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The Sanctuary and the Holy Spirit, Part 3

Jorge Baute


Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.




  • June 28, 2012
    3:30 PM
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father we just pause once more to thank you again for your goodness towards us thank you for the lovely day like you father for visiting us and teaching us the things that we're learning here Lord we acknowledge the fact that you are teaching is spiritual is the Holy Spirit Lord who teaches a spiritual themes it's a Lord once more we ask for your abiding presence of the blood of Christ will wash away our sins in his righteousness cover us father as we enter into this next segment of club victory over the power sand I pray Lord that you will be here to Julia very special way fine-tuned our hearts to recognize your voice speaking to us I pray Lord that you will get to new once more the illustration of the words and I thank you for that lower that your name will be glorified in each year will receive what they need here today we thank you and asked us in Christ name on you know I was sharing with you I love talking about prayer because we serve a God who is real and a God who want a mathematical who wants to manifest himself to us as being real and because December you know working at the Academy and the college demands a lot of time for staff as well as for students and I was just really sensing and see any current family distance of family time together but I wanted to go West I have found that when you go I'm on vacation that to go on vacation to visit family doesn't really give you much time with your own family to the kids run up against the adults of the thousand note that as I wanted of the other direction one of the last night we needed the also financial help for that and so I asked the Lord in prayer that that was pleasing inside that he would give me an invitation to the last that I can take my family and also share with others the things once taught us in the sanctuary and it was in a week that we got indication Italy Mark and Diane that has been unanswered prayer for us in many ways our family really needed it and I praise God that you care so much for Israel and I and I share with young people wherever I go that there is no greater adventure in this world than serving the Lord fully there is if you really want to live how should I say the Christian adventure they make a decision to follow Christ fully all the way not never halfheartedly you know not as cautious a cultural and Dennis but rather entering into the experience of knowing Jesus and surrendering the life to him and we do that I mean life will never be Boring again because God has called us to reach a world that is perishing it said and it's exciting to people to join our network so anyways unthankful to be out here and I decided a quick recap of some of the things that we have learn to the sanctuary prayer and him and him to springboard off that into our discussion for today one thing we learned is is that in the Arctic court what we learned there's what we call justification and and I like to call it victory over the record of Sam through the blood of Christ our past record is is washed away of sin and so God gives us a whole new start in life in place of RC full record he gives us is perfect of life he comes to us in the astral exchange give me your life have you broken by then I will give you my best so in the records of heaven are what appears in our life is the righteousness of Jesus are you with me so far okay so really what that is teaching us is how to become a Christian but justification for it to be real must also have the other component which is sanctification the changing for what we were to what he wants us to be and and I called that victory over the power of sin how to live above its power so the we no longer live under his power the Holy Spirit be with me and there we call the sanctification and the last component is glorification which is victory over the presence of sentencing is done away with entirely I went as of this is what the sanctuary teaches me it teaches us with me so far makes sense okay yes when we give our lives to Christ we accept his sacrifice then Jesus takes our broken my he gives to us is perfect life we commit our liking remember that in the outer court when Jesus died on the cross and a thrust of the spirit to site looking up so here's your water and here's your glove that's the justification of price paid a weekly okay then introduces this teaches us how to become a Christian this Jesus teaches us how to remain one in a spinning time of the Holy Spirit each days we spent time in his wording commune with God through prayer this is the daily experience and this this is how we get victory over the power of sin and the like over there were details now that's not but ultimately with a century King teaches us in the day of atonement is that sin is to be eradicated not only from the University her friend from you and me okay and so it teaches us the three phases in the plan of salvation Victor of the recognition they are ascended to the presence of sin access the one thing we have to understand away any pass this up to you some other free for a use you can is if you want to leave the restaurant here for those who may come in later the first thing we have to understand is that God is serious about dealing with sin sin is the structure the wages of sin is what it is death and after one twenty one we find is very familiar text in reference the Messiah as the angel talk with Mary and she shall bring forth a son and you shall call his name what Jesus for he shall save his people from their sin not in there soon but from their sin this is the focus and the theme of the mission of Christ and the sanctuary what we lost in each end was the image of God and the whole theme of Scriptures and what the century teaches us is how God plans to restore within us the image that was lost with me so far very very important also would a look here is what I take a look at this work would begin with question and one that I like doing a Q&A here what is God 's will concerning his people first Thessalonians four three and four says for this is the will of God you are what your sanctification that you may abstain is an example from section morality could be anything that each of you should know how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honor and sanctification has to do with all being set aside for holy use Ralph Erhard 's our minds I want you to think of this illustration there is a throne somebody has to be in charge alas and Italy give our lives to Christ were calling our shops in eyeliner so we think were actually been guided by by our fallen nature the devil which is away like that you know I used to think that they were three sides it was outside the double side and my side and I just leave this between the devil and godly neoteny it's not like that was only two sides and Jesus says that if you're not for me and you want against me there's only two