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Overcoming As Christ Overcame, Part 2

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • June 28, 2012
    4:45 PM
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her her him as he thank you Lord for blessing to be the here and understand humans will trade you please give us grace so that we may know the powered by Greece to know how we can have victory is by Senator not I think you are and I trust that we asked Jesus to be met we saw that God is telling us that it is alive from Satan to see that we cannot overcome that is his sophistry that is something that the devil teaches that silly constantly repel instantly does not come from heaven at all therefore when the Lord wants us to do is he wants us to realize and claim the promises of God that we really turn all the combo would have to do it through a sweet connection with Jesus Christ amen now how did Jesus do it with some gems with some keys that Jesus had that enabled him to overcome so that he could be a model to you and I howbeit we can overcome most of the book of Luke chapter one in the book of Luke chapter one this notice for the Bible says Luke chapter one am going to consider verse thirty five what were some of the keys in Jesus 's experience that enable him to go ahead and over notice of the Bible says in Luke one and verse thirty five footer please a man the Bible says in the one hundred thirty five notice what he says it says and the angel answered and said under her the Holy Ghost shall come upon the and the power of the highest shall overshadow the therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of these shall be called the son of God the Bible makes it clear that Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit from the womb this was the secret of Jesus is how to overcome all the temptation of the devil is that he knows he had a major outcome after the fall he was also filled with the Holy Spirit and therefore add a single time at any point in his youth in his young adult life and in his adult life when the temptation of the natural nature would call he would have to define a twit in dividing and overcoming therefore it was not by might nor by power in the life of Jesus but it was by the Holy Spirit that Christ was able to overcome every temptation that came his way and so is the human eye that if we are going to overcome then we must also do it under the same principles how Jesus did we must overcome as he overcame so first and foremost we need the Holy Spirit for that is what Jesus said now how do we get good book of Ruby eleven chapter in the eleventh chapter how do we receive the Holy Spirit Bible says in the eleven notice what he says as we consider verse nine and eleven verse nine is synonymous with Matthew chapter seven seven remember Jesus talks about ask it shall be given you seeking you shall find in knocking the door shall be opened unto you what when you look at Luke the eleventh chapter and verse nine is the same wording of Jesus but I want to see how Jesus helps us understand what his focus was when he taught this principle is that in the eleven numbers nine and I say unto you ask and it shall be given you seek and you shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you for everyone that has to perceive it and he that he can find it and to him that knock and it shall be open now he brings out a greater more forceful point of what he was talking about would be asking principle is says in verse eleven if a son so ask bread of any of you that is a father will he give him a stone with the ask of this report please give him a serpent or if he shall ask an egg with the offer him a scorpion it says if you think that being able no how to give good guess on to your children how much more sorry I have a father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him so therefore if we are going to victory as Christ had big three then we must be filled with the Holy Spirit as Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit because Jesus had a praying mother therefore Christ would be filled from the womb is many of us do not have parents like that for a faster as we did not do that the Bible says redeem the time for the days are evil beginning today because another principle of the Bible and dreams for two is that we have not because we ask not sometimes people say why is it that I don't have power why is it that whenever temptation to surrender over and over and over again very easily very quickly in reason why brothers and sisters is because you have not because you last night now when you ask for the Holy Spirit understanding is that it comes based on his agenda and not hostile to the book of John chapter sixteen and let's find out his agenda number one ask for the Holy Spirit number to understand that when he comes he's in a comment on his agenda not yours the Bible says exactly what his agenda is in John the sixteenth chapter in John sixteen the Bible says as we consider verse seven Bible says in John sixteen over seven nevertheless I tell you the truth it is expedient for you that I go away for if I go not away the comforter will not come unto you but if I do part I will send him unto you now look at what happens when he comes in this is one thing when you ask for the Holy Spirit understand he has an agenda the Bible says what his agenda verse eight and when he is come he will do what group rules the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment so when the spirit of God calms you have a mission he had agenda agenda is I want to improve the web of sin as an example you and I