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  • June 29, 2012
    7:30 PM
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next question with the coming crisis and what has been shared here about the concept of the achieving perfection and not there's not that much time left how do you achieve that end balance and the balance in your life so that you don't come away scared or overwhelmed this is it seems impossible again soon to be ready I believe that the ends is receiving for Jean-Jacques before that God wants first to recognize us to recognize our sense of me man by our very nature human tendency is to believe that we can do things by ourselves and so God allows an understanding of a crisis whether it's a crises that happens in our help when I finally he wants to strip us of self-confidence no one can be ready to meet Jesus that has self confidence our confidence mythology and Chrysler he allows the crisis to be revealed it shows us that is not safe to trust in ourselves the same thing that will give us power to get victories the same thing that would remove fear in first John chapter four the Bible says beginning in verse seventeen here in is our love made perfect that we may have boldness lesson lack of fear in the day of judgment because as he is sorely in the world adventure says there is no fear in love so this is clear that the Bible says that a man has love in his heart for the master that he does not have few commands afraid is an evidence is lacking off so they wouldn't stop her from being a wound is in the midst of this to understand the love of Jesus where that love really wears the greatest police the level uses been really are someone was a conference but is interesting that when you study the Bible were actually told in the penetration recovers and forty eight forty nine it says that the cross of the full-year revelation the love of Christ is actually given the most holy place never read a statement that says that in the last generation we will see the full and final display of the love of God and so the full display the final display the love of God is still in the future we're actually going to see a greater revelation the sanctuary from the out-of-court to the holy place of the most holy place where looking more at the level of use is their love at the cross Jesus is there more love and make in the holy place remember when the Bible says it was to forgive most of those I love most the one who was forgiven most of that was in the holy place so that love increases more and more unto the perfect day progress forward thinking so I believe that if we see that love from the outer core and into the most holy place that is perfect love you the Bible speaks of Alpha and the Omega we must understand that love as is displayed in the beginning and at the answer we had that love they would destroy fear and it will show us how to practice the principles that God has given us in everyday life is a beautiful quotation stated by systemwide in life sketches one ninety six when she says in reviewing our past history having traveled over every step of advanced to our present standing I can say praise God as I see what the Lord has wrought I'm filled with astonishment and with confidence in Christ as leader we have nothing to fear for the future except as we shall forget the way of the Lord has led us and in his teaching and his teaching in our past history when we study the movements of God from our past history all the way up to the point where system was that she was reviewing it she sees that love that was demonstrated that faithfulness of our great leader and he is still offering and willing to give that love and faithfulness to each and every one of us and lungs we hold onto that and not forget our past history and I forget the way God has let us then we have nothing to fear because he is Artie promised victory as we abide in him I like the point the president was brought out in great controversy for eighty nine it actually said it she starts to talk about the cross but as he transitions into the most holy place and the words that she uses it she says there now when she is talking about the most holy of the last topic that she was talking about she says there in the most holy place she says the light of the cross is reflected so it is throughout it in other words is not that the cross just stays over here but there's something about the light of the cross and what took place the blood that is in the own equipment in the holy places in the most holy place that according to Revelation twelve enables us to overcome to that wonderful life of Jesus being lived out within us we have nothing to fear as long as we abide in him and forget not the way God has led us and of course our passage we would have nothing to fear so how does that happen or not promises and some people to get on the flipside of the coin has two sides small corneas and has to suck and so when you look at the quotation road running sixty seven he says we has this is the God will teach us in a few months when his technology is to him us him he wanted and then zone is scary because I would never do this one a few months Vanessa prompts and promises that it may have taken many years to do what needs to be dining on or allow us to do that in a short amount of time is wonderful and all we have to do now Wheaton I must admit I don't know where this come from but there is a thinking that persons who don't know Jesus don't have to be afraid of the crisis of my vintage that in the book of Isaiah the Bible says fearfulness will surprise the appropriate and so the man doesn't know GZ should be free there is no safety in our sales is no safety in anything outside of Christ when a man has Jesus a relationship with him is nothing within a house at what happened we've been amount give God our time it will willing to give use our time some people don't they want to gain a relationship without time in August anytime they they spend time in Facebook they spend time on television and spend time and tweeting they spend time privately held but one the one who loves the most amendments friendly most MMS friends must show himself friendly and if we treat each other the way we treat God we went having friends so let's just give more time and get entire there's nothing