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He Is Risen

Richard Walton



  • April 7, 2012
    10:00 AM
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it was that special shade of the pitch black this comes just before the Dawn and was probably a cold springtime morning and certainly alone around the remnants of the dying campfire are gathered armed legionnaires of deadly geodes and pretenses down from Syria where they were normally stationed in Canada Jerusalem that the Roman governor under the Roman standard the Eagle and the letters S T U RN and maintenance of this popular scale model is the Senate and the people of Rome they marched proudly for the express purpose of putting down any possible Jewish revolt that might occur why because it was passive a time when the heart and mind of every son and daughter of Israel the world over to this day turns homework to Jerusalem this year as your Jewish friends include the Passover Seder they will say leisure not have that I be rude July next year in Jerusalem and so worried and the Jews might once again revolt and try for their dream of a home that they themselves rule the Roman governor had traveled down to take up residence in the city of Jerusalem during this the most special times of year and the Jewish mind in broad weather and plenty of reinforcements in case of arrive down from the large Roman basin the pro- counsel up in Syria it had been remarkably a rather quiet weekend saver three executions on Friday undoubtedly plan quite some time in advance to remind the Jews who is really in control of your day but on this morning one of those executions has pilot working in a well-known strategy day after his healing in his speaking a week ago yet entered the city in a recession that's a human pilot pretentious arrival and yet in a remarkable turn of event that occurred in the space of just a few hours Jesus of Nazareth was now dead remarkably quickly he died faster than almost any other victim of crucifixion they pulled his lifeless body off across the stack in intensive and Highland worried that his followers might sneak in and steal his body in the middle of the night and start some resurrection rumored assigns a small contingent of the crack originally geocentric census to Garden City they were undoubtedly manually done something to irritate your commanding officer because being turned out over a weekend from their temporary barracks at the Antonia Fortress on Temple Mount was not any soldiers ID of a fun weekend they found themselves probably unwillingly sitting around the dying fire in the wee hours of the morning with the onerous task of guarding accords hold that thought will be back is always an honor to be here in this special place to worship with you and to reflect on the magnificence of the message they can build an institution famous the world over for healing body and spirit and institutional tries to carry out the divine dream set forth by the apostle John below and I will wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health as your soul but to me it is a unique privilege to be with you on this day to share you the message this institution was built the trumpets of the world he is risen without that all of this these buildings the truth is we try to teach here the effort for patients who come to this place hoping for healing and a second chance without that message it's all empty walls and hollow words the story I have for you today is an old it's been told many different ways over the millennia since it but it is the cornerstone of everything this institution stands for today were to take a trip you and I were to leave this building were traveling east across our continent across an ocean across the northern tip of the continent of Africa and then another ocean this time the Mediterranean and we will find ourselves in the heart of where it all happened but just getting there in our minds isn't enough how do I tell you this story where does it all began one can speak I suppose most of the Bible stories of miracles and Ministry of human failure and the sacrifice that sin requires one can also speak in a uniquely Adventist understanding of how the story is still ongoing today with a process known as the investigative judgment a biblical understanding of truth it puts the entire God lastly on a firm legal footing I am going to suggest to you today that the whole story of Christ's ministry on this earth of why he had to come here in the end that too long that Sunday morning two thousand and twelve four roughly two thousand years ago on this suggests either that story was first sold two thousand years before Jesus came if you understand that story you will understand the entire gospel message you will also understand that the plan of salvation that was playing itself out on a springtime morning cannot be divided between the Old Testament and the New Testament there is no new truth in Christ ministry on this earth in his sacrifice and his resurrection the truth and the story is one undivided message of the awful price of sin and of the injury will what's open where Genesis chapter twenty two Genesis twenty two and let start with the first verse and it came to pass after these things that God said to Abraham and he said behold here I thought interesting phrasing of Abraham uses he doesn't say here I am what do you want here I am unwilling to do something he has says very simply here present in the exact same phrase recounted in Psalms forty verse seven where Jesus before coming to this earth set here I just wanted to the first two then take now your son your only son Isaac whom you love and get you to the way of Marais we can read on we could get the parts of the story it are normally told that if we did weakness and enormous truth what does Mariah need Mariah means ordained by God see Abraham was not sent to some random place Abraham was sense to an ordained place a place of worship in fact you will only find Mariah twice in today's modern Bible the word only appears twice in modern translations know the other place it appears that you look at second Chronicles chapter three verse one seventy gets