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Visualizing the Possible

Adrian Zahid



  • June 2, 2012
    10:00 AM
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this father is a talk today I ask that you be with us and that you impress through the Holy Spirit upon the hearts of my listeners the importance of taking action the importance of visualizing seen the possibilities in Jesus name I pray amen and honestly about what to say and I was planning what I was saying I had an illustration in mind that defies defies me today the empty seats because of the missing something it was going really well but I will say it anyway a Minnesota sermon got a little differently on the trace some parts of my life and my experience that would hold and then I'm going to transition into the Scripture the Bible part of it and hopefully and you will be blessed I cannot hold in two thousand four November the first time and I've ever coming to end inside a minute this is going to an Indian church and this guy told me he said that there's this conservative group that I know you didn't like the city say what you go there so I finally went and the first time I came there you know I I came I sat to be reverted all is about twenty five people and I was really impressed and left and then a few months a few weeks later I came back again and I still wasn't impressed us people young people and would say things I would listen dishonest lesson of your people preach and it just wasn't resonating with me then the vacation is came in January and hope you were talking about some restoration restoration is coming in everyone should get ready for it is using the talking about it and he is going to be preaching at night and I thought about my frustration and this has been going on for several years now and in two thousand two it started with somebody and then two thousand three in two thousand four dollars and two thousand five also in social court I think about this and that but if you have restoration here to forward it again you have a guess my thought as I skipped Mister frustration are the greatest one of the greatest restorations ever escaped but I certainly afterwards and heard how wonderful it was never going to Loma Linda that dollar library and getting online and listening to the rest of services and those designers exist and so going on for messaging website and listening to the sermons of his tremendous concerns who is this man I listen to it and I had never heard sermons like that before never and I listened to all the sermons all of them on my wrist Gregory David Ashley everything is longtime and I decided that this would be the place where abortion verse eleven twenty twenty five people thirty people now once in a while and we had a rigorously coming once a month and then others would preach from having a leadership preached in those days leadership and everything is on the leadership only have a second committee and the board and whatever else and others of his leadership they did everything they talk in creating baseball only leadership of the other platform leadership and teach the leadership of the offering could manage to sound everything else and that was how was and I started attending in one day I was at all and one of the leadership can live you send this to me he said he was tired of the facility means that I'm just tired and burned out I'm tired of doing everything and heart opening up chairs and and putting things back in thing all this work as you hope y'all as I start helping out shares and is graduated to help you with offering and is somehow a person told me to make it more efficient and other helpers and I asked some guys out abroad is one of them asked him to help cut the offering and help put away the chairs and asking the Stewart another guy who's aware of the time and then there was a doctor because they never meet remains from it remarries under business anyway asked him to help in my pitch was if I asked you to help once every six weeks would you do it this of course will want to help once every six weeks for SI falsifies so you would only help once every six weeks end and we had a Yahoo group that would young groups I would remind people that when it was their turn and it was all automatic is automatic and as Sicily essay as a continue learn more I started studying more I went back and I remember being invisible someone recommended this book to me it was called great forgetting that it was it was called is written by a set in the north of them does anyone remember certain not yet leadership book thank you you give a staff member going to I I'm never going to the ABC United have money in those days I was poor I was playing in immigration case in import and all my money was going there and saw the standing at ABC and I would read for an hour and put it back home as you read another all I know is reading and reading and reading I been more I know the that have this heritage library the decision to have been assuming this almost one dollar or two dollars and I when I bought every book I never read it was recommended to me I've read everything and I had an opportunity to visualize something that was impossible I heard that amazing facts was coming to town they're going to LA and driven me passing out twenty five thousand final events DVDs at the General conference are Pentecostals when opportunity and so they needed help as I went there and I went there in the middle of the week and then we pass on about five thousand of those and is about twenty thousand to go and delete was almost over as always I was there and others a friend of mine and it means we look at the situation and be realistic your virtual nice dear old people trying to hand out something for free anonymous by no mistaking and so we decided to switch a little bit into the DVDs we just looking at people 's eyes and as a copy of a contact us and would like a DVD it's free and we headed into the hat and within hours all the musical also provide an adequate retreat also left by the enemy never done there finished object pass on the Mendoza first time I've realized the possibility of what would happen if I thought I realized that if I could just think something if I could just visualize something the rest is details and so as we look at hold when we look at the structure about it how things are going and how we recruit people and and what we were doing we had a lot of things in those days we had a fifty person choir we had responsive readings we had sex and people read Scripture Jackson special music and all his different things there's a lot of fat in the end of April please send away a lot of fat and we just focused and right on the sermon and a fetus lately for and a small prayer we focus on that and within weeks our membership