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Fruits and Gifts, Part 1

Siegfried Roeske




  • June 28, 2012
    7:00 AM
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good morning as I is saying happy for you Sabbath then you know up here when the scandalous the Sabbath has already begun the sanctification of time and space to the presence of God in the presence of the Holy Spirit I think the leaders of this wonderful group for inviting me to be here my first visit one of our much about it I broken the rules norms and spend nine years of his family teaching entity so I feel connected to him being here and I think each one of you for being here the Holy Spirit has brought us to this place is good for us to assess and send this back to be witnesses that's Frank and all that heaven is thank you for this beautiful morning thank you for the sunshine of the sky and I think the sunshine of God 's love this morning I think it will guiding us a three-year for having ages of God guide us and for being here and for promising to be I'll guess and to be actually the custodian of this whole encampment here we open our hearts will analyze our minds to leave this morning and thank you for filling us with a spirit because of that one each one of us in Jesus in my topic the next four mornings are divided into two sections this morning and tomorrow morning the ones on what special gifts and today about the nature and what exposure do this tomorrow how this function how they function the church and then on Sabbath morning talk about the fruit that is very least was in our personal lives and the sanctification of our hearts and lives and then Sunday morning one of my foot it is very sharing in this birds last two letters and helping them to see Jesus and leading them to Jesus those are the four topics today special gifts all the different disparate Christmas time it's anniversaries gifts graduation gifts birthday gifts that so many occasions when we enter the realm of giving you all one as a gift a gift is not the transfer of property that's business as commerce enhanced is communicating the ad appreciation they deserve if that means of bonding people in the relationship when I was dating I wasn't even predating days of my beloved Don Missouri she had a birthday coming July twenty six I was a bloke on the student but I knew I needed to produce a gift because our relationship is going and I thought this would be no occasion to kind of help along the process of relationship hello now my wife is a very reserved person she made me work for her love she did not possess out at my feet and so it was quite a process was sometimes a painful experience most of time enjoyable one but it was work was so much work drugs elemental and visiting with anybody should you have something bad happen and so what I did is right it was really difficult to find the right gift for someone not sure about how the relations going to want to have the right gift I should get some towels know all this through should I get new knowledge while Rose is now honestly happy when that they so want to put conversion inside the shopping and I went to the store from store to store finally I thought I have ninety I think I buy something that is somewhat a romantic touch but it also is somewhat practical summit of the store and I decide on the managers and said his doorkeeper I think I would like to look at dramatic essentially bought one out I member it was back and there was saw by now and it is sewing wasn't very straight than over-the-top and their and was in the caliber of our relationship as reasonably a wanted to be set those are now much oh four fifty oh two Jeep so I said don't have another one just invented a red one Sonoma getting the getting things may become love you know and was outlined and the sewing was better I was still fairly small how much a fifty wow the prices going up members was a sixties and the timing and million-dollar lower and I didn't have anything to anyway I didn't like it and then the instruments were impressed with the country is a wonderful country wonderful people but it's not my country is made in Japan anybody is here you know the Japanese think of wonderful things the hungers for all these wonderful cars and cameras now cost with that in the sixties it was funny same way as I don't want to so wrong identity don't have something better sure enough here brings obvious you are saying I mean those long-lived beige color we sure over the two sets of instruments stainless steel and things of that by dividing the two societies the sewing was totally straight that I pulled out one of instruments and that was an friend and writing the lines made in Germany that will do it I made in Germany and I said how much twelve fifty twelve fifty hours on was a day 's labor average about fifty so went back to college and then went that I need to buy back the one that I need juggling ingathering from going to go on to my friends could you donate fifty cents could you only coupled dollars this is a very important mission I'm on and so I was collectively in their until I wish my goal I always believed in reaching goals and don't know that my top fifty plus tax plan back one I want I've got the money could you put some gold initials on the outside she and Al count the ones for those individuals on all I was a proud owner went home San Rafael nice bowl and top it was a heavy things and then I thought I can deliver this is to be embarrassing so I got my trusted friend W Gordon go storm and deliver this presence making traumatic and so sure about my friend was when I was behind a curtain that was done looking across and watching him going disappearing inside and then my imagination could be in ordering because I can see all the family inside him delivering this present and an unexpected references of some seeing load so taking the present into a room and carefully touching the facts nice beautiful he lives me his that's what I want in our changing underlying Arab horizon egghead not on manipulated on a bond of love so today we're going