there first Landry didn't force on the only other place in Scripture you will find out maria reference is in relation to the building of Solomon 's Temple has been debated for centuries by both Christian and Jewish scholars as to whether this use of maria refers to the same place that Abraham went to some people think that Abraham was going to a range of mountains not to necessarily a specific mountain other scholars believe it was a very specific place and in the high mountains around Jerusalem the answer to that question is unfortunately lost in the fog of time but I don't think anything is accidental in the Bible when you're reading a story so filled with symbolism the claimant to Christ's to his ministry on this earth and to the sacrifice he would make for all of us it is certainly worth noting that the only two places in the Bible the word maria is used is in the story that foretold Christ's sacrifice and in historical chronicle of the temples construction the story of Abraham and Isaac and of Christ on the cross and resting in the two is at its heart a sanctuary message pointing us to God 's explanation of the plan of salvation not just the sacrifice and the resurrection but the investigative judgment and the role of Christ is both our judge an hour and it is no mistake that Abraham was sent to the now where he sanctioned the earthly sanctuary would be built why was that important I submit to you because in due process terms the sanctuary investigative judgment message is the best news in the entire Bible so that Genesis chapter twenty two will think that the story with the second half of the second verse of in Abraham 's is told by God to go to this mountain called maria and bear to offer a bird offering upon one of the mountains though I will tell you a bird offering will be expanding soon were many different types of offerings that one could make you could make a sin offering for the guilt offering Raymond take a little animals of the Temple and in it would be killed and he got parted that he would eat abortion under the priest read a portion of it it was a an offering that was given that something came back to the giver there was a tie is offering where abortion was given the vast majority was retained there were many different types of offering in Talmudic in vision eight law but a burnt offering was something special what made a burn offering unique it was completely yet the Septuagint which as a green translation of the Old Testament actually sticks in an extra word to clarify that this is a whole burnt offering go to this mountain and offer your side as a whole burnt offering Leviticus one nine the preshow burn on the altar to be a burnt sacrifice and offering made by fire of a sweet savor unto the Lord there was nothing that came back from that offering that is not when you think about the words in Isaiah chapter nine verse six unto us a child is born unto us a sign is in John three sixteen for God so loved the world that he did what we pay his only begotten son I wanted this I think the last time I was here reviewed the bears repeating yelling you go to someone's house for lunch or dinner after the service today's traditionalism that you take off your coat and in the very kindly put it in their spare bedroom or closet for you when you leave when you're done with your business you want your code that you don't view your code to your post that you see Jesus when he gave himself when his father gave him to ask he didn't stop reading human when he left this earth when he was done visiting with us he left a piece of himself here and he cut a piece of us went in and feedback one in mind because it's very important when we get a little further along the story here in Genesis chapter twenty two also keeping only son phrasing in mind as we continue through the story of Avery Mountain Ryan first three Abraham rose up early in the morning and saddled his donkey into two of these young men with him and Isaac his son and went to the place of which God had told him why is it so important that it will be recorded Abraham took two young men went in the ultimately the Bible makes clear did not fill up with Abraham and Isaac to the point of sacrifice so it is very clear that they could not have restrained I think that he is the last minute decided to not go forward with the sacrifice they were left with the donkeys but why does the Bible bothered to analyze that to witnesses go with Abraham I think to that mountain the revelation talking about the two witnesses what were they traditionally interpreted to be old and New Testament there is another meaning that occurs to me and is probably more that I haven't thought the great Sanhedrin satin trial on a capital case there were always unlike even the Supreme Court of the United States which has one official court reporter there were always three reporters three scribes it sat right in front of the high priest and recorded everything that happened describe on the left recorded as I've shared with you before the votes for condemnation of the accused described in the center recorded ball and ascribe on the right records of votes for a level which has an enormous meaning to the Jewish line when Jesus in response to a challenge from Caiaphas says and Mark fourteen sixty two new will see the Son of Man coming where on the right hand of power voting for your SL to this mountainous mountain called Moriah where later the sanctuary itself would be built three witnesses go to record what's about to happen first for on the third day Abraham was in his eyes and saw the place of our own again what do you suppose that the Bible waters to record that it had been three days to reach the end of the story that were about to get to do things three days light has significance how long was Christ in the first five and Abraham said he was young and find you here with the donkey and I and mice some will go yonder and worship him again to you and Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering related upon Isaac his son what did Christ carry as long as he possibly could the wood for his own cross and he set the fire in his hand and a knife and they