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The Sanctuary and the Holy Spirit, Part 4

Jorge Baute


Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.




  • June 28, 2012
    4:45 PM
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him me less talk afterwards I would share what I want to share with you have to do a background to these studies seem to understand how these things are put together and right now on my Bible first is in the process of editing and and they have asked permission amazing facts as we use a lot of their material in its amusing prices given permission for them and so they're in the process now of doing it and it's a full gospel presentation but it's through the sanctuary and I'll talk you more about it see how the world listen I shouldn't of been the one to do it I mean I mean that in all honesty you out of my essays from this week at your interviewers has a critique that people come to me and they figure you could do this with this I look at them and I tell them similar mentoring the arrogant they are the best studies on and they say to me how do you know it is the valence seven if you can do better than this their brother to her pity 's sake we need something nobody was doing it so I put this together so that it had the effect I was involved but but the thing is that we need because the engine needs it's also in our armor that is a mile wide because the Christian world is really look right now the Messiah 's mansion where ever they go interesting are averaging about twenty five hundred people a week usually evangelistic series that's bringing in twenty five hundred people a week there isn't one what an opportunity to use the Messiah 's mansion is that if the intention is being drawn because the Messiah because of the sanctuary how can you follow up with a series on the sanctuary so you can use Messiah slam champ as prewar when the commander got any of the different you have to even mail they're coming you're putting it in their hand and have studied different in a in two weeks what you guys come what awesome opportunity Artie have an interest of toppings with you bring in and in and turns of the nose on your giving them what they want and it's interesting when you study what Ellen White has to say about presenting our difficult truths she says start with the things that we agree upon and when you look at the sanctuary Jesus is the only way to user sacrifice we commit our lives to him we need the Holy Spirit the study of the word the time of prayer have Angels here so you use that as a springboard to introduce the great controversy theme so what's happened is now you have establish them in a relationship with Christ when you come into the most holy that's all the rest of the prophetic section everything is here and so now you're teaching them the difficult portions in the context of a relationship with Christ now you're building on something and so what we do many times we try to come into the back door and it doesn't work were not as successful it's not applicable to the life we haven't connected it with what Christ is doing in the most holy place I think there's value in that you have to connect it with with with God 's saving work is after the centuries about it so many times I listened to her people get the century talking is the difference in the lives of the keepers are doing that you were not connecting it with the most holy place work and job like I said the impact it's having on people is amazing I do know how monotonous I think his doing but they now have one running on the West Coast to have a we also now have one running in Canada beginning with turning Mexico can you imagine if we had the studies and we gave it to them they could be selling it where ever they go on in May two thousand and ten in one week besides that you have eleven thousand people the threat and in two weeks woman to have fifteen thousand and so there is an interest the door is opening to a week I get herself ready so I put together these studies could be better yes they could be better and I welcome anyone who will make the matter to know is coming forward so we have this and it takes them all the way through any of you familiar with it at the regenerative producer will send them right over to just follow my Bible first I want to share with you a little more than this is no when I was not in Hendersonville we had an Afghan church clean with evangelism we were actively rooting to three evangelist efforts a year my youth were doing in my youth were preaching even help taught by you during the music the visitation and everything and we had a very active church and then we had planned from a site mentioned and I share with you three five hundred people came out that while the senior pastor and I said why don't we it's only makes sense to do evangelistic series right behind us as we could does what brought them out with a sanctuary let's do a series of essentially said Mister said was not on my senior pastor comes our cancer where the church about seven hundred people so now the youth pastor is running the church and an extremely active you department on a nicely active were not doing communist were not doing pantomime in where not doing puppets were not my kids were learning how to spread the gospel message and and am not knocking those who in their ignorance are doing things the other way but it's not effective Christ method alone brings to success and so then so him a size that is coming and I am just frazzled so I working trying to get all this for three months by passing your pastors out when he finally comes on board he says to me George you have the studies we had time to research so not in