and double and triple as our control medicine tremendously and then we heard when he heard that they were going to build all the Centennial complex and they start building it and Doctor Hart was offering a personalized tour extension are always my roommate and I we decided to go on this person for Doctor Hart goes on bridges and also see what this building is all about Christmas being built and so we went there and have some rich donors with him and he was giving them a tour and there is poor for students with him and me walking through this building and having there was nothing but just trusses and cement and he walked through anything here is a three hundred fifty seat auditorium and here's a two hundred fifty seater auditorium and in limine have for Florida's D expandable and unity of the using acumen the patient rescind this is going to be our place this is a VR place for restoration maybe but for one hope and it was crazy to think that because back then we were just one hundred and twenty people we had a full overhaul that is not stubborn only once before and I was when Ted Nelson and Martha Lee had spoken both together for a service that I've been hoping that Max four hundred and visit and so we thought about this and we prayed about it and we went back and beat me work harder and we would absolutely certain for always I kept thinking I kept referring to be like I think that building is being built just for us it's just for abusing your crazy your absolutely crazy to think that they will give you visibility and lo and behold when the building is finally open we fill the space three hundred fifty strong plus people send if you visualize the possible if you visualize the possible so I went on with my personal experience that I is a word I was asked to be part of the PowerPoint team for four restoration and venue director for restoration in two thousand six in the next year the estimated director restoration as Iraq resolution in the next year that the previous year had been as successful in the next year I was faced with optimal challenge of getting it going getting people motivated but it is thing I was successful in groovy next year we did it again we grew even more people were rising over rebaptized their change I had the opportunity in two thousand six as well at the age of twenty five to be able to run an aggressive campaign in San Bernardino I had never managed one by myself before and it was a codirector I did that and it was fairly it was fairly successful was a success on a personal level for me but was successful in terms of how it was run begin your model of helping to do things every year I did something that previously I thought was impossible every year and I also started to notice something like this in my life and the lives of others who are active can start out audio versus Curtis and Norma started us off as you conference of one of the first regional conferences in the area and in the United States and social point I noticed that they were there was a difference between some people some people just to law with the information they had and others to statement of work I have asked myself what is and why is it that will be bringing over the church forgive me given the same information this information outside of the state of the dead the second coming the century doctrine and everything else but somehow just never get going and never get going in there some ministries that is not always small entity funding ministries to become world changing ministries like our hope is there other residents are the same time is never going why is so today's one of where we talk about Metropolis wears on the fourth and so walked through this and will go into our Bible time here for squares so this is just a rough way to explain something that I've enough been thinking about I was an associate pastor for eighteen months at a church in LA nearly and one-sided I was preaching I increase and ultimately to the one sitting afternoon and I always would ask the members what would I disable some people have questioned the sermon some people have questions from someone saying they were doing and then I would speak to their interests exactly what they were thinking about I would have by the city on the spot on what they were talking about it was a good way to keep my mind active as well because it is he saying the same thing over and over again the same policies over and over again your mind starts to tingle go but loose but soft rights and so I would ask is there is one man when sending me play this game and my friend and I my friend Mike and I be greatest in Bermuda prosecutors and they were the defendants and we ask them questions about their faith and how to defend their freedom these are people within this analysis for thirty years or forty years or fifty years and we found an day long as well as they were arguing their faith as they were trying to find a vacant Iraqi Army are some souvenirs despite having lots of thousands or hundreds of Revelation seminars and Daniel seminars and listening to all these things on communion whatever else they would not defend their faith and so we we decided that we would do this thing just to show them how deficient they were I told you a few weeks later I sitting there in this this will become in your communities I think the academia for what why and he said because I want to learn more about this one of the things and give you a formula that I was in my life and works and I'm going to give uniformly viewed him as well I told him I said if you want to learn anything about the Bible will get your Bible and the importance and look up everything in the Bible has to say on the subject status Aldo versus the wireless December seven and underlined word highlight with them on a piece of paper and then call out one hundred pastors in the city one hundred non- Adventist pastors in the city and go talk to the Saddam of them to convert them decide to say he understood the word and I've been coming across East Texans wondering what you say about these texts and then go over them with an sheer what they have to say right on every objection that they had to which it is said and what you'll notice is the one pastor and another one got it all hundred but as a total one two three four five suddenly some commonalities will come the second notice that there's a certain train of thought that comes with one percent and then what you do is you take that and then you go back home and you research your answers to those objections and resources Institute those objections and then what you do is want to find those answers in your fairly comfortable with that going on doors and then share with people structure your Uruguay was a situated is like five questions the the low side of the