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Crossing the Waters

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 28, 2006
    7:00 PM
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remember one in welcome welcome how was your day was going as so was mine I made a few visits and was blessed by those visits I'm happy to see you I really my old Wasilla from my heart I'm very pleased to see you won't particularly impresses me is that you would take your time night after night with all the competing activities in Loma Linda San Bernardino and Colton Fontana Woodland Hills and Beverly Hills in Burbank and you name the city you'll chosen to be here I will reassure you that going will bless you for that as they say you can take that to the bank he will be in SCO for honoring him by giving so much of your time to the instruction of the word it would profit your knowledge and in the life to come all first-time guests visitors may feel hands blessings upon you are going with you God bless you God bless you check about his life I see some hands on with you thank you very much for coming we are delighted to have him we have two things to do like we have the sermon which I'll try to shorten without cutting out the Holy Ghost and of course following that we have a special prayer service was sick of it never mind you because while everything they publish those conditions you can fulfill if you've not yet been one addition I want this veteran service if you've done someone something wrong of us to find a person apologizing I'm sorry for what I did you don't if someone has done you wrong and you've been resisting the body first to forgive that person stop resisting that the person all I I forgive you if we need to slip outside homework on your cell phone bill that I've certainly whenever in your life is a sin by the grace of God 's default am sorry forgive me a life of sin as a life that needs the best I apologize give me the grace to live the life that is pleasing in your sight of course the fourth one is to ignore it we are fasting that was not compulsory it was recommended noncombustible that your fasting Mary seal on one miss you thank you very much God bless you both of you are fasting blood miss you as well as it is voluntary and going does not use force except the force of his law has now and pray the father in heaven I ask you with all my heart gives me the words to say please do write words of the right time in the right spirit please blessed abundantly of my friends will come your sons and your daughters opened the minds why are you tolerant of each leather lines shares their lives I will wash away all opposition to truth I offer this prayer Jesus name amen board me to Joshua chapter twenty four Joshua twenty four Joshua is the sixth book of the Bible and Joshua took over from whom Moses and Joshua is a powerful leader very powerful leader Joshua seven thirty four we shall begin reading the first one enough subject is crossing the waters Joshua twenty four reading for verse one the Bible says Joshua gathered all the tribes of Israel the second call for the elders of Israel and for the head as for the judges of the officers and representatives sounds before bottle of Joshua set up all the people blessed Lord of Israel your fathers dwelt on the other side of the flood it will time even if you are the father bedroom on the front of them therefore and they served other bottles I took your father Abraham from the other side of the flood alleging fraud all the land of Canaan and multiply DC and gave him I is not theirs and expressiveness repeated and identify the expression the other side of the flock when Gore called Abraham Maslow to Genesis chapter twelve Genesis twelve our subject is crossing the waters Genesis twelve written from verse one overview of Bibles as my troublesome question is risen at receipt the most important book in the world the Bible is more important in my estimation than all of the books combining by the microphone from all of the books combined the Bible it has power to change a light north this obviously West Genesis lovers one the Bible says now the Lord has said of Abram get me out of my comfort and from thy kindred and from my father 's house onto a land that I was hoping I would make a good recognition I would messily unlink my new great on file shall be a blessing I will bless them that bless me and curse him that curses me and in me shall all families of the Midwest this is a call from volatile Ambrose it is the original call of all everyone lived in the Chaldees the area now known as direct and all who from the porn world the reason is not all the reasons are not given gems as well some of them are given in Joshua twenty four enjoy wonderful relearn not know where it came from his family members served on the bottles and God does not like competition when it comes to numbers there's only one number but understands the first number still makes no sense of multiple when it comes to life on my blog understands one number and then as farce and so because aircraft family organizer ever happen we must assume never have lived different kind of life Ebrahim 's family the Bible says serve other bottles absorb all call of Abraham out of morbid counties in David our battle about their cover the land and I was showing in making that sort ever have had to leave one side of the flood cross over the genocide pencil Johnson twenty fourteen says I will follows throughout all of the other side of the flood flood refers to the River Euphrates there told well-known rivers in Iraq what I think Israelis and the fibers yes I'm sorry on robots some point had to cross the Euphrates you do not have to cross the Tigris it was too far east when he crossed the Euphrates that come in to wallow in the lab as both intended for him so whether I will father Abraham was called the other cross the floor to get from one side to the next in response the most whole but if you remove the Golden Scripture the God of Abraham because this was a you won't hope you are socioeconomic to do my