may be getting ready to go out and do a missionary job of missionary work in league one of the share Jesus with others in the field what is the get ready to go out into the field to share Jesus and were praying for the power the Holy Spirit and wisdom was a lot for the Spirit upon us that we may go out of the effect of witnessing and Jesus may say to some ladies before I give you powered one witness you need a change of clothes you just in other words the spirit of God when he commented to come on his agenda when we asked for the spirit of God within but give me power to be a witness in the spirit of God may say one government into power but one of the ways I want to do it before you even go out if I need to change a cold because the way you address right now they would be people paying more attention to your body than the word of God then many individuals today that are going on the field with very sincere hearts brothers and sisters but they are dressed in management offense of the gods and would lead individuals into sin I remember one that a pastor 's house and I was staying there and it just and a developer in her mind she can buy the house and she didn't even know but for this is that she came to the house to do some canvassing and when she was knocking on that door brothers and sisters there was so much of our body that could be seen I got in on this I bought myself as I heard her voice of the past with all dollars in the room that I was in but I heard the voice of the canvassing is an estimate canvassing South happy to pray the Lord to pacify all the estimates you know he was a bastard but here is that when she would bear doing that brothers and sisters you don't understand with which she was there doing that I heard the words of themselves in the year and I came up to look innocent I knew that it was the young lady as she said I can when I saw our house is low and I thought to myself I think you know what many psychopaths as this one has to be as many individuals that are in this world that out-of-control the last thing anyone needs to do is dress in a manner to help little psychotic agencies within their mind out of the got dangerous reform so here is that we might find ourselves one of the go ahead and be a witness and Mister God may come as a before you wanted it any dishonorable right here God has an agenda when he sends his spirit and the first work is work through the website some people asking for the blessing that God will not give me money one-on-one money you got a whole world out there that his name in a claimant type ministry prosperity ministries and always think all classes with all those finances is on its outlook and individuals a living and not even returning time and offering socioeconomic him as a father please bless these efforts I would like to do this job for a brand-new business and I endeavored black escort and grant that the power by spirit so we can have a successful business and got mistake before I bless and give you any success in your business you need to come back and be faithfully returning time and offering the spirit of God comes on his agenda brothers and sisters he is not to be put on our agenda we can call upon the spirit inside use him but we must understand that we are not to use the spirit of God we ought to let the spirit of God use us when he comes is a reprove the world of sin that's his mission that physical so understand that yes we need the Spirit of God there's no question about that because we can't overcome without them but we must understand that when he comes he has an agenda and his first episode agendas reprove the world of sin so don't be surprised that while you're praying and asking God to all these great things and you think you own the biggest one of all all yes the spirit of God but definitely do this how many times I cannot begin to tell you that as a young man and I do consider myself young as a young man when I get God 's word to others many times parents if they had weight when children they will typically come to me as a brother lemon you know we have this wayward child away which of them could please help them out you know Alice of parents as to what you let me in your business enough to let me to visit the laptop you and the first thing I want to do is find out what the parents doing because you will find that according to the Bible most of the reason why children practice and so much is because the parents the fact the biblical fact that Dennis on page sixteen tells us that when the husband and wife hobbies is to a large extent the mother and the father create the atmosphere the home and is says and when husband and wife a mother and father when they harbored different against one another it is the children will partake of the same spirit parents it seems like one husband and wife when they do not allow themselves to truly get along and we a lot of political front in front of the brethren walk in-home in-home and nobody else look at all dorsolateral windows are closed and we can be ourselves in certain aspects about our characters but this is is that we would be ashamed if you ever written on the walls were here is that many times parents will go ahead and do these different things and brothers and sisters you'd be amazed you'd be amazed at how many times is as if the husband and wife when they start arguing and getting into all that fussing and fighting and all these other things that is as if we just open the door and invited the demons to come into our house Peter was so interesting about the double the Bible says in first Peter five eight is says that the devil walks about