intentions you slow questions and structure them and asking the questions initial text raise the race injection reasoning than to say some people as pastors this is some people say this some people say this and guess what if they go to church and they talk to their pastor and the passengers in the same answer that you said that he would then he's class under some but then they realize that the Bible says something else they said something else and it opens up an opportunity for them to be sent by an individual event with one hundred people just one hundred people at the door explained to them and talk to them you will know more about the Sabbath then you are getting your life and more than ninety percent of the something church unity sentiment facility so facilities course we start out everyone is given a certain measure a certain amount of potential we all have we brought some of us have more than others we have more potential to succeed and others we have good education we went through the RSS of some of us didn't but some of us get in the habit we had more potential to succeed but then once the potential at a certain time we have to take action which is in some number the first square is the second one is a you have to take action now there's some people who take action and there's some people who take massive action massive action is going to do it anyone done but nobody doesn't but somebody did there is a friend of mine is a you know him pretty well map our his PhD in past high school with a diploma as he says that she did something that no one else had done already able to once he decided he wanted to say the Bible and he wanted no price for short humility talk to me was equipped not endorse incessantly knocked on doors to the possibly understood every part of the Bible and in the process you learn how to relate in which people are linked for people educated people not educated people drug dealers cost whatever you learn to relate with everyone because he took massive action the next one is related to this end has to do with results the greatest thing when you take massive action music certified election Junior many get some kind of results and those results are going to feedback into your belief about doing something more when I started out I didn't have much and how much belief I have much faith but I realized that I had some potential and if I just joined with God and his people and I did something I would see some results and the more I did the more results I saw I worked incessantly six North and Dave radical and frustration and I saw a results assault team members change I saw friends give up what they were doing I saw my own family my relatives quit working on Sabbath and takes that off to eight years ago before I start frustration I came to Loma Linda is one of visit and my aunt took me to JC Penny 's to buy me assume on Sabbath RA eight years later after restoration she stopped going to work on set solicitors for sauce and then that these the reaction the bigger the results and integrated the belief in doing something more and the more you regard the greater the potential and just keeps going right now here's how most people live their lives most people live their lives like this someone gave this this example and I think it's very here is the pendulum writer on this side of the pendulum there is pain their suffering there is hard a there's all these different things okay on designers enjoy and there is gladness and there is satisfaction and whatever else they must decide this election must enjoy massive glass on this site is massive parting massive disappointment massive pain right now the pendulum swings one way was to do since both ways the fastest way to get massive joy massive blackness massive satisfaction is to swing this way the more you put yourself the more vulnerable you get the more you put yourself out there the greater the chances that things this way for you Jesus said that whoever confesses me before men in all heart that is in all hard it is to confess Christ before men if you confess Christ before men I will confess you before the father and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from seen people save is like nothing 's nothing else there is a guy who told me I met him several years ago I was in high school the time and I miss the the VP for research resources rejected Wednesday he graduated and I graduated he left he went on with his life when I'm lazy and selling drugs and getting to jail he said when he was in jail these are to think about my sons and he change his life in jail to give out of jail and he went into the ministry he graduated from Andrews University the joy of seeing your friends changes were in the hearted but here's what happens most people most people they live their life in such a way where they just experienced so much joy and so my suffering so much putting yourself out there just a little bit so they only experience because it insults up just a little bit their own experience just a little bit of satisfaction just a little bit of results just a little bit of everything but he never quite experience what others experience in life and ministry is anything to does make sense to you absolutely I hope it does because this is what this is one happens in reality this is why some people just take off they do a lot of things for God and that some people who don't number show you how apostle Paul when he was when he was converted he was converted in eighty thirty four when you think about that of a reasonable estimate losses and readable book it just seems like one on one day Jesus into heaven on the next day they were preaching in the Temple and on the next day Stephen was stolen on the next day all this converter and the next day three thousand people were baptized in the status they have an estate seems like every day something was happening the church but in reality there are years years and ask right doesn't engage in the action doesn't negate the results that they had but it does help to realize that there were years when Paul was converted use converted eighty thirty four when Stephen was killed is learning before and thought even the mission of going to the Gentiles do you think that it was informed of the Gentiles and that they receive the gospel was because we are Gentiles and we receive the gospel writer Paul is uniquely commissioned to design a never been done before which was goal and two preach the gospel to the Gentiles how is a very important digital immediately know what you give is three years and he went to Arabia yes he dedicated as soon as he joined up with God agency action team to build one eighty one eighty to one eighty and human integration the synagogues and in Damascus Jesus is God I met him on the road I lost my