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The Sanctuary and the Holy Spirit, Part 5

Jorge Baute


Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.




  • June 29, 2012
    9:45 AM
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our arrival good morning to each one hope that you have a good night sleep and the Lord has been bless you richly Henry has my family is good and going to go into our two remaining studies on now the sanctuary and more specifically the judge would be looking in much more detail and so before I share anymore why don't we begin with the word of prayer listening for father we come before you this day grateful for good night sleep and rest we thank you for the nice meals we thank you Lord for the spiritual meals and begin to us as well and are great and mighty God as we can before you we do so at the very solemn yet joyful hour in the history of the world as you have entered into the third and final phase your ministry for the salvation of mankind and Lord you know that will be addressing some issues delicate issues here today I pray that you will hide the speaker behind the cross itself will not be manifested by Christ and Christ only but I pray to value will bring to the mind of the speaker the illustrations are that you wish to present Lord we know that you love us all you gave your son to die for us and you're doing a working each of us I pray that you will give us attentive hearts and help us to recognize the truth in a manner that we will understand and we thank you so please pour out you Holy Spirit father we wish to receive the early and latter rain its fullness of his hearts that are emptied of self and filled with you we are asking price none hi good to see you again J then I will go and I see about your mom with you this is good for you while I I began by saying with you how much I enjoy the past that I have been studying the sanctuary because it helps to explain the passivation such a simple way and I need things to be simple I find the more study Scripture that it is really complex something is wrong in yet having said that even though their simplicity there is it is profound in its depth and so what I hope to what well to do today is under start pulling together some of the things that we have been studying to understand more fully one why Christ has become the century will teach us why and died in doing Sullivan address an issue that is within Christianity and is starting to make inroads within Adventism and with an exposed section exposes it as an error was ushered with that is the other is the fact that the Church of God is indicated in the judgment even though we are the ones judged this thing began with an accusation against God as being a tyrant and the judgment shows that to be else and in the second study when we do an overview of the judgment that will be revealed and so I'd like for us to go ahead and get these things passed out to you you can pass those out and out leave extras right here for a business I think I have your pen but oh yes feet of the guy as we have learned on October twenty two eighteen forty for Jesus began the final phase of his ministry for the salvation of humanity and cannot work God is working to see who is safe to say it's very interesting expression that that is in fact what were talking about who is safe to say it is the first phase of the judgment process followed by the sentencing stage which we looked at as well as the executive which we will also be talking about them in fleshing out and in their and our second Sunday today but Alice Christ is cleansing the sanctuary on the record of sin that the judgment reveals to us there is a corresponding cleansing that takes place on the people who are waiting for Jesus to come there has to be a correlating response to what Christ is doing and will you be looking at that today so number one 's were looking at the goal of the judgment what is God 's goal ultimate gophers peopling great controversy for eighty four we read Christ will close his faithful ones with his own righteousness that he may present them to his father a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing their name is Stan enrolled in the book of life concerning them it is written they shall walk with me in white for they are worthy and what this what this is revealing to us is used whole total victory over sin but if I set out to more than its total victory over sin and miss you what that is and why it has to be that way it has to be that way I was surely something to open your Bibles to Daniel chapter twelve can you reveal something to us here in this chapter that's very important as it relates to our subject you remember the parable of the ten virgins you have five foolish and five lies all ten of them had an understanding of truth and spirit of the italicized that that parable is about us as a people Mississippians church and we know that the divergence they had the truth they had the truth the truth doesn't have all there's a difference and in and what we find is that five of them had a theoretical understanding of the truth that it never impacted their life the other five had an understanding that the allowed that understanding Tupac they were why I watch here in Daniel chapter twelve because Danielle was all about the time of the end vessel we are in a and in verse for the angel tells Daniel that you Daniel shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end many shall run to and fro and knowledge on what increase a wheel we say that technology in this truth and that's more than Daniel backdated Bibles they had scrolls and had been relevant and given a study a scroll you would look at this person if you compare it you have to go here and compared without one many would run grow and knowledge would it wasn't understanding of the Scriptures that would increase in the last days we have video than moving the understanding of the prophetic the second day how relates to us in the judgment comes on the watch of this as we get as the angel hones in on this and watch what he has to Sabres nine and