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Overcoming As Christ Overcame, Part 1

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • June 28, 2012
    3:30 PM
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borrower will okay me say good afternoon is all coming together good afternoon we're going to go ahead and begin within us we all have applied the men good this means we have a viable sword in hand and listening to everybody you see the screen because women have requested in this session so let's now forwarded prayer meeting by continuing to do so otherwise we can live in the about heads but either way let us pray father in heaven we thank you again for the privilege and the opportunity to come to get to represent Christ so that we may understand your words that will immediately receive them within our father thought great desire that we would go from it had knowledge of truth and also allowed to bring about reform in solar we designed it into the experience of the three angels message and we thank you for this to happen but Howard Holy Spirit we invite him and him are inside of this place and being really annoyed on minds so that we may even have the mind of Jesus Christ thank you dear God for hearing this prayer for gas at all in Jesus name amen I want to invite you all welcome welcome welcome let us go ahead and turn our Bibles to the book of Revelation thirteen the whole purpose of the great purpose of the three Angels messages is to prepare us for the great events that unfold through revelation the thirteenth chapter I want to show you something from Revelation thirteen that I believe is startling and we should consider how do we make sure that we are prepared for this practically want of notice what the Bible says as we go to revelation the thirteenth chapter and would than a start verse one revelation thirteen and would looking at verse one notice what the Bible says starting at verse one it says I and I stood upon the sand of the sea this always write about of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy now this beast is none other than that for these of what Daniel saw in vision in Daniel chapter seven you remember that in Daniel seven Daniel Saul for B's one with the lion the other one was a bear the other one with a leopard and then there was a beast that was so ugly and horrific that it didn't even have an animal to compare it with it was just described is a great terrible beast now I'm been a show you that this base that we're discussing right now religion thirteen one must be that for these the reason why is because in verse two it says in the beast which I saw was a light unto what a leopard and that it says and his feet were as the feet of the bear and his mouth at the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him his power and seating great authority so we find that this must be that for the kingdom this would have to be the fourth kingdom which was none other than Rome because it is like the leopard it has things like the beer has a mouth like the line so therefore the other three animals are encased within this animal or this piece so the Bible makes it clear that this is none other than Rome now notice what the Bible says next inversely verse three through key verse I want to look at it says in verse three and I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and how much of the world it says all the world wondered after the beast now they say all the world links now the present visit all the world links I can see the numbers they say all the worldly people I didn't see the numbers either what I saw in the verse where it says and all the world wondered after the beast now question argue in this world so that that me that you will wonder after the beast yes he said yes and reason why because based on how we're reading the verse that I would like we are now there is a terrible horrible consequence wondering activities because those who are not the beast will receive his mark in there and the way of God now do you want that no I don't want that I don't want that for myself I don't even want that for my enemies and I don't even know I have been and even if I do I know for fact I do not want them to suffer the wrath of God but yet that's what the individuals will suffer for those who wonder activities so therefore you don't want one activities right amen we agreed we do not want to wonder activities are now because we do not want that experience we need to find out how can I make sure that I'm not part of a group that wonders what is noted for the Bible says in Revelation seventeen in Revelation seventeen we find a clue that makes it was the thing to understand who are those who will wonder after the baseline these people notice what the Bible says in revelation the seventeenth chapter Bible says in Revelation seventeen in verse eight it says Revelation seventeen verse eight is is the beast that thou clause and was and is not and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit and going to perdition and they that dwell on the earth shall do what shall one disobey that when the earth shall wonder now notice this then I put on the earth shall wonder single people wondering activities but look at how the Bible qualifies who they are with the key is as day that one of the earth shall wonder whose names are what not written in the book of life if your name is not written in the book of life the Bible guarantees that you will wonder after the beast everyone who wonders after the bees are those of the Bible says the names are not written in the book of life the names are not in the book of life so what do you think is the most party inquiry individuals want to be safe how can my name remain in the book of life when that make sense how do I get my name in the book of life and how can my name remain now the way an individual 's name and as the book of life is very very simple because of the fact the Bible says that we can specify mouse and believe in our hearts that Jesus Christ is Lord if we truly see our sinful state and we see that there is no hope for us to come out of our sinful state except to accept the wonderful atonement of Jesus what he died on the cross for us when we accept that the Bible says we are forgiven we are justified and our names are entered into the book of life justification by faith confess our sins we believe in a heart and then we except Christ and his atonement on our behalf as justification but is it possible that a name can be taken out of the book of life yes again it is only one thing that ability when you know to do it Exodus thirty two Muslims were the Bible says in Exodus thirty two what is it that can take a person 's name out notice what the Bible says in Exodus chapter thirty two is only one thing that'll do it you see the great work of Christ right now in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary is that he wants to not only forgive our sins he doesn't just want to cover us and he was the completely blotted out he was to give a total victory over sin so that when