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John's Work, Our Work, Part 2

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • June 30, 2012
    9:30 AM
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Peru we say good morning and happy Sabbath day is that is a blessing to see here and forth that he is a and I trust that God has given us the same as what you say is I believe Stephen bring about by the a two-week formation is that we may faithfully fulfill the great gospel that invites you to please deal with me if you would so that we can play together as we go through us that father in heaven her there is no way that when not to do what he or problem asking the St. Louis and self-confident think we anything that would hinder your spirit from being able to speak clearly to my mind my mouth is a father we found that needed please take our lives and letting the consecrated to be meeting over the horizon is wondrous things from your software father we ask in Jesus and some of you were simply looking at your bulletins you would see on your bulletin the title that is not I will very moment we are going to discuss our topic has started on Wednesday evening that we were dealing with the last the work of evangelism and we were talking about a model that God gave to us to the person of John the Baptist and we would looking at John the Baptist because we on many lessons that we can learn from this dynamic character is mightily used by God John the Baptist was the sole winner John the Baptist was a soul winner by reaching souls in God 's children bringing them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ bring them into the truth of their time and understanding that the Messiah was John the Baptist also witness to those outside of Israel as well he witnessed the public and to witness a Harley to witness the soldiers who were Roman soldiers eliminate the wall so accepted the message of God 's truth through the medium of John the Baptist and we have a message today that God has given to us just the same way John had a message that God gave to him can you say amen to that now in understanding this we would understand also that when John went about doing his work John was working in a time when the church was in a crisis the charges in a horrific crisis because unfortunately great education and all these things got into the minds and hearts of the schools of the profits of those days are gone to the church so therefore affected the mind of God 's people and they brought a lot of those teachings even into the religious services so therefore the charges in a tremendous crisis and the reason we know that is because Jesus was standing right in front of the people 's faces and even though the Messiah who they claim they were looking for was right in front of the things they couldn't even recognize they couldn't even see that the one whom they were seeking to study about was right in their faith by the sisters were the presence of Jesus is in the midst of the church and the church cannot see it that's a crisis but in the mess of that crisis hour and a I find John Zogby was a need for a work to be done with in the church as well as it was opportunities for him to reach people outside the church as well and bring them to bastard now here we are today we are in two thousand and twelve and we find that in like manner the same way that Christ came to his own and his own received him not unfortunately we find that Jesus was trying to come to his own even today and his owner still not receiving them I remember I was in Romanian when I was in Romania I sat down with the with the conference president there anyone to meet with me he's anyone to talk with me and talk with my associate in the dear brother that I had the privilege of working with brother Norman Edwards and he and I sat in a meeting with the president and his staff and we were talking about revival and reclamation and I I said Sergio believe that God 's church is in need of revival and reclamation and he said I believe it I said that I believe what God is said to his servant and I believe what our dear General conference president has taken us that economic farming with them and I said good things about me that you do understand articulate it I got about as quiet and forgotten here just a look at Muni said come again and I remember you know his staff and they were asking what you mean by that I said listen by the physiological definition in other words we would look at it from a scientific medical standpoint the only type of people that need to be revived the people will stop breathing any doctors containment so therefore in like manner as if we believe we need revival and the reclamation and we must testify that our children have gotten to a state that they stop breathing they need resuscitation event so therefore in like manner God says I plan about how I didn't bring about revival and revenues into my people this is you have to understand this is a very big topic as well anything can be copied and installed in just one hour so that the ministers have come here throughout this weekend to touch on various different point about what can bring about the revival and Reformation now the privileged that God gave me was to talk about the actual work also winning the work of soul winning if rightly done the Bible lets us know has the ability to bring about a revival in the heart of the people of the book of Isaiah fifty eight Venus look at it again with a look at Isaiah fifty eight and an amended bill some point CNN with an address some things on the screen in Isaiah fifty eight chapter you will find that the Bible tells us this idea the fifty eight chapter God actually gives us a formula on how a revival of Reformation can take place in the heart of his own people how healing righteousness also the great beautiful blessed experiences this is one of many experiences that can help bring about the revival of reformation amongst God 's people now notice what the Bible says in Isaiah fifty eight and let's look at verse six watch this this is and is not this the fast that I chosen to loose