as a roaring lion seeking whom he made about that it was aligned with attacks occurred it was a violent attacker if you want to lie when the attacks occurred you'll find him and all animals are going by who go after the wind wafted adult adult under the babies if the lion has a choice and see that there are adult animals and young animals always go to the young animals why because they were weaker parents when we harbor bitterness and difference in our hearts against one another and we do not let Jesus take those things away from our we must understand that literally it is as if we bus the door opened and allowed demons to come into our home and the demons they are already gotten YouTube because you're arguing such phenomena go after your weak children and the demons begin to mess with the minds of the precious little children because they week they typically don't have a strong seventies and is out of your children will sometimes become so smart that is thus a payment is not available even see the same amount and that they begin the savings that you know what I'm getting tired of this Christian thing mom and dad I'm getting old in August of that access and anyone acting is why we affect family worship all of a sudden all of this rebuttal in August check back at a lot of other things I got says because of you because of me which leads me to the second reason why Jesus was so victorious one he was filled with the Holy Spirit but there was something else would look out the window of the surprising segue to write Linux point of chapter one notice of the Bible says is because another one and I will never look at Luke chapter one verses twenty eight to thirty new chapter one twenty eight thirty another reason why Jesus was successful and overcame not only because he was filled with the Holy Spirit even though that was the foundation of his success the Bible says in the one twenty eight and the angel came in under her and said hail thou that art highly favored the Lord is with thee blessed art thou among women and when she saw him she was troubled at his saying and cast in her mind what manner of salutation this should be in the Angels in America you're not married what thou hast found favor with God another reason why Jesus had so much success in his human life and he was victorious over sin was because he had gotten the parents the Bible says Mary was savored of God the Bible says she was blessed above women and while that is not true that Mary was some type of person who could never become sinless know where this is the best of the Bible teaches Mary with a sinner but she was a sinner saved by grace she believed the Nixon coming Messiah and shield by fate waiting for him the compass he was amazed when she saw that she would be the vessel that would bear in residences and that's an honor that is a privilege for God have come to earth as it am choosing you to let you be the one to bear Messiah and bring them into this world what an honor to you understand that when God looked at Mary and Joseph he had to have a serious trust with them to say I'm investing in a once a most study with a Muslim brother and when I was setting with a Muslim brother he said he had a problem believing in the gospel in one of the reasons why was it because he said that John three sixteen says that Jesus was begotten anything you Christians say that Jesus was God anything I have a problem with that because how could God be begot and of course he went down the list with that in it always think about it and and and I remember asked method have you ever read what the original language said one one is a nondemocratic please look at it enemies a lot told him that because I said there are two Greek words that are used for the word begotten one is called Mono Gmail another one is called Mono Jennings now Martindale needs brought forth or created like many of the children in this room are young people and we ourselves model duties however a different monitor these means something different and when the Bible says forgot syllable word he gave his only begotten son the word begotten was not Montevideo it was mounted and ease your monitor these means the only one like me in other words if we paraphrase John three sixteen what is says is for God so loved the world that he gave the only one that was like you that you should not perish but that we may have eternal life when I told him was the brother that it nearly brought tears to his eyes he was formed by and we began to study deeper into now imagine God going to a woman into a household insane I'm choosing to let the only one like me these subjects in your hands and I'm counting on you train them right brothers and sisters Mary was well favorite Mary and Joseph understood something very important when they understand the go Deuteronomy chapter six must find out what it Mary and Joseph understand you see as Jews they understood a very important biblical principles when it comes to parenthood and we would do well to consider the same thing Deuteronomy chapter six in Deuteronomy six starting in verse four you'll find that the Bible shows us what it is that Mary and Joseph had an understanding of and they clearly demonstrated a great faith in Vista the point that God says I'm willing to trust the rear up the only one that is like me in human flesh now notice what the Bible says in the as members for business here all Israel the more our God is one Lord thou shall love the Lord thy God with all my heart with all my soul and with all my might and these words which I command thee this day shall be in thine heart and thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children