the time comes that he says it is done and he's no longer and I think remediating you don't have to worry about it because less settled into the truth bow and elect ministers meet with you can be moved Christ was a cop was at work in us now now what is it that can take a person 's name out of the book of life Exodus thirty two of you there please a man now in Exodus thirty two you remember the story that the children of Israel fell into apostasy as they fell into apostasy by worshiping the golden calf and so on committing idolatry Moses is now leading on their behalf the Bible spelled it out when he says in verse thirty one and most return of the Lord is all of these people and what sin a great sin and have made them gods of gold yet now if thou wilt forgive their sin and the heart of most diseases and if not what anything blocked me I pray thee out of the book this is a law that we will spend there this is as much time seeking to understand that we can as a love up our state so much that was ignored our desire for them to be saved this will be that if you would not say them bother it would be possible blocked me out of your book of life and let them be spared that is the love of a shepherd a Shepherd risks their life for the sheep shepherds do not mean this seems to just be scattered abroad by wolves shepherds not receive enough that they'll stand in the middle of crossfire and get hit if necessary so that the sheep might be saved that his beloved the shepherd vehicles Moses pleading Lord please block me out I preview out of a book but now look at what God says in the next verse verse thirty three it says and the Lord said unto Moses who'll soever had said against me him will I blot out of my book so therefore how is it that someone's name can be removed from the book of life if they had sinned against God if we sin against God brothers and sisters if we live in a life of sin we will be separated from Jesus Christ Christ did not come to this world to save us in since he came to this world to save us from sin and when he wants to save us from sin that means you want to give us total complete victory over sin not if you do have a question could you write it down for me I want to forget there's your question very important in a very important any I want to write it down and echoes the rest of us write down your questions so that way when we don't will take a few minutes and I'll be more than happy to answer questions okay now notice the Bible makes it very what the Bible says he lessened against me tell you what I blot out of my book now the individuals who wonder after the based the Bible is clear that means did not remain so therefore I need to know how I get my name in and how can I make sure that my name remains a man now let's find out how can my name remain in the book of life go to the book of revelations that the region of the Bible spell that out you know the Bible shows us the absolute heavenly assurance how your name can remain in the book of life notice what the Bible says Revelation chapter three and we looking at verse five in Revelation chapter three verse five we find the actual literal solution on how we can make sure that our names remain in that book of life notice of the Bible says in Revelation three five he that overcome it it says the same shall be closed in white raiment and I will like not blot out his name out of the book of life how clear is that if you want your name to stay in the book of life we have to make sure you have overcome right now many of our allies is a life of roller coasters no roller coaster goes up and go down right that's how many bylaws I wanted to figure within and we fall back into cinematic realism in the middle back and isn't it a victory over sin and keep falling back into it when we get the point that we have victory and we stayed as overcoming Christ says that I want to give you power so that you can overcome this power comes to the experience of those the Angels messages can remember we learn that the three Angels messages is more than just a message to its power the gospel is power if we enter into the experience of these messages God says all these messages are designed to help you overcome this was so beautiful about the green that's why I love between the him find the show and when I how we can overcome the attack to the devil in Revelation thirteen basically his agent is going to attack when Jesus promises if we overcome he says our name shall remain now how do we overcome how do we overcome the samadhi asked a question all right I want my name sustainable to life what how why without because that's the way my name will remain than what you think the answer would be what would you say fate is victory in itself first on five for dealing with they this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith all right beautiful any other thoughts what else would you say anyone how can we overcome I want you to notice this is almost too easy is it also comes in the book of Revelation three it encompasses what my sisters adhered first on five fourths about they've been to victory but I want to put in different language than the real plane look at Revelation three but look at what it says in verse twenty one how do we overcome how we do this how to make this thing real make it practical not for the Bible says in Revelation three and verse twenty one note alliterative verse in the number asking a question what's the formula for overcoming according to the birth notice what the Bible says is this to him that overcome it will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in his throne question according to the births how do we overcome again to be like Christ as is this working to see that the Bible says to him that overcome it like where does it with me my throat even add even as just as I also overcame and sat down my father his grown so therefore all got to do is film and on the life of Jesus and we can find out how weak overcome all of the exact double amen now if there is one thing that the Bible makes very clear according to Hebrews four and verses fifteen to sixteen it lets us know that Jesus was tempted in all points but he did not what soon he didn't say so Satan never had an advantage over it Satan never overcame them because he always overcame a double down there is another way that the Bible uses the term overcome I want to give an example of a Hebrews chapter six forty six is the individual repents of their sins and turns away that's why John's message is so powerful because John's message that we study last night is a call to repentance but have to repent in something else comes comes into play in fact do me a favor before you go to Hebrews six less go ahead and less willing to accept the three accepted three accepted freedom ultimately be six in acts chapter three notice what happy using it we give the message of repentance as John the Baptist David if we given with the power the spirit of Elijah that John the Baptist had it if we do it it will lead to the other result that these are the end result notice