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Babylon and False Education

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • June 29, 2012
    9:45 AM
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or a I have any father Reese Lord for the seedlings in the opportunity once again to hear you speak to our heart is helpless to seeing how we can treating entering into the experience of all of the three Angels messages are what we realize that we live in time with time Julie is almost finished I thought I is the successor while he learns and beautiful principles and what is your God is practically infinite to the experience of members Angel Mullen we also recognize the evil warning and you can call me as we found out that an father-son design that we will look deeply into this topic not so much theoretical standpoint there's been much talk on the north would go to look at it also from the experimental gas beyond boring the Holy Spirit the first convict on the same so that we can truly recognize us and see that you please give us a blessing and cleanse us from all and rest the movement also pray for the Holy Spirit to give us out because while you call it out I would like to see in him falling into a life of a new one of these and be done by might of my power but only by his so father we pray please give us about to enter into the experience of the three Angels messages morning trust and believe that as you've heard this prayer we do we ask in faith believing early please help our unbelief this is our prayer we pray in Jesus name amen your girl I think by the book of Revelation chapter fourteen going to revelation the fourteenth chapter I'm going to take a look at this you are the Bible says in revelation the fourteenth chapter and limited verse eight is the second main when the second angel comes on the scene there some things about the second angel you'll notice that is very different the first angel speaks with a loud voice the third angel speaks with an all boys the second angel doesn't the second and distantly states its point but as a reason for that the Bible says in revelation fourteen verse eight it says in there followed another Angels thing Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city why because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication it was in the time of the Millerite movement that as a result of people rejecting the first Angels message that ultimately by rejecting God 's truth in its entirety that it developed the churches into becoming what the Bible calls Babylon but in that stage in the middle right movement in his day these churches were in an infancy stage of a pot the siding from God 's truth but God saw that it was good to be a graduating if you would do is going to be a time where it was that it gets so bad in its history that the second Angels message will be repeated and is found in Revelation eighteen when it will be repeated now want to notice what it says in Revelation eighteen that is different from Revelation fourteen eight the Bible says in revelation the eighteenth chapter we look at this on opening night talking about the loud cry and in revelation the eighteenth chapter the Bible says in verse one after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power in the earth was lightened with his glory and he cried mightily with a strong voice so now the first time the engine was just saying in Revelation fourteen eight but now we find that the angel is crying with a strong voice the Bible says and he cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the great is fallen is falling and is the on the habitation of devils and a hold of every vile spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird qualities were drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication imaging the Earth have committed fornication with her and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies and I heard another voice from heaven saying to what common out of her mind people that you be not partakers of her sins and that you receive not of her plagues for her sins have reason to heaven and God hath remembered her iniquities we are living in such a time today we are living in a time when we are seeing that the churches that constitute Babylon remember that a woman in Bible prophecy all Bible prophetic language represent the church according to Jeremiah six two according to Isaiah fifty one and verse sixteen the Bible tells us that a woman when spoken of in prophetic language the Bible says that represent the church here goes churches that the Bible declares as Babylon that have unfortunately called the whole world to become drunk with wine or false doctrines now you'll remember that Babylon when you go way back to Genesis the eleventh chapter and you look at the tower of Babel and you see that the tower of Babel was a place of great confusion it was a place of rebellion and then of course was a place of confusion can not confounded the language and he couldn't communicate with each other everybody was confusing one to another and therefore they were not successful in building up a tower of Babel to the point that they desire now confusion is the very foundation of Babylon and its document its teachings is that which brings about confusion now let's learn something about God in first Corinthians fourteen in first grade is the fourteenth chapter we find why God definitely want to go ahead and label Babylon inhabit known to be a place where he's at I don't want my people and I want my people to come out of it notice of the Bible says in first Corinthians the fourteenth chapter as we consider verse thirty three was much confusion in the church of car there was confusion of tongs interestingly enough as it was confusion of tongues in Babylon and so is that between confusion of tongues confusion of all communication between women and men and so on to the point that God had asked until the women to remain silent in the churches because of the fact that when they were inquiring was seeking to understand certain things it would create confusion in the St. Louis in the structure would hear it is that God now had to declare a point about himself so he could try to get a point get across to his people what he wanted them to be it says the first drink is fourteen in verse thirty three the Bible says for God is not the way author of confusion but it says what of peace as in how many of the churches in all the churches God does not want confusing in any church that means his name and as a result of that when Babylon got to a point where it became such a horrible place of confusion God said come out of her my people do not partake of her sins and receive not of her plagues now when we're talking about the issue of confusion like I said we could be as a way that we can go about this will be to give very much into the theology of Babylon who is it how do we know if someone that's not my focus my focus is getting what the experience of the second Angel now in dealing with this one of the first things you have to ask is is the seven administers battle that's a question that I have to ask as one of answer because they are even people today that will say what this confusion and seventy administered so does that make the church battle and they are many movements today that will go around telling us that the church is Babylon them many individuals but guess what it was not just in our day it was also even in the days of our great pioneers of course I'm talking about online billing individuals who are detained per bandwidth same for her you know what the seven administrators gotten so bad there's so many issues with binoculars that they began to say I think we need to come out and do individuals got to the point that they didn't think anymore as far as they were concerned a new visit we need to come out and they were giving a message telling people to come out of the seven administers the megastar unknow her holier group of people well LOI had a comment about this I want to see what she says she met a very clear statement she says this number one from Las Vegas page fifty one this is no Lord has not given you a message to call the Seventh-day Adventist what Babylon is safe and to call the people of God to come out of her it says all the reasons you may present cannot have weight with me on this subject now it would be one thing uses the white visit you can have with me because I just made up my mind on Severn is possible people to say that weight but notice house he says why it cannot have wheat with her it says because the Lord has given me what kind of light decided light now you know what I did and you want to learn this as a student of prophecy you want to learn that when you go through when you look a certain wordings in the Bible and in the spirit of prophecy you want to find out other areas in the Bible other areas in the spirit of prophecy with that same language is used I decided to look up and all of the writings of Ellen White where does she use these terms decided light and every single time she uses the term decided like it was like God was saying this is my final instruction this is my final statement in other words this is decided like I've made my decision and I'm not changing decided light she says the Lord has given me what kind of life these side of light that is opposed to such a message so therefore God has made a final statement through his servants and his messenger let us know even today that God says this right is not and will not be logged in using a mentor that now notice it says as we continue I know that the Lord loves his church giving doctrine of the church was so many bad people it really got to love a church was sometimes everybody is not getting along and not seeing things in the same page yes you don't like about this is that we got started because I can guarantee when Dotzler Jupiter he sought things all good we got look at Monty 's all things all good when goblet of the other galaxies in the other world God saw that things all good but when God looked at the art of God saw problem and when God saw the problems that was going to arrive on this planet this one lost sheep in the midst of a whole universe of beings will remain a leading of the Bible talks about terrestrial beings the Bible says will do the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea and the Bible also says rejoice he had been ending that dwell in them there are beings that meant on these other worlds we they don't look like ET and some of these ridiculous images that people put in movies but they are beings that live in all the world and they have not fallen where the only one that had and as a result of that dominance of the and God saw people that would rebel against them as well as a majority who would reject them but love motivated him to come to this art anyhow and to bring salvation so it is that the same way God had that love and it's good for the people in this world God has that same love for his church and feeble and effective though it may be it is still the only object on earth upon which God holds his supreme regard it says I know that the Lord loves his church is not to be this organized or broken up into independent atoms there is not the least consistency in this beer is not release evidence that such a thing will be now she even went on to say no advice or sanction is given in the word of God to those who believe the third Angels message another people today who believe well this is going to Summit message break awareness of our own thing the World Bank but no advice or sanction is given in the word of God to those who believe the third Angels message to lead them to suppose that they can draw part it says this you may settle with your spouse how long forever settle this with yourself forever it goes on to say it in the devising of what kind of minds on the sanctified mind that would encourage the state of this union the sophistry of men may appear right in their own eyes but it is not truth and righteousness for he is our peace let me both one and have broken down the middle wall of partition between us that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross Ephesians two fourteen to sixteen this comes from third selected messages page twenty one God has a church brothers and sisters it isn't people it is effective it has individuals and people in it that are not for Jesus Christ that is a fact but there has never been a time the goddess had a church with her were not people in its that were