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Adding and Subtracting

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 29, 2006
    7:00 PM
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him everyone how real the sun has set according to the Bible what is this big that's right desirable according to the Bible know it may not be solvable according to custom in the middle of the Sabbath according to tradition it don't do some of the going to have it but it is somewhat according to the Bible as far as going concern this is what humans also have some and may God bless you on this holy day and visual sense and feel his holy presence the Sabbath begins at sunset on ends that sunset all those were the first time that I still have resource I'm just one bless you unless you will bless you in the boundary would receive no one yet all right if I devoted much for coming on I know deep in my soul the dog will truly pour out a shower of blessings upon you for taking the time to be here it is easy to love people who love God 's word what you say a high rate of fire you I really do for love for the word I will Google once and for that show love for the word leads to obedience it is a map focus on high alert love the word and if you truly love that you will obey if you just admire it got it walk we respectfully ask what God wants a lot of respectful people to get out but will be good people of the help vaudeville because the gone but a lot of respectful people will be hell because respect must go along with obedience to the will of God as you know how I complain about this with rich time flies let's get like a good message but us our heads and pray righteous father in heaven I can't hear the name of Jesus the last few of all my heart and soul please stick full control of my mind put your words of my tongue touched the minds of my brothers and sisters by the truth leaving your throne passing through my mind and entry fares maybe the truth that saves I offer this prayer from my heart in Jesus name amen our something for the night adding and subtracting adding and subtracting that is the first tip with us second data chapter one second Peter chapter one oh subject is what adding and subtracting second Peter chapter one rating from first-line for those of you in the car at all or in the foyer or in the lobby we have seats waiting for you second the chapter one reverse life it says and if I miss giving all diligence I feel faith virtue and the virtual knowledge of the knowledge temperance of the temperance patience of the patience godliness of the botanist brotherly what antibiotic finance shower for ever these things to be annual and about to make you that you shall neither be barren on for flow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior our Lord Jesus Christ but he got here last year these things is what an autopsy of far-off enough about that it was words of his old sins wherefore the rather brethren give diligence to make your quality and election sure admittedly that person wherefore the rather brethren give diligence to make your calling and election sure if you don't do things each shall now call fall river for so unscheduled job in medicine and you'll abundantly through the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ let's go back to verse five adding and subtracting better sense of the scientists living homeless diligence on his diligence as we quickly once diligence faithfully all right faithfulness what else what diligence perseverance I was at on this diligence wasn't hard I like that like the others do but I like that working again when it all all in all the Bible says giving all diligence in the young man a few years ago he's in prison now I said we would those who five hours a day to basketball the grandmother said could you talk to write myself was evidently a lot of nice people where we has all of my students who meant no harm will be nice is not enough that the repeat until you're sick of arrogant being obedient is what God wants obedience will get you out of apostle of trouble as life support with examples I just don't label the five hours of eighties nineties and was rather send out preferred and I do if you put the same diligence into going to school that he reported to playing basketball who knows where he would've been today because there is a connection between education and and the likelihood of ending up in prison but this negatively as your educational goals up the likelihood of involvement in criminal activity diligence process give all villages almost as much education you'll spiritual life would be educated people and help them on CNN is an event I said in my human health once maybe educated and how the other well-dressed people anyhow than the rest how the reporting that house of the well circulated out I said in all obedience of Christ would benefit out absorb the necessity of all diligence all diligence in making a matter of life and that giving all diligence he said at the bank is fundamental without faith it is it is impossible to please go like this I said about faith so people says giving all diligence after your faith knowledge probabilities are you in acquiring biblical moments to answer with Petersons gave all diligence under some music that's not special music for the sounds nice but wrong times about Matthew as he driven off if you have installed one assault wanted to get it from disturbing to printer what you say but I love you a lot I love you electronic gadget but not now different all I want to stress give all diligence sometimes when when when I was counseling