research to find the studies like all amazing I call seminars unlimited help everybody who has anything to do the century and I discover there's no studies psychology niceties as besides it's not out there I was he has studies in the centerfold off the presentation I haven't I haven't seen it I would like to see this if you can e-mail this to me I would like to look at because I have never seen it but so there were no studies and I talked to sexy appurtenances six weeks of publicity for the series is supposed to begin myself my senior pastor company says George you like to thank you want to make a and I do not want to do that and I wrestled with God in prayer listen I sure with young ADD on the ADD poster child and I am so busy in my district I'm a workaholic and to sit down and do this to Sydney to have me sit still is very challenging and and the idea of doing this I thought there is no way and I wrestled against and a friend of my every time I look for the studies it was always this document and that means that I can use the steps of the work and all of our century studies go to twelve for presentation and have been over the years I've been collecting anything that has to do the century was the fascinating article cut it out and eclectic snacks on box ready and highlighted and and a friend of mine sent me an e-mail no a fax and she said that she gave mutual studies you can do this business business and of course as always as well and went to bed and I can sleep up to the morning I walked out and housing cheers of the Lord this is too much of me I'm not future is in a prepared for the students you can have something else other people are better at this than I am and had no piece and I walked over to the piece of paper and I look at it and job and I said no that's not why it should be this now you need to have the study here now let's move this one here and when I was done at twenty four lessons I play for titles and I say you want to see what because the sanctuary tells you what to preach on if you just follow a century that will tell you with an exam supposed to be and so on anyway so my senior pastor had six weeks in six weeks with P&L twenty fourth and what again is I surrounded myself with all kinds of Bible studies and all kinds of books and I amalgamated it's an amalgamation and six weeks the studies reviewed do and to share with you one of the studies now and is the study of the operation of the judgment understand how it works and when you understand it you will no longer be afraid of what you look at them next but that's her background it's a lot of my springboard Westover calls so you'll see similarities in their Minnesota got permission from the syllable will go ahead and done that the taken from a rating of Iraq's you get a freebie in their elegant look at the good news of the judge tomorrow what a look at is going to be how the center explains to us the reason why price is not returned essentially will tell us all men with using it I love it I love the century that you I love the message of the sinking thinking that rather than the ones are left over you can leave now missteps and then again the last one would do is looking to take an overview of the three phases of the adjustments we can just get a birds eye view of how it operates and in the process the character of God will shine through as being very fair very reasonable and and he will be vindicated and very respectful of our four-part choice all right with that why don't we begin with a word of prayer can we do that what's more is nearly financing Lord we are so thankful for the things you have taught us and we praise your name for the things were learning Lord you know how forgetful we are but we are reminded in John fourteen twenty six is the role of the Holy Spirit to bring a remembrance the things we forgotten and so Lord I'll we trust that you will do this for us suspicious to go through this study I pray that your piece this thing together than in the minds of the students they will see a much broader picture begin to understand how these things fit together I thank you for that so much I praise you for your loving kindness and drawn near to us Lord we ask in Jesus name amen the others they need to be edited out but there's one thing that I failed to mention in the battle with sin that I really wanted to bring to your attention I have a study that's entitled a deeper look into the second apartment experience and I break this down even more there was one thing I do I share with you and sometimes never shared with you how I struggled with whether with cursing them out the later showed me that in about with sand sometimes were feeding the sin not realizing you know that a firefighter we comes into a burning building and there's bears chemicals a wet nap burning and the whole walls on fire if he comes in with his hose and he washes down the hose up at the fire by the time he got here what happened the fire is out there again why because the source is down here he's not going after the source and score example in my cursing I had to steal way from those sources that were piercing and strengthening that Amy I had the children off the summit said it's a sometimes if you have something in your life did you keep struggling with as the Lord Lord is her something in my life it's feeding this sometimes it could be something blocking it for example one of the biggest things that he was in the church is a lack of forgiveness if somebody has done something wrong to us how we refuse to forget remember the forgiveness is a gift it's up to God hast that were visiting when we went away allowing anyway I just went through that quickly I just felt we needed to