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The Sanctuary and the Holy Spirit, Part 2

Jorge Baute


Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.




  • June 28, 2012
    11:00 AM
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I hope that was a blessing for you I know many times when I have studied the sanctuary times past I was fascinating to me but because it was presented almost like Trivial Pursuit now this this means this and that means that NFL fascinating they can help me with my walk with Christ as I began to lose interest and so what I hope to do here's this is to connect some of these themes with that relation obviously were not revealed to exhaust that in the six part series you know or to be studying for all eternity is the plan of salvation and DOS I hope today will least launches out gives a good head start but will go ahead and do not get into that but once again hope you don't mind I like kneeling before the master let's kneel before him as we begin this hour together Lord I want to thank you again for wedding our appetites and beginning the process of giving us a deeper understanding and appreciation for this model you have given to us this illustration of how you plan to do with Sam and Saints sinners and so father I I pray that as we enter into the next segment I once again confess my need of you please Lord bring to my mind that you wanted to say there's so much I could say is not time to say so get to the illustrations in the words father you know the life of each person here and the secret struggle in life and so I pray you bring something out especially for them to encourage and strengthen them and reveal your last to them through this presentation thank you Lord Masterson Christ name on one of the things I I hope to accomplish in this presentation is the just kind of bring you up to speed and an array of framework for the preceding studies the studies are not to follow my job but I couldn't think of a more practical way of doing it than by showing you the sanctuary as a model for prayer in the century teaches us to pray and what to pray for now the sanctuary as I mentioned was given to the Lord who maybe I should is there anyway we can block only when I say is a link to license it to understand over your students it is better I forgot that that was up but the sanctuary was given to the children of Israel as a kindergarten to understand how God was to do with sin and save and the whole idea was to bring them to a faith relationship with Jesus through the system did you know that that you know that Israel was supposed to operate by faith could you know that open your Bibles with me real quick and let's take a look at Hebrews Chapter 11 and we know this chapter to be the faith chapter and by the way you'll notice that they're all Old Testament characters in Hebrews Chapter 11 so the people in the Old Testament was a by faith but I wanted to share with you verse four which I think there's very significant in what we and what I'm saying here first forces by faith Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain through which he obtained witness that he was white was what he was righteous right his righteousness was by what is by faith but it was revealed to works but righteousness was by faith God testifying that his gifts of the obvious gap and through it he being just as they sold by state Abel offered to God what do you know what this he did offer he did say here that by works Abel offered a sheet is sent by faith he offered a more excellent sacrifice what was the more excellent sacrifice Betty brought by faith he brought the Lamb of God which takes a weakness in the world able came to understand that the death of the sheep was not insane but that that she pulling into one way able came to faith and so Israel was to come to faith a faith relationship with God as of the sanctuary was to lead them to death today the sanctuary points to wireless to what God has done to what God is doing in to what God is about to do and then and so what you do is a very practical approach and in the sanctuary prayer one of the benefits of the sanctuary prayer is that it keeps before us present truth and you will see that as we go through the other thing that helps me in the sanctuary prayer is to get my attention how many of you find yourself in the middle of prayer working on your grocery list find your mind wandering off and then you can remember where you are or even falling asleep one constraint of the sanctuary 's helped me to keep my focus you know Ellen White tells us how important it is for us to renew our minds not to let it wander off union and other in the sanctuary print the centuries one of the ways that helps me to maintain my maintain my focus when I'm praying to God the sanctuary also teachers how to approach God will go through that together but one thing I do want to say is that you don't have to break to the sanctuary forgot to listen to his interview but I'm not teaching here this is the only way or even the best way to pray that's not the other models in the in the Bible prayer Jesus gave us one because the Lord 's prayer you read in Daniel nine about Daniel 's prayer and if you were to compare the sanctuary elements with a prayer with a prayer of Jesus in prayer Daniel you will find similar elements that are to be found within prayer what we're talking about is the science of prayer are you with make sense of our all right any handout to you this am I'm handing you my prick my maker my study will have some some imagery appear intact I decided to get to make a copy of my talk is well so that you can make notes and maybe share with others if you wanted to do so or even give the sermon yourself when you got home and