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The Power of Prayer

John Bradshaw
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John Bradshaw

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  • April 19, 2012
    7:00 PM
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father in heaven we thank you that we can come to you tonight in the name of Jesus as we do I pray that we would have a focused tonight that we wouldn't be distracted tonight thank you for keeping any disturbances away the electricity and gone off we haven't confront anything like that we are thankful for safety as we come and gone from here we believe that you want us to be blessed he so tonight we say what you want us to replace you we aren't we wish to be placed God us please bodiless spirit in you will speak and be heard we pray and we thank you in Jesus name please say with me a man man named Hudson Taylor was a missionary to China in the nineteenth century is that fifty one years in China he was a medical missionary and his work for the Lord led to many many thousands of people making decisions to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior he was a man of great faith and Hudson Taylor was renowned as being a man of prayer a man of prayer at important it was demonstrated one day he was on a boat and the boat was sailing someplace in the boat became become it means that the wind stopped blowing the boat just stopped and started to drift and so the captain of the vessel let the boat just drift for a while because there was no wind at all they were in the doldrums but the books started to drift uncomfortably close to an island that was known to be populated by cannibals and the clause the boat got to the island the morning this became the captain he was confident that there were people on that island staring longingly at mission just waiting for their opportunity to have the crew and the rest of the people on board over for dinner the captain found that Doctor Tyler came down whose reviews below Dick Doctor Taylor is when you pry we need the winds to blow once you pray please visits your outcry but before I pray around the sales up and when you put the sales up then I'll pray the captain said I'm not doing that one of the plug-ins and templates running on the sale of doing that what type of the sales up in the wind blows I'll be a laughingstock on alternative Hudson Taylor's and I'm a bit afraid it Captain went up and daily Journal and a lot of it was he was doing the ship drifted close and close and closer to the island eventually the captain came back down he said talked a lot about the sales I need few bright please pray tell is it all right I'll try to always close and got down on his knees he began to pray before long the captain of the ship came back banged on the market that allow you and that yes I'm in there I you pray yes I'm praying the captain said please stop we've got more wind blowing right now that the salespeople and all to pray and God Onset is pray I want to tell you tonight my friend there is power in prayer can you say that and not God we said is a prayer on serene blogging is a mentor that we need to know that the God we serve is in the business of monitoring breath there's power in prayer prayer has been described by someone as the rest of the salt and St. Paul said that we ought to pray without ceasing now clearly he didn't mean get on your knees and and stay on the knees all day long you can't pray when you're driving in how do you know you're a little nervous when you're in the car driving down the road and some of his expertise and whether or not you that Frank dries up and drive you understand God doesn't say we don't always be mumbling on monitoring is enabled recently in a fella sat down opposite me that was kind interesting he was I wonder what was going on but he was praying he was praying it was an interesting sort of a prayer that he was frankly was praying out loud out well for everybody to you the Bible says that we looked for a day verily praying without ceasing why because France is how we communicate with God think about that you can get an audience with the one who made the universe how cool is that you can call the White House in Washington DC all day long till you're blue in the face and asking to get big with President Obama I've got news for you you are not getting through you'll not get the property came to rely the secretaries to get through to you not get past first base he's the president of the United States even blocking is too important to be taking your qualities busy leading the free well you know I don't about you not get through you can call the Secretary-General of the United Nations and you are not going to get through that's an important individual you know you're just not got to get through but as somebody was more important the President of the United States and I say that with respect to somebody is more important than the Secretary-General of the United Nations this one is not disbelieving a great nation that's somebody who is a highly spiced stretch the staff out in the sky this is the one who framed the unit and you can talk with him any time is that something you don't need an appointment you don't need to wrestle with the secretary he is there and he's not only that but he's got as much time for you as you got for him wonderful God is waiting to talk with you you can come to God speaking