add that before we get into this but what you're looking out the good news of the judgment we talk about the judgment it's hard for people to think of it is good news DeBlasio terrified of the judgment yet when you study the Old Testament writer he did not have that you the Old Testament writer welcome just he wanted judgment because generally understood that judgment meant vindication of the righteous and that the some are evil so David and crying out shots in overtime they understood judgment to be a good thing but the devil has since worked out and we find ourselves operate in the judgment so we are people who preach that the junta began in October twenty twenty forty four but nobody studies we agree with it but we know it is about and how it works they were scared to death on the mortifying that by the grace of God that attitude will change today never one can we be certain that there will be a judgment at seventeen thirty one says God has appointed what a day on which he will judge what do we know that the journey began in October twenty two eighteen forty four and in and in the thick literature how does Daniel describe the judgment scene when Jesus moves from the holy place to go most holy but stop right there I think this will be interesting to you read your Bible city well and turn with me to the book of Revelation chapter four when Jesus went in to happen he went into the holy place not the most holy there are some out there try to tell us you when it's the most fun it's not true I had into the holy place not the most holy not the most holy he went into the holy place and this is very significant it will organize find is that in the holy place the throne of God was there while Jesus was now we're looking at the holy place in an FLSA to you what it what would you describe as being to the right of the menorah how would you what the door would be the right one would be selected a menorah okay what we did before the menorah the table of children's education this was before now watch this in Revelation chapter four and a pickup in verse two immediately I was in the spirit jobs and vision and behold a trial of thrones set where are you the relation for in heaven and one sat on the throne and use out there was like a jasper and assorted stone appearance and it was a rainbow around the throne it appears like an emerald around the throne were twenty four thrones and on the thrones I saw twenty four elders sitting clothed in white robes and had crowns of gold and enhance a look at number five and from the throne proceeded lighting thunderings and voices and it were seven lamps of burning where before the throne and so in the holy place of Jesus ascended after the accident cross again here and he began his ministration but the threat was located your notable Ezekiel in the description of the throne what does the throne half you never has something has wheels it has wheels with the invitation it saw the day of atonement that thrown easier now the scene were about to read is a movement seen these people are coming from somewhere watch Daniel seven nine temperature fourteen I watched the girls were put in place within place before new because they had been put in place you can see that wasn't seated before now this garment was white as well as hair will and the hair of his head was like pure wool his throne with a fiery flame its wheels of burning fire it's what wheels a burning fire fiery stream issued and came forth from before him a thousand thousands ministered to him ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him the court was seated with a seated before now the books worldwide open I was watching a vision of the home unlike the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven he came to the ancient of days and he brought him near before him sourcing here is a movement seen the beginning of the final phase of the investigator are of the plan of salvation which is the judge as an accent with me so far okay so let's take a look at number three who will be brought into this judgment sacred dance I can for we must appear we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ difference you realize that we living in a very sober but happy time happy because Jesus about the finally do away with are the same issue and an income that is home silver because we have to be vigilant because the devil does once the steel background and I grew up in LA and I sometimes I would see police officers goes the people 's doors and in subpoena them if a police officer showed up at your door and subpoenaed you would get your attention you are going to court now is that they consume your thoughts I didn't wonder what you're charged with Argentina one of find a lawyer were living in a kind when we need a lawyer is not right we need to be mindful this is a sober time in an and and God wants us to be paying attention to what's going on up there think of the number four with which class would just begin first Peter four seventeen for the time has come for judgment to begin in the house of God and if it begins with loss first what will be the end of those who did not obey the gospel of Peter makes a very interesting statement for devices it begins with the house of God you remember that that witnessing was confessed on the lam in the blood was taken he was transferred to the sanctuary those of the center dealt with it's only it only addresses the sins of those who were transferred to the sanctuary are you with me to the wicked do that to the wicked ask for this for the sins of the transfer no something like Peter asked the question what will be the end of those who did not obey the gospel than is sure to you a different way open