not on the north side but brothers and sisters the solution is not to tell anybody to come out and is going to do our own thing that's not how is the work so therefore when we dealing with the experience of the second Angels message we are not calling the seven administers Babylon we are not saying that at all that's not the focus of the emphasis nevertheless there is a Babylonian condition there is a Babylonian condition while the Seventh-day Adventist church is not that the line it is definitely true that there are many Babylonians in the church are you following are you following it is definitely true that the seven-day Adventist church is not Babylon but it is quite true that there are many Babylonians in the book of Romans chapter nine of me show you something and I want to take us home to your heart because we're about to get into some meet but on building the foundation of the book of Romans chapter nine notice of the Bible says in Romans chapter nine if it was one counsel that I can give to all of our organization VVD CYC 's armies and all the different groups of the world one thing I'll say is this never ever hold meetings directly after a meal number series never ever hold stop doing that the reason why she crippling the people because when you eat food your body has to digestive anybody have to digest it needs blood to do that so what can happen is the blood and have to work in the system to help break down the food that we ate the problem is that when we go into a Bible study your brain also needs blood so that they can what properties will again be cognizant and understand what was studying so what can happen is when you do a study directly after O'Neill was to happen is your body is moving on to a great controversy because the belly needs blood to bring down the full by the brain these blood so different property and what happens typically is the mind is drawn and then on top of that Allawi says that Satan often comes into the meetings and breeze upon the individuals to lull them to sleep so that they will not understand the point that perhaps they needed to hear I'm serious when I say police start pushing the meetings further away if it means less meeting Soviets is better to have shorter meetings smaller meetings where people can understand and have a ton of meetings and people are just as ignorant as when they came in because they couldn't understand even because they were going to a controversy known system following on Sadat frantically riffing on audio verse amen now notice what the Bible says in Romans chapter nine look at this now Romans chapter nine the Bible says in Romans nine and verse six Paul made it clear not every body processes it is for God 's message and arthritis this should not shock anyone the Bible makes this clear but what it says in Romans nine and verse six the Bible says not as though the word of God have taken effect for they are not all Israel which are of Israel not everybody who is in the nest of Israel are indeed cancer lights the same way just because the president has done membership in the Seventh-day Adventist church does not mean that their Seventh-day Adventists a person can call themselves Christians are people today who smoke drink and fornicate and will go ahead and put out the most mood and found music and think journal one fourth and have done nerd to go on a stage and say I think Jesus Christ for my success burgers and systems Jesus said a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand and for someone to think that Christ is with them while being doing the most move the base and ungodly and on biblical practices that's blasphemy we can see that in the world of miniatures in the church have a lot of people who say they are seventy administered but when you begin to go ahead and stand upon the truce given to the movement all of a sudden images begin to fight against it from the sisters not all who say they are Israel Israel and not all who say they are seventy minutes are Seventh-day Adventist are you following so therefore when we talk about the Babylonian condition with dealing with a different issue now were not talking about people who are of the charge that is Babylon the children about one as clear but were talking about people in the remnant but will be heading by Babylonians in fact to the book of revelations that the seventeen Muslims Revelation seventeen versus one to five notice when the Bible says Revelation seventeen and verses one to five now let's look at this God has a church on this that's why loud as he is represented as the seven churches the last charge brothers and sisters it is in a deplorable condition but Jesus said I stand at the door and knock now Christ would not want to go in Babylon got this come out of it so therefore Jesus is not calling individuals to stay in Babylon while he comes and anything he says come out of it but when it comes to allow the city even though it is in a deplorable condition excuses I stand at the door and knock and I want to come in is why we know that God has a church on this is an feeble is effective it is filled with the disease allowed to see it but brothers and sisters God says I have a beautiful remedy on how I can make them whole but here it is now we see that their bells in the church was suffering with this disease they are Babylonian in good condition now Madonna Bible spells etc. Revelation seventeen as we look at something called Babylon the Bible says in Revelation seventeen one and there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials and talk with me saying unto me come hither I was shown to be the judgment of the great whore that service upon many waters with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication and the inhabitants of Europe have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication so he tagged me away in the Spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coated beast full of names of blasphemy having seven heads and ten horns the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls and having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication now look at the description of this person or the beast of this movement in verse five it says and applauded her for head was a name written what ministry