he said going away Daniel for the words are closed up and sealed to the time of EN ten mini Shelby what is the project is all about made wine and refined but the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked shall understand but the why while I understand the whys had an understanding of practical understanding of what Christ was doing the most holy place that's what differentiated them from the foolish one had a theoretical understanding but never entered into the experience does that make sense and so this is what God 's goal is a total victory overseeing the sales show no longer reign over us and that okay so we're learning entity studies that sanctification or shall I say perfection is a moment by moment surrender to the revealed will of God and that is accomplished of the daily experience with Christ to the study of the word to talking him in prayer in yielding to his leading and we studied this number two Jesus will do this work in the lives of those who want it you believe that you believe in the end everybody ultimately gets what they really wanted yes Jesus will do this work purified and Malachi chapter three we have a real interesting description of the judgment and more specifically of the investigative Malachi three one two three behold I send my messenger and you prepare the way before me and the Lord whom you seek will suddenly come to his temple even the messenger of the covenant and whom you delight behold he is coming says the Lord of hosts but who can endure the day of his coming is a reference to the judgment not the second coming and who can stand when he appears for he is like a refiner 's fire and like a lodge or so and he will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver he will purify the sons of who and turns them as gold and silver that they may offer to the Lord an offering and what advantages and aspects of their life that's where I'm number two pastor Jesus will soon as the roof I what I mean on that and you've heard this expression is worth repeating this illustration that the one who refines goal as he is purifying him he he watches until finally he can see his wife his reflection and and and don't think for a moment that Jesus used an illustration as a happenstance now it's a perfect illustration of what he wants to do in your life and in my blood of the way it's done through the fire is yes got never wastes our pain and King David had an understanding of this I just find it fascinating the depth of understanding that David had in my head something to do with the death of sin the defendant became to understand how great his Redeemer and David said this vindicate me oh Lord it's a call for judgment for I have walked in my integrity I've also trusted in the Lord I shall not slip examined me O Lord includes me try my mind and my heart for your loving kindness is before my eyes and had walked in your truth this is a closeted so terrified of being judged no casinos in God is his friend Lord search my life if there's anything wrong please correct that number for the righteous call for this investigation because they have come to understand that they are blind to the roof sinful condition and they need the help of Jesus not only for healing but also for diagnosis and then we have a way of justifying the evil were very good at highway 's amazing and we can be blind to our own thing and I remember one day sitting at a table with a friend and he had ordered a meal and when it came out he was assumed and there were there was meat floating and I saw his a vegetarian and I thought that was strange does it look like meeting and I was a carnival or so I know me when I see him looking at that and I did want not as maybe or something else second I looked in to the menu and there was what he ordered it had pork in it so I looked over him and I said Frank working and this is what he said oh well there soybeans in their two no I kid you not I have thought of that but we as acting students with no soybeans on things and receives okay in our own lives we justify will refuse to forgive someone when runtime when we get that you are saying we go soybeans in the pot to and so we have got to understand that what God is looking for was an action you know it's not just what we do which we all know it is both a sword calls for an investigation because we don't understand ourselves and Sons nineteen twelve who can understand his errors closely from a secret fault I remember a time my sister and I very close and one day my sister can tell me things that most people get away with a okay another what she can tell me the truth and in one day we were talking to said something to his early in my walk with Christ and Susan George you do this and this and it really grates on me now I thought about it I can see it therefore did not exist outside of the car and I drove off all summer with my grandmother and I was driving her words kept echoing in my mind and I had a creepy feeling that the Lord was pushing the replace button and it was a letting that get away and so I said Lord this before by the way and understood the investigative judgment if you're wondering what it looks like I'm getting examples signaling is that true is what my sister said to end the week was announced that God revealed to me on several occasions Western had learned something about myself on that day that I can be totally blind Yosemite comes to not criticize me I don't immediately ignore them I will listen to what they say how go and talk to live in Alaska and sometimes your enemies with tastings are friends with you with me so you go to the learning task is interested in the o conviction and I'm fine with it I move on with life I do agree that I I don't quickly dismiss I want to know in Psalms one thirty nine twenty three and twenty four we find these words again the call for judgment sectioning of God and know my heart trying into my anxiety and see if there's any wicked way in me and lead me in the way what everlasting express the ultimate goal first Corinthians four four and five Paul brings up this idea for I know