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God is Able

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 30, 2006
    11:00 AM
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I want everyone I were you doing aerobics on where you stand is very nice to see you how are you will bless you God bless you my heart is so happy to see what it really means that we have a full day today is a limb and remove the Lord is with us so let us try to get to as quickly as we can without rushing ball on the split up I want to acknowledge those with visiting with us for the first time measure hounds for scientists blessings on you and using my left and my right first-time guests I don't see the hands him about the first darkness UIQ five zero on both of you will not miss one night Mary seal have God bless you both it would dismiss one of the CRM so like that you have great eyes for my five nights all right whatever your record of attendance is thank you for showing thought that his word is important to I tell you again without any hesitation that gone with message today as we put our minds on holy days all subjects of the day gone is able go on a table a BLT not ABE L Goldwyn is able to spray father thank you for being gone thank you for sending Christ five zero four father for your love that seems endless thank you for your long-suffering your patience of the word it says you're not willing that any should perish I asked about the name of Jesus please take full control of my mind my tongue it are the words to speak I pray that Maurizio name unlike those who've gone bless your sons and daughters I pray the revelation of your glory of your love of goodness I don't desire to see everyone in this humble prayer I offered from my heart in Jesus name amen our subject is always able genesis of the twelve reformers while this is in my view one of the most important passages in all of Scripture Genesis twelve reading from verse one golf is able on in both of your coming God bless you Genesis twelve are reading from the King James version reading from verse one Genesis twelve Bible says the Lord has set up a room get thee out of my country and from thy kindred and from my father 's house on a land that I shall be on I will make of your great addition I would messily unmake fine and great unsolved shall be a blessing I will bless them that bless me and curse him that curses me and in fee shall all families of the earth be blessed now exiled in the process of going to Abraham in verse two on I will make of the upper radiation I would bless me and make thy name great and how shall be a blessing now a lot of Abraham to be a great nation Abraham needed something is worth something respectfully of course he currently or presently have no whole based on Genesis eleven thirty but the moment Genesis eleven thirty even before we read the call of God to Abraham even will quit it with what we call a film and the promises therein the we are informed almost for dramatic tension by Moses in Genesis eleven thirty but said I was want Baron Schiavo trial after we learn that in the housewife got not have chosen more this interview setting then he writes in chapter twelve verse two I will make of these origination and eventual statement in the light of God 's holy people the three important women I said Gordon because of the lives of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Ms. McGill is unimportant but they occupy a special place because voters about of Abraham Isaac and Jacob he's also about a fellow of the Bible identifies him as the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob therefore Sarah Rebekah and Rachel are important within each one of them could not have chosen each one was barren thou God is not a funny dog but God is able are you with me and fertility has the effect of an Apollo on what is a so gone perhaps desiring and by design to show the kind of politician with me all your contributions said in your bathroom many locals of the wounds are Abraham but Abraham waited him out as a woman can have children of the easier as well see you would be the father of many nations on bottles of heaven will set I changed nations of the affair in Genesis seventeen emphasizes chapter five verse twenty thirty one I praying to God for Rebecca 's life because I was bound to utilize rental is please give them a woman who does not really know that much you have chosen above all that's what my friend David's with all my heart not my original on Google in mercy and his rituals will but I'm saying that fertility and reproductive problems don't know is that you want a problem for God because God if you look closely able not to send you beautiful illuminations I bless you that you don't agree let's look at more details of this promise Genesis thirteen as a considerable disabled Genesis thirteen relay from first fourteen versus Avalon has chosen the planes of some existence or so a real description of how would you know sophomore first forty one set of April after that Lot was separated from him lift up now there lies a look from the place where the water northward and southward and eastward and westward for all the land which thou see his goofy when I give it a double I see God says I will give you will about give it to your seat I will make thy seed as the dust of the earth so that if a man can number the dust of your socializing the number for seventeen arise has gone one for the laugh a little intellect and in the breath of it all I will give it unto the item will give it to what was voted seven fifteen God is not a one student blogging is the repeat his promises more than José Bogdan safety says the same thing hi repetition is a divine technique for teaching the Mississippi River seven and instead of him I am the Lord that brought all of our open counties that a lot of campaign this Lancelot and try to fit the diversity in the same day of the Lord been a while with everyone saying that I see him I given this lab from the river vision the vision of the river Euphrates head Glock repeats the promise to Abraham seventeen our subject is gone is able and you must understand that the ability of golf when you confront problems when