words different medical description the call of Abraham Oliver McKelvey 's the quality as well as the revision and most cold to you as an individual out-of-state liquor bottle calling the Israelites out of Egypt first Corinthians chapter ten reverse one oh subject is crossing borders first review is then written from personal I believe I hear more pages than I and I heard last I'm grateful for the first reveals to reverse one moreover brethren I would love that you should be a limit how that all our fathers were under the cloud and all passed through the sea and were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and you are you not miss a symbolic language somehow wholesalers with two million Israelites why does it to millions of the conservative estimate of scholars the mindset of six hundred thousand men you mobilize their grandchildren four million is a conservative estimate to know in people in leave when Egypt I bought that the Bible says my faith across resident aliens are crossed Paul tells us that will baptize onto Moses and the plow under the seat one or both sides one remote and big games room the ones from one side the lead of his letters to total majority the promised land the word of God will and run with math or of localities because the amount of farmers idol worship was run with a boss that I want you out of that environment because I am a platinum for your life that I cannot count the past if you remain radio are I want to believe Abraham left cross the flood on quality of life but instead of the river have is almost a repeat of the quality of our path leave Egypt there were no force to be golf courses no one although his love is the most powerful force in the universe but if the Senate will not process the love of God will rule that forces a gentle breeze right into the kingdom if the person will not resist and so far all of his rights and the ends of my face a big cross the Red Sea at the coal of golf of Jesus Christ also had to answer a call but the call to public service and before answering the call Jesus also had to cross the woman's members see how seriously Jesus through that whole Matthew Chapter three reverse working our subject is crossing borders that have create ready verse fourteen Bible someone next to has one you will not be out of place if you say may I share the word of God with you the person says no I would have to pray for that person after the service but I'm sure no one will signal Matthew three verse twelve thirty then cometh Jesus from Galilee to Jordan unto John to be baptized of him but John forbade him saying I have need to be baptized of the comes down to me now why is John C Wallace John understand in the man out of the pits of the son of God this was the sinless Savior this is the Lamb that take away all bears on his back the burden of sand and John shrinks nonstandard from the physical tasks but probably from the very fall of baptizing us and was so Johnson nor no no no no businesses Margaret Jesus and John were cousins of my computer because of news for you he's your brother is a brother Jesus is your brother because he convinced he still has it glorified bus to Houston and so John forbade his faith I have need to be baptized of thee comes out to me is a sentence out of him suffering to be so low meeting please don't allow it to happen for us it becomes of course to fulfill all righteousness will alright snap this examiner that provide from Jesus Christ I said in effect doing because it is unnecessary it is more like the one recovered me as appropriate it is right it is something it is a property is described for us to fulfill all righteousness not a surprise that offs rename them so and John are you with me it is why Flock Brito then someone as much as it is light for the parts of the request method on as usual whose Waldman Michael Jesus said software Caviezel novel flow bus and become the most is the right thing for me to go to the right thing for you to fold all righteousness the Reuters righteousness come from God the very life of Christ with the highest expression of righteousness Romans if we don't go there now Bible says God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh unforeseen condemned sin in the flesh the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us there are two brands of righteousness there's one of us the righteousness in the life of Christ and license price within living representation of older goals milestones for crisis a by baptizing the UR doing what is righteous and walked to school it is right it is unlawful if it's lawfully the eyes of Christ it is lawfully identified under this law for the identifier is lawfully the eyes of the Holy Ghost that is why when Christ gave up on the one of Monticello like a dog unleashed upon the undefiled that's one Sona comes Jesus out of the water that comes the Holy Ghost don't want under the fund is one of the follow-up of heaven in its stamp of approval on the baptism of Jesus Christ and he did not believe that God himself are you with me fifteen then law needed for himself the one I my formal is example of Jesus as last effect on who handles the of my own opposite of my own because the Bible sees his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree Christ the courses into himself for speed of twenty four but there will almost since you live in his by taking on not recommending so Jesus says I might throw baptism for you on offering this gift to you you would do as I have the Bible says when Jesus said that reflected ends John the Baptist suffered him allow him and him baptized of Jesus went up straight on one of you know the heavens were opened to him and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove for sixteen on July the Holy Spirit Bible says capable of Christ now the apostles told the management of the cost repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and ye shall gift of the Holy Ghost there will always say what they had seen in the life of Christ alone there was a request that baptism in the life of Christ so that I use with