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Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 30, 2006
    7:00 PM
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remember one and one is from my heart what does you I like all the best ones were baptized almost about the candidates that sentence is passed all those were baptized please come right in the middle I don't know about this we work the camera but I want to come down so perhaps a similar the experts on the machines with me speak before you come down on Williams like your lawsuit thank you any other preachers here please come and join us please come and join us over about to do is to pray in public with his Holy Spirit infidels were baptized in Bible says and accepted to pursue something that the putative breach now when they heard this there were pricked in their hearts consent of the veto of the rest of the apostles men and brethren what shall we know what it is a repetitive of enough ties everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and he shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and Matthew three sixteen seventeen and Jesus when he was baptized went up straight out of the water although the heavens were opened and him we saw the script above the simulacra double like they wanted I will have a voice from heaven saying this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased at the baptism of price the Holy Ghost came down in the form of a golf and so we want to pray that God would put his Spirit in your hearts because Romans eight nine says a Freddie Mac Apple this prize he is not his human blood on underwater as many times as you like if this spirit of God 's model all hot you do not belong to God 's Romans it says this in itself be a witness with our spirit that we are the sons of the Jordan of Boston we will pray unless going to stand by his word and basis for that in your hearts don't expect to feel anything if you'd will find if you don't find God 's word is not based on how you feel it is based on the count of God above is trustworthy is reliable the goal who said let there be light and there was light visible and was review my children and historic would begin you understood of Christ in a man or woman needs that man or woman to live hollow Christ remember that we reveal vitamins and systems for the comfortable roomy place wherever possible unless continue with this we want to pray in your hearts as we pray over and above every eye closed mother father having regard to you in the name of Jesus we come to the conclusion of the series that has touched the lives for the kingdom form of we come now to put our trust in your word I will face in your performances I was small I will face maybe it is all that we have and we bring you and you are senior in the name of Jesus have thou all unbelief but you'll set for the love of Peter repent and be baptized every one of you the name of Jesus for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost mutton all I along with every heart and misplaced call will you arrest him in the name of your son who died for us and the roles that he might attempt was not good for his life and is a place your spirits in the hearts of those who were baptized the day that feels that investors will get down to the glory across analysis of performance that you have put us grab them that's a bit monotonous and I pray that the good direct all that they say all that good to all that defendant is made by this facts and reserve them until the coming available we offer this with our hearts Jesus movement for visit with Thanksgiving but on the outside with a man undermanned the best of my brothers and sisters in the rise of us who you must believe that he is visual splitting his better video hearts of the Spirit is preserved by constant study of the word of God limited usage will bless you God bless you I give my divisions for helping out or bless you to it is now five after eight and it doesn't take long gone long to bless his people so I will not reach as long as I normally do I just won't do that because I love you convicted to do it I want to mention a few things you briefly that will make a final appeal for those who've not yet made that decision to give girls a Christ ought to obey his command that we be baptized that's right loving father in heaven in the name of Jesus I will use that name to try to be gone I use it because it is the only way we can continue in the name of Christ the righteous one the holy one the just the sinless one who overcame Olson the grave held that the state good afternoon the creator himself I ask you now one more time grant me the words to speak whether we seek to glorify you alone them up myself and so I gave my glory thus what glory I think I have blessed my Sun Microsystems is your sons and daughters Lord that this final presentation and remitted their hearts knowledge and the vision I offer this prayer earnestly with every fiber of my being in Jesus name little most people say amen and amen I wanted to quickly but carefully ductal beliefs that will ruin people on the face of the earth and that have ruined many people 's eternal destinies of the devil you'll says he still believes the tribe people away from the freedom that comes in knowing the truth the police are one of us on this Sunday and to open you die you closer to heaven or hell both are wrong I think in retrospect for those with sensors on