opened to see if anybody has comes in late will what you do as we work through this together the first thing am I to do somebody share with you the role of the priest as it related to the earthly sanctuary when he was doing if you will decrease was a kind of a teacher his life was an object lesson for the people to come to an understanding of the work of Christ so the first thing in the video is show you the work of the priests the second thing is how it points to Jesus and then how that helps me in my study in my prayer likely with me so number one the work of the priest image up which is never three how that teaches me to pray yet I hand out right there right by you everything related to want to be great thank you so let's take a look at the first to quell great controversy by nineteen Satan will knows that all whom he can lead to what neglect prayer and the searching of the Scriptures might be overcome will be overcome by his attacks therefore he advanced every possible device to do what Tularosa mindlessly was busy doesn't matter what it is cars relationships of computers whenever whatever to engross the mind and to keep us from prayer and the searching of the word he will do knowing he'll be fully successful in doing so we must not allow him to do that so the first thing the sanctuary teaches us is that when of worship find that is the timing or prayer and on earth the priest was involved in what was called the daily service in the morning the priest would be highly up waiting for the sun to break the horizon and when the sun broke the horizon he would blow the shofar which was a call to worship for Israel at that time Israel would turn to the sanctuary and they would pray and they would offer up a sacrifice which was a sacrifice and dedication the rededicating themselves for the day and of course part of the work of the priest was not only the sacrifices he washed his hands and phenotype of the more about that as he dedicated himself get the job the lights going and the menorah the bread on the table shown in the incense on the golden altar but but the first thing we learned is that the model for prayer is found in a century to be in the morning in the life of Jesus we see this Isaiah fifty first forty five says the Lord God has given me the time of the what I think it rapidly that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary he awakens me when morning by morning he awakens my ear to hear as surveyed who was a welcome Jesus every morning for study and for prayer the father you know that the same father does the same for me this morning he woke me up at three in the morning as he knew I needed extra time to prepare for today's presentations but I didn't know that God would do that for us and so I remember it all order my church or pray to an enemy shared with us was a prayer nanny said to me yet alone waking up in the morning I don't have an alarm clock you not out of pocket I don't bother with Jesus wakes me up in the morning to spend time with him and why in the morning in a wise pastor once asked this question when does a soldier put on his armor for battle before the battle or after the before so to have our worship after the day is done is is is in the article Phil said that uses it we do that would end up with the loser 's prayer I'm sorry I did this I'm sorry I did not and sorry I did this that's the loser 's prayer but if we pray in the beginning we confess our need to God and God can strengthen us through the day in a so the century tells us about the tightening of our worship is the first thing in the day and that's how we began but now it also gives us a model of how to pray so the first thing we do is we enter to the gates and that's the one entrance and the repentant sinner we brought a sacrifice would come to the gate and decreased would meet him and explained in the part that he was about to play in the sacrifice will hottest decade what does that do tell us about yes John ten nine thousand I am the door if anyone enters by me he will be what Saint John fourteen six Jesus said to him I am the one the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father except what threw me and I do know this idea that all road leads to heaven no it leads to Jesus Christ or doesn't need to happen in a excel in my prayer life I'm coming to Jesus and the psalmist David and I shared with you how David really had an excellent understanding of the sanctuary David explains to us how would you prepare our hearts and minds to approach God and it begins with praise Psalms one hundred versus one two five David shares this idea with us make a joyful shout to move to the Lord all you have serve the Lord with gladness come before his presence with singing know that the Lord he is God it is he was made us and not we ourselves we are his people and the sheep of his pasture enter into his gates with what with Thanksgiving and into his courts with with praise be thankful to him and bless his name for the Lord is good his mercy is everlasting and it's true in his truth endures how long when we praise God and I can it prepares the mind for worship you know what we often complain about things and then is not for you okay will pray for the rest anyway we complain about things we normally complain when we do that we are magnifying the problem and were diminishing our God and we get discouraged but when we look away from our difficulties and we think about the goodness of God and we rose him and we thank him the suddenly our dog gets vendor what happens to our problems because and we don't get discouraged on in my Bible underdog that you do this but in my Bible I like the Lord often times have you those experienced when you are are praying we reading your Bible that you can train