the bands of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free and that you bring a real and not to deal thy bread to the hungry that thou bring the poor that are cast out to the house when thou see if the naked and I'll cover him and that the hide not thyself from thine own flesh now if we want to do this work the Bible says something would happen it is the very first word in verse eight was the first wording it says then meaning that when this happens something is not happen it says then what could happen shall thy light break forth as the morning is dead and dying help show bring forth how speedily and thy righteousness shall go before the and the glory of the Lord shall be thy re- reward God says that in the work of reaching those who are lost when it is in the church or obligors Augustana Citysearch yes available when we reach those individuals who may be living in a nice fallacy in the church and we bring to them Jesus and his truth and is not in his last name as it was people and they all went into righteousness and I haven't left the souls saved can you say amen to that SL is that when we see those individual out there to straighten all living in their and their base myself and would bring God 's message to them and then wake up to the light as well that is also associate Damon and Affleck John 's wort was a likely win souls within as well as sold without some people would say today by the minute the charges so that the charges in such a condition that we need not to reach outside when it is focused within after all did not Jesus himself saying that he came not before the lost sheep of the house of Israel we know what the statement is right with the understanding is wrong the meeting example of what I mean is our biggest baseball to listen what he says here it says when he said I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel he stated the truth now watch this bill of us are finishing woman a woman who was not part of the house of Israel and Jesus went to minister to that the ancestors he was not part of the house of Israel but Jesus when administered under her nevertheless when the other is my brethren when looking upon her like Jesus why even waste your time with Jesus on something precious and that lovely lady now watch this it says it is our biggest vote to when he said I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel he stated the truth and in his work for the Canaanite woman he was fulfilling his question this website this woman was one of the lost city that Israel should have rescued it was the appointed work the work which they had neglected that Christ was doing there and a place for reaching out to those without as well of course there is in fact you know that they are several things that causes individuals do not see a need to reach outside them to observe because of a certain mindset I believe that the two extremes of the devil district many of God 's people is one futile some only focus within this result is leaving out that is within don't do any outreach because those people there that I don't think they may have another opportunity for this is the check and balance the polls the spirit of prophecy every time a non- Adventist dies probation closed there is no repentance in the great and all old people are presently I forgot how can we think that we are supposedly going to ignore the nonevent as well because we see the crisis event that's why it was a good shot at the model we won't have this problem John understood when sold within wins all about we should be doing the same thing now you'll notice that Jesus he brings about a reality to it that I believe is startling there was a statement in nineteen hundred that I want to consider video nineteen hundred that a statement was made under the testimony of Jesus Christ and I want to look at this quotation quotation says this it says the Lord does not now do what work the Lord when we when we seek to do soul winning and on top of a specific region without we are working to bring souls industrial-strength is raising says that over hundred years ago the Lord does not now work to bring many souls bend the truth someone is a well in the Lord of the work you do and why wasn't I be doing right FSM is a natural conclusion while we were first wanted to make sure we understand the Texas Rangers he again brings is that we've is too extreme some extremes are well less only do work within as an extremist biblical Minnesotans are well that's not a problem with it and last is going out and bring everybody into a mess that very altered by the resistance that's an extreme as well that did the work to be done in both places and allow you to put the Senate has decided seventy percent or thirty percent their God through his spirit will help us understand the percentage factors what I'm saying is that there is a need to go in both directions now it says the law does not know where to bring any souls into the truth is that right notice how the post says says the Lord does not know worked to bring men need so that means that we at this present hour we are not going to see Pentecost part two what is the thousands upon thousands baptizing today and always other wonderful things God does not represent my cleanup work through the shaking before that day comes but the quotation in Austin the law does not know where to bring any excess money and thank God because brothers and sisters said the Lord does not now worked to bring any that means that I wouldn't be here that means many of you would be here if the law was working to bring any there are some that Christ is raging and when she says brings people into the church he brings an advertisement than any part of the solution and not part of the problem like the mixed multitude so there are some that God is the agreement of the church but let me be honest with you while that is true because all the feedback dear nonremovable numbering on this point I had several friends share with me Associates and is different places will say well you know the law does not outwardly measles beautiful women and so on so forth after what