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The Truth Shall Make You Free

Fred Bischoff


Fred Bischoff

Physician and former faculty member at Loma Linda University's School of Medicine and School of Public Health, and cofounder of Adventist Pioneer Library



  • September 30, 2006
    10:00 AM
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we have an opportunity this morning again to study God 's word is a privilege that we do that today I see study with you John chapter eighty will be looking at the theme triplets in the heart of this chapter the truth shall make you free again to review what we looked at two weeks ago the guidelines that we need for our Bible study on the following number one we need desperately the Holy Spirit we need to ask for the Holy Spirit in our Bible study needless to the spirit as we study the virtue we need to see that Jesus is the center of all Scripture if reciting passages in Scripture and we don't see how it unfolds to us Jesus Christ did not understand the Bible correctly there were three meeting to look for themes this is vitally important as we look to Scripture because there is there are themes woven through the Bible like threats of goal immediately traced these themes through their reform we need to understand the words were looking at if we do not know what a word means we can look at this is how we're going through the space Lonnie what is this word means that he was the certainly and we had to learn was still in the process of learning over five we need to understand connections and that is how one part of the Bible is connected to other parts I need to explore those of her sex we need to understand the application we need to see D how the principles in Scripture applied to us how they affect our lives as lot of feedback anything you down the speakers are putting your autoimmunity hearing myself scrolling feedback we need to see as we go through Scripture how hot were studying applies to us this is not abstract theory this is a vital truth that we need we need to share with others in word and in life and number seven we need faithfulness we need to express appreciation rate to God for what he has given us what's the number one right now to start father as we open your word we again plead for your spirit to be with us we do not understand how desperately we need his assistance 's guidance is prompting is still small voice speaking to our hearts help us to be quiet and listen to him help us to somehow through the hustle and bustle of life be able to discern your voice especially today as we were in your word guidance now Christ are requested after setting is in cash and time the reasons of regime about the middle the chapter the truth shall make you free we want to discover and has the following number one what is the truth and number two what does it mean to be free the setting for the chapter is that Jesus was sitting in the tech teaching one of his favorite places to be teaching it he engaged in that setting with dialogue with the scribes and Pharisees are mentioned explicitly in verses three and thirteen also with the woman that was brought to him versus June eleven and then in a larger arena are currently more than Jesus Christ there is the Jews our mission just as a group versus twenty two thirty one forty eight fifty two and fifty seven with the woman in his accusers Christ demonstrated as is vital that we catch this crisis demonstrated how to uphold not only the law which was embodied in his statement to her going syndrome but also the gospel which he expressed to her and those wonderful words neither do I condemn you observe in the participants in the story this is this is very interesting and important was their number one we have get users originally have the same in number three we have the same needs users interestingly enough are themselves sinners the Savior is the only sinless one among enemy of the sinner guilty and powerhouse what is the goal is clear Christ stated to her at the very climax of his words the incident more what is the message 's word is worth the word vision gave her contained number one forget Mercy not treating her as she deserved you find that in God 's word doesn't result if you don't find it here you need to Holy Spirit to open the see we might only need this element but what is working for a contained faith and in power because this word that he gave to her express the fact that he saw and he stated her potential her ability to reach the goal line herself but to the power of his word when he telecenter not to go in and not sending more and doing one of two things your mocking the helpless condition or your words convey the power to enable at synergy was overstressed was he mocking her know he was in how are your internetworks contained forgiveness and faith every feeling as we'll see in this chapter a physical healing we see him every feeling that he does it it's probably clear assessing the physical humans and that's what were so focused on the physical illustrated the power of his word that is released to meet the need when they hear about work please we must not miss also the role of the accusers they were accusing the woman writer is a person can reclaim Christ said to her where are your accusers as the now also these people they came because there's a candidate what did you notice they also came to accuse Christ there in the business of using your the version is that they might have something to zero six rating as well as the resident instead a study has now to her throughout the New Testament the final incident enabler in the Sabres 's revelation twelve verse ten the act users of our brethren is cast down which accused them before our God day and not lose this business this accuser the original accuser is given just enough passenger and revelation revelation twelve seventy nine there was war in heaven Michael and his angels plot against the Dragon dragon fought