that is an amazing thing God clearly constructed this thing called life all our Christian experience in such a way that made Perea not only in assessing the possibility of an entity with that one even need to send it off so that you can call on him anytime he didn't it would be none the wiser if God made include everybody that the hour of prayer was between eleven and noodle between five and six you would say well listen that's when we pray because that's how God wants but thoughts set up so that you can call on the name of the Lord so that you can read Joplin surgical speed you so that you can hear from it it's the way God constructed it and it must communicate with us the idea that prayer is like this communication business there's no relationship with the communication you know you know what you like when you're nine years old and you and a best friend and all he wanted was that that that that that by new parents with saying what no well that's what we parents do not want the welcoming talk about all day long calling up the friend that I talk on the phone all day and individual teenagers all the messy it's not just the phone is six six six six six is an e-mail and then whatever all day and all night and then you make the one you off and then you tool you to get to a four month if you could you just talk without the talking there's no real relationship if you matter to some of his noncommunicative it gets very very difficult as got to be communication that and with God there has got to be communication there it's in communication with God that you can open your self up to the blessing of the presence of Almighty God prayer lifts you up to God it opens up to you the mind of God and the purposes of God I wish that you would turn with me to Ephesians Jeff six and because of Ephesians Paul the importance of prayer and sometimes when you read this message you can miss this detail when optimistic right now Ephesians chapter six then we read in verse eleven put on the hall armor of God that you may be out of a stand against the wiles of the devil to joining thereof in a slowdown he the part that I want you to see stocks in those fourteen zombies even you little preamble there is fourteen and Ephesians chapter six stand therefore having your loins good about with truth that's important lesson truth matters these folks as it is no objective truth listen if there's no truth in the Bible 's ally Jesus and you shall know the truth and the truth will make you what free sanctified them through thy truth behind what is truth you don't have to apologize because you are on a quest to know God and his bachelor God wants you to know loins got about with truth having on the price light of righteousness you cover up and hot with righteousness and entities is righteous on annual feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace of all taking the shield of faith wherewith you shall be able to quench all the fiery dots of the wicked we need to stop and take the helmet of salvation and the salt of the spirit which is the word of God and it stopped in the next verse says praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for the Saints notice Paul catches Fred to the owner of all you can have on all but if you're not praying that there isn't Donna do you all whole lot of good Paul says praying the Bible urges us pray Jesus modeled prayer think about the times that Jesus prayed he prayed the night before he died the wilderness for six weeks but fasting and what writing out the beef for his ministry began think about that we all have an additional is no wonder we do so little in a ministry for the low is because we don't write nearly enough Jesus before he started his ministry pray for six weeks straight that tells you something about how much he valued prayer Jesus prayed before he raised Lazarus from the day you have to watch me this thing is moving around my head when I move it it makes the volume go nuts so please Jesus prayed when he was on the cross the craving when he brought right he prayed at his baptism he praised what he prayed when he chose the twelve he was praying when he was transferred it's no accident Jesus was praying and the Transfiguration happen when the disciples came to Jesus and said Lord teach us to pray it was praying at the time which is remarkable he said to Simon Peter before Peter denied Jesus he said Peter I have prayed for you the lost words on Jesus life were a prayer if you analyze this thing Jesus was serious about prayer he wants us to bring our requests to God palpitations to go out praises to God that he wants us to pray and not give up Jesus Amado the importance of Korea under the tody one of the reasons I I'm standing here tonight is because when when I was a little boy my father told me to pray now my father wasn't a Bible reader I cannot call in a Bible believer you didn't have a clue about what was in the Bible sadly be a Bible believer when no the Bible was the religious men however he wanted just faithfully but he was a popular in his stretch but I tell you what he did he practiced what he preached and practiced what he believed and he believed in prayer and he taught me as a little kid to pray to pray daily the importance of brand marketing personal crap talk about some other prison about us appropriate John talk to God say your prayers there were times when there was a great distance between God and me and yet I would