I'll think to read and write profit right Kathy Y the reason why is because when University with his written this is my answer to the test was written in nineteen hundred but here's what I thought was interesting in nineteen oh two the same profit under the same inspiration made this statement she says everywhere the light of truth is designed for County places everywhere it is everywhere the language of the design fought that hard now in the sleep of ignorance may be awakened and converted in all countries and cities and the gospel is to be proclaimed at evangelism page nineteen now she said in nineteen hundred the Lord is not a work agreement resulted to the truth but as you said in nineteen oh two that we ought to go everywhere to all the different cities and two goalies the people who don't know that you are you following about this one nineteen oh three the places in which the truth is never been proclaimed are the best places in which to work it says that you is to take possession of the wealth of those with never before heard it that is from the document is on page twenty one so again nineteen hundred the Lord is not outwardly many souls into the truth when I felt so seasonal everywhere to every city and religions of the people who know what not nineteen oh three season to the same thing this book is as much a late nineteen eleven and it was thought that even the very profit that people talked to say we are only human only usable to do in these works but this is about of the good when the faithful line upon line precept upon precept God wants us to understand his work to be done within his work to be done without and this cannot be done by Martin about how it's only going to be stay while achieving total fall in the flesh the power to be the witness is what we heard last night and asked one of her faith to be those witnesses but now I want to get back to this quote because on Wednesday night we look at John's message and John's method amen but they would do something different today brothers and sisters within a look at look at John's life you see the Lord does not now work to bring many souls into the truth neither that was June nineteen hundred I know of God be true two thousand twelve because things have not gotten better we must embrace our realities are told that all those those German and Romanian I told him as a pleasant as a gentleman if the charge was doing great it does not need revival Reformation let's stop deceiving us up in an alcoholic looking at now is there an alcoholic before they get off of alcohol in a drug addict acknowledged they have to acknowledge drug addicts before they go to get off the drugs of this is that you and I must realize that many of us we are dead in trespasses and sins and that's why we need a revival the sooner we acknowledge our conditional problem is the better off we shall be amen now why is it that the lowered would eventually say I am not going to work to bring many souls as well I would not say something like that I believe with all my heart nobody was people save more than Jesus I don't care how much we cry and plead about our relatives and friends Jesus will cry and plead more no one wants people save more than Jesus amen so when Jesus says I'm not working to bring many people into the street right that means we need to understand father why Jesus what I want isn't that what Tiger and and make you literally brought people from coming into your chosen to attach monoline hominy you know why this notice goes on to say what the reason why it says because of who the church members doing church members can literally frustrate bringing people into the church it says because of the charts members will have when combating you need its own is possible to meet somebody who's a dry center vitamin water in the gullible wetsuit never been converted to charge numbers and letters I was Elizabeth because this is a time for self-examination could I have just been made way but I've never experienced conversion it says because of the charts members who hadn't been converted and what it says next and those who were once converted my lab what written but what God says what influence would be on constant grade members have on new converts it says would they not make of no effect the God-given message which is people out of their God the reason is because of the condition of my people doctors because of the fact that they think are all right would ensure girl wrong inelastic that that is the ultimate essence of the issue would love to see you a people who think I'm all right we're really it all wrong Jesus says it even frustrates my ability to bring people in my church because what influence with these individuals have upon my people now watch this I believe as a medical missionary you should ascertain the cause and I appreciate the fact that that that the Macintosh I spoke last night about the physician and the minister working to get agreement but this is a limiting of its in volume seven of the test of what basically to us as we have come to a time that every member of the church to take hold of medical missionary work how many members every member is everyone visible different vision null so that means that you do not need to be a physician in order to be a medical missionary can you say that I now with law what was the issue then what was the issue that caused the people I went to never be converted or to have once been converted but have backslidden I wonder what was connected to this behavior notice that all examine their own way practices build a practice that the people would delete that delete was causing at the end and a certain characteristic in themselves that very frustrated bringing people into the church I wonder what it was worth it let all examined their own practices to see if they are not in the housing in fact which is a positive injury to them what is often about it says let them dispense with every unhealthful gratification in what evening and drinking you mean to tell me that the people 's eating and drinking habits had an effect upon the minds that have an effect upon their