your heart out to the Lord and all of a sudden something will stand out it just like lets off the page and the Lord is giving you a special word to gather experience when that happens dear friends I like to march I cleaned up promise for that problem and I highlight in lineage assure you a couple of examples you know when you stand for the right of the heavens fall people like to take their weapons and Internet you and your son when you stand like steel for the truth you're wearing a target to Jesus where target you back and so there are times when that the lions roar can be pretty scary but we turned to the word we find strength in your promises that come to mind from the past that I have markdown special one is standing up to look these up but one is found in knife in an something for eleven it says the Lord God is a son in the shield the Lord will give grace and glory no good thing will he withhold from those who walk upright if you like the idea that God is a sun issue about this one this is found in Psalms eighty six seventeen show me a sign for good that those who hate me we'll see and be ashamed because you Lord have helped me become that often do it throughout my Bible I have what I call Ebenezer stone 's and I will mark down output the date by him in and abbreviate the problem and later in life when I get discouraged I will flip to my by what I'll find those promises and any tell you the time I'm done that problem that seems so big and I got that seem so small is now being look at Ellen why has to say about praising prophets and kings two oh two if more praising of God were engaged in now all encourage and faith steadily what appraising by the way did you know that Satan hates the sound of praise he doesn't take the aqueduct business Satan hates praise you know he liked to do things to us that we hate isn't it nice to know it would mean unemployment in when things go bad in your life and you start praising God he can't stand is another praising God draws Angels of light murmuring and complaining draws Angels of darkness so we want to praise the Lord to prepare hearts and minds for worship when the next thing we do now as we enter into the holy place and in the holy place we find three furnishings the lampstand the cable showbread and the altar of incense and the brazen altar is really symbolic of the cross of Christ because it is at the brazen altar where the sin and the center are separated I wish I had a chalkboard only keep you all seen pictures of the century have you even know how to operate this gizmo really well you can't even opening frame I had building that you can get us through Quicken brings back here are the very very personal document I want to notice something here that you may not have really noticed before in attention to before you know that the center is set up Israel was a set up their camp around the century now this is an segmented off it just looks like a mast but God is a God of order and the tribes of Israel were set up around the sanctuary in order now there is some discussion as to what the space wise between the tabernacle and the closest hints and the best that we can come up with that the Bible gives us is about two thousand cubits at about two thirds of a mile so the closest chant was about to that when we get that from if you need a point of reference I haven't listed there by Joshua three four thereto it's pictured on radio and right now the two thousand cubits what does this mean I want to get a mental picture I want you to imagine that one day here at home you're doing some work at the house and then the Holy Spirit trains to your mind assumed that you commit something you said to someone was a lie and it dawns on you what you have to do now is you want them you've got to bring a sacrifice in a so you get your sacrifice your heart is broken and you head towards the Tabernacle when you get to the very ads of the tabernacle before you now is a Plaza about two thirds of the mile and now you begin to walk in a Plaza what are you feeling you think that maybe the people are watching and noticing I wonder what he I wonder which you did you think it was a little peer pressure involved in this inability escapes it we all have pressure but for Jesus Christ it is working people always but not everybody has in every generation has had some pressure to face and when this is when they repent sending this back gets to the curtain the priest man and there explained to him his role and he went confess his sin over the LAN and his sin was symbolically transferred now to the land this is very important even understand the sacred Godfather said then the land 's life was taken by the sooner were committed to sit and then duck blind was captured in a bull signifying that the sin was transferred from the person to the lab and now it's in the blood and then the priest would take the blood into the holy place and sprinkle it before the veil signifying that that's soon was now transferred to the sanctuary that was part of the daily experience a Whitney this went on day after day week after week month after month in Israel and the same was transferred now the transferring agent was the lamb and how does this what how does this point to Jesus with John wonders play nine reminds us the next day she John saw Jesus coming toward him and he said behold the Lamb of God who does what takes away the sin of the world and so when I am praying as as I come into the sanctuary I'm praising the Lord always had a handle for you I'm sorry about that I forgot to give you this one actually pass these out for me it was supposed to be cut in half but this might work well for you can scribble on one and the other one you can use as an elevator you wish to give this presentation