Sunday will are wrong and they are not biblical Bible says in Genesis two first two on the seventh day God ended his work which you may address on the seventh day from all his work received me and God blessed the seventh insight divided because of that and did he have rested from all his work which God created and made not one made it God blessed us I provided no man can take the blessing from the seventh day and put it on the first I discovered in my life that the best things in a person 's soul are not usually were go but customs habits and traditions let me issue a warning to you with myself if the deepest thing in you is not the truth of God in a moment of severe crisis you will fall back on tradition and custom not on truth I will certainly impress my heart whatever trouble custom and tradition mean more people that live in simple truth because they have grown up with the custom valve will traditionally have been preferred to die then the long tradition of acceptance this happens because tradition has gone far people the truth what I'm saying to you is tonight in the interest of your soul salvation makes rules the deepest thing in your life if someone were able to dig down until sold when they arrived at the very lowest in Outlook Kent going off this should come in contact with God 's word not a condition accustomed or some habit that has no basis in truth let's visit again in a moment of crisis is a crisis is the wiggle of explosives will be our very era as we face are designed to build counter but a major crisis reveals loss the degree to which a look at it as ruled about I've known people who've left not because of one nine four level pass away the love gone I don't speak with a feeling of most level I'm speaking clearly sympathy but clearly before the loss below Jesus off the loss why did you direct me the left loss exposed the true nature of the so-called love for God crises I want one uses two X hopes not for the purpose of embarrassment before our appointment for next week this is all I want all that I think I cracked up to be a battlefield for an and some disciples James and John went through some out of the village from a preparation for Christ the Samaritans will not receive them I became active crisis and lawn will now let me call down fire from heaven to eat less like a beauty and concealed and work among us was premeditated murder is going below it will forward Christ Jesus started in November said he made all men are walking I know of spirit ye are all that is a very serious charge it is easy to construct some of the nicely dressed smiling happy some of the Sabbath should be happy cause I ever had of the naïve vegetarian lunch break some organic soluble wash it down annual walk along the beach and see nature that a crisis hits you I think this is I knew she was like that I will also maybe you will selflessly I know before I could several years ago motivated me to start a prayer session at my church years ago sixteen fifty years ago I said let's pray round-the-clock shifts from twelve seven days a week I agency vegetarians get angry at him all the San Juan round-the-clock and we scheduled shift to something when he became some husband 's office otherwise one to come when Mrs. is wrong this is wrong this is life at home were all men of the city was at home the producing of homes you want spiritual things I had people go similar what is this listened to me you and I do not know ourselves fully we don't but the thing about has thrust with each one of most things were fine and the other person needs help on my idea came from heaven by the owners so what are humble and additional costs the problem you set all that to say is the word of God the very foundation of our sheets because it is a lot in a time of crisis we will fall back on that which is most basic and fundamental it is not the word of God is going to get the dish on a habit of custom which is comfortable many people did Sunday because it is just a cost but it is one of the longest customs of the history of humanity on history of religious humanity the observance of the first of the week as a whole he gives me no human being can make anything holy only God bought made all seven days you may want holy disciples they golf is coming back full of people of all races will hold ethnic groups is really one race all ethnic groups all cultures also some economic levels the one thing that would be common to all of them is unknown for obeying is little without any editing from the earth and God 's law take it as it is also something else we carefully the Bible has sixty six books for neither the Old Testament how many the are you doing the math of the stuff that is one thing that is absolutely not negotiable about is the Decalogue is if you are from someone bought expect to live up to the decrement if you're from Australia the decrement if you're from the West Indies but then without of course you can't modify righteousness are you listening to me and my expression righteousness of Jesus came to Shawn you cannot qualify righteousness you will modify the law I'm open to salvation by works that doesn't exist I appreciate no foregone who said in John fourteen fifty you love me you finish it if you come from the South goal with increments if you come from the multiple vitamins if you come from Morris the vitamins because veterans remembrance August ten in the universe if you are age of problem the ten