my words he received a special gift of the Holy Ghost why do I say that because Jesus lived his life as a human being a brief human being needs gift of Holy Spirit upon us as I says okay I'll blog about the Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost policies us anything for it then most of the fathers upon so Jesus received from pop-up a special of the Holy Ghost at his baptism of the prophecies which it is those who repent on about ties will receive of the Holy Ghost as Jesus received for seventeen of your voice from heaven saying this is my one in whom I am well good going to Jesus any differently from the way he was treated once no enforceable give the wrong answer no no I won't not ready to sink into your minds is difficult to believe gone is prepared to treat you as each wiki Jesus Christ is rich on seven twenty three months is gone no costs as Hilo Jesus love you try to understand even and families so that a single of one child one of the affluence of the fight you would want to follow through father loves you will you avoid my minimum love you all all the costs the same way he loves Christ not because dog is no respect of persons I told you last night Price was a person on why he remains one also remains a person because he's the flesh on the web all rights and of course the records up to two hundred and five is one mediator between God and man the lab while this book is about twenty years after Jesus went back to heaven Paul still calls him him him thought but I is the immediately one mad because he understand enclosures zip also has four million in the fullness of the blog had bonded the one understand that he was now Jesus had appointed as the one saying is God who is not a respect of persons when you feature his cries a few excessive auto behavior as Jesus live audio the government reprisals when it comes the most frequent price life as a human being is illegal notably if you will not would simply can't do an experiment people try it we have a saying outside anything once abusive all try anything once as well as the dry ones once if I wasn't going to heart will be little try opening voted on the hard ones out I fiddled there and when you see how long this is you you will not go back the reason why we are blessings it because thought is that obedience start looking opening let me put it properly the reason why regardless as one desirous of molasses is because we do not will be go long maximizes wonders everyone you maketh his sun to rise on home BMI will send rain on the just and on the unjust but God has blessed our recent flip those if everyone doesn't somehow my different if the author is driven through there when the region video what would you say how would you like that you would object you ask our youngest firefighter not going to everyone sun sensitivity audio conference but they are blessings you will receive because you won't be give the ball I thought she is also grandfather he got baptized on the flop express his approval this is my beloved son but once is a view this is my beloved son this is my beloved both in whom I am well you are also missing from the pharaohs what is I heard I heard your state law approval among other things allows freedom to come and enjoy the morning children mouth approval they also seek it from the teachers they want approval middle brothers seek approval from big Brothers no you can enjoy poems and consulting people wanting God desires to say this is my beloved son this is my beloved daughter in what I I okay while the monsters I am well please and him and wanted to visit all of you have is web-based or your beloved son of God are you going once I get baptized one reason Jesus Lugo reasons baptism is not obedience of his outward symbol of something that has happened in the heart getting wet decision one are you getting us out of the Xavier but really didn't get you lost you do get it because you need to be located on keeping the sum of rollout safe you are your same Jesus Christ but disobeying Christ will send you to help are you following me get enough eyes will not save you refusing to s as well get the understand the nylons on a nonconsenting view audio videos and what have you undeniably will help you make up about them so God will save you you name the health of our downstairs none of the ones saying is this likely to be baptized is simply saying Jesus you want to I love you I'm how many times have you done something just because someone is wanted only times the life of some really like what you devour the whole thing why because she likes your friend wanted to go see volleyball you will see when morning would you went wide because you care more for your friend in the activity are usually three if Christ is the most important person to human reason you once again if you want to know something else which is natural because Jesus said father if thou be willing remove the Saha unless not my will but my brother what is one of the web because he is what if I get one of them saved you if Christ is important to you you presented in the others that Jesus you are not sure what maneuvers but I love you so much I'll do anything you want at present except that you accept baptism is the way we entered spiritually into the desk burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ Christ died victorious over sin he was better of you rose triumphant over death hell and the grave the devil you have decided a hot I want to serve Christ not since I have been on the life of something as I test myself on the autobahn I want to start when that is going to in the heart of films of the unit of X eight versus thirty seven if nonbelievers with all my heart when you make you with all the heart then you will do lots baptism is the visible expression of what has happened in here this is about as so many visible love no game before it is merely an outward expression of the tense designers often acts as the Renaissance is really worthwhile ones were now reasonably percent because the front like that while in heaven when they don't have basically no