targets that brought them to a situation where they were not behaving like converted people and as a result of that God said I will not bring people into the church not many it goes on to say some go to distant countries to seek a better climate but where ever they may be the stomach creates within a malarious atmosphere it says they bring upon themselves something that no one can alleviate them bring their damage practice of the Harmony with nature 's laws and by deleting as well as believing an atmosphere may be creative about both soul and body that will be a safer although I on to life this why we cannot just focus on John message and method but we also must focus on the life of John the Baptist it was no light on John the Baptist gave so much power to his message and the runs up the phone and Deuteronomy four is the other book of Deuteronomy chapter four spelled out now something dangerous is going wrong you having me speak without talking from so you need to backlog if you want to check on time Post a one o'clock will be out of sin so I'm not to be held accountable for a bundle Deuteronomy chapter four where the altar there to Deuteronomy four Deuteronomy chapter for less notice what the Bible says watch this now in Deuteronomy chapter four you will find that God gave a formula to Israel that was designed to make them effective witnesses to other nations for the Bible to Deuteronomy for the Bible says beholders five B Hall I have taught you what statutes and judgments even as the Lord my God commanded me but you should do so in a man would be legal to possess it now God tells us what to do with these that you think that is what a say in the next verse it's a key therefore and what do that now this is not a profession God is my thing I preach and teach everybody got a think keep therefore and do them in other words abatement what would happen when Israel would obey the things God told him to do with his next King therefore and do them for this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the nations which shout here all these statues and says surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people the Bible always thought that it is not truth known but chose led that gives power to the message the author that Israel kids and does what I tell them to do he says when the other nations say the administration a wise and understanding people brothers and sisters it was a young man I met many years ago he made a statement I was so powerful he said preach the gospel only use words if necessary but I know online eyes should be assassinated when people zoom in on it and elected and if you shall did that is a little different the idea diluted in a pot and ask why he addressed when he addressed why would you believe what you do things the way you don't and that the dad that opens that we can share God 's truth as it is in Jesus Christ with them this is why the first phase will look at is John and I go to the book of Matthew chapter three Matthew chapter three the Bible says in Matthew chapter three tells us something about John died that is amazing imagine the third chapter when John was of course proclaiming the wonderful Gospel Herald and letting the people know to repent for the kingdom of heaven is now at hand notice of the Bible says in Matthew three less considerate verse one in those days came John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness of today and singer Peggy for the kingdom of heaven is at hand for this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah saying the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the Lord make his paths straight verse four and the same John had his raiment of camel 's hair and a leather girdle about his mind and his meet was locusts and wild honey the Bible says every gives us an indication of John's diet but it was clearly a guy that was pure vegetable when you look at the word locust many a time to come up at the locus being ordeals with vegetation John was a partaking of a plant -based diet if you would now John was writing about the big mother that my grasshoppers John was eating loves eating a plant based diet now how do we know that inspiration also helps us with this is that his diet all my notice playback reconnected to the reason to bring about the diet purely what purely vegetable of locusts and wild honey was a rebuke to the indulgence of appetite and delight like to need that everywhere prevailed is very died in his bid for what he was eating and drinking John said the Bible tells us in the spirit of prophecy magnified that it was a powerful witness to the people that it would be a good gluttonous habits and all these other things not John is something we should know over the book of Exodus chapter five I love that I love the to bring this point because I believe it brings in a very powerful point exit is justified you remember God sent Moses out and God was telling Moses to tell Pharoah that my people go of course you and was a mouthpiece Moses felt the study too much in all these other things but notice what the Bible says and not Exodus seven five in Exodus chapter five verses wanted to give the Bible says it says and afterward Moses and Aaron went in and told Farrell thus saith the Lord God of Israel let my people go that they may hold a feast unto me in the wilderness and found sinful is the Lord without they found us as low as the Lord that I should obey his voice to let Israel go I know not the Lord neither will I let Israel go know what Sarah said with that wasn't why was that foolish that was definitely foolish now I want to know what would've motivated or pushed Pharoah to say such a full restraint life goal is the Lord number of this is as I was searching through the Scriptures and I found at least one reason how many I found at least one reason I believe why Harrelson who is the Lord and is a lesson for you and I go to the book of Proverbs chapter thirty Proverbs the thirtieth chapter less noticed something the Bible says Proverbs the thirtieth chapter and I believe that John the Baptist understood this principle and that's why his die