to talk about the gift that I haven't has given to us for a live button I think I am every gift is paying for it cause something is not afraid to have our in fact Hammond has invested everything I haven't offer in this gift is Françoise we should rejoice and just downstream realizing the cause of that is that showered upon us just for the taking and that's what we're going to experience year ball came to Ephesus the simulator Nvidia rest of Asia it was across for all merciless days of the population however is one huge sarong a Marquez was the Vanity Fair Asia that happens behind the police to measure as what the world has to offer it had a giant theater you probably are allowed if it's a bit jealous over twenty thousand individuals it was as if famous religious shrine dedicated to the version of the goddess Diana remember reading the Bible aloud known to Diana how they were frenzied than fall came and preached against God and they were worshiping Diana nothing is important metropolis came upon us and I translate Alexandra and you would become a Christian and I thought is was a special person he was learned he was elegant it was my nanostructures he was gifted out of auditory boldness preaching it was furnished urban disparate presentations for theoretical design something because administrative result of modest abdomen to all wrong when Paul arrived in installment follow all this week follow it has all you had that follows the publisher notices he realized there was something wrong and gently and kindly Paul presented to them this question found advertisements install the chop don't want to get a general depression was on it's actually regarded asked nineteen hours for an asinine he was for Paula is these people did you receive a Holy Ghost sees you believe I was answer where I'm not so much as heard whether the Holy Ghost and then your memo cooperates to them and they had a deeper conversion experience and it was so deep and so profound that it was like a new beginning consumer rebaptized in the power of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ I wonder this morning upon questions were asked in the average analyst George everyone to produce very similar answer Friday's meeting I have known much about the Holy Spirit for years maybe Isaiah things mentioned but nothing serious and of course are probably many reasons for it now connected to altering the Holy Spirit and the foundation for the Calvary ideological journey Bible some of the verses won't look up because we know them well honestly will turn to the Bible John seven thirty seven thirty eight is our a report regarding the Passover and the feast in Jerusalem that lasted you know quite a number of days John seven thirty seven sensors and in the last day that great day of the feast Jesus stood and cried saying if any man thirst let him come unto me and drink that's why we hear on this beautiful hill he that believes only as the Scripture has said out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water percent as they are key but this then he almost merits with say that believes on him shortly seen for the Holy Ghost was not yet given the cross that Jesus was not yet glorified mothers to exploit surprise glorification this engine contest was a vegan I was terrible the staff was a terrible death a broken heart and then his glorious resurrection Christ ascended to an magnificent and exciting homecoming he was now gone into heaven by the father by the Holy Spirit on Emily Angels on the representatives of all of the unfallen worlds for their energy was there and Moses was there any item of their welcoming the Savior because they don't happen is dependent upon the success found in this plan then Jesus entered presenting the first food of his redemptive power those that without compensation and that would been resurrected and his resurrection and that this was first proved the proof of the grades all they shall become to deserve and to heaven now these people were liberated by the lion of the tribe of Judah the powerful one my good man slaying of the foundation of the world the sacrifice they were resurrected and was presenting then we can read about it in the Psalms twenty four and I like you look at that this is the foundation of the output of the Holy Spirit Psalms twenty seven Sudan is really interesting it's as if the dog days normally saying this is not handily against the Angels outside who are coming Jesus all you need is a journey into the heavily around they come to our gauge and the outright shouting to the Angels inside the job and so engaged in being about the everlasting doors and picking off the Rh outcomes not the paper diagrams make it longer but the one was pushed around Junior the mystery is a value of this now his thinking unguarded opening and closing authority has conquered the largest on and then in verse nine lovers made it says from the from inside the Angels on the inside against a shouting business King of glory by the thing that benefit you because they don't know they want to bring intensity into the drama is a single draw a yell against the outside as is the more strongly mighty God mighty in battle is not your hands all you gains even if the monk ever lasting doors and the King of glory shall come in then inside edition the second time who is this King of glory the outside for almost he is the King of glory and responds to the fathers in all that we children acceptance of Christ sacrifice Heaven's Gate open all not simply to the conquering King let's open up dialogue of this planet having days off open wide in the Holy Spirit and Spurgeon chairs were poured out upon God 's people in a Pentecostal measure what it in heaven what are they on the earth nor is a mother loneliness and helplessness in the feeling of inadequacy that was great in the hearts of these I was in heaven was to be filled and overcome by the comforter veggies within in John sixteen where seven it speaks about the comforter John sixteen verse seven degrees nevertheless I tell you the truth is expedient for you that I go away forever