sides but but in our hearts there is a throne and we like to sit on the throne we like to do what we want when we want and how we want in an one honest person but anyway we all know that to be true but when we give our lives to Jesus we're asking Jesus to take control of bathroom it's not by force it's voluntary we asked Jesus to now be the loop that the King of our life and to rule upon our hearts so that means that means that when something happens like for me for example the very first thing that Jesus took for me or ask for asked of me when I first give my life to him I had a very perfect with the Lord can into my life I had a very strong sense of revenge K the seventies of the name they better get ready it's coming back the very first thing that Jesus gave asked of me was this and died in the reading that taxes began to remain viable in its said vengeance is mine I repay and so with some ages of the unit are very angry and then you know thou the previous I wanted to default my previous settings and the revengeful but Jesus was thinking so I had to make a decision either I was believed that Jesus rule and surrender that to him what I was going to pull off the throne for myself back on it in Houston to do and I wanted to give you with me so a Christian when he asked Jesus into their heart when it comes up short in the road would Jesus go right and we wanted to laugh if we do not like to Jesus we will surrender our will to his volunteer price control is never my force is voluntary is any sense of sanctification is about the change from how we used to be at least a view to a new way to look at a note regular number one with me sanctification is the total surrender of our will to the will of God it is something God dies in the repentant sinner who corroborates with God Bible sanctification is motivated and empowered all the way by the Holy Spirit and directed to the honor and glory of God without his power working in us we are ultimately helpless and hopeless Jesus said without me you can do what nothing is God who transforms the believer in all aspects of his or her daily existence in his thinking acting desires in short completely this effect is seen in the home to work the school the church and in the community at large the innkeeper 's shedding light on the matter you know I but you may have said this and or you may have heard it me or heard people say not accept me the way I am never that I need a paper I idle that's not true it's not true God does not accept us the way we and I'm so glad God receives us the way we that he loves us too much to leave us that way the Senate says God does not accept the stuff that's going on in our life he loves the sinner but he got a deal with the same issue is also famed the invitation of God to content transform the library to pick to enter your heart like a shower is a shower receive you the way you are but it doesn't leave you that way right the idea is to be cleansed in an and so that's what Jesus wants to do in each of our lives to look at number two in order to enjoy sanctification what attitude must one have towards Jesus and Santa this is extremely important because this is what a lot a lot of in a lose their souls overs right here first John three three and everyone who has this hope in him does what she verifies himself just as he is pure so there is a process of separating from sin into we have to understand now there's two things have to be going on there has to be a pursuit of Christ as well as a getting we can stand it if we focus on just getting away from sin that's not the same because the power to get over that comes from Christ so as a pursuing Jesus and he reveals cinema like into the probably state would begin to separate ourselves from those things that will come between us in Christ you would think okay as of the Exodus thirty three thirteen now therefore I pray if I have found grace in your sight show me now your way that I may know you and that I may find grace in your site so this is a prayer of someone who has a humble spirit teachable spirit this is someone who is willing to be told that they're wrong and if you like to be told Iran know nobody likes it he actually finding if an angel showed up at our front door with a clipboard to point out all of our sins we when we would have been pretty okay Toronto but if somebody like your husband or your wife or your kids or your employer or summing the church come to point out our stuff we don't like but the thing is that when God does when God begins the work of pointing out which one in our life he's getting used people in our life that is going to demonstrate whether we really have a humble spirit you remember that when God went to show Israel their apostasy he would always send him a lie what a prophet and just about every time how did Israel receive the prophet how did God 's people receive the prophet they rejected the profit and so we look at that which they were boneheads how dumb can you get a dear friend how do we respond when Dodson someone into our life to reveal what's going on we have to recognize the voice of God and so this really has to be our attitude we have to be willing to to let the Lord work and I like to reveal these things to us once again let's look at the note below about true sanctification is a how often work our daily work there's a note right there joining is now a daily work on the first page continuing as long as life shall want last those who are battling with daily temptation overcoming their own sinful tendencies and seeking for holiness of heart and life make no boastful claims of holiness they are hungering and thirsting for righteousness and sin appears to them exceedingly what you know this whole concept hit me one day early my walk I was in my late twenties is before we had children my wife and I and I was at home watching a football game I don't do that anymore and I don't do that anymore but I was watching a movie my mother and my wife walked up to me and she pointed to me and she said I need you to be the priest of the as you walk down the hall and disappeared into the bedroom and I and it was nothing going on between us it was acquired as a nice afternoon I went I came from I realize now it was the Holy Spirit that prompted her later I asked her what on earth once you say that to me and she just didn't the ditches of the matter was that neither of us even knew what that meant as I began to study my Bible and in a long story short I began to realize that the to be decrease in the home needs to be like Jesus and in any really hit me as I stood as I studied the life of Christ and I watch how Jesus dealt with his disciples in a fantasy the surroundings is respectfully I am so glad that his disciples were boneheads think that in a really were a thesis that is that they were doing your life mercy where were these guys hit again somebody is is is doing work and are not part of disciples in John tells him pay you stop working to get a part of the club member Jesus said okay it is not against the and you remember when the Samaritans did did invite Jesus to