and accept the free notice what the Bible says in verse nineteen if we give a good true message of repentance and entering tonight it leads to the next step into the final set what is it asked three nineteen the Bible says repent ye therefore and then what's the next step be converted so true repentance leads to true what conversion and then when a person is truly repentant and surely converted what is the next experience that your sins may be blotted out from this is that the because that goes to show that only one of two things they get blotted out the button according to raising how we read in Exodus thirty two he that hath sinned against me his name will I blot out right but now we read in acts three nineteen that if we experience true repentance and children bursting it says our sins get blotted out you know the great work of Jesus right now in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary is a blah work and only wanted two things get blotted out names or sins your goal your goal my goal is that my sins get blotted out and my name remains the key brothers and sisters everything that we do in the name of what we call life it must be designed to make sure that my sins are blotted out and that my name remains a man all right now understanding that now is good he presented six this is what happened to see when someone goals from Hebrews six eleven when someone goes and she repented and asked that is true conversion the Bible use of another term for that in Hebrews six and Hebrews the six chapter is known for the Bible says now Hebrews chapter six looking at verse one in Hebrews six in verse one here is the language that the Bible uses are you ready if you've every say amen the Bible says in Hebrews chapter six and verse ones it says therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ let us go on unto what perfection perfection it says let us go on unto perfection it says not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God so the purpose of the chew repentance is believed that the true conversion and another term that the Bible users with a similar experience is called perfect soon none of this is about an about you but perfection can be pretty scary why do some people I meet a lot of times when people mess up and they do things that are bad in the middle saying that people say is not a good one but people say it they say all well nobodies perfect anything but that's almost a very common vernacular amongst the language of God 's people even today whenever we fall into sin whenever we make mistakes whatever maybe we typically say all well nobodies perfect but rather this is the Bible says be ye therefore perfect the Bible says go on unto perfection now does God play games with us know thank you so therefore God does not play games with us since God is telling us to guess what is alternative give you every ray of power to make sure you get it done always remember all God 's fittings are his enabling Godwin to tell you to do something that is not to give you every hour under heaven to make sure you get it done so therefore the dualistic a moment to look at this question exactly what is Christian perfection when we talk about Christian perfection it is to the point that we need some point of clarification because today we even had in the Seventh-day Adventist church images I own a Wii Connecticut Berkeley who has the person I know of people that put together Carlo dissertation and had given them to me to research and a look at this show we all always going to be sending all the way up until Jesus comes the know that their seven-day Adventist believe that she did not have an advantage I understand that because the Bible makes it clear that this would be some confusion in the religious world but God raised up the remnant church to take people out of Babylon gay confusion and bring them into truth so therefore I understand if you're not a seven-day Adventist would you say a lot of be morally perfect this is one of seven administrative that the problem somewhere in my thing a falsification when they should've gotten through education so that one out at appointment now we have to educate seventy minutes on what really is dealing with this topic called perfection therefore go and look at it what exactly is perfection the first and one a clear is what perfection is not before we go into what it is when the going cover what perfection is not before we start delving into what exactly is so that those the first thing number one when we talk about replacing the not talking about salute perfection with absolute perfection you know that is absolute perfection means that if you were ever doing some manual labor on a barn or shed or anything and unit require screwdrivers and when you should've picked up a flat head screwdriver he ended up messing up and picking up of illicit no that's called a mistake by no means when God has called us into political Christian perfection it does not mean that you and I will not make a mistake like a flathead we should think of illicit it does not mean that a time may come that we might be driving down the road gentleman and sometimes we are driving on the road which operates is why I know that all that was done right will be at the location and we end up turning right and were more laws than before we turned me though is now the guys always keep a straight face it unless it is possible that there is able to make a right turn we certainly let us call and say what is it certain with Muslim brothers and sisters God was to make it clear that it is possible that even in Christian perfection moral perfection that we might say it's nine o'clock when really it was eight o'clock we might think about them as a screwdriver was inapplicable flatheads when my turn right when we should've turned left you are very simple mistakes can happen even when somebody is morally perfect before God therefore not talking about passive prevention amen all right that's not what we're talking about also we are not talking about when it is clear a quantity with God when we talk about Christian perfection we are not talking about arriving to escape when individual now becomes equal with God 's story and remember there was some friends from the kingdom hall and our friends in the kingdom hall they came in the business with me and they wanted to go ahead and share no thoughts of the Jehovah's Witnesses what a go-ahead I figured you know it let them in my house got a lot of people to the duck and hide everything come to the door I want to do that is bearing false witness act like you not only know your humble to causing the driveway but nevertheless I will write a letter and so because I'll be honest with you when I let them in I'm still been to get the best of both worlds either way because only one of two things in a happy either when they come in and try to study with me on the ship and the truth of God 's word and divinity converted or didn't go ahead and try to study with me and when they try to study with me they do realize that I'm not abide to the contest