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Romans 1—The Totality of Justification

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • July 7, 2012
    2:30 PM
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you sound him landing you all are here for our room seminar and get all of you get a handout anyone not yet they had no rehab that amended any of you not get this little book will not have him in mind of drive him to Sarah visit Yahoo now that will get through all of the hand on the time that we have on mine and this is something somewhat and study further on your and will make sure that we get enough points from the book around and down during the family on this afternoon we had two more hours tomorrow afternoon I hope that you can count as much as possible in the mind of Christ is a very nice before that's recently been published that goes through the issues and righteous by faith and if I is and what were tightened out in the seventh having said that with our visitor were literary families are studying him in heavenly mind him to bringing us here to weekend him see that conference in talk about things totally transformed as we study from the book of Romans and was helpless and challenge us and meet meanders in the power of the gospel is really really understand what it means to have the experience of justification by faith as how many okay how many of you have not okay razor has now even have feelings for so so some of you him a fine foregoing is a candidacy for Romans as you're going this tea is a very critical like in Scripture to understand him now I was not whether all last night where of projecting about how I of the Roman system is more born than the genealogy and eleven genealogies are important city that he agreed that the Romans this is a very important as positive spirit could understand genealogies are gathered around and get into the essence of salvation electing him ten in the book of Romans Romans sixteen chapters that were just elected the first eight chapters the main points in the first eight chapters because in the first eight chapters theology of the gospel some organizational look at over the next several hours is still ahead in open in the book of Romans turn in your Bibles to Romans chapter one is chapter one is starting in verse one chapter one starting in verse Irving and Jesus Christ halted in a possible separated unto the God of God after all we look at verse one we see the authorship of the who wrote the book of room him very first Marcel Paul is the one year on this can be helpful because then you can compare other of the Scripture that Paul has written and these similar means anything but together on getting an example in the book of Galatians makes some very similar and health sometimes understand some of the things he was saying wrong that matters Paul is the author of the book a room and you know that Jesus served of Jesus Christ and him and he's ace him him separated under the gospel of God when he says he's a servant of Jesus Christ he's actually going to talk about what it means to be a servant in Jesus Christ and Ryan chatter that I'm getting your loved one a level that foreshadowing that you can think that the Chen write about the gospel and he can write about being a servant of Jesus Christ which he will be here in chapter six because he himself out that it for think about it we can talk about the gospel we can preaching out about the gospel we can teach the young that were not hearing anything at then it doesn't have the same that is this calling the service user is separated unto the gospel of God in him and him remain separated under the God of God him will say here is that the same I have separated my from the things of this world the gospel has changed my life so dramatically that I have separated myself him in this and I dedicated myself completely and only hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and him now the question we have to ask ourselves we separated ourselves to the gospel of God in him together we want to go out and be more for God claim that God we need to be separated to the gospel of God a nine continuing onward he and he is in parentheses here is making a quick care medical statement about the gospel through the law separator the gospel of God and a servant of Jesus Christ separated in the gospel of God nineties which he had promised four or be fine as frog with in the holy Scripture is okay you've heard is that the whole and the New Testament teaches ingrained him later have you heard that as well as all that God just read that the old man proclaiming on him him him so don't let people tell you that there is Old Testament in the New Testament as well we want to be in the him holding him on the lineup will need to the Paul as gospel that I separated unto it was talked about or in the Scriptures and him didn't know that is in the book of Romans a M on him sell his from the Old Testament to make this point emergency that when we study Romans chapter is one of the chapters we will like that in the same okay so employees he's all excited here he's saying I am a servant of Jesus Christ called the apostle separated under the gospel of God in this gospel was wrong in the past in the Old Testament and the question is what is it on him for a long worth it were gospel need is an simple decorated she is a good use of this message that he's about to proclaim him him him him I is it that he's going to prove Wayne about this job is the answer the question because really excited about this job he's going to notice with the gospel about concerning him him since Jesus Christ our Lord so why would God good news for him to because they know the gospel talks about Jesus and God is now gone news because it talks about Jesus Christ the will him I is you need him what is it about right that may not the job you love love see concerning his son Jesus Christ our Lord which was made of this and according to watch him somewhat coming on that Jesus Christ is Lord him to gospel talking about you as you need them what about Jesus you need to think that he was a human being is made of the seed of David was okay what about Jesus being the is okay is the gospel such news that Jesus was made of the seed of David according for swimming give you a couple of anything personal the seed of David that came and he is made of the seed of Abraham which has a uniform now when you think about that yet the question the seed of Abraham 's seed of David and David were they before at or after him him him and that Jesus was made I see you have for him Jesus was made of the seed of David according to flash him to an grandma McEnroe Mister Bremer three four nine couple of key reasons why Jesus Liang a human being specifically in the seed of David is warning you that Jesus became a human thing became last from the line Abraham from Alina David after the fall of man will shepherd here on him so that we do now is she a man make sure all in order I is the man was not the and sell there with the one thousand and every human being who has ever been born and is said and Jesus was sentenced to death because a certain man named after man now when I have time to talk too much about the nature of man right now many are saying that Jesus is accurate into the world for him to die so that he could be a sacrifice for ours the gospel is good news because of talking about Jesus who became a human being so that he died or so that we could be delivered from our and him and him clean up I say one other thing that he not only became a man to die for is prominently a history about how he condemned sin in the flash is the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in one on after the flash that the spirit of Jesus as a man that he could die as a man with the nature of man after an busy all the furniture aftermath to demonstrate the humanity united with the vanity can still write him and that those two elements of the humanity of Christ may think God will send out a small hall be unlawful separated Yahoo or Bing and Yahoo which was talked about on the Old Testament and is good news is that Jesus came as a human being when the nature of man after man has so is the sacrifice and sample for a dongle and in reality we get almost right now they are around the thigh and organize them immediately as long as he is an online video is going here continuing in verse for this is what Paul says after talked about how Jesus was made of the seed of David according to what is there is or about the gospel the ninety first floor and he is paired as the God with how and before you are only buying read him so Jesus is the clarity with power warding in the spirit of holiness and he was resurrected from the dead and you may be wondering what all I know there is incidence and reader detail in the underground center for and in Romans chapter is an enormous chapters in him and him cell numbers Brian was raised from the dead by Oriental father even though we all in newness of life so resurrection in the death your Holiness is connected to live and he Christ was raised from the and just as Christ was raised from the dead we will be raised to live a of righteousness by faith in him and you and we ended up as policy setting the stage here from what I talk about what we're going to look at him and hammers I noticed him says by whom so we received this from first light we have received a raise and a small shed for what is our own to the phase among all nations for the assembler is graded upon the apostles as we perceive in the gospel what the purpose for the suddenly go out on a lie on the whatever we want and just be thankful that were covered by Christ even though personal learning a thing online and you all along as I was not about him now verse five that we received racist apostleship and here's the reason I moreover we will him so long for him to the synagogue someone is no easy online that my friends and members among whom are either also in the call of Jesus Christ he is in your hall of Jesus Christ so these first six verses give us a brief not sell synagogue number one a hole in the servant of Jesus Christ is showing the human transform of a young he will be servants of Jesus Christ might let me give you a little foreshadowing of the prophetic nature of this method you realize one hundred and forty four thousand in the book of Revelation are artists arrive in Chapter seven of the servants of God will receive the seal of God and therefore as long as I was a servant of Jesus Christ let me teach you have the server that Jesus Christ so that you living on the last day and receive the seal of God your floor he wants you receive the seal of God in and he says I'm sorry to be a servant of Christ I thought would be unlawful mental to receive grace in the following lines separated in a gospel of God I rated myself from my from the things of this world leaders separated from this somewhere and take God only infinitely absorbing on the other reason why we can arrange our out from the use of this from the line was along the right-of-way is because they are oh I know that she was made of the seed of David according passing reform he was at home when quite young we are yet without she walked in your shoes he knows how to help you not only will cc bike in years and when you throne of grace he will transform you only do so that you can live his wife have the good news of the gospel so he's required to be the God of our reporting of the Spirit by direction resurrection from the net because he will raise you up to