but that will give you a model to follow me but anyway so it am praying at I praise and thank the Lord I come to the brazen altar and in my mind I search my heart in mind for any sand in the ninetieth minute of the last twenty four hours I asked the Lord Jesus to search me and trying me and know my heart Institute is any wicked way in me I do with me I asked him and the Holy Spirit will bring into my mind and I better have a note in paper handy so that I can take care of whatever it is any secure I may need to apologize to someone on the need to give return money back to someone it could can we be real and share with you an instant apnea my way here I knew thousand standing before you and I didn't want anything that would stand between my soul and my Savior care that would interfere when I'm trying and being an instrument so-so spring to life the Lord is everything right between me and you I want to make sure that there's nothing in the Lord brought to my remembrance watch this is a thousand needles in the morning something that that I was going to take care of and I didn't do it I forgot years ago when I was a student at last year much of the stories I tell them to mom she and I went to school get but I found creative ways to get out of getting tickets I'll leave it at that and then and so it wasn't right and asked God to forgive me and so I made a decision to make them right but I didn't follow through with in the Lord brought that to my mind right there and I similarly got to take care of this it was a financial matter involved in the back of his turns on and off and an essential right now they were family write a shareholder too much goes into the recorded audio edit all this but you know anybody here have financial changes the times sources right now was a little challenging for us but you know I'm in a do it I wouldn't do it we have you in a innocent imaging opportunities of special for me remember Howard Peter Blewett about the fish out of his mouth I want to wait till I get home to take care of the selected candidate right now would you provide something that's that amount of money will come into my hands and I can take care of this is my prayer forgot all about my own prayer I was driving to Modesto and we had up something with us that we took from Arkansas to bring to a family we went to the house we dropped it off as returning runaway suspension for doing this for us and she handed me the precise money that I had prayed for that one we serve a great God because the Lord knew I didn't even my mind is upcoming I is I don't want anything between twice on my Savior as I talk with you what all that taken care of so as I pray I just like using anything between my soul and my Savior anything I've done he wanted to apologize to you as a husband there are times that I'm I'm so focused on the Golden Navy in the patient with my wife and I need to apologize to her what remained maybe I I I didn't get the attention to my kids and I need to apologize to you with me the Lord will bring things to my mind and that's what I do there at the brazen altar the next thing that the priestly duties he would move to the labor of watching and before administering the blood in the holy place of ministering at the altar the priest would wash his hands and his feet this was extremely important for him to have this water experience because if he didn't and he entered into the service without washing his hands and feet he would die so there was a water experience in the wash his hands and feet and this was symbolic a preparation for service did you know that before Jesus began his ministry he had a water expanding yes and we find this on a look at three twenty one to twenty three with a way to find out why he did it it came to pass that Jesus also was what baptizes water experience and while he prayed the heavens were opened and the Holy Spirit descended involving bodily form like a dog upon them and a voice came from heaven which said you are my beloved son and you I am well please now Jesus himself with this work began his wife his ministry at about thirty years of age so the water experience was the signal on the beginning of his ministry by the way he was very very significant that you know that the priest cannot begin ministration in was a sanctuary until he was at all points to Jesus that and you know you and I when we give our lives to Jesus what was our next was the next thing we did we were baptizing them and were baptized into service for the Lord Jesus Christ baptism is to our Christian walk what marriage is to a wedding it is the commitment and episodes it points us to Jesus in selling this part of my prayer life I recommend my life to God I asked Jesus into my heart I asked him to give me the Holy Spirit that I could recognize his voice as he speaks to me throughout the day and and Jesus and I asked him to rule upon the throne throne of my hearts every commit my life to Lord by the way you do realize that we are to commit our life to Jesus every day is another every day we renew our commitment to him so after I have recommitted my life to Jesus I then move over in my mind to the lampstands were entering into the holy place now the lampstand was the only object in the holy place then radiated light we did have some light coming in from over the top here in the most holy but the lampstand was the only light source there is a job at the preach trees to make sure that the lights never went out they were never to go out that was his job was how does this land standpoint is the Jesus John eight twelve says the words of Jesus I found I am the what the light of the world he follows me shall not walk in darkness but have what everlasting life now the lampstand what was the source of