and therefore deny and only link in the minimum mouth until everybody else FS seven seventy administered delay I went silent and such article on inside my house they come into when they come inside of course they have a mission to mission is typically to begin to show you that Jesus is not equal to the father and of course they want to see that Jesus was the first person about creating wealth nobody that has seventy Adventist Christians doing is that what the Bible teaches nor does not so that is something I would one day trip into the book of Isaiah forty three and I thought about this is what Isaiah forty three in Isaiah the forty third chapter what is with the Bible says Isaiah forty three chapter when you get there please amen Isaiah forty three now whether let's open the birthday method I need your help because you know this is that she came to my room and she started to tell me about you know how God created Jesus first and then Jesus created everybody else I feel as if I have a problem with it she so what's your problem I said I don't accept that busy so why I said because I need to know who is talking in Isaiah forty three and she's avoiding me lessons in Isaiah forty three residences the Bible says in Isaiah forty three ten it says GER my witnesses say the Lord and my servant whom I chosen that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he Elizabeth Lassen to be formally there was no dog on neither will there be after me passive aggressiveness and if a vesicle is that talking and she was quiet for a little while you know why because it is Jesus talking interested before me there was no God saw you say that Jesus is denying the father and that it says neither will there be after the circuit was the father talking the talk of the father be talking when he said they'll be no one to me so therefore whoever's talking here they must've had a coexistence with someone else here it is that we live in a person was like you know what I cannot answer that as a woman to imagine a question we can go any further with this study and mobile homes he went decidedly the home and she never came back brothers and sisters not only did God say that before me there was no God formed neither will they be after me but he also says in Isaiah forty six and verse five he even makes it clear about his position of himself the Bible says in Isaiah forty six in verse five two four will ye liken me and make me equal and compare me that we may be like the Bible is clear that perfection is not getting to a point or states when man begins to say I am equal with God amen so therefore when we talk about Christian perfection we are not talking about some prevention we are not talking about arriving at a point when becoming equal with God so therefore what are we talking about were talking about entire cooperation with Jesus before he found his the second time when we talk about Christian perfection were talking about individuals who can render their lives in total compliance everything that Jesus tells them to do the Jesus of the people to keep the Commandments yesterday so therefore we can do it Jesus says that we must overcome it Jesus is a muscle become can we do it yet so therefore when we talk about what is perfection when talking about an entire cooperation with Jesus Christ the Lord he comes the second time what are the verses we have to support that well we have Matthew chapter five in verse forty eight be therefore perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect we had to verse twenty four the Bible says now on to him that is able to keep you from falling and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy in first is Ohlone and five in verse twenty three the Bible says that now I pray the Lord God sanctify you wholly W H O L L Y completely adhesive and I pray God that your Holy Spirit soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ second Corinthians seven in verse one the Bible makes it clear that God says that I want you to overcome all Filipinas of the flesh and spirit perfecting holiness in the sight of God the Bible reassures us that Christian perfection is possible but you know what most people say no it's not using McNamara how much and yes we give most people say no is not possible given as a mother who says that I believe is possible that we can live a victorious life imagine one hundred of the immigrants that have you ever thought of you would believe that do you believe that using brothers and sisters in individual will only achieve what the mind believes that's why Jesus was it according to your faith be it unto you if you don't believe it happened Jesus says rapidly I can't even help you myself so therefore if you are I can't believe that will happen and that's what it is the most dangerous and that is think in fact to show you that it is literally the echo of the voice of Satan when somebody says you cannot overcome sin on the site is an echo of the voice of Satan when somebody says oh no I I can overcome singular you can overcome since when is energy-saving until Jesus comes pray God 's grace cheap grace is the grace to think that Christ would save us in since it's amazing to know when we say that we cannot have been grimacing over the Saints was same as Satan is more powerful than God he has so much power that he keeps me in sin but God is so weak that he can't deliver me from and God delivered you from smoking what do you think you can deliver you from fornication in talking to someone from fornication wanted to think he can deliver you from alcohol why would God put a limit on victory if you are not in the back are lots of the present lot I think there in one area of my life God says I'm ready to go area it simply let me but people don't believe that I believe Jesus that people would have a hard time believing it you know that sometimes when people say they don't believe in German since then would you do is you say will wait a minute Jesus did it and when you say Jesus and a lot of people say they say yeah but that Jesus Jesus different from the people say that some amount how much we try using this as an example is a haven when we went in the lodging is that a lot of times globally but that's even possible today did you know that you say something take your Bibles to the book of Philippians chapter two in Philippians chapter to say something I always love to reason from the word of God and I want to consider this I believe that Jesus must help the people will become but Jesus also knew that if I would help them overcome I must do something and notice what the Bible says Jesus did verse five Philippians two and verse five the Bible says let this mind be in you which was also in who Christ Jesus who thought it not rather who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant and was made into what in the likeness of men now question the Bible use the word like Ms. not typically what something is made in the likeness it means that it's kind of something refers to it but it's not exactly get now that's typically in Western vernacular but