nothing against myself yet justified by this just because I don't see you live my life I it doesn't mean that there isn't any on the same but who judges me is the Lord therefore just nothing before the time until the Lord comes who will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness and reveal the councils on the heart by the way I just want make a distinction here about judging you know where letting the data if you walk up to somebody and you tell them to bring us send us a subjecting me and that's not judging okay judgment is is is ascertaining the Mahoney you hears me say I know what you're thinking that's not true we don't where we are you're slipping on a prerogative that belongs to God and God on we don't know why people do what they do we understand the thought to be honest at the time to know why we're doing what we're doing what if they get what what they're doing but God says you will know them by their fruit and resisting his discernment and if somebody is lying that violate will anyone know why they did it but they didn't do it I can call it on the fact that it was done but not unwise that's not mine my field I knew that the Lord of the book the rope and then the thought to reveal Dan I can judge that is his actions are concerned Jesus as you know them by their fruit that's a certain but why never fight is this the here we go now the question that you asked earlier said he was asked last week or last week yesterday a lot is happening but yesterday was what about this issue about whether he be singing run up to the second coming of Christ thus the issue it's everywhere I went into then you will have been running into that to what about that watch this great controversy for twenty five in other words and not just obvious things but even the hidden things not just open sins but even the sins of ignorance why must even the stuff that's going on in my life be revealed before address is the master when I sin ignorantly is that charts against the SSN no it isn't the blood of Jesus will cover my sins of ignorance and he is up there as my as the mediator and when I do a wrong and I'm not aware that his blood will cover it but now while in the daily experience suddenly he brings to my mind I need ask for forgiveness so the blood of Jesus will do away with a man watch this great controversy for twenty five those who are living upon the earth when the intercession of Christ shall cease in the shut century about Pakistan in the side of a holy God how without a mediator their roles must be one that lasts their characters must be purified from sin by the blood of sprinkling to the grace of God in their own diligent effort and cooperated again they must be conquerors in the battle with evil while the investigative judgment is going forward in heaven what a single parent to believe or something removed from the sanctuary there is to be a special work of the purification of putting away of sin amongst God 's people upon your because see it when from the time Jesus ceases the ministration can't forget us there's a few times in that period of time I seem to have a meeting there is no meeting so the sooner now remains even if it's in a trance so God has to deal with the whole thing now is not able to do is you willing to do is you ready to do absolutely the only variable is you and I and he is ready and willing and without able to perform the work you can't perform I can't perform but he can perform are you with me so far that he is the same we have to understand that what the serial process is is a settling into the truth so that we can be shaken we cannot be moved in to see because it's repulsive to us by you with me choose us was was singing to him was repulsive and I shared with you the story of a young boy who stole away on the boat and accounted the captain lost his life when he came to understand what he seen cost that act was repulsive to him you can the devil content until the day all day long he was not even to now in days past due with bullets he came to understand what that's in cost it lost its hold in his life my different has Jesus ever getting new victory in your life over anything if you can do it what can't you do it in your people say to me know what you keep sinning until the coming of Christ they're telling me more about the power of Saint-Denis are telling me about the parka to some extent so that I can and God will have to go once we understand this once we understand that when we when Jesus leaves that to continue singing for his people this is fatal we begin to understand why choose what number six why has Jesus not return before now Christ is one we thought we were these way with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when the character of the Savior shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to claim his on it is the privilege of every Christian that only to look for but to hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ were all who profess his name bring the food to his glory that's character development how quickly the whole world would be strong with the seed of the gospel quickly the last harvest Whitney and Chrysler so now let me explain this in century terminology when the center came and confess the sin you remember it went on the land symbolically and Daniels caught in the blood and transferred to the sanctuary when you and I stand and we ask Jesus to forgive us he places his blood upon okay for Jesus to leave the sanctuary than what has to happen soon in his people this discrete sense now listen if you're looking for years to yourself for the strength to leave you in the spirit you've got Jesus there is no hoping our hope is in Christ Christ can bring us to this place by beholding we become changed it's not about what we can do is what he can do to a heart that believes him and is willing to submit to the process does this make sense Jesus will leave when he's out of business when is nowhere glad now I want to get in imagery in over the years I've met so many things and and I don't remember exactly where these quotes are found in an society but