that he can't do it unless he can teach us very quickly I read a statement assist the guy can do more in one moment for us if we let them in a person into an electronic sort this province on a mixture onto make sure that it answers many questions as possible so so I very quickly that same quotation early writing sixty seven she says said the angel denies self and essays he must step fast we know that we are to take steps to Christ that you can take slow steps you can take fast debts so therefore you must have fast delayed not do not waste time continuous validity sporadic and haphazard but that time for printed time for Bible studies be consistent going to be sporadic and broken because that'll slow the pace down and eventually won't keep pace with the life and we might be left in darkness so steadfast and you'll see that God will in a few months growing the express of Jesus twenty five twenty what is it and how do we know if it's true or false twenty five twenty and said there's a prophecy twenty five twenty what is it order the word of this prophecy come from and how do we determine whether it's true or false in the book of Leviticus chapter twenty six through the term that is used where God is telling Israel that if they did not of course reforming due to ask correctly and obedience that God says he will allow them to go through punishment in the term that is used in the biggest twenty six in several verses verses eighteen verse thirty three verse twenty eight it says that God will allow them to be punished seven times now it's interesting because the birth that is a seven-time versus seven times more and for some reason we always extract that word more and maybe make it so much of the prophecy what happened is William Miller in history as he was studying Leviticus chapter twenty six he got to the point that he saw that statement of the seven times anything will times equals in our period of time so he took the day for your principal and he applied to the seven times where it came up to two thousand five hundred twenty days idea prophecy purpose of years so therefore we believe that in two hundred two thousand five hundred twenty years something was going to happen as it relates to Israel from a scattering gathering standpoint while William Miller eventually these recordings was put on a chart and as a result of that being on a chart and Ellen Ellen White addressing the chart and speak very favorably of the chart they are individuals and movements today in the seven-day Adventist church who believes that if a pastor or minister street is not teaching the twenty five twenty one two thousand five hundred twenty year prophecy supposedly found in Leviticus chapter twenty six that they have a pasta size from foundational and fundamental Adventism and his movement has grown very large today and therefore obvious major schisms and splits in God 's church over this numeric calculation well if individuals want to simply take the Bible goal to Leviticus twenty six and read it you would see that as you go through the versus God is making statements of severity because he keeps things seven times more than if you don't do this then don't be another punishment seven times more than if you will be busy so the department seven times more again so God is making a statement of severity of punishment which was fulfilled when the children of Israel were in captivity with Babylon and Illinois speaks about this in the book prophets and kings and that is only connotations on a commentary on the basis of twenty six chapter therefore the pioneers when they came together they studied this and wellness gladness look at you know many the things we once believed and it came together and it was not just James White I don't know why individuals believe that by James uses the word when he says we we have studied and he says we have seen that there is no prophecy in Leviticus the twenty six chapter it was clearly harmonious because Jay Law broke made it clear he said the longest time prophecy in the Bible twenty three hundred days Stephen Pascoe longest time in the Bible twenty three hundred days and so on all notes several my pioneers and one day somebody came and out I'll make this point on it somebody came in and said well though I said that there was a mistake in the chart and the mistake was not the twenty five twenty to twenty five twenty was on eighteen fifty charts of your four twenty five twenty must be true and that was their summation of advice into my seventy okay that's interesting so I was talking with a gentleman who was at one of our training schools and I was invited to speak and you want to have a one-on-one or you mean you send brother women he's as if it's on the chart and LOI didn't correct it then it must be true I said my brother that is a faulty way to arrive at truth and he said will show me why I said okay little comparative LOI to endorse a chart he said yes I said it otherwise endorse the book of Daniel and Revelation and he said yes as it are good we're even so far as I was their mistake on the chart yes with your mistaken Daniel revelation yet Smith said the King of the North 's turkey well aligned pioneers knew many of them they knew that picking the Northrup is under the papacy so still even sought endorsement book endorsement mistake in the chart stayed in the book I sent now when the chart issue was corrected just saying because the twenty five twenty was left on the chart that your assumption is fellow white must endorse the twenty fourth twenty and he said yeah I said so then what do you do when you rise Smith's book Daniel revelation on page seven hundred eighty four he wrote all whole chapter completely denying the twenty five twenty eight oh I still endorse the book VC evidencing its faulty reasoning you do can't use that reasoning also does not so the problem that is happening today is to verify all methods that are being used in the local interpretation and is leading to point of fanaticism without we are taking this immediate present truth were early writings page sixty three tells us very clearly that it is present truth with the flock needs now and she defines it in the third paragraph by saying the sanctuary in connection with the twenty three hundred days of the members of God and the faith of Jesus our first big