and his angels and they got prevailed not neither was their place in the anyway found any more in heaven and the great dragon was cast out devils call the devil and Satan was cast out which this old serpent the devil and Satan which deceive the whole world the question though but we need to ask what deception is a talking what deceptions of talking the word inspection force their luscious briefly outline we have on one side Michael we have on the other side the driver the drag is call the Olson that is a reference clear reference to what one-story Genesis three verse one there was Adam and Eve in the garden we use also called the death that were double yellows means interesting than the accuser someone who throws through he's throwing his accusations through other people is also called Satan in that word means opponent enemy but the CBCs and the question is what is all about what is that position and as they were enough on the other side 's Michael in Michael's name means who is like God couldn't be that we have here the key to the deception we have inherited seeing to the rebel that is existing all around us we had a key to the chapter were say because the question of who is like God is the question that the serpent in Genesis opposed to leave if you do this you will be like God never Genesis three especially stated who is like God is God the accuser or is that part of the deception is God our opponent or is this is not for us the deception is over who is like God is a lifeless playing against the dry and we know hopefully from the evidence using which one is really like so were setting today John chapter eight which is just another battle in this war the relation engines to this John chapter eight the Springs of Christ there is just a note about network all of the participants are there is vital that we understand what is happening because each day in our lives each of our line 's this is not about in this war do you realize do I realize if you want to study this further study Zechariah three versus one two seven another battle in the war is pictured recruiter force cases summarize this encounter that he had with the accusers the accused he says in verse twelve I and the light of the world she follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life observe again by contrast what processing is so important that we learn to put things in curling contrast these contrasting the light of life with darkness in the invocation of the darkness of death right is contrasting what he has just done not continue with that which the others have been doing which is what she is he's contrasting sin no more with walking in darkness is it his recliner and then he says something about following him do you give grass fortysomething doesn't it follow him are going to find victory over sin those who follow him are not going to be in the business of condemning others because they themselves procedures and those that follow him will be aligned he said to them remember you see the light of the world we have the privilege of reflect dislike Muslim is the best place was accused who brought the woman was really good and amazing the best place they did it to accuse her and him but it provided Jesus was an opportunity to vanquish darkness once more especially in the life that will what an amazing story but the rest of the chapter is not dealing with a woman it's like he had an easy time with her yet hard time with the rest of his greatest struggle was the darkness that gripped the hearts of the accusers the deception they were under an soulless lives that are the passage this next part deals with what can rightfully called the testimony of Jesus was not through another person it's Jesus here in a person himself he is an overloaded cluster summarize what was his testimony to the next section of the chapter owes his testimony regarding himself he says reclaiming my record were his testimony or is true my record is true verse fourteen he says he has sent me is true verse twenty six he's honestly wanting to make a point the point is in this battle you can even trust me in trust the one I represent he said regarding himself I know in these talk about it where he was from and where he was headed verse fourteen and again that he is a clear hint the first hint that I would like to point to you too as to where as part of the studies we go he said also I am not alone verse fourteen also in verse twenty nine he actually mentions of her seventeen the testimony actually isn't too because you know the Bible has this rule that was given to the Old Testament in the mouth of two witnesses Sony computer in Christ as you have you have a testimony to ensure that you are in the father verse fourteen inverse eighteen again hit number two this connection is vital that we understand what that means and they said I am from above another powerful hint as to the heart of forgetting verse twenty three I am from above what you mean by from above where was that above it's obviously have run can you picture yourself there with these people you see this man you knew he grew up in Nazareth knew what he did for a living before you started this ministry and yet he's saying I'm horrible how do you connect heaven in this carpenter from Nazareth in your mind how do you make that connection is only one way to make with exploring that Christ was sent regarding himself I am not of this world verse twenty three what was this testimony regarding his hearers you judge after the flesh verse fifteen you need to know me nor my father was nineteen you are from beneath opposite origin right verse twenty three you are of this world again it was twenty three in contrast to heaven if you want to the references read read John three six in John six sixty three he has the same stories there is talking to Nicodemus in John three and to the other people gathered in John chapter six he says to them also his testimony to them was that he