pray every day I would pray it doesn't matter where I divisional one I been up to I would still try I am convinced that when the when the link that connected gone and I was getting tenuous and we can stretch the glue that kept me attached to God wants the prayer that my mind open and my heart opened to the voice of God honestly I believe that I am going to be getting how it would this on the Christian today because of the grace of God no question about that but I'm a Christian today because my father taught me that writing and if he hadn't I'm convinced it would be nothing that would get me connected to Jesus Christ the disciples said to Justin Frank great advice or great question rather was advised and so Jesus spoke to them in Matthew chapter six extended in Matthew and the six chapter Lord teach us to pray and Jesus said while in verse five when you pray don't be like the hypocrites they love to pray and make a big noise and one MiGs is that I have the rewards of its important to pray openly it's important to pray in public when given the opportunity you want to do that that's a privilege you stand and pray it made a loud noise like that Pharisee was and I'm glad I'm not like him and him alone doesn't want us to be like that but when you pray in the review closet when you shut the door pray to your father in secrets of the lots at pride and then he said and your father which sees in secret shall reward you openly so Jesus said when you pray know that God sees and knows that God hears and no in the woods of Jesus that God will reward you you can know that Jesus said so first eight oh seven when you pray use not vain repetitions as the heathen do they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking very interesting now the same father who told me to pray First Lady would also take me around the town of various various persons homes in which it was a time in my life with women and I mean no disrespect to anybody who follows this a religious belief but I just tell you what my experience was that we would go to somebody so often we would pray the rosary otherwise three was a prayer with our current system of prank we would pray the Lord 's prayer at once and then you apply the Hail Mary prayer ten times and entity and that he pray the glory be to the father and of the supposed you pray that prayer and that was about a decade of the rosary and when you went to Mrs. Ueda 's house to pray the rosary you prey on the way if you mean a sale law please don't let that person be so zealous tonight they want to pray like five decades of the rosary that would be the Lord 's prayer five times a day Mary fifty times ahead as you know you pray that there's the joyful mysteries in his five of them in the sorrowful mysteries in the five of them in some other mistral 's mysteries a few more of them and you just hope that someone didn't want it all the way around the clock in prior decades everything would take about a decade to get thrilled that you understand and so we would try and someone would lead in the Lords prayer and we would I believe that the priesthood the first part we take a rest and then we go through the Hail Mary and someone would print the Hail Mary the first by Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with the blessed up amongst women and blessed is goodbye when Jesus will join in as a holy Mary mother of God pray for us and is now the PR that defendant on never forget that act in green deep good luck traded a gazillion times of run of run of run while we're praying unthinkable earthly wall Julio Street instead of why can a basement on it we get home quicker and now to PR about their payment praying is mine 's not in it again I'm not saying people who pray the rosary be mindful of an something mine wasn't as this was for me in vain repetition over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over would be praying the rosary my money the office of said Hail Mary flag it eleven times I'm not even thinking anyone called God wants your heart and mind to begin it when you pray should be in it because this is communication and just saying stuff doesn't really mean much prayers don't have to belong no longer find don't tell me you can get by communicating with God sixty seconds of that you cannot go market and by your logo failing if that's what you do but get your prayers at any given time don't have to be long Peter cried out to Jesus three what will save me that's what he pray what saved me Jesus saved him up with enough it was there at the moment prayer to know that they belong they don't have to be flowering that under the oratorical doctrine embrace anybody you can sing your praise if you need to so we don't need to get into that would show you you play long if you want that's fine we'll talk about that when the truth we don't then Jesus said this but be ye not therefore likened your father knows what things you have need of before you ask what then because Paris is important it's communication you are connecting with God and God knows what you need before you ask prayer clearly hasn't been designed so that you can inform gone about things that he doesn't know really pray would you understand this is gone being given the opportunity to inform you about some things that you don't know Fred is not a clout that we used to be gone into submission Lord I want to go to nursing school if you want to go to nursing school it's great it's