Babylon the great the modern era of what the mugger of harlots and abominations of the earth so we find that Babylon is referred to as a whore and then the Bible also says that her daughter Suzy is use among us yet the children so therefore is that the mother of hiding under the bunch of daughters as well the work that God uses to describe stretches that have turned away from his truth is he refers to them as a harlot Bethany called Babylon 's death when he deals with the daughters they are called harlots now notice under the Bible says in Jeremiah chapter three in Jeremiah chapter three would you consider versus one to eight and when we look at Jeremiah three want to do is take a look at this now and see how God also talked about someone else will be paying like a harlot is not the harm it like we see in relation seventeenth but using the says that they be any like the hard notice of the Bible says in Jeremiah chapter three now in Jeremiah the third chapter I went to see a viable spell the sound is good consider versus one to eight versus one to eight the Bible says they say if a man put away his wife and she go from him and become another man's shallow he returned unto her again so not that land be greatly polluted but look at what God says thou has done what thou hast played the harlot now God is talking to his people Israel God is talking to his people Israel does God have in Israel today yes you got God is talking to his people Israel but here it is that he says they have played what the harlot with many others but what does God say yet return again to me saith the Lord now it says nothing about eyes into the high places and see without has not been lined with in the ways has now sat for them as the Arabian what is our wonderland with bipartisan and when thy wickedness this is not talking out to his people this is not talking to his church I told my paper the one hundred sixteenth shows that God says tell Zion but they are my people God is talking to his people anything you play the harlot you played the part of you acting like a whore is not talking strong language to his own searched his own people and what else it says it says in verse three therefore the showers have been withholding you see when we begin to play the role of the Laurel the harlot we began to turn away from God and spiritual infidelity God says I cannot for the rain without them up one of the latter rainbow this is the battery will not come until we get it zero percent God says therefore the showers have been withholding and there have been what no I have assisted many things and you can pray all you want you can have all the meetings you want to the finals of the collision talk about a A the bottom line is if we continue to be spiritually infidels when it comes our relationship with God if we living in since there will be no latter rain that will following you off on the early writings page seventy one says none shall receive it for refreshing until they overcome every beset a favorite overcome every wrong word and action so it is that it says and thou hast all whores forehead now refuses to be ashamed God was making it clear to his staple but he said you behaved like a horn where they these hard within a hard know they were not billing up the heart and adopted but you played the harlot you were behaving like a hobbit are you following so therefore it is possible that we can be out of the location of the harlot Babylon but we can still be under the condition of the harlot Babylon are you following so that well what we want to know something life am I a Babylonian in my heart is not about the phrase a lot I'm out of the location of Babylon was the Lord and I'm playing the role of a Harley in the remnants something that the search our hearts and find out what could I have been hurting you all along you know Ellen White she saw many things taking place in our church and it got to the point that she uses some strong language about the simple son of any of you ever read this before but this is when I read this one the study of the Knesset vote could be want to listen to this look at these quotations in the businesses alike you often we fill the church is so bad now and it is we are it we are in trouble there's a lot of challenges within the dust because women because with a mass movement I remember one time communicative relearning this is what the devil one attack us and administered so badly is what attack is a lot at so that young men of the Seattle Mariners and even on those and get it I thought most of my brother consider this I said you standing against the wall the other three animals that are getting ready to attack you one of the kitten the other is a poodle and the other one to bear all three animals are led to be growling and foam is on their face and everything else all of them already in running position to just take off and start to attack you when the animals but given a poodle and what else but they are now I said you have done next to you the gun has one bullet question who do use the gun and he looked at me like I was foolish his brother Len he said of course I would shoot the better as it will launch of the bear he said because that's the one that will do the greatest damage to meet us the one that can kill me really I think you just got your answer isn't what you mean a thing you asked me why the Satan attack the seventy administered saw the reason why is because the other churches do constitute Babylon are like kittens and portals against the devil 's kingdom budget when it can come to attacks allegedly could scratch your toll was something like that but you say ouch would you be all right wooden a portal can come in a portal to portal comes back located my tribunal by drink of the seven hundred and eleven one dammit but you definitely survive is to gripping often in the bow wave that right as when a bear comes all that beer has to do is literally with one swipe in the near hits you you literally get brothers and sisters is only one message that can bring the harvest you know what that message was you remember what the message was we talked about this the only message that can bring the harvest is found in Revelation fourteen six to twelve if the three Angels messages brothers and sisters the Roman