the child is a alive when receiving the current obstacles like the rest eight go the God we serve is able on the determination with which we believe that whenever less the faces challenges as a seventeen grocery argument of a vaccine after the landlord of the largest range of all the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession on I will be big all have again gone repeats I will give other the other I see after the command where the largest range of all the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession of will be single we learned about this promise Abram 's processes seen it would be various for an everlasting possession is left up to twelve is one instance where going repeats of the greatest nemesis twelve oh seven in a row now okay Rome is not what do you also a motor driven Zimmerman said unto thy seed will I blot give this land to building an altar unto the Lord appeared unto him Sobol repeats and repeats and repeats less than seven fifty six because he's the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob were talking about all basic cable Genesis twenty six this is personal there's a family verse one Microsoft moving southward to do alternative medicine will not down into Egypt developed a slap in the laboratories facility for three soldiers in this lab I will be with me and will bless the fall onto the device see I will give while all this country is I will perform all one is little if a lot of writers were promised but will be made from this is old-time of the Brigham when you go to court and your province of those that are promised on oath festivals a promise has a casual error about the iPod was a mere ten was live this morning on hold legal consequences are you following me all is serious business in Boston I will perform while the divorce rate but I would perform what the oh with I don't want somewhere other than my father I run performance I will do it I don't know about that commitment and then unfold in the portable is a guaranteed a truthful testimony was as much unlike bonus of the committee both but gone is concerned thank you I will believe to be convinced that he is serious about saving us I will need all not only make the promise but the exit of my swearing until Google doesn't care about is able to Google doesn't contradict out but when you're going to come of life and it will not distance is a demonstration of that in the depth of his determined nation to save us to confess us I not only can say but I desperately decided to save you that's why I am doing something I'm not gone I thought I am taking all I will save you if you let me about that I will perform the all but I swear unto Abraham but while Google admits Christ's rule with these warmongers will need there's no agreement on as well the promise is repeated to unzip his ritonavir I have given the process repeats it now he giveth I think this will be Genesis chapter twenty eight subject as one is able Genesis twenty eight behalf to understand we several gone has no deficits the weaknesses can use any amount of God is absolutely dependable and trustworthy articles demonstrate that you live by his grace videos voice but Genesis or less if I was twelve this is Jacob now get to see his brother Esau hello my fraud blog found a noble blood who really good afternoon we must learn not to run ahead of God about his progress to something like one hell of a faithful and the word was abundance chosen Jacob he's a great rich are abettors of weight if you can do the scene I took the wife is even the sun casino executives this is a high force will give them said yes but not reported as an example possible is recorded this was one of the reasons that God 's people have had problems but inevitably will redo the problems they overcame the problems is still a problem for the fact that it was okay for faith in God absolute software 's twelve W the Bible Bible says unselect and behold a ladder set up on the roof of the public original heaven and the holy angels of God ascending and descending upon ever started underworld on the last of the top of it and said I logged out of our father Abraham the God of Isaac the land whereon thou lightest of these methods of forming the right dammit and yes the savings that ever happened he says that either he says that Jacob as it is no variation wasn't management timeseries reaches our relationship to God when we just constituted obligated both problems doesn't seek gobs of golf regardless of sociological conditions what he said it around he said I presented on Thursday the call so he was in the rules of the subject is going to it was eleven revision for states want us to one of my vote that all those new Bibles reasonably see blessings on you don't have one message on YouTube in advancing your reminder to bring a Bible one hundred I say watch out what is my faith how how excited and say that it is all my face and says is not a feeling this is a moment along the path called elsewhere I do not have wanted to write on for the last phase is identifying the path of God 's work and walking in it regardless of what she is like a light into the left of the right appointment in front of you have given behind you is still not that please the just shall live by faith we walk by faith by way if you have been responsible out his other land which he shall receive what America's all days how many all day by faith candidates you will be my faith is the one who that's my faith meaning I trust what he says absolutely I trust this did not say yes I do it faithful living by faith Abraham when he was called to go out with other languages of Africa was a form of inheritance or obey me went out and not knowing whether he went lastly you will start out normally when you're going because you will have your friends will respond which ridiculous because not since you're not sure how Toronto's never spot nearby Jalalabad where the language avoid infection you also need if not send me use with me I will have to see you beings because we live by walk by faith not by sight resign by faith he sojourned in the land of promise of the law 's phrase country for school is the land of promise but everyone was moving from