site for three days and I got again even really isn't he says he is at the bartender and the Scripture confirms that Andy started persecuting the start of what Kevin did run away to Arabia for three years he talks about his experience in Galatians chapters one and two and talks about how he spent time there he opened the Scriptures he studied the structure from cover to cover completely understanding every month in his mind about trust then deselect the glottis are witnessing what you do each of the next seven years he went back to Antioch he went back and he was just he was just in a personal way sharing Christ for the next seven years telling people when you are testing out his methods allowing people to challenge so that he would learn how to respond for the next seven years then some more time went by and finally thirteen years later the disciples in all crazy days and years later there is any supply was okay and he came back in the commission and they went an increase in Antioch that is the first time people started to call Christians and that he is missing Iraqis then another he this is an eighty forty six now or got eighty four six eighty forty seven then he preached from eighty forty seven forty eight on through eighty sixty six in the past he was killed he died but in those short timeframe he will have to New Testament and each of the gospel to the Gentiles estimated massive potential he has massive potential but the only way that potential was when work was if he joined with God and then took action and he did and God bless this related talk about is a story that is well-known this is a story about the paralytic this is a man the paralyzed man he had been on his back on his back for thirty eight years by some fool hoping to be healed but no human can in one case walked by and it was Sunday and she's assigned there a reason why you're needed in this is sorry story about why he was there and then Jesus said to regard and walk and desire it is quite possible that she said that holding a spring in his heart and he realizes this is a possibility he could see himself he seems walking and he just got and start walking in the purpose that massive much after meeting Christ there was another man Mister do this this story in the Bible is found in Matthew chapter eight verse one and two and three four it says when he the mounting frame across quality and is Jesus and behold a leveraging to him and know before and saying Lord if no will you can make me clean and you stress out his hand and Testaments I will clean and immediately his leprosy left and he was cleansed and you said to him see that thou say nothing to anyone but going for yourself to the priest and offer the gift that Moses commanded and for an recent document I read this phrase origins as I think about this unprepared for the sermon I read it again last night it just been detailed there is so amazing because this man had heard about Jesus Jennifer DeJesus cured people who were sick and was suffering but never once had he heard of the story where Jesus had healed the leper and their other people whatever their other letters in the country with her new thinking maybe it's a possibility but this hot know he's the related Pharisees Jesus Obama on unclean these outages but this man is different set what is I went whenever you lose whatever that means now there was even in this life is as you visualize he could see himself being healthy is seeing something clean and he decided not to does not allow easy task because it will travel the road ways he could avoid the cities because he was barred from being in contact with people so yesterday away from people so you have to take the less trouble roles he had to trap Jesus down and just was not one person who just stayed in one place and present one synagogue every Sabbath is a natural Tylenol of the country to try to find this man was a tough thing but he finally found an dirty was by the leg and he was preaching and is this other no one is saying there is the only areas ranging and then sorry just as this dilemma resides in an senior business is our latest chapter twenty seven patients he sees as the senior uses teaching decidedly and I standing afar off though that the latter has a few words on the singers lips he sees and laying his hands upon the sink he sees only the blind apparently those dying of various maladies help praising God for deliverance he saw far he could see you could see it coming approaches and walking without crutches he was a people coming winter with the state and being blind and it is walking when I see you can see that even here there is his reality his skin was falling off his fingers were faunal and he was standing there and he's going in match what would happen there is probably but Dennis says but a necessity strengthens in his heart he draws heat near engineer or the government from the restrictions laid upon the stage of the people that fear with which all regardless of God existed in the details there details the people around what they were saying about after walking away from him as a realizes the smell that the leprosy in his skin as he walked to Jesus and the very thing he said as he met Jesus he said he says oh here he thinks only of the blessed hope of human can only think of what his skin would feel like if you only it came to Jesus and he said Lord if you will I can and it was amazing because here's a man who is drawing a conclusion that doesn't exist yet he's saying you can heal the blind you to heal and heal those who can walk and heal the sick and if you have the power I'm pretty sure you can make weekly even though my church process says that I have this malady because God has passed judgment on but I believe that your grace is sufficient for an sure enough Jesus said I will be quick and that was he was there some times that we think about in possibilities we look at things the way things are in the church and look at the way things are not families are family members or friends but the thing and beast of the impossibilities very rarely do me visualize the possibilities very rarely do we think of a life could be like when this place could be like if we just took action others other than so he took it was the lever was motivated by the results the results of seeing himself clean is motivated by the there's another man who had a problem leaving yet probably his son was was was you don't you have a demon in him and he brought the disciples the disciples are tested on and when Galway and Jesus came and the man said what Lord I believe help my unbelief help my unbelief I don't have enough faith but help you said I will and he cast the demon out and his sons he didn't have the belief whichever party you are and when you you just you just can't take action we