walk in newness of life and we received grace not that we can go out and now that we can live in a medium life soon as they thank God all live because we are all in Jesus Christ County cellular and if seven a.m. him to just those six verses that we talked about we would be ready for translation and we would ready to be a servant of God to be sealed in our world this is down on Mount Zion with a lamp in the last day as an amateur matter is we have reached out yet so you're going to study the problem this weekend so my weapon that is that will prepare us to stand in the last day in him does not like you and you want to spend the last day you want to be among the hundred and forty four thousand and the ceiling on your order will is the will that contain the theology that you translated from the head Angela I carry down when his father is to continue on and in my points are worth there's no way we can get through all the earth of the first eight chapters and after all is a brief overview of what is going to talk about with respect and theology in the yard and versus seven C and he is a little introduction he says and those of you in Rome waiting for such a long time to come and preach the gospel one the longest time I have enabled and so now I'm the right letter if I want to preach the gospel to those of you who are around him around with a way to metropolitan center of the world that time if you look at the settings of the world and in the first century obviously Jerusalem which was the headquarters of the Jewish nation was the one of the keys that he centered around Ray Metropolitan area of the world all had a great version for that day now I ride him now in this message to the round hole in the nonsense we see a logical description of the Christian God him and it just so happened that with you around him nothing great Christian along the way so that eventually in my own way too long a this rhyme in the five is with the message of that reach the great reformer Martin Luther and his understanding of the teaching is him help to bring down the dark ages the motor in the Roman church during the four hundred and sixty years it was as if God and that this method is especially relevant around because Iran would turn away from this day is a camera with one violent there is he here is the way they just solidified in a crystalline mind and he turned away from the teachings of ground to the little easy something off centralization of justification by faith in him him alive the application is in the last day though handling on not be deceived by all of round if we understand the gospel and more on we will not be deceived by all the development plan is so now let me review what along with his sketches from the life pages one eighty seven one eighty eight on page one of your hand out North LaSalle and white about the importance of this book insert him in that whole rate rentable and off which he will present in person and he stated his position on the questions which were added take agitating that here's a Gentile churches and ensure that the promises which one you want especially to now offer to the Gentiles with great clearness and power he presented the doctrine of justification by faith and crime will him around I will understand justification like him to continue while addressing the Roman Christians will find cancer and other searchable and how he is far-reaching and others were Paul wrote this letter in the first century sure we aren't we all on July seven talk about the gospel hearings any as far had no idea of such far-reaching in him and continuing on as big range three justification by faith and asset in this epistle has through all the ages as a mighty beacon to guide the right sentence into the way of why is this book if you study it properly will guide you into the way of life and salvation he is the most important for things in Houston is scattered the darkness which enveloped me to my and revealed in the power of the blood of Christ is from it has guided thousands of Sunbird installed the same sort of Parliament he noticed this last week I really like every Chris has reason to thank God for that as the church is a hero like we are thanking the Lord for the book that were studying today and when I read that that we should give thanks to God for this vessel I just thank God that we are privileged to study such fresh history thing is just precious and friendly the this is the message or him very clearly I will thought of laying the foundation are you ready to start getting into the meeting of Romans has been in the room I'm really excited about this study on much more to this for some time now and I study the book of Romans several times that every time I see something he and I want every time I studies in the love hidden around one starting in verse six the second one doesn't work all and actually I'll start verse fifty as well as so as much as in his I am ready to preach the gospel to you that are around all that he is going to preach the gospel in running it on my face increases through the written word is a word is articulated and articulated or only in what we have on paper here in particular somewhat in that the gospel is for three or sixteen people for I am not ashamed of the gospel rise as it is the power of God to salvation to everyone that believes that you first of all there is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith as it is written then shot shall live by faith now this is not a handheld the net settlement chapters landing when he is seventy Huber is pretty renowned here and I have even below when you can follow along if you apply first of all is not ashamed of it all is him him for a half a hundred and you are going around the eye of God 's power because I draw in the first