going on away the comfortable not come unto you but I view blog I will send him unto you Jesus was limited to the human body one was a Missouri they come to would not be limited in time and space that Jesus was as of the comet will just explode the work of Christ and who do not need for you and me as quite a shock but we'll talk about that more of the problems of the Cumberland the first trial I have yet many things is in a you that you can that you can about them after the official part that when I share with you notice privilege of supply that thirteen healthy and ready descriptors is gone he will guide you into all truth you will nothing back we shall not speak of himself but with every show he eventually speak and he will show you things to come and then was fourteen he shall bizarro find me for he shall receive of mine and shall show you unto the holy work of the author of this bird is up verification of the sacrifice and redemption of auto heaven father Jesus Christ the son of God and the Holy Spirit I think all involved as well committing to it Christ's work of paying the price was in a rebellion for the human race no one have to do only Jesus but now this bracketing of this good news around the world God needs his people his church to do that and the method by which private with promises from his work with me by investing in Christ followers the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts he would end you his human instruments for this character so they will see you they say Jesus that's what those in power this character is thousands feeling they say that they know what strengthening the weak and an dieting and blessings to continue the ministry of reconciliation Jesus began now the church is to continue and complete on this planet now in the life of the logo charge that the major problems related to the subject of spiritual gifts one far too many Christians are not involved in any kind of ministry for Jesus as a tragedy they see themselves as spectators enjoyed it I guess Martha Banderas sharing the guys made all kinds of noise in the things I never think of it is all right and what exactly but that's all God 's plan most of them have not experienced the joy of being actively involved in the town 's legal ministry and is seeing God on what was then and getting some on the vibrations all they have an energy in the exercise of this merger gets fingered and onto the running dog while this version is very much in the Arab modes your own sermon may do that but then the second problem is there's always why I could be involved in ministry and overcharge but many of them are frustrated in any event I'm not really happy it is really a big job to them and they almost missed like new but not to be doing this and these the above you know may many in the wrong place at the wrong time they may not actually be working in a gifted area where their strengths lie because somebody just had many days you got to do this and being a good Christian patient not WMS illustrated by story publishing gap in industry and engineer they were having an argument as to which one of them was most important to law the ship I sold failing to agree upon wood with a resulted in your unique idea it would be swapping places the captain Brendon and engineers room and the engineer would go up on the bridge and stood about sounds like a dangerous proposition well about a couple hours into this arrangement the captain suddenly came running up the stairs onto the deck and olive oil ensued over the place cheese eating out while waving aloft a monkeywrench you have to come Don I can make our cars again replied that she she's running around on all the wrong places and those that something in the hands basses are illustrated the result of a lack of understanding regarding this important topic why is this topic important to us number one because of the large amount of space it occupies in the New Testament it's a big issue in the New Testament such as a side issue and just by the space alone we didn't have that there must be something that we need to look at there are the subject is dressed in a significant way in four different places Romans twelve first Rangers twelve Ephesians four and for Singapore companies remember twelve twelve and four four and then and in addition many many other places in the New Testament talks about spiritual gifts now the number two reason is important is because of the elementary and insurance procedures than the first as was written it was addressed to those people who were obviously not integrated theology and not much majority that his communal diamonds in the rough come in the church the thing wrote to them in this book but not Madison the geology but now they dealt with the most elementary truths of the Christian life therefore we may conclude that the top of the spiritual gifts is important as a foundational teaching in the Christian 's life and should be dealt with at the beginning of a person not by the end number three year surprising that I'm out of individual stories yet Peter wrote interesting of what can SG Schwan has received a special gift employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God so here is the command from the word of God to Treasurer the gifts that God has given us interested to us no one is on important issues involved in knowing and understanding spiritual gifts I listed a few number one knowing this project if we're enabling you and me to find opera of appropriate phrases of ministry in the local church the church is the body of the living Christ we are the number of Christ's body and the van doesn't function the body is a handicapped situation and so to make the body function properly each person in the church has been entrusted with the gift of the body needs to exercise that gets and that member in order for the body to good health number to annoy the different enable you to determine your priorities life is demanding the affected you can possibly do everything that has to do Pentagon's a volume 's version press will help you this things which division