just don't believe the results are there you can see the results I got amazing results because like her living we just don't have the leaf Jesus can help you and you can change your life there's something never try to do that I imagined you know this is approximately going out only a part of the literacy project is something that I shared my controversies on okay let's let people look good good someday I hope all of you will visit what to do in India I have however four four South Asia I've broken my side and I wanted to look I and I and I haven't mentioned yet once once when I was three but I've been sitting here in my mind from what people have told I've been there I've seen the pictures but I've seen the spiritual condition of our church I seem to special condition of the church members the special condition of the young people who have not seen a real experience they had not experienced what it really means to be a sound that is what it really means to take action when it really needs to see results they have not seen and I could tell you a lot about things that are happening there but I want this morning seem to say this that experience can be transferred you can transfer it by the spirit something is for me and if you want to experience the same thing you have to do and so we are tentatively different in India were to go back there now a small leadership team of ours and were will she show leadership by doing with an assignment he should have experience in Christ by getting in the experience giving the Chancellor and I do decide to do something bigger than never dining bit as a little reminder women to pass out one hundred dollars and great controversies into cities fifty thousand one and fifty thousand young peers the crazy part about it the first fifty thousand ever be passed out I would be done by two hundred people two hundred people the nest and began a six hundred people went to cities one city is is that landlord is liable life in Southern California to live there that can't see them and all that everything Google works they were to Google and Microsoft and NHL and other companies there and come home but these people need God and so what I do is really getting to be controversy over the packet with us and on the front that says go to YouTube and YouTube or that have some small lectures short lectures on health and finances on depression on family relationships and one of the sudden I'm forgetting right now unusually riven asked them if they like it to share with their friends and if they like what they heard and what they read to access on YouTube to do a series on the index sobering approach them slightly through the postmodern lens a little bit and really trying to reach these people that we know the other fifty thousand is very passive in the North regular size for different tests this infidelity Christian and so it has been a controversy but intimate letters written for the voice of prophecy or discovered by the study lesson and hard to continue the lessons and put in a small sales letter that explains them vulnerable to big by and really give this to them as see what was once again using something fifty thousand is well-written how innocent of five hundred thousand on Monday after the percentage ten percent of the city is going to happen in their hands the great controversy is that amazing amazing so he has never been done before and immediately medicated and your leadership to the division presently union presidents the cost is as varied as the start and never thought of this before is never been done before they want to see young people do I was even more interesting visibility join us in doing with us right now here's a challenge that we have been mentioned is because we are Adam holds them asking for money per se although we do need it what I'm saying is what we do need is many people who have had an experience with Christ real express of Christ and also we need people who have experience in selling selling books if you know someone who can salvage anything else that we need you because what we want is you want to develop a sales training program for some of these young people and really uses is a test the young people that give the great controversy related about forty of them have to come back and take another forty rights additionally some people slack right there might be some people to slack off but there is some nice of collecting one hundred forty people pass it on the company take another one and go on I think another one those are the guys that were looking for the girls looking for to ask them because they are convinced about putting this book into people 's homes ever been asked without doing anything else a we would like to train you to sell books in electing the best of the best in America who know how to sell and take and in yet other than learn how to sell in India and it teaches young people to become master salespeople civilian goals and provide the publishing work that is dormant in India right now as we wanted to the classroom prayers but also challenge you to think of what you can do with this great controversy project here in America think of what you can do think of all the possibilities and anything else think of the possibilities to your potential right on everything that you have going for you that your potential joined the guard asked for his help to massive action grandmother and you take massive action yes there will be harder yes that we saw this yesterday disappointments along the way but on the other hand don't be the highest highs highest joy that you never experienced I can only say by experience because I have experienced if you have an experience and I can tell you you haven't lived you haven't lived but if you do you do just what I'm saying is ten percent what I'm saying you see the results as a result of how you incredibly build to do more if you don't believe it will start out hope mentally listing their father we thank you this morning for giving us a glimpse of what is possible through Christ for then the harvest is great for the laborers are few and right now we have some challenges in the world but nor the greatest challenge lies between our two years the greatest challenges us being convinced that we can be used by God and that the results that are promised with our possible father hasn't been done before there are so many things that haven't been done before but you can lead the way and I asked as you showed us how to do it to the disciples and you Shaw the Sunderland two ways friends of ours not hardly one of them Lord I ask is you do in life as well just as it did not resend if you heal others view me Lord I do you must give us that that vision to completion work and she is


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