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Fear God, Part 1

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • June 28, 2012
    9:45 AM
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are you a holiday losing welcome everyone who is here with us I know that all of the meeting sounded in a credible and therefore thank the Lord again I'm here because I have to be here if I don't want ninety nine seminar but nevertheless I do want to hear some of the other thing is really good I believe the Lord bless those of us here and I know that God has necessarily as it relates the experience of the three Angels messages to find that is one thing to talk about the importance of the film and we need to understand what intellect do need to understand that the same time he is an experienced this out of the message and that's what many times we find myself missing so what happens is a person like myself to be honest with you I've attended many meetings and about my twenty years in seminary Mister and I've been in meetings where I heard her longest points of presence neither members of my life the one significant finding over and over and over again even when I was in port ninety is less than the uncertain candy you keep your online of wonderful truths for this time I mean here again in Revelation faithfully taught among talking about erroneous things are using nowadays and replacement of truth people by teaching and I've been in these meetings you hear a lot of expressions about the need to get ready our need for victory over sin the fact that is a coming crisis via the Sunday law that will be passed in America first and that is to branch out the role the world is to take the majority of the people in the world would overwhelm in surprise that's why the Bible says that there are a few that will stay on that road that leads me to let the memories and seven still as a I'm listening to all messages I noticed as year after year you have the same meaning you can call the meetings whatever you want you can call them all the famous group meetings like this one hearing the anti- rights the Army also had to recant meetings in different groups and what happened is almost like people just keep coming you're right here as your dialogue with the people you find that sometimes what either in the same experience or worse in other words how is it that we can keep hearing these startling messages keep hearing all these powerful truth in all these things but it does not bring a practical change in our experience that actually sticks I'm not talking about emotional excitement no one were actually convocations like this is typically where people can stay very focused in the mountains were away from a lot of other things we don't so it is easier to stay focused but typically when we get back into the valleys of what we call light is like a lot of times all these great things we learn is gone right out the window and we even got to where we were or even words in any way relate when talking about and this is why he gets to appointment to start looking for even more so as far as I'm concerned I'm that excited to have a Seventh-day Adventist teacher of God 's word as one of the student of God 's word I firmly believe that we are right at the brink of a most members prices that is getting ready to take this world and in this church as an overwhelming surprise I firmly believe that what understanding how closely onto the crisis alone is not a good single so ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ or four that Christ in other words as we gain the knowledge of prophecy it is an experience that supposed to be connected to that knowledge that makes us ready for the prosthetic you as for what I was second in the one live events and an afternoon looking for then would have a word of prayer as we go deeper into us they are now in second Peter chapter one you find what I would say is perhaps the highest reason for Bible prophecy right we are movement based on prophecy which own the book evangelism one ninety six that ministers to present resort property and prevent the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation is the foundation of the faith of Seventh-day Adventist were told that and therefore we should teach it in connection with the words behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world we are a movement of prosthetic design we are not just another denomination to hang on the wall of Christian we are a movement of prosthetic design but what is the purpose of processing notice with the Bible says is because it is second Peter Milliken chapter one M E just verse ninety second Peter chapter one verse nineteen the key reason the chief reason of why God gives us prophecy is that is what the Bible says are we all their imminent father in heaven as we consider this simple point from your word give us understanding me we ask in Jesus name amen the Bible says we have also a more wet sure word of prophecy that we would do well to heed unto them as unto a wife who likes that sign up in a dark wave on till something happens what is it that has to happen it says the day gone and no one else the days are arises in our hearts the great purpose of prophecy is so that it may cause the day to dawn and the days start to arise in our hearts now the revelation twenty two verse six very quickly so we can identify cool is this and some of your transmissions a MorningStar this is what the Bible says whose this day morning Star is that will arise in our hearts as a result of understanding prophecy is what the Bible says Revelation twenty two and verse sixteen the Bible says I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the charges I am the root and offspring of David and the way right and morning star Jesus is that MorningStar Jesus is that they stock so the purpose of prophecy is to make us aware of where we are in time so that he will step at to make sure that we are secure in Jesus as that they must arise in our hearts Christ must be