went both of them together at word night is kind of interesting the word 's use is derived from Hebrew word on Paul which is a very old very primitive root words that as the one of the many meanings of which is to destroy two two killed with the sword and a large weapon of war L-series about this and so I I look to see if the word is used for night here in Genesis twenty two is used anywhere else in the Bible and is image is one other place that is judges nineteen twenty nine is one of the more gruesome one I just love will we call one of the Old Testament passages of the Bible that describes a rather shop scene where a gentleman case this insane implement whatever that may be envious members a prostitute in males during twelve pieces to the twelve tribes of Israel now a little night that would be needed to slip the jugular of the land I would assume now last those with medical knowledge here in the audience I would assume the little nightlife that would really work if you're trying to dismember a human corpse into twelve different pieces when it wouldn't you need something bigger something inappropriate for a small way something that you are Isaac and you see you have to know is meant for you and if you're rising and if you see that and you go anyway not going blind you're going your own free will verse seven and Isaac spoke to Abraham his father and said my and Abraham said once again hear myself and Isaac said behold the fire and the wood but where is the way for the burnt offering the offering where we get nothing back and Abraham said and this is readily important passages understanding what happens next is very difficult to translate from the original language and in trying to translate it and input it into English words you lose most of the meaning inherent in the original Hebrew Abraham said per se my son God will provide a lamb will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering so once again they went both of them together God will provide the list is is one way of translating the word is used which is wrong but rock doesn't really mean provide it means to see to pursue to look forward into the future and see the sacrifice of Abraham that great man of faith tells his son God sees a sacrifice God himself sees away about that word way to very short word consists of two vowels but to concerts and one down pronounced say God himself will provide a link saying out necessary is a very interesting choice because it is not one land drawn from nothing and is now landing existing outside oh yes why say means a land for one chosen from a flock of this passage makes it repeatedly clear that I think is in the Bible 's account Abraham 's only son ignoring of course Ishmael who was doing whatever he was doing at this time but when is this great man of faith says God sees himself a sacrifice drawn from the flock of humanity Abraham is not talking anymore about Isaac he is looking forward in time and by faith see as did not a defined sacrifice divinity becoming human and that human being being drawn out of the great flock of humanity being offered as a sacrifice for Olson perhaps that's why Abraham is called the father of faith in Romans four and is the only person to be named it twice in Hebrews eleven and you just sit there and then tell me well walnuts really interesting and in okay states in Hebrew really long time ago but can you prove it but yes ladies and gentlemen of the jury I can turn your Bibles to John chapter eight verse fifty six John chapter eight verse fifty six in the words of Jesus himself your our father Abraham rejoiced to see my day he saw it and was glad I finally made want to suggest that Abraham on the way to Mount Mariah seeing through debate the answer to these problems the total answer to this and problem I might always want to suggest that Abraham in any way thought or belief that he would not have to offer his own son as a complete burn offering sacrifice to God I don't think that's what the Bible 's telling us I think that as usually happens with the Jewish mind in particular and very symbolic stories Abraham sees not only the horrible painful sacrifice he's going to have to make but by faith he believes there is a greater sacrifice take all that will give his son back to Genesis chapter twenty two verse nine and they came to the place which God had told him and Abraham built an altar there and laid the wood in order and bound Isaac his son and laid him on the altar upon the weather is very interesting again the final going through the meticulous detail Abraham laying the wood in order not it's a fairly well-known fact of crucifixion that the cross was carried unassembled to the point of crucifixion why because the whole thing was very big and very happy it is likely that instead of trying to carry the whole thing Jesus was merely carrying the horizontal beam to which his arms would be nailed and the vertical close was already in the ground or laid out at the site of crucifixion and node so why does the Bible tell us this the stories detail and Abraham taking the wounded his son and carried and laying it in order and arranging it so that the sacrifice could be made again I suggest to you the prophetic and historical parallels between the story of Isaac and the story of Jesus now that I have to go I have to stay once he was there absolutely not he he saw this this night this sword whatever the implement was was almost undoubtedly inappropriate for the sacrifice of the small Abraham his father at this point was old I think with you how easy it would've been variety to say I don't know what happened to you old man but to have number one I'm out here and number two when we get back there is a little place down the street around the corner it's called happy acres you'll be very happy there it is an assisted living facility that will help you with your problem that's not what he did Abraham is remembered as a man of faith as the father of a but one of the sunlight who so easily could have not gone but when call went Mercy and Abraham stretched forth his hand and took the knife is the same word business large implement of May to slay his son please