fuel for the lampstand it was oil what is the oil of similar Holy Spirit what was Jesus today as a church the remnant church God calls us to be the light of the world in an and affordability to live in the world what do we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit so when I get here I ask God to fill me with the Holy Spirit I answer the early and the latter rain to fill me I asked Jesus to finish the work has begun in my life I want people to see Jesus in me I wanted to hear Jesus but only in that begins the begins in the home hear me it is my wife and my children do not see Jesus I'm fate if it was Jesus in my life I'm a think and I careful the people at church and I can fool the people at my job I don't for my wife and I don't for my children and my wife and my children cannot sin a Christian but I am not a Christian is any sense so I asked to be filled with the Holy Spirit does I want George to die in Christ to live in me the hope of glory and I pray my heart after that was not otherwise has to say here she says we need to week we made and must have fresh supplies how often you listen to discussing just blows my mind all had and how much of heaven all heaven is doing what stop headband is waiting you think they're anxious you think I'm patient all heaven is waiting she says for channels through which can be poured the holy oil to be a joy and a blessing to others heaven is looking for somebody who's asking the White House as you do not have because you do not we need to ask and of course the Lord is more willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask in our parents with intent to give good gifts to their the problem is not asking and so here we are summoned to ask and so I pray and ask the Lord to fill me with the Holy Spirit are you noticing how each section is accused to what to pray for and how to pray intelligently and also in order you know we keep talking about revival belly and it'll die away in a few years we'll talk about it again we talk about revival and we talk about Reformation can I add a third thing to that let's add continuation reliable Reformation continuation in preparation translation and then because it can't be just a one-time deal and Ennis I am as I am Prince essentially all this is kept fresh in my mind we need the early and latter rain in my last talk I give on Sabbath no Sunday morning I'm really to talk about how different these things are and how one opens the door for the other not going to detail on the job but yeah the Reformation reliable information continuation now after I have asked until the Holy Spirit I then go to the table of showbread in my mind here we found they would find twelve levels and each loaf represented one of the tribes of Israel it was to be a reminder to Israel that it was God who would supply all of their needs God blessed you that's right he was a supply all of our needs and how is this points us to Jesus John six forty eight Jesus said quite simply I am what the bread of life so it is Jesus who supplies all our needs whatever your need is Jesus is the one who can supply be it physical or like I needed that morning the money or spiritual which is the greater issue Jesus is the one who supplies all I need to Philippians four nineteen we find his beautiful promise and my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory Christ Jesus how did you have day planners of Aristotle fashion going out to a meeting of those electronic gizmos and you have your whole life in there this is what I do in the morning I had my devotion I allowed my day planner and I laid out before the Lord all of my needs for that I go through every appointment I go through every classroom in the teaching I go through every phone call every meeting and I go to delineate to him what my needs are the attributes of the day and I asked for his help I asked for wisdom I asked him to keep me from being presumptuous and running ahead of him on eighty euros tempted to say we don't have to pray for this we got this covered famous last words friend you know I have found it to be very wise to pray before you get into trouble why wait they are drawn that's right I doesn't seem very by the capital needs so I want to pray before we get into trouble so I lay out everything before the Lord and I asked for strength everything encourage the things that Daniel sometimes the Lord may impress upon us that we have to confront someone we need to do it with humility and then we'll handle it boldness federal by you I like competition my personality there's some personalities companies like candy I'm not one I don't like it so I need grace in courage and boldness for Malloy Jesus Christ to deal with those issues and it's here that I address those things that make sense minutes apart okay so so that so it's here the table showbread that I am reminded to present to the Lord my needs but then I go to the golden altar the golden altar stood before the the veil that separated the holy of the most holy it was at this position that the priest was drawn closer to Christ then by doing any other service I find a very significant and what the priest would do after the their repentant sinner had confessed his sin over the LAN life was taken the blood was caught and transferred the priest went into the holy place and the regret and center didn't know was going on but the priest would take incense and he would place it on the altar dated out of habit or eight is marking your in in in Europe's prayer in Europe paper but I'll have it up on the screen David reminds us the psalmist does he says let my prayer be set before you as what essence and so the instance represents the prayers of the people and so even though the individual could not see what was going