your Bibles to John chapter three and this is a very well-known text I'm new to begin with this one them to jump to the one I want to see John okay John three sixteen for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that ever believes in him should not want harassment have everlasting life see all the fuss are born in a live network all of us the moment we sent our in a lost condition the only way out is through Jesus we default was not done over the only honest to Jesus out of eighteen she believes in him is not condemned but you does not believe is what condemned what already so so in the investigative judgment God only investigates the sins of those I accepted Jesus as their Savior that's the only people investigated both of those who never asked our art are sent into a later part of later phase adjustment in arrangement the first one is an excess okay not unethical to number five Cooley is a prosecuting attorney Ali doing is not very good you know that even in our court system it if you have been so meant your lawyer can represent you you have to be there is an excess of Jesus to represent us without us being with me Revelation twelve okay who is a prosecuting attorney one thousand relations from nineteen and the drink of the great dragon called the devil and Satan the accuser of our brethren who still is accusing us before the father who is it saying that her Bibles to John sixteen John chapter sixteen I used to have this picture the judgment be ready God Jesus standing between me and God and Jesus say that God not this one that don't hurt this was a high diaper this one I think we doesn't even get a picture God is like when you bought them yet in Jesus day between me and the father sing a note that this right and he never gotten a picture of what the Lord says he didn't like editing using in an amount I like this don't say that is an incorrect picture look at verse twenty seven for the father himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God remember difference for God so loved the world right this is a what age of the father the singleton attacks is the reverse at Luke Luke twelve twelve and let's look at verse thirty two to fear little flock for it is your father 's good pleasure to give you the King this is what God wants to do it with me the father is not out there trying in accusing us the one who is accusing us is the Prince of darkness another issues of thing else is handling my take a look at number six while it wants to things that are six who was the defensive check attorney for John to want my little children these things I write to you so that you may not sin and if anyone sins we have a wide and etiquette a lawyer with the father Jesus Christ the righteous obligor lawyer now a racist excellent the father has no role in the judge he's president but he has no active role that you know that the eleven extent who's the judge John five twenty two for the father judges no one but has committed all judgment so not only is Jesus your lawyer he suggests because I like that set up but the father is it's what this picture of Jesus standing between us and Jesus is the just are you with me okay now by the way Jesus qualify because he entered into our experience he was tempted in all points is where you would use with the think a lot of number eight our study of the Bible will reveal three phases to the judge phase one is the investigation of the righteous a if not guilty they are acquitted they are set free and that is the as we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior and we had accepted his righteousness both included and imparted a life yield and surrender to his leading obedient to all his commandments the result are you with me and so the books are opened and in the low can they see the blood of Jesus Cisco as has has obliterated the sin and then they say well I should say this with you also this is a personal conviction of mine I shared with you that in eighteen ninety eight White made the comment that Christ could have come here long before now right I often hear people say you know when whenever the judgment of the dead ends then God will transfer to the judgment of living could Alan Whitehead made the comment that Christ could come to a by eighteen ninety eight if he wasn't finished with the judgment of the other eye with me whether networking a look at our next study as to why Christ hasn't come in the century tells us why the century tells us what was going on now phase two okay or be if found guilty in other words they either reneged on their image additional commitment with Christ or their they never really made it funny never follow through with it if guilty then the then they proceed to phase two and three of the judgment in phase two of the judgment is the sentencing stage of the wicked in other words the punishment meets the crack phase three is the executive portion of the judgment when the sentence is carried out these are the three phases of the judgment is in three parts Whitney what other books talked about in Daniel seven ten oh one is the book of iniquity or sand debt Jeremiah two twenty two yet your iniquity is Mark before me says the Lord God so there's one of the blocks the others the book of remembrance Malachi three sixteen so book of remembrance was written before him for those who fear the Lord and meditate on this thing so there is a book of our Band-Aids a book of our good deeds then there's the book of life Revelation three five he will overcome shall be clothed in white raiment and I will not blot out his name from the book of life but I will confess his name before my father before his angels so in the book of life everyone who has who is asked