shall die in your sins verse twenty one here is yet another hint or the chapters one and then he says that very clearly where I go you cannot come where I go you cannot come John three and verse five tells us what is talking out there John three verse five Jesus said to Nicodemus except a man is born of water in the spirit he cannot injure where the kingdom of God the kingdom of God I would submit you this is the key to understanding the prophecy of Daniel to the prophecy of Daniel seven and all of revelation which talks to us about the kingdom that's coming this everlasting kingdom it's good to replace everything that we see here about us on the sir was the testimony of Jesus regarding the solution we look to a business already but here he puts it in other words if you believe not that I am verse twenty four there is in the negative what's the solution relating who he is he repeats the theme of IM again in verse twenty eight and verse fifty believe that I am believe that I am believed on him what is this I am believe my identity believe who I am again amazing amazing picture to have a human being study information NHL June is robust that he and the father are one that they are together arguably the this year 's hot the theme but this is all over the solution in their in their lack of faith I struggled because it says Rick Langley they said are you twenty five widely struggles organisms do you struggle over the same thing device for sensing I would say yes we have the exact same strong the testimony of Jesus regarding the source of the solution business I speak to the world those things that I have heard of him speaking of the father of her sweaty sex here is where the solution comes from it comes to us through the words of God I do always those things that please him verse twenty nine Jesus affirms the fact he spoke to have a father by the type of life that he lived Jimmy summarizes he knew who he was and where he was from we can ask the question and we can fruitfully explored the challenging study of how did he know who you are we'll have time to do but study how did Jesus as a human being know who you are in unified jalapeno he affirms that the father and his hearts were knit together that is the source of the solution but we will see his hearers know is that he knew about it when will the years now he actually told that he says when you have lifted up the Son of Man then you shall not that I am verse twenty eight for some of them out in the first inkling that this man whom they crucified was not just any brothers it might be when they let learned too late the beginning of catching the solution is actually mentioned in this chapter what is that it says were plainly as he spoke these words many believed on him praise the Lord is not what he was after if you look to the Gospels of of of the New Testament I would suggest that the one great thing that Christ was consciously looking for he was looking for thing he was looking for faith he found that it's a greater degree into people interestingly enough both of them were Gentiles the centurion the circulation will great is your thing what a picture but here in the story so lawfully done since then Billy but again was they believe they begin to believe the testimony of Jesus but he says what he says next tells us that this was not the end it was just the beginning from here on will look at each of the verses as we go verse thirty one Jesus said to those Jews which believed on him if you continue in my word then are you my disciples indeed it's one thing to began to believe is just the beginning he says it must continue you're doing what you're doing is right keep doing it continuing I reminded of flipping is one verse six being confident of this very thing that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ he will perform if we allow him we can resist him though I also think that Hebrews three verse fourteen for we are later partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast unto the end that's what Christ is telling you must continue in my word and then he says first thirty two and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free again notice the future tense they're starting out and he tells them continue if you continue is a promise you shall know the truth what will they know it says plainly he says when you the truth and what will be the consequence of the free will be free list price for Jesus goes with this response yes that is in verse thirty three they answered him we be Abraham 's seed and were never in bondage to any man house is now usually need for a contrast this with Genesis fifteen verse thirteen where God is talking to Abraham actually told him know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs and shall serve the and they shall afflict them four hundred years amazing how can these Jews say they've never been in bondage to anyone Christ actually though it's his finger first thirty four he answered them verily verily I send you whosoever can than FC is the servant or slave of sin Jason as for the history of any image of those four hundred years there is not even will ignore the history of Babylon attacked the city that the lunchroom in Babylon and he ignored the legal situation under Rome got to the heart of the issue of what freedom is all about it was the same as that of the woman the Iraqi it dealt with what you don't withstand you don't withstand an something to do with this thing called the truth he said in verse thirty five the server lies not in the house forever to the sacrifice ever this is God 's plan is to listen Galatians forever seven wherefore thou art no more slavers service the sun if your son in your air of God Jesus Christ is the plan to be slaves the duties first thirty six in Johnny he says that the son therefore shall make you free you shall be free indeed again here's the source the free it is in the sun this is being that if you have studied carefully