spend spend the night with them Johnson hate shaving fire from heaven to intimidate you know I am so glad that these guys were stumbling bumbling because Jesus never told them to get lost he always worked with he was patient as long as they stayed with Jesus there was hope for them I think that's what I study their life he gave me hope as well but the thing that fascinated me the most was the dealings of Jesus with you Jesus knew what Judas was doing and no one else did Jesus and any moment could have exposed him in on the upper room that night Jesus could expose just giving never what Peter did when we went out when the Temple guard came to arrest is zero if the group had known that Judas was about to do do you think eliminated to the door Jesus could have exposed him and pushed him into a corner and make them look bad they didn't get what quietly with them nobody knew was going quiet sin is dealt with client and he and he worked with him in a very interesting that if we were to study good that did the Jewish culture of the day we will find that that night in the upper room Jesus was firing his weapons of love in full fury on Judas that night he gave in the position of honor by sitting next he washed his feet first game in the first piece of bread it was it was totally showing honor and respect and not teach error like that they almost rendered his heart and and when I went right out of the woods and my wife to be the prisoner home is to be like the priest by Christ it's not being controlling it is leading by a loving example is by dealing with the rebel in a loving and patient way it is never compromising with evil and sin but it's loving the sinner while dealing with the issues the seventy cents at so it was at that moment in my Christian walk I realize that being like Jesus isn't so high in the sky wish upon a Tart star that see how close we can get it is actually God 's goal for you and for all of us it is to be like Christ is so the key then is how is that accomplished I don't know about you that that has been a desperate struggle I want to be like Jesus and everything on the share with you the things that come to life and I hope to be a blessing is found in our next tax it's very simple how is this work accomplished John fifteen forty six we find these words abide in fact there is damage to the word abide I would like recruiting at underlying asset zero possible to order was he was in a translated as it was in a translated e-mail obvious with you I believe I am fully innovative thinking and difficulty was limited to support this but I believe that when God 's people engage this message and earnestness we will bring on it will bring on the final crisis LMI need to cover the Christ could have come in eighteen ninety eight she may discounted price for the coming of him before now in the resort happens is we have not engaged the masses are righteous by faith we don't believe you can do it but without generation will arise that will believe that in the work will be completed where you're likely the generation right now is what years were getting ready to get out here I believe the crisis is about to break parts I do vote yes you're welcome let's take a look at the key here how does this work accomplished John fifteen versus forty six and I like to begin in me and I in you as the branch cannot bear of itself unless it in the buying neither can you my dear child unless you in me I am the vine you are the branches he who in me and I in him bears much for without me you can do nothing if anyone does not in me he is cast out as a branch and is withered and they gather them and throw them into the fire and they are what ever the key to living a Christ filled life is connecting with grace not just one but everything is an abiding relationship we know I drawn this I usually have with me to a reef that has great since Mia is the grapevine and I like using that so have to use imagination and that I grew up in the city and haven't seen Jenny Grapevine city of Napa Valley and in you have so if you go out there in a cool morning and you stand by the grades and you listen me tell you what you will not hear you won't hear in yet you don't hear them the little branches straining a little hearts out to produce grapes grapes is upright is a byproduct of being connected is by beholding that we become you see and within each of us got everything in this universe operates often law event except for planet Earth actually what were doing but the most everything else is in harmony and is operating a natural laws this complete and ready to matter no it didn't matter that it still works that is a natural law of God is placed in him I do natural law and in in second Corinthians three eighteen why don't we look at that business is very very important second Corinthians chapters three Paul is bringing out to us on this principle of how the transformation works segment contains three verse eighteen but we always unveiled face beholding as in a mirror by the way you think of another text that talks about America without the law did James talks about that write the laws and there was the law is a transcript of the character of God when is the glory of God 's character watch this but we all went under fails beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord are being what transformed into the same image from glory to glory just as by the spirit of the Lord so here we see the Holy Spirit is the active agent but as we spend time in the word is to spend time meditating about Christ's thinking about race imperceptibly were being transformed I want use the expression imperceptibly what does that mean that you may not be that much aware of it as long as you're focusing on Jesus you always knew when I was to be aware of our defects you know when we get into trouble is when we start looking good Laodicea is rich increasing the need but as long as were beholding Christ were always been to be aware of on alarm within but our confidence is another instance and his righteousness and that is looking to him would be transformed Solomon said a different way as a man think it's in his heart do you understand now why the devil is so big and to entertainment he doesn't want us thinking about you we watched that movie for the next week we can get it out of our heads in the months it just replays over and over that if we did that with Jesus what would we be like today we had a natural default setting for evil friends when I would have to find it so the devil throws out his music and fashion and move these and books and anything that will magnify his character because by beholding so the world is polarizing there's a group that is becoming more and more like Jesus and the rest more and more like the devil are you with me in character you and I choose what we think of you and I choose what we behold so if we really want to be like Jesus it's going to be evident by the choices we make of what we are feeding our mind does this make sense so the abiding presence spending time with Jesus the cyclic number four through what medium is this abiding