my question is this when Jesus was made in the likeness of men was he made a man yes I know with you like a man over the actually a man yes I know what you say how many of you battery the residency with amending the hundreds of a human being yes I'm if you say while he was a human being but not really not exactly how many say that I maybe say I have no idea anybody alright good numbers assistants when the Bible says Jesus was made in the likeness of men the Bible makes a great day that Jesus was a one hundred percent man it's a mystery first and first Timothy three sixteen says great is a mystery of godliness is as God was manifest in the flesh but nevertheless he was completely flesh and bones he was a man amen so therefore we must not allow that word like Ms. to always trip us up like that does not always mean kind of sort of weakening that an Internet reason why bring that one up is because it is another time that the Bible use the word likeness I believe it's created some trials for God 's people today is found in the book of Romans chapter eight the Romans ejected in Romans the eighth chapter we find that the Bible also tells us is another thing that Jesus was made in the likeness up and it makes sense the Bible tells us that Jesus came to the museum seven is that he came in the likeness of men but it's deeper than that it goes here Romans chapter eight run a separate notice of the Bible says in verse one where it says there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ he who walk not after the flesh after the spirit of the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death now watch verse three for what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh God sending his own son now want to catch the rationale here what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh in other words God was telling people to keep his law but the people according to their last descriptor says couldn't do it are you saying that goes thus far better than what the law could not do and that it was weak through the flesh when the people trying to keep the law of their own flesh the Bible says they couldn't do it God says I have a solution let's finish the verse it says LeBlanc doing that it was leaves of the plant is says God sending his own son in the likeness of what kind of plants with conflicts what kind of flats not sending his son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for him for sin condemned sin in the flesh where I is not another the Bible says Jesus came with the likeness of men but the Bible says Jesus came with the likeness of sinful in other words less means an agreement nature you mean to tell me that when Jesus came to this earth that he had a sin full nature is that what the Bible is teaching that Jesus our Jesus precious Jesus loving Savior then when he came to this world and took upon himself flesh that Jesus had then made sure of Adam after the fall soon fall yes brothers and sisters it is an amazing revelation to know that God so loved man that he condescended instead man is stuck in a sinful state and Jesus knew I must come and deliver me and Jesus says I will come down on the earth and I will meet man in his state and show man how in his state if he subjects himself to the spirit of God that when a sinful nature he can have complete victory over Satan and Christ no if I do it they can do it to you know what I like about this is Jesus had the nature of man after the fault is Jesus had a steady flow nature of this is then you know that means the means that we have been in believe in the Augustinian Roman Catholic life that when an individual is born they are born sinners born guilty born condemned you know how many Seventh-day Adventists teaching that today we are born sinners strict because of our nature and brothers is that someone is a sender because of the nature and its Jesus came with the same sinful nature that we have been that needs Jesus was born a sinner the Bible doesn't teach that this topic was so huge that believe it or not it was an issue and Ellen White's day the pioneers believed that Jesus had a native Adam after the folder did not say Jesus Abdul naked and triple majors and all that other stuff they made it clear they understood the Bible teaches that Jesus had the nature of man after the fall but a created argument because some to believe that the point that it was brought up it's as though I failed to notice what he says now what if the cost and as we prepare to progress in this part of the study is in very serious cost while it is true that individuals are definitely too experienced Christian perfection while it is true that we definitely to enter into an experience where we overcome we want to be cautious about something you're the one of the causes about one of the causes that we never start examining ourselves to the point that one day we begin to look at ourselves and we stuck the states I felt I am right when God against the best not the gold is not the mission Britain's insistence when Jacob went through his wrestling with the Angel is very powerful with the Bible teaches that the Bible teaches us that when when wrestling with the Angel in a shallow bend Sega is naming supplanting center receiver but the sisters Jacob repented of his sins before he got to his trial his business is wrestling with that Angel thought otherwise Jacob was repented of his sins he already asked Doctor Hardiman forgiven so when the angel kingdom began to wrestle with him Jake Jacob actually had victory organizations the Arctic investment are you filing the story of Jacob Jacob said he deceived Jacob is repenting and asking God for forgiveness after Jacob does that even finds himself wrestling against Angels because of his repentance over here and he confessed that his sin was taken away and and because it was taken away he was jealous before God now he finds himself wrestling with an angel he wrestles a point of the Angel realizes that the dons about the bridge the angles that I must go away and the angel says what is your name and guess what Jacobson Jacob who was clean Jacob Wendell guilt upon at that point Jacobs said you know my name is any understanding for the character Jacob said I'm a deceiver my name is Jacob I'm a deceiver I'm supplanting wicked he was free from guilt but he looked upon himself we keep why because he was in the presence of the angel brothers and sisters got people to go to a time of Jacob 's trouble according to Jeremiah thirty five through seven and God 's people that are the same expressive Jacobs a people who are playing but at the same time they have no time to gloat about how holy and righteous they are why because the ones who are closest to Jesus have no time to look upon themselves to see how great they are going to the book of Job chapter one that he say something negative about this in oh one I thought about this is very powerful in the book of Job chapter one got a comment about Jim noticed to get a sick joke after one the Bible says in Job one first one actually it says there was a man in the