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Romans 4—Fully Persuaded

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • July 7, 2012
    5:00 PM
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him when we ourselves are more rare as long as we think everything is in the first three chapters around the far begin a new chapter or please help us to understand when we leave him to see clearly you will you know me so we can experience this right after it is and is so also are we talking about Freddie the a lot serial justification by faith surrender believe me so everything receives salvation we have not answered the question is what does it mean to be so that I have salvation how many lonely and I and I believe you properly allow to have nowadays and then we whine now any level in the will three and Romans chapter or shall we say that Abraham our father is pertaining to last and Abraham described the the father of the ability they an old saying you know not Abraham dealing with this allows him to go in that wheel is so now you're going to get into a whole explanation of how this will lead them I say to him in the first remember to buy are you aware of for a phenomenal job as Abraham worked his way to have genuinely unethical area of Abraham not the glory of God him down the first three what is the Scripture as Abraham believed God and was in the right him to my that Abraham believed God and arrived at the alcohol in the old and is forty Genesis fifteen is now before we get it if he was really great Abraham believed in God I is counted righteous is the same as being declared righteous for the same as having imputed right now for unity I take you to the end of room for him to tell you to look at verse twenty two it is wanting in the way that Romans were as young as four over twenty there is an righteous and so your environment for verse three and also the Scripture Abraham believed God and have realized is way way he or Abraham are Abraham to believe in God and say I is in your four three twenty one mind that in order to understand even better when it needs for Abraham to believe God is as chapter is him he him know Abraham is speaking of God and he's selling on your style and you are on the line is longer over our great nation what you say it leaves the seaworthy how is my wine and you can be on the air and we want to worry about the fact that a Sarah and I childbearing age Amber and her name is there shall not be a nightmare they see that so I'm going home now shall be thine heir in other words God will him and I say you're going out of style I'm not saying that all is legally to acquire better serve to be your son when he really is him him I is that humanly on line going to give you a child from your home even though your last is physically the sex of producing child hears he will kill your wife children and one for the child review anyway is there back in a humor we're talking off area and in him so God is shy out in your spirit in your area I can hear serving as the euros I need the law is him as saying okay is there a higher childbearing age competency model is forgot to buy him a heater on in Oregon right Abraham for the broad and he said he is now toward heaven until the stars if thou be able to number them anything socialize see me and him him him him him him and you see all the stars of their not going to be yours he is now Abraham childbearing and cannot have children so how could it be that Abraham have him see that would come out that would be the start of the and him and sounds humanly likely him him him him him and now is not notice what happens in verse and he believed in the Lord and he counted it to him to write him him or him and God is okay Abraham you don't have any children the Lord our God Abraham left her I okay I I do believe now that through my wireless there will be a one seed in the garden have you got a good now I think him him and Abraham believed God and Ray Abraham because you believe you are now writes him him the story in Genesis seeing him lying him to believe in God and there was about at the star cause to believe him him exactly Abraham this is really that God is the creator him and how do you like this game when you reject the Swanson and the beginning God said let there be light and there was one and God will there be in there while so I just hope Abraham was her sister is going to be your hair is going to be a child in your home was in doubt my word he streamlined one thousand dollars Abraham writes about all the start he remembers it was by the world is he will family and Phyllis in humans is an okay is the Harvard for him to see the more is the star is him geometric alignment throughout the universe how many of you can count on me however God see the word is shy out in my dead human him to create a spoken word of God create the creative work will produce a through me I is today I think Larry is the right him to and God to you the humanly impossible and I think that Abraham to create a new birth is that humanly could not think Abraham so you have a new that no one could not think I got that that you can say I really create a power of my work and create something that can create a lie and him him start the next by what is that I know you have it my wife and I have appointments uses Vineland out through me how can it be that I be really surrendered on everything in my life and maybe I'm not really I'm not sure any way what God is saying is a tricky one to understand and if you want to understand him I was seemingly on half him anywhere Abraham him him him him us you scientific studies as him him him him to have children is irrefutable that I will not leave out God knows he is in him and therefore not in the right now that server chapter work because all going to show it exactly why Abraham that we say I'm going this it anymore three three million and is not certain or whichever the Nottingham network is not wrecked race that that that the network is not leaving amendment justifies the end of the state discounted for righteous season has been developed to describe what to whom God without work thing what are they using equities are forgiven his sins are covered Melanie to say something here there is a socialist and receiving forgiveness is a dynamic talk to you because forgiveness is a huge element only on me say this is him away if you believe that he is coming because she is the word I die him to believe me I'm yours will have for this is your you say that my fingers are horrible and I really forgive me and your all thing that you can give me victory over the online so nervous him him to him some forget no continual him him while the man sample for field in Romans four seven he's actually going on chapter thirty three versus one Q let's talk about those your sins are forgiven and those who have died so when you forget yours he helps you to have no dial your language in this version of South Helsinki creative is a gift that will be the world was then on the circumcision only worked on the uncertain decision also for we say that faith was reckoned him him I was a wreck when he was in circumcision or I'm certain this is not circumcision but an uncertain decision analysis eleven he received