place to place both six visible goal is important Abraham is moving dwelling in the tabernacle 's reform I took again at home Jacob Diaz within the same profit so on a set of every rid of mice as a fugitive removal around strangers in the land of promise process of the promise to the meek shall inherit a question we level knowledge treasures yes the guiltiest four so Moses and oh yes we must know as well as strangers because they are the means and how it is about a half-dozen so why is the promise of the seed of Abraham not in its present condition so we are required like Abraham Deland as strangers and pilgrims on this meaning where passing Rosanne for livable city which hath foundations whose builder and maker is gone now Abraham live events attended as a portable thing with the availability of city how foundations it is a move in the house of the focus was not on life in a tabular life in the tabernacle is venerable if you are usable on the cover but on the city with foundations but what I mean by that you will follow the Lord Little Joseph the ship is an order form of abortion is gone he will recruit somewhere in your photo your something anywhere your tire then you see that what happens to what has to you are you are rich and juicy I just thought what I'll use that will allow we are living in a time when September eleventh were pogroms took it many times a miserable life but spiritually but physically living with you but I will always our own the city was how foundation wants how I want to see the light in the city appears to translate some power to us the power of the future comes with no allows us to supply his life the only method a person doesn't like this life is to get power now lies the problem I even understand that it is my fault that decided to everything again the powerful psychological principle by the way the Bible have the best psychological present of the ball allowing oppressive conditions of your primary focus on whether that be on their blowout respectfully will was outed as a citizen but you're hot the focus must be on what is coming for you to freshman in college can go on your senior year I forgive you I don't graduation you will realize the ultimate graduation will justify the reality of most of you know most of you know what you can apply for graduation and it is not what this is about as I know once my faith will open to the future is the world you see my face they back to the day to all you want to see my face value move your on your way your eye in hand of the Tabernacles is what you look for to what city was half what foundations that's what he'll do as you move from this is what holds you to be what is this the steel spine that keep you from bending your career Doctor James Johnson shoulders of the past the word of God the wolf of God that he will help me get headed to Baltimore for sale back on the strength of such wholesale verse eleven there was eleven miles this office also sit on the sofa receive strength depends cc was delivered of a time when she was past age and because she did what she just a faithful 's my brothers and my sisters galled has promised you everything you've usually ever I said to all in Christ promised us and everything in result of the falsifying of one of him is good is that so many of the stars of this kind multitude of the sandwich of my decision is a level meeting in hospitals that what was that you is over seventy therefore surprising of why I asked and was the one doesn't want to pay for all of the Bible seems to be fading for some two hundred and eleven by fifty around when he was tried and what offered up Isaac was unseated the authority I will send my sister and was like attempted off ice of an act of faith is a little active guise of going gone accept it it ran as happening off for Lisa and he that had received the promises are not repeated as the sun of limitless at first it is better neither shall thy seed be called we were slightly out-of-date you will was able to raise him up on a month from and from whence also he received in the figure Abraham believe that if I kill my son are both request redundant of Moses Abraham Sigismund promised me exceed a proceed I need sleep about of your receipt I have been since God is involved of his word as if the twelve age of twenty one Dennis says that he didn't want us around it if I thought he wants now he wants and that he will stay in tents already set up resume and necessary God will regular from the net checking is why you been to one of the government before you have again and I would knew that I wouldn't value always give is my fault but again at eleven usually given don't normally pride these things happen I would guess what is physical for Christmas lights on the whole venules you Joseph and Elizabeth was essential for one of really human terms you know that sort of thing cannot happen to blog use it it is a place of solace then I get a half decade on both his brother it was so I'm not positive something amended by Los Angeles as father is this and even give your brother and I and one I promise I will post at five million citizens wanting the Republican of visible diversity and was on subjects going to unzip these all died how this is because only recognize bond I accepted on faith in the original sense to the Ephesians is worried about by his faith going to die in faith is the dye in Christ that is not a problem for Bible pronounces a blessing for people diagrams rubbish and forty four sleep most of the a lot of what you say nothing to bring us up the dead which die from his will the Lord from henceforth is a strange message was walking him missing the what is a blessing metadata database and I handle more from half-hour will write resulted in these all died in faith rigorous with me not having received the promise Muslim numbers the reverse nineteen number thirty three first nineteen Rahab in the fourth book of the Bible Numbers twenty three verse nineteen God is not a man that he should neither the son of man that he should have to say I sound a lot of peace shall not make gone cannot lie not getting on my nerves of his circumstances that make it impossible for him to fulfill you are you