you see very clearly is the one who is Michael the one who is like God again note he says in verse thirty two the truth shall make you free here he says in verse thirty six the son shall make you free what is this thing called the truth that is identified with someone verse thirty seven he says to them I know that you are Abraham 's seed but you see to kill me because my word has no place in you and wish you want crazy actually talking to the same people that the verse says they believed on him somebody was talking to have a plan in their heart and what was the plan also to give him these the stark realities that uses addresses number one your Abraham 's seed the question is how that's a vital distinction however the emergency number two you see to kill me the question is why why would they want to kill him number three my word has no place in you and again the question is how to password find a place in us must look at Adrian Siegel they claim to be a premises we find in Romans nine verses six to me this amazing observation for they are not all Israel which are of Israel neither because they are the seed of Abraham are they all children but quoting now in Isaac shall nicely be called that is they which are the children of the flesh to vest the way they were losing their they were just fleshly descendents but that this verse plainly says they which are the children of the flesh these are not the juvenile but the children of the promise are counted for the seed that's the whole story of Isaac with that was intended to teach us to the promise of God and through our faith in that promise that the Caesar River John three Versace that is where the flasher crisis killings and beatings that which is more the spirit is spirit verse thirty eight back in Johnny I speak that which I have seen with the father in you do that which you have seen with your father interestingly hearing setting up a contrast my father and your father to father with two contrasting characters reflected in the speaking and doing of their children to reflect your character were talking from the low but don't miss the lesson of the source first thirty nine the answer is in him Abraham is our father Jesus said to them if you're a branch when you do the works of Abraham Jesus had acknowledged their claim to be MMC verse thirty six thirty seven but he rejects their claim to the eventual I can remember Romans nine seven says neither because they are the seed of Abraham the children can be fleshly seed and not be a child the child has to do with the spirit with what Abraham was all about and that is someone who believe in God someone who took God at his word we saw this distinction again and as he mentioned Romans nine percent verse forty but now you seek to kill me a man to have told you the truth which I have heard of God this did not Abraham here was conclusive evidence that they were not Abraham 's children they were doing something that Abraham would never have done Jesus is addressing where they're headed and telling them where they're coming from they were responding to the truth not with Faith but with unbelief homicidal unbelief is there a common thread to Scripture yes it starts fifteen in Genesis Genesis chapter four and goes up or down to Revelation chapter thirteen homicidal unbelief verse forty one utilities of your father then they sent him we may not wear fornication we have one father even God Jesus refers again to the contrasting father but still not naming him they responded Jesus was a slur at his origin and bypassing Abraham now they actually claim God as their father was her claim valid Jesus is reclaiming the next verses forty two if God were your father you would love me for I proceeded forth and came from God neither came I of myself but he sent me Jesus shows their claims invalid by affirming his origin any puts the finger on the core issue I team the of myself uses neither came I myself any contrast that with the fathers and him using you realize the significance of that if you come on his own you'd be doing something he's not doing his own thing his entire life shows us he's not doing his own thing he is doing with the father is to do there's a corporation doing your own thing doing what God has has for me to do verse forty three twenty not understand my speech even because you cannot hear my word compare this with Hebrews for verse two were assessed for unto us was the gospel preached as well as unto them you just of people just the people but it says clearly the word preached did not profit them not being mixed with faith in them that here the reason we cannot hear completely reasonable to understand is that we do not mix the word of God with faith the key to not understanding and not hearing in an encounter here is this aspect of faith in these sensors forty four brutally you are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do he was a murderer from the beginning and upload not in the truth because there is no truth in him recently so I space of his own for he is a liar and the father this is our keepers we must understand the Christ here has traced to the cause of your father the devil means you have rejected your God-given identity by creation and redemption in your siding with the now in reality the devil is really fathered no electric is no creator is a violation reading but by their actions they are taking that identity in a crisis talking the lusts of your father ye will do their list of four simulations five verses nineteen to twenty one recall the works of the flesh Rita see how your battling within yourself and your program this crisis he was a murderer from the beginning we have no record of the devil killing any was Jesus he says he abode not Christ not in the truth here again what is the truth the devil left what is the truth benevolence it says there is no truth in him he left it fully it's gone totally from the state if the lie what is the why the