league calculated to unite the flock sanctify the soul of the sanctify the soul and show us our glorious future as he says these I have seen is what the messengers of God should dwell on statements are free by the grace of God will be clear to our minds we don't allow ourselves be caught up in these various rounds of fanaticism thank you I I believe a clarification he asked the question I guess the moderator should answer the question why oh why do people say that James and resisting slanting that's because he wrote the article is yet another another number eighteen eighty eight there was a message called righteousness by faith what what if any is the difference between the message that was preached then and when the eighteen eighties study committee calls righteousness by faith was get that question with anyone be anonymous next question is it okay for women to be ordained why is there so much controversy about this this controversy because the people don't agree him to why just one perspective one aspect of unannounced the whole question but one must reduce this many of us geological in organizations today on them but when I impacted not by Bible study or theological discovery as a result of her primary but they come out of sociological writing so all from non- Seventh-day Adventist theologian 's books philosophers that have PO zero two feminism various things of that nature and are sometimes brought into the church not by way of deep spiritual commitment hoping it will finish work but rather by her more political philosophical perspectives and so one danger would be that those that may be the case there on the other hand perhaps as unacceptable to some sink that way and I personally have been somewhat neutral on its having been the chair of the religion department in the Midwest revenue ladies some make the distinction between women in ministry which is promoted and accepted in Andrew 's use of full blessing of just about every committed Christian is sometimes Christian and yet somehow after a reserve regarding our position of leadership within the structure and make the distinction there so assures him and reading the hot spot is that because they are in some areas one ability and the women that collect overdue nation and that seems to be sung to some viewers seems to be someone's less than totally genuine because of the man and woman he is together on the same platform in the same servers to call one by one named element of the name to me it seems to add confusion rather than just some issues and I'm sure is done with good intentions because we have to size an issue trying to keep both sides happy that will always be possible to visit future and the pressure will come from the outside you probably would have fewer issues like that as we get to it sometime within the flat searches the perspective I believe that if we understood more of the foundational principles we would not have so many problems we we live out when it treason in my nose were trees on it leads and Lee's father Treva mangles objects it leaves you keep in ugly as working happening so I believe that just like a disease sickness and disease contain a comeback interview masculine places where children another energy cure the disease and so dealing with women ordination as you say it is just a symptom answer just dealing with it finally that talking about it I be the Satan 's plan has always been to the advertisement present from and so even get there and you can be divided to divide and conquer and so we must understand their battles that we have to find and we need to understand what the bottles on present trends that are significantly tied into the working finish right now was wasting time Jesus said there many issues and use damages mingled down to Rome and start filing a complaint at the Roman official office of everything that took place he said the acts must we rule on the tree finally that we went back to the root of the tree is probably saw most of the tray were told the home and avenues on page fifteen says that the home is the heart of the community of the church is a whole new the role of the home if a husband whereas I was in a life your life was much on which I was there would be a problem in the church the problem is that our homes and the confused as we get back to the position the home is a whole chapters to move the mimes are prosecuted directly on ugly the image is trying to use the susceptibility to create division and war instead of gentleness about the job of finishing work German time of Christ the Jewish nation were fighting about how many angels can stand up on the point of any suit that I want to if possible correctly if is it okay for a woman to be ordained alike distance into the bread and see we can find the answer but understand what are the data says the principal Isaiah thirty first law yes Isaiah thirty first twelve this chapter is a lot of admonition to the children of Israel and what would happen to them and invest while this is excellent there harsh admonition is that as for my people children are the addresses and women will over them all my people they would surely be caused to be to air and destroying the way of thy paths have a look in the New Testament it is in order Christ is the head of the church and milk prices name in the men's one and so this woman on our nation biblical based on what I get you went to him the Holy Spirit legitimately I will say also that another another way of looking at this issue that happening within existing when the Bible says in Matthew twenty four but as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be the coming of the Son of Man and you and you know that as it was in the days of Noah it was the way the world was as a condition the world was in no a statement it was a condition the church was in Noah's day and therefore we see different dynamics so it is that when the Bible says as it was in the days of Lot so some of you becoming a Son of Man there was a condition of the world was and is a condition of the church was at when you look at the condition of the world if you think about lot we typically think of Sodom sodomy homosexuality missed any of it today that is the buzzword of of talk right now the news and everything else from the president and what he feels about it vice