on but when he smelled the incense he had the assurance that the Lord had heard his prayer are you with me as very significant and by the way God always answers prayer is when the conditions of prayer are met at right I dissent from living a life of rebellion that can interfere with my prayer life event and so we are not to live a life of rebellion but I like to yield and submitted to the Lord okay I want to show you that this is so amazing how does this point to Jesus in first Timothy two five it says for there is one God and one was mediator between God and man Christ Jesus this may not have a great deal of meaning for most people but for people who were once Catholic this has allowed me sees us in my needed I have no and so is the priest was the mediator and civil Jesus is my real mediator in reality and Hebrews seven twenty five it says therefore he Jesus is able to say to the lot think about that word uttermost can you think of a more in-depth work in that and it is totally more profound than the most I love that Jesus is is able to say to the uttermost those who come to God through him since he always lives to make what intercession for who for them and so it's during this time in my prayer life that I make intercession for others I will pray for others the people I began praying went for first is my family I pray for my wife asked the Lord continues as a stranger and to help unite to reflect the love of God work family and to others I pray for my children do you know that I pray for my children spouses I don't know where they are there somewhere out there and I pray for their future spouses and their parents that they will have courage to do the right thing in raising their children in such a perverse and wicked age the duo have starts turns to stand and be unpopular but the dudes right and I pray for those kids that they'll remain pure so that so that when they need my kids they will have a much stronger bonding thing with me I pray for them I pray for my students I pray for my classmates from back in the Academy I pray for my coworkers I let the monitor on a show you a couple of local yet it was or to are actually even after World War I the United Nations developed something called rules of engagement have you ever heard that expression inverted resident database agrees that they actually have rules for war who would've thought warhead rules give me a break people are killing each other but they actually are rules for if you are some of you never history Andre was one they hurled they threw everything at each other they threw we so nerve gas and mustard gas all kinds of chemical warfare did you notice they will direct you there was none of that is in us that there was no chemical warfare World War II everybody had the chemical to use but nobody is because they got together as a nation they said was that use this in our next war that's okay not everyone is waiting if somebody had violated that rule there were again so nobody use chemical warfare during the Vietnam War there was a weapon that was called napalm after the world saw napalm they got together and ASAP let's never use them again some napalm is no longer used is as a weapon i.e. with me in the spiritual realm there are rules of engagement that you did you know that God nor Satan can force themselves into your life they can only come by invitation and the choices we make invite one or the other did you know that I can pray for you brother God may not be able to intervene because you may not be asking too but I can pray for you and say large as or as a resident of this planet and is a member the seemingly I am asking for your involvement in my brother 's life and that is not permission to enter it are you with me this is midsentence gone this is a gentleman he doesn't force and satellites but Satan is not just a work in your life be disabling they were rich enough and elected to get the George was praying for her I have a right to be so you and I have a role in being no more combination appraising and see you and I have a role in praying for other people and so hear the brazen altar I am praying for other people that day on but the Lord can work on their behalf to reach the innocent as well as issues that are taking place our show you these two quotes first originated I love this off at the sound of fervent prayer Satan 's whole host is what he had the devil ever scared you you understand that the prayer of faith fervent prayer he scrambles why because were involved in a war and prayer Ellen White tells us that the prayer of faith moves the arm it moves the arm of God tables were to the Allied forces develop a strategy that gave been success in their battle in Europe what they would give they realized that they had to take command of the year whoever commanded the air commanded the ground are you with me so far so air superiority wise mandatory if you are going to win the war so what they would do is they would send in their aircraft then they would send in the artillery then they would send in the armor and then they would send in the ground troops that was the strategy that they used in the spiritual warfare we've got a do the same thing Satan is called the Prince of the power I'll be there and prayer is how we combating we have to take command of the air ever going to be successful on the ground and artillery are things like radio satellite television our armor are things like our evangelism that we do to preachers and our troops are lately doing cohort of work are you with me by the work but to have victory we have to take control of the air and as we pray we are contending with the Prince of the pioneer how because when we pray we access head of strategic air command and they didn't ball are you with me