inverse of Michigan students invoke to me about the Christian live didn't have time for God but because of the dominance of how that works I would say you see how you spent hours newborn through doing research you come early morning usually you don't see a family because you want to publish a paper and you want your name at the top maybe firstly all secular left their mentor so you spent time and you lose sleep and you take abuse from both about why you just want your name on the recent because it will make your applications of postgraduate work at the more attractive now called Systech some of that diligence is a pursuit of them knowledge of Baltimore because were talking out loud about a professional and graduate school where talking about a place in God 's Kingdom which is not far thanks as obvious as I know of adding radio I give Windows 7 we don't but we can not naturally produce faith no virtue where does that come from above not as we get into Baltimore blog provides the virtue and the faith of the tempers on the knowledge of the visions of God provides that we as opening a sales that's your responsibility many Christians believe that simply by going to church once every six months they will grow in grace is my reading the Bible one minute a week that will grow in grace it does not work like that as we put time into other areas of our life and we plan to go from one stage to the other woman in your high school days you your high school you have your junior high or upon my favorite left written ones in Ohio Illinois and nine ten one someone went to junior high County was one of aggressive junior high seventh oh eight all right when you are some great what was your vision is Greg know when you bought a frame what was our attention high school laugh how would you felt if all your friends move on to high school and they are spending the far consecutive year and eight all now so you want to move from seventh to eight though that said modified and independently resulted it up yesterday and onion while equality USC UCLA University of Michigan Melinda Newman Anderson high school you are planning you have a string arrays step-by-step your gathering a list of recommendations because your offensive graduate with a bachelor 's degree and a master set up the SCR bachelor and the DDR JDM out when it close to spiritual growth are you listening to me when it comes to spiritual growth that kind of work is almost never seen no one says you I'm a selfish man this is a September the ninth two thousand six by December twenty ninth two thousand six it was now I should be fifty percent or less of the lawmakers recently believe that best helplessness with different red like a misty morning sun in the happen spiritual growth must be a plan SOP process at no happy passages original think of your happiness will improve your condition what can you go out to his change of circumstances change of contractor to get our effect darkness into the light from abroad will the houses leaving you with the rainy season the best of you call a repair man a repair person to have nothing fixed performance pregnant you already have a bank account for a child yet unborn already saving the jobs are yet unborn when it comes to spiritual growth I say Christians believe that simply by claiming to love God you will grow in grace as my beloved dead Christians and churches the Christian who does not grow shrinks you cannot stay steady as obvious as close of the second Elizabeth reverses a twenty second zero one four five oh subject is adding or subtracting all reservoirs because up until the reverse one was leadership into reverse longest without subtracting this is easy arithmetic add and subtract nothing hard to have that first digital verse one because as wherefore laying aside all malice on all God other democracies as these and all evil speaking to how the same people will say that he now counsels us less high removal from our live this am ready to do now have medicine to Hartsville with your hamsters there is malice in your heart for someone right where he said all staff Peter says under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost representing Jesus Christ may assign out of malice all when now on Aldine can someone trust my work quite my were trustworthy is your dependable articles obviously less like all got of hypocrisy and envies view envy someone opens the SS get rid of latest subtracted from your person because it will destroy all evil speaking did you speak about everyone to be good I speak that if someone today get the SSL all people speaking all entries on hypocrisy of all guile because that's in the five the sensory levels that I think and pressure at children's outpatients at what is a brotherly kindness and Charles is adding and subtracting Lord what do I have a need to get rid of unwanted like to have I need to add the values of these ideal thinking I wanted to add respect for the one through men's room because your body is not yours yours the problem with Christians much of the Bible weekly as if one wrote it because he had nothing else to do but he was born in Rhode Island subpoints receptors when you have time reviews let me know what you think your body does not belong to that event on weight of one man's but I'll move on though says forcing people of the two half weeks things never change my body is not like this one is not the model says that let's will see where God says that first Corinthians seven three four three zero seven three for through this very reason versus the world this book quickly all for letting this man is