change it will rot is run through the daily experience of my work in cooperating with Jesus is to meet with him each day and submit to his work in leading and so here we find in the brazen altar by confessing and turning from sin John one ninety we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive ours of our sins a man and a virtue it's a daily commitment to Jesus Galatians two twenty seven first many of you have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ the commitment to follow Christ number three and obedient life this does not hold to the candlestick is brought about the power of the Holy Spirit Romans fifteen sixteen being sanctified by the Holy Spirit right and member for studying the word of God Doctor Wheeler from the table showbread and again we mentioned by the lubricant chain chains we are sanctified by his truth and refine its communion with God in prayer that we learned that the golden altar in first John five fourteen now this is the confidence that we have in him if we ask anything according to his will he hears Ellison this is why the devotional life is not optional the past about take it such a struggle for me welcome to the club it's not as if we're really serious about getting ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ a devotional life is not optional no so this is the devil doesn't care that we go to church on Saturday the devil does not cure the leader veggie drinks and were vegetarians the devil doesn't care that we pick but when you begin to have a devotional life now you have to catch she would remember that the lot that the health message hadn't help message having the Sabbath and hentai is a description of the people that crucified Christ the health message the Sabbath and and and typing is a description of the people it was about Jesus Christ but they were not meeting with God every day for the transformation so then encountered their Savior they can recognize but when we spend time with Jesus each day and asking him into our life to transform the devil now is going to take notice and now the battle is not because the battles for mine he doesn't want us thinking about Christ and using I like you know you maybe a morning person I find a morning person unity a morning person but the moment you make the decision today with Jesus you feel like you have been super glued to your bed suddenly you got to work late suddenly her to be exhausted it is a battle royale the events but those will be ready to meet Jesus the second coming of those who fought during the past about take your times are really blowing and I don't feel like I deserve to be with God let me set the record straight not of us deserves a new will never do anything to earn his extended to us again and white makes his comments she says it is the times that we don't feel like like praying is a time that we don't feel like studying the Bible that we must as an example of encouraging so that you should blow it you should take your eyes off the price of Ramona you messed up and now the devil 's been a rain down on you and say you get you loser not disciplining with you don't listen him because he is a liar and the father of lies you turn to Jesus and he's waiting with arms wide open to you with me we serve a loving Savior who wants to do with the signature line is that the note right below that section I just read this is the daily holy place experience it was for Israel of old days for us today while with penitent and humble trust we meditate upon Jesus to his work of course since it appears that our soul sorrows Hepburn we may learn to walk in his footsteps by beholding him we become changed into his Divine likeness and witness work is produced in us we will cover any real righteousness of our own but will exalt Jesus while we had her helpless souls upon its merits and it takes time for a proud sinner to understand this because sinners want credit for their salvation we want to earn it somehow and we can't and we never will all we can do was submit to the process and when we do something good I give all the glory to God because there's nothing if I think of the words of Jesus who talking to is his disciples he said this when you have done what you were told consider yourself an unprofitable servant into the same with us we have nothing applicable to to to boast except for the goodness of God does that make sense but the human carnal heart does not like it wants credit and that's true for you friend and for me for all of us we want somehow to earn it publishes a what helped me forgive me out of trouble like this from around her mouth can I use you as a guinea pig is my big in New York the journey to reimburse me just last is what I just gather from the bucket you can look at camp effectively holding a little bit towards me Oregon other like that perfect this is me and this is not a good example because we have so much like that which is not in this room is totally dark this cup is full of darkness efficiently and so you say me know George your problem is that your life is so full of darkness itself would you need to do is get rid of them so what we do here my problem is I'm not trying hard enough that's my problem and we try and we try Lord I'm worse now than when I started and we get so discouraged I guess I was meant maybe salvation was meant for everyone else but me I guess that's what happening and then until a kind friends has no dear friend turned to Christ your hope is in Jesus nothing is and we struggle to understand what that means is so we begin to spend time with Jesus and we turn to the light now what happens in here whatever the darkness well we look in there still we see that there is a light in their right but there's still some shadows what do I do now to get rid of the shadows and as we do that light shines brighter until Christ lives in this fully hope of glory and that light shines out from within to see what we're dealing with his natural law light and darkness cannot coexist in the same space your antenna and you remember in the story of Lazarus when when they asked for Jesus to come because Lazarus was dying and you can count you remember what Ellen White said about that she said Jesus didn't go because he viewed if he would have come then Satan would not have been that he would not have fallen under the power of death Jesus is present in the room would have negated the devil 's power to get that you remember that quote is their prophecy I'm paraphrasing at another exec that dealt with the idea that in the presence of God death would not would have lost its power would not have been able to take them down as we spend time with Jesus soon begins to lose its how I does this make sense you know I have people come to me who are struggling with various addictions from pornography to smoking and I will listen to them in the first question I asked and has positive emotional line I don't have one or it's sporadic ask other victories are sporadic and so I thought what I'll do with them is also okay negative literature on how to give up smoking up some of them freak out I'm