they get involved you see the devil knows something that you and I don't about pray this at the sound of fervent prayer sayings whole host trembles while the something is about the hack you with me the Lord is good that it is get a visual of this ministering angels are what waiting about the throne to what instantly obey the mandate of Jesus Christ to answer how many prayers prayer offered in earnest of living faith now I have a super active imagination publisher with you this is when I picture my money I made ever seen the painting by Harry Anderson which shows up a half father and his wife and his children in earnest prayer planet Earth and their prayer is going up to heaven and it shows Jesus standing by the d'Arc of the covenant in his high priestly office receiving a prayer of many seem to give you have its awesome energy by picture in my mind that has you in the morning or late at night as her heart broken in your pouring your heart out identities I picture the monarch of the universe on his throne listening to the prayers is being brought up in those majestic sentinels of light surrounding the throne watching this and looking to Jesus waiting for the command to answer that prayer you can see those months muscles twitching waiting for Jesus to turn to the engine point you know that when when not Daniel began to pray the Bible tells us that from the moment he began to pray Gabriel is action your crater in the wind right action and so we begin to pray we set things in motion for finding here is that their way being for the prayer and the sad thing is that many of them wait in vain because we don't pray many times from our standpoint our situation looks hopeless so we don't bother again we serve a God that nothing is impossible for nothing and if we lift up our hearts the Lord in prayer sayings whole host tremble because he knows that the strategic air command is waiting to respond waiting to respond and so I like to send my prayers up to the Lord during this time and you know whenever I do evangelism or wherever working with young people on the youth pastor the pastor I love women's ministries have made involved in a near volume in the news updated basket is awesome I love it it hasn't but I will seek out the women in my minutes and women's ministries grow because what's what avail is doing the praying as I'll go down to them and I'll tell him that I'm dealing with this young person operating but I want to know that I'm being covered I want your superiority I'm asking you to join me as I'm praying for this young person keep it private or a provocative evangelism this is my topic tonight I'm worried about these people aren't anything with me I get as many I possibly can and docile prayer unleashes the power of God to work the last segment of my prayer time is in the most holy place here we find the visible presence of God during during their wilderness wanderings and the priests enter the most holy place or he wants to hear and that day was called the day of atonement it was a time when the people of Israel would search their hearts because sin was about to be finally dealt with and eradicated anyone a make sure that everything was taken care between the cylinder Savior and and in Israel the nude this time to be a day of judgment with the people this points to us because we know that since eighteen forty four October twenty two Jesus a venerable toy plate doing the same thing dealing with all assumes that throughout the year have been transferred to the most holy place in a Daniel seven thirteen we find this imagery Daniel writes for us I was watching in the night vision and behold one like the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven he came to the ancient of days and they brought him near before him ill this is really neat imagery here as were seeing this actual event not a symbolic make-believe event Daniel saw this you know that you and I were standing on Ascension rock near the William Miller farm on October twenty two we had read this text on that day we would've been reading what was actually happening at that very moment in a tomato sauce but down that dusty imagery and that's how it points us to choose us and what he's doing right now and so during this time in my prayer life I asked Jesus to search me deeper and what's going on in my life accounted because it which insures accounts which during during my last week at school report cannot hear I grew up in the environment my neighborhood in my environment without going into detail was buying was a violent environment I grew up as a result my my my life was really filled with fear a lot of fear and Jesus is getting a victory over a lot of my fears as Jesus giving you victory over yours I praise his name but you know over the last few weeks the Lord has been really revealing to me that they are areas of my life what I experienced fear still and I just had a brush them aside over the years and as adults were really good at that were good at masking things as adults young people are there it's on the open with young people but the time you get older you learn how to mask the people and older people have the same problems the way before you but Don Pacino the Lord began revealing to me the essence soldiering but this time in my career the most holy place experience for me the time of intimacy with God that's why open my heart to him this is my one-on-one private time with Jesus and begin talking in a Mexican word what is the source of my fear where is this coming from why am I doing this help me to understand Jesus says you know the truth Richard is limited what such a free so I had embarked on a Bible study on fear you know what fear is fear is communicating to me my concept of God because it's telling