land of us whose name was Joe and Batman was what perfect and right and one that feared God and his people so according to God 's commentary about Joe God said he was what God that he was perfect now go to the book of Job chapter nine list notice windshield says about himself filled this perfectly notice when Joel says about himself in Job chapter nine in verse twenty God looked at Joe and God says I see until a perfect and upright men now Joel he's looking upon himself and the window says about himself in Job nine verse twenty the Bible says if I justify myself mine own mouth shall condemn me if I say I am partly what they say I prove myself perverse deviously jolt according to the Bible God said I look at how and when I seems out ICA perfect and upright men gels that when I will get my cell he says I dare not say that I'm perfect if I say I'm perfect I just proved myself so even though God called us into this experience this is not something where one day within an FLSA I am partly because as soon as we say that we can send are you following now the Spirit of prophecy spelled out like this this quote no one this is something that I led by page one forty paragraph two no one who claims holiness is really holy as you also are registered as holy and the bliss of heaven are not aware of the fact that my children this is an oddball I won to both of their own goodness praise God you know the ones what truly experiencing Christ the righteousness the ones who are truly holy as God is holy are the last one to boast about is a look at how holy I amen now since the Y in her day she will see him astonished that this issue of the nature of Christ with the bigger issue even though with the key individuals and can therefore I want another pussy articulated in homework she says this the son of God was assaulted at every step by the power of darkness it says after his baptism he was driven of the Spirit into the wilderness and suffered temptation for forty days letters are been coming into me of starting out in this letter is coming into a farming that Christ clone not have had the same nature as man so this was an argument that existed even today this is the way she says letters came into her thing Christ could not have been aged the same Internet it says for if he had he would've fallen under similar temptations so people are saying is Jesus at the same age as us with uneasiness with a pervert like we are that was a lot of people 's conclusions therefore the rule was he couldn't not have half a meter because no one would dare say that Jesus was a perverted man filename are you following but I want to look at how I responded she went and responded by saying this powerful if he did not have man's nature he could not be our example is that if he was not a partaker of our nature he could not have been tested as been busy and there were not possible going into yield to temptation he couldn't not be our helper it was a solid reality that Christ came to fight the battles as man is man's behalf his temptation and victory tell us that humanity must copy the pattern man must become a partaker of the dip buying major personal messages forward and sullied by that Jesus thought necessary to take upon himself our nature so that he could overcome is that nature and show us how to do the same thing it goes back to Revelation three twenty one we can overcome at us he overcame it Jesus did not have our nature brothers and sisters and that means that he had an advantage over us in his humanity in Jesus advantage of Adam before the fall but his assistant anything can't relate to any of the Bible telling a lie twenty seven Hebrews for that is says that he was touched with the feeling of our infirmities now something like the same infirmities is dealing with human weaknesses like getting tired getting hungry and all these things let me ask you something to get tired are you tempted to get type without a natural physiological body react to a natural physiological body reaction to get type when individual gets hungry are you tempted to get hungry know where this is not tempted which is a natural physiological body response when your stomach is empty and a half webinars the bodies they give a clot is that I need more investment so this says that Jesus had the nature of man only apply to weaknesses like falling asleep in getting tired getting sick endless but this is as that's not temptation if Jesus was tempted like how we're ten David Amanda has to be something beyond human weakness are you following brothers and sisters Jesus did not not good because I want to make clear we you say that Jesus lusted after women exhibit Jesus had all these vital things that goes on in the last written a regular human being database from this is the answer is no you want a life because those are not natural behaviors the lot those are learned behaviors when a man begins the last at the woman that's something he learned what an individual has a habitual habits although I read this is that something they learn so when it comes to Jesus at his major brothers and sisters is not saying that he does come the loving the life of loving the lust after women these are learned behaviors that lead iron at some point in our experience the temptation Jesus relates to us and we did is that the foundation of all temptation is to do was sell want rather than what God wants it in that context that Christ was also tempted the natural call of human nature is to do with self would want to do rather than to do what God wants us to do that the natural calls of temptation and is manifested in a thousand ways it is only in the context that Jesus had a nature that naturally wanted to do what self wanted to do rather than what God would want to do and do what Jesus had to overcome that nature and of the special way that he did it but you know what that special way he did it is available to you and I today we can overcome truly as he overcame no one else thinking about the book of Hebrews chapter to me even step into you is what the Bible says in Hebrews the second chapter went to Seattle Bible spell this out for us Hebrews chapter two when you get there please send a mental non- Hebrews the second chapter now let's notice what the Bible says in Hebrews two starting in verse fourteen it says as much then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood it says he also himself likewise took part of the same that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death that is the devil and deliver them through fear of them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage for verily he took not known in the Bible is so clear pizza not on him the nature of angels but it jumped on him thus see of Abraham not a clear statement is not the Bible says he didn't not take on in the nature of angels but it's on him to see a diagram notice what he says next now it says wherefore in all things it being pulled in to be made like unto his brethren not thought about this is it okay behold when I thought about the word below vested although that I stumbled