comments law if you are from some consumer level this veggie links and sites you can switch to your interface on all the degenerative United States has a right to our USA Today that is negotiable but is that most will within limits because health is connected to the minimum sentence is what this is what was not what is really one more month of the series as this is not to you good luck to you rating my file was modified three of the idol of the budget on the results depending on your culture humans rests wearing a sorry review I mentioned to be sorry and the ladies and writers exposed on in the culture beneath nothing wrong with you comfortable with and I don't have six falls on some of your everyday life is wrong of you almost drooling so I'm saying this is something that I'm impossible to come to our regardless of your culture of your age or your origin from anywhere in the universe because the entire government of Gaul is based on ten of its principles of the Commandments would mix the demo get this dividend is a very afraid there's another little principle of all I spoke about a focus on your hair who did not hear what I said then that mischievously I run my policies and no one remembers okay you vegetarians remember the meat eaters don't vegetarians don't there's no difference less than I was when I come from Redlands to hear I see us identify when children present I see that some of them see that you then I leave for them saying come down heights make a list of the Thomasina IC fifty five hours of a barking fifty five somewhere I love watching planes local because I love fly I see the plane sometimes I still cited over him I just watched as a working safely with the goal safety golf safe landing safely on five hundred miles of their three hundred six different speeds but one principle I was that safety is not it is all okay and safety of the principle in our hearts Orange County all over the country this is what happened at Stevens the principal says he will tell you to keep your sensitive to the concerns of others not you'll is a fraud bias called the principal tells you their children they don't think they run across the castable principal tells you what I think the dual slot but because we are located by principles we need to do most but Oregon's desire for us is that we do by principle not being all because in all is a record attempt to express the principle my mother did not need alone to tell her thicket of me when I was a child I saw her all to visit my what I have seen her son finds herself for her to she did not need a law on all children can do the same thing Phuket before out of her mouth and give it to her children sacrificial the point of letting a guy that you might live knowledge that is the principle you don't need a speed law you don't need because you guided by the principle of going to sign use the principle of who love will control us know for the file format that's what the temperaments express a regular dog why would you want to worship another one if you love God why nuclear division has no power if you will thought you speak his name refreshments and you bring a life in conformity with all that he stands for if you will you will do as requests and recognized him as the creator of heaven and earth and because he's creative and you agree to you understand that the connection between you and him is dependence dependence creative sustains the creature of the principles the use of principle makes all of that clear in your heart but so has made it necessary for both the right the Bible says in for stability that is that the law was not written for righteousness sake swimming lessons monotonous official I will the lawlessness may for the lowest of the ungodly fun this will begin for the body of this as for former fun fun while you were faithful are the fault of the mothers for men slayers fall figures twelve and modify themselves of mankind from the Steelers for light of the merger process because we don't have been written in their hearts if Golson all these in your heart when you hear the truth about the Sabbath which is part of the law it was something you are the first thing it'll store one good argument nor did I didn't know I did if you fight your fight is not vicious if I does not apply to other really want to do so the samples the is the sum of these the Sabbath now it was in the days of Adam before sin and it will be in the New World in this verse went from every you want to another of the one Sabbath one of the shop all I not just those of us on this earth about the hall all flesh it is a office on the earth all flesh all that God has created us I will come together how I googled and only him on his forever this is a good that LiveJournal in Genesis chapter three go there with me that if I left it yet is a certified doses up for the fund doses were missed at five oh three Genesis three was one I'm front of the bridge it is helpful to for my heart was trying to do Joseph 's reverse one lenses now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field was the Lord wanted me and he said of the woman year is half gone said he shall not eat of every tree of the garden and the woman said of the servants really eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden bought has said he shall not eat of it neither shall you touch it lest you die now gone that will actually say Jean McCutchen it was but not the project that was what God