me that I am not trusting him in this very enough I'm afraid the Lord 's been revealing this to me is showing a lack of faith in him do you think that hurts his feelings do you think it is that feeling you think that hurts and when we don't trust about always done for us as I have been asking him to show that to me and how to deal with that's part of the investigative judgment in a I wanted to do with the fears in my life allow another thing that will talk more about that in our next segment on what the investigative judgment looks like in the everyday life but that's part of it so here I I share with Jesus I asked him to come into my life in any of these research and job not only the other since I asked for forgiveness for out here I want to know the source I want to do with the Ritz committee have gardens and have a garden I made you like taking care of the week by cutting out the top that doesn't work because it comes back in sometimes when dealing with sin we struggle with ourselves we say why does this keep coming back and so it isn't the most likely to we asked the Lord what is the source behind us was feeding it and validity as Mister Monopoly more detail and at our next talk okay unlimited job that works but it is here that I asked that I also revealed to the Lord my dreams that I have I have certain dreams but let me share with you these tax that revealed to us a little bit more about the judgment solves nineteen twelve who can understand his heirs cleanse me from my what son is in the Lord Lord is their stuff going on in my life that I'm not aware of when you reveal it to me by the way if you doesn't reveal anything to me should I be wary we have a lot of evidence out there that are borrowing guilt if the Lord does not reveal anything to you trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding I was intelligent and objective that story about the Lord will she will reveal to you and me what we need to deal with when it's time to deal with because innocent when I first give my life to Jesus my life was almost a thousand vaulting all the stuff that I was doing if the Lord the next day the lady my life Dana told me a one-day event is not doing this this and this and this invests in him a vegetarian editing that stuff anymore and get it faster I was sick again I can shoot me because there's no way that could happen hello I knew better than to reveal all of that to me I want annually to change me as fast as I can handle some units indefinitely does I will talk more about that Jeremiah seventeen ninety ten the heart is deceitful above all things think about that for a moment what is more deceitful than the human heart according to the word the heart is deceitful above all things that's a good description of unique brand and the sooner we come to that conclusion the better off we are because when the more mess that we reacted we realize we are the faster work in a run to Jesus for help the heart is deceitful above all things and not only is it wicked is out-of-control it's desperately wicked who can know it you and I don't even understand how bad we are I the Lord search the heart I test the mind even to give every man according to his ways acquainted with the Senate so in this part unless elected really there's anything going on in my life it isn't right that he shall I don't do it with fear because he's my friend and it sums one thirty nine twenty three twenty four circular body know my heart tribunal my anxiety and see if there's any wicked way it really mean awareness and that's what he wants to do it will go into that will get more but that this is what I reveal to you my concerns personal concerns as well as some of my dreams do you have dreams you think the Lord is interested in your dreams you the Bible says the light in the Lord and he will want you to the desires of your heart if it's good for the script when he will do that and so this is this is the sanctuary prayer and with the sensory paradise is it keeps me fresh in my mind what Jesus has done this feeling is about to do for each one of us accused the present truth before before me in any case while any questions that you have for me on this another was assured before you get brownie points or Primus Wyomissing you have to persuade just helps me to keep me focused because my mind wanders so bad it helps integrate intelligent questions on this that make sense in our next study would you be looking at the daily experience and how that applies to you and I today and what it teaches us as to how God gives us victory over sin so this is a practical study on prayer to the century but the next one is good to be how to intelligently cooperate with Jesus and networking ally in the century teaches us how that sounded the Lord 's gift what do we close out the word of prayer and guidance will be meeting again at what time here at three thirty will be session number three the daily today but was out with a worker father we just want to pause right here to thank you again for your goodness and mercy Lord your truths are so simple to understand we make things so complicated but you lay things out so I something so simply and yet we can go as deep as were willing to go but saw their father we thank you for the Holy Spirit who illuminates the mind who guides us directs us and teach us into truth as a father I just pray that your impressing upon us the things you wanted to be knowing out and preparing our hearts are the next presentation in Ottawa and then he was racing from your mind is in a a this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I really would like to know more about hot humors you like the more certain in the visit www. audio verse .org


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