it was God 's instruction to Israel teach your children my law plant within their minds instruct them in my ways and God was so serious about this but look at the language of what he says about parent with both greater children but within a fifteen spend diligently to buy children a fair and balanced out talk of them when thou satyrs in thine house and when thou longest by the way it says and when thou lies down and when thou rises up in the house are buying them for a sign upon thine hand and they sent me as frontlets between thine eyes and also write them upon the poles of the house and on thy gates and it shall be when the Lord thy God to broadly into the land which he swear that I thought was to Abraham Isaac and Jacob to get the great and goodly cities which thou build is not whether this is his God was very detailed with the parents these that instruct them to know most parents don't week on the charts and we put on the holding of acting and then we get home and play video games we watched television programs we have no business watching we play music that we know we would inoculate the pastor was sitting right in the conversation with his was sitting on the artifice is done on lifestyle going on language that we use the chart we has a different language when Granholm know whether this is my greatest desire one of my greatest desires is that my wife and my children will see the same exact man when I stand in front of the people that I am in my backyard are in my house when we go bike riding open to anything even in the name of re-created brothers and sisters God says that this was supposedly much truth in my law was supposed to be something that was not in the life every day it was not just a sad to think that the problem admitting as much as it shone a holy experience Monday week at any time you do that exactly what you are a weak person God says no eugenics brings holiness Monday week the Sabbath is a weekly reminder what was supposed to be every day holy holy people and Mary and Joseph understood this investment got to trust them now as the Augusts pussy as of December seven two thousand seven my mother died as of August sixth two thousand eleven my father died I stand before you as a young man without parents and my mother and my father did not raise this battle my parents allowed me to do what I want when I want how I will they made world 's mistakes that have left permanent scars upon my life but in the closing scenes of Bolivia my people died under the message of the third angel God allows me to witness to my mother and my father my sister played a very tremendous role with my father and getting him to accept Christ I came in on the backing and gotten to extend Jesus through the third Angels message and I did one week before he died God did that we do the same thing with my mother nobody would believe my mother cried my mother my mother was amazing my mother had a message element who was a good friend of ours and the Virgin Islands best wishes from St. Thomas and my mother you know she didn't have on leadership in life and I remember the day when I first thought I became seventy minutes twenty years ago as he thought I was absolutely crazy but over time she watched as he saw this boy is serious my mother nude Wayne always jumps in the sun eventually he needs it for some reason this one stuck in a narrative that are now ongoing in the middle of a young lady I met my wife in a Bible study for them I was at college anything I ever get some by the Bible study tonight he brought a blind house my wife sugar Hannan greeted her and welcomed her to the study she came and we stay with her she got baptized couple years later recorded and eventually we got married and it is my mother sees okay well let's see what he does now she noticed that even in our marriage with conducting us the differently or my other seven siblings then my wife she got pregnant she had our children and before you know now would parents of four so she's really watching now as she sees everything that she was asleep when it is a sentiment failed it she's watching to seeing the changes he sees oh okay there been consistent while most important issues of the fruit of God 's blessings as a result of faithfulness and presence of the living rock I failed beyond understanding of it without I feel so bad as a husband I felt so bad as the father to me I dropped the ball is only the grace of God that I fell asleep in faith and principles still have children love daddy love mommy love each other and still have a love for Jesus so that by the grace of God so I'm not talking to you as if I'm talking down the unit we did everything perfectly happy there have been mistakes perhaps that's why I'm so passionate about it here it is that mom saw this voice changed and I'll never forget my mother finally says is that you know what I will receive no spiritual counsel from any of a man except you and she said I make you my spiritual counseling I want you to begin to teach me the Bible I want you to tell me about the house are setting up mom and of course we cannot forget that I was there the very night before she died and I remember I was counseling my mother and I told mom or the phone I said mom I said is all right mom was reading to guy cancer antibody was deteriorating and here it is that she was breathing hard as FSU 's agreement because he was dying literally the message that this eleven your mother 's organs are dying one by one we knew she was going to go in our map of our mother on the phone as a model citizen this is your baby I was the only one born of my