Melissa Manders until people orgasm for that price all he would take them to get killed but he killed himself I don't know but he certainly had a half in the killing of the questions of who Jesus and let him and made him someone willing to die for Christ which he did for us reveals three four sixteen Bowie not Matthew the temple of God let us put at the bottom of the new assembly if any man defy the sample him shall God destroy the temple of God is what quality with simple ER two O the Temple camera for the church at large and we shall not apply to a section the Temple also refers to the individual book the Bible says no you not that ye are the temple of God run-of-the-mill right here was the and you but God does not dwell in polluted places so God says if I defile the temple of God in him shall God destroy how to notify the temple of God this money the things we eat and drink my brothers and sisters were told in simple prescriptions at September thirty one Paul says whether therefore ye eat altering all what so ever you do do all the glory of God think was not joking no what ever you do whatever I want requires may shop what you eat and what to drink glorifies me mean anything he am thinking we must glorify God maybe that is the way a Christian speech because not all heating passes glorify God that is the way of Christian strengths not have a bar sloshing alcohol I am not glorifying God there is a surveillance is a different sort as horrible a given style class I'm also on this for a body that was lovingly made against you that I'm gone says look when he think of me frequently and watch what you eat when you think of me figure as an occasion when the croissants and I think they are speaking does not have to think about manners and respect our bodies now I'll absorbed by the body that Julie's behavior I will still belong and what buyers anyone with a Bible says it was reviewed six fifteen voting all of it together for us with his existing first within six fifteen voted on better bodies of the members of Christ but members are the parts of Christ in was the church collectively mix of Christ spiritually because it serves as the body of Christ on the Bible says and not let your body on the members of Christ shall I take the members of Christ a minimum the members of a harlot in other words so I think that's money that belongs to Jesus Christ of videos it's to give his loss was the devil as an instrument of immorality it was given as a place where God is glorified in him recently know what you say regular walk run freely I love myself I did what I like it is step one for the downward slope because we do not belong ourselves the Bible says the growth of the lost and the fullness that all the yeah and I got twelve the radio been altered by I love the box of them all we are caretakers of this one which houses the mine others are less available but before that what shall I put into my mind what shall I read what shall I watch what my children watch the watchers on the Bible and Bible reading friend come to the right of the house my children know if not tens of he are not your own first revealed six were strictly for you bought with a price it on prices the blood of Jesus Christ which is a couple things one of all places a high value on costs noted is that enough to look ever for an iPod leptospirosis of one five vessels the value of the spiral tool the man selling but the price of us with the very life of God Jesus Christ the second member of the body leaving one of me when while I think of myself whittle you is a prostitute or the clearly understood how bought all of their mothers and it which is the life because people have it is are your notebook to what X patients whenever life in Boston Firefox is way above where we are now in plurality was in the CFR wants plan costs sexual perversion was as far blessed time for us and the charge of the place where the wild constancy how are the right people at Roosevelt was a money systems and tools I believe you forgive me say SAS your body belongs to God you just don't listen to yours you knew by potential is my potential drawing a motorcycle in our watery dreadnoughts by going to give me this to be a bit more fruitful for us but the Biltmore for account of Jesus Christ they thought of that doesn't require something out where it comes from inside and Jesus told his heart out on a class you want people walking around on somebody you know of us in the nearby person doesn't know that you were counting on a private I just have to say was like yours that is a difficult position out on a fragile but I don't held accountable to both authorities say what needs to be set unsuitable not looking at a perfect man I need more grace and you would like John is painful because items about a lifestyle settlers living on a Mozilla social painful for me but not to think about is born Moses I am grossing people with little white as well the Bible says about outward adorning Laszlo for speed after three remaining of course one were considering adding and subtracting want to subtract while talking about how all this disregard for about twenty four zero seven three reformers one may have that he says likewise the wives be as objectionable double yellow line you're on house that if any of it on the word it also may without the word be won by the conversation of the life of your language the court composition means conduct with a wife there's a life account of himself that he should look like delusional woman or women if you are married to unbelieving husband one with Christ the Lord McNamara now off right by