hunting methods resumes and if you look carefully what is not a man that he should live a lie is a deliberate intention to mislead repositories almost a job through a phone delivered indigenously but the simple fact is the open was the same you could you can keep your house sometimes I wonder this is the one we know this is not inspired I was wondering was I wonder if the disposal of form although I use but you didn't go regardless of the reason are you following me above says Mark Norbert doesn't happen to me if I say it would your responsibility is to find out if I said if you listen I sending you bring it to me I will spat behind what I say you say about the fly regarding the type is not something you for both of them will have upward of blessing causes of the cost of the Holy Ghost the father something that might infusion of usual things and bring all things to your remembrance was about seven zero with something students the Holy Spirit will bring back your mind what you studied using apologies is one of the methodologies is that all those from whom all the creative lady citing other similar please let your Holy Spirit bring back to my mind what I have studied I did love him and is allowed and what I have studied these all died in faith not having received the promises yet Bible says not to lie in premise that you can get the land Isaac is dead you can get the lab didn't understand he did get a laugh server is that she did get Rebecca is that she didn't get it originally is that it is these all died in play football set up so that they remote problem but voters in these all died in faith not having received the promises but having seen the hall of all my problems my systems what do you see a far off now you will see of oral football season for your causes of oral agreement people victorious over sin awaiting the return of the promised savior is what policies the you will see that as well they went on to promise what the problem is what one sees on the following is nowhere you will see what he sees how he will noiselessly specify when you see is the five FM in problems are you following me but if you believe that the climate here and you'll see that the Bible is the best song of all this I want to solve them and were persuaded of race and confess that law enforcement vision and fortitude infinite hearts we are strangers and pilgrims on the earth and a person who's just passing through his greatest desire is to get a reasonably marvelous lysozyme digressing briefly don't live on this Earth in such a way that you don't field of view the desire for Christ because this world is not our whole I see our assuming we all belong to Christ this is no law he is such a way that pictures in your heart will but it Ricardo Jesus Christ is not the premise I am and I am the age of twenty oh six without I am not ready consequently the faith on either the facts if you have no desire for the return of Christ to get rid of us and we've got a problem invested with strangers and pilgrims on the earth fourteen for the such things declare plainly that we seek a country or things bowls will confess I was trained on the program the Bible says they declare me it must be plain hopefully I'll was our minds of some rooms was a venture is the last day leaders operating you must have on the plane just wanted I must have it left this world is not my primary focus is the thing that says Leslie 's illustrated in the fire and the user labeled as we walk the plan for your law plainly I am also led Adventist Christian while both of you probably declare an item of Bible believing Seventh-day Adventist Atlantic in your life planning to declare plainly that busy was fifty absolutely of his losers is a powerful force if they had been mindful of that country from whence they might have had opportunity to while Aperture no local divorce again the Bible says if they had been mindful of the country from whence urban counties they might have had opportunity to have returned why is it so many Christians go back to soon they are mindful of that country from whence they can and so they go back at the time you'd like how to problem and will is what they want to do with each because their minds were not on Canaan the mice will on the difficulties of the wilderness and the other was is there with her work when we sat by the flesh possibly unique bright beautiful yes mostly a lot of what was little also at Roosevelt told the horses to go back to themselves and their reports to keep your eye on the other side with escape but these men Isaac Jacob Sarah Rebecca Rachel the Bible says they will they were not going to listen to if you given your life to Christ forget your past lives I forget the night all I remember when I used also to also manage a positive test Elizabeth also like the one that is the problem diseases drugs to ease talking trying is not just possible that concentrating on my own the life ahead of where you know the country from whence you came because the country is trying to Egypt is always horny but busted out he did I called my son we aren't so this is the son of God if they had been mindful that your mind it was a difficult word that you find offensive in the church let supplier know how to open the eyes of my colleagues and I shall discharge is granted because that's how visually have I been mindful of the words of Christ's might have had opportunity to have returned of receipt about a country that is heavily worthwhile blog is not ashamed to be called their God for he hath prepared for them city and that's what Abraham 's mind was but from the remembrance of the themes all die in faith not having received the promise Bible says God cannot lie than what is going through but has two bring about a walkable infant cold the rest of the resurrection of a lot of things will be the opportunity for bought the house of the agency to keep his promise to Abraham as they are at the All-Star reservoir housing was unable to do it in one second but because training as I said she asked if Obama and outright around I'm not positive for prizes José positive that surprised about the next ten years and is and I bought a strong foundation to give his heart and the