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The Sanctuary and the Holy Spirit, Part 1

Jorge Baute


Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.




  • June 28, 2012
    9:45 AM
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while I welcome you try to have some fun just learning a little bit about who you are and my name is George LJ and I currently am instructor at lots of the Hills College and also at the Academy but prior to that I have passed in the Kansas Nebraska conference and in the Carolina conference ended up going to watchdog wanted to go with her son who is a student there and the Lord opened away and so is a privilege to be here I considered actually great privilege to be here enough to me it it it matters to matter you know it matters it to matter that your life matters and to be part of institution is making an impact in the closing scenes of Earth 's history to me to be on the cutting-edge to me is a great privilege and sunk on grateful to be part of the WIC and all these regional conferences as well as do I see this preparing young people for the closing work and to go home and to me that is a privilege for exciting thought it would begin with a worker Caleb and more about myself and will get into our discussion today but I see our father we come to thank you again for your kindness or goodness in tender mercies that you shower us with every day Lord that we know that our presence in this room today is not an accident but a divine part of your divine plan for each of us it is Lord a divine appointment and so this day we ask your presence father forgive us our sins we thank you for the blood of Christ that washes away all of our sins and for his righteousness that covers us are grateful for the invitation to come to the throne Grace and him to receive grace and so father we do this now Lord please shut a sin speak to our hearts you know the needs of every person in this room I don't and and father even if I did I couldn't meet it that you can so I pray that today will recognize your voice speaking to us the father as your servant I pray that you will give me the thoughts today that you have to speak it withhold anything that you do not want spoken with religion he will be glorified in your people blessed the same thing is our prayer we thank you necessarily pricing on I have a particular interest in the sanctuary because the century tells me about Jesus my background is Catholic my family my father was a guest judge and thousand beautiful life by the way came in getting a signal she wanted to keep that inhabit my son yes she is very special and the Lord is good but so were Catholic and and when IAI member coming to my mother accepted the message dreams message my mother took me to a church in Glendale California England the city church in their having a BBS he was on the sanctuary for children and I remember that they had a number of crafts that works century geared in one of the things somebody had it was a labor of love but they built the ark of the covenant all the kids would and in heavy Angels is really cool and then inside they had and should get gotten some wedge-shaped like to think management xerox copy of the Commandments was on the block of wood and I remember holding my hand is a young person and I was on it I was holding within my hands the laws that govern the universe and is a ten -year-old just blew my mind that was holding this document in my home my mother taught us to reverence the Bible and of course we were taught never to read it it was the work of the priests explained to us but he was always reverenced and here I was holding this document and it left an indelible impression upon me than later in life sadly I walked away from the Lord got confused about some things and went out into the world and an end that run its course and I I came to the place that and I attempted to take my life in Jesus that in my life and obviously stop the process and in one meaty hand and a lady when it came to the Lord he came back to the church each of the sanctuary was one has been very much agitated some people said it was true others said there was no truth in it now both of them could be right as I began to study the Bible for myself what unique and novel idea to find out if this was true and what I discovered is that if you were to take out everything that has to do with the sanctuary this book would fall apart because it is saturated with century terminology and imagery especially the New Testament New Testament writer assumes that the reader knows the sanctuary doesn't take the time think of the assumption is that you know it and decided in a satisfactory the New Testament came to life for me it was amazing and insulin these presentations on the take a slightly different tack than many do for years I would hear the sanctuary taught in it in an opportunity down a stolen identity to do but they were divorcing many times unknowingly the teachings of the sanctuary with practicality in the line so blooming this in gold means that that's nice but I'm struggling with sin do not think that such immunity is something practical and one day I sat in the presence of a woman who would have been understanding the sanctuary and as an NSC began to explain it all it is not the bells and whistles began to block connections were made and I saw the century differently so my love enjoy the century is that I understand more event more clearly what Jesus is doing to save you and me and I hope that that is communicated to you today now in our presentations are maybe getting six presentations the first one is entitled the importance of the century message advantage of Jan just get a look at that with a look at what's in the spirit of prophecy and what we can glean from it of the importance of this message to us here now and I want to do that just to clear the air little bit because of some of the controversy that exists amongst us as a people want to get us on the same page the second message the sanctuary on moniker for prayer within a look at the sanctuary as a model for prayer will learn at the sanctuary as we use it for model for prayer very much puts us in China in June with present truth and that keeps in the forefront of our mind and so would a look at the centers a model for prayer the third thing we look at is the daily in the Old Testament priests conducted a service which will talk about in more detail called the daily world today you and I have a counterpart to that in our experience of walking with Jesus it will be learned at the daily teaches us how to how to have victory over the power of sin I had to give her what does that excite you it does need you to look at that the faith of the fourteen then that within a look at is the good news of the judgment in a lot of people don't think a lot of people will say there is a judgment lobby like talking about it because there's