was what it was probably the thirtieth chapter minimum number setting when you get there please amen in Proverbs thirty seven the Bible says two things that are required of the deny me the night before I die remove far from me vanity and lies give me neither poverty nor riches but that lasted the same see me with food convenient for me and I was singing with the sufficient money give me just enough food water John say that he says in verse nine that I be what flow and then IV and say what role is below John all around us Solomon understood that if I partake of too much food and I hate beyond what is sufficient for me and can affect my mind to the point that I can end up denying God and even devastate who is even honestly been obeying his voice power gluttony no wonder the Bible says both the glutton and a drunkard shall both come to poverty zebra this is a visibility to understand what many are outspoken outside everything up and let me know that both of those addictive onion I thought that's a horrible time he got definitely what people eat like this people eat like this whether it be betting on real murders and you know what God understood that when we do these things it can have an effect on us to such a point that could cause and effect that we may even deny him that's why the Bible says put a knife to my throat about the American appetite good with you if you are not given to appetite it is basically a slow suicide anyhow put a knife to my throat about them and given up making a brothers and sisters we need to understand something is the outdoor some research and I want to look at this look at this quotation you we are told foo also is harmful is naturally stimulating effect should be a sufficient argument against its use and almost universally diseased condition of animals makes it doubly objectionable it tends to irritate the nerves and to excite the passions thus giving the balance of power to the lower propensities counselor Doctor who three ninety seven when an individual of each it affects the mind in such a way that they're not able to make good business into a righteous decisions because them I definitely got so therefore what governs the decision now although lower-class this is why we counseling talk with young people in an adult as well what currently giving into sexual lust we begin to investigate the appetite because many times as the reason why it exists because of how and because you can drink as in those deep dark dangerous fast food because you and I can actually practice gluttony even with healthy food watch this number say something less than having therefore these promises beloved let us cleanse ourselves most of it is of the flesh and spirit perfecting holiness in the fear got the line is the prevailing said this age lustful appetite makes slaves of men and women and because the interactions to provide their moral sensibilities to such a degree that the sacred elevated shrews of God 's word are not appreciated lower propensities have ruled men and women now lustful appetite but again this can also affect even tofu eaters healthy food it is possible that just because the food is plant -based not me that we have free reign England what women want only one receive any notices it says it is possible to eat in moderately even of what kind of food wholesome food it does not follow that because one has discarded the use of hurtful articles and I what has a much as he pleases it is already leaving no matter what the quality of the boat closet living the scene and dust hinders it in its work you see that Christian temperance Bible hygiene page fifty one so you'll find that God is trying to let you what I know they aren't eating and drinking habits can mentally frustrate God being it will communicate with our minds and as a result of that they can put us in a place where God is the present shoots why might and will fight against and when we do that God says I dare not bring the masses into a church where this is going on and this is why the Lord is not outwardly many souls into the truth and you know what something is it would have to widen those of us up I wanted you like but this is if you don't believe Jesus ministry will grab assisting vicinities the wow can tell you the same thing that the Bible storytelling not for the world 's as well says this is my chapter on March twenty eight two thousand ten visit a new study published online March twenty eighth in nature neuroscience describes these indulgent simulations adding to research literature on how excess food intake can trigger changes in the brain citizen this is something that even the loudest running out without it even as it is says all three servicing to create a neurochemical dependency in the eater or user something happens in the brain when individuals overeat in effect something called dopamine which is used to help affordable make right decisions when you see what I mean but it's the function of dopamine if this cognition and frontal cortex in the frontal lobes dopamine controls the flow of information from other areas of the brain meaning that if I already is protocol the chemical change in my brain this can alter the effect of the dopamine which enables my mind to make right decisions and that is what it says dopamine transporters in this region of the brain call a big crime in neurocognitive function like what especially memory is less than people can memorize Scripture that another hot human rights could well present form is again controlling a diet but it also says attention this is why people fall asleep is why people find and sell that as soon as the manifesto is present most of the document into an office in the literature minimizes unwanted space attention but then even worse than both of them it says memory attention and what else problem solving and brothers and sisters do you know that problems often get you black white red yellow green it does not matter to mental females it does not matter it would because getting it one thing we all have in common is problems and ministry of healing page three fifty three says the gospel is a wonderful