Jesus into their life their names written there an investigation is done to make sure it stays there and since feel free to ask questions please and as I said I don't claim to know everything am sharing with you what I know number ten at least at this point my life never can what is the standard by which I will be jazz Ecclesiastes twelve thirteen fourteen says let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter fear God and keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man for God will bring into judgment including every secret thing whether it is good or whether whether it is evil and only look at the law it's not just the law in written form but a lot of it in for whose allotting for his Jesus Jesus is the standard that's why we behold Jesus and not one another him James two twelve says so sweet and so do adults will be judged by what the law of liberty in other ways Esquire sharing associate with you in your new words witnessing that when we begin to explain the judgment process to our to our Sunday keeping friends they begin to connect the dots when they see that the standard is the law and so is the law for us as well let's look at the note below ten the divine law is not something that exists apart from God it is the outflowing of his essential personality it is simply the reflection of his character this law is the standard by which the characters in the lives of men will be tested in the judgment that's it it's interesting by the way law love righteousness and holy all are the same thing is a reflection of the character of God but that the number eleven what will the judge they bring to life Ecclesiastes twelve thirteen fourteen for God will bring every work into judgment legislators including every secret thing and Matthew twelve thirty six and thirty seven everyone I work so we don't want to face in the judgment the same number twelve what is Jesus seeking to accomplish in his followers the church to the judgment processes Ephesians five twenty five and twenty seven says Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word that he might present to himself a glorious church not having what or wrinkle or any such thing but that it should be holy and without what blemish this and what better way what clear imagery can God revealed the people that are not will send the imagery of artists are not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing but holy and without blemish and I manifest that a little more in my next number thirteen what happens if a sin remains on the books I'm repented out in an forsaken Exodus thirty two thirty three says whoever has sinned against me I will blot them out among the Ezekiel eighteen twenty four but when a righteous man turns away from his righteousness and commits iniquity on the righteousness which he has done shall not be remembered because of the unfaithfulness of which he is guilty and the sin which he has committed to show what he shall die and so his good deeds are removed from the book of life Don and economy the fourteenth but what if I had repented of my sin and turn from it and I think I claimed the blood of Jesus as my atoning sacrifice with my soon to be blotted out in my name remain in the book of life is they are forty three twenty five answers that I even and he who blots out your transgressions for my own sake and I will not remember you what your sins Revelation three five he who overcomes so be clothed in white garments and I will not blot out his name from the book of life but I will confess his name before my father and before his angels this ideal catering with me now are you some incense going him him him flesh that out in the next I more deeply that's the big issue this is the way I look at intimate simple logic all I have to determine is this is that what God is requiring if the answer is yes then evidently it's doable why would God called me to do something that can't be done that would be that would be sadistic so all I have to determine is that what God is expecting if the answer is yes then the next question is how how becomes the next question how is going to do it and we were touching on it already today as we as we draw continued up to the light God changes our view of sin it becomes distasteful to us are you with me so that is the key then is that what God expects and if it is the next question has to be how but it got expects it in I start arguing with it now that's a big problem does that make sense now can you change yourself no kidding Ethiopian change the color of the skin can a leopard change its spots can you work us to do evil to good now but what is impossible with men does that make sense to realize that you and I don't even hatred for sin is a gift from God repentance is a gift from God forgot your desire I remember when early my walk I was doing things that I knew I shouldn't do and I felt no remorse none and I knew that was wrong you know what I pray for your decade it's a gift but I have to go to Jesus for the entire process is submitting yield to it after the we make sense but if I don't believe him but I can't submit to his boss so in the next Eddie were going to address this issue will and will you find the answer to a question in fact does anyone have a controversy with them I understand that is not okay there will probably look at it tomorrow there's a couple chapters what I would like really does address this clearly she gets up tonight so we will look at okay what is my next RSS not establish it with you what what did this outer curtain represent does anyone remember what this card was made up what was it it was Lenin what coverlet what color was it what does it represent your representative