with an us the hope of glory that's the whole purpose of prophecy economically the truth it is possible from the pastor to the people that an individual can understand and bring down prophecy and still not reflective of the image of Jesus it is possible that someone can the eyes across the chief understands the dates and times and charts and the list goes on and at the end of the day miss the whole point Christ is not formed within the hope of glory and brother this is the value for some people the waiter studying prophecy right now all they did was go from being an ignorant center to an intelligence center in both ignorant and intelligence that is abundant into the same link ignorant and intelligent so we have to desire something more than knowledge and information am amazed at what I see in Adventism you see a lot of people who love to always find out the new with the latest the most startling things but they won't even live up to the light that they learned years ago and the Bible says not to walk in the light as Christ is in the light so this is why I believe we need to scale back to the point that is not as if the seeking out of new and startling things but Lord help me understand prophecy in such a way that I can have an experience with Jesus connected to my prosthetic understanding and may Christ arise within our heart and that's why our focus is not to be the technical information of the three Angels messages I believe that the plenty of messages like that on or reimbursed I believe that when it messages like that on various websites I believe that the many individuals and as an administrative who understand more of the CRE of the three angels then the experience and when you understand that time is almost finished the brothers and sisters you and I must understand what we need to do is get the experiences connected to the ferry to go from the head to the heart this is what God wants to do this is the assignment that I've been given to you over these next few presentations so as we prepared to receive from Jesus how can I enter into the experience of the first the second and the third Angels message highway and into this experience I believe God is and do something specimens I believe is into something special for us and that the Spirit of God will fall off fresh upon us and give us power to live and be a witness to those in our homes to those in our churches and to those within our communities and in this world that we finally finished working on the Jesus with that being said let us bow forward of primitive Vicodin it would need a cookie cannot be described by as we walked otherwise let us kneel together and let us hear God speak to our hearts as we prepare to go to the study the experience of the three Angels messages father in heaven we thank you we thank you so much Lord that you are truly opening arise in helping us to behold wondrous things out of by law father I know that you have been longing to see you people get very because what we can experience what we don't know itself on I dare not minimize the theory we need to understand what could it be that just like the Pharisees of old were told and desire of ages page three oh nine that the great mistake of the Pharisees was that they thought that an intellectual understanding of truth constituted righteousness they failed to take the truth that was and they had been allowed to take residence in their hearts and what I believe there many of us that are unfortunately filled with the spirit of the Pharisee today we believe that our intellectual understanding of so many things somehow has tricked us into believing the more prepared for the final events but more of me want this theory to go for my heads to our hearts and this can be done by my to buy power only by your spirit so father we ask please send him now I pray on behalf of all the speakers pastor Davis passed the Berkeley father passed the bore all of those who were being used by the May we all as a result of all of the seminars know what it is to have a walk with Jesus even as Enoch walked invisible and Lord I thank you that you heard this friend while you blessing others please father do not pass me by there's more about Jesus that I too would learn someday I even gain a fresh revelation of the as a result of these studies is our prayer we pray in Jesus name amen want to turn your Bibles to the book of Revelation the fourteenth chapter going to Revelation chapter fourteen this is a study that would limit do well to take note so please make sure you happen and paper handy as we go through revelation the fourteenth chapter now in revelation fourteen we find that God wanted to express to our hearts the very last message that is designed to finish the work in this reason we know it's good to finish the work in Revelation fourteen Nice I remember six John the related since I saw another angel fly in the myth of heaven and yet the everlasting gospel to preach and dependent upon the earth to every nation kindred tongue and people now John had the everlasting gospel it meant amen now connect Revelation fourteen six with Romans one sixteen those two verses are very much comparative one to another because Romans one sixteen helps us understand more clearly what the focus is on Revelation fourteen six and onward the Bible says in Romans one and verse sixteen to get there when you get there please Damon all right in Romans one and verse sixteen a very powerful companion text I believe the Romans fourteen six the Bible says for I am not ashamed of what the gospel of Christ so Paul was negative I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ and then he says for it is with musings about that define what the gospel of Christ is is is for it is what the power of God unto salvation and only belongs to everyone who believes to the Jew first and also to the Greek soldiers Gentile doesn't matter if we believe the Bible says that we can experience this but noticed that it's an experience and not let service it says