that is it I think it should be I thought it should be Bridgeport and when I sort on my screen it had the red line under it is a you know what me this is spelled wrong but the reports and reports of negatives in Bridport Vermont and Bridport Vermont it was a fella had a dairy farm fifteen hundred cows on the file and he got to thinking any any figured out that you could get all that menu of any heated up and it would release me say and the naysaying would power a generator which would then return and electricity into the grid enough electricity to power three hundred and thirty 's that didn't say what that smells like that you can just imagine we're looking for sources of power while our politicians parliamentarians they wrestle with is with the Paladin account for we don't rely on Middle Eastern oil they say we don't want afoul the environment they say we need every unit you see these windmills now you know there everywhere you see them across the fruited plain in Europe I've noticed that they have been out in the sea afar off the coast to heaven out there and they tune in turn evidently that there there there there generating electricity without without doing any damage to the environment it's got to be good ideas awake at the palace when you get it for your life you can be as creative as you want with solar panels and and and and electricity and then this and that but when it comes to powerful your spiritual life you will discover there's just one place you can get it we weren't Romans chapter one let's let's let the Word of God speak to us Romans chapter one and boasts sixteen Romans chapter one and verse sixteen here's what we read in the word of God Romans one verse sixteen Paul writes to the church in Rome and he says I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it here's the what the next work the power of God unto what an notice what it says it is the power of God unto salvation to go to everyone who believes he said not to the Jews for us and also to the great go to the Gentiles to one of these ones that were part of God 's chosen nation and into the rest of the world in fact he's saying here to the believe on the unbeliever there was one place that power comes from and you've heard this said before and I expect I look at it too much that's original that would powder room and stepped one of the sixteen is the Greek would do limits and that's when we get Outlook dynamite from so so the idea is some serious power and posted that the gospel if God 's power which when it is at work in our lives brings salvation to us to anyone you don't get creative you I was reading just the other day is not some offbeat religious group and the poor talk about where they are but here in the United States offbeat and I mean the non-Orthodox in the mainstream and what with the kind of do 's is bringing its green idea that you can little Christianity will go to the little sailor Little Islam a little you name it and they bring it to get a ball of these texts and one white and one lady said this she said I don't know why anybody would have a problem with me being involved in this it has made me a stronger person so I can't see the downside in this great but you'll understand that heaven is in for strong people everlasting life it is and isn't given to those with strong we'll talk a little bit more about that a bit later on the question isn't doesn't does it make you stronger does that make you bitter are you happy of the question is how and if God 's talent is a legitimate if it is also documenting that from a biblical point of view isn't with God hates is what God is about the Bible says there is power in one place and the power is in the gospel it's in the gospel under a challenge little bit of these next two weeks I I spoke earlier today to students you know what I said this I said when when a person comes to an academic institution as old costs as Loma Linda University that person comes to class and his challenge challenge we got to expand your mind if you're training to be a physician I want you to be challenged as a patient I want you to be challenged I don't want you to sleep through class and breeze through school will and and and and be blessed with grade inflation I don't want that I want to know that you can and sweated and studied in London staying up all night long and that qualification if you're not health sciences of public health nursing you'll go to be challenged and you expect to be you don't come from where you will to an academic institution and and nothing and leave decorated with a degree you come because you want to learn you want to develop you want to grow you wanted peace Karen asked I hope that people like me because they want to be stretched I hope you don't mind being challenged a little but of these next couple of weeks I hope you don't mind looking in the mirror and saying wait a minute wherein lie in relation to gone with the power in my life and my experiencing the power of God unto salvation we already challenged spiritually the Bible is an extremely challenging book and I'm not talking about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps out of me but it's a challenging book challenging enough that the Bible says only that only the dead shall live Jesus made a radical statement he said if you want everlasting life you want to pick up your cross daily and follow the new understand what they they understood about the crops cross was an instrument upon which people want they died it was an awful day it was a horrible death and I wonder sometimes if Jesus Estrada said was that this this this death that we ought to die that we might live can be a painful get maybe Jesus as it is even sharing that the waltz of Christianity if I can call them that and suggesting to you that they may be a struggle involved our body hummed merrily on the cross and Jesus might be saying this thing is the challenge that we some things you want to go that I want you to let go tell me something I want you to take on board you might want like the size of we might need to be challenged on the goddess think there was out one place real palette no we don't talk about experiencing that power the power of God unto salvation the Bible will come alive as we studied together Jesus will be preciously real as we study together