simplify of life 's problems so when we are probably could find a simplified solution in the Gospels but on mine 's a mess that we can't solve problems by the system usable to learn and this is John understood John knew that I am called by God to be a problem self John saw problems in Israel John saw problems in the world and John knew I must get control of appetite and not let appetite control me so that I may be using mightily by God to do the work is assigned me to do and God can accept no less because remember I showed you Wednesday night John's work is all work but it wasn't just John's diet it was also something else and the passage of time yes it was John's dress go back to Matthew chapter three Matthew chapter three John's address the Bible says in Matthew chapter three remember what the Bible says now it's all is not only about his simplified diet but also tells us about amazing dress habits with those of the Bible to the Bible says in Matthew chapter three verse four again if ever the same John had his raiment of what camel 's hair and a leather girdle about his lawns John had very simple humble clothing John did not wear sheep clothing per se but yet very simple humble clothing and his dress was also a witness to the people as much as his diet is even remember when God told Israel because of the God of Israel he said look I want to do this God gave Israel address now one of the God of Israel as you remember you told that you want to put these blue ribbons at the borders of your document that now God told Israel to do that for very specific reason he's a speaker to the children of Israel and bend them that they make them fringes and the borders of their garments throughout their generations and that they put upon them the friend of the board is a ribbon of what it was a revenue blue now what and what was God 's intention in town and the put is within the blue on their garments notice it says and it shall be unto you for a friends that you may look upon it and do what we remember all the commandments of the Lord and do them it says and that he seek not after your own heart and your own eyes after which he used to go a whoring ledger lead the dress code was to be reminded of who you are God said that when you look up under clothing when you get down to helping you do not do you think all this is going to be looking on you by your clothing is a well doesn't it look like Beyoncé has some of the major hip-hop R&B pop and the middle of whatever artists now this is when we get our clothes we were supposed again to the point that when we whack it would be a reminder to our south and a reflection of God to others Siddhartha Bondra he closes by saying that you may remember and do all my commandments and be holy unto your God Numbers fifteen versus thirty eight to forty this is the stress reform has become so trivial unfortunately for some reason people think all what is right up to a ping sweep is going to turn in all my and all Montgomery told this is your mind busy and desperately wicked why would you try something desperately wicked to pick up till close to following the Bible says the heart of the heart represents the mind-boggling you and I trust something desperately wicked to say that the clothing and aspect that's why we have addressed issues reactivate my thing and amount opinion that ministers will speak with Bates with a one Aceves the only inspiration notes all words our actions and our address on daily living breaches of this is about guarantee you before you buy any item of clothing going forward when you look at the article of clothing in the store ask yourself this very important safety if you would ask is that just this question using something powerful take place in your mind if you are even minutely willing to hear the voice of God when you pick up your clothing before you dig it out say what sermon with his optic reach any sort of rapid frequency youngest was a young black men S even with a passing up the backside buildings and a walk around the new walking anything when I see that I'm saying to myself that the signing is not progress at the seventy first and talks about a woman who was wearing the tie year of our harlots clothing gives messages brothers and sisters in view when I would look at the closing bias in what sermon with this outfit preach because every article of clothing preaches something is physical it said all words are active in our dress I barely living creatures jabbering with Christ on doing what scattering abroad so that's another thing we just whenever you are not wearing even right now even gathers people to Jesus Boyd pushes people further away from Jesus this is one of brother walks up to you and he's more interested in your anatomy than the words coming out of your mouth after scattering out February are you following brothers when you when you want to go in in August it's a little tight so not to go ahead and show your muscles the lab is looking at you whatever brothers that is a scattering outfit scattering garments if we were to study the sanctuary you would understand that when this when Jesus look at the bodied monkeys is called the body Temple and it is called by example so when I think about essentially nothing about the biographies of parallels binoculars lessons from the sanctuary amen what here is that when you remember it it is an individual were to try to go into the most holy place what would happen with a guy yes now watch this if you really think about it if you really think about it was the common analog of the most holy with the common Priscilla so with only the high priest taken so therefore the common man when God equated our bodies to a temple your member God said I will write my law in your heart so that when guys and I'll write my law in your heart do not need to goggle right his lot in my heart then the law was in the most holy places therefore I can see lessons from the most holy place even teach me lessons about my body now watch this with the common analogs in the most holy place to live a common mission under which nobody looks like with the common priests a lot