not asking you to do it next week I just want you to understand the process so they do then I say to them elegantly today and then we could negate attributable design phase is like someone you read this book on Lincoln every day you read and as they do in their beholding Christ then they have courage and strength to resist the urges until Scott finally breaks and totally free I have watched Jesus break people free from sin that simple book desire of ages I can send it off to some clinic somewhere I do with me and the same thing with print out if they only need a letter to seniors victory is found in Christ be with victory is found in Jesus so that's the illustration there we know it it's so interesting I used to think that in the battle with sand that Jesus would somehow return to my heart and Rich sent out and I and a convivial assessment yet but God works with me to show me what's in the news and I bonded out I lose interest if you don't know me when I was like before I used to give Christians a hard time I'm really ashamed to say that I used to mock them in other things I used to do I now hate in the things that I used to hate I know a lot I will I remember being in a used car lot I went to go speak to to man about a motorhome and he came out and started talking the conversation turned religious use actually a J and J W Jones witness and any thought he figured out really fast on our dentist and he says to be no that the law can't be kept just look at the Kent and I looked at him and I said to him and I and I will I will tell you when I told him I said in this I used this used to control me in my life in this and this and this and I listed him devices that use to control me and I said to him never those things control me know how you explain it he had no explanation ice of your friend I can answer that question Jesus has set me free and so the power to live a victorious life a lot of power to live in harmony with the law of God is found by you with me not in you and me it's not a Jesus that we do have a choice to make God is given us the freedom of choice but the power to make that choice work is found in Christ Limited a quick illustration genome of the story the paralytic it was a guide for thirty eight years did walk did you want to walk using he tried to walk it work now and what did Jesus estimate West Tijuana one do anything well for some of us will think what a crazy question here but sometimes we have vices and we really have to ask the question do we really want to be slippery as Jesus can't until we choose to do so Jesus said to the man get up and walk listen to me at that moment the power was available but he had to make the he made the choice he acted on the word of Christ and victory was the Whitney and so the choice is ours but the power is God 's image in the desire to to want to be set free condoms being time with him Mister Gluck a number five in a point this out where does the power to obey come from Philippians two thirteen says for it is God who works where in you to will that you desire and to do this a performance of his good pleasure not just the designer as we spend time with Jesus our perception of what is evil and wrong begins to change it binds to and what before seemed like an okay thing suddenly were not so comfortable with it example when I was way with the second thing that Jesus wanted from me was my foul language I swore like a sailor it was terrible I mean if you had taken away my four letter words I like communicating would be really limited because I use it so much it was terrible and I had friends would tell me I know exactly what your last legitimate I had friends would say this if you scared me filth and phallus of the fellow might fulfill that vow and it was offered in Windows reading my Bible no wind you are doing this by reading the window I didn't know that when I was doing it one day I read which said that no corrupt communication escape your lips and suddenly I realize that was coming out of my mouth was full on corruption K so what's the next will stop Sunset Boulevard okay I'll stop that was my New Year's resolution following year that was my New Year's resolution again did I want to stop who was I leaning upon my sincerity did not set entry that I didn't understand this process and so a success after that I finally went to my knees in despair innocent God said there is no argument between you I really don't want to see I don't want to curse back to cursing and I don't want to I said Lord I give you permission to do whatever you got it do to set me free I don't care what it is but whatever it takes you do it because I tried and I failed some asking you to do it please help me and I cannot tell you dear friend how quickly it was he gave me victory I don't know but I can take about three months after that prayer a girlfriend of mine and he had a worse mouth and I decided that the only person I knew what a worse now and whenever he and I got together we start talking it was so colorful but we were on the phone else listening to them and suddenly it's unemployable behind a power and and when he hung up I thought oh that's awful and I thought about it and I realized him again I think it's in I could remember when it stopped the powers found in Christ all the glory to Jesus and me but even though they will still struggling in my life I kept meeting with Jesus and little by little transforming business makes sense it is a process that Stiglitz here at number six how does God do this easy give thirty six twenty six and twenty seven anytime I I see the word I would like you to say nice and loud okay so we began this is not speaking of when will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of will put my Spirit within you and watch this and because you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do thank you sister Hebrews ten sixteen this is the covenant that will make with them after those days says the Lord will put my laws into their hearts and in their minds will write this is what God wants to do as we spend time with Jesus drawing close he works in us imperceptibly and your friend when Jesus gives you the victory don't ever bought all the glory goes to God the thick of the note right below that this is a quote from desire of ages page six sixty eight having carefully on these words all true obedience comes from the heart it was hard work with Christ and if we can set fee will so find himself with our thoughts and a silk blend our hearts and minds into conformity to his mail that when obeying him we shall be carrying out her own impulses that will refine and sanctified will find its highest delight in doing his service when we know God as it is our privilege to know him our life will be a life of continual want obedience to an appreciation of the character of Christ through communion with God sin will become one hateful to the problem right now is the devil has covered soon with such glitter and glitz we don't see it for what it is but as we come into the light suddenly we see things in it if why this thing that seemed okay suddenly as