a very good idea I got a good and I get an end and what you do is you take your praise and you the gone with them until he makes it possible to get into nursing school no-no you go to loan you pregnant Friday we go to nursing school that's great that you pray with you he is open you pray with you hot open you pray and what I find out that in a moment Jesus said if I will be done so you are really trying Lord whom I will is to go to nursing school am working towards that I'm planning on that I believe that's the right thing however I'm praying with my mind open to know what your wheel is until I'm convinced that that's your will you may want needed a medical school you may want me to go to pharmacy school you might want me to be a physical therapist you might want me to be a teacher flying training will not try to force you to do my will through prayer but I'm praying with an open mind notice in this something that you and you just know more than I want to be forgiven you don't need to say what your will on the next God 's will but with the jury 's out with a little bit question your pricing is a all right I'm not taking this pray a lot just pick the meet you with until you say okay I can prayers this time and the thing that goes on and you're talking and listening and you're talking a heart is open to talking and one date in one values you get dad to his house again with all nursing school thing is a you know I think that's what the world wants for me now what you've been praying to get the nursing school for so long but while I was praying almost token in the given me a new vision so don't be thinking that prayer is a stick give me what I want it to you what the system tray will go to read a story about that but you pray with your ears open here is what the Lord sit off to this metadata will pray the our father which art in heaven your praying to your heavenly father you pray in the name of Jesus but you remember that when you pray you are not asking up a kind alts also something you are talking to our funds I just feel that you have us lost sovereign God you don't pray impossibilities because if all impossibility with God you can take the things to go on you can pray with confidence the Bible says in Hebrews chapter floor amid us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace come with confidence because you operate your father in heaven hallowed be thy name remember that God is wholly or in the presence of this great spotless before a holy God Divine kingdom come when you pray let your praise be framed by the reality that we are on the inch of the second coming of Jesus this can haven't earnestness and energy vitality by kingdom come we talked about this a second ago by will be done on earth as it is in heaven on all will be done you know something 's Christianity is not for the weak kneed you need to have some spiritual backbone of the Christian and by that mean he let her lean on Jesus completely five will be done in child gets hit by car in the ICU the doctor says I'm really not sure what to tell you it's Gerald that you ought to pray that your child there's no question you are praying you are writing you pray but you are praying will live you women's other thing that God wills for ten -year-old and I but God can see a bigger picture than we can see God can see a bigger picture than we can see we pray according to the will of God again the nursing school or your will be done I'm really into this for you not me give us this day our daily bread areas out daily bread Jesus said praying believing that God is going to provide your need now you didn't say your daily doughnut even say bravely a daily course all he said your daily bread it might just be bread but the Lords providing you can pray for your needs and you know something you can pray for you once as well go to be specific with God just what you and you may not get everything you want but you can take the dog your wants confident that if you supply your needs talked about your dreams and your aspirations and and and the things that you really want out of this will take them to go and pray but understand was eleven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors if you didn't hear last night subject on the subject of forgiveness you need to also forgive you if you want to give others that's just the plain fact and as difficult as forgiveness might be sometimes when Christ comes with your heart he brings with him the capacity to help you forget it's a necessity lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil yes law keep me away from that law deliver me from evil you see this is an this isn't a wish that you bring to Jesus this is a prayer this is absurd to God Robert you can expect I'm praying if you are going to keep me from evil God has the power to do that God has the power to deliver you from temptation he's gone he's great you mustn't limit God lead us not into temptation but deliver us meeting for the fine is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever more we are in this for your glory from Adobe the other night that a guy I know a friend lost his dad when he lost his that I mean is that died in an accident that wasn't pretty dead on it that's just shocking it's horrible it's tragic it's awful to have died to pull him up on his telephone number call democracy and strong directional just am sorry sorry you're back in first you should listen him praising