a fear factor in the judgment wilderness study women discover that God is not the one to fear and judgment now when I say fear I don't mean reverence and respect I mean terror Bible tells us that fear is not of God perfect love casts out all fear Jesus as you know the truth of the truth is edited what set you free and want to learn what is truly the fear factor in the judgment but when you discover it's not God now be very helpful in that study will look at the mechanics and could create the framework for asked of how the judgment operates then in RC talk we're going to look at unlocking the mystery of the delay in the second coming and oh okay I just I'm I'm doing this talk in another place and I just realized that there was one talk on it bring to you and I don't have it wrapped okay we'll get into this one unlocking the mystery of the other day secondly did you know that the sanctuary explains the reason why Christ is not returned unaided when you understand the operation of the judgment you will understand why processing and that will make a lot of sense we go through that in our six talk is a panoramic view of the judgment the judgment comes to us in three parts today beginning in October twenty two eighteen forty four part one began and that is the investigative judgment will get a look at the three phases of judgment will digital by looking just descriptions for prophecy and disorder discover at the end of our study were going to learn of the incredible transparency of God in dealing with this issue it will comfort you the second thing we will learn is how incredibly respectful guardians of our freedom choice will be very comforting and and it will be virtually a vindication of the character of God so with that let's begin by looking at the importance of the message of the century horses for me at this point if you have any questions feel free to put up your hands i.e. I don't claim to know everything that I don't but I am a searcher I'm a student and I will share with you the little I know and it's up I don't have an answer for you it will spur me on to a research about how to get what you let me get this in fact I can have some really help me I would go much much faster so much in one more victim thank you my head I went to be doing here for the most part on the beginning handouts and a beginning effort for several reasons we learn better when we involve more the sensors so I would be speaking in your dinner here and then you're going to be reading CBC with your eyes and you have your pencil ready to make notes seem to be using a lot more of your senses and as a result of these materials to stay with you better of you I think it was when you leave you be able to study further to know and I'll probably put some of these over here and outweigh a summit comes in late why they can grab the first anointed it was just share with you how the sanctuaries divided into three parts how many members of the Godhead either the three letter lots of degrees in the sanctuary but when you study the sanctuary as it relates to God 's people you will find that the sanctuary divides the history of God 's people in three parts and has to do with their messages the first one to look at the Jewish the Jewish church is the church of the outer court and their message to the world wise to be ready to receive the Messiah at his first coming their job was to introduce to the world the Messiah but there is a Savior from sin but there is a reason for our existence if there is hope and and so that was their job then after the arrival of the Messiah their job was was by faith to follow him into the holy place when you were doing used to return to happen to you with me so far but we know what happened the way they did not accept the resignation as the Messiah and when Jesus rose from the dead and he went up to heaven they did not follow him I think as a result the church the Jewish church lost its place in an then enter the Christian church and this is the era of the holy place near is the era of the Christian church its mission was to tell the world of a risen Savior and that are our Christ is in the most is in the holy place ministering in the right hand of the throne of God towards the end of their era they were to announce to the world that Jesus was about to begin the third phase of his ministry and of course we know that I and October twenty two eighteen forty four Jesus entered into monthly place they were to announce that to the world and then enter by faith into the most holy place that the Christian will do that now Madeline has all right they rejected the message and now we're living in the era of the remnant church its mission is to tell the world that Christ is a most holy place where the investigative judgment is taking place and Sunnis can come to take us home I present truth is were ever Jesus is when Jesus was the Lamb of God that was present during when Jesus was in the holy place that was present now the Jesus is in the most holy place that is present to you right now were hearing a lot about spiritualism are way spiritualism coming into the church I have a very simple definition of spiritualism spiritualism is what you're left with when you reject prison trip because when when the Christian churches rejected the message the three angels message they became fallen in Revelation eighteen we see the fall complete when battle because the habitation of what the demons which is spiritual are you with me but when we follow Jesus by faith it negates what's taking place right now in the Christian world and spiritualism that do nothing attention of that is sweeping the Christian world right now sweeping away and down like define spiritualism this way in the book great controversy in the chapter entitled connected speak to us she says that she defined spiritualism that it has more income into the Christian church when it talks about the love of God it doesn't talk about his justice and with me and the justices were use right now very very important to solicit a look at Don at some of these quilts and will looking to see in our very first quote is what Ellen White signed vision I believe it was eighteen forty six when Christ moved from the holy to the most holy early writings page fifty six and I saw the father rise from the throne and in a flaming chariot going to the holding of Hollings within the veil and did set then Jesus rose up from the throne and the most of those who are bowed down rose with him I did not see one ray of light pass from Jesus to the careless multitude after he arose and they were less-than-perfect documents those who rose up when Jesus did catch their eyes fixed on him as he left the throne and led them out a little way then he raised his right hand and we heard his lovely voice say we hear I am going to my father to receive the kingdom keep your garments spotless and in a little while I will return