devil speaks crisis easily not his own again contrast that with our right-wing crisis Artie Sanders thirty eight I speak when I see it my father was forty two neither team I have myself Christ is not speaking of his own visas the devil is speaking of his own this is right on the heart of the thing he says he is a liar and the father of it finally our key question what is the lie of the devil fathered in contrast to the truth that he left Isaiah fourteen verse fourteen I will be like the most high end in verse thirteen clearly tells us how he was going to be like by ascending by exalting Genesis three verse five you shall be as God how is that take place using persuaded Eve that she could be like be that as God by taking what God was keeping from in the application was he's keeping it for himself he doesn't want you to be like even though they were created in his image most of these side-by-side and so three clear the trees in the line the truth is that I am meek and lowly the lie I will ascend Matthew eleven twenty nine versus Isaiah fourteen thirteen the truth is that he humbled himself the line is that I will exalt plug-ins to verse eight versus Isaiah fourteen thirteen eighty the truth is that Jesus gave himself belie is that God is not you he keeps percentages six with the implication down there in Genesis three percent European is the battle between Michael and Saint is clearly over what God is like Michael reveals the truth of this the devil assist on the lie about this how important is it with Rita amazing statement the Bible is some expositor Scripture is to be compared with Scripture the student should learn to view law were as a whole and to see the relation of parts he should gain the knowledge of his grand central theme of God 's original purpose for this world and the rise of the great controversy in the work of redemption he should understand the nature of the two principles that are contending for some and should learn to trace their working through the records of history and prophecy to the great consummation you should see how this controversy enters every phase of human experience how in every act of life he himself reveals the one or the other of the two antagonistic motives if you please the truth of ally and how whether he will or not he is now even now deciding which side of the controversy he will be found dear allies that you and I are in the same battle that occurred in John chapter eight the Battle between truth and lie in every we're struggling over that briefly run through some things here alive in history income will not himself Satan Chronicles thirty six twelve left in the first fall of Jerusalem thou hast not humbled I heart Daniel fibers twenty two lets the fall of Babylon you always resist the Holy Spirit Matthew twenty five five to twelve next seven verse fifty one lead to the second fall of troops the line prophecy he magnified himself into the Prince of the host he cast down the truth to the ground Daniel eight eleven twelve speaking of this little power and then he opposes and exalts himself above all this call God or that is worshiped the man of sin and second Thessalonians two versus three and four observe what Morris predicted its essence or facilities to verse ten is because they received not the love of what the truth amazing they believed not the truth burst twelve it even says in verse eleven what are the life to believe the lie the same thing is seeing prophecy in Romans one twenty five vacancies there who changed the truth of God into the lie and they worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator who is blessed forever here we see the key to the heart of the book of Revelation because in Revelation we have the truth of God which is worshiping and serving to create her the self sacrificing love pictured as a seal that people receive for it in contrast to that we have a lie which is worshiping and serving the creature the self-seeking arrogance which is the more they receive and therefore had her in a less junk to the orienteering another statement that we need to see as we understand story I leave the rest of the verses of the chapter do you unselfishness the principle of God 's kingdom is the principle that Satan hates its very existence he denies this is the father of a lot from the beginning of a great controversy has endeavored to prove God 's principles of action to be selfish and he deals in the same way with all these are your recently got there in the book of Job is God 's Job serve you for nothing is doing it for you he sings anything at all who serve God to just proves that you claim is the work of Christ and of all who bear his name it was to get his life in a illustration of unselfishness that Jesus came in the form of humanity and all who accept this principle are to be workers together with him in demonstrating it in the practical life so the final testimony of Jesus at his trial there before Pilate let's not forget John eighteen thirty seven to this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world to bear witness unto the truth the question is will you and I asked the same reason for our existence and mission in life to bear witness to that truth the the last call is going out what is your response do you want to have the testimony of Jesus to echo that the world that you desire Richard me let's close with prayer father as we've come to the end of this study we prayers we have effectively brought the truths of the story more clearly to us that we can understand more the heart of this battle that we're in that we each fight every day in every action and decision of her life give us your spirit we receive the truth really believe it in miniature set us free there we can repent when we represent you in the knowledge that your spirit guide us as we move into our next service we commit this time ourselves to you again in crushing


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