letting us see our copyright life I thought the USA Dana has also entitled as obvious as was a wild overhaul of personal taste conversation Jason needs to composition 's livestock on the call with fear there means respectful man even though he's not unbelievable he's your husband so Peter says and that is if you wanted to unbelieving husband is a general eleven o'clock to faithfully to what God has told you don't let him message saying you don't see the movie gone with a respect for him despite his disregard for the not even gives her some advice about how to live this is your life mischiefs life were certainly speed of life goals adorning let the peanut outward adorning of planning the hair of wearing of gold of putting on that's not the way is not what the menus to see the company itself in gold because it does not give morning I or unnecessarily expensive calls but as a matter by computers they wouldn't have hairstyles that took long time to get done and abuses of evangelism use it affidavits are of someone who would have me do because it is not necessary of all assault one one one four years ago moved before but elected me the hidden man of the heart goals from outside to where is because my living difference V they can of the heart in fact but is not what was probably its it spoils a disposable it does not last now what is corruptible list will adversely Professor all gold ornaments on all differences close because if those things are perishable corruptible people laughs she said the letter follows this English wedlock so he says let me that he and the heart in front which is believing that you built on the site will perish that's why the Bible teaches best on the first of the passages they are only friendly executive account everything else is in the file gave a less quantitative Barack Obama a lot and often the only thing one does not touch is the eleven o'clock of that is not decorated with gold and silver unchanged and five police raided by constant exposure to the spools of gold enough of these even reach of both men and women are burdened by something called vanity is unity vanity and the business people understand the power of vanity and so every year billions and billions are spent on beaches and relaxants and tighten and colors the cleansers and shallow cleanses all kinds of why full operation beautifying player yes on money that could be given the boss goes to Fifth Avenue New York aware of it is in San Bernardino and sex gone look if you need off on the outward appearance but where on the heart I'll try to explain the logic to me Mister Jeff Barr says my son my daughter my focus is on his amusing okay we hear you father mountain jewelry store what did you hear me I don't focus on the outside money and all my siblings liable mobile commentary at that money upon us I is offering I don't look one says on the outside you why else is divisible by the genesis of the Limited I believe messed up before saying this out of the fix was where the outside I would will have to do yet if you get off and give them a quarter skin that represented the righteousness of Christ the functions from the inside college very first thing in the first to show that was to begin fixing the outside of software the problem while the probability insight Jesus sent out on the Harlem procedure will fall another twenty seconds after the authenticity is our society does not value values presents additional display so we worship Hollywood actors who have nice experience they walk the red carpet normal sex and civil unnecessary healthy follows is how we go I'm in the same legal sycamore you are housed by the process my child my child I don't look on the outside I get on the heart what are you spending to beautify your hot off she says all that process is the genesis of notified quickly read the first one time is your clandestinely years of life were delivered in Daniel seven have four wings what would I say Joseph much of the certified one first River verse one now in this chapter Jack is about to get out of where he was living in the area of the Philistines because his sons give all the men in the city because the prison that held at Rick the guys sister called nine legitimate twelve boards one your mess with a girl who asked about illegal do that I saw the father of some of the problems with them severely by when I told many of you can buy our system would you be circumcised them insidious I was wanting to circumcise an eight -year-old boy eight days in seconds and forty when that manages with a few which I saw this sign all necessary authority Netherlands and clinical similarly Mike came over this order to estimate the fact that anyone is that I have now realized we had to go because those massively recovered well the relatives would get revenge and so as they prepare to Google and give them some instruction about it and you will so alter worship or swath of Joseph seven thirty five ounces of gold set of the Jacob arise often backfilled unmaking of old on the ball that appeared to be when off-limits in the face of the sulfide but he was right twenty years earlier I brought Kim Rishel outthink our browsers that Jacobson of this household of all level with him by the way the hormone and between a changeover 's not because of three things but it is between change of garments were visible between the going to worship God with a very special way for three other psoriasis about the battle I will make all of the blog that is submitted to my distress was written in the way which I want and they gave him to jiggle all the strange gods which were