general resurrection of the hospital died in Christ because what one was in review sheet he's also promised to see so you better be glad I'm thinking as well as their path it has one thousand and a half enough that over you I want SRAM I have you I if any Christ's then I ever have stayed on as according to the premise upon the promise was this land would be yours for an everlasting possession of his and seventeen for state everlasting what is God 's word is important to him just come back this coming method if it is to but before he does not yes it would've slid out of my heart belongs it out of your heart is not best it is what God does before God comes to cleanse the earth from since remaking GeForce has to cleanse our hearts is a originally as the sequels volumes here's a perfect world first then made perfect people organized and join perfectly displayed in the chart that shows culture but the original decision to make them was not very as it was under following our last article the author I am saying the decision to make out of the Navy was not essential for out of it is and was about the nose while I are all gone makes perfect people for me I supposedly want to analyze closely in the USA has open by not doing that the favorites why I am not in a perfect world and coming for you I will make you perfect farce because the repertoire with Lebron it was people of God is limitless creativity becomes over the way that we switch the literacy but anyone must bring the previous one about has a method on a seems formal guarantee to keep things the way he wanted and kept it for me I will affect you first permission when you have reached where I wanted to reach that I would put you in a world wherein punishment righteousness out a couple of the host cities already have a monthly event at plus housing and having delivered from the month of spaces of the flights will be convenient to the so-called liberal all the supplies become bound to make repairs for scalp walk-ins pay is fixed as the loop and want to help out not the city he's in eighteen already done to help his Jupiter companion have trouble using environment is devoted to my heart Google is so happy to have car beside happen why didn't the city paying him have about me I'm so close it until Johnson before the first one you Lloyd Smith not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me and my father 's house are many mansions if it weren't also I like that will not if they say it doesn't it just tells you that's way to keep warm so I will talk to I will synthesize the Rivera place for you if I five I got out of the result of someone else I think our time if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you I found that I remove you it is all Christ's about the problems that I drew that cannot frustrate the purposes of going because voters elect national Republican goodness that would finish of the Romans seven four for receipt and resurrection are you calling that a life from death row for reformers like the visits while speaking of Abraham Walters and being on because the president on his body not bad right is one hundred years old my thing at the deadness of Sarah 's will do what is used twice now was that ever meeting the properties of this money the Bible says was there as a child bearing apparatus ninety yeah that is observed that will add usually some gynecologist who relied on awesome stuff up to the export relies on twelve shots in the eyes while such one positive is that allow his body now back when it was one hundred years off by the business of Spiros will he strike is a process of blood in unbelief but was strong in faith giving Lawrence about in the case of Abraham believed in life and even if I am being with anyone than what will be pursuing below with your stupid sleep there lies the problem many Christians have some physical policy and one of us has old if a person to have his wanting to do if all the foods we have the space we should exercise up to argue with me we don't know that even the little things we think we have more exercise at all of you will bug reports as being persuaded only partially when it is fully translated it is no mood is absurd if you believe a notable business it is not removable micros enjoy these companies we believe going to be used to know don't descriptive like the Superman volunteer work the house is equipped with love logos outworking us someone says as being fully persuaded before he postulated that has Los Angeles I am raising to the psychological relationship in your life something being fully persuaded that what he had promised he was it will also perform therefore it was imputed to him for righteousness that flow persuasion it is wonderful that's a relief of Christ though we know what happened there Sarah was ninety years old Genesis twenty one performances under Lord visited Sarah as he had said the Lord did on the Santa as he had spoken for said conceived and bare ever have a son and it is all a mullet Genesis one five with more blessings you God is central to blessing seasons title waves the library is worthwhile the Bible says that again if rather the wife of the schedule wrong as it bears around the jaw shut and made on admission and show off I will no longer have a five oh one asked about the money he has bought into them just how I look at what brought them back alive other like enough demonstrates a high noise levels open house will be sold out the social bookmarking will be decisions made you invoke Nelson and he was going as long I was there watching so without Lebron is not speaking of his additional Midland I must please want alone recently to gauge reason it was lost so he doesn't ball what is that whatever the law I fit in this economy any problem was that a black but it was an example of the way we we want to make sure okay the time arrived when the eleventh ten dollars more than one tenth of the global one the left in a single cable ability to use that at all and notably mounted offering the offer is okay with you groceries like Bill in child support okay I is not how we do I love the way you want to abolish if we find blessings doctors of five seven goodbye to his enables all of the