God is noticing especially valid faith is going to seem particularly relevant I will tell you this that by the time we had done you will have your head assurance about his salvation you have a question at again you you will you will know how to stand in the side of God confident confident that salvation is certain and assured and secured it is the reason with studying together is because God wants us to experience victory web before we might have been experiencing spiritual defeat Dundee to stay in the cold no need for the icicles to broaden your experience not me to be experiencing spiritual death when God wants to give us a white-hot experience of spiritual life let's done to Matthew chapter twenty had another post you got a note maybe by hot Matthew chapter twenty eight where is the power Matthew chapter twenty eight and were towards the end of the chapter verse eighteen Matthew twenty eight ago safety this is part of what is what with being told is called the great commission this is where Jesus commissioned his followers he gave them they work you gave them their marching orders here's what he said Matthew chapter twenty eight and verse eighteen Jesus came and spoke to them saying all power is given to me in heaven and in the knot again you want to think about that is dynamite Powell authority power or whatever power but Jesus they talked about a hour he had authority he had ability he had the power to the Bible spoke about here or how is given me in the heaven and in the next twenty said based on that fact go and teach all nations baptizing make disciples of the baptize them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit you see what we see is that there is how long there was power available and I'm go to draw a distinction here there's much power available to us that we get from Christ that would be wrong to say you get power for your spiritual journey from Christ would be wrong not even a read and good textbooks in good and inspired writings or not the just human media window and I know this is semantics but to suggest that we get power from Christ 's payment slightly the wrong direction I would submit to you tonight that rather than getting out power from Christ we get out power in Christ and I would suggest that the very important this distinction for instance the power of the gospel doesn't come to you like gas comes in your gas tank you drive to the gas tank gas station you put the pump in the gas tank you fill it you squeeze the things that clicks off you hang up you say I'm good and I'll be good for a week open for four days ago for two weeks whatever how would works for you because I have filled my tank with gas and now I just got a go on my way I'll watch the bonito it start up here and if and it's got to work its way down the EMI gets down close I realize I have to do something about an arrest I'll be running on empty copies of the stock so that on the back to the gas tank and fill up our drive away from the gas station and I will say I really don't need you now I will need you for another week to ten days or whatever the case might be and you can go on merrily motoring without any reference or a default of the gas station you may even forget all about it never get another phone until you look down you see the needle down the red now you say I got a go get more power is not how it looks with Jesus we don't come to Jesus can heal down in the morning get a fill up and I said thanks I'll get back to when I need you and go on our way maybe in the evening we checked they can all maybe you were too busy so you went the next day you fill out the data filled up this morning but somehow it works instead the Christian comes to Jesus and plugs in and doesn't pull out the plug it would be like going to a gas station and driving off with the with the thing in the gas tank it's very long cold if all you Avery Dennison website we don't come to Jesus Philip and disconnecting go on Elway because that's not where the power is if that's your approach was that I got power from Jesus and now the palace in the end that didn't have the right our spiritual strength our spiritual health spiritual ability don't take me to task for my woods you know what I'm talking about doesn't come from Christ but in Christ and only as we are connected to JD says will we experience the power of the gospel you you you take that blend on your kitchen counter you you know it might be a pretty blender you might use it all day yesterday but as long as it's unplugged it and go to work there's nothing that it has nothing to offer that blend of that but whatever it is needs to be plugged in and connected when you plug in and connected you can't help but feel the power you cannot but help experience the palette if you want to Entergy has been something to happen we think about that those in Galatians wanting to attend a Galatians chapter two an first twenty relations Chapter two and verse twenty this is an introduction tonight Galatians chapter two and verse twenty okay guess it's after Corinthians is a Galatians four Ephesians Galatians two and verse twenty and he is what pollsters inhalations to invest twenty polls if I and him crucified with Christ never the less I live yet whom I but why tell me Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the face of the son of God me and gave himself for me now we can understand something only rudimentary we did have time to dig too deep tonight will get but the word of God contemplates a Christian experience with Jesus lived his life in you I meant to tell you what it so vital I was raised in a religious home it would be wrong to call in a Christian home there was some homes like mine really just like mine that you could probably call Christian homes but you wouldn't really say that about my and I was raised to believe that there was a God yes and that it was a heaven and I wanted to go the reasoning I was raised to believe that heaven was with good people went in I don't know useful that was maybe it was my fault maybe it was my dad 's fault maybe with the nuns fault maybe was the priests for life not on the looking to apportion blame and maybe not everybody went to my church felt that way but that's that's how I was told that's what I got at least that is a heaven and you can go if you put enough