assaulted anymore and soon loses its hold upon the line member story of a young man the story was set in the turn-of-the-century to sue turns of a century ago it was a steamship that was leaving a Liverpool and he was leaving in the middle of the storm the storm wasn't that intense but if they got further away from land the storm intensified and the ship was overwhelmed and water began to shift against the water got into the boiler room and the ship lost power eventually the captain of this vessel was a man of integrity no Captain was the loser ship but he was afraid of losing passengers so he gave the order that is so difficult for a captain to give abandoned ship and so they was a very orderly and organized evacuation of the vessel the captain stood aboard the ship as it was continue to take on water to make sure that no one was under the left out and had enough black preservers for everyone though they didn't have enough lifeboats but everyone is taken care of and taken overboard the captain stayed on board until he was sure everyone was off as the ship was sinking in that terrible storm he climbed over the railing and was getting ready to push himself off when he noticed under the stairwell a movement he came back on board the vessel to investigate the movement and there he found a boy the young man was a stowaway he was on board the vessel illegally he broke the law a rightful thing would've been prohibited to reap the consequences of his own choice the captain looked at the moment but the boy for a moment and without saying a word he took off his life preserver included on the boy fasten them to the ads and pushed as far away from about physical later when the passengers admitted the shore the crew gathered everyone together in the took inventory to make sure everyone was there to see who was missing they discovered only one was missing and he was the captain could make sure when it was announced that the captain had died the boy fell to his knees and NFC West he said over and over he died for me he died for me I would ask the question do you believe that the boy was ever tempted again to be extolling you think of the boy had victory over stowing away when we come to the place to understand what our students due to Christ it loses in the life we view it differently it is now repulsive to us and what we once were exchanged does this make sense it is how God works in the line as we continue to draw closer to the light number seven when united to Jesus what is our duty Colossians three one into if you then be risen with Christ seek those things which are above where Christ is at the right hand of God set your affections on things above nothing severe the devil 's job is to reverse that he wants us to set our affections on severe and not be reminded and for the most part and within that vast majority of the world and dare I say the Christian world the devil has been successful the crisis enough different look to me in the spend time with me let me choose for you let me planned for you I know what will make you happy I created you I know where I said I know your needs I can help you and Jesus can and will I bear witness to that bear witness to in Matthew six thirty three we have the answers Jesus speaks to us but seek first the team regarding his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you you know it's amazing to me that he that you rethink of these witnessed that even if she was looking where she should not be looking if you look at the account in Genesis it says looking at the fruit she saw that it was good to eat listen when we starts there spending time with stuff we know we shouldn't be spending time with in the beginning we may think it's bad but after a while it loses listen if there's a young lady and you're a man in your married though the people need to be looking at the ticket to eradicate the thought if you're single and your student and it's not the time in your life eradicate the thought it helped me one day to learn that just because the thought is in my head doesn't need sent unless I entertain Satan has the capacity of putting thoughts in your mind to another in other general the devil can put thoughts in your mind he can't that's not a sin but it becomes a standard user join on you take ownership of that thought the money comes into get out called the name of Jesus quite a lot of promise I learned this was only to be a devil worshiper in fact he wrote a book called C the power went it was Roger Minogue erotic number of books this was the most fainting because these funds would come from my past things I had done would come to my mind and I would feel so horrible I would see what I was in and that's another thought the devil many times he thoughts come to mind because they begin with the word I would think there are this is what I would like to do that can we get it something contrary to the will of God your friend get rid of that talk replace it he was reclining a promising and enhance the entertainment seeking first the kingdom of God 's righteousness and all these things of the energy is not if you need a spouse take it to the Lord in prayer leader there he will decide who when and where are you with me I waste a lot of years and I hurt myself and other people because I can understand but I finally came to the place after not paying to go to the Lord imprints in the Lord I have been a miserable failure in this area my life I'm surrendering it to you this is early my wife and I said I want you to pick the person for me he brought a girl from North Carolina to California and he brought her over to my school as I watched and listened I began to see that God was once in her life and that's what I wanted and the Lord brought us together now if something is said to me if an angel had said you know we found some avoidance is a North Carolina and Alex say I live in LA County I got six five million people in parliament and a meter it was a great thought he knows when and where a net SOP for each seat to know Jesus and to do his will he will get to us the things we need when we need we'll have to sway you believe after this and I can come up UK story of how he got into school with no money I can tell you I share with you some of the stories here simple stories with several real God many people country singer passed about to go this and do that in my life so I sit down and ask him a few questions you have a devotional life must attend a single day secondly I see them I introduce a guest are you doing with that is asking you to do anything say to me now deal with these issues God was to be real with you that you are the real God in that natural let's take a look at numbering sadly Paul warned in the last days much of it up much of Christie he would become like the world second Timothy three one two five but know this that in the last days perilous times would come for men will be lovers of themselves lovers of money boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents I'm thankful and holy unloving unforgiving slanderous without self-control brutal despisers of good