I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ but it is the what power power is not necessarily or limited to something you talk about power is something you experience and demonstrate are you following power is something you experience and demonstrate the reason why we say something is powerful is because they would experience connected to it are you following so therefore the Bible lets us know that the gospel is an experience therefore what John says I saw another angel fly in the mist of heaven having the everlasting hospital that means that those three angels message is now following up in this vision in verse six is an experience that God wants his people to enter into a result of the knowledge we learned first here and in the transitions here must be brought into an experience therefore the question is not so much do I know the three Angels messages the question is more importantly are you what experiencing the three Angels messages is one thing the saving of the first Angels message is another thing is a heavy experience in the first Angels message is another is one thing to say you know the second Angels message is another thing to think having an experience in the second Angels message of course it's one thing to say do you know the third Angels message and then are you experiencing the burning so you'll find that it is an experience along with a message now what's the end result go back to Revelation fourteen the reason we know that the three Angels messages is according to the Bible designed to finish the work in this generation the reason we know this is less of the book of Revelation fourteen but now that I look at verse fourteen what is the fruit what comes out of the reality that we now have an experience with the three Angels messages notice what the Bible says is Witt and the resultant adverse fourteen it says in Revelation fourteen and when looking at verse fourteen of you there please a man the Bible says in Revelation fourteen fourteen and I looked and behold a white cloud and upon the cloud one sat like unto the son of man having on his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle and another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud thrust in thy sickle and read why is this for the time is come for the juried for the harvest of the earth is what right so when the three Angels messages it is understood and experienced and done its fall where the Bible says harvest time comes now what according to the Bible 's harvest Matthew thirteen thirty nine in Matthew thirteen hundred thirty nine what is harvest time the notice of the Bible says Matthew seven thirteen and looking at verse thirty nine because he does one identify what is harvest time Matthew thirteen and verse thirty nine this is coming from the parable of the wheat and the tears and Jesus is now explaining the powerful so he's taking all the symbols and is preventing the reality and he says in verse thirty nine of Matthew thirteen the Bible says it with ESA men please the Bible says in Matthew thirteen thirty nine it says they enemy vessel Dennis who the devil and then assist the harvest is the what is the end of the world so the Bible is showing us that the three Angels messages is designed to bring about harvest time and harvest time is being end of the world so as long as we understand and demonstrate as we read earlier councils the writers age twenty nine as we understand and demonstrate the power of the three Angels messages it is designed according to the word of God to bring about harvest time there is no other gospel that can do that that's why it is with all due respect that we state that any minister no matter how big and how popular they may be in this world that are in any of the charges that constitute Babylon they are not qualified to give a message to bring about the harvest with just being sensible Christians one horizontally we want him to come and want Jesus to come in and so therefore the only people should be coming to our schools and coming to what are individuals with the message that can bring about the harvest if they don't have a message to bring about a Harvard reason I be teaching at all schools they can come visit because it down and they can learn what they cannot teach us because they have nothing to offer but don't have the message that brings about the harvest and everything must be focused on the heart amen now notice this when you think of the Millerite movement in the right movement were called what Adventists they were called administer your Adventist are you Adventist I don't think so I began benefiting a seven-day Adventist in other words if they are different less noticed but notice the quotation with Elizabeth S quotation you now I want to look at this because this is powerful it says the Scripture which above all others had been both know what foundation and the central pillar of the attic vent fate hold on to that it says the Scripture was above all others had been both the foundation and such a pillar of the ad then they was the declaration of the two thousand and three hundred eight ten South Saint Ruby client visa been familiar word to all believers in the Lord soon Connie now this was the foundation and subject of lengthy the act event faith right now watch this though what understanding the correct understanding now forgot to inspire Ellen White to say correct automatically by default means they must've been what an incorrect way to understand it right it says the correct understanding of the ministration in the heavenly sanctuary is the foundation of those things our faith so therefore it becomes a I understand men sleep those Adventists they were definitely building off of Daniel H and verse fourteen but they did not have a right understanding of what the property with meeting to correct a man and therefore it was after October twenty second eighteen forty four that now there was a better understanding or what is called a correct understanding William Miller did not understand the work