of the most holy place in the Bible said that everything a person under the tent right now that is a well preserved that means that even the common church member has no right to know the particulars of your body looks like the only person whether right to see what an individual 's body looks like is that common preschool course that young lady and when he courts of Yasser hand in marriage and when that John the handyman .com and please just graduated and became a high priest and that high priest has every right to see inside the secret of the most holy place brothers and sisters you have to understand we are told obedience to fashion is pervading our Seventh-day Adventist churches and is doing more than any author power to separate our people from the LSA this plug-in minister friends and Bible teachers and and all of those will be called in the work brothers and sisters do not neglect to instruct the people on dress and do not tell them what you think show them what inspiration says because maturity are interested by the scattering of God our gynecology amen what it was one more thing than on the highlight John's home because John's home also was part of what enabled him to preach the gospel so well received Moses Ali Raven know what one of the reasons why Noah was such a great preacher is because Allawi says his sort of redemption and paychecks and profits she says that every time no as hammer hit the art it was assembled to the lipid known as inevitably this message the problem is that when a citizen had been a safe time is almost finished on Sunday lost a little class and the crisis of the public and we began to preach free freight but from this is what people see our lives in a cedar wood blinds just like the world this even with messages like the world in order not ignorantly kills the message it makes a big mistake you don't even believe your message so why should I estimate what they were thinking but it was not just his diet was not just his dress it was also his home John Lydon of people today woman is and John was married he understood the need to get away from the city environment he understood something notice is racist says he subjected himself the vibration and solitude in the wilderness where he could in a single sentence on the Majesty of God by studying his great book of nature it goes on to say it wasn't atmospheric calculated in other words God thought this through it was calculated gossip I know what happens when I can get my people out of the city environments and put in the country environment notice it was calculated to perfect moral culture and to keep the fear the Lord continually before him John the forerunner of Christ did not expose himself to evil conversation and the corrupting influences of the world he feared the effect upon his conscience that sin might not appear to him so exceeding sinful but is is is is you and I don't understand when we passed those billboards on the highways all the time it comes a point that there probably was a time that when we saw naked woman it was a wall that it was shameful in the Bible negative the same always go together now the time is in exhibited abominable one billboard is all the same document of that nowadays we see it's almost analysis and looking to open a people people and people in other words we go through something called desensitization we are not moved anymore by the exceeding sinfulness of sin because we see is what we're living around it was surrounded by well always hearing it therefore yielding about an effect on your mind brothers and sisters when my family and I got out of the city into the country what I saw it due to my children you could never pay me any amount of money to move back to the city what I saw you say much of an appropriate SL I'm saying what I see my children grow in God 's grace and businesses I'm amazed at how an environment and atmosphere capacity clarified that on the individual 's mind John understood this God says he wants us to understand and so you find that he says he chose rather to have his phone the wilderness where his senses would not be comforted by his surroundings should we not learn something from this example of one whom Christ honored and obtaining said among them that one of women dare not risen a greater than John the Baptists conflict encouraged page two seventy six brothers and sisters did you know that the high purpose of country living a high purpose is a lot of people think that learning is about hiding residences of country living is not about hiding Satan is a spirit you can hide from him I don't care how many PO boxes you get and I don't care how many blisters you put from your driveway Satan knows where you are is not about hiding from the devil you can't hide from Satan God gave us country living but sometimes people still would you know what I wanted to government because at the recent people in the city from the sisters listen to me you know the greatest mission of every single one of us under this roof right now one of our greatest mission is in life to please God if I could summarize it if I could summarize the great mission of you in just a few words get your great mission is to please God Dean of the Bible tells us about somebody please got the book of Hebrews eleven as we prepare to close watch this Hebrews eleven and Hebrews the eleven C somebody please God Bible says in Hebrews the eleventh chapter of the text is as it relates to one who pleased God Bible says in Hebrew the eleventh chapter I want to look at verse five the Bible says by faith by what is said by faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death and was not found because God had translated him number of assistance for Enoch to have been sunlit would you agree that ha ha level of pleasing God little of the taxes next it says that you not have a testimony is that for people to and he had this testimony was the testimony he pleased God I don't want to but I love the what would Jesus have you not walk invisible because if please got to the point adopted son you look so much like me get so close to my home in mice will