traders headstrong hottie lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God having a form of godliness but denying its power and from such people turn away you know just being members of the right club isn't going to save us it's allowing Jesus to rule our hearts and to be a living connection with him and allowing Christ to shine through us you it's a religion connection with Jesus does not make sense it's not club membership but to save us but the connection with Jesus but were living in a time when you can't tell the difference between a Christian and what they do the same things that were in the same things they listen to the same things they want the same things and in the church on Sunday and and and are getting ready for the second coming I am sorry there were either preparing to leave with Jesus or to be left to be left here under him in the fires and in that is being done by our daily choices but it is very difficult for us as a people is to go against our feelings can I hear an amen we don't like that when electrical gets her feelings and yet we doing some things how many of you arrived on time for your first class a.m. divers last time I yelled into your Ramadan the first last how many of you arrive on time for work on it you want to yet we know we must ensue we do what we know we must do a name so we know how to make decisions contrary to our feelings we know that a transfer that in our walk with Christ I think we know how to do this we just got to make the choice to do it and what happens is I got later changes your feelings is so weird Derek and I think I can without I looked back and I think how much was that I have no interest in those things anymore I don't like the comment I wish I can do it it's fun for me by the grace of God that the time it was like a mountainside home health say but now it's like how silly it seems really weird and only Jesus can break us free from these the only one that can imitate a look here is a note regularly rate the power to transform lives comes only from Jesus through the Holy Spirit but when we run the world we lose our abiding with Jesus to the Holy Spirit do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself what the world will give you a desire you know I remember doesn't last year hearing about but some study that was done in Loma Linda with rats that what they did check this out this amazing but they said the rats they had two groups of rats one group of rats they said whatever ratty in a natural stuff seeds nuts grains what have you discovered how he does it in any other groups of rats they said the average American fit for the average American diet they get attached day they gave it french fries a David Byrne pairs they gave it being sought are you with me at the root of a prescribed period of time they then put your dishes before two sets of one was alcohol the other water the group that had the natural food avoided the alcohol industry the other group that food had created a chemical imbalance within them that caused them to appeal what were feeding our heads is creating an appetite through the spiritual forecast if you don't have an interest in spiritual stop without you we would ask ourselves what am I feeding my head because the things of the world was soft out of us the desire for spirituality with the Garvey avenues of the soul in an we have a choice in this so very important is that lucky number nine as Jesus went to transforming what is to be my response lived twenty two forty two same father if thou be willing remove this cup from me nevertheless not my will but thy will be what John is called surrender is called going to get you feeling even Gethsemane Jesus had made a decision based on his feelings where would you and I be today finished but Jesus made a decision contrary to his feelings he did what was right and here is an example for us to follow your think about the story of the rich young ruler you know that his story talk I had to save for didn't talk about a loser story you know Jesus asked for people to follow him he was the twelfth he said no he was a member of the ruling class member the Sanhedrin can imagine the role he played later in the life of Christ but he was a young man who was very sincere Lord I done everything I know to do what is his right we get something like inside him it was an emptiness he was doing the right thing but there was an emptiness indicates what I lack it was something that was controlling his life and it wasn't got canceled Jesus revealed to have any remember the way how he responded it was too big of a request it walked away I want to ask something out let's rewind and know Jesus what if when Jesus pointed out to him you see and what the rich young ruler had said this I is true I love my money more than I love you and I don't want to give it up would you help me what would Jesus have been immigrant we need to keep coming to Jesus and asking we need to keep looking to Jesus you with me that's what the powers and the desire to stop number ten how is the state of things brought about in this something that keeps curriculum I know I shared here there's only one sin that God cannot forgive it's the one we don't ask for forgiveness over by Whitney the only synagogue can't forget is the one we don't ask for forgiveness over there are scenes that we excuse and we cannot do that the moment we excuses sin God cannot touch did you hear me I'm Cuban Cubans yell and scream at people that's what we do I can help it I am excusing sin and God cannot touch God can only deal with sin and so if I said you know I act this week as I was dropped as a baby by act this way because my mother and father did this the moment we do any of that it destroys God 's ability to do with the how many of you have been to a mall by the way those things are getting so wrapped Mercy I had to go find shoes is like getting out of your brain all right you know that there we go to law you are looking for your store that's me laser surgery where's the store I wanted whether Google get up and down and then you see a marquee that says you are but does that mean that I be there for the rest of your life as well it just means this is where you are right now it gives you a point of reference but the idea is to get to your goal hassle okay so you are dropped as a baby okay so your children and you yell at your family are in or whatever that is only you are here but I got there you has to explain what you are right now but that has got to change that's not an excuse to continue in it the seven cents at so that's what Jesus chooses what to do with the whole thing okay with my night I cannot pretend how is the state of things brought about Romans twelve to and be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God and I can only happen as we spent time with the Lord the Matthew eleven twenty nine take my guilt upon you and what you learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart and you shall find what rest for your souls look at the note the changes brought about by taking our eyes off sin itself and placing them on