descriptors suggest the morbid advantage of the moment of exposure from going you like it whatever it is wrong the supposition is personal also wants once I receive it shall we consider so that a resident volume is a method for slander to apply what was said moreover the law entered that the offense might abound offense meetings in both wrists and abounded where there is evidence where there is says it about ten billion is the great drums on Wednesday the Los Angeles unbounded grace is much more also something promising wealth is more single greatest lifting sitting there was more great applause is not little what shall we say that is extravagant it is said that Ms. Mirabal Knobloch and directing them to affect your life as a you will die to send an weight of the dead to sin live any longer therein you will die to sin by a decision to accept GCC crimes is like a life of sin is so anyone surprised you got with your life policy if you I cannot like you do not make say in your lifestyle your business is yes how can we know that that the thing that a life of sin that a lifestyle of sin you have any longer than going off that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death when a person goes under the water for some spiritually is a corpse symbolically your calls you will die a life apart from God by the blood is the life and disobedience of God is the life of that is because as you are going down the clock got been baptized into his death was for six not to like as Christ the saintly lightnings was raised from the dead by the Guwahati on the file in the soul we also should walk in newness of life now there is the resurrection as Jesus came from the great so Christ was informed about this and what would one on one of your profile follow as we have been planted together the work I did these better in the likeness of his death how completely to Christ with the victorious over sin how complete individual is not considered one hundred percent not also like as Christ if we are planted to get in the likeness of is that if we had the same if we have one hundred percent dying from your life then we shall be also in the likeness of his long resume if we have been planted in the likeness of his death if Michael is the Christ 's house one hundred percent that I shall rise in the likeness of his resurrection were six knowing this though old man is well crucified with him crucified with him in the body of sin might be this front unless assessment models one of these mean that henceforth we should not so soon as the key because United States but soon does not become the dominant characteristic of your life when you make a mistake in the Holy Ghost with you I forget about is always there for his limited minutes on related bonus thought is what you did on honesty of your spiritual heart Lord I am so sorry if the strength of the and so we go down in the likeness of his death we are raised in the likeness of his resurrection I'm how did Jesus rise and reign victorious over the devil held the grave of their misses me any man anyone over one hundred percent nice the past life can claim by faith the power to live a life victorious over death hell derivative because if Jesus was not life the promises for facing him we give you the exact life the problem is a lot Disney's effigies of that is also two seven nevertheless I tell you children's expediently liable for if I got out of a comfortable apology but if I depart I will send him unto you and when he is gone it will reprove the world of cellular of righteousness of the original Crysis ricin of sin because they believe not me the five as soon as our community in Jesus Christ all I have on him or he desires to do it all alive and Jesus as the Holy Ghost will convict us of Satan I would be unlimited in this saving letters of Christ and the sustaining power of our Savior that is low because you have I have the power of Christ's in cooperation with a willingness to others unless landlord before this is also where I am accountable for is it some people need the power of God given to us through Jesus Christ Holy Ghost of the price calls a list of items we've already made decisions on the regular I want to out of love for me because of what I was hypnotized as I did I am your example of a servant just like Jesus of Camilo of the building eligibility and how to follow housing and enough times just like Jesus that God will save us this is my beloved son in whom I am well please allow when a person has done the past life that person switches and circles the basement the setup tends to live in the basement Christ wants us to live in the penthouse the person will give life to Christ must move from the basement the penthouse lid makes me what God made Adam he wasn't really one word to describe out of you was the word unless on behalf of the afraid he was and he was the most positive even when you're on I seriously even when you are around speak with confidence many people are dead wrong the other people do it because assembled thinkers as found right out of frame if you are correct weblog that Adam was an annual rite now then how do you said Steve said the one who did know who you know I'll tell you when going to the he gave them some things that he needed to control it if you do not control them there would be trouble mostly swore the passions of the flesh some people call them the lower nature of animal passions now the expression of oppression does not mean they are wrong there was nothing wrong with what will they do other locations appetite sexual urges humans they reside in the body not your type on your sexual urges both have the capacity to make decisions on forming download capacity to make decisions they just exist as we need to be controlled now how are they control and other low passions one is in control of them the higher power yes those we carefully behind the powers but it's precisely because I have a lot higher power costs so we the role of passions they just grow there just grow removal power and so some people just can't stop at the powers that have