of Jesus in the most holy place of the heavenly things which they did not understand the type of essentially was what they are but the correct understanding of the ministration in the heavenly sanctuary is the foundation of our estate so therefore Seventh-day Adventists are great focus is built off of the correct understanding of what Jesus is doing in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and in making sure that we are living in full complete cooperation with a man this is the experience that we need this is the foundation of our faith as Seventh-day Adventists and I want to let you know where this is that there are a lot of advances in this world today have been simply means coming so there are a lot of people who believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ but does not believe in a heavenly sanctuary don't be ashamed to tell people who you are you are a seven day advantage you are not just simply Adventist people could miss thank you for somebody else you want to have the subject of mistaken identity the let the people know when they say who you are liturgical to Bolzano that ministers and at times quite honestly we say that because wishing with fearful that people just to sell you those quirky people to go around doing stuff on a Saturday versus Sunday in order this is when people asked me what searching apart I think you know I'm very thankful to God for the remember the Seventh-day Adventist church I let another without making that I let them know I am very thankful to God that I had the privilege of being a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church you'd be amazed at how sometimes just by the way that you articulate the people who you are will determine if they want to keep talking to you if you look ashamed of your message that is able to want what I want to know thank you close the door but with some I said that starting a part of anything out of the ground of a faith that sometimes we see for those not to be canvassing when we can go to know because they do know I'm so thankful to God for the privilege of being part of the seventy administers today and got has a message for you you'd be amazed at just by the boldness of that and some people say talk to me and tell me a message the open now Jesus said that there's something I want my people to do as a result of the fact that I am in the sanctuary I am doing a work of judgment again I told you I'm going to the experience because I don't have time to the point by point by point by point or how do we knows judgment in this video but I think of plenty of messages that you get access to that information but what is it that God told us to do because when living in the hour of judgment go to Revelation fourteen and I was ludicrous and missing the Bible says the Bible says in Revelation fourteen and person in Revelation chapter fourteen verse seventeen of the Bible says when you get there please say amen the Bible says in Revelation fourteen in verse seven it says saying with a loud voice to what they are God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come the Bible makes it clear that the first set in the experience of the first Angels message is that we must learn to do what the your high once we understand how to hear God we can then know how to give glory to him because we are living in the hour of judgment we will offer him true worship we will come out of Babylon we will not accept the mark of the beast we will keep the commandment of God and the baby Jesus because would build on the foundation of theory God starts with God you have to understand what that means practically a gospel that is not practical is a worthless gospel we have to stop within a few but has to go from here to here him and last night we talked about John's work our work and we look at John and we look at something that was on a theoretical point but also on a practical point but the whole mission is to build off of that foundation integral deeper and deeper into the courtroom quote practical experience now what does it mean to fear God you believe that this is the message the seventy advantage right now to tell the world of fear you believe that all right guys anybody who is not a seven thousand is anyone here all right thank you for joining us blessings this good fortune anyone else all right so now watch this the majority of us and he is quite a bit of muscle the majority of us here we all Seventh-day Adventists now if you're seventy advertisement you cannot help but to know that this is the foundation of our faith which means that we should understand this and as a result of understanding is that neither we should be understand what we should do in light of this in the first episode also someone would ask you what does it mean to fear God what would your answer be talk to me this is your opportunity to talk with studying the website to make this class oriented okay my brother says that this to think more clearly of what God think that Bobby dear Ben what are companions thing the point yes respect not a scheduled a lot of times you hear respect and so on now do you think that we should just get the blah opinions when they ask us that the helmet 's attitude when we go out to the world always was let the world but then we learned last night that sometimes the souls that need to be saved even those within our own borders own search right so that means that when we teaching members and archers or taking those outside of our church the whole mission is going to tell them our opinions we must tell them what the word of God blessed the Lord so what we want to do is we want to surrender our opinions and we want to go ahead and submit to the word of God amen so we are going to tell people to fear God it would make sense that we direct them to the word of God go to the book of Proverbs separate what does it mean to fear God notice what the Bible says Proverbs chapter eight in verse thirteen when you get there please say amen the Bible says in Proverbs chapter