from the wedding and receive you to myself and I saw a cloudy chariot with wheels like flaming fire and Angels well-rounded as he came where Jesus lives he stepped into the chariot and was born to the holiest when the father sat there I beheld Jesus standing before the father a great high priest on the head of his garment was a valid pomegranate Melancon and I saw those who rose up which is a sendup of their faith to him in the holiest and pray my father give us by spirit by the way were talking about the pouring applicability A right by here my father give us thy spirit then Jesus would breathe on them the Holy Ghost in the breath was like power much love joy and peace of character that I turned to look at the company who were still bow before the throne they did not know that Jesus had lifted Satan appeared to be by the throne trying to carry on the work of God I seldom look to the throne of pray father give us a spirit than Satan would breathe upon them and unholy influence in it it was light in much power but no sweet joy and peace no character sings object was to keep them to see and to draw back and deceived us children so there's your spiritualism in her own and the remnant the message is the remnant message and so there are those of like what Paul is in the word tells us that anywhere not everyone in Israel is Israel but that being the case did not negate the fact that there was in Israel saw the fact that this church God this is the remnant church God is given at the random message but not everyone in it has grasped the seventy cents and it's very important for us to remember that we don't follow people but rather we follow Christ our eyes have to always be fixed and interest people will always less now even in my presentations here to you as I have confessed to you I'm a student and so don't stop wear away with what I shared with you go beyond it and continues that he and and and also study to make sure that what I presented to you is correct in that are lexical of the early writings page sixty three such subjects as the sanctuary connection with the twenty three hundred days at the commands of God and the baby Jesus are perfectly calculated to explain the past advent movement and show what our present position is established the watt the fate of who the doubting and give certainty to the glorious future these I have frequently seen are the principal subjects on which the messengers should want should well dear friend you want to your faith to be strengthened the study of the sanctuary is calculated to do that study Mister Sanford will strengthen your faith it's interesting if you study you do realize of course that without the sanctuary there is no Seventh-day Adventist church you do realize this church this movement is born out of an understanding of the sanctuary today I run into Senate they are Dennis I don't believe in the century message and that makes as much sense to me as a Catholic telling me it is unbelievable it's an oxymoron because Adventists are people of the sanctuary we were born out of it you know it it if you have never studied Adventists of the others history visible by the throat Doctor brought within one reader there are several books that encourage read about our history and it will strengthen you I'm a glutton of any treasure but I can't resist conscious of innocent whistle awesome is that this movement was raised up by God by people of your age are you with me the last great movement was raised up by God to young people of your age the reason why that generation did not go into the promised land is because the second generation what they and that's why they were denied but we are told that in the end there is a video raising up of young people and the generation that couldn't finish it is like that work is due to be finished along with the adults but with the counterpart to the first generation indigenous owner to set the standard of the notable nonbeliever seeing that happen and I think it to be cool and daily in the art that neither were the first generation never started a movement meets the second the finished entity that's awesome that you think so you know I remember a story of Farmington and you have a favorite animal at you like your favorite animal our daughters and I like dolphin which tells you something about a another one I'm with you buddy I heard a voice them beyond that but yes I love oddities and offense and doubled as men love Eagles he located a majestic creatures powerful and document the farm and so he would see the migrate and David something is witnessed the surrounding regions and Webb said that he would go visit them on his downtime and he loved that was a favorite e-mail weekend activity was to just to go birdwatching what this particular season when Eagle couple hair made a nest on one of the trees on his property he was so excited because he was good habits gives me a birds eye view of death and get to see these birds develop and doesn't allow time for him will tragically a storm came in one night and lightning struck a tree and destroy the mass and the next day heartbroken he went and saw the debris there on the ground and to our amazement one of the eaglets have survived and so he was determined to save the burdensome to begin feeding it and died trying to a new starting to respondent that he can't ignore needed friends so he stuck the egret in the chicken coop is an Air France and the chickens were quite sure what to do with them and better while the content used on and you go up there with the tickets and as the months passed he noticed a strange and disturbing development the goal did not try to fly even though he could he would scratch around the ground he was acting like a chicken people had never seen an eagle and so didn't know any better and and so the farmer when they decide to give the eagle flying lesson and so he would pick him optical not after a day on the field and from at the end of her visiting Europe to the cannot be winter like this is a demand and his wife got upset with Mister Dugan killed that there and the farmer said this bird was Smith's it wasn't meant to check he said and it's going to learn to fly right into the Nokia N so he got the bird went to his truck and he went to a nearby cliff because he was connected to why I parked the truck is walking to the class he noticed that the Eagle was looking on intently he would look up and instantly think of walking and he saw the eagle seem to be focused on something so you look them up and off in the distance he saw an eagle over that evil had never seen under the energy was just looking at me intently anyway he got to the clip and a sense of illegal your destiny is going is not particularly like an eagle message repeated for so he grabbed a burden to clean the bird began to plummet and just before it hit the ground throughout as we today we Seventh-day Adventists are living