can function and potential priorities straight and do the service to gain Jesus as number one in everything you do that is priority and all the other things Jesus promised you out unto us by the Romans twelve six rate indicates that funny saying in the round and this should be priority number three know your version is also a great help in discerning God 's will more responsible foster the tomorrow in the life like the choice of law of occupation many of your students are looking forward to your own choosing occupations on the bad habits of the rain the secular or religious should be taken into account and then I'm not able to help to strengthen and be in harmony with the investment God has made in my character my personality because I will be an unhappy camper and my life work is contradicting the talents and gifts that God has entrusted to me not a first draft in this matter swears against is the lead of the church look at the community and shaming of vitamin E usually the person who points out the need is probably best qualified to fill it so I was always as pastor I she was away yet it's been corrected the pastor was a line of all it is good why don't you do it you have a burden for the noticeable to you about this challenge so so we step into the need that we see out there we have entered the ministry of Jesus in the Nevis been presented the goal when asking questions the first one how did you enjoy the experience I was fine I was those guys who were I I weren't in the nose run home and that is ever so much straw I joy is to be a gift joy is approved in Natal and mangers were July words that which brings joy that Jesus uses you as I am a social creature on the people I want to talk my mother is visiting to give a die than have to feel your tongue copy of it because you going to fifty seven was a kid and I thought we would be smart phone of work left to talk to media if energizing for forty years I haven't had any work well that's maybe stretching out but not much my because I was a pleasure to Jesus Winslet thirty years now Guantánamo the last year as I watched grading the papers of corruption by the Spanglish isn't family is energizing as you refresh when I'm done because on a noticeboard is wonderful and runs using stimuli the pipes it is great that's number one the number through arbitration you should ask is what the less fortunate friends say about my experience as they watched me if they are affirming you it may well be God 's voice speaking through them got in the gift that God has invested me whatever you do not define you'll gets in terms of the spectacular that's a danger to evolve our measure themselves the great heroes all milligrams can bridge the diagram I guess I don't have a guest jointure of the man of faith all my Nelson you know one of which are John Bradshaw Paolo Bridger don't measure yourself by the spectacular the exceptional Powell will not define the appearance as a relay to you and your situation in the old church in your school know your community because God has you in a place with a challenge to which he has provided the necessary gets and cons now we have four places in the Bible about the skits on this one of market summaries and Romans Corinthians Ephesians impede and I like to pick first Corinthians twelve and are not going to go through everything this morning that's okay I may save some for tomorrow by the first ranges twelve is the most detailed list of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit and describe the same as Ephesians except more and year and first ranges twelve I would like to read verses eight to ten on unbelievers twenty eight verse twenty eight is a London familiar with its espionage that some in the church first apostles secondarily prophets certainly dangerous and then there are closing its Athenians on his evangelist visit Ephesians four are included so I want to run through these all are your iPhone I like that Osama bin Laden doesn't allow apostles novelizations as a child to eyewitnesses and often do with the apostles when eyewitnesses all I can think alike was an apostle she saw Jesus envision and explains with and she's as a favorite term to describe the work was messenger while you know that would apply stoploss in Greek means messenger the range of in the Mediterranean it was possible mantra they were taking food R underworld apostles we have dangerous junk on the specimen presidents union presence they do their work of leadership and I think the function as apostles in my mind at least critical then secondarily prophets now we don't your profit you do the work of a prophet well we were never living problem right now and I like to be believe God is centered to be no problem on days although she never used attention I can use Mohammed fairness people such as arrogant but I believe that she was a prophet in the full sense of the word and I believe you and I have the gift of prophecy it doesn't come out of here it comes from here into here in the legal show us the gift of prophecy today is very much alive and I believe the prophetic gift is still functioning a soul she was instead of letting the work wasn't unrelated haven't effectively began different explosive work through the Holy Spirit and so is very for those who have accepted the Jesus Christ and the prophetic gift it is no lot more now than I wasn't ready because all around the world Cochise so what is done joint models usually praise God I'm sure disabled by the company 's fishing pathway in nineteen fifty so I believe the sense to not drop as you know they can enable myself but merely much much very much involved in the prophetic work of God to be and then become to teachers Chavez got a nice no as root bilaterally here God has features that he has breasts and I give him the gift Angelo harmonizing about the teachers are your academies and colleges I tell you a lot they need the Holy Spirit they negative the work that the Holy Spirit wants to do in the life to present Jesus and the special message he has the dying world I pray for the dangerous and then I said