said each of the said Adam exulted over seventeen eighty when you talk to God 's word you give them ammunition buzzword if the devil ammunition because she said God has said you shall not eat it neither shall you touch it is possible that the government to pick the fruit surface of the lot had alluded to her I said as possible as user motivation and she grabbed it I did not die she said Northwest Association also known as said that while you nothing happened as we use it to budget your touching it will find will now take the next if you touched it as you said he said anything by now take the next step is definitely died like I see it you won't die by eating it I'm just using my imagination but as the Bible Texas as when it sounds reasonable to me of how that works step by step and the Devils this was another one of course for ye shall will surely die I'm from this line has grown the belief that when people die a part of them remains a life which goes to heaven all goes to hell with mold zero seven seven one is a little to help everyone doesn't have is just not politically correct put anyone in hell a lot of people help but everyone is the person will prevent is in heaven still not returned but does it have other one is a little machine gun Billy the Kid is in heaven free will is enough the devil was alone and help the Bible is the model has very simple principle of spoken this before but not hit using Intel's a something for several the Bible says of the law bought formed man of the dust of the ground if everything goes back to Genesis it is the guiding star for all white it doesn't do everything but it gives you the general direction in which the goal for system seven on the golf fall off the dust of some dust whether you get his hands on this book with us and three into his nostrils the breath of life and man became one what was he before he was a living soul Dusty was invented at the beginning of July first are you with me so he wasn't gay he was just dust beautifully for you both to the beach of the mix on castles in some places it on most of his original somewhere this ice sculptors and was also running in the winter Michigan this focus isolate all kinds of ships to so I was formed beautifully the eyes follicles nails the teeth the vessels arteries veins abilities no villi belongs to be seen but just nicely shaped dust them off for me into his house the breath of life which was the same thing God put into an limited in the breath ballpoint in other people in animals either the citizen animals to give them life as a gift of a console Wiseman is a fact which befallen the sons of men who fought with beasts even one thing befall them the ones I have so dies the other year a fit hellhole one breast while I know it's humiliating notable medical original different physically we live the way animals live physically the breasts in an animal unsorted Genesis seven verse twenty one when no was like no horses like a flood he says of all flesh died that moved upon the earth will follow enough capital on a piece of every creeping thing that would put them in the earth on a freeman three zero zero or two stools that was the birth of my all that wasn't a dry Van Dyke and everything on the dryland of this scene of months now I've always viewed you use your reasoning you have a sharp mind and the breast-feeding is a breath of about how is it when I die that's thing that students which we call the rest people Goldman is just life is not a living soul it is his life on all items involve some thirty six first nightfall with me is the fountain of life the fund in me is the source from which everything flows all life flows from God and you and him but I'm kind of life they like this goes back to go not a soul so if I see the soul of the manuals of them and I have to say the soul of the boat was because the life came from the same place of also say well that the body was found of the soul goes up that part of the person who still understands the comfortable few that was a little jaunt up if I wanted to do some more reasoning John chapter five verse twenty eight five First Lady to have that Jesus speaks for the hour is coming my phone out of this for the hour is coming in the which all of it in the graves shall be one he and his voice people say that the conscious part of a person goes to heaven Jesus said when he speaks it is that which is in the earth that would hear his voice to visit again all of this hour is coming in the which all other being the graves shall hear his voice you when a person dies at thing about the person consciousness everything perishes life goes back to God but not part of a person that allows them to hear and think and feel some regret I love and hate that finishes with the body is Ecclesiastes nine says the individual who they shall die to do nothing to envy or six their hatred the end of the all perished emotional apparatus terraces with the body and ability to send something clashes with the body but when Jesus speaks you revise everything at the same time in the grades not the sum so floating around it has one of the given line left Genesis to Genesis three we also won't won't format of the dust of the ground residuals losses about the life Genesis chapter three how I would even say that Augustine is out of deficit through four seventeen as I said because on top of the voice of my wife unless it eventually upwards recommended these things thou shalt not