we do not understand the great destiny that God is given to us as a people a part of our problem is with the looking at chickens and not studying the lives of the Eagles that sword before different you study of the history and study the lives of those young people who like yourself sword like egos and you will come to understand what God is culture to in your source this work is about the clubs and and in the sanctuary this matter is fleshed out in its grandeur and they understood this and this became their message and it will become but continue great controversy for eighty eight is very nuclear something very important this sanctuary in heaven is what the what the very center of Christ's work in behalf of man it concerns every solo living upon the European opens to view the planets redemption bringing us down to the very close of time and revealing the triumphant issue of the Comcast between righteousness and sin it is a the most important that all many all should thoroughly investigate the subject to be able to give an answer to everyone that asked of them the reason for the hope that is in them you know every in every army every war you have a war room and in a war room is where the battle of the are is is being directed and you know that during World War II the United States are out there the axis forces would love to have known where the United States had his war room why to try to attack and destroy it you can destroy the war room then you destroy your enemies ability to conduct war against you what is the war room for heaven is a sanctuary now Canada will destroy the sanctuary no he cannot but if you can find a way of destroying it from the conscious minds of God 's people you get the same exact and you lead the troops and confusion and so the devil wants to destroy the very epicenter where God is trying to save humanity you know it's interesting to me that when people talk about righteousness by faith many will quote the book of Romans rightfully so is it explained so clearly there you know I came to understand righteous by faith by studying something that's ranking to understand it is the very area that initiates a thing with you you remember that in the sanctuary there was one entrance to the century meant one entrance okay and that entrance was coming to the West and we are good seventy of anything we know that part of that reason is because the competing worship of the day they'll worship was Sunday worship in which direction to the sun worshipers face they face duties and but God 's people were to turn their back to the ease and it would look West and then in a sense but only share with you another reason open your Bibles to the book of Genesis chapter three in the book of Genesis chapter three where the story of the fall of man and I will pick up after the fall to a discussion on in the Godhead and I want to pick out something very important when it picked up in verse twenty two it says the Lord God said behold the man has become like one of loss to know good and evil you there Genesis three verse twenty two and now least he put out his hand and take also of the tree of life they need a bit of it lived or ever therefore the Lord God sent him out of the garden to till the ground from which he has taken so he drove out the man and he placed cherubim where at the Eastgate the Garden of Eden at least in a flaming sword which turned every way to guard the way to the tree of life now so when Adam and a sandwich direction when they left the garden did they walk they went east they had today's gate they walk these that they wanted to come back to God which direction would they have to walk so he signifies the walking away the West is coming back and everything in between here is the process back to God God shows us the process in that last step which we call the most holy place there is the service that is called what the atonement the act one minute the coming together again the separation ensued caused God to the century teaches us how we can bring us back together again how decree his creation will be unified with the creator does that make sense to you with me so the sanctuary is important to us because God shows us how he intends to bring us back together again make sense so far away the Angels were to keep the way you there's two ways to look at that one was to keep them from eating it in a simple state but to guard the way also meant to make sure there was a link by Angels part of the process and helping humanitarian daily ministering spirits new batch so we see it on their century is very important to us in understanding the work of Christ I think a look at evangelism page twenty two and twenty three as a people we should be earnest students of prophecy we should not rest until we become intelligent in regard to the subject of the sanctuary which is brought out in the visions of Daniel and John this subject sheds great lie on our present position and work and give us unmistakable proof that God has led us in our experience God 's people are now to have their eyes what fixed on the heavenly sanctuary where the final ministration of our heaven of our great high priest in the work of the judgment is going forward where he is interceding for his people so the Lord wants us to be focused there so we can become intelligent by the way there's no way for us to cooperate with and as we understand what he's doing it I was very terrible demonstration but I was very mischievous as a young person and had a best friend who was also equaling the Stettinius at him across the room and if an idea of of getting into mischief came up I united not to communicate I can look at him and he can look at me and we were on the same page like that I mean we can we can orchestrate coordinate our efforts from a distance the terrible illustration but as we come to know the mind of Christ even though we may not be in close proximity but I think the candy will find yourself cooperating with you with me and in the sanctuary come to understand the cyclic year also make controversy forty eight the subject of the sanctuary and the investigative judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God how many new knowledge for who themselves of the position in the work of the great high priest otherwise watches though Mrs. Doctor Jukes and you don't miss this otherwise it will be what note before I go any further our show something about on white in the way she writes please follow Ellen White never exaggerated Ellen White classified exaggeration with line of violation of God 's law Ellen White struggled in her writings for precision digital that when Ellen White wrote she always she struggled to be as precise as she claimed she was always fearful that in some way in her choosing of words that somehow she would Domitian diminish the importance of the work of God have any of you noticed the size of our white vocabulary of