always meant it moved him or a touched him like it was an emotional stimulus as it is moved and would love that he would be made like unto his brethren know the reason why a beloved and it says it behooves him to be made like unto his brethren that he might be a merciful and faithful high Priest in things pertaining to God to make reconciliation for the sins of the people when I first that the political I thought that it again meant that he was move would love a compassionate but then I decided up a dictionary on either side of the Greek dictionaries and when I pulled up a great visionary award to notice what is said on the word behoove the otherworldly is what it says it says behold means to all two oh to be under obligation as we bound on being in getting this drive it was a must or any so when you love back at Hebrews chapter two look at it again hundred seventy now put the new wording in the Hebrews to ever seventeen and now the snows of the Bible since Hebrews two and verse seventeen this is what it says it says wherefore in all things it beholds him to be made like unto his brethren it is all it to us to be made like us he was under obligation to be made like he was Brown or in data to us to be made like us to what it was a month or a need for him to be made like a scrub this is why so that we may overcome as overcame Christ thought necessary I must come with their nature this is the reason why eventually is no excuse was an younger peoples or the devil made me do it let me tell you something I want to think with me if the devil could make human beings sin he definitely shouldn't make Chrysler because Jesus was a human being and if Satan could have gotten Jesus to commit sin the whole plan of salvation would have been killed so if the idea that Satan can make people sick and that it was joined by God is not your if the idea was that Satan committed the sender this is what made Jesus but Jesus when he came with his earth with a human nature with the nature of Adam after the ball is a living testimony that you and I can don't know with the what has no journals within there's no such thing as I had to do it there's no such thing at the devil made me do it these is says on the guilt all the documents on the come in the lowliest of life with the lowest Major Condon go ahead and show me how he can be holy even as God in heaven is school and thought processes solemn thought now the reason why many people struggle with this idea is because they begin to think certain things as an example with them I asked the question why did Jesus become like us to know why they do it is that he took upon himself human nature for no other purpose what it is now is from awkward Lopez regarding pizza upon himself human nature for no other purpose than to place a man on vantage ground before the world and the whole heaven the universe when Christ upon human nature he did it for the purpose of put out on vantage ground against the devil he said undergoing now you'll be able to do it I want to keep this in mind people often ask what about the baby thing because it was a big is a naturally born citizen and you know what the thing that confuses people is David Springer if there's anybody in this room right now the movies were born sinners I can guarantee you it is especially because of David's prayer even when David said behold I was born in sin and shape and in iniquity a lot of people read that it is a C Davis in front of abortion it offers what I found a verse that the birds did not say we are born sinners that's how the Texans defensive I was born in sin and sin and iniquity now let's watch this in Psalm fifty one five go there with me now but it is very quickly these next few moments we have Psalms fifty one and verse five watch this in Psalm fifty one and verse five by as we hold I was saving in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me it is what people believe is a well-being of this is in it my mother conceive me right one now let's go ahead and take a look at Romans chapter one Romans chapter one in Romans the first chapter of asking the Bible says Romans chapter one because it let let let let away in agreement with the false theology income guarantee is a false theology but that were in agreement with the fall theology that because of baby being born in sin as he says did my mother conceive me and that means that he was born a sinner now center someone is guilty before God amen we agreed that if you are a sinner guilty you are suggesting are your guilty now is David's statement that I was born in sin means that I was born a sinner we have a big problem with the big problem is Roman scepter one verse three the Bible says in Romans chapter one verse three it says concerning his son Jesus Christ our Lord which was made all the seed of David according to the flesh the Bible says in the word flesh means what nature very good I like this and many you know that easy to coordinate information amen the Bible says in David when he said I was born in sin is that statement means I was born a sinner the Bible says Jesus was born with the same nature David because it is that it is concerning his son Jesus Christ our Lord which was made of the seed of David according to the nature saying that Jesus was born a sinner everybody knows everything from this distance David was simply saying behold I was even in iniquity I was born and sent out was born with the natural bend to do that with self wants to do rather than God and David said and I did it with mass effect that I was listening in the prayer it was nothing I am born a sinner and people say what about the babies what about the babies now what about this before we close my classes four twenty eight it says but what about the babies now a lot of people believe that babies are just born citizen and babies have no other way of being born in this world the Bible doesn't teach that other duties that that is what the Bible says it is even from the mother 's womb middle of the Bible says every single one of us in this room could've been born it says number one and Psalms twenty nine but thou art he that took me out of the womb thou didst make me hope when I was up on my mother 's breast I was cast upon release from the world thou art my God from my mother 's belly babies can be recognized as God 's own property even from the womb notice what he says in Psalm seventy one five two six for thou art my hope old Lord God thou art my trust from my youth by VR I've been holding up from the low thou art he that took me out of my mothers bowels God can keep your brothers and sisters starting from the womb on out notice what else it says in Psalm one thirty nine thirteen for thou hast possessed my reins thou hast covered me in my mother will number of visits you not understand the God of the Bible the Bible says is no respect of persons got it mounted to the one person I do for you the only reason why children are born in this world and get caught up and also the singular sinful behavior I'm sorry to say but it is true is because of parents it is because