the sign certain the faith which he had yet being uncircumcised that he might be will we I mean not circumcised that righteousness might be healing to them all is Abraham was I say even when he was disappointed surfacing fish is and were transforming and then continues on in the father circumcision of them who are not of the circumcision only a few off-the-wall and she had gained yet uncircumcised or is it here and abroad Abraham when he was seen in a long through the righteous and so is everything more about rights as I think and then posted on November sixteenth now working again and see what it means to believe because not as ominous for over three says Abraham believed God an astounding variety of working our way to verse twenty keywords the end they are it wasn't suited in the right was the same thing from the former three so Abraham believed God of God indeed that was impossible most modest starting in verse sixteen therefore it is faith that might be migrated in the phones like me should all see that all languages of the law does allow you say that Abraham was the father of assault as Abraham his father the state and astronomer seventeen as it is written I have maybe a father of many nations before even God was there any column is unfortunately not as though it were no it will say here Abraham believed God and the dead and calls things which are not I want to him before Abraham was the creative one is so powerful that he can take them down when he is in Miami on him him only who he might become a father of many nations according socializing as far as reasonable as you and the father he like the stars of the sky that again he will create a power of God is and became not in pain is considered not buying out that either the nine hundred years old neither yet that necessarily one hundred and him Abraham had human and possibilities over him and physical and that Schram 's warming say produced and those that are close to him him use to produce fruit in your self and your brother because I like a give them our way Abraham not only had an hour to a minimum possibility he had overcome the human impossibility of Sarah and the result was or receive him as a singer of the loan they did is very because of Abraham and him him first he staggered not God through unbelief with on a living will reading out the wing on that Abraham he will be the father of many nations and as the story guy seriously as Abraham did you not sure if I can only say in what you say is no debris says that I believe that is not getting enough the first people because of Abraham he was strong and he is will be in the creative power of God brought glory to your name to be a human being that would believe in the Lord of God is as well morning and someone is going to three six two thousand eight to believe that he can keep me up that will give him and him and him only June twenty fourth of November the feeling that people say I never they are covered by him him why Abraham we don't want ourselves or that people around you whether or not the word of God is with you as soon as the word of God says not as you as you and Danny Noriega again you see is the three angels message is not throughout the government now versus twenty one twenty two you are absolutely crucial to understand the right and forever twenty one and the papers and that what God is able to and therefore it was imputed in July him sees explanation of what these the only thing at the chapter this is in the silly personally him he was able to perform and therefore it was included as part and other words to believe is slated that when God 's word says it will accomplish something God or in the case of apron say is why no one is there and they both had to watch they could not produce a new birth and God that because the creator I will create a new birth in your life Abraham was fully cursed and because he was fully persuaded that were not see when you gone there for then you are a righteous man and for use him why and what Abraham only someone as righteousness by faith righteousness by faith believing that God saved my life is my specifically that I spiritually dead in trespasses and yet God has sent I won't name a new life I won't make you a new creation I think we have to wait and little in the anyway sensations are bringing down the will of God 's word is I believe I am fully persuaded that God has on the because his word is the creative power that so is yours into existence that he can speak this universe into existence he can surely you are an effort to hang out and curse him as you present all God is in his right I want to rewrite the business as part is saying that a more creative power and creative power and see your life and change your life Wheatley will you connect to that we throughout state that is fully persuaded and a pension like changing completely a living will share information about White House is very patently and nervous and crystal clear that Abraham him very well this is why three twenty five thousand single one that was imputed to him him him us to whom it shall be a beauty if we believe on that raised Jesus our Lord then with the Margaret Aurora and was raised again or is this is not applying science to purchase us he was seriously only now now now Abraham has necessary we all have is it legal legal and God raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead he was delivered for and was raised again for our justification I was on here and what are we going to Abraham believed God 's creative power when you consider it a new word he shall even though their physical bodies could not produce such a but we are believing that God has the power to raise that Jesus summons and in Romans chapter six verses three and four he makes it very here what we are believing as far as paying race that is three million not listen him as right or baptized is that there we are hearing with him by baptism into death that why is Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the father even so we also should walk in newness of why you were believing the same God who created our to sell all those are second and that his creative power to create and this was the same God through this power raised up Jesus from the dead and that same God as Creator Sun 's rays him seriously tell him why he do my day but which is the righteous why is Jesus Brian said that a living demonstration of the shots righteous by Jesus and that is justification by faith and that is the thirty day state of Abraham siege that is righteousness we must be in that wing on the way I will raise you up from the dead spiritually to live in in light of the life of Jesus Christ when we are fully persuaded that God will prove you are alive when he is sending him him we believe that he can do it him safely home believe that Jesus can give us victory everything never looking back tomorrow even greater audience I envy in the afternoon two more hours for veterans seventy chapters understand the salvation of our father in heaven thank you for this opportunity would have the same rights as thinking and feeling maybe this is maybe the faith of Jesus that we will stand with you this is my prayer in Jesus


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