Academy refused the woman had third-grade education her vocabulary was his because she was causally trying to master the language in an effort to give us a more accurate picture of what God was trying to communicate to a so whenever you see are using drastic words dear friend it's not for effect she is being very accurate so you hear what she says John that otherwise it would be impossible for them to exercise faith that is precisely what she means to say it will be impossible watch this otherwise the vaccine back up because dissent is based were sent full together all new knowledge for themselves the position of the work of the great high priest otherwise it will be impossible for them to exercise what they which is essential for this time or to occupy the position which God desires to fill for them so in other words there's no way for UNI to do the work that God is calling us to actually understand the work of Jesus is doing here the salvation for each of us is based on righteousness by and unless we understand what he's doing were not revealed to exercise that is any sense holding a standard bisected the centered on understanding the work of Christ in a most holy place in our behalf okay volume five testimonies five seventy five the great plan of redemption as revealed in the closing work in these last days should receive close examination these scenes connected with the century above should make an impression upon the minds and hearts of all that they may be able to impress others all need to become more intelligent in regard to the work of the atonement which is going on in the sanctuary about when this grand truth is seen and understood those who hold it watch this once we understand it those who hold it won't work in harmony with Christ to prepare people to stand in the great day of God and our efforts will be what successful it is based on what our understanding of the singular president you know early on after I came to know Christ I was actually living up on from here when of injury the great controversy I was in my menu twenties and my wife and I were not we were nominal she was nominal and Dennis I was even really coming back to the Lord a regular controversy which my mother had given to me and what fantastic book were so blessed as a people and so anyway I began I started try going to churches and it wasn't working for me and I pray to the Lord to send your church and industry minister North Carolina to a church that really love the scan is over my century and to just really took off as I began studying and I remember I came up with an idea I wonder if anybody out there has ever to help ice to build models as a kid and I thought what if they have a model of the sanctuary and I thought how cool would that be a very visual by the way we all are to some extent that's why God gave us the sanctuary and I thought it be so close I went down to a local hobby store and I asked him if he had a strange remodel and the other thing I'd had three hits for the way they do happen today they did have event and I was kind of bummed out about that and I saw they had models of big Ben to have most of the Taj Mahal why not the wilderness sanctuary made sense to me and never they get it but a woman overheard the discussion she was a member of the largest Baptist church in the community she continued she said you understand sanctuary season I really don't I'm really trying to learn she says when you learn when you come to our church and teach an hour to say I was new and and I left before it really began to understand but that leaves request haunts me it haunts me you were living in a time know if you talk to people right now about the average church member about the state of the data many of them an image to the he talked about the status of the Virginia open their open to the sanctuary and within the sanctuary all of our doctrines are found the genetic everyone is taught on a sanctuary but the thing is one of the mistakes that we have made as a people is we have taught the doctrines and divorced of Christ when we teach our doctrines as they relate to a relationship with Jesus arsenic keeping friends are going to address right with me and when we show them and in any my second series of the second part of our Michelle you will show you how each of these furnishings teach us about Jesus Christ they will embrace it and usually with the size mentioned this and that you all are really you don't independently website engine size mansion is a life-sized replica on to the Jewish sanctuary of Mosaic sanctuary and it's out of Oklahoma Academy young people are are getting tours and a teaching our our our our message of Angels message right through it and the communities coming out yes what was the last anything it was a while back two weeks ago and they were individually smelly people went through that you were there that generated about twenty five hundred bottles and when we were in was is a very large area when when I was pasturing in Hendersonville we brought in the Messiah 's mansion and the Bible Belt is a tough place to get the three angels message out it sounds crazy you would think in the Bible Belt it would not double never challenges you had thirty five hundred people will do in a week and what amazed me is that pastors would be bringing their congregations and and as they were they were so excited and is are coming through over and over to take the same thing we're studying this in archer were studying this and listen my young friends Jesus is getting ready to return you know we were told that the rocks would cry out if we can get the message out and so there is an interest well when I decided to do is not is after we decided to do the churches were to do any evangelistic series to the sanctuary and ready to make a full gospel presentation and of course my background was what Catholic I just assumed that the Seventh-day Adventist church had a presentation forgot with the sanctuary I was wrong there is no such animal I searched and searched I called East Coast West Coast north-south website searches anybody that I know that knows the century talking in Aspen it wasn't one there the Lord helped us to put one together and evangelistic series and right now working on having it printed but doesn't want to take it when we did this the series you know how many times many get involved in an readily seminar I love Revelation seven but you have noticed that sometimes it brings out pedagogy people that are conspirators second José Vizcaino I did not see that one brought out with students you many times it doesn't bring the active members from other denominations but that marginalize this brought out the active members and students totally different population something is Jesus is getting ready to return and is preparing of people and what he's doing is making them intelligent to the sanctuary but but now if the sanctuary so