before my class arrived first at the Le Mans there is no amigo apologies until the students avenues and unhappiness good share of all questions in addition whenever that's due on the Annapolis until the very first day on the air I'm a pastor you can take the past out of my life it's my ministry seventy and my work is to help you meet Jesus and me at the pearly gates work in the meantime to affect as many others bring them along with you so you will be by yourself and then these all kind of the leadership gifts evangelism well what is a female nipples and advises of all witnesses in that sense on evangelists that's the only reason thought César 's desire of all witnesses everyone would be good witnesses improvement upon the Holy Spirit okay then we have the again fear that service gets it says one is given by the remembers a new barbarism I guess I can get administrations demised by the order with them is the knowledge and committing it to the Holy Spirit and he will make knowledge wisdom where zone is big and intelligent and sponsor use of knowledge because knowledge alone is dangerous and the great men like Hitler Holmgren about knowledge IQ August twenty four helpers was over one hundred and twenty three hundred twenty hundred forty zero three and accomplished no missing Jan God as if it gets special gift then it talks about the word of knowledge that's another one the word of faith and not to get the faith to move mountains and have a wonderful story to tell you that I have to skip because of you don't have done our I don't believe that Paul has all men to have this in first grade is not exclusive if you have a gift that's not part of this list is sodium is an event you couldn't possibly miss all the gifts that are there we all have been given spiritual gifts whenever you get may need more than its mention this is unlocked the Holy Spirit has brought to you and everybody has insults of using that gift and you might suggest that television gifts should not be separated double his blessings from Don Whitney served to commit them to God to be used by the Holy Spirit so what is inheritance minutes acquired machines of conversion of baptism all human resources come from God and are committed to him to be used in the service the videogames is that such a great diversity individual you know God is fitting that in our individual personality and are complementary to each other that all the same this is illustrated to students are graduated from Chicago-Kent College of log and the highest-ranking student in class was a blind person called over to admit of easy design of graduation he insisted that half of the credit would go to his friend Casper Zack then met together on the sidewalk of the college there and the onlookers casters can guide the blind Overton down by the stairs and the begun friendship and it is the administration of the complimentary Nujoma gets the blind men carried the books from Amazon office who read the books out loud in the common study one man's deficiency became the Ottoman strengths and compensated for the other soft evaluation the plan to practice law together one wonderful thing and that's what God wants to do as president well I summarize because of the things that God has invested viewing the list this merchandise all meaning several spiritual gifts and it doesn't matter how we came to them rather than through education through the season from zones also a direct have any spiritual blessing God has given us the gifts to contribute to his body through his body my function in the charge and through the church outside in the community and we are looking forward to the fallout for the Holy Spirit to give energy and strength to those gifts so it don't ever think that you have a gift don't think of you that the something insignificant because every gift is a polymer instruments in the hands of Christ through on in regard to him well this is from to the soil like to share with you the stars don't have an agent in charge he was not educated I must offer just how many times you felt like a failure and even much insurance you felt so on recognized by the van problem of young people to the nursing home on Sabbath afternoon soulful singing dance of insight and the singing infancy solving is a dog of a door inside the building and just watched them I was standing there watching and listening to the window then a lady in the wheelchair she was old summer CM didn't really know Muslims going on but definitely has out right next to the deacon and saw this lady kind of drop the wound saw this man seven so she resided until his hand and shadows and all the roles I was there at the end the documents under the bathroom next week the Indian doctor the group of young people did the same thing he said in the back no middle managers showed up again does your last possession according to Zhang also lose our present on following than once on the afternoon to be urgent in July and he asked what happened to the dealing of the routes used to generate the house is not good at all anymore in fact she's bedridden she can come anymore old UNICEF says I need a photograph and so should you walk down the hall they found the room and outside the room with the city 's daughter and son coming and she said to him all yes my mother has been waiting for you she said to me all I would like to hold the hand of Jesus is one long time before I die let the world over energies through how I have a father in heaven may think me for these early morning hours we thank the Lord for that grace and for that I love to shower the spiritual gifts have any gives into our lives to empower us all personality out of things to empower them to speak for Jesus to lift his character to bring glory to his name people are throwing a raise from a thing and I think this is a disobedient was brought by hottie is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through three seven audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is much more so than please visit www. .net verse .org


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