righteousness of Christ when the singer when the singer came in here and ask for Jesus to be his savior confess the sins as a singer she was covered in the righteousness of Christ and in the process he is covered in that righteousness to watch this don't be confused if you have questions as this might get some deniers up stay with in the process I asked Jesus to ask forgiveness I read dedicate my life to Christ I come into the holy place experience and I asked for the infilling of the Holy Spirit the spinning time in the word and prayer uninvolved in this daily experience right okay let's say understanding the word in all of a sudden the Lord reveals to me as soon in my life I was doing something I wasn't aware of it and send if you're sending and you're not aware of it is a charged against you sent no but when you become aware now is the eyewitness now that I dissenting about it the moment you become aware of you know that was wrong more I have to go back out here to the brazen altar and are somewhat angry commit my life to leave that in the past if I respond immediately when God is revealed to me I remain cover because I'm in the process I'm not now this covering does not cover note sent if I willfully choose to sin I believe that had out here until I come back in Ascot to forget when does that make sense does that help again right when I leave office I lost myself fifteenth opinion fifteen while the investigative judgment is taking place what is my part second Griffey thirteen five examine yourself as to whether you are in the same prove yourselves do you not know yourself that Jesus Christ is in you unless indeed you're disqualified so while the investigative judgment is taking place gene sauce is asking us to cooperate with him by entering into the investigation by comparing our lives within us and when we see something that's out of harmony we go to Jesus Mark Twain 's meal this embodies cleansing affair he says the Holy Spirit for the cleansing on your seventy cents with me Desiree and extends okay while this is a call to cooperate with Christ in the investigator judgment that while he is working at their cleansing the sanctuary he was the Clintons got here to want to cooperate so asking him to examine us in and what were doing him access to his word to the life of Christ anything highly with that is called a certain pre- with me so he wants us to do that so that he could be changing in it are either which SNL I study some more okay now we're different here are not willing to look at the operation so we are just a redo this note we must search our own hearts analyzed by comparing ourselves with Jesus and his law we are not your revocable you locked in the salvation by one initial or isolated act of believing we are called to continue in Jesus there must be a sustained purser and commitment to him a continuous personal union with him and this is accomplished by choosing him as our Lord and Savior office every day the daily experience now remember that under the torment Israel was searching its own heart to make sure everything was right between its own savior we are doing this number one this is the adequate experience our initial choice to receive Christ by faith puts us in Christ at the moment of our initial commitment Jesus gives us the legal right to live for ever with him to say that he gives us the legal right now so the holy place with his experience are sustained habitual faith choices to keep on receiving Hamm keeps us in price in a state of perfect security remember we talked about the daily experience of yielding to Jesus keeping him upon the throne of a heart in an number three consciously and deliberately we must renew our surrender to Jesus control on a day by day moment by moment basis this is what the Bible means by abiding in him continuing in the faith enduring into the end keeping ourselves in the love of God and holding fast the beginning of our confidence from and to the present except it's the economy committee now officially on getting illustration you'll note that says it is an umbrella let's say it is raining outside and you're getting wet and you want victory over wetness you don't want to get what you want victory and all the setting you see your friend Jesus is caring and about so you go to Jesus and to get under the umbrella within cake masterpieces of course now you no longer getting wet right you now have victory and that so then you go who I have victory as a venue go back out into the rain victory is never apart from juice industries are you with me you know right now I shared with you that before give my life to look to Christ my life is a mess you today I chose not to meet with Jesus anymore it wouldn't take long before all those old sins would come back into my life the only thing that keeps me sustained as the power of God be with you this any sense it is only Jesus by the continued number four one factor in one factor alone can jeopardize our security and take us out of Christ and that is our own will our own decision to do things our way so one element of risk remains but that lies within ourselves while no man or demon or circumstances can destroy our security in Jesus we can destroy that security by carelessness or perversity or neglect are you beginning see what you fear factory is a God that we should be afraid of who should we be afraid of God has given us the freedom of choice but continue number five in other words it's making the choice every day of keeping Jesus on the throne of arts and number five accordingly when our individual cases are reviewed in the judgment before Jesus comes to bring his reward with us only one matter will need to be investigated then this