read this very proxy different in your heart but listen Jesus will not come mother still one sooner remaining who was walking towards he will hold to show friends that one he may have ninety nine nine hundred forty four thousand ready to go and there's one yet coming towards him he'll hold up and say we only send this one sealed in a way until not one crosses the line and when he has no fully sealed he says when asked if you are you with me but Jesus loves everyone and while this one yet meant to say is going to wait but while it does not listen it will never be a time in this process that will look to ourselves and say I made it because if you do that you're taking your eyes off of Christ our strength is in Jesus 's request he tells us that we cannot in the time of trouble recalling sin we will always be aware of when his lungs when teachers are you with me always be aware of I went as long as we looking to Jesus you know often times we talk about hastening the coming of Christ and when you know we hastened by cooperating that we hasten to listen to this how is this waiting time affecting at it another education to sixty three those who think of the result of hastening or hindering the gospel think of it in relation to themselves and to the world if you think of it in relation to God give give thought to the suffering that scene has caught our Creator all have been suffered in Christ's agony but that suffering did not begin or end with his manifestation in humanity the cross is a revelation to our dull senses of the pain that from its very inception scene has brought to the heart of God every departure from the right every deed of cruelty every failure of humanity to reach is ideal brings grief to him have you ever experienced grief have you ever stood by the grave of a loved one screen every departure from green screen there isn't anyone that wants to end the scene crisis more than him no one wants to end it with a two ended prematurely would cost the lives of those he wants the same and so she went he waits for a generation to arise that will believe him and will respond to him and will let him finish the work in and I believe that generation is walking the earth right now I believe that we're at the end of this thing I truly do in their reasons I show some of the liability itself but let's look at the milk below that of late that I yeah there was a note below six you might have to go back the Pinocchio six this is for this reason this is the reason why Jesus is not returned yet he is waiting for people to believe him to Cochran with hands we can finish the work is begun in them when this work is done he will come to claim them as his own Jesus will finally leave the most holy place and there is no longer a need for his ministry is mandatory work but how does this work let's take a look at this first we must understand and believe that God wants to deal with sin and are likely to come the place cannot excuse it but simply to want to deal with it he wants to deal with it on three levels the first is the level of our outward behavior the second is at the level of our thoughts and the third is at the level of unknown or ignorance in other words our motivation even for our good works why are we doing the right thing I was trying to earn brownie points with God are we doing what's right because it is so God blessed you was sent on all three levels we what we are looking at here is total victory over sand were looking at its total eradication and the removal is a process it is a process it's not instantaneous we can handle it the process now if you wondering what this looks like I like using an illustration of the above of babies learning to walk German ever ever had a chance to learn to walk the parents are irrelevant Chuck and and you know whether walking in a stumble it is apparent in all kind up again hey you know you're really embarrassingly we please get out by the created that depends if parents do that now is very lovingly come alongside and they say good strike until the child learns to live law and an gene sauce is seeking to do this in every area of our lives in some areas of our lives were walking and other areas were struggling but Jesus will work patiently with the one who is willing to cooperate with and he will enough on one except for the one who gives up on him Jesus never gives up on me with but we can't give up on him so he works with us in every area of life teaching us how to walk until he has is working and got this guy does take a look a little deeper seven for what purpose does God want to deal with seeing in its totality Ephesians five twenty seven that he might present to her present her the church to himself a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing that she might be holy and without blemish now we've got this out earlier in the sanctuary when the priest or when the repentance and wisdom brings land God had given specific instructions that the land was to be without spot of minutes what did that signify the spot glimpses in fact it was all to say no wrinkle or any such thing down now description of Christ is given to the chair 's it's a description to the church but we don't want to use instructor eighteen ninety nine but Christ watch this is so encouraging but Christ was to bear the penalty of the transgression of the law of God not to get men liberty to continue in sin but to take away their inclination to sin that they might not designer to transgress those who receive Christ are obedient to his commands for his mind and didn't send them to abuse them with a Spirit of obedience and a return to the loyalty were not talking about an improvement in a complete change humanity and its nature and condition cannot be and has to be replaced that's why it's called the new birth if you need an illustration look at it like this you know everything surgery you have all the instruments and sing and sing like that will tell my thing and when you call that area a sterile field right if that instrument falls and hits the ground can it be used for surgery but you can still do the