not a mind reader feeling that I learned that as a Roman Catholic because that's not a knock on Catholics there are plenty of Baptists who believe that heaven is a place for good people to get Methodists and Nazarenes and Pentecostals and Seventh-day Adventists far too many to believe that heaven is the reward you receive will be good is up with that if you're half way normal it's used a different word if you're even almost honest and that's your philosophy that heaven is where good people go in that understanding is going to eat you alive because you will get pretty quickly that you're not good we live five doors down from the church closest family who went to that church to the church five doors down I would go to confession which is typically on a Saturday afternoon and would have sinned before I got home five doors down you almost have to try to do that they just came naturally and I remember getting home and thinking what was the point of fact what was the point of fact and I'm not go to pretend that my understanding even of my own faith was perfect back pain was supported that I remember coming to the conclusion that because I was so bad not good that probably the only hope for me of going to heaven and understand my way of thinking the alternatives to heaven would very good my only hope of going to heaven would be that guy right African-American session by phone about that young kid not obtain his old one likely to have a heart attack how can I dial one to know the church was on the main road the main highway and even though then now finally building a big iPods around my town of a beat you to be completed in the W twenty three seventy eight he started years ago when I don't be doing this tool lease trucks big semi striving right right past the church might recall coming out of the church and standing by the stones fans and coming out that there was no date the above it was an opening and thinking you what I really need it would be great if wanting trucks would run off the road and just to me because then I would die good episode say come on now I was just a kid have mercy on me but what can you ever think if you ever thought that heaven was a place for good people as I can tell you for effect you're not going I tell you that because of what the Bible sees no I had to meet this again maybe it's just regular human thinking my son was maybe two or three years old at the most and we were kneeling to pray together one night and I prayed and then Milo Boyd prayed my beautiful boy and during his prayer he prayed and dear Jesus help me to be good have your children ever played prayed that prayer have you ever predict help me to be good I should wait stop sign I interrupted and white we need to talk and we had the pool I suggested I want you to pray that my son do you pray and ask Jesus to help you to be good we knew then that he wasn't in when encouraging him to be bad he knew that I'm not getting Wilson let me explain to you this and things in the Bible that you need to know the Bible says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God all of us of sin he could understand that I should amend the Bible says there is none that does good no not one and Jesus talk to a fellow undated why you calling me good is only one who's good and who was that filming on a call so understand ladies in general and that if you're praying to be good you're essentially trying to be gone understanding of the Bible 's so I said to my son son Jesus is that none of us can be good so if you pray that Jesus would help you to be good then you are praying an impossible pray you are praying a prayer that God cannot announce a new look looks it when we do now can't I suggested his mother want you to did instead of praying that Jesus would help you to be good pray that Jesus will come into your heart and pray that Jesus remember what we just read in Galatians pray that Jesus would live his life in you I said not Jesus is living his life and you can you be that if you are not possibly you see when Jesus comes in real life he brings his power Christianity is about going down to the gym and working out into the net to get on the Jimmy workout and then when no one 's around instead front of the mirror you look man I got just grown and spread biceps and you might wait to get home to go to the bathroom don't get to see you and your sensing progress on scene definition of seeing obscene muscles grow that it know I had a feeling aches in places other than that but I am feeling him starting to look up look like Arnold Schwarzenegger looked when he was about eight years old easy progress and that's as you all you little pig little more defined a little more chiseled yet and that's bodybuilding that that's like trying but that's appropriate but Christianity isn't like that on a little more patient cool working on my self-control Yum get there all great I'm really trying to be Pulitzer and I be more pure this went than I was last with Lowenstein progress that's not what the Bible says the Bible says that Jesus comes in real life and Bolivia 's life in you and when he dies Jesus will bring his balance his righteousness is obedience this commandment keeping his worthiness you understand what I'm saying the right with putting the focus in the right place a lot of the wrong place somebody once wrote in a book I read that the hottest battle that we ever have to plan is a bandwagon self than that that just means self wants to much french fries self often wants to take too much credit what Jesus is doing self offenses know Jesus I bought this one it's okay I'm working on the holiness myself and until we come to the place where rumor where we realized that heaven is in for good people went on try to be good ladies and gentlemen good folks don't get to go to heaven righteous people go to heaven heaven is the holy people not the people you understand the distinction he and where you go to get righteous resolving this is only one place you go to get that not at this virtual gym not by doing a spiritual workout but by trying to sell about it there's only one place you get that and that is in Jesus Christ as you resealed and cry life in you and not now the trick is willing to surrender with and learning to cooperate will let more about that as time goes by they get with