important to us within we know that the devil 's attitude is good to be one of ruthless opposition into and and when you devil attacks essentially message his most effective attacks are not from without but from within let's take a look evangelism to twenty four by the way and let me just read that last paragraph in the first I guess I just feel compelled and as a last sentence of paragraph biking when this grand truth is seen and understood those who hold it will work in harmony with Christ to prepare a people to stand in a great day of God their efforts will be successful so with repeating it I was repeating it was really funny to me at some of the people I have added you ever heard of new words for witnessing right that there new words for witnessing where you are right that down you can do this in your website prayer meeting in your status quo quotations newest for witnessing you can purchase them from American cassette ministries it's how to witness to the sanctuary and it's really interesting but the man who brought together with Daniel Phil how many of you know ritual filled to capacity fulfill it this is his father but this together and in what is basically is you you presented us with a sanctuary and as he is done destiny begins to explain that the judgment he has had people look at him and say now I understand why you keep the Sabbath and he never mentions up never mentioned they say why because when you begin to teach the judgment and the start of the judgment it against the click is an example now people began you know that the seventh a Baptist have been preaching the Sabbath message longer than we happens in other but there only about five thousand strong today as they were we got the message from the Mac and needed during the movement but we have grown to millions why because we have something attached to the Sabbath message it gives us understanding to the importance of the Baptist on how and that is the judgment and when you understand the judgment the role of the law in the judgment now the sound that you have the context for the importance object then you begin to understand the market please make sense to that impetus importance okay now the message is under attack evangelism to twenty four at the great pillars of our faith have been presented the Holy Spirit has borne witness to them and especially is this so regarding the truth of the century question over and over again the Holy Spirit has in a marked manner endorse the preaching of this doctrine but today as in the past some will be live to form new what theories and to deny the truth upon which the Spirit of God has placed his approval so the Prince of darkness is doing what he can to eradicate the century message from our minds in one of the ways is by bringing an interesting theories a quick look at one of them here special testimonies series B number seven page seventeen sanest driving how continually to bring indefensible opposition in regard to the sanctuary degrading the wonderful present in representations of God and the ministry of Christ for our salvation into something that suits the carnal mind so if you can destroy anything that you do not believe it then he worked to downgrade its importance and outdated to ways in which he does this I am one way is that he says something this effect in a really is sent on actual young sanctuary in heaven is just metaphoric in all but there's no buildings out there and all that other stuff is just help us now to get us to grasp your friend that's one way because once that begins to undermine what you undermined out there what about the work of Christ in the most holy place if you get enough that the others going to another way and please I say this respectfully humbly but but but you know I I I will never be accused of being politically correct those who know me so I'm just as they had let out but we had Robinson sisters who have mistakenly grasped onto the idea of the feast days and Paul battled this in the book of Galatians and in what it does is it really undermines Christ as the Messiah and what happens is we end up focusing on job correctly and not on behalf of it bypasses so the devil keeps throwing stuff at us in attempt to keep her mind off of what prices the other way if the devils attacks are intensifying that is an indicator to me that God 's people are beginning to get this is becoming a threat so he's intensifying his efforts Elijah Satan exactly what we so far let's continue evangelism to twenty four in the future deceptions of honey kinds every kind as to arise and we want solid ground for free our feet we want solid pillars for the building not one pin is to be removed from that which the Lord has established the enemy will bring in false theories such as the doctrine that there is no sanctuary this is one of the points on which there will be a departing from the faith there will be went there shall wait where shall we find safety unless it be in the truth that the Lord has given for the last fifty years and had been a number of handout copy of this one right there I'm sorry with a number of attacks on the century message and Ellen why I wanted the attacks came from Bob or forgot his initials Leslie was an event listing Ballenger Ballenger was his last name and he had a he had a shotgun effect argued in shock and the attack against the centering her day in our day the attack came from Desmond Ford and from the book questions on doctrine now I'm really really harness but so that was made a number of attacks against us in regards to it it was working order to bring up to you all once again I have ADD who doesn't but anyway but I have ADD back in my life up to the attention span of a gnat with ADD but so I'm all over the placement can remember now what it was okay now remember you looking at the singularly help me with is the sanctuary is really house to weed out a lot of false doctrine when you begin understand the sanctuary and you encounter false doctrine you try to run the century local through the example of one and that is universal justification that when Christ died everybody in the plan was justified universalism here this this is within our ranks also but you'll see that a sanctuary the only people that benefited from the sacrifice with those who brought it nobody in Syria was justified by the sacrifices being made in in Israel are you with me unless they became a follower of Christ and they brought a sacrifice that makes sense so when you begin to study the operation of the century instructs the weed out false doctrine centuries a great lie detector ultimates continue Ellen White letter to thirty three and nineteen oh four we all need to keep the subject of the sanctuary in mind God for bid that the clatter of words coming from human lives should lessen the belief of our people in the truth that there is a sanctuary in heaven and a pattern of the century was once built