the Lord today I see to what great appraisal because my dad gave his life back to Jesus several years ago anonymously not dedicated I said great anything am excited as we worry for above it was even somewhat regardless this day and saw what he was doing any morning is no question each entity is and he will ship Mono procedure excited wise that he said me and my dad we've been trying for years trying to figure out how to reach this big family about hundreds of people and the host of them don't know the message and don't know Jesus and don't have decent can you believe the way the law is what it the set up a funeral coming up whenever everybody that we wanted my dad and I we don't have to go take every one of these people at the lunch until about a hoping Jesus and shoot hundreds of legitimate but now everybody's can come to and without books would never get the city I'm reaching the funeral Senate and none that have a chance to appeal to add her body isn't gone to man looking at it from that perspective yes God has caught fine if the kingdom and the power and the glory can you save me where in this book all glory not our own prayers can I help you to see it from that perspective God 's glory God 's word but look at something Jesus told us in the parable over Luke chapter eighteen the Lord 's prayer we just looked at it helps us to understand prayer of the dynamic of prayer even the way to pray that's a way to pray pray through the Lord 's prayer taking each of those little from the Lord 's prayer as as as steppingstones to lead you to a deeper prayer experience if you want to do that you can frame the way through the Lord 's prayer you can fight your way through the sanctuary that people talk about it I love you like to share with you a hundred methods to pray you that another time I could really just made this a three word seven I could come up with my book my cat on appointed to the cat which said just do it that's all this assignment right that just do it but I want to sell you on some of the benefits of pray Allah help you understand I will excite you but getting connected with God in prayer Luke eighteen Bush one Jesus spoke a parable to them to the same that men ought always to pray and not to think like that give the reason he told this parable was so people would persist now he talks about an unjust judge the unjust judge doesn't represent thought except by contrast Jesus is helped also see the father isn't like this but you can still understand some things from the parable to teach you about prayer there was in the city a judge he feared not God nor Regatta bandit was a widow she said things me of mine adversary the one for a while but was easily said even though I don't fear God an economic care about people because this limit is bothering me because this woman is bothering me I will venture list by her continual coming she weary me Jesus and listen a dozen shots that will help a woman just because he has to send connection imagine what God 's willing to do shell not daughter inches OD X which cry day and night on them that we year they along with him I tell you that he will avenge them speedily Jesus says that God is waiting to unseal and I said however nevertheless when the Son of Man comes shall he find faith on the earth Jesus is saying that there's something about people I'm telling you that God wants to hear you until he got ready to listen until he got while I'm still pregnant women to let out the majority of people want to be doing a brain and if you look at the studies even the majority people in China each daily pray rarely pray it's all one Jesus has said that in fact John wrote this this is the confidence that we have in him this is first John five that if we ask anything according to his will he is us that's amazing if we ask anything according to his well it doesn't fall on fifty and if we know that he is us we only we know that we tell me have the petition that we decide if it isn't done in when you pray according to the will of God you know you have what you have been asking thoughtful segmented that is wonderful news Jesus said that when I come back positive in any faith albeit even though you know that God is willing to hear you and onto your prayer God wants to bless us he wants you to thrive he wants you to do well now that doesn't mean it I give you dozens of judges it doesn't mean they don't make everybody a millionaire Bob make you a millionaire God bless you you know you worked hard for that most like God bless you but it doesn't mean that because you price your moment of dollars in Arena 's God are you going to get everything that you want no it just says it it it it it it it reissues us God wants to bless you prosper you encourage you to help you age you strengthen you so that you you know that God is good to do what is best for you you know what it says in Hebrews eleven no Hebrews eleven Luke eleven even doing there if you want Luke eleven best looking is what Jesus exhibits Luke eleven posted if you then Luke eleven posts lifting if you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children helm much more will your heavenly father give the Holy Spirit to them who what in other words to them who do what pray God is willing to give you the Holy Spirit for nothing for free just announced to a prayer if you knew it I have three people people stand in line sometimes stand in line to get like a welfare check awesome