send just lays there much as we hear the story recounted in Hebrews chapter ten verse spyware Christ in a conversation with his father says before coming here on why you have prepared for me sacrifices of animals you don't want I will go I will be that sacrifice and what happens next is seen by most Christians as part of the story that illustrates the sacrifice of Christ and that is a perfectly valid reading of the passage but but like all symbolic Jewish stories there is more truth to be understood to see everything symbolic has multiple meanings to the Jewish line and if you carefully read what happens next you will see a deeper meaning to the next few verses a meaning that point forward to intrude agonists would rediscover in eighteen forty four verse eleven and the angel of the Lord called to him out of heaven and said Abraham Abraham and once again Gerald Abraham says guests here in the angel said laying out your hand upon the land neither do you anything to him for now I know that you fear God seeing that you have not withheld your son your only son from me and Abraham lifted up his eyes and looked and behind him a ring member that word were to come back caught in a thicket by his horns and Abraham went and took the ram and offered him up for a burnt offering instead of his son many commentators assumed that the RAM stands for Jesus and the substantive sacrifice of Jesus and is nothing to suggest that that is an incorrect reading but I can look for the multiple meanings look at the deeper meanings look for in a symbolism that point to the sanctuary service Yahoo for investigative judgment and the day of atonement ladies and gentlemen the word used for RAM is ideal and can mean many things but it is generally used to indicate a strong man a leader she a fence post a corner being in the house something of great strength and centrality in its community the word used for horns is care cost rash final Karen horns horns Etienne is is not a really good translation it means power reason why string is there anyone in the Bible you can think of who was a mighty leader ultimately caught in a thicket of his own lives and unbelief that was in large part creating by his own misperception of his power in history I suggest to you it is the same person who in the pageantry of the Hebrew and heavenly sanctuary doctrines will ultimately pay the price for all unrepentant sin after the conclusion of the investigative judgment and if that's right it this whole story including the three-game way for the sons and be released from the altar if that's true then you have just seen two thousand years before Christ came here the entire plan of salvation from beginning to triumph in the end and Christ returning on the right hand of power at the conclusion of the investigative judge felt the sanctuary message is not a new truth is the truth as old as the story of salvation that Abraham saw on his way to Mount Mariah is a cornerstone of the entire gospel message because without that without a final end of sin there is no due process to the plan of salvation verse fourteen Abraham called the name of that place Jehovah gyros instead to this day in the mouth of the Lord it shall be seen again that's a literal translation that another and perhaps more accurate translation is the Lord will see the Lord will provide what will the Lord provide the Lord will provide an even higher plan of salvation this means with the Synchro this old story so often skipped over the weave I think over time lost some of its deeper meanings point forward not just to the cross but to the entire plan of salvation I think right to the very one thinks as we close today and -year-old Abraham on of Isaac closing his eyes and like Christ on the cross no longer being able to see the father the same fatherhood walk in agony within that whole miserable road to Calvary watching when no father should ever have to see his son in the last brutal moments of his life we get in there and can congratulate ourselves on the sacrifice of Christ and in glory and the love of God who would do such a thing but bad for this weekend most especially for every day we live is not where the story 's gallery does not and in a noble unrecoverable sacrifice nor does an end on Sunday morning it ends with the plan of salvation is understood to the sanctuary message is finally fully completed but today we remember how a father 's agony was in on mount Mariah for Abraham it was the voice of an angel telling him that his only son would be coming back so to does our story that we began this morning with and with the voice of an age now ready to go back to a dying campfires promised land on a chilly springtime morning and it gives me great pride the Journal last view of this story from the pages in the words of a remarkable book the loser guy legionnaires are bored and hungry and thoroughly upset having lost a free weekend because of this strange graveyard assignment finally one of them speaks to no one in particular I don't believe it I had three days off I inherit I'm attaching a chance to get down to the seashore with a lady friend and here I am guarding a corpse where Israel is planning to go somewhere who was he anyway another as who cares answer to third all I know is if the Guyana there had supernatural powers well the sentence never gets finished out of the sky comes explosion of white and energy that shakes the ground it is Gabriel bursting through the barrier entering the world of human sight and sound and the terrifying legionnaires lie as still as death for a moment the Warriors look at each other humans armed with study swords whose job it is to keep his grave in fact versus a warrior from the realm incandescent with power and armed with the mysterious weapons of the cost and then as if they are worth another glance insurance and sweeps away the massive stone seals son of God he cries out in a voice that splits the morning air con for your father culture today in this place and every day to come maybe never forget that we are here this school in this hospital are here because he is risen in Jesus name


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