mother 's womb my other seven siblings came from another woman who died and they were all very younger my father met my mother they got married my mother took over the seventh and I came into the world I was the only one born for my mother 's womb and I'm on the phone of my mother per baby eczema this is a baby as a list go to sleep I know my mother my mother was fighting because mothers typically fight to take care of the babies they want to be around for the babies need a lot of help everything are moving all my life but nevertheless mom just doesn't need to be around for a baby method mom is your baby go to sleep I told mom to go ahead and go to sleep don't keep fighting and marvelously blessed mom I'll see you in the morning as if you hear me and my mother 's last words yesterday I said ghostly I love you on the phone two o'clock in the morning a call they said mom is the she died Jesus and therefore we do not sorrow as others are younger this is my mother and father were not able to be the ideal parents according to six I was not the ideal child I was a demon to my mother and my father but I was grateful that God gave me enough probation to be an angel in their lives for the last two years of their lives parents you may have messed up you may have done some things wrong and now we have children that we can see the Spirit of Delhi and invent but God says it's not too late the Bible says redeem the time for the days are evil you have to understand hospital reading the asked me of memory verses that we do for family worship reversed with Isaiah forty nine twenty five a couple weeks ago and we were talking about even though the tapas of the mighty shall be taken away in the prey of the terrible shall be delivered and God promises and I will content within that content is great and I will say bye to your claim that promises apparent through Laura Messe I have not been like Mary and Joseph I have not been much Elizabeth and Zechariah 's father I had an lease give me one more chance in this time by your grace that we get it right let me be the mother and a father to my child was never privileged to be otherwise and brothers and sisters I promise you what ever you want your child to be be it yourself first I want my children was little doubt that they will be when you are also reluctant to go back the first time I called last is when you will be the first time I call you this on our economy or the voice of Jesus so you get up his morning can't get up with her devotion will please ten one twenty one and thirty one minutes as time passes and now the times gone and I often got a rush to go and run with a casino would you watch other children come not as an adult on children and juvenile so why is it that I call you three of our times God suite still small voice is because I have to keep calling you for your point is when you get it right and get it right being which wanted to be you want them to be mustered about his UB Spirit you want to be obedient to believe you will find businesses we will have a much better time because I love it when God promises that all the angels of heaven if necessary will come down and surround our children if we would simply cooperate with why was Jesus so successful number one because he was filled with the Holy Spirit can you be filled with the Holy Spirit yes number two because he had gotten the parents brothers and sisters for many Muslim parents can we become he presently added they can to become the doctor yesterday and you know what I remember I told God as well my mother my father-in-law now I don't have any person bought and got to stop mail facilities that I'll be human Selby a father I'll be there parental guidance units apparently not and I say this any young person who may be here and maybe mom and dad is not here but you say to yourself my mother father and ungodly people they don't they don't spend time and where they don't do these things brothers and sisters don't despair I'll be the mother I'll be the father of the everything the community to your mom and dad by the grace given right and my mother and father they learned late but I think God late is better than never number one Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit number two Jesus was also led by God repairs what else is saying known as one of the Bible says as we consider another point injected to Luke chapter two what else enabled Jesus to have such powerful victory Luke chapter two chapter two in verse forty nine Euro members Jesus he went away as Jesus went away he eventually got to a point where his parents couldn't see him about the lesson and that because in his parents not being able to see him you know if its access on the holiday mother Mary and Betty Joseph to find Jesus three days I how long do they think God help him a moment is a solid want to think that we take our eyes off of Jesus for moment it can take days before we get reconnected keep your eyes on Jesus purposes to drive in Jesus Webb is what has been this out to you remember you can do all things through Christ to strength as you keep your eyes on Jesus thou wilt keep him in perfectly schools minded aid on the Spain she dresses on Jesus the Christ is coming is all around us and we must practically prepare but Jesus has given us instructed how to do it keep your eyes on Jesus through the process when there is eventually they found them and when they found them basis on what to do this was why is it that we can find you and notified two thousand and two forty nine the Bible says in Luke two forty nine eighty seven of them how do that you sought me with you not that I must