their talents in Christ not in us goodness no we cannot work our way to heaven that just doesn't what it just doesn't work here's what the Bible says in the book of Hebrews in chapter fourteen in Hebrews for those twelve you know that is if you don't and you really will be glad here tonight Hebrews four and most well the Bible so he must not outweigh the power really is in crisis go to come in your life and you know how we comes in a lot you can say by faith if you like all you can say through his work Hebrews four plus twelve years what it says Hebrews four post well it seems that the word of God is quick quick and what powerful there is power the word of God is shop of any soul that has two edges and it goes on to say there is power power in the word of God I have seen it in so many lives I liked I told the story earlier today no one got met with me so much of it again you can get management 's right to live to the campus and church I was the pastoring a church and we got a lead a Bible study lead time a man had had contacted the church wanting Bible study cc site rep my buddy my book my younger friend who was a Bible workout and I said let's go with a knock on the store together will just go and meet this man we had his name will chicken out it was up it was a pretty rough part of town but let's will find the problem and it was an old house that are being divided up into apartments and we we found that we had actually a remember now we had Oscar godlessness round we went around there there was a dog thank the Lord he was a friendly dog we went through the little gate knocked on this goal once it was just one big house now is like eleven D Apartments a little cubbyhole apartments to adopt a little and waited and we we waited a little bit and then there was a little movement a little shaking the door handle stop the move and so weekly clearly there was someone they and the door was opened and I've never had this experience before enough you have had this grateful is the first time in my life I ever actually encountered this but that there was a man they and he opened the door and and he greeted us with a smile that was all he was wearing was a smile he was standing in front of us completely naked we explain who we were and why we were there and he invited us in I seek you first and we we we went in then he explained he explained what was going on he explained that he had been cutting his toenails are not even ask what you do when you cut your toenails but evidently that's the way he worked things out and out so we set and we talked hey well how things going then 's greatest good of you to invite us in the Bible study sure how long it would drum you and thankfully thankfully he came to the place when he said you know if you don't mind the money going to suppose it will not find us know whatever makes you comfortable okay I went enlightened anybody got some clothing on and so we sat there in that dirty stinking disgusting apartment with a man who moments before the naked end and was just alarmingly uninhibited as though this was the most natural thing in the world that he explained to us that he had a drinking problem and we will not hungry really is beautiful he had a drinking problem that you understand what I mean numbing I was surprised that you just you roll with stuffy just roll with it you explained that he had a drinking problem and I said to my friend as we left I said you know I do now man will come back but there's not much point do we get our hopes up real high with this guy is not one a hug but will come back was it's what we do and we tried we tried sincerely and earnestly pray that the Lord would touch this man's life and change in I mean I said if God can change this guy the Gaza wreck God can change this guy change anyone any talk to us about his drinking probably talk to us about a smoking problem he didn't want to smoke but all he is just so we you know and we help them understand that God had said something in the Bible that God had said that his strength is made perfect in weakness narrowing so so the truth of the matter is Christian friend that all God really wants is somebody weak of your front up of God in your full of your own strength is not really any way God can help you but here was a man who at least recognize that he was weak and he was a drunk and he was allowed with this with his inability to put away cigarettes but we came back dutifully notes what ministers do we love seven so we went back and we knocked on the door he was fully clothed and that was great and we got to know and then he is a lovely guy you cannot judge a book by its cover you can't even judge but the lack of cover some time and we were there and we got to know Mona Pataki 's name but we got to know this guy and we studied with him and the lights really started coming on and it wasn't long you know we one day to hector him about his drinking we went in electrum about a smoking to be had other fish to fry you know when the Lord was working with him and he told us one day that he'd stop drinking just stop stop stop and it was really difficult from because his house was like a crash pad for four drunks I am never forget this conversation what the guy had it with would never remember God was just so not our friend but this fellow incoming crasher discounts and he was using offering a friend of the softhearted was using the jet that man this guys is a dishonest intriguing I would be like that but anyone would be like this I stop I just stopped man we say that's tough the tough to stop treating up to be dragons along you know what I think it's tough but I believe I believe that God can help me with was not well praise the Lord we pray with him and encouraged him and he's what we learned we learned this guy was shot he would say now the millennium I just did a study on the millennium okay what about it well not try to get this right what you're saying is that Jesus comes back at the second coming and the dead in Christ rise in the unrighteousness destroyed and and and so the say living in the same day it all get together we got in with five thousand years right and at the end of any Cisco 's Jerusalem like he's freaking this on the wow that's impressive and many do the same right whether it's a long involved Bible prophecy old or