Catholic Church does not have that message the Pentecostal church does not have that message the Baptist church does not have that message the nondenominational churches do not have that message the Muslims do not have that message the Buddhist do not have that message no one is going to bring about harvest time unless they give the right message both by spoken word and by demonstration and the like it is only those who had the three Angels messages that according to the Bible can bring the harvest this is why Satan says I must take them down because there is no other movement on earth that carries this message is nobody else but this is to do you know that the seventy administration is the last effort of the Reformation you had John Wyclif you had taught syndrome you happily in Tyndale had Martin Luther we had all John Wesley in the end it all on bringing back different pieces of ports of biblical truth of this is we brought in the final one before people back to the sanctuary thy way over God is in the sanctuary and I think which is coming weeks the system of truth and now people can know how to get ready to meet Jesus and Satan says I must take them down and save his method is always been work from within so therefore the fidelity must notice Ellen White she saw the pictures gotten to such a condition we were attacked so hard that I want to look at the strong language that she had to use one time under the inspiration of Jesus Christ it says we must other people arouse and cleanse the camp of Israel it says licentiousness unlawful intimacy and unholy practices are coming in among us in a large degree it says and who ministers brothers and sisters there's something dangerous when even leadership in many respects of course not all praise the Lord but there's something wrong when even the ministers fall into the same debates practices as what is typically seen among the laity it says and minister who are handling sacred writings are guilty of sin in this respect it says they are coveting your neighbor 's wives and the seventh commandment is broken as in the days of the light it we often think of eighteen hundred gigabyte withholding to know brothers and sisters there was good -based practices one of the big differences between the Davis is the why and I think is normal open about the same sinful practices they were doing and hurting today you can find it on TV today you see it on billboards about back in these days people just a little more subtle build the most sneaky about it but these things are happening even in her dates given in all charts but notice was that it goes on to say this after she saw this horrible condition that all people have fallen into she says of very startling statement notice was even see says we are in danger of becoming a despair fallen Babylon did you see that the condition of the people got so bad that she says we are in danger of becoming a sister at ten to the very wicked thing that was happening in Babylon she says we are in danger of becoming a sister to fallen Babylon of allowing our churches to become corrupted and filled with every file spirit a cage for every unclean and hateful bird and will be clear unless we make decided movements to cure the existing evil testimonies on sexual behavior page one eighty eight Ellen White saw the time was coming that she said if we don't get our behaviors in check she says we can become assisted to fallen Babylon it talking about the Babylonian condition in eighteen eighty eight there was also a great conference meeting where the brethren were coming together to study righteousness by faith they were there to take the theory of what was happening in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and able to make it practical in their experience gotten used to men who were members with those two men names work with anybody know Jones and Wagner amen God uses those to meant to help bring about the people biblical righteousness by faith but many of the people rejected the message many the people said no we don't accept it as a result of that digital system when a comment on that one was a comment notice or comment on that was he said I was confirmed in all I had stated in Minneapolis that Reformation must go through the charges reforms must be made for spiritual weakness and blindness were upon the people went and blessed with great I and presents opportunities and privileges she's talking about that conference in Minneapolis conference talking about righteousness by faith while see went on to say this and this is a powerful statement this is the she says as reformers they had come out of the denominational churches over the denominational churches call with a call they were called Babylon she says they had come out of the denominational judges but they now act of parts similar to that which the churches acted in the closing statements she says we hoped that there would not be the necessity for another coming out last the events page forty eight were talking about the Babylonian condition the people of God became debased now the question is what what did this what what what brought on this condition in fact did you know that Babylon actually has of the Babylon has something called its order of attack when Babylon had an order of attack you'll find that it was demonstrated in the literal Babylon today we living in the time of spiritual Babylon a man but it was a literal Babylon and the question is can we learn some lessons from the literal Babylon and how attack people and understand some things about how spirit of Babylon is trying to attack us people today go to the book of Daniel chapter one this notice with the Bible says Daniel chapter one Daniel chapter one in Daniel the first chapter I want to see what the Bible says as we consider the order of attack that Babylon used the Bible says in Daniel chapter one it says in the third year of the reign of the dog Joe Hayek in King of Judah King Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon unto Jerusalem and besieged it it is in the Lord to Hayek and King of Judah into his hand with part of the vessels of the house of God which he carried into the land of Sinai to the house of his God and he brought the vessels into the treasure house of his God and the king spake