of mother and father not following the Council got not one gone and not raising the children as Jesus and John the Baptist always remember the reason that with the John the Baptist was because it was an exact arrival and Ann Elizabeth the reason we haven't seen this was because there was a joke and it was a married all of us all of our children could be born and is one of the same promises if we as parents we leave our parts knows what else is recently Jeremiah one five before I formed you in the womb I knew you and before you came out of the womb I sanctified you and I ordained you a prophet unto the nations and finally the one in verse fifteen for he shall be great in the side of the Lord and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink and you shall be filled with the Holy Ghost even from his mother 's will all of us in this room would have been born field with the Holy Ghost from our way from the mother 's womb could happen it was only because the Shiites did not understand perhaps that I'm not just saying that this is as it could happen like you did for John like you did for Jesus could this president made in accumulating this is a promise from the want of this promise from diabetes five twelve even though Dave in its mother 's arms may dwell as under the shadow of the Almighty through the same of the praying mother they are the praying by the artists and it's what I'm saying is the parish we play as well of our children could be filled with the Holy Spirit from the world it says to the fate of the praying mother shone the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit from his butt if we will live in communion with God we shall may expect the divine spirit to mold our little ones and from their earliest moments at no point in talking to when Jesus was born a holy child but our children are born holy children the Bible says that's a lie the Bible says much of the one with the Holy Spirit filled with the Holy Spirit just like Jesus was born at no point in Jesus as humanity could he have an advantage over us no point otherwise he's disqualified he came with our nature but when he was in his mother 's belly he was filled with the Holy Spirit he had a nature called divines that was able to overcome the nature called sinful and you and I could've had the same thing from the one at no point are you following and therefore let us never ever repeat the lie it says very clearly men and women frame many excuses for the proneness to sin it says it is represented of the necessity and evil that cannot be overcome but sin is not a necessity Christ lived and as well from infancy to manhood and during that time he met and resisted all the temptations by which man is beset he is a perfect pattern of childhood of use of manhood statement on in my page two nineteen last quote Satan 's fatal sophistry member I told her that they are people today who say we cannot get victory over sin reluctantly that included a echoing the voice of Satan right looking with think and says in great controversy for eighty nine assistant defects in the character Satan works to gain control of the whole mind and he know that these defects HRC will succeed therefore he is constantly seeking to deceive the followers of Christ with his fatal sophistry that it is impossible for them to overcome Satan has told this lie in my hope my prison no one would lead this ten at going by that means impossible for us to overcome parents on every page of the Met M know they can overcome if they messed up people and should want to get right with Jesus and start all over again do not put those poisonous words in the mind of a children's fuel wasting this visit is that damaging to a child so often we say always when it's not always in shock Internet they always messing up in the always doing wrong in our intuitive and before you know it that sound begins to develop a psychology undermines that I'm worthless I can't do anything and because it values drop down and they cannot even see who they are in Christ anymore before you know it is easy for them to now surrender to some of the most bases in Boston that are taking place in this world today and sometimes they'll even go as far as taking their own life of firm in your youth you really can do all things the crisis strengthens you you can overcome every since when the baby does something wrong do not applaud that shall mistake a look at how cute is that that's all being rude because with each other than one best you don't do it thirteen what is not cute anymore correct them when they're young so that they may grow up and understand what proper Christian behaviors we must do this because and so on an accessible talk about the step-by-step process of how Jesus overcame your visas with an example for us will look at that example in the next two moments of our step-by-step process and then we will close out for the day if it is your desire if you can say nonpolitical as far as this curious but I like I like things like this environment like this for many of us here on the Matthew question if you believe if you believe if you believe that it was not possible to live a life victorious over sin the result of seeing how Christ condescended to come down on the table when the same age of twenty when I have so that he can show us how he did it and walk in his foot will have the same success it came to this meeting and you do not believe that we could have victory over sin and now see because of what you did then we can do it we just got to your feet is there one person was honest enough to think you know about me off I really believe that you took this fall in nature I believe that Jesus would've done to me praise God you think this is when the deliverance comes in I firmly believe Benji Whitefield 's music God is bigger than just a simple stimulus to people talk in the same can be liked thinking there must be message is that cognitive and at the time that we seek right to write from the review women to cooperate Jesus and let him live his big Toryism life out in your life beginning today that is no more excuses visit no more excuses would you please been raw salmon together because was a Lord I want to live out my holy and righteous life within me you'll find that Christ did it it will enable you to let us father in heaven we thank you so much that we can do all things through Christ who is our strength and we accept your God you are selling that truly and indeed Jesus loves us so much that he was willing to come down and truly be like us no wonder the Bible says grading grades is the mystery of God and that God was manifest in flesh Lord I pray help with everyone hold onto this time I pray that as a result of it may we never this was mainly stand when we go to heaven on sol three hundred ask in Jesus name I a this is not as hot as the website is that God 's word to us please send an audio and much more than you would like to know more about hothouse of his life this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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