become me to become involved cultivated there not very long cat hair however higher power is by what would be good if anything do you watch R-rated movies of violence and sex and crime and that's all that's going into your mind let me tell you what you already know once it gets in the forming you shall not get it out on whether you believe in our law they don't not everything I affect their behavior about health and effectively hear the audio levels up with you and I are not conscious of articles analyzing the substantive the bubblegum of the already my advertisers and spend millions of dollars in thirty seconds of advertising that is how it is the higher powers the punch as well the reason was that a higher power example in my wallet the consultant will passion the lower portion is but they must be controlled they have no decision-making power business now he informed motivated you to write is that little now please speak to you you have to make a decision where the higher powers the reason the intellect the will under the control you do the higher powers on the guards control she found by allowing Google passions exercise themselves of sin given to the world I said again a person who was given up a life of sin moves from the basement the penthouse this has all her life by strengthening all the powers of some people call it at the will of the reason the crunch 's but for the conscience to remain strong I guess all of them enthralled up to the wellness we noticed the reason must be all that apply radiation about my presentations when you'd like that all life you have to switch from the basin but the via the penthouse your life must be there by dividing the controlled higher powers and is visible is not the source of nourishment you ultimately will form you can read all the science fiction you want it all the psychology once a behavioral modification like the only power calculated the control of this type of the power is the word of God when you have right now is the superuser when we in the basement on the penthouse of proper living and health choices many people are living lives of medicine regret and have been for years regretting rejecting resting because some decisions were made also hit both about the regret follows them to the grave you're safe you're forgiven the regret remains we must live by the higher powers because the higher power that allows a young man respect when it is a higher power that allows someone who won't buy as you want to try to get the owner is a higher power that allows this is an example of the answers you can write an estimate on what items are the hot follows that's where someone who's dead to sin moves and abandons life in the basement mom let me repeat the basement below oppressions have their role sexual urges Esquire we have people is way out of produced a and Evelyn all the rest blog payphone so yet here was another bad op prop up but it was difficult the policeman on the control doesn't say to remember the height of hours Google cautions going created both but assigned the different functions PSS is enforced because of the first eleven and get another IBC 's made a scale from the city lost with war this is all you say your spiritual life is very effective if you are you a fleshly lust because the West lead us not only how the SimpleNet is a thing of this fraud spirituality in the pencil he says abstain from Leslie last which wall of the biblical sense but it wasn't the will baptize person baptizing the heart first convinced of going by his race is Abraham Lincoln 's world would know these the gator is utilized to move from the 2K lab I am moving from the vision the penthouse I am shifting the center of control of my life from passions to reason the will of the Internet the old powerful word of God my brothers and sisters we will save our souls a lifetime of pain and shame and regret if we wouldn't want to live in that's how Jesus and the higher powers but thinking about sexual urges he was a man healthy fit problem was fixed physical stresses of level one to serve their women all around Jesus reading endorsement for Christ because he lived up here about that not one woman has left a record of Christ's FY behaving of one November not know nor Ethel and Jesus says every man everyone this is how you leave when you die to sin and your resume to walk in baths of life you live from the height of power the powers by Gordon also if you're eager to the choices humans are to make our choices informed by reason intellect of the will have been exposed the goals were children need to learn that from an early age about the reminded constantly of the movies they want to solemnize because all we see in the movies of those things relating little passions because the probability of a substance over on normalcy was upset about a civilization director for me it wasn't passive of Christ with urgency about what movies I don't recommend you'd like people went because of the violence that's what I could leave homelessness Jesus was beaten liquid using quotation marks the last of the price they went because cars have probably has affair with their nightly so anything racing regarding the price is the price of quotation marks which made a movie of someone confessing sin coming to Christ will see that the full exacting the devil knows where to get us my beloved brothers watch what you read watch what you watch watch you all don't want to Los Angeles and work for the sermon Los Angeles is what is the the avenues of the heart four out of the of the issues of life guard pins I was driving through meeting this evening I looked up the road is a billboard from his flow on the first step is a farce and I see you got us at if you're driving north I will come to visit this coupled up music the kind of music do you like because we have a certain walk with the Lord we can understand how on earth anyone getting this to think this is reasonable and the change of pace he is also using the recent way and if you got sick because he will arise walk in newness of life of the nearest affects how we