criticizing obsequies like if you go to welfare check coming youngest ever like you stand in line you like to stand in the sun you gotten a range of door to go to get because it's a check you need that right you need that Goss is you don't understand you never stand in the sun it had to catch a bus down to an office and sometimes I sometimes be but that kind of stuff you have to do any of that and I will give you more than up to be the biggest jerk you are missing a life it now when they they they would not be good that the ECB 's lottery type people and they had a great big oversized check nine feet long and what elected he won a million dollars takes up as much room with a strategy that God 's willing to give you such great wealth you needed that you check the net just to get always euros on that south spiritually rich you go to be the Holy Spirit unfathomable riches and God will get back to you because Linus was ask yourself a question when did I last asked God to fill me with the Holy Spirit just think don't say anything about when to laugh last alas ask God to give me the Holy Spirit if it wasn't today is a problem asked every day that affected on the site you want to spread Lord if it's okay with you I hate to be so presumptuous but I mean if you could find it within yourself you get straight up to the front about you take hold of it and you saw taken a throne and say Lord you got a good meal Holy Spirit I'm a college good to you to you must give me the Holy Spirit today I did post about Holy Spirit I've addressed on the honor on a crazy notion with Doctor Holy Spirit Lord you've got to give you I will not let you know it's endlessly that's what they could sit at the model he was praying it was the Pentagon wasted and we go for disabled I am not going to let you go on to you bless me now you know this wonderful promise to your promise never to change views the Lord said he that spared not his own son but delivered him up free for Russell how shall he not also with him what how shall he not with him also freely give us all things to say that he he who did not spare his own son but gave him up free for Russell if God was willing to give you Jesus how shall he not also within freely give us all things in God was willing to get you Jesus which is a pretty big deal is nothing he won't do for you if you come to God and pray be confident confident confident however let's talk about prayer here in the real world if we get a reality TV show about prayer we put ten people in the big house and one other would be all thank you Jesus are some guys today Jesus out of my prayer had also so wonderful in this persons not levitating visits it's not good but walking on air and on this test Jesus I'm so happy all I prayed and I got an a I pray that I can put a dreamy boyfriend and everything is wonderful and I'm afraid I got a check in the mail today and in the three or four other people going on at school we been praying to an essential mostly well but maybe someone in the house he says that Wayne and I praise much as you and and and my mother 's chances getting Willis and I lost my job and and an audit and audit even know where to find another one in this economy and the Arroyo to my brother and my brothers in jail could you do something really silly how come I'm praying to the same God that your brain is in you getting checks in the mail and I'm just getting bad stuff is it doesn't sound like real life 's real life you pray for a pregnancy and he prayed and prayed and prayed using the rule alone I think I might be the run-up to the drugstore and buy one in pregnancy tests look at it to read lines you run out and buy furniture you decorate the room with a dude which we do puppies actually puppy she would get Thomas the Tank Engine what we don't do with stew fish sixty fish I'm fine with that but when I was I was like well it's clear space in the corner up whenever there I thought was the puppy 's and everything and you planning you plan you plan to list this the big day the child was stillborn and you pray God clearly didn't hear your prayer is CDE 's original plan but that's that's life sometimes in this type of prayer doesn't always work out like you want to see you see even prayer that doesn't take away that that that the vagaries with the difficulties of life and have to mean you should quit on printers means you got your pray more want to take that away and off I prayed how do that wouldn't have happened not sorry Gallic holes the rain fall on the just on the unjust difficulties have even good people because this sin in the world but it's when you continue to pray those moments of difficulty vigilant trust God and Limon Guardian reported things going to help you can trust God lady a lady told me she said that I went to the eye went to the hospital and they gave me terrible diagnosis and they said recommended menu go to die there's nothing we can do to save you and she said and I said to them okay well thanks for that and they looked like she was out of the mind and they said we might put did you not hear us she securely and I soon understood that he I'll talk this up with God and somehow we got to work this through interesting is that not to say that if you pray you don't shade to you so you don't get angry or upset when difficult stuff comes out and mean but when challenges come she challenges arriving at a push you further away from what will put you closer