eight in verse thirteen I want to theaters Proverbs eight and verse thirteen the Bible says properly researching my dear friend you gave the answer I give universal work immediately where iron sharpening iron the Bible says the fear of the law is the way hate evil pride arrogance see that evil way and I'll followed mouth do I hate the Bible is actually telling a group of people to enter into an experience with God that will cause them to hate anything the Bible calls evil and then tell the world that they are to enter into the same experience now as beautiful and it is clear is that a clear verse we decided that the verse that clearly defines what it means if you're not a man yes there yes absolutely perhaps why was I so much so that all God was to get away from that you know the great great gospel work amongst many nights a month maybe from his movements the data tried to deify practically William Miller and added that that is not right God is not what we meant on any higher power than many of the other odd page are for profit certainly or even a pop pioneers but I will say that William Miller I believe that a beautiful principle when he said this he said we must learn to talk I think Bible each Bible drink Bible everything that we do must be based on the word of God know when we get that thought from nappies at the borders for Jesus as Man shall not live by bread alone but by every where that proceeds out of the mouth of God that's why we want to draw people back to the Bible rather as my brother and went off than our opinions now the Bible says fear God yes but what you think it is to hate evil tell you that makes perfect sense because if God is doing a pre- Advent judgment right now remember the Bible says in Revelation twenty two that when Jesus comes he's coming with rewards so it is limited to reward and exactly judgment before the event so when Christ comes the second time he's not coming to just birthday is coming to give rewards raised on the judgment that he did before the reward time amen now understanding that the Bible says what was supposed to be doing during this pre- Advent judgment the Bible says we should be learning what it is to fear God and we have just discovered according to the Bible to fear of God is that hate evil are we missing to hate what God hates that enable please join us to fear God to hate evil now as clear as that is let me show you practically a problem Jeremiah thirteen in Jeremiah thirteen chapter now we have a problem because it excludes is true that the Bible tells us that we ought to fear God and to fear God is to hate evil amen now the notice of the Bible says in Jeremiah thirteen you and I have a responsibility to enter into an experience ourselves learning what it is to fear God and bent to help others and this includes little boys than girls and teenagers and adults and youth in and it includes every class of the human lifestyle now watch this in Jeremiah thirteen verse twenty three notice what the Bible says he asked the question can the Ethiopian change his skin what you think the answers no can a leopard change its spots leaving the answer is of course not it says then may he also do good that are what are custom to evil now the word of Carsten in Hebrew it means taught no most people do they do today because they were taught by somebody bigger to people who do what we do today because that's horrible to them and who they are I mean expressing it as a black man you know what I look at what's happening in many communities were there a lot of urban black you and I and I see them and some of them they can't walk with these certain walks in they had these phases in the economy is looks upon them and I'm thinking of myself you come out of your mother 's womb like that you did not come out yet mothers will like that so what happened they were taught that are you following when we see a lot of our young friends and they they look like the latest rock 'n roll saw the latest pop starlet having a stock at all they think it did not come out of the mother 's will that they were taught that are you following what happens is that if you subject yourself to teaching so much it becomes all are you sometimes know not if it brings up front anymore because it's become so ingrained Gothic and Ethiopian change his skin is not good and everything is not a partner got been hounding you do good when you've been able to do that now it's your constant doing the only ways that happen is going to require a miracle and require how can an individual get to a point that they can break the cycle of evil you know most people the negative the reason why we sense a much because we love it the part of our lives we love it is who we are to make up and as a result of the vehicles I think I want to get you to a point that I want you to hate the very thing that you love and have lived doing all your life perhaps we can understand why so hard to define the people that really know what it is to fear God using presence this is one of the only way a person can really fear God the only way an individual can honestly fear God practically which is to hate evil is something else must happen and I believe that to a very large degree perhaps this is what's missing even in a lot of hard discourses of those who teach the three Angels messages notice what the Bible says in Amos chapter five hours so your principle here Amos chapter five now it was the fifth chapter we find I believe a powerful gym from the word of God that can give us direction to understand how can I make this thing practical lawyer to get to the point that I hate which may when I love the opposite of what you love my eye I love the very things you hate from how can I get to this point well I believe the Bible said help was a misstep the five know when you get to Amos five please let me know by thinking down Amos chapter five the Bible presents the idea of hating evil but also something else that I think the key nose of the Bible submitted by numbers fifteen the Bible