be about my father 's business and what he says and they understood not the same would you speak under them and he went down with them and came to Nazareth and was subject unto them but his mother kept all these things in her heart and Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and with men Jesus also Holly was filled with the Holy Spirit not only was he led by copy parental instruction and example but Jesus also surrendered with Jesus that I must be about my father 's business when Jesus went home the Bible says he subjected himself to his parents he did whatever they wanted and that he subjected himself to the will Jesus lived a life that said not my will but thy will be done via Novak the surrender of the will is she when it comes to victory key we need the Holy Spirit no doubt about it we need that godly parental instruction and example that because the brothers and sisters he also need to understand what it is disciplined with pleasant need to surrender the will to bring about this for the divine despair and many begin to inquire house so I make the surrender of myself to go people ask this question often is one think it's also my surrender everything to God or some fancy listening how I wonder that is hard against writers aren't something that is fine what does it mean really even to surrender the wheel of his notice how am I to make the surrender of myself to God it is your desire to get itself in matters of the gap 's experience you desire to get yourself to him you are weak in more power in slavery to doubt and controlled by the habits of your life as it came out of an event deftly relate to it goes on to say your promises and resolutions on my grossest thing it made a promise to God he broke into physically present in fall through your fingers and then says you cannot control your thoughts impulses your affections the knowledge of broken promises and forfeited pledges we gives you confidence in your own sincerity and causes you to feel that God cannot accept never been there sad place to be belittled when you mess up so much that you begin to confess your sins to God and you don't even feel sincere about it anyways I'm not even sorry for what the point on the failure Satan is always whispering and I is you can make it in a clinic and he does this he does the people who believe present true because the people who believe the three angels message and does it all the time steepest access to any constantly distracted us but notice it says you need not despair it says you need not discuss what we need to understand this is what we need to understand is the true force of the whale is true will of the will it says this is the governing power in the nature of man the power of decision or on choice at something you have a favorite everything depends on the right action of the will the power of choice God has given and then it is best to exercise member to the earlier fate is now was to exercise God is giving you the ability to choose your Jesus when he's on so get ready to go on across and he saw that the first time ever but this is weekend relate to this because I was different about aggressive driving we can one day very soon Jesus always had access to his father always the cross was going to be the first time ever that Jesus his father was the return his face from the Bible says your sins have caused God to turn his face from you that he will not hear brothers and sisters in Christ for the first time was that I have his father turned his face in and to the point that it caused him to break blood vessels in his head and blood drip oh sweet sweet kind of pressure being brought on Jesus and he did not want to go through Nestlé said father could be possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not my will but thy will be done Jesus exercised with it says you cannot change our heart you can still get the God of effective bullet you can do is choose a servant you can give him your will and he will then working you to will and to do according to his good pleasure steps to Christ page forty eight brothers and sisters Jesus says to you and I he says I have given you the power to choose to do it right you won't feel it all the time do not benefit enemies several times in your Christian experience regularly called to do things that are in you not been wanted he does not want to get it over with you not to want to lungs when this I haven't given any times when things than a call upon us that we should do and whenever you want to delete but God says choose to do it because it is right and when we choose to do it it's that he will networking us to willing to do of his good pleasure joyful feeling and the blessings will come and we will be happy about the choices we have made ultimately even in the by-and-by these are three things that see this exercise Jesus had a strong prayer life Bible tells us brothers and sisters that when Jesus would pray sometimes he would pray and him being in agony he prayed more earnestly Jesus his prayer life Jesus a study is less that he like Jesus surrendering the will his choices can be filled with the spirit his parents at parental guidance these were all things that were designed to help them overcome and guess what same thing is not one thing in the experience of Jesus when you cannot do and that's why he says you can overcome has I overcame follow the pattern that follow the pattern if you follow about a man you'll find that you have the very same experiences that he had his defects in the character Satan works to gain control of the whole mind and he knows that if these defects it shows he will succeed