to God depends what you depends what your reaction is as if you are a person of prayer and you know about what you've learned is that God loves you anyway unless something miraculous going on in your life you say well okay a minute under the tracks on trust I'm not necessarily go to be happy about what's going on but I'll trust God you get too many of us who got the idea that God is Santa Claus that you go to the toy store Christmastime and Santa sitting in Kansas City not big on Santa 's knee in this thing I want a shiny red bicycle I didn't know what parents come in white would you put looking on Santa 's knee and because I discuss a fool for the soon as acute as authentic urine trouble she wants to spend shovel and she wants like a American girl dolls enjoy the bicycle and a skateboard and that the bill he is the built in nineteen thousand dollars and now using the manual is your idea related on C-SPAN she said she got to get all of that now God 's not Santa Claus you don't go to barbershop I expect gold as you go to bottom pregnancy will have your willies we can make it through because prey helps you understand how father Glock with in heaven we upfront guy heavenly father this facility Monday the the rainmaker benefited the lost promise of how long it at least will get twelve table she would be a hundred a lot like messes with your nine hundred and sixty nine Maple to the baby when not he alone in wanting with cold beer in this world we lean on Jesus we can lean on Jesus we trust we can trust them we know you only know if you pray and spend time with even though sometimes prayer in the real world is difficult it's hot you can learn to trust God you can learn to believe got some people going through the valley of the shadow of death but you can lean on God it's not a cliché Romans eight twenty eight all things work together for good to them who love God I have five friends the husband has a brain to me he's going to die now he is taken his time which is really good he was supposed to have like six months it's been somewhat six years and he's doing great still the prognosis is good and unlicensed uses get we understand she said to me in front of him and effeminate child she said his brings you much if the best thing that is if I happens to a family I said I looked at him anything you know she's she's absolutely right and there are reasons for that you made the other has a guess at what some of those reasons but the brain to make even though it means dead stomach go even though it means it's not the workout he even in the middle of act they have been a mistake it is working together for good in fact of God 's glory and even for the family 's salvation you you can trust you can trust God prayer is an exercise in learning to trust God God knows what's best for us he dies a maniac driver runs your injured teenager off the road teenager in ICU difficult is that God 's will all I am and everything is going on maybe it wasn't God 's will but some robot allow that and I know you may pull me up on a contradiction that not a gift you do but it's not God 's will that that that babies are born with AIDS and that people die of all kind of things and the people get evicted and so forth but God allows stuff to happen because he sees the big picture he sees the big picture all things work together for good we can believe that Joseph was was sold out by the province begins on down it agent and processing tablet wasn't evident with his mother Gannon and he was taken away from his father we love and is little brown and yet yet later on Joseph was able to say I'm not mad with you because God worked this out for God is he trusted God he leaned on bodies believed in God when you pray remember God 's neck kissed each of the universities the sovereign of the heavens you can remember what it says in the book of Genesis shall not the God of all the do right and this poor old Joe showed wrestled with the guide even of his book he was really having a hard time but it was when East spoke with God if you really want some powerful read the last few chapters of the book of Job it's powerful we got is what you've done enough speaking of study listen I want you listening and got it wet with you when I frame the earth where were you when I made this when we like I I I he hung the stars in the sky with you and Joe through communicating with God now he's listening not speaking unless there is this thing that thickly and he finally gets it right here in the end of the Bible Job understood Fred doesn't change God prayer changes you pray transforms prayer lifts you up Fred takes you deep into the mind and the heart of God don't let anything keep you from praying when it comes to prayer set a regular time aside Brad is in appointment setting appointment and keep the appointment then go to the days when I got to bed real like the uncle Ralph didn't go off the law to get the web that might have but you'll say let up every morning and time to pray and God will do that sort of thing for you take time to pray Job said I have esteemed the words of his mouth mold in my necessary food we could say that things Bible study but it could be taking time with thought and listening to the voice of God when you pray listen listen to God just don't listen you can talk and listen at the same time but it's good to stop and say what my hobbies is open right now I'm just ready to hear what you have to say