century they were your God will reserve a polygon the only other job your God as we he couldn't buy a deep dive on the most shameful instrument of the Roman and if you are the worst criminals and so inherent in what will I is that from a human family there was seemingly no shame that your dog would die on the instrument of shame you draw sometimes we leave now we just think of a broad and we want I mean we just sort of mindlessly think about Jesus not only cross for my son so I guess I forget and we don't say how shameful it was a human perspective for the dawn of the universe since I am the most shameful and he will say I don't care what uses humans to I am not ashamed of a young drive in town and lastly he is now and ever is not the ashamed environment and you and the moment we bury him typing on him trying to be shrewd of Scripture that we him and we are in will serve him I sent Therese Lindon got even by human worldly sampling you would look ridiculous humanly shameful he was not an white wine Pentagon is not ashamed in the gospel is as follows he's not here's why is he is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes him him him in one that is such a phone now saying him down we often passed over power of God to salvation to every one in him him now you know what the Greek word for power is in a great worker power that Paul used as is you need to find my and him him there were things out as we surface dynamite in Iraq is way and she videos from and I'm happy I'm not making beyond we know that everything is even the military to shoot some hour battery is theologically everything were him on my machine you wait for him to that is what Jesus did rise is so powerful that it can take him him and in turn and completely changing into something totally different in all is not as Jesus died for your now you say the same shall direct having because you mentally and so the fact that he is a strong and not as a in the house and while I don't mind power of God that transforms you completely unto salvation him and while I want him to just as spiritual a healthy is an error in him and everyone that belief is currently everyone that believes in life-changing transformative explosive power and a kind of run along the inner self transformation is big on is total transformation is the power will finish he trends slowly and legally now and if the gospel is in the power of God salvation and him only him you have in order to receive as I was him and all his power of God salvation and if you have Salvation Army he will live eternally in him in every belief I want to know when I leave them laying as I him together in the game is a little over you are bringing salvation is given the very specifically says you believe in one God you do well available only also enter some words that don't mean that Jesus is God than to believe that Jesus died on the cross that don't believe in Jesus life of the world that they are saying is so Ammonite woman this is not renowned as setting the table for you the only time I is chapter is consequently all the bravery when we come back and will give you a little and chapter talks about the faith of Abraham he says in Scripture that Abraham believed God down to him for righteousness so you weren't going to give an illustration as Abraham believed God that you are right and getting it all over the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes that we Romans four is that if you believed the lie Abraham believe he will tell me she had Abraham and so I'm just throwing that out there disorder and anxiety to keep coming back him why will you know how to have a thing of Abraham and that is the way to salvation I will get them only in the rooms that will give you sort of the foreshadowing is giving us the whole message in these verses the big gospel is the power of God on this salvation to every one of the leaders that you first and also to the Greek and list here is important for that time is because the Jewish have this mentality that salvation with energy as well I actually salvation of others you also for the Gentiles that they believe in him so this was groundbreaking and he heard shattering in that you have to be a community in the EV human being perhaps only an hour they read about any of the Syracuse online now anything you are you and you know what we are all one in Christ he is we can all have a okay with him to the power that brings salvation to everyone that believes now notice sevens him to show him to a person 's power will notice the for their sort of seemingly ordinary as you say and went on a case of authority for seventeen for in the young and him and him him him righteousness of God is really feel different they just made him down it is written him why to him this is one of the things that in the mouth her and him coming of your birth for the just shall live by faith think we all are covered during the just shall live by faith in him now him nothing John is our is because inland on the righteousness of God is revealed and what about me and him to Anna and I'm sorry you make a trick question you are is in the right God a him to understand the significance of him to his God is not righteousness is Norman McDonnell and him not right anybody out is not the right to bear all or more of any of the other speakers at your brother we are always human they and his righteousness demonstrated by Jesus Christ is God him self your hourly and him and all dynamite power that brings salvation to everyone who is everyone who believes in him again on the here one hundred percent righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith in him him or says the righteousness of God is revealed from faith obtain to say the righteousness of God is revealed in all those who believe to receive