works but all it's worth he needs it before it's working I that's why there's nothing which we can it has to be Christ Christ on the priest is likely having musicians in here don't accept the plot when you do something for the Lord let all the crease with Jesus Christ the answer is not the sinister chief to me any names it is not about us we want to be invisible Christ to be seen and it's not about us it's about Jesus volume three testimony five thirtieth it may take what time to attain perfect submission to God 's will when he stopped like you know quite often and I say this consecutively quite often we make our decisions based on feelings I would feel what I will feel safe therefore I mean I must not be what can you please show me a text to support the policy the text we make his feelings when Jesus begins the work of transforming and changing us do you know what is the last thing to change our but they will change but the last thing so we have to make decisions based on reason a higher power and now God to work in us both to will its desire entity or agency which I think so the things we do eleven I hate nothing to say when Allah and then understanding the lifetime like as a lady struggle friends she did not like to eat healthily first you study carefully gender psych yourself out in red Tuesdays warehouse self-study and him and she was human and you can see how God do that Internet I field is used he will do it so let's get going it may take time to attain perfect submission to God 's will but we can never stop short of it and be fitted for has been true religion will lead its possessor on to what remember what perfection is is submitted moment by moment to the revealed will of God your thoughts your words and your actions as well as your appetites and passions must be brought into subjection to the will of God you must bear fruit to hauling Bush administration opinion on I have an active imagination can help to showing you the Bible program perfect for someone like me I want to imagine that you live in the dark ages so select the types so those of your imaginations to help you go back in the time and only does a shoemaker questioning the back of the time I am here living in on one of those old towns of the dark is not gloomy and an awful activity and on top of that you're an orphan right you are an orphan and use their off the street my grandfather when he was eleven this is his his condition he lived eating out of trash cans and cities of Portugal and so he lived off the street trying to survive so this is your condition now okay and and and in the kingdom in which you live in the kink and really care less about you but you hear about this kingdom not far away halfway and more really nice to hear these things it's hard to believe such a thing but you hit he really cares for his subjects one day I hear a lot of commotion in the village and you run to find out before lining up this road and he discovered that he came from that other Kingdom is coming through the village and so you're really curious and being small you wiggle your way through the crowd and you're watching them all it is suddenly issued a marching of soldiers in these powerful men of war in their bright shining uniform and armor are marching by increasingly hear the sound of closing and that must be his chair in his his chariots and as you look you see this beautiful white chargers just in unison coming down the road initiatives golden carriage and as the characters come close to see if slowing down and it stops in front of you and suddenly the door opens in this very handsome powerfully built but gentle face now and is looking over the crowd pitiful poor people eat this look of sadness is suddenly his eyes fall upon and as he looks at you he's that's forwarding extends his hand and he says much of Japan's any sense would you allow me to document would you be willing to be my job and so in a dreamlike state before even catches up the findings of extending and accepting heads and very gently leads into the carriage and he goes in with you close the door in your mind is just spinning and before you know you come into you can hear the sound of a close on the drawbridge is a coming interest hassle and as you look at the Windows beautifully come in and the inside is so good redecorated and and and and and you see the servants lined up it's a beautiful order dress so smart man and is in and he comes out in these terms around the expenses can delete you out any turns to the search his lifetime I want to get my child ready for dinner tonight I want to meet with my traveling a meal together so the service whisk you off in a ten gallon but going about that if you are probably very unabated about then who knows how long it has brought a new gown and then they cut your hair and fingernails and the clean development and address you very nicely and then they bring it to the table and you sit down with the cane and I would have to question you how to act and are probably wiping her mouth with your same making all kinds of strange noises and you don't know how to act like royalty but are you still royalty your bikini explains to you it is the job of the servings to teach you how to act in an celibate the disturbance began to teach you that Kenya's Jesus and his servants are found here to teach us you see when God called you and I to be his child didn't mean it right then and there we knew how to act like there is a process of learning that is the king going to be patient with the process as long as we remain in it and we desire and we want to learn God will be there to make sure that you does that make sense let that imagery remain in your mind 's different it will encourage and strengthen you what's her next court hearing where I'm oh okay so now is take a look at desire of ages page three oh two listen to what the servant says to office if the eye is kept fixed on Christ the work of the Spirit ceases not until the solo is come for the biggest by the way if that's true then you know the devil 's job I think I is kept fixed on Christ the work of the Spirit