because for that but you could listen you can listen to God not enough people listen too much talking if you're my friend you did all the talking and no listening I mean I don't want what's going on here maybe God feels like that are sometimes someone said if you will find voice in time to pray God will find time and voice to onset if you find voice in time to pray God will top find time and voice to arms someone said let every breath be a pretty trade at home pray with your spouse pray with your kids play with praise with other folks don't pray when you feel like and don't ever be so discouraged that you don't pray let prayer happened let it be the foundation of the cornerstone of your life a big problem it would've many problems of prayer the problem is we don't pray now the problem is we don't pray enough thought for enough come back in your blood with me second Kings thirteen with a close up of the story second Kings chapter fifteen second Kings thirteen the king 's Joe Ash is a scoundrel but he comes to Elisha he says oh my father my father the chariot of Israel the horsemen thereof Elisha hopes wrist on music and conflicting those fifteen Elisha said to them take but when arrows and so we did he said the King put your hand upon the blow until he did he put his hands upon Elisha put his hands on the things that they shot an arrow 's to be arrow of the Lords deliverance and the arrow deliverance from Syria the Syrians with a hated enemy God was telling this team through Elisha to work out okay and any sin in verse eighteen take the arrows which he did and he said the King of Israel smite upon the ground and so we struck the ground three times and he stopped to be ask you wanted to take to make God angry now I want to stretch this too far and say that God was angry but I'm going to say that Elisha was there as God 's representative and no I shall was angry so Elisha 's angry at least represented the displeasure of God what would be seen interesting you look at this the man of God was wrong within the city you should have smitten five or six times within US-led Syria to you had consumed it whereas and now you will smite Syria only three times what was the problem the problem was the king didn't cost gone or enough he makes more than mons on God are you doing that you're praying thirty seconds a day EAA you are not even getting put anything on God your brain five minutes a day audit on how you get by with that I have written of the acronym a CTA site rated in the book adoration confession Thanksgiving supplication you to spend it it's been half an hour adoring God praising God Samuel could keep going going all day just with confession we've all got so much to be thankful for you you are issues now that you have enough time and date for a minute I can't I can't get my press finished this supplication oxcart for what you want printed prayers God wants us to pray big previous for granted long story and the Chilean just two minutes meta- Christian family effect we went way way back hadn't seen them in years and when I bumped into them again they will Bible believing Christians was so excited and in that family there were four little kids the oldest was a good about nine years a lot told the story many times it's a some of you for this was just wonderful years later I make an old the judge in this this girl comes full which hold the baby now she comes forward what's interesting when I spoke to her she told me that the whole family with the church dead and gone back to booze he had been an alcoholic announced drinking again with an alcoholic goes back to the bottle and it's all over again married twenty five years of so they split up it's usually cut into another the oldest of the boys was smoking dope and the other two went much better and she married someone else five it should chiefly be shown at a job under the pray pray God brings them all back in my mind I thought that'll never had but you pray go I said I'll pray with you I was back on a year or two later holds meetings this one on the data back into debts quit drinking the back of the church every consecrated to licensees the oldest brothers in church the other to hang around the husband is attending the archaeology seminar during the series of meetings I held all of them make decisions for Jesus Christ while the spec a year later that whole family in the church one of them a student missionaries one of them and it is written by the work miracles happen that was a big prayer to pray but you can pray big prayers and expect God wants them because God is the God he's big enough to unseal praise expect to expect to get close to God when you take time to put our father in heaven we thank you tonight for the privilege of prayer as we discussed it after a rudimentary fashion we just ask that our prayer life with you would be real five oh meaningful that we can know you more know your heart be connected to you that as we speak you take occasion to speak to us and transform us in this communication process that allies will be more of you and less of us keep us know what please bless us as we go with us give us faith in you our own righteousness nothing but by faith we claim to this rule will you will know why you pray things are not necessary three Jesus is a name of this media was brought audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio verse .org


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