the power of God to salvation so that they have the experience of justification by faith as we have the experience worth it just shall live by and what smaller hands those who believe that you have that I very justification by faith and having one of the transforming slowly transforming experience is that the righteousness of God is revealed in their lives because they only right to live by faith in him him and I explain it one other way just to make sure that one sang is clearly understood and him and I and all the believers who believe in the power of God salvation so another words those of the two will leave and receive the righteousness is a living demonstration of the righteousness of God in him you are right that this is a this message is so crucial is the last as him or him him gone because the Christian moral Omar is teaching that the venues of the gospel as Jesus died four years so that you can access and adherence to and from review when his rights to select you will will be a long and you don't go on and live a lie of them now will shoot me to go against the word of God and yet you believe that since you accept Jesus as your Savior mentally you will be covered by the right but there's a serious problem with that understanding if you way and he will live that way the righteousness of God is not being revealed in your life contrary to the line in the righteousness of God is not being revealed in your life as an assurance of the matter is over three short of the glory of God some number and say that we have done is done perfectly the amazing management to go that whatever record is trying to take it and she is now so that from this day forward our allies immune demonstration on the right is a dynamic error on my in car club is a sixty nine versus the character of Christ shall be perfectly read reviews in his book he will come when all Sangamon and that when the character of crisis perfectly related people will have experience justification by faith in him and so teaching on justification by faith is that we are receiving a legal back to God that will cover a wide and will keep on planning committee meeting will want to think of them are allowed to go out and knowingly in Christ what we say as well nobody over there and nobody ever the perfect answer to your and Christ however you know this is not what you mean seeing that the cat him him him because at the end of the day the righteous God is not being revealed in your life I can what we want to hear what we want from the study around is that the health can really say is why is totally transformed so that we can be like a family talk about him and we really are like me will be a life transforming everything in our lives she is now money make them the application here is an G1 to understand about talking about justification by faith right because of your job easier righteous in your living by faith if your job you have justification if you're living by faith you have justification by faith as I have now funny read another quote from home life for you this is where things get really interesting figure this shows us just how will or now has her eye on him not us review and Herald him save for one season nine is now online him several written in wiring in the message of justification by a in the third Angels message and I have answered in the nerve angel and Mary insert a three shot occasioned by a Jew wearing angel him so until someone might say that this is the third Angels message and Mary him and he and our methods for our time is for the round in the first century in a message for our I didn't think him notice what she does not him so she says it is the third Angels message and Verity and I've heard that this was Satan I have myself a young reason is not a wrong way or another by the way you mean a thing of my sermon in my book of Revelation is where and after the ice another angel come down from heaven having raised and the earth with white when his glory in our life is worth it will brightness how he is a conviction will follow where or him astray in the area if you rely that Romans one sixteen and seventeen is actually allowed right now is him how are you is revealed in the line of the land justification by faith and revelation he is a pneumonia angel come down from heaven and the earth enlightenment and what about letting me in I gave her history and her God when his character will be seen throughout the world is not why God is anyhow I is not yet a you say that Revelation eighteen power allowing right has had his fill is somewhat she is happily theory sensitization by a so that we can be far for a while Brian Revelation eighteen is character of God she was the entire world is in him so a nice little understanding of what is likely to talking about the next theory is that we the righteousness of God being revealed so that the earth will be lightened with the character of God under the power of a while right now which is the last one is is a I know for him there is a final price is not to have him in the reason why this message has not yet accomplished is will him is because he is God 's will and him and him and him to the high Atlas people think they can receive a window covering I is in the life is transformed as we say we say okay I receive salvation I now live and work on my sanctification is an sanctification of work and why is able to see how working on will never be there and when Jesus comes in okay here is that you know enough to understand you is working lifetime because here is what it really means is when you don't want to in Chapter six Jason thought the Methodist volume one page three sixty six John Reed the entire system there are or justification take place to guess what the render of your heart Jesus Christ is a prerequisite