ceases not until the soul is conformed to his image than with this work of getting victory over sin of hat and of responding so that was the sin has no power over us this will be done for a group of his people in one generation it will be done in one and Chrysler this should have been done before eighteen ninety eight and could but there was no faith we looked instead to our own good efforts or our own failures and did not look to Christ and that's what most of you that our generation is beginning to understand this and are yielding to the price to the power of Christ they no longer want credit there willing to let Jesus Havelock and had them break this process involves our cooperation examining ourselves in the light of God 's words and cringe and thirteen five examine yourselves we talked about this as to whether you're in the faith test your sales do you not know yourselves that Christ is in you unless indeed you are disqualified you know there are times that I go home and hang up on my bed and I weep you know I do it today I'm so sorry and I can hear my masturbating openly saying my child tomorrow is indeed trying tomorrow is first twenty eleven thirty one and thirty two for if we would judge ourselves we would not be generalized but when were judged we are chastened by the Lord that we may not be condemned with the world you know sometimes God allows us to get into a situation to alert us to endanger immediately an example I read something in Scripture that the deals with a finish of my life conveniently ignoring everyone that they are little happiness God will bring somebody into your life and be close to you either a spouse or family member or friend will point the thing out and if you ignore that and forgot to bring someone else in the circle grows until you are dealing with an open exposure are you with me I watched this as a pastor and if the teacher is absolutely amazing yes sometimes some kids at school they get into trouble they were spying on them and I said and done an excellent job in another stand the investigator Justin is taking place and I was trying to save you you have to sign a you a year you're going to even expose yourself if you don't cooperate where we were too busy to be spying game but we're here to try to help place your hand in the hand of God in your fighting it in your Venango getting yourself removed from the school but the choice will be your are you with me so I doesn't give up on us when we suddenly turn when he will bring people to justice he brought profits to Israel to bring them number nine every secret thing is brought out in the judgment including our thoughts and motives Ecclesiastes twelve fourteen for God will bring every work in the judgment including every secret thing power sixteen to all the ways of a man appeared his own eyes but God when the spirit in our goodies so why did we get a good thing God judges the motive Hebrews four twelve for the word of God is a living and is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword piercing even to the division of soul and spirit joints and Morrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart a sensory study the word prayerfully asking God to search us God will begin to real to us our motives for what we do and it's humbling many tell you when it is good as we think we are is a humbling experience now two things why yes this same things as a video because hidden sin in our life it was hidden to us is still causing down hence some of your young wiki become parents and when you look back and now you know things he didn't know when you were younger and neither seen the effect of your children so even though it's hidden from us it still causing damage opinion to give you an illustration that will work with you never had a virus in your computer the most dangerous viruses in your computer is the one you're not aware is there why because it's wrecking havoc on your computer you want to know what the viruses immediately to remove it so it stops causing damage and because another reason when Jesus returns he's coming and how much of his glory Jesus 's presence is what to say forgot to return what was in you that remaining would destroy the Senate sent so sin has to be completely eradicated but was the one that does not work Jesus but we have to be willing and cooperating a man does that make sense okay let's continue every hereditary sin are considered in the judgment easy to twenty four would you judge them Son of Man will you judge them they make notes and then he had to be abominations of their lives fathers that's what we cannot justify evil just because it's generational the cycle has to end with us any canned friend I did not come from a perfect phone and there's things in my house that are going on they did go on in the house I grew up in a you with me and I don't take credit for that it all goes to Jesus who set me free by you with me and so even generational sins will deal with eleven God will bring she graciously show us everything that keeps us from fully reflecting his character Philippians three five three fifteen therefore let us as many as Armature have this mind and if anything you think otherwise gone what what reveal even this to you open your Bible 's book of James James chapter till their different ways in which God reveals it to us and I mentioned one it's the new understanding of the word and a meditation on the character of Christ by the way I love you I love doing that I love reading about Jesus you know what I love most about the unit uses is how he deals with the wicked that is actually fascinating to me I mean it's beautiful to see how he dealt with Mary Magdalene and how he dealt with the with the public ends and whatnot but how he dealt with the Pharisees fascinates me as he dealt with them in a way that I wouldn't have music assignment I like tells us that Simon led that girl that married into that prostitution career and yet when she was washing his feet Simon was indignant you never sign and a wonder that the Pharisee who was healed of leprosy anyway at Simon 's house in the alabaster