under God desires his people to become familiar with this pattern keeping the wording and fair before their my and that heavenly century where God is all in all this continue evangelism two twenty one the correct understanding of administration in the heavenly sanctuary is the foundation of our faith brothers and sisters if we don't have an understanding of the sanctuary we have no foundation are you with me so important is this to us so jealous Elidel is acting now how is it that are high in years arrived veteran always watch carefully as this is the pattern we must follow and this is gospel workers three oh two and three oh three we are to be established in the faith in the light of the truth given us in our early experience remember we were told him nothing to fear for the future except what we we forget how God is lettuce of the fastener past teaching at that time one error after another press in upon us ministers and doctors brought in what kind of use new doctrines would not watch the response we would search the Scriptures with what much prayer and the Holy Spirit would bring the truth where to wear mine 's sometimes whole nights would be dumb loaded to searching the Scriptures and an initially asking God for guidance companies of the voting men and women assembled for this purpose the power of God would come to me and I was enabled to clearly to define what is truth and what is there a way and suffocated you noticed that they were coming to understand the truth based on Bible study and in the spirit of prophecy would confirm what they found the detection lot of people say all the other succulent like no we did not the Lord uses their prophecy to confirm what the people were studying and find the Bible as they were being guided by the Holy Spirit you are promised today we don't do this we don't study everybody wants a quick answer but were not setting for ourselves but the Lord is looking for young people and adults were willing to study for themselves and God will do for them as he did for the finance the Eagles who saw before in the as the point of our faith with us establish our feet were placed upon a solid foundation we accepted the truth point by point under the demonstration of the Holy Spirit I would be taken up in vision and exponentially be given me I was given illustrations of heavenly things and of the sanctuary so that we workplace where light was shining on us and clear distinct raise I know that the sanctuary question stands in righteousness and true just as we have held it for so many years it is the enemy that leads minds off on side tracks he is pleased when those who know the truth become engrossing collecting Scriptures to pileup erroneous theories which have no foundation in truth you know I want to encourage that's that's all make a pact to not to not pursue speculation but I have been out your speculation is that so many asked me the other day when I only have belly buttons in your opinion like must be pretty easy if that's what you're concerned about not taking at your wondering about belly buttons earlier they knew things was feeling pretty well but dumb but you know the bottom line is that the lip the Lord is not in the slide on it let's leave it alone that's what got Lucifer and the trouble God in Jesus father father and Jesus were meeting on plans Lucifer did know was going on and he wanted to get into something that really wasn't for him except the Lord has not revealed it with the love but rather let us concentrate on what God has revealed that a lot of people are minor and are majoring in minors and what I've learned is that when we really focused on speculation after while will push speculates to the place that he will override what is really many is the illustration of the bellybutton well here's the point I mitigated my Bible and study belly buttons and I'm digging into the writing of a laminated URI to Iran Iran taken bellybutton and if I find the Lord really is talking about bellybutton limited I believe that the law is on a sense but God wants us to learn and study the seventy cents by the way think of a question I love it I'm one of those I am a melancholy so I tend to struggle from analysis paralysis I used never do that is this a concern of making the wrong decision that you donate one euro never need to be afraid as long as you're searching for truth in Ukraine in your searching if you make a mistake God has promised that with you turn to the letter to the right you hear a voice behind you think this is the way what seek and you will find praise the Lord so keep searching keep searching okay in my price object lessons not modify testimony by twenty we are in the great day of atonement and the sacred work of Christ for the people of God that is going on at the present time and heavenly sanctuary should be or what our constant study and in the next presentation of the flesh a little bit price object lessons one thirty three the significance of the Jewish sanctuary is not yet fully comprehended so this was back we were saying sister is that there is more truth and God wants to reveal to us but we've got to get into the war defined unsigned of the economy I'm sorry I put that in there but the entire Jewish economy was based around the sanctuary during articles or society forgive me I subliminally put that in thank you for correcting me repeat that the significance of the Jewish economy is not yet fully comprehend truth vast and profound or shadow forth in its rites and symbols you see it now where she's going with it is it Ms. Wright's assembles the gospel is the key that unlocks its mysteries through our knowledge of the plan of redemption its truth are open to the understand so there's more than normal attributes with like sketches to seventy eight our faith in reference to the messages of the first and second and third Angels message was correct the great way marked we have passed are removable although the hosts of held me try deter them from their foundation and try in the thought that they have succeeded yet they do not succeed these pillars of truth stand firm as the eternal hills unmarred by all the efforts a man combined with those of Satan 's host we can learn much and should because they searching the Scriptures to see if these things are so God 's people are not to have their eyes fixed on the heavenly sanctuary where the final ministration of our great high priest in the work of the judge was going for we as interceding for his people so even though we have these attacks will they succeed they will not by reply testimony four twenty four twenty one this is the great day of preparation and the solemn work going on in the century above should be kept constantly before the minds of those employed in institutions business care should not be allowed to absorb the mind such a degree that the work in heaven which concerns every individual will regarding the