to receiving application sanctification is the work of white because even will I talk to every senior fellow at him to retain your surrender also sanctification and worldwide does not mean that you will never get there what it means is that every day and then you now him to have justification by faith sanctification are growing in McSherry yes you learn more and more and gain the experience of life a deeper broader Christian experience that it does not mean that your life is way out there in your you are you Dennis English here in the manufacturing of your family and next year you give up drinking a him and in a year he that that day you gave your life is like transform into his humans are many things that you reveal to you at that moment the young hero into everything that got me to see his friend at the moment as there are things that you are still hanging on him or you don't have it here and hanging on in your life that he now got about to begin a you have not experienced justification by faith and him saying something that work like his maintaining that daily surrender to Jesus Christ in to understand a justification in connection with the third Angels message because when we use area it leaves you while Ryan surveying all the questions as long as I thought now as we wrap up is the most they can read Reagan will image the next section of room as you like okay CNN and on the flipside under this section what makes justification by a the third Angels him we read online savings is not hurting him to enter that will be carrying from scrimmage justification by faith is thirty seven Scripture first of all I is only four places in all Scripture is a one time in the Old Testament Q versus green awesome qualities getting onto the justification by a meal that citizens in Old Testament teaching him to be only a small here he talked about here in Romans one verses sixteen and seventeen and he also mentions a Malaysian reversal of receptors is thirty eight now what does the word just a shell comes from the Greek and him to be a shot or rights is now the ball agreeableness is to be cast the right to be righteous is because him now can we the ones in some commitment and is being used to there are a few that are described let me give you an illustration of the marionette being nasty December nineteen I have a dream someone hurt you ever had he is on trial she says have you witnessed sharp in the world in a very very same room as the just shall live by faith and Peter is I will always want to counting the words analyze and is very the same word is as a righteous man he is working as he does they have whining them which showed the world is coming up in just enough whom ye have now have you been now the players and murderers synonymous this is she is Jeff Jesus is as is right and anyone is a legal declaration of God in him to say that Jesus is a just man Jesus for that interview live a righteous life and is my name and saying that God our week of the right of God is revealed in the to have the variance of the job feeling like they are as human life in our righteousness is through his and my bro is a job that I got him safe and that interest and when we believe more popular when you believe that you must dynamite power of God will work in a transformative way in our life so that we can win Waikiki is and that is the third Angel is now one him I will bury him term relationship and him only shall you know him since he and him him chapter him to a man is not just by the works of the law of Iowa is a key even we have believed in Jesus Christ that we might be justified by the right and not by the World War I by the worst of a lot of what began as an artist to paint we are here by my faith he and him now John Denver as often as I might rise in him never the Vietnam I write in a alive I now live in the eye with my name and is you is or so I is is Jesus Christ me and gave himself the notice this is by him to be certain of the monumental longer alive in Jesus Christ who now lives in and through him now I'm going when it is not me anymore is leading as Christ feelings in the so and I and I live by faith in Jesus Christ no time to exercise and because Jesus of living and through me he asked I kiss him these see that him and if you try to exercise around later rail that when you surrender your heart comes in here are she gives you his name so that you can live a righteous life is over I crucified I might say he him him him keep that money gets your attention is the key verse sixteen shot by the dry him in person we I live by faith right so that the conflict of interest I am being crucified for being fully surrendering a time in order to justification I must lie in drive him and when I am crucified with violin I think that Jesus because he's living in and through now when you think of the faith of Jesus Christ is in you there is and is him ride a half to have faith he is in your refinement and Christ and then leave him alone three so that when you need to exercise and exercise the same as and when you have anything in my tonight you have faith in Jesus can really like the Galatians two twenty which does justified by faith in Jesus Christ if you're surrendering your crucified art show I buy a business you have a Jesus Christ and you have the experience thirteen is a lifetime in case many of your great great grand sound like I needed your little better job review the only tried it for him and shut the vacation by the third Angels message they are is to experience the third Angels not as I need to be just why I need to be just as how to Galatians two twenty says that I'm justified by the faith of Christ I have a link to the idea this faith of Jesus Christ might be crucified with him when I need I surrender my heart diseases is one