letters able to do exceeding abundantly above all him as often as every time one blesses us and he blesses us novel has a life you know your world he's able to keep your mouth will looking like they did the back door before he called these the able to keep your and the because we must do in such a way that I must fit is also a process that is a long way of Christ to follow fulfilling the promises to office and it is written going to go back out did you hear me and if that's why the question we must ask is it written in no most people do with it as it was efficient and also has respectfully I'm speaking in the developing above and I can get away because God will not lie golf will disappoint his where he is my one shout and made him return unto him void was able to save you about is able to keep you for survivors of a series whatever North Korea accuses things by the same palette great because you also stated up with a level at which it was written on tropical contract quality if it on the power to create it is under the pump is a state of equality I have a long holiday under heaven but for the glory of God is a part of brought into existence as however that sustains it I was just getting on the sustainment consisted vision is not listen to me God has created you smoothly he will sustain you by the same power that seems is to raise Abraham if you disrupt river and is resting he died confidently guided price of the power with which global raise Abraham uses that Alamo to sustain us like I said in Ephesians one eleven for citing qualified of Ephesians church members some things they should know about all the things is in the eyes of your understanding being alike for seeking that he might know what is the hope of his calling what the width of the glory of his inheritance in the face was like an underwater as if seeing a great office also I will believe according to the work of his power which erupted when he raised him from the day of power that Russia's riflemen in the pilot of the resident it is the policy and how resurrection power is how we obviously we organize you this power is writing Junior me it is right here it was this word is individualized it was written with spoken similar I want you my brothers and sisters examine your hearts today do I live by faith in Baltimore also seconded up with reverse my emotional slut concerning his promises of some as promised but is long-suffering to us are not really what and you shouldn't have it you have lost family member you wanted these Lord you said that women should perish do what ever you need to do this is my time save my husband Sid Michaels noted above this is if that person on behalf of the hospital you have to regulate you may have been killed because salvation is important this is a small price to pay in order to be safe are you is gone has to kill some people in all of this is the decentralized the Glaswegian trust this is your life fully surrendered to Christ do you feel like the consciousness that God is the distance to you if you choose to serve in bowls get going my facet of your life and you control ten percent give God one hundred percent because God does not do well with competition get him your entire life after reading from my heart give about all of who cannot lie about who can reverse this weekend refers that I say Johansson put her life in the hands of God we has a canvas of the decisions rebaptized in the symbol is often the total usage this resurrection symbolized is that someone listening to me recently carefully you have never fully given your life to Christ as my words you have never fully given your life to Christ but you will thought about you like to do that you have never looked partially sort of the price you want to fully surrendered because you never know that you like to say to what you go this is also a new life this is the Lord having heard what I heard adjustment it speaks to my heart I have thought of doing this I'm doing it now I fully surrender my life if you is anyone like fully no reservations anyone like that would raise her right hand anyone like that you never fully one hundred percent is a way for you to respond I might assume that everyone listening to me in the presence of God has for the one hundred percent given the life to Christ as a quarter company blessings on you God bless you fully one of the seminal joking one hundred percent and one of them looked about me this way I see your hand God bless you you have I was quoted on the disastrous everyone at the grid for derision and seventy three forty seven there said here are some advantages start with the break in one of of a single standard of the fashionable your settings the Lord might on this evaluation is I really hope that law fully put my life in your hands and doing that now I don't have a receipt for long life I could be gone tonight in the hands of God to reverse death but it is healthy for anyone else if I pray while praising make another call unless you this is not to be cool one hundred percent into the hands of going who knows how to defeat death and one outside soon about the monasteries used to having immortals of the soup I want all of you standing this is a specific all one hundred percent believe the law is being told to help you with anything you're struggling with now anything he is in control one hundred percent is using a ten percent reserve that causes problems in one's outbreak of a clinical question of mission 's Perseus business one hundred percent hold back nothing to do bungee jump without anyone has to I will catch up with you and wants anyone else blessings on you one I have to keep seeing that one hundred percent are you clear your hot you have given yourself to Christ one hundred percent Windows miss you and you and you and you and you and you and you and everyone else is moving about me it was also called a big one the developer he won hundred percent don't be smart with God knows the heart one messy blessings on you and you and you my brother and human but you might have a one hundred percent split all mishaps thirty seconds ago by Sue Visio going to review every about God review but I see every eye closed the name of Jesus I come to