says in a subdivided verse fifteen it says hate to able glyphosate next and love the and establish judgment indicates it may be that the Lord God of holes will be gracious unto the remnant of Joseph the Bible presents another thought process that I believe a lot of times we get confused on notice that we saw that the Lord is to hate evil God is calling us to enter into an experience with him that we hate what he thinks people but the problem is is that we have been taught evil so much we have practice able so much that he has become accustomed so therefore it is now a strange thing about the Tony to hate something that island by and even love salon on why Google docs as well hate the evil was ready to break the cycle is when you learn to love the good you know whatever reasons why we struggle so much in Seventh-day Adventist is we learned that is where the music and the people before we say cut it off we learned that this bad diet so therefore we say cut that off we learned that this best-dressed women to cut that off we learned is that of associations because I don't we learned about education cut that off we talk about and would back up the wall and cut out the many of us have ever learned what is the good one on cutting off all the evil what is the good that I'm supposed to embrace below the nine Isaiah chapter one hundred sixty not booked myself to the Sicilians were to drive a one sixteenth the other my pussy is being all throughout the Scriptures to evil love to hate evil do well in the list goes on but Isaiah chapter one notice what the Bible says he and I fail one of her sixteen when I feel his reasoning was that Israel was seeking to call them into a covenant relationship with God to come back to their God Isaiah was pointing out all the different problems but it doesn't be very significant in verse sixteen and here's the key the Bible says and I feel whatever sixteen it says wash you make you clean put away the life evil doing evil of your doings from before mine eyes and if this seems to be a label but then look at the very first words in verse seventeen when the Senate learn to do well learn to do well they are spirit is more to a relationship with Jesus Christ then trying to just simply stopped doing with that while God definitely says cease of illegal wildlife that the decedent had passed through the premise of the argument try hating evil and found itself not able to do it penalize people who said this is the last on the list that you get on with what we know it's evil we know clues about classifieds we know it broke his heart and unless the Lord we know but it seems like after just a little while we go right back to it and demonstrate our dedication to win loyal to what we love principle that governs humanity human beings are loyal to what they love think about anything that you're loyal to and you'll typically find that one of the reasons why because you this is why Jesus is if you can learn to love the good that Jesus knows you be loyal to it you know I know it what is said and what is evil or the Bible how the Bible expressed within a needless transgression of the law first John three for sin is the breaking of God 's commandments amen you know they did with the formula for victory over sin in one verse in the Bible it was found John fourteen fifteen when Jesus and John fourteen fifty he said and you know now me what to say so now how do I get to a point that I can execute on its web I love good in Jesus it appears only but one that is good and that is when you love God you will hate evil and never before the oncoming right now and especially say this to our young people listen you can find out about all the bad musical you want it and I'm unserious because God knows I have too many sermons on audio person otherwise so you'll know that I take a stand against file music come into Gossard I take a stand against all these different outlaws abortion and outgoing than entertainment and the list goes on there is much evil not just about what much of it has even come in the tax is clear as just by simply trying to cut off cutoff cutoff cutoff that in and of itself will never make you a child of God and never make it sound what we can do to break away from the four seasons with him to come back to it by because and until you break the love cycle reason why minimus it is because and you loyal to what you love that's what we're going to keep fornicating even though they know what to say that's why we have a whole bunch of people customs where even though they note that it's not about manufacturing is that the people since I didn't know that the problem is a developed connection to that being something was great that my connection and the only thing that can do it is when we learn to love the good and is only one that is good that is done string cannot be expected from God as his law and Paul says in Romans based by law is holy just and good we learn to love God we love a God loving God loves is laudable we learn to love God law and when we love God and his laws we will dare not break it no matter what comes in a week to try to tempt us to do the issue brothers and sisters the issue is we don't know Jesus the issue is there is not a love for God handle the greatest goal of my life as a father of four children I have four precious little ones stairstep by November twenty six they will be ages fourteen thirteen twelve eleven my precious children my wife and I is our greatest desire I just I don't want to see my children just simply cooperate and not do bad things what I want to see is my children to love Jesus brothers and sisters I will never fill secure or otherwise that many parents today I remember once I was with her family and his family they were talking about how they had so much dominion over the children and they were talking about how they just do everything they say now one of the things that the one of the parents made us aware of is that they be good children visit with the children and I must say that we should