in their and all that what antisocial where everyone is born as saying be in part of spiritual cleansing is to remove those things that make role contribution to spiritual growth but only feed the desire for on the outside cultures were removed let's go through José attempted to Riddle offers for thirtieth and this book bothers complaining about the way Israel has cheated him his people that have not been faithful of his Scripture on August fifth Mister Boyd is called adultery or fornication or idolatry so bought is using the light wholesale human symbol of how he feels about the unfaithfulness of the Nation of Islam I was remembered as one would even have driven another man come back in Baltimore therefore there is that they are however hospital she has also booked at I would not like to be wholesale moiety of you mentioning it it was not easy but wholesaler had to field shots all the grief of what brought when his people refuse to be faithful people of the spiritual and the first meeting individuals anything different from the truth it is in the hospital level and bought it is either righteous diabetes is a versatile get on I would present a part of the days of Balian for visiting brief punishment visibility the times when she went out the back of also when she burned incense unto them and she decked herself she's one of the photos now there's how people actually than herself with what the evidence analog joy rose as she went after her what he offers on for weeks if the Lord brought a thing when you went out how false the first companies to concentrate left Ventura walked out on this prize schedule is a woman who outposts in one word that means but what about it is hanging it bounces on let's will see another woman was the company for Revelation seventeen digital John probably show you the judgment on the grid for Republicans of Europe have committed fornication I did have visitors have been in front of the wine of her fornication of adversely recounted away in the Spirit Google lists I saw a woman sit upon discounted covered colored beast revolutions and be brief all of the names of the best movies having seven heads and ten horns and one was a raid in purple and scarlet and that with him and what kind of cough up a copy at this very serious that the cup is golden but the contents that were convinced for all abominations and the combat fornication but on the outside you cannot tell because it is golden and what use you what is on the inside is visible to the outside the difference is shocking it's a bold but full of abominations constructivism fornication want to say I want the inside gold under the exercise is called the outside website but if the outside is involved in the inside of Los Angeles because changing again from the inside our lot from the outside and look at another woman Revelation uses a few days ago Revelation twelve reverse one revelation twelve reformers won the Bible says of the vivid red one hundred and eleven call from the sun of the pornography upon her head a crown of twelve stars now compare how she looks more she wearing like life the light of truth the light of the life of God in him was life of the life of the light of men mom truth that's all she wore the Revolution represents the true church the woman in seventeen rivers of Babylon she is number five on or before it was a member the Bible and great love of harlots and abominations of the earth but you'll be voting twice but I spiritually upon nations of the earth but legal team going woman Revelation twelve the mother of Christ meeting one of the Georgia Paloma the woman Revelation twelve just the light of simple profound need now you tell me in your heart which of these two women we want people to think of when you dress about you won't as I can answer for you then something would remember all these chairs around it chuckles of the rappers do it the being they call it being the Jesus never had that stuff the bling of crisis on the inside was again set in Isaiah fifty three since Christ was nothing to look was no beauty in him definition it will also Christ on the outside LOL I also want to look twice but the way we dress men and women we trust the advertisement people loved ones this is surveying and feeding health Jesus says when you come to me in my watch on your self or read us to draw gender must read a book asked for no notification because we're all in a society where it feels almost come possible with metal God says I want to do something big metal let me give you an electronic that would beautify not just you but all tools in your sphere of influence let me give you October fill of Jesus that shines like Goldwater but Jesus was one of the high priest who represented Christ exercising I presented in the price axis twenty eight reason for seventeen drive that point of over seventeen Bible says about health Center in settings of stolen evil florals of storms the first role of such obvious audios a topaz carbuncle obese will on the rest of the high priest the high prescription price loaded them onto breastplate not hanging from his areas there's some universal recipient of the second roll subject ever of a sapphire on a dime on the federal ally got an idea of analysis on the front row on the road on his adjustment this shall be set in school history and causing the high priest function in the tabernacle you want that stuff when he was not functioning at all he was also rise to where precious stones on his priestly garments locked his body there will also from Genesis to Revelation on the rise the high things on with the high priest