you as your servant your son and re- consecrate my life to all of the all that's left for one purpose only that is to preach the gospel of the living God serve you according to your word and limited my faith that you've given to me father of me to trust you to growing grapes in a faith to trust you more and more Best Buy bozos this is most of father anchor this decision in half they're giving themselves to you one hundred percent with unlawfully reserved for the devil accept this amendment all beings and less blessed and quickly to show up define approval for this decision is not only the before their lives and less their family members or friends both in their own mess as well it is humble critical to be the worst electrical in Jesus name I pray amen you've exceeded the next remains reverent quiet is there someone else who knows in his own heart I need to make a decision to go on the waters of baptism on for three weeks you held up or think of because the first time today you want a similar and decided to baptize with us today or in some future date at some future date if you want to make a decision now they got happy raise your right not that it you need to do it reside above those already decided not decidedly that decision rich will miss you unless you bless my system anyone else result make a decision like you do this to get light of life is like using about it please forgive me for it resort have Lord I am deciding to be baptized doesn't have to be today you can be prepared for future baptism make a decision about this raise a hand you want you'll drifted from bottle less than one of the world but that it is anything you need to come back there was a baptism legitimacy if you left it went back to the world you can come back make that decision come back as you originally worked for dwarf those of baptism re- baptism the original right have risen anyone unless you need one of my assistants all my colleagues to get to cards for me once my brother over here once my dear sister my rights minority I thought that you might guess this is my left knee three cards please is a spurt of blood moves with free cards will bless you my brothers to the patient observation under five minutes is I wanted about me please you have with your hypertensive very clearly was raise I have decided to be baptized and baptized all I need to make this decision not because I am asking because the Spirit of God will give you rest are places that left a card to my brother a card lysis of the right that we have followed up his lieutenants in the kickoff address and you rejoice as is the people go down and come up symbolizing resurrection power of God to bring a dead person 's life someone else a decision rebaptized after you have gone I know it is in my heart I left and went back to the world come back when the prodigal son will receive your one hundred percent on the whole it against you you make that decision as well anyone else goes with it has us in every war that we pray for you my sister here my brother here my sister here I've been someone else they just rewire will call you I was also a special person you just vibrate anyone else make a decision resume you have undergone C I wanted to baptize him and baptized all I need to come back because I left her father one of the serious knowledge to review by the combat for the Walters Richard and you'll know if you've left God I don't regret the ability of final call every about every articles father I present my systems of rights my system but with the left if anyone else is stunningly catchy because of the lights I present to you as trophies of the grace of Christ I present a view of those whom you love so much for you to send your son to value just for them if they are in Hesiod I present all the heavenly rejoice over the decision to obey God will fall in the name of Jesus regardless of them even before they go under the water dip a portion of the supra is a standard of this decision on the ground the more desperate as they come out of the water baptism is totally done the best of families as well and use them to lead others to Christ at all from my heart to Jesus in the producing a man my final call that's a promise God is able Imran was then sooner was that productively one problem explosion of life in the form of a visit from Abram and Sarah and Sarah died to get a explosive life of Abraham yet six more sons God is able to save you he's able to give you victory Michael was this because you want to serve God because you desire to get calls to but there's something in your life that's a spiritual battery this one so you can get over you just get it over your time at all possible that's some area that we do not think that a fastball and that's one thing in your heart you want to get all the best thing today there's a blog that will but you must be his there's something you want to get over the group will be unable to Fiji in all churches the flames Christians are struggling this you will send more details it is important to these of fossil in the prophecy of my heart I honestly confess you know I have a strong with this if you have all that power as you say company is a placement weakness at your feet anyone will see that exercising all the food you have unstable help my unbelief is not obliged to you send Motorola one hundred items while the composition across I have written in my life I was able to resume a social habit serving on adventures a life-saving activity is connected and have another on the powerful sound of the trust of dependence most held on it a hot I want victory over the thing enough money to much I'm very materialistic that will destroy Christianity in a hurry or spirituality I can't get off the Internet hours and hours and hours I'm just addicted to secular music I jumbled and pricing the normal single casinos along the walls because I can do it on the Internet goals of this thing is getting into my system I need to get out before lost one of readiness for the defeat of God with your determination father I want victory over this thing that's one thing can destroy us write once and for the life by seven billion dollars the man was not good enough to give the most deal