therefore he is constantly seeking to deceive the followers of Christ with his fatal sophistry that it is impossible for them to overcome to get back to try to say you can do it give up with the content do it the brothers and sisters when you fall get back up again if useful if you phone if you fall get back up again keep pressing for the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ so you will find that we are told Christ of humanity and boy the hatred of the world that he might show men and women that they could live without sin that there were their actions their spirit might be sanctified to God we can be perfect Christians if we will manifest this power in our lives when the light of heaven rests upon us continually we shall represent Christ up would look page three oh three it is your desire to seek Jesus I want to live out your life within me say Lord I won't make excuses for sin I see your pattern you are filled with the Holy Spirit you are governed by parental God instruction some of you young people you might have parenting here who have really been on the straight and narrow path but maybe for some reason we've been rebelling brothers and sisters young people especially saying to you don't give your parents a hard time trying to keep you on the road that is straight and narrow and is getting it even more narrowly as we get ready to enter into heaven can happen again but they're doing it because they love you my children often steady chemical to Six Flags like everybody else some of the welcome of the church sometimes the people in our churches of that ensures your time and the man was going to his friends attempted much of the missing mono speaker myself do we not understand God 's counsel over much of that why can I go to Six Flags and so much of this it will when you look at a police officer the job took the communities that they serve even if I'm in a fireman 's job is to make sure that fires to put out ability to get started so people 's lives and properties are not destroyed similar to the president of the United States his job is to make sure that the United States is a country that is safe for the citizens to dwell with God is giving you a job higher than a police officer that a fireman and even the president of the United States God has brought you into this world to get the world ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ and as a result of that there is a specific training that we must give you while the sun would ask for an iPod that can have an iPod I said well okay what if you want an iPod if it does tell me that I said I want to write on the paper to me five reasons would you use it for so these are the right things down my son is very clever very clever I don't know where he got it from these definitely going and I said son I said here's what I want to be wrote down five reasons the household looking in the right L5 reason for well when the memory this but he did he wrote down five reasons down like I can do this I can do that and I can do is not these are the real logical analysis at all okay I Saturday what I said now want you to show me five ways that your use of the iPod is to help you better know how to stand true to God during the investigative judgment be certain you are limiting about the walkaway he couldn't come back with the five strong reasons that they will yet understand I don't believe in iPod is sinful but I don't think I know most people use iPods and sinfulness as example as possible it's possible to be in a religious meeting and someone could be using an iPod or iPad or iPhone or any of those things and then not doing things that help them understand what the speaker is talking about is a sinful behavior is fully focused when redistricting is children as young as six and eight years old can understand the three Angels messages this post is written by near I told my son as his son a lot of these devices which will be controversy five nineteen that Satan will knows that those we can get to neglect prayer the circular descriptors will be overcome by the fact is therefore he convinced all sorts of devices there are a lot of devices that people use a debate that is more of a distraction unit is not a simple unit is just a distraction unit it keeps their minds off of Jesus it keeps the mind of God 's true it keeps them from being productive children of God I told my scientists thought there is a special training we have to give you you are preparing the world for the second coming of Jesus and by the way that's not just my son does every single one of you every single one of you in this room the reason you still have brought in your body is because God will one want you to stand true to him while this investigative judgment is about a close number two he wants to work in and through you to get well ready for the second coming of Jesus a mission and do it in the workplace are you doing in full-time ministry some you might even do it within the denomination but not as many as everybody this is the great work that the Lord has called us to do to get to the world the first the second and third Angels message and the graying goal of all three Angels messages is that we may enter into an experience of Jesus that we can stand true to him during this investigative judgment and that's why Christ says I cannot trust them to anybody else I myself will come down and take upon myself sinful flesh and I'll offer myself as a sacrifice and I was ascended into the sanctuary above so that we can know how to overcome Xylocaine and just to imagine that the God of heaven and earth is now using my elder brother and my