man or woman continue to Jesus remembering that abiding relationship with Jesus is always manifested in a life of obedience to his commandments and were not saved by club membership were saved by our loyalties of Christ accepted you as our Lord and Savior and we make that decision every day so really what's investigated is the daily experience the seven cents and I getting ahead of you have a glassy eyed look of the gauntlet okay but they look at them or six in the end we pass judgment on ourselves by the consistent quality of our personal day-to-day choices we are now deciding or ceiling our eternal destiny ungodly character is made up of the thousands of individual choices which we are now making in response to the Holy Spirit prompting the Senate said never seven at no point in time either at conversion during their Christian lives are at the judgment does not act arbitrarily to override or manipulate our power of choice the decision of heaven 's courts are not arbitrary it is our decision that determines the verdict had been simply recognizes them at the judgment takes note of the current quality of our commitment our during orientation a hard and will and places his seal of confirmation upon the lifestyle or character after we had consists consistently chosen God 's verdict in the judgment simply discloses and vindicates the quality and direction of our high bitch well personal choices make sense you know I cannot say enough about my thoughts and I know that many of you probably know this but we really do need to reign in our thoughts because thoughts are followed by what actions for what and habits for black which determines what and many of us do the battle right here when the focus of the battle by beholding we become we got arraigned in response okay let's take a look at the summary as free moral agents we are the architects of our own destiny our decisions all along the way are what count not just those at the beginning acceptance of Jesus does not make us into robots the salvation process is not automatic our initial commitment to him does not take away our power of choice we are always free to choose another master accordingly it is not God 's future decisions at the judgment that we need to fear it is our own decisions the ones that were making now and they are under our control is not fair is he is a father fair this is to get different view of him as he is what you fear God in the sense of respect have you really what we should be terrified is not even the devil it's ourselves summary as free moral agents on sorry note these considerations should not rob us of the quiet assurance that all Christians may have the only protect us from the false assurance of resting comfortably in a relationship that has never existed or one that we have since lost and never sixteen when the investigative judgment is done when verdict is reached Revelation twenty two ten to fourteen says he who is unjust that in the end just still he was filthy let him be filthy still he was righteous than be righteous still he was holding it to be holy still and behold I am coming quickly and my reward is with me to get to everyone according to his work when the world has made their choice probation closes it was nine twenty eight so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many to those who are eagerly wait for him he will appear a second time apart soon so we find that the last thing that Jesus dies is the removal was sent from the sanctuary and when his work is not a constant as home number seventeen is Jesus able to secure my case before the heavenly court Romans eight one says there is therefore no condemnation of those who are what in Christ Jesus and how often are we in Christ Jesus daily thing now please don't have questions really about any thoughts on on the flesh this out a little more in the next two studies all we did here is we look at the mechanics and how the thing operates we saw that the father is a presiding judge not the acting judge he is president that is is outwardly and Jesus is the one just not the father thanked about that out and your friend Sophia had to coordinate accordingly found out that your best friend was with your lawyer you feel good and you found that the results you judge it's a pretty good but we can't take ourselves out of his hands the one the one thing that is the variable here is our own choices the Senate just doesn't make sense give me an example is spiritualized easily having a daily so if you so need this discontinued his devotional life in this that's like having that protects and does he feel that she's gone beyond the point of no return is that we sang as we say the devil is either running or more to the doubles hitting this with them is very very frustrating now a you know the thing is how does he feel about that Susana Visio said about his condition does it bother him then and always crystal working on ninety ninety Telenet brother if it's bothering you the Holy Spirit was working hard your condition when nobody so there is hope for the brother is a just a reminder seniority cases and see that the Lord is good the Lord will forgive you and him and anything is that he is his forgiveness is greater than our same but now he's just have to come to the point make the decision to go against how he feels it back into the work and even everyday little changes feelings as he did the first time here he has an example he knows a guy can do it and he will get into desire of ages that's how a simple right now just with you and I talking here but that's one angle that would take them as one of the classic is a continuous attitude is your condition condition on the visit us what you think of