eat of it cursed is the ground for thy sake in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of my life forms also the social equivalent of the outcomes that eat the herb of the field was my gain in is my face shall probably read until now do want rings learn to draw for all was okay for us felt and unto dust shalt thou return allegedly jealousies as the is this is one classic example you begin the study of the civil liberties of assistance of global format of the ground reduces losses were slight and you move up to chapter three verse writing on hotel shower room rates for simple reasoning in order to return to a place you must have first had been there now I need on Monday Thursday flight to Nairobi Kenya one of the series now I am going back to Kenya as I've been there several times I am going back God says you came from the ground and when you die you goal back to you people and animals one oh four others give you some respects a look at several times whether the digital is a tremendous era of people will die of some also life someone of four percent matchup the sophomore enforcement bought a politician of nature and life the animal kingdom this officer asked how high his life face they are probably the animals if one turns away from the animals they get confused okay just aware what the rest they die and do what written word will send us their meaning is there is not only the die and return to the house with someone for six Psalm one forty six this reverse is true for personnel for cultural trust in princes neither will the Son of Man behold is no help of course for his breath but as long a full image artist who has actually read the death the earth 's house after not truly belong to have submitted this early hours Georgia at the Alamosa Southwell formerly when I returned to the house boat Ecclesiastes three reference nineteen rewritten and First Lady Ecclesiastes three nineteen and twenty final thing to tell you to go home rejoicing involved with missile to say this before with the sons of men the four beasts even one thing the fourth of the ones I have so dies the other EA for help on one breath so I am now old preeminence our frontage of the beast although otherwise one place as I have more earth earth other the most dependable back you lose a night okay I got those in heaven that one of you that she won't bachelor bliss in heaven says that all goal to one place I want us all dollars of your this principle of going back is what was deleted as we study this stream right from Scripture when you die you go to the grid of the most well-known persons and why was David of the Bible described in the a man after God 's own heart now if you have also naturally gone once you Bible says men and brethren let me freely speak a few of the patriarch David that he is both dead and buried on his sepulcher is with us unto this day that's the first thirty four of axle for David is not ascended into the ball if David was the spiritual father of the human price is almost thrown questions because David is the ideal team members as well as if David is still in the grave he is now on lots way he is what makes me think my father 's who passed away two thousand one my father is in the grave I choose to believe us even when Christ comes back does Google you know it doesn't fall if it is lost I expect to see the city when Christ comes now if he doesn't make it ultimately been admitted he is obviously boasting is not sent you have mercy on him he will so that's my belief but he is in the DOS I will respect any family member you will lost is in the vests requesters across the two thieves with little message that is Matthew Ferguson reversed thirty eight that individual thieves crucified with him one on the right have another on the left then I passed my reply to him wagging their heads and saying thou that this was the Temple of the lucida three days save thyself if thou be the sum of all come down from the cross likewise also the chief reason walking and describe the eldest said he said others in Suffolk save intimidating of Israel let him now come down from the cross and we will walk believe you trusted in God let him deliver him now if you have been for he said I am the son of God last first four forty three to forty four the thieves also which were with him cast the same indecency subpoenas were forty four Jesus was all alone on the cross for time both leaves enough room for form of capitalism this is these also which is a fight within cast the same what do you mean by the same one in the same and what effigies resourcing minimal one of the most impressed by José Linda revile the also described what I will say the thieves in the last moments of life workers in Christ the feasible but something happened to one in the last minutes of his life something happened to someone here in the last minutes of the series is little room for the three reverse thirty nine twenty three reversal twenty three first a lot of the malefactors which were hanged railed on insane and Bobby Christ save myself and costs but the other answering rebuked him saying decimal welfare dog seeing we are in the same about in the same combination and we in the gasoline fully received jewelry worn about the assessment done nothing amiss sunscreen in the heart of the thief on the right over the microphone is important for he is one point was making fun of Christ Amir some people who make fun of Christ of the last