solvency of the judgment the great day of atonement should be kept before the people and urged upon their consciousness with the earnestness and power the subject of the century will give us correct views of the importance of the work for this time so you know the devil tries very hard to keep is engrossed in other things can mention a few of them right now that I'm seeing is very very engrossing to us electronics technology is doing a wonderful job in keeping our minds occupied it was supposed to say time is becoming a time waster I can mention a few things going against my most favorite part of the Facebook the amount of time spent in the question if we spent the amount of time in the Bible that we spend on Facebook what kind of Christians would we be so in the last days we were told that the Devils efforts to deceive would intensify our living at last days so living in a time when the intensification of his deceptions are picking out and yet I see people saying what are they hello it is probably away from the word and you know it's interesting to nonissue this one because I feel I need to say I have young people here and if you want more information on what I'm about to say you can ask the ark get on the unwanted deals website I did a talk on this do you know what what's the most effective way that the most effective plan strategy the devil has to derail young sincere Adventist young people 's relationships this time in your lives of young people that want to be focused on on his plan for you right now you're learning all you can learn so you can be thoroughly equipped for the great calling that God has upon your life you have a responsibility to God is placed upon you that some like anyone on this planet because you the world is about to perish than you and I have a message that will save them so God is preparing you special as you focus upon him during your school hours in your school work talking to him and then going to college and getting the training that you need there God is equipping your preparing another Prince of darkness does not want you prepared and equipped as you noted in a wreck havoc on his kingdom so he's going to distract you and he knows that relationships are the most effective way to do it now I would ask a question does God know how to make us happy this guy knows what's best for it God wants us married we'll got this guy have that person already prepared for us do we trust them enough to wait on his tiniest of our own and that's the key as an example and as I just had to throw that out but that is one of the most effective ways to keep us because what happens in those of you been caught up in this book I didn't do it right and have the scars to prove it I do learn about the right way until later in life but but once we had a romantic thoughts with someone you can hardly see my line you can hardly be the furthest thing from your mind is the investigative judgment are you with me and so that there's anything wrong with relationships but for everything there is a season a net and the Lord has that I can go off in another sermon on that but I won't do that if you want details you find out on our right to website a keyword elite not which one I met STC is that the Chrysler three two one three three thank God for the bright pictures which is presented to us that his script together the blessed assurance of his love it we may look upon them continually the son of God leaving his father 's throne clothing is with humanity on how beautiful that he might rescue man from the power of Satan his triumph in our behalf opening have happened to man revealing to human vision the present chamber with the video reveals his glory the following race uplifted from the pier drilling into which sin had plunged it and brought again into the connection with the infinite God and having endeavored in Jordan rather the divine task through faith in our Redeemer closing the righteousness of Christ exalted to his throne these are the pictures which God would have us constantly and those images are all found in the sanctuary fund six testimony three sixty eight the temple of God is open in heaven and the threshold is flashed with the glory which is for every church that will love God and keep his commandments we need to study to meditating to pray then we will have spiritual eyesight to discern the intercourse of the celestial Temple is an amazing accounting for numbering Israel okay we need to study and to meditate to pray then we will have spiritual eyesight to discern the inner courts of the celestial Temple as we apply the Golden eye salve we shall see the glorious the glories beyond phase will cut through the heavy shadows Satan and we shall see our advocate offering up the instance of our own merits in our behalf when we see this as it is as the Lord desires us to see it we shall be filled with the sense of the immensity and diversity of the love of God the whole controversy is in regards to the character of God in the century will see we will see okay so I went here with the words of the psalmist David about the ways the years passed I am becoming more and more impressed with David's understanding of the centering its operation in a letter to these words your fatal God is where the seasoning your way of God is in his entering the twenty one twenty eight and when these things begin to come to pass then look up and lift up your heads the retention driveline when I used to read that text I used to think when we see the disasters we see all these things taking place look up because the clouds are about to open and Jesus is about to return that's not what that's when we see this event is taking place look up like me and know that Jesus is about to finish his work in the most eyed with me we can look at that I think their way to go ahead and close out this section and out these are just a sampling of also because it is their prophecy and hope when this is too assuming we fleshed out some of the meaning why it's important to know what an additional eighty five minutes here when you get into our presentation on prayer and how sanctuaries a model prayer is okay but was out with a WordPress father we just want to thank you again for impressing our hearts and our minds Lord revealing to us to important this is to us as a people father we do want to live like chickens we want to be on the fulfill the majestic call of us prepare your people to go home it is understanding the same treats operation in your work unit prepares off to prepare and so Lord we pray for your presence thank you Lord for setting beginning as a foundation arena built on the now familiar prepare heart thank you so interesting on it in a a this media was right audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word you really send an audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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