the Holy Spirit so obviously he hasn't given up on I can't want to return to there were two questions in their okay the first one I like to bring out in the spirit of crossing this brings up your point to what the line the same hold on the Angels than when you pick up on there were some that wanted to go back and I can actually be wanted to go back and add things that you gone beyond the point of no return and Ellen White says that they haven't the Legion and then I bring that out to give France is telling you the same life these guys were lost of the leading you can affordably go you cannot resist whenever you send a second point the investor when you're driving at was when you know okay this is how I explain this to the rest of your synagogue cannot forget is the one that we don't ask forgiveness for we don't fight away from okay this is how I explain it my son when he was a little squirt he got an ear infection that lasted six months we had among six different antibiotics during that time Andy infection when it dies to the that that the membrane helps you hear its cars it said becomes more difficult to two-year when we sin we are scarring our conscience and each time we pursue an press that were making it a little bit more difficult for them to hear God so the unpardonable sin is when we come to the place were no longer here so the person it is my understanding and please correct me if I'm wrong but the person comes to the place at the wrong they're doing it along to see it as being a big deal that this person is disturbed over it and having gone that far as I make sense so that's likely what I was seen as dangerous because we're getting e-mail I have marveled at looking at a time I Marvel had him we do not understand the power of deception I need to tell you human beings inside listen I put me in this category who were dumber than a box of rocks we do not understand the adversary were up against our own sinful nature which can so easily deceive ourselves frightening I I talk to people who are who can justify an adulterous affair at this who can justify that God wants me to be happy didn't you know that they can justify it in their mind it would seem to it when we allow an weekly with sin in the life it starts it goes vital that it affects everything that we can't allow the fund you get the double foothold it becomes a struggle it's amazing just just let your minds think on this just a little bit of lightness 's comment that completely blows my mind she says that that in the very end when we return again for the third time in the last time and we cannot raise you remember that Satan is amongst the worst is when the righteous ceasing working that which he makes of the commons of the effect up that we will know that that the only way that we were saying this with Christ USA .net to me this is this is an amazing statement and they get their why because you are Christ to come we now have a pure nature right is coming then we go to heaven right there for a thousand years with Christ with the Angels women in general large world and the books were seeing were judging angels were judging the loss was seen as whole process and when we come back and see a network legal how can it what you do we had no concept of Satan 's ability to deceive your friend we cannot afford to foot Morales will level the because it blinds us to the voice of God so the moment the Lord reveals in the life we lead we got a run to Jesus with it and asking for the probably spirit to get away from don't fully yet you will did you have become person having yes go ahead okay I'm later to find for you perfection be ready is a moment by moment using to the revealed will of God at that moment that that man completely and do you think that if you come across that no one alludes a life I submit to you anyway or God were given in the probationary period that's what I announced that a hypothetical question is that if I can answer does that help someone will flesh this out tomorrow a little bit more but that's how I understand that the moment we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior were given a probationary period we are and which is walk with him each day I am coming to the place of my life I I really I see no hope in me I see all hope in Jesus when I do anything I create him because I know I can blow it and I ask it to be my strength and my shield Pasadena confidence and encourage it I go forward in a citizen if there's any fear that I feel I analyze it why set somewhere in the trust in God and I bring that to him I'm just I just want to draw closer to him every day is my hope is only in Jesus it's not me it's only a as outerwear grant them a question I will be happy to feel the spray father we just look at the mechanics of the judgment and how it works and just to get a better understanding of the fear factor is that we should be terrified of you are in the process but rather Lord our choices you have given us the freedom of choice you respect our freedom to choose the Lord our choices are powerless apart from you our promises a ropes of sand we got a run to you and ask you take for lives that they will be power in our choices to surrender our hearts and minds you like to be the Lord in God of our line we thank you for this we praise you and I pray father that if anything I said here's unclear that you will bring clarity to let your glory and honor thank you brings together again tomorrow I'm a little more confidence meeting room will is in a this media was gone audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more than you would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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