moments of their lives some gold with the great making fun of Christ some of the very unit of degrees they come to businesses realize that man might have spurned a disrespected and spent no time with is the only one who can save me from hell of a set of Jesus was forty two of rule twenty three Lord remember me when thou comest into plenty when Jesus said to him verily I said to be debating health shalt be with me in paradise all I want to bring to your attention is that Jesus was dying between two thieves were seven men Christ also died as a criminal evil right before the left of the criminals of father would be good but also was concern price was a criminal smoke-free criminals I'm about to Wendell below the middle was Christ the Savior John three sixteen says for both solo the world that he gave his own office I love you give Chrysler heist came to die for the world Christ was dying for both of those men but you'll receive one if you think the fact that Christ is all you need your trouble trouble the death of Christ is not enough what I mean by that is you have to accept if your life what that if those means the feast on the left was as close to Christ as the woman the right one of the right change his mind on the last said more members of the outcome it was half give me the lowest position in heaven of takeover garbage going a little bit for dissuade you from a distance but please don't let the promotion of mental health remember me Jesus is crucified is like this because runners have an attorney to the one on the right he comes away from the one on the left he speaks the one since nothing could be about but he's dying for both is Christ not speaking to you because you make more greed of the sacrifice is the voice of God 's sight words in your life in his last minutes on the cross Christ was saving people just before he saved a thief I believe in the sequence of events while he hung on the cross you deserve his mother he said John Rowland mother stepmother woman behold my son he didn't care if people think of my mother there is the right saves the guy wanted fugitive in one one because the something to dull the pain was a draw them a copy even across Christ was careful what went into his body is recorded in Matthew twenty seven thirty four as noted Mark fifteen twenty three when he gets tasted what it was the Bible says he would not drink nothing don't pay but Christ preferred just so far the full brunt of the suffering that all medications out of a daunting of extremes is Asian of the limited Ronson are you saying him dying for loss Christ decided to drink the bitter he needs extreme form achievers besides last a lifetime the elders left their fees the passersby metamorphic deserted for the Bible says about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice single in Illinois Illinois unless the faculty which is being interpreted my spotlight on White House also said they human beings were still in my forty first ever setting all that aside was not elected Christ was on the disciples left it on her recent charge later this month in movies at one okay now if I have forsaken the form of Michigan which he did for one he did this quite a lot price then we have to believe the Holy Ghost also is because illegals can do someone involved in six organization the Holy Ghost is commended by default on the sun but some of the Holy Ghost in his divinity not in the humanities no human being could undermine the Holy Ghost because you size a human being price was met by the Holy Ghost when we went by Victoria Saddam to resume his position as Fred of heaven K that he sent the Holy Ghost now he's fronting us Australia led by focusing almost all his life as a human being is essentially over his functioning is not but on that cross it was the human Christ of the human Christ did not command the Holy Ghost when the father we have to reason the Holy Ghost with the father your vote will be little was the father of Elizabeth and the Holy Ghost fall over the father William and move on I'm assuming is a monthly wage but Jesus felt being forsaken more just by default but when the father for six you all haven't asked for secretly because heaven works in unity all alone for you and for me but in his moment of loneliness which was extreme beyond description Christman say before he died into the hands I commend my spirit he died trusting the word of his father my brothers and sisters in the closing moments of the series freedom from fear I make a final appeal to any man or woman who still needs to say Lord remember me when outcomes if liking if there is someone listening to me will has not yet given the life of Christ your mother you fall victim of another but you never allow Christ to lead your life if you want to do that now in these closing ones at eleven one hundred percent that you a few give his evidence in this morning will certainly hasn't changed you have never been loyal to be scalding moments I live down self dependence opposition alike put mice so you'll happens I have a twenty first century thief on the cross remember me when it comes to my Kindle I put my life into your hand which symbolizes power to control it if someone wants to do that with this you'll have there's a handmade here in August two of us you I was pointing out in the Old Testament above and once put your life in the half where's the system of this Congress version is called this is only July hold nothing