eat how huge range of how you dress up or drop them off how did I have however to make in your life is affected by these new passersby Jesus had suffered to be so not for us to become with us to fulfill all righteousness than John baptized in it was right for John to baptize and it was like for Christ be baptized under the chemicals repeatedly session of the sermon all the developmental goals will gather sensitive it for so to seven minus eleven furthers the all upset of the veto the rest of the apostles men and brethren what shall we know what appears then repent and be baptized by Jesus gave the final possible permission to forward to follow his glory therefore these all nations baptizing them in the name of the father son of a house in the format of price costs goal teach them how to teach Mark sixteen fifty the fifth of June sixteen Jesus avoided Baltimore looking to both hold a grudge I believe I does not find sufficient something you believe is not shopping the words of Christ he cannot believe this means surrenders in which such notice is no crisis original someplace in the top eleven and rigorous studies the first is overlooking a living person seven identify us as a spring is worth a certain woman of the company livable once and set up a glass that is the law is not very on the path I saw the middle is the one your mother on the breasts which is what Jesus was not impressed as a woman pronouncing a blessing on the love of Christ the Oklahoma River Italy and Portugal said once that you say so that one's not been a mosaicism to modify what is and is not nearly as follows unless I'm forced to watch as she says they are going to value unimpressed this adversely EA Roth resident David and the word of God even crowdsourcing will open missing my mother was I want you to understand that the blessing is on those who not only as you want our but doing the right to deliberate decision to be baptized I'm a bit of the truth you will relive a decision and one baptism this weekend another of the tubular think the decision moving to North because of that will always tell you wait until this question is answered on knowledge has no end you'll simply find yourself wanting to read question answered before you get baptized you know enough to make the decision I want you to make it because that is what Jesus wants to wait for him first because you must love Christ more than you love yourself I did a bit of an event we must love God more than we love ourselves so it is always a lot of fun want someone who may want if you want if John is not that this is as nothing more than what he may decision know the name of Jesus Christ I ask their people here we need to make a decision to be baptized because we can it maybe it'll have to be I wanted to show about publicly as Jesus in public but you making a decision if it was a Jesus and the siding to be baptized razor residency of if you have made it yet rated unless you if you have a minute yet rated a blessing if you have lots of me that decision-making if you may have life for sunset the museum cannot make it fun for science and methods upon well-established norms the amount distributed from first I'd like to just make a decision when because I'm also I think the decision sent lack of Mister Shoemaker of the suit omission of missing someone else make a decision to send me for doing this lab is it about people with before you decide someone else send them to do what Jesus wants to maintain from the hot fulfill all righteousness just reside seven photos so quickly my time is running we have moved another service I shall have someone release of cards is incarcerated please call him against his stomach above it come I believe America message volume measure each Taliban gets a car someone else I'm deciding tonight I wonder is this I was also the time I am deciding the decision is critical the actual date that we were called that make the decision on hold pending the decision of estimate by the publisher of missing the car is one of the camera someone else make the decision Jesus God I'm deciding to baptize one of resolution to bring low also are the new agreement is not with me at all is with Christ and you will design you might be baptized if you will be going back come back bigger this is also if you are interested over the coupling come back this have to come back tonight you also make that decision is going to come in the survey was about ruthlessly lonelier if you have those two things for me as well as a C Jesus I'm deciding tonight to baptize a woman's is available to you for a little friendly do what is right and righteous according to Jesus enormous profit enormously surprised Little will anyone else or in and in and I can stand and in a is a deficiency seconds irrecoverable to be a part of the service call is make a decision about five first time if you look to Christ unless you come back to them you can also make a decision to be baptized that's what only sixty seconds I pray that I move the second part of the service was the second call is a big decision to baptize because that's what Jesus wants you thought about it you said yourself one of these this identifies this is the date made that decision is out of business before you had a hazy idea is kind of how they got decision to help you understand how big a decision or FISA thirty one assume a fifteen fifty six this elected me a news about eventually we are loving father and a reflective aluminum it was the middle his work is not over designed to the example of Christ and being baptized and insisting he rebaptized reflectively to follow announcing his approval and allow for some ball like a malformed message of calm uncertainty also was made of the acts of those music on the hard floor because you love them and bring them to the point of life-saving life-changing decision Louisiana this humble prayer under an assessment whether the second part of the service I will verify hearted users minimum focusing but almost say a man and admittedly to see the


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