hundred percent as mine are just within the minor him I say through him I had to say in as Jesus and that the revelation fourteen twelve demonstrate that those who experience the thirty a.m. and he that is why a message of justification by faith is the thirtieth method there is the third Angels message in the message that demonstrate a group of people who are like Jesus Christ because just as Jesus was willing to go on the way is wrong even though he we are willing to surrender our life one hundred percent of Jesus Christ surrender ourselves completely to Jesus Christ tonight and went out like everyone in your eight demonstrations of on the righteousness of Jesus Christ and my camera operation is not only understand this physiologic now that message in their markets very initially then we will see Revelation eighteen he found in the air is light and glory in the character of Jesus Christ 's real-life and him yeah about it sometimes we have respectively salvation because of this message is teaching us that we need to be crucified with Christ we say him and I want to have solid as many of you have heard people talk about assurance of salvation now sure salvation is not about if you have understanding right but here's what happened when an over emphasis is placed on assurance of salvation rather than listening on the present time I surrender my life him worldwide hard for many will not be thought of as a assurance of salvation we question like this the question now is vocational as media critic for his salvation is a salvation which is i.e. is an injury as a reader where the music or watch the TV and is on Jesus died for me he covers me legally and we forget I rendered the surrender of the horror element of salvation then we decided on the legal and we say were saying legally by Christ died for us leaving seven or matter if we lowered the standard will be pandering on whatever the issue is a thing the issue of music recently introduced a certain type of music is your worship service has happened in my home country he has been having a little around me in the music downloading service I see you at the University city is having a laugh as something went wrong because I can tell you what anyhow last month only in the early days as a family and what the minimum I can do it again a salvation is the standard is down and down and down and why it is in many ways is a was not likely at one hundred years and is him him we have the focus back on the crucified with Christ here is where the she die him seem as carnal as this is die for my salvation is to everything can come down to visit her and I want to like hanging on the cross for me how can I say to my Savior and Lord not with my own Lord of my life as I want to him and him and his him to the power of God to salvation it takes me from being a being mean hold angry type of guy is done whatever I feel like doing my right and I'm not a very nice guy to be around when I get online and in this and the other thing is UVA is someone this is my life I enjoy hanging around meal is him will be in your program because they feel like they're around on their way on him to think Jesus was menacing of data or network so that he could die or send him so that his example and lead us the following is an and him like election he had the gospel teaches him in Romans eleven the commandment of God holy and just in good when we only have the faith of Jesus Jesus is living out his wife Anna ever crucified right to become a priest I sit here crucified with Christ and Christ loves his wife as you think your life will you demonstration of the law is holy just and good ordering the administration of breaking the law as long as it adheres to write and you will be all three verification center that he is not getting scared of the term legalism perfectionism is worth talking about if you're surrendered to Jesus Christ is not in your three -year-old living on his wife is when you live a righteous and holy life that keeps the commandment of God notice Revelation chapter while verse seventeen illness Dragon rock with one and went to make war with the run ever see in the Commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ you are going him if you're going to name him him ten now have you waiting for Jesus you start your very this job were the righteous God is demonstrated in your life that you're exceeding the amount to the power of God Scripture is that Satan has a special attack against the church of God that keeps the commandment of God don't let anybody down because Scripture teaches obedience to God all things God will produce obedience in the life of believers in Jesus Christ because Christ is living on a plethora and when we have the Dragon if you may wind around at the time he is Murtha certainly applied to God 's people throughout EA is that Revelation twelve special nation for God really great time I felt a group of people who are the servants of God who have deal of God and therefore and that he is saying is going to attack second Timothy three versus the all who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution so I like the final battle in the great controversy is all about those who are truly righteous or just keep all of God 's commandment through the faith of Jesus and they will face the wrath of the dry during the final natural for the second Jesus Christ I will be among the faithful who experience justification by faith in a similar incident in the study are going to need an outcome that you know that the ground of this message is justification by faith him a referral for him God will price me when we experience in our generation and maintenance of the service of God in the last day is not to fulfill my life Jesus


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