I'm not hiding from the Spartans on his nose on his tongue behind the schools which he warmly wore when he was officiating before God my brothers my sisters Jesus is our example everything goes jewels that hang on us should butanol joy peace long-suffering gentleness goodness faith meekness temperance the fruits of the spirit should high cost of raw from the heart that is filled by the spirit try try going warming away lots of one week seriously those labels things are just a personality as a single world before she sent to me there was a time when if someone not on my door and happily have no economic I will set off without me not her counter that will make up for the vessel to port let me make up the outside that will perish in the city she said she therefore and so until Christ came into heart as you realize it's not the makeup but the inside of that part of her she says is gone Frank God my brothers my sisters adding and subtracting of respect for your body in fact which will glorify God not just what's good but it the amount that glorifies God somebody ceiling and over eating is a violation of the law firms and needs all kinds of problems on either relieved that I said before my personal view is that dieting problem in the United States is a problem that is spiritual visit and prayer skin due to bring down the problem every year he has in his bid just don't work it is a spiritual problem and the double know if he can get a suite in appetite he can force over it every of your own ice glorify God not only what you eat and how much glorify God what you drink how much don't smoke is a disgrace to the body of God you cannot glorify God by Benjamin alcohol you cannot glorify God by Medicaid and soft drinks your actual number about it be forgiven from someone Muslims among the piano from novel dendrogram of extremist James Rogan of food on the Cavs intelligence don't get the wrong one and she is if you know that something is bad for you you shall not God says in first Samuel sixteen seven one C is not as man sees formatting look at all the outward appearance but gone Lucas on the heart let me give an example of how this function but I don't close there is a process which will send you world on some no hazardous pendulum only Jesus has of all profits some you'll has a distinction only do this I love Jesus when he was on this earth he was one of profit is now all monies now all I is coming back as so Jesus has held profit reached again the only other person to hold those offices some you profit priests mocking Bajaj reworkings in local judges some you have all three he was a prophet he was a priest and judge walking the middle of the person of Christ this was a powerful draw now let us see how a powerful property messed up big-time Tuesday for censorship was a success of our life is all adding and subtracting for Samuel sixteen six zero six oh seven process fields are not attained the replaceable solve why Gabon rejects all Lex yes unless the description if I go you to resolve admonition is over you no longer have to hear this because it will be noticed that he's gone normal obedience but some also sadly I will say I know what the value of the secret of success with dog clean and simple do what I say initially why God got rid of small for Sunday of Epiphany three percent of fifteen twenty three Muslim of course because thou hast rejected one of the world of God enough also what rejected me from being king when you say no to truth you singled to go process builds on the visit to replace all gone with Lewis always on your Windows book to be through with you and yours the research I did anyone brought even the sunlight golfs for a legal man or woman of the persistent constituent does have such a powerful force of God is normally in that person 's life going to assault for Chapter six is a disposable and it's up to seventeen David fighting Goliath assault Saul dies at seven thirty one four seven four six when the first boy of Jesse 's father of Jesse and his father came at last Moses was on the Saudi said Charlene the Lord 's anointed is what before you for some sixty six shall no one got has in mind to McCain as funny right now why early company prices appearance gross profit was also keen and priests or of the person to occupy the positions was Jesus Christ this powerful profit he wasn't deceived by our court appearance in Boston of course look not upon what I want this house was on the height of his fly half when once if not as man sees formatted as I walked motive where is gone he looks on the hot where should our emphasis be given the Constitution 's warning his emphases were going to get I will say to run around looking for you from the back of the founders of the truck but I was him I was letting me out for us as well while the fire was how it was their mountain will try and possess beyond because there's on the other ones up rapidly I want to know the facts on the formula that will get ribbons awarded to isolate the will is will the truth of the seventies have to be blunt for this he responsible subtract son live from your life as a holy day it is the quality down I speak with respect but I haven't got much time I offered two thousand dollars last if I had it but I'll just allow me on my results I was available some have any design of your I offered to house a lot of one thousand and one fourth this is the first visually the house of one for specific Jesus have sent some beautiful will give the money it's not enough I want you to accept the seventies which is gone skinny I want you to subtract Sunday as a holy day that