Jesus to the study of his Word and meditating upon his life so often we focus on our sin we focus our sin we focus our sinful desires are negated by the whole gaming convention something to focus on everybody also said that either churches is made that late in the church is this by beholding you become changed the look at that okay she will look back to Jesus as a forgiveness rather growing into going but don't keep meditating on your failures look at Christ's victory by beholding we become changed eleven in all things what should be our mindset Philippians two five records might be in you which was also in Christ Jesus I like that little cliché or what have you WW jaded JD what would Jesus do these things in time with them in certain situations what would Christ do in my place we ask ourselves the same number twelve to what extent Mister deeds be done with reference to God 's glory first Corinthians ten thirty one wherefore whether whether therefore you eat or drink or whatsoever ye do do it all to what the glory of God too often when trying to appease our friends to Ottawa trying to appease our bosses and were not taking into a gap into account which is and we rob God of the glory that he wanted to shine through our lives were more interested in pleasing others you with me actually for his glory live for his glory and honor on the thirteenth how much must we give up to become a true disciple of Jesus Luke fourteen thirty three so likewise whatsoever he'd be of you that for sake is not all that he hath cannot be my disciple if anything it becomes becomes between a solid our Savior we must be given up amen you identify what Jesus gave up and give up his own glory and Bob generation of Angels today about the relationship that he had with his father for all eternity he now entered into a human body and now for all eternity will be now he has scars for the rest of eternity when you and I will have none she giggled good thing what in the world are we unwilling to the only thing he asked us to give up his act which will destroy nothing more nothing more number fourteen if we does follow Jesus how will Satan respond John fifteen twenty remember the word that I said unto you the servant is not greater than his lord if they have persecuted me they will also persecute you that they have kept my saying they would keep yours also in the last days we know as a people that is only one group of the was rocked with those who keep the dynamics of Jesus I recommend the commands of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ those are the only people that the Devils matter dear friend I want the devil mad at me I wanted happy devil on my case that the devils not concerned with me because I'm unsigned the Whitney when you didn't like you Jesus and you have difficulties the Lord only allows it to refinance but you never let us go beyond what we can handle in a fair all I want to go off on this technology am looking at her time on the shorten my next talk and I'm just going a little bit longer and is now short but but that is so awesome to me it was sound for your story printed in the South and in you know that in the south that there was slavery there and this man I took his slave into the go duck hunting had several guns within into this late in the idea courses to the docks right and the other way they are the man the order was an atheist and he enjoyed mocking his leg was a Christian and on the way there he said the Christian expense of the Toomey how is it that your Christian and you have such a difficult line and I'm an atheist totally topless in my life is so easy and the poor Christian man he did have an answer we got to the lake upon rather and they set up the ducks came the men began shooting the docs and ducks began falling and not a nut in the master said look look forget the dead one thought the libelant that the wounded want to let him get away and so he getting he gathered them all and finally gathered at the agent in the master music and I now had my answer for you is is with that he said I like the wounded the Devils is wanting to get away so he chases me just a hard time signature like the dead he has already and so when you gave your life to Christ you can expect difficulty but God will only use it to your good him will bring our beauty for ashes where the devil tries to do to destroy God were used to purify us never forget that when you get a lump of coal and he put it under pressure he got identified it with me that that is something to teach us how God works all right number fifteen will the devil allow God to do this wonderful work in our lives and opposed relation thirteen six when he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God to blaspheme his name and he's what his tabernacle is a dweller in the devil hates this the devil does not want us to understand what God is doing to save he doesn't want us to see what he does he set up the tabernacle owner with its own priesthood its own high priest in its own way of dealing with soon so that men do not look to heaven but to the year how sad is that nothing happened with your facility number seventeen when Christians allow Jesus to finish the work in him what will be the result that a twenty four fourteen and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then the end will come it's not just something that is preached it is something that is the because actions speak louder than words and a great team in the struggle who is more powerful than double what Jesus John sixteen thirty three these things I spoken to you that in a you may have peace in the world you have tribulation to be of good cheer I have overcome the world and at first John four four you are you are of God little children and have overcome them because he who is in you is greater than he was in the world insane and that number nineteen therefore how confident genuine I believe that Jesus be successful in my lifetime I love this translation is the widemouth translation watch how it reads Philippians one six four this I am confident for this and what kind that he who began a good work within you will go on to perfect it in preparation for the day and night our friends are you when I'm ready and willing to let users do not work in he is ready and willing to do I like to close out with prayer I'm looking at a time when I would do is automate my next presentation shorter comic of that time there in the next presentation when you look at the operation of the judgment below the mechanics to see how it works in a sense footage of the bosom Lord we want to thank you for your love and mercy and just the way that you lead and guide us in our lives were so grateful that you are the are great high priest and you're working in us to finish this work helplessly to believe you that you truly have power to set us free after we direct our thoughts father to you and I thank you for that word right now I just ask Benjamin Harrison and presentation thank you for this and ask in Jesus name and a a this media was brought to you by 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