come with me until Jacob Howard have any strings about you but you know was interesting about your users and providing what I do think testimony by Enoch at Brassica solicited to looking on what it is you know that we can learn faith in nature so then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God but they had they not hurt yes their latest download all the world in their words went on to the end of the world now he doesn't primarily speaking this is the preaching and teaching of alerts within another lesson we can pull from it because those very words in Romans ten are also reflected the words and songs nineteen notice the heavens declare the glory of God and firmament show forth his handiwork David a utter a speech in nine of the night is still acknowledged it says there is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard talk about nature nature has up its Wednesdays beer line is gone out throughout all the earth in their words to the end of the world almost the exact verbiage that followed using Romans ten nature has a way of increasing our faith in helping us understand God is the hot purpose of this is of country living notice God surrounded us with nature 's beautiful scenery to attract an interest of mine is his design that we should associate the glories of nature with his character if there's if we faithfully study the book of nature we shall find a fruitful source for contemplating the infinite love and power of God this is coming from admin is on page one hundred and forty four and so you'll find as we close it says he is not some I cannot now one please got any not did not make his abode with the wicked I didn't do what you feel you need to did not please God so if we want to please God willingly involve an example of this is a not did not make is about Wikipedia and live in the method would specifically did not locate inside and thinking to Cesar are you following sites and fast he placed himself and his family where the atmosphere would be as pure as possible then goes on to say after proclaiming his message he always felt back with him to his place of retirement some land received the warning some of these became overcome and died before the flood came manuscript forty two nineteen hundred brothers and sisters the high purpose of country living but we might learn of God and then when we learn of God we go ahead and reach people up in the cities and bring them back to our Adventist loans you know when people see it had been his home it does something to change his because there is no greater witness than Lucy when people see the light of Jesus lived off the pulpit over to witness John had a message John had a method John had a certain lifestyle and it was through this wonderful combination that God used John might lead to the point that Jesus said he was the greatest of all profits brothers and sisters we would do well to learn from John's example can you say amen now some of us may say what it is because I'm appealing to you now some of us may say well when it comes to my diet when it comes to my dress when it comes to where I live whatever maybe I struggle I wanted the challenges and I have all these problems why am I supposed to do it aren't I went to experience like that myself I'm about to lethal trap by the palace and I keep trying to stop doing bad things and I finally settled back into again and so I try to keep getting my heart diseases and I kept failing they might relate to that when they got to be something I'd just like to be reasonable price of the lessons I went to page one fifty nine and he said something very powerful in that page it told us that while God wants us to have victory over self and sin it says on that very same page but no person of themselves can overcome self and it says he can only consent to let Christ do the work and benefit and when this is understood if there's adding the language of the soul will be listened to the lenses it says the language of the soul will be Lord take my heart for I cannot give it it is not property to your for I cannot keep it for the save me in spite of myself my week on Christlike self no need to raise the twelfth family atmosphere where the rich currant of Philo influenced myself I believe many of us need to make that line without language today businesses don't rebel against God 's truth rebellion is as witchcraft and the Bible makes it clear that witches are separated from God you don't want to be separated from Jesus he dress diet country living are absolutely necessary but all of them often surprises this is not the root with connected to Jesus because he loved me when he says a if any of you in this room realize Lord I been rebelling against the words of truth Lord I did notice you but I want to go ahead and be in compliance with anyway some of you may sadly rebelling some of you may say you know I never knew this but now with the comply whenever you want a category but today you willing to surrender that is a team that now not dismissing the song now but amid the song all to Jesus I got your testimony you would comply with Jesus and the MetLife of rebellion or that life of ignorance and comply with them and that his will be done today would you please send me the Internet you will find that all God 's bidding 's are also his enabling power of the indwelling Spirit of Christ so you can't walk as Enoch walked those silly how to work as John work and ultimately he will show you how to reflect the character that is his own Ruby of the things that this generation in the lettuce father in heaven we thank you that you spoken to our hearts this morning what a wonderful service will be praising for the things we learned the things we've been reminded the power of his Spirit will help us to walk industry and to walk in this light and to keep pace with this one as we see they are thank you Lord for hearing this we ask you a and is not as hot as it is that God 's word to release an audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe in his life this is more so than is www. nonanswers .org


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