moment on I follow my mother at all he's why don't you thought you said your luck is not how many things one Jesus said you just need to do one thing you go to God you're not far from the kingdom my brothers my sister got one thing the one thing you will immediately be being like please speak your eyes we get that thing out of life by the resurrection power of Christ's Everett about a recluse Lord I listed I was not easy but I come to your father bless you to help me gradually victory in every area of my life because I have my challenges with father you know that I have given to you the rest of my life for one cost only about is to preach the gospel unto I dropped it father to do it effectively I must be wholly thine as so I recommend my life to you unless you want to give the victory in every area of my life day by day hour by hour by whom or father the name of Jesus the price of his life go to every heart gift victory over it and we witness every temptation every an French habit that is harmful to salvation give them for all become busy busy us from doing this when this popped up while I have met them but help us with strength as they would want to get these things to me for Christ's sake Powell another think of you when I talked that don't follow on our willingness to the remedy hours unless unaware movie able to encourage conference sidelines to the trouble preparers I pray that we many inhabitants for alarm arithmetic righteousness that is humble prayer I offer for my heart with the support of my brothers and sisters in Jesus name and address it at all hospitals say a man and a man gluttonous it will be preceded while I examined the candidates would you please resend I will instead minute that unified the limits and ones were as possible throughout the vehicle is sold my glasses of somewhere on there for me again this makes them this is what we do here Elizabeth Mister assistant make a public examination I would create some files was intended to open a subscription of independents will say I do I will resume or I can read all the one-time event you just answer with one response just like about those goals but insisted with my sister is a blue war yes stands on the solicitor my other disjointed thank you God bless you that you middle be baptized it was the music not as good on all the time yes here's a national joke he has eyeglasses but forgetting to have my right on okay the presence of heaven and earth I believe there's one born focus of the Holy Ghost the Supreme Court total person 's committee that was right-hand right while two outs in all religious region had a view of all accept the death of Jesus Christ of Calvary I spin to sacrifice my sailors and believe that through faith in his shed blood I am saved from sin and its penalties of the free I renounce the world and its employees have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior believing that the high sea as forgiven my citizen given the other you are full I accept by faith the righteousness of Christ my necessity have websites rooted accept this process of transforming grace of power to the Olympic Christ is life in my home and before the world five I believe the Bible is not inspired word the only rule of faith and practice of the Christian I called us the routines that I as spent on regularly in prayer and Bible study six I accept the ten Commandments is a transcript the count of God on the revelation of his will it is my purpose by the power of the indwelling Christ to keep this law is going to flow which requires the observance of the several different because the sound level of the memorial of creation can you say about the seven I look forward to the sword coming of Jesus and the blessed hope when this mortal shall put on immortality I prepared as I prepare to meet the Lord I will witnessed was the only salvation my life on world health others to be ready for his glorious appearing rate I accept the biblical teaching of special guests and we all have them this and believed in the gift of prophecy is one of the identified box the church I believe in short opposition it is my purpose of support which is why my ties of my offerings on my personal effort out my influence over ten I believe that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit of Oregon by County for an avoiding the use of that which is harmful at City Hall unclean foods from the use of all manufacture or sale of alcoholic beverages the use manufacture or sale of tobacco in any of its forms for human consumption and from the misuse of trafficking in narcotics of the province of eleven I don't understand the fundamental Bible principle to stop in a Seventh-day Adventist church I propose by the grace of God to fulfill his will by ordering my life in harmony with these principles twelve I accept the New Testament teaching of baptism by immersion undesired to be baptized as a public expression of faith in Christ is forgiveness of my sins number thirteen I accept them believe that a Seventh-day Adventist church is the remnant Church of Bible prophecy can you say him and him and him of every national race the language on it like that and accept that if I was I does fly out to be a member of the local church of the world shortsightedness is your promise which original the burden of this month as we went for the moment use morning shows when you say that again fail again on the thought of going all the time on the above estimates for the rent our father in heaven we thank you with thank you reflective once you've done I was the problem a presentation to go in the name of Jesus at rest of the receiver 's guide was blessed a ceremony that is why authors put you in the spotlight right I give women the same as when you come in Jesus name and for his sake let us all say a man and man I wanted one most appalling thing about except that the individual judge of the symbolic expression of our acceptance is there more to get them into membership if effective and will all doesn't have a separate on a fresh bread alone in Palmetto New Zealand wool bought messy bun carefully where heading to the gym on the number of molybdenum is


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