spare the rod leader the placement of Rod needs be done right but I do believe there is a place for the rock payment in a but at the same time that they would try to say well you know of what they said they would demonstrate a new source helped the convention would obey everything they say and do them without we happens away from you do that you know and they said because my children understand they go wrong beginning when they go wrong and I said to myself my product of those many years ago I said in my mind if it what about when you're not there what sense does it make to have a child who on the out side cooperate and doesn't do anything bad to put in their hearts belong for that which is evil sinful indignities is that God would let a heart like that into heaven never let a heart like that the greatest goal of every parents shouldn't do that I can educate and guide my child that they know how to love Jesus even when mother and father is not there the highest old residences and I'll give up anything even this ministry whatever would like if I found that my traveling was getting to the point that I want in my home visit a great you were not relevant anymore nothing must get in the way of entering into that love relationship with Jesus and children to enter into that same expenses because brothers and sisters that's the only security for this crisis I think many people want terribly intelligent on the crisis and big cheat on God 's Word and God 's truth several times over and they are stopped in our act because of its line of why evil but they still do not know how the love so therefore the next question the next question is I accept I don't love you number this is the sooner you can accept that if that is in fact a reality the safer you really are you know the issue allowed to see if the issue would love to see if they can't seem interesting Lazio says I'm really all right okay when in truth they are all wrong and the Bible says based on consumer pitch king except that about yourself I have and I have got every day help me see it more help me to see the hallway and powerless and miserable I really am without you it is when we can begin seeing that that's how God can build us up get us to the point that we can be everything he's called us to be once you can realize what I don't love you I like many things you teach this something 's about to that I enjoy but at the end of the day my loyalty is with myself and my darling sins that so easily beset me I need the cycle broken I need this thing broke it until you break this within the Lord of energy going back he knows that happen that's on the law that reasonably fast and that is going to end up coming to us of the test and because we were not settled in Jesus because he can sing some of me some of Christ when the strong arm of church and state come to get under the power of the great rebel as many people to stay loyal to what beloved you've been loyal and loving self you stay loyal to it even in a crisis you be lost because brothers and sisters if we really understood house soon a Sunday law will be passed in the United States of America Europe affidavits by the thing with Obama and President Obama and how he is going ahead and stick this is we are seeing the deterioration we do seem to downplay national apostasy national ruling would say all these things out of life it will all end the problem is is that when the Sunday law test comes to you and I we are told whatever decision you make is your final decision is no something as you know what I'll accept the son-in-law and then later on you know what I see from another that this is an open Bible does not make no such statement those who see the market these habits and there is no turning back and this is why you and I cannot wait until it exists and then try to get last-minute righteousness the Bible says today if you're God 's voice harden not your hearts so therefore the question is how can I love Jesus how do I get that I can actually love him and that could be the focus of our next study our next statement to take a fifteen minute break within a come back in the whole entire neck study how can I develop this love for Jesus so that I may fear God and give glory to him during the hour of this judgment is visualizing what I want to know how to love you what I recognize that I don't love you honestly that you if you look in your heart you cannot say Bob and I sent my heart identity based on a friend of my life I don't love you but I want to amass needed to invest the sentiments of the organization becomes somewhat I be honest with you I don't love you not as I said nowhere near by the grace of God and in fifteen minutes that's been beautiful and Southern University message here let us pray I father in heaven we thank you we thank you Lord that you are speaking to our hearts and are you bringing several thing the bottom line is what I saw intensity upon my Lord I pray that once you have begun in the hearts of your please bring it to its completion give us an experience in these messages that will and able that no matter how hard the winds may blow we will truly stand the heavens Maple this is our prayer to God we ask in Jesus name I this message is used by the closeness to our mission is to spread the three Angels messages to preaching and teaching in this message and to integrate healing the medical missionary work in declaring the gospel for more information on our ministry and the resources we provide please log on to our website at www. HGH ministries .com backs www. PTH ministries .com or you can call us at seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven mainly due part to meet the needs of humanity the everlasting Gospel and hasten Christ's return America to a a socialist plot is my Hotmail source is cited in spreading God 's word to us he sent an audio and much more if you would like to know more about hothouse him him or send him please visit www. .net verse .org


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