something about data for Halo one of the days one and more than more than being Chris this fellow had some doubt cognizant about certain doctrines more than him being fired up and an understanding theory we so that within the wind beyond the theory this was a man who was a wreck and I mean that respectfully but Meetup group graphically he was a wreck and before our eyes we watch the Scott Shane light light light light like a flower on that like the bog and student moving and spring and then boom we watching Shane and it wasn't long that it was so sudden that monetary outing without cigarettes for six days now okay on cinema threat than that to the best is yet to come and it's a management we can six two weeks and six days I'm free this minute recently a citizen judgment is that gusset annoyed and said I was asking house the children that dad went up the skies you remember I'll want to bring you all use doing great I wanted to say have you has he ever runs it is dual for you but you know I did want to try great he's doing great art respected member of the church pillar in the congregation what not have to be cooled to them the full cost of renting them are not surprised Willy 's new there was great hope for that brother could see it is hot I thought I fill we will one and done with that guy but you know what the power of God took hold of his he didn't save himself he didn't clean himself up he didn't have no willpower to become some great Christian nothing but he took Jesus at his word and he made in his heart room for the operation of the Holy Spirit of God and he decided that it with fond of saying it is written that men shall not live by bread alone but like every word that proceeds from the mouth of God this guide is ran up the white flag and supply conduit I surrender you just you can go free to come in here and take a look at the life that he lived he began to live by the faith of the son of God rule that poor man and gave himself a friend is a TV of Jesus in the life though would've gone in the life you've been struggling maybe assailing you been trying and falling UB UB pricing and ending if that's the case I'm not surprised that's all of us at one time or another or if there is aspects of our lives but there is powerless somewhere in the person of Christ there is victory somewhere it's in the person of Christ there is power in the word of God waiting for you to lay hold on it you don't need to be defeated you don't have to do for pot because of Jesus is in your life he will do I want to share another floor without error and as as a closing when willful making the same point just another way I remember reading a story in the Bible that that list meet puzzled really puzzled I read in the Bible that one day Jesus goes into the Temple and is not happy because he sees people in this fine and selling 's dolphin that transferring money into the Temple coinage and then making merchandise in fact he said that they all had gone toe on his father 's house into a data feeds that that's what he said they done to my dad 's house into indoor justice and as a mascot he a terrible and Jesus did something that you might think was out of character he took some quality made a with flash the spin around anyone in there and he turned the tables over then and NEC announced it out if you tried that where I grew up so my friends would beat him up as he think he was woken to the Temple tell them holy people there was a conducting business and Jesus did something audacious and he got away with it how come well because I will when I couldn't lay a hand on him he was the son of God not on a bill plotting his day they were afraid of him would afraid of them remember this other time in the Bible accuses rep if the wrong lane so they grabbed and they took him up onto it until it he'll up the cliff the mother throw them off member in the story somehow he managed to slip away so it's not that they were scared of him was it because they feel why we can try to discography working out of the top of the shop he's a bigot everybody else is probably stronger who would would tangle with him now Jesus was a big young that a stronger tough for none of that I wonder how to get away with it if I need to go to Las Vegas and turnover roulette wheel and then some cod table is not pretty I was reading a book but if you fit of the book the book is called the desire of ages and was reading and I read something that will that make sense for us I wrote that book talked about this event and say this should those people fleeing from the condemnation of his presence from the condemnation of his presence Jesus went into a temple in the Senate is slated now bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit Jesus comes into the Temple what happens what is the sin have to do has to flee it cannot stand the combination of his presence you don't have to work your way to heaven you have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps you don't need to become a spiritual Superman you just knew it Jesus and he'll change you completely and thoroughly from the inside out this power in the word of God the father in heaven I'm grateful that there is power in Jesus to do in our lives what we could never do ourselves I'm thankful that heaven awaits not those who were good enough but those who have taken hold of the only one who is good I'm thankful dear Lord that there is power in your wounded to transform a life to lift someone up out of the pit to make someone completely new I am thankful tonight that you will do for us what we cannot do and you will make us what we cannot be Lord may we experience power and you will and as we study out here I am asking that you would reveal to us the beauty of a walk with you the how of a life lived in you and the joy of an existence spent in your presence not just now but in the world to come thank you for blessing us tonight we are grateful that you have been here we pray take us safely away in the Lord as according to your will bring us back again and we can study and no more and have more of you I also know that you might have more laughs keep us please we pray with grateful thanks to in Jesus name in this media was brought audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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