president what they feel about it and then of course the world at large and there is a major push for the homosexual movement homosexual lifestyle than it being all right and okay being approved in all these different things to say the session that has hit the world that individuals now believe that husbands can marry on the husband wants to marry wives and the list goes on what is really the root issue of homosexuality and a lot of his homosexual behavior especially when dealing with marriage the root issue is the issue of gender confusion is a gender confusion that they don't understand that husband was to be with wife want to be with husband and now there's all this gender confusion is taking place in the world so you have your worldly possession and then you can have a lasting perception that affects the charge the church is also going to agenda confusing crisis so we see that as it was in the days of Lot gender confusion in the world this gender confusion now taking place in the church individuals are trying to assume various roles women can be ordained best not the issue women are ordained to be mothers women have been ordained to be wives women have been ordained to be teachers and so on but we find aware where women have been ordered you know the past is in the Bible you just don't see it so therefore I don't see what the issue is if we just a faithful with the word but we've allowed to work the women's Lib movement and all these other things to be the motivator behind a lot of this John Wright and all these arguments that were doing and we are being distracted from the issues of present truth right now and if we can get back to these foundations and realize that we are manifesting the very spirit of the days of Lot with this issue of gender confusion and how it's affecting us as a people and causing tremendous confusion when God said to the church that I am not the author of confusion but of peace our systems are precious in the eyes of God and they can be used in mighty marvelous ways God puts the mother who guides the children arrive on a higher plane than the pastor who baptizes thousands and if our sisters could learn the principles and the blessings of being in these various points and privileges of being mothers being wise and being teachers of God 's word without having to assume the role of of pastor or elder we would find that we would find much more peace even calls that even things that supposedly we have a lot of freedom to do if it will cause brethren to stumble let us not do it so I pray that God will just get our minds above and beyond these distractions to be committed before the finished work thinking at youth conferences there's always relationship questions without someone before when a man is selecting a woman how far does equally you go me to go this for us as the visiting them I was very clear in the book of Amos on the book of Amos chapter three and versus versus three my movie is a very powerful combination that is in connection with the car printings and what it says in a mystery assist him to walk together except they be agreed and zoledronic wheel they are phases there are parts of magazine was happening as we we have lost the plan that God has given us for relationships auditing support for courtship and marriage and we are on that plan assign unless excepted the plan of the work is amazing when you look at the batting average of the world is terrible and if we follow the same plan the world follows will get the same results so the unequal yield means that there has to be a union an agreement between the persons where this on the physical plane amended by Mister to plan when you read the script using all those idyllic unequally over they say that some persons that they they age tradition of good to great of a distance between the age as a dispersing agent of the most on Michigan agreement in some ways talks about the physical development says that if one person is healthy and on the present is not healthy they should not be marinated of the offspring would be effective in a different way it talks about it on every spring spiritually other there should be a harmony and agreement in each place were we have to do is go back and look at the agreement that God 's plan has given us and anything that disturbs that agreement is to be trouble anything of it on the day you want this man was in Texas he went to fly to California and the manifested or woman was to go to a Florida to the young assembly number one planes going on when I was more than what you end up in the wrong place to be waiting a long line and memory on the Iraq and many homes are going the same thing they are in an ugly old in two different ways and when the home is broken they wonder what is happening is because is been broken from start and so as we learn to agree on these principles it can create unity on all of the different planes in which God has made my with the him hello my specifics and send it this then the parent did you have an understanding understand they are more specific you get organic about just look at the verse again the same way you don't look at verse the Bible does not say unequally yelped it saves do not be unequally yelped with unbelievers and therefore I have to define what is an unbeliever and when I begin to look at what unbeliever is a sense for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness so an unbeliever is someone who is and is not a righteous person always practicing unrighteous living a lifestyle soul would you want to do is take your Bibles and find out what does the Bible righteous what does the Bible say is unrighteous oh what is the opposite of righteousness and this is how you be able to make your list that way you can say okay with this is how deep it goes you know whatever the Bible calls an unrighteous act or wicked act or evil act of evil lifestyle evil thinking whatever it may be and then when you have that list of this is what righteousnesses this is what on righteousness is now I can know that these are the things that we have to agree on as stated before than walk together and God will make it so plain to you so I wasn't take those verses look at second Corinthians chapter successor comes from and just go ahead and start looking what what is unrighteousness what is righteousness