will be the truth go to bless you get rid of Sunday out of your life positive worship of a holy day is not a holy day in the eyes of God it is no different from Thursday out of there how many people go to church on Sunday it is not wanting one last holiday bus assembly of the week according to the Bible the winged it is good that he has a sunset you are now living in what kind of time holy tie this is want to get on I want to cite in my floor I'm adding some of my life but because that man says with a loud voice but because I see from Scripture I have most of the Sunday of the holy date I am adding some of the Sabbath and subtracting for this Sunday it is not a holy day is a good day but not holding the seventh day Sabbath is recorded I was not want to think your some tough things I want to put on your card Lord I heard some things that have challenged me but I want it will be that's what I wanted to write I want to obey you that's one if you don't want people right on the car those parts of the holy purposes number two I have been fighting the decision to be baptized tonight I made a decision to be baptized because Jesus wants you to do that and adding baptism and subtracting stubbornness I want to make a decision on the car I want to be baptized of you have in obedience to what I have learned from the Word of God not based on this man's opinions misogyny anything outside of its roof and you are not safe you are not safe everything is a life-and-death matter for me and many other prisons and on the outside of the bylaws also is a danger at all that is capitalism office of risk management I have also rested management in your life are you what the rest of the resurrection I realize how lost I want to know more from Sunday wanted that money went in the last because the present day because bluesy mood because most of the rebels are definitely resist on my voice a bit which is what is I was writing the card I want to will be remove all the outward adorning to care of my body healthy what is a healthy mind to have feel like the book leaves you can understand spiritual things I want to keep going some of the because that's what he wants obey from the hearts I told you before everything comes in the heart with his disobedience it comes in the heart and give Google begins from the heart it comes from no other source or is from the hot life I want to be baptized or I won't be going the way that outward adorning it away if you might want to watch what I eat what flights like no smoking on trial because my body is not my own movie was the Lord I want to glorify you in the right to give my body was right out of you seriously as a possible similar I've been challenged by discouraging on removing of what adornments I wanted a faithful original writer will definitely volatility particularly heart as a both of you will not get dishonesty was used in Lord the seventh tool for solving me but I want to do what's right especially but I will obey you resurrect him stress that I will be best you miss you that you I won't will be boundary review on one of the single but I got it harms you but blessings on you was the best visualizes the boundary of the car I want to be every car has a manual you may manually call runs long time is a manual for wiring this place is a manual for everything this is the manual for successful life with I'm live in the next life of four euros is the metaphysical real life but without sin although the Mozilla I recommitted my life to keep the faithful would use them in a faithful I recommit my life to be faithful to stand with me after the service I wanted all the baptismal candidates like the front I've never has instructions for you my Perl regular baptism tomorrow two o'clock untraceable Grayson was Drazen stresses that the accomplice vendor we have connectivity for the candidates we go than one that is of course tomorrow morning at ten is one part and service them I speak eleven I speak again for the final time tomorrow night at seven my brothers and sisters with this before my heart God loves you and wants it's one of you save his kingdom which is however ridiculous it may sound music kingdom of God is coming to usher in God cannot allow the world to continue as it is something the disease disaster it also genocide one mission bombing the other it one mission to write your review that has just it was not the will and the plunk of the time will come when he will sit on I have been patient long enough with the world at large a review we went to reduce upon he does not turn back which is if this happens as will be good children make sure we get those cards ever had about Iveco 's father in the name of Jesus I ask you to please have mercy on us give us a hard that simply knows the truth however strange it may sound there was a heartless soul appreciate the sacrifice of Christ that we will be willing to do anything that Jesus asks us in his work give us a mind to keep your holy sample the sample to be according to your Bible Atlas and more sunlit of the holy day and because it is not Russia's victory over external adornments and give us a focus on adorning VSI with the force of the spirit forty and women of the Word of God Kennedy 's voice ambivalence because it is invented the light from us of father of us to be faithful and obedient one B of the time and same was written in Jesus name I pray for his sake at all gall to say a man-to-man baptismal candidates right in front of the rest of you travel safely wanted to associate right back here tomorrow ten o'clock


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