big brother I remember I was on my way to school one time and there was this girl who was a bully and she was and then she was in a regular kind of girl she was bigger to the big muscular woman on the lookout allowed to what lineages are anything but all I know that she was a big tough looking sister and I remember that she does with Bob and being of all the kids in school and you don't I will try to get out was afraid of anybody but I knew who I could be like that and I couldn't be there and I remember I went to school one day and when I went to school my brother was not there with me and that young ladies by the Bonnie she started to bother me I got to the point that I wanted to get my big brother on so I went back home until my big brother he told me you point her out to me that we see in XML straightener it was amazing to watch whole thing transpired and whose he was a different kind Ronnie normally guys intentionally deny that this is not one of these major executives is being people but it was amazing how I remember when my brother came to school with me and my brother came to school with me I felt so what sexual because I was like I know that my big brother is on my side he has my back easily was able to squat and even appetizer anything like that we just made it clear not touch my brother again or there will be some serious ramifications she left me alone brothers and sisters we living in the time of the anti- typical day of atonement we are getting ready to see some scenes in this purpose can break out the natural mind is not ready to comprehend it I wish there was a way that all of you and I think audio personalities because I was it was awake I appreciate you all coming here but I really wish you would hear Pastor Davis as he shares the point that he's sharing as well because God is he was one of God 's instruments that God used to very strongly affect my life many years ago many years ago and I'm telling you when you understand how close is close you will begin to see whatever I must do I must do it quickly it won't be long before we went to see this will break out in a very horrible crisis horrible it is only because of God 's grace and mercy that is holding the winds back right now because he sees that there's some people have even here at Western youth conference that I believe different from how they came praise God for his mercy a what I'm saying to you is clean so that these efforts have been in here the voice of the ship and follow him wheresoever he mainly on because I'm telling you you have an older brother that is in that most holy place he is on your side it simply says that Carlson if you stay close to me you don't have to worry about what's good ready to take place your sealed in your button but stick close to me and with the Bible pointed the Bible says of a new body in Christ first on three six days any man who abide in Christ soon it doesn't and you will have victory and you will overcome as Christ okay and your name shall remain in lettuce seal this decision in this experience with prayer as we fall on our knees before God the Lord do something special so that I may overcome as Christ please let me up together under the give us a moment to silently pray in our hearts whatever it may be that easily beset us let us open our hearts and let them take it away and when he takes it away don't try to take it back cooperate with and they got finishes work within us to reflect that lovely plainsong our heavenly father thank you you have shown us clearly your words of inspiration that we truly overcome Christ overcame thank you for being such a wonderful example to us thank you that he was willing to come down Arthur Mister and to take upon sinful flesh that he would live life as it may understanding temptation but to the current history of resisting every single one to the point that the close of his life he stated that he was tempted in all points and he knows not unthinkable that that testimony is not limited to Jesus alone but because he did he now dwells in the sanctuary of to enable us to do through his power through history father I pray that you please remove the hot and remove from our lives the sophistries of Satan that is possible to overcome but because Jesus we can truly say I will speak Christ whose father I pray that as we begin to surrender the will as we would ask for your spirit and function according to his agenda rather than our own gloriously accepted parental guidance to lead all parents to do that as we cooperate with the children will cooperate as well but Billy Little Isaacs even when Abraham said to get up upon the altar that he may be sacrificing Isaac was so obedient that he didn't know it please let that's gripping that every young person and the sound of my books father for those of us left hi this is not done we should've been doing according to Newton rigidly before please forgive help us Lord Wendy and for those of us who have parents no longer thank you for being that mother that father to us may we follow your parental meeting and when I thank you that in all these things by embracing biopower when Jesus finishes that were in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary for about half the help us to be counted among faithful that will look upon you and say though this is our God we have waited for you he will save he was faithful and to this end we had with it in Jesus name amen to a is not as hot as this is that God 's word to research and audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is more so than is www. audio tours or


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