and then see okay these are the opposites and whether I want with it I'm living the righteous they must be in this line as well and I believe is to help put your checklist to know what how far does it go into what point can I say what I can be with this person even though these differences got been expected to have the same IV and tormented my wife was like me I guarantee you not against them saying but I'm thankful that those she is different from me we are in harmony my wife and I we will be at different level we should drink the room him he will not be a difference when it comes to Houston we raise our children the same so we went in agreement on the principles of righteousness as it should be in the home what the same time was still very different from each other and yet we can still have harmony with each other in the miss of our differences I think part of the question problem radio unspoken implies how about a Christian mother nomination who loves the Lord two studies the Bible who goes to church and who believes in Jesus as Savior picked up finest bridge you can find Allied waste things and message to young people where she says he may ever be such a wonderful Christian if he has not accepted the message for today you unequally yoked and so it takes a ghost step further and BIOS taking that stand when not rejecting other Christians to guess immediately very come back all your kind of narrowminded usage is only once can be saved is not a salvation issues plus individuals concerned is an issue all sharing the same mission vision and commitment to the message God has entrusted this people at this time in preparation for second coming thank you in light of the Omega apostasy by some of our leaders what should we do as members how should we alert our co- members friends and family about what is going on we don't want we know one of members to his chest nanometers I'm concerned about the something that was stated in their we don't want our members to lose trust in our leaders now the heart of the individual writing that may be a different place than what those words are saying the Bible says in Jeremiah seventeen in verse five person be the man that puts his trust in man and maketh flesh his arm I don't know if my mission is to teach the people to put their trust in their leaders instead of saying we ought to respect our leaders we ought to love our leaders and even when we disagree with them we can disagree in a very Christlike manner and in the spirit of tax that the Christ page twelve tells us that Jesus was all ways tactful Jesus was one that if he found himself having to rebuke thank the Lord says that he did it with tears in his voice so I cannot agree with that we should teach them to put their trust in our leaders not only by trust me out of it also this is like on concerned with that statement again their heart may be in a different place when they wrote it but the statement it just says what it says I'm addressing that statement God is not called us to put our trust in leadership but that we can definitely respect and love and pray for them encourage them and at times even show our love to them by giving them rebuke if necessary but to remember to do it with fact and to do it in the spirit of love in Christ tell the truth in love so when we see the omega of apostasy having his way within our church we definitely should call sin by frightening Jesus does a comparison in John chapter ten when he talks about the shepherd and the Harlingen he says the hireling is one who sees the sheep about to be scattered and he just leaves and in images C gets guided me through the Harding debacle he doesn't love the heart doesn't love to see but the Shepherd love the sheep enough that he's willing to even lose his life so that the seed would be saved and verify believe that these see the actions of the Omega with old inspiration with Panama 's voice we ought to go ahead and protest in this duck the issues and to address it accordingly with the right appropriate people you know Matthew eighteen we have a plan to suit you we follow those plans on how to address these issues but at the end of the day Jeremiah seventeen five cursed be the man to put his trust in man and maketh flesh his arm but verse seven says but blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope the Lord is open to trust in Jesus respect love encourage your leaders as much as you can if you see them going in the wrong path love him enough to tell the truth and to let them know that I believe were going in the wrong path here and by the grace of God we need to get into a better path in any time you find that there is stubbornness and all these things is this new form of idolatry than what we should do is say as Joe Joshua sesame my house in if if you're choosing to go in this direction than SME in my house we must serve the Lord we cannot follow in this direction for this is not the direction the Lord is leading only to barely some comments with some of his just two quick points the first is I think that there needs to be a distinguishing that is not just one type of the leader other two types of leaders in Jesus made it very clear and I believe that the answer to every problem can best be seen in following the footsteps of Jesus in Matthew fifteen verse fourteen it says verse virgins is what has been said every plan with my heavenly father not planted shall be rooted up let them alone and then he goes on to say they be blind leaders of the blind and if the blind lead the blind both shall fall into the ditch so what we see here very clearly is that God makes a distinction distinction between leaders that can see and leaders by the leader that can see it safe to build a following up on the apostles that followed me as I follow Christ the first of his eleven one but here him a warning that Jesus gave us was not one on leadership the warning he gave us was to make sure that we're not following behind principles and councils that are coming from blind leaders now what was the result of following the blinding was my was it this is of the blind lead the blind both shall fall into a mound wouldn't it be interesting to find out what it did use permit and an interest in a you we we readers and Domino think of it the only book that she is saddened when he talked about