box one when Mary was wiping his feet that Simon was like he was saying boy with Jesus on it this is this Jesus is really a prophet he would know what can a woman this was he would let her touch his feet but Jesus knew the story of that girl that Simon was the one he probably sexualized and got her started his career he knew it what amazes me is how Jesus deals with signage in society does not have any reveals the site I know the secret of his we doesn't expose them to every am so sorry everyone says that that reality broke his heart he realizes in the presence and gave his life to Jesus it is the goodness of God draws us I think of the woman drug before pricing them or how we dealt with her and it's beautiful I love that story but I think about those scoundrels that broader they set her up then while in the grabbed her and take her to church and phenomenon using she was dressed and so laying there he asked those guys what do you do those guys one that uses which is done with you and Jesus answered and begins writing a lot on the interstate and as they look and see themselves and leave Jesus didn't do to their they had done and vendors but he treated them with such dignity even though they didn't does Arnett and he will stand that he could quickly brush over so no one asked when I really think about the character price fall well short friends they listen to me but I wanted to be me I wanted to be Jews number eleven God will looking in this is the thing of teaching students ramped James to verse two and if there should come into your assembly of a second satellite all I think I got the wrong verse worries think it not strange oh I wrote down the wrong bars are anyway my apologies to you the word tells us they did not strengthen our trials that are come upon you though some strange thing has happened is that Peter is appeared to thinking of two two okay I am so sorry got a sophomore on a goose chase year but the point I want to bring out its think it not strange the fiery trials that come upon you is though some strange things happen to you God will lead us into experiences that will show us soon dormant in our hearts that we didn't even know was there the reason we don't know is there is opportunity had not presented itself for it to come forward so God in his loving mercy in question first Peter four twelve correct that here there is beloved do not think it strange concerning the fiery trials which is to try he is a some strange thing happened to you but rejoice to the extent that your partake of God suffering that when his glory is revealed you may also be glad exceeding joy if you are reprocessing of Christ blessed are you for the spirit of glory and of God rest upon your on their part he is blasphemed by your parties glorified in the difficulties in our lines that were leading to God is reviewing stuff that storm in other data cuts us off on the freeway and suddenly come out with a colorful metaphor bar maybe we don't wave properly organizing I mean RRR may be the first two cuts in line at the at the cafeteria line or gone leaves and expenses or at work when things go bad in the classroom to teach him caution with you with me to show last there something in there that have to be dealt with this is what the investigative treatment looks like in the everyday mommy God is wanting to go deeper into the uses of our life to bring federal healing you know when I think of where I was and where I am now conscious of energy I have more peace and joy in my life than I ever have now used to follow the worlds way I grew up in Los Angeles there's a lot of the world there and or and and I have friends who have fair and family of money and we gotten all kinds of trouble but I have no lasting joy no lasting peace is at the very and I can't take my life Christ entered into my life and basically said to me not give me a try you tried everything else and I thought what would I have to lose right to collect this as I did Jesus try and have never looked back God has I have more peace and joy in meaning in my life and fulfillment in doing the things that I thought were going to bring the world has nothing to offer us the double what he offers is a mirage she promises and doesn't deliver he won't deliver heat to let the price can and you will and and and so God wants us all to experience the abundant life is that he wants a staff must take a look at number twelve why does God do this this is not to condemn us but so that we may repent and live music in eighteen thirty and two thirty two therefore I will judge you or house of Israel everyone according to his ways is the Lord God repent and turn from all your transgressions so that iniquity will not be your ruin cast away from you all the transgressions which you have committed and get yourself a new heart and a new spirit for why should you die your house of Israel I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies says the Lord God therefore turn me I can imagine losing a child the fringes last eight -year-old girl to meningitis I can imagine the green but you know I love isn't perfect for God 's love is perfect what must I feel the loss witness interview we could never understand is the perfect law you realize of course that God doesn't have a lot to do she is the personification of law so here we get some insight as to the close of probation do you realize that God does not close on probation is enclosed the probation of the world who closes it by a refusal to respond we can take there comes a place that were no longer able to and God respects the choices we make any facts there were much to some extent we close our probation God does not cause there's any sense number thirteen God 's righteous judgments teach and train us so that we may share his holiness and reap a harvest of righteousness and peace he was twelve ten eleven for they are earthly dad indeed for a few days chasing us as seems best to them but he God for profit that we may be partakers of why of his holiness no no no chastening seems joyful for the present amen but I thought nevertheless afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have want people trained by now I there've been times in my life as a pastor I that I have I have some real difficulties we and in I remember one in particular that the ordeal lasted about two and half years and in a time of this I woke up one morning which came to embrace my arm was numb and the rest the hospital is in ICU that day because they thought is having heart attack it was that experience of my faith which was the best thing that ever I learned that God can take care of me after that experience I came to understand more fully on God 's protective care his power to turn things around on I came to understand more fully the principles by which he operates it was a blessing in June of that horrible ordeal resulted in me having greater peacefully Gina it's amazing that God never wastes our pain and he never allows us to go through anything that won't be for a good where are we here before fourteen the end result of this work will be the cleansing of the contents from all sinful principles at all the viruses and through the mighty agency of the Holy Spirit riding upon the mind the principles of that law as is promised under the provision of the new covenant now we've read Cindy's tax will do it again and just to just flush out the picture in order Ezekiel thirty six twenty five two twenty seven dear trembling soul this is what God is promised you that I will sprinkle clean water upon you and you shall be clean I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols I will give you a new car and put a new spirit within you I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh I will put my Spirit within you and at this cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them and it was ten fifteen sixteen and twenty this is the covenant that I will make with them after those days says the Lord I will put my laws in their hearts and minds I will thank them two thirteen why because it is God who works in you both to will and to do his good pleasure Hebrews nine fourteen how much more shall the blood of Christ who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the living God second Peter one two two four watch this grace and peace be multiplied unto you your child to the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord according as his divine power has given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises watch this diabetes using my partakers of the debt buying me share having escaped the corruption that is in the world will you accept that I think you asked Jesus into your heart the Holy Spirit comes and brings the power of the benign nature into the following element and begin the change process he remembers the story of Israel into Israel entering I remember the command given to them with you other Canaanites if you leave him behind me will cause you to lose your facilities in our lives that is God continues the process of driving out the Canaanites we cannot leave one fortress behind a foothold given to the devil becomes a strong on past I it's a process Joshua individualized and utterly out one year it was a process and so it is with us legumes one six for this I add content that he cries Susan began a good work within you will not might go on to perfected in preparation for the day of Christ Jesus Jude twenty four now unto him who is able to keep you from falling and present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy to the only wise God our Savior be glory and majesty dominion and power from now and what does the light looked like when God 's laws written in the heart Galatians five twenty two twenty three for the fruit of the Spirit is not joy peace long-suffering kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control it looks like Jesus like Jesus sixteen what will be the final result of Christ's judgment work in his end time Saints Revelation fourteen twelve she is the patient's say sheer I had that cheap men go and have the fame was that Nixon but there is a warning for us this e-mail all I is six apart Christ as the work of the Spirit ceases not to do so is conformed the devil knows that so there is a warning in a stunning great controversy for ninety one watch he therefore least coming suddenly he find you sleeping Paris is the condition of those who were growing weary of their watch turn to the attraction of the world what amount of business is absorbed in the pursuit of gain while the pleasure letter is seeking indulgence while the daughter of fashion is arranging her adornments it may be up at are the judge of all the earth will pronounce the sentence awakened about one difference Jason is coming soon and this work is wrapping up soon and he is watching us to understand that so we can cooperate with and share this with others there are people out there is on White Sands will wistfully looking knowing there's got to be something and he will lead us to ask the closest section out with a word of prayer and I'll give you five minutes and will come back for an overview one last look at the chapter father we were reminded that is your loving kindness that draws us in a world filled with pain in a world filled with betrayal it's hard to imagine anyone could be so good in the Lord we know that you understand this it takes time to build trust and has to have been in a relationship that is safe for those of us Lord who has been wounded to let me know you never give up on us and so I just pray that you will strengthen our faith father and to believe you to remember everyone says that we can pray to you that we believe health our unbelief and she says we can never be lost select help us in our unbelief would be nice the Lord we thank you for your goodness and we know that you will finish that which it had begun in Haskins you if we trust that brings me remember things as you will person exactly is this media was brought to you by Nautilus a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to research and audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is more 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