was a hand on Mister almost nothing will regret is closer life is beautiful lesbians problem free but regret ceases because your life is led by a superior power someone else I put my life entirely in the loving hands of God wants was about I can see OSU thanking the white list like anyone else notice see August corporate for you I will have to move just a wee while pray for you December was written to send wirelessly print for years everyone in the grid for you on this to someone here unless you are missing about in front of us if I see you blessings on you and one also slippery my entire life it all sounds that's the only resolute safely in one house unless you do it seriously now thought to be with God enormous the entire life in the hands of God this is a suit against unauthorized agreement states that enables you can reveal the spread of an economic delivery about every eye closed loving father in heaven I present juveniles and student responsibilities of itself appealed it was necessary for the office of the series that golf freedom from fear they have chosen to give their lives to use seriously one hundred percent in the name of Jesus Christ receive this commitment I pray fill your spirit guide the one day at a time in my moment right from the pearly gates within the live of fellowship with you forever sustained a blessing that you are my praise Jesus in the French say that most people say a man by final appeal is someone you may be seated we need to make a decision to be baptized is right still the commitments of if you have let the joint venture with lots of questions if you still need to make a decision to be baptized into the body of Christ risen right anyone won't be long because he always liked my book need to be out was the habit here give that person the car to fill out a one ounce for the back where the boy about of here we have where I think where most of the grizzly has all right please get caught up about that Jesus Christ is possible to boundary value someone else you need to make a decision to be baptized in the name of the follow-up with some of the Holy Ghost was visible evidence is behind you raise the front or any had to choose resident cars through the hands get the names we can follow anyone else I won't delay this cold original if you stand I can see please let me know glory to God for those resident hounds know my brothers and sisters I want to if you so desire the cigar father helped me to walk with you every day Jesus says in John three four six which is born of the flesh is that is one of the Spirit is spirit pick one of these at I believe you've chosen sister there's such a thing as being safe there's such a thing as remaining safe did you hear the Bible doesn't teach once saved always saved you must maintain that salvation through surrender daily deal safety if you will say the Lord help me to walk with you day by day Cecilia C but I may reflect you and grow into the count of Christ if you will say that as I see for me would you stand with me that we might pray together just having to say Lord I want to walk with your game by day might have your life is where you put yours ahead of me I know you put your files by checking your work I must ask you this is reprehensible but I have to do it even if no one responds make a commitment to memorize elsewhere why doesn't the religious logic basically it is I'm enough I am very earnest I think that I'll have to you have to have it in your head in your the way you can do it are you with the foregoing deals with us individually allow for as we all regardless of your age you can put one more for steelhead Chris unloaded five seventeen pray without ceasing to reward you just memorize the first pray without ceasing for several years five seventy John eleven thirty five Jesus webpages memorized to what I think you was just gone a little time if it's strange to biochemistry was strange legitimate authentic was strange unusual for the web rest of the medical sildenafil almost killed by K will take a little effort on noon a few folks know how many of you will try to learn is this you can a few versus casual and abroad look at the hands of your children please I will continue to try to learn a few more myself but missed you about this you you are about every eye closed father as we close this series but not alone you would ask you Lord is one collective voice accept our prayers for what you did we give you all the prayers of the glory of Rihanna for the life that touched the choice that was preached the hearts that surrendered a photo what is left in this part of the world now father because of the Johannes remits it was it was the spiritual courage to try to help those commitments bless us mess our families best of friends must always was the same others on whether unless you come with your son save us without the loss of one we all this prayer in Jesus name and for his sake that all hospitals say a man of a man alone to the club please believe it when I said I love you I would pray for you I would miss you the best thing you can do the lift my heart is to let me know with assurance that you will know that our legal beloved Jesus message three times on account of three years I love you want to raise Jesus I love you say again needs us I love you said again Jesus I love you unless you will visit with residual hands of the one thousand capacity


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