this was the Old Testament from just another kind you has read the script journey save the Lord God or Proverbs real quickness religious beliefs of the blind lead the blind in both cell phones ridiculous that literal blindness was spiritual blindness of course our spiritual blindness and when he talked about a ditch and cover twenty three would that be a literal ditch or spiritual bitch it was a spiritual blindness and of your spirited bitch so what is a ditch according to the Bible or the Bible explained yourself in Proverbs twenty three beginning in verses twenty seven SS for a more is a deep ditch and a strange woman is a narrow the Bible says that a whore is a dance on the Bible says the blind lead the blind most of fall into a ditch was addition by was visible doing on any horse in Revelation what is the Lord of Foster so if we follow the counsel of blind leadership it will take us outside of the true church into an economical spirit with Babylon into the whole revelation and so as we listen would you say you sent be careful not to follow Bliley was one of the difference because I notice it when trouble everyone is buying both the leader and the laity whereby all this is a problem with this the Bible says that they are really causing the error we must study everything from the word recognition with the minister said with the evangelists that is what the person you must take everything in line after the word of God to the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in them would I was as a juvenile for where to sigh and cry was at me in one size attitude we should not be happy about what we see it should really terrify Jamaica sorrowful and decries first it means not just recently where a little about what's encouraging is that Isaac of the visit will preaching about it but with notable demonstrative prophecy that crying more especially is talking about prayers and Psalms this evening morning and I know when I pray and cry aloud sounds of atrocities with jealousy as they wish apostasy first we should allow God to give us a heart will we hated second we should begin praying especially for where we see in ourselves because the palm of the Omega notice with the leaders estimate a leather corset was a leaders we all and that apostate right now and I want to take itself as we begin to pray on it and then as God opens up opportunities whatever is in the heart will come on and we would speak against it to bring people back to Jesus and if we do that when we are in our hearts at home and in the churches that we belong God promises that he would help us around us and he will cause the seal of God replaced up enough audience I would just like to say today in the damage related to be a leader is an awesome thing you have a new general conference president revenue American North American president he's one of my classmates actually from Canadian Union and I would just like to say word in favor of supporting our leaders in this matter of spiritual gifts is said over and over again that we have different gifts and sometimes you criticize each other for having different gifts because this man is method of labor is certified like mine gives me no right to criticize and I find that a critic is for some people eleven was plastering to just enjoy non- minting I remember going on in Auckland yesterday Leo song of Jeremiah just lamenting and I'm any kind of got a strange feeling of holiness many did Nikon was reading some great virtue in doing this because you can see the faults of everybody I think I'm long was and is not putting a trust for salvation and those kinds of things in our leaders because of zoning Christ yet then comes the work when they're trying to have us teach the Sabbath goodness and better bananas trying to preach with information revival I find people criticizing some important people that I respect criticizing so I tell him please pray for those people don't just criticize him they need your support suppository right and 's leaders nothing especially in in this brochure leadership mechanism of wonderful people and I think a critical spirit will destroy off I will make us blind and keep us on the dumps we need to be optimistic positive thoughts and charge God will rule and you know going along with what Jeremiah said I think that's for the agreement that really what he said that I trust the salvation address for the old walls of progress of work is not in the hands it's a godsend but what I might lose each year is that I want to support our leaders and not be critical about the in every little thing with any disease differently when I see some spur should I version it troubles me big time I started praying for them because some of them ever spoke to them which is removed me from my place in so to speak so we asked the Lord to give us wisdom and to count the cost whatever may be involved to be courageous and true and the information itself but my little speech in as I does not get a business-critical mode and the high percent sensitive to differences godliness recognizes personal dangers and then be very positive trustful and a lot of time in prayer for these people may need special help from the Lord to acting an amendment banning that asking says if we look at an example of the life of King Saul and David that is a very good example in which King saw brought the people and apostasy and David however I like what he said imprisonment twenty six Chris twenty three I would not stretch forth my hand against the Lord 's anointed our leaders are anointed by God we have to pay for them as if and when we do see apostasy we do rebuke because inmates name but we are not distressed for a hand against diabetes that will help deliver father thank you that you given us answers thank you that you given us methods to study and understand your word I pray that the questions that were not addressed during the session would would be a just a living at this conference or to personal statement I pray please give us a desire to study please give us a desire to arrange that we can have a desire to studying and even understand while reading and studying we need you and love you ask this in your media was osteoporosis is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio source .org


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