unto Aston as the master of his unit that he should bring certain of the children of Israel and of the kings even of the princes now want to look carefully at first for it says children in whom was no blemish but well favorite and skillful in all wisdom and cutting in knowledge and understanding science and such as had ability in them to spend the king 's palace and limit my delight teach the learning are and the time of the Chaldeans one of the first orders of attack that Babylon used against the people of God is they said Jim downfalls education that was the one the first RF attack that wants to give them falls education now that one of many things that it is Babylon also said change their names down on also said change their diet that wanted many efforts to try to disassemble the mind of God 's people so they will not know even who they are anymore and therefore they would be easily molded into the image of what King Nebuchadnezzar wanted to be under the instruction of Satan himself but it started with false education can never get as a new equipment to get these guys to follow us a moment to get them to go ahead and do what we want them to do on our behalf then we must do something we must each member of the sisters we must teach on learning all the Chaldeans we understand that teach them always takes men are cultured taste them all these different things and this is not telling the truth if you want to get to a mind to get to it through education that's the key when I think of as raw as I rejected Jesus is that right yes because I'll turn away from all sorts of God 's truth yesterday they began very theoretical they became very philosophical because they got caught up and also the debates practices and since they got caught up into a lot of stock when this is the that caused their minds to be unfit to recognize Jesus when he was standing right in their face it started with education it started when hit them with false education if I can hit them with false education that was can happen is Proverbs twenty three in person with the Bible sin Proverbs twenty three seventy seat education reaches the mind doesn't it with those of the Bible says in Proverbs twenty three hundred seven the Bible says something that is very important for you and I to understand while there are so many things that we could identify about Babylon my focus for this presentation is to be on its system of false education those of the Bible says in Proverbs twenty three verse seven the Bible says this for as he think it in his heart the word heart means mine but as you think it in his mind what the Bible say next so is he whatever goes on in the mind comes out in the character whomever I was talking you before about young men that I see in the black community and many of them besought the walk funny is that the talk funny and all these things why do they do that because of what their minds was addicted to why we see some people and other communities where they look like the latest rock 'n roll star the lesson of the pop artist be the price of these groups from heavy metal groups in all these other things how did that happen they started because their minds were focusing on something and as the mind what was the I thought eventually develop out and the character always remember actions repeated form habits and habits forms character and character determines destiny and this is why brothers and sisters that we must be mindful of what we let get into our minds seven Isaiah twenty six in verse for each doll keep him in perfect peace schools mind is stayed on me King Nebuchadnezzar understood give them falsification and it is through false education that I will get their mind and as I get bear mine I control their behaviors there a lot of people today brothers and sisters who are in God 's remnant church but they are living by the principles of false education which therefore leads to Babylonian behavior of the book of Isaiah forty seven in the notice something the Bible says I want to consider this I say the forty seventh chapter and and and interesting enough Isaiah is repeating and talking about the issues that were taking place with Babylon this is very interesting to notice this in Isaiah forty seven no so the Bible says as we consider verse in Isaiah forty seven and bursting now here's what the Bible says the Bible says in Isaiah forty seven in verse ten it says for thou hast trusted in thy wickedness not got a get is rebuking Babylon he says for thou hast trusted in thy wickedness that I said none see if me it says thy wisdom and thy knowledge it has put learned the guy was them and I noticed your teachings have done what it has provided the edited and thou hast said in thine heart I am and none else beside me it was through the wisdom and knowledge that came from Babylon that unfortunately murdered the people it was the false education that was the MMI that eventually was reflected in their characters Stephen Pascal one of our great pioneers all he wrote a book on the story of Daniel and when he wrote the book is the story of Daniel the prophet a twenty nine it says in the battle of his court this was exemplified Nebuchadnezzar and his counselors the Wiseman astrologers and soothsayers on one side represented the education of the world it says Nebuchadnezzar and his astrologer that assumes that they represented the what education of the world and as a result of that it says Daniel a he is not over twenty one years of age a Hebrew and asleep with them I got to confound the wisdom of the mighty it was through false education systems that the devil was able to work upon the mind of God 's people and therefore what was going on in the mind eventually came out in the behavior are you following now LOI says something about this that I thought was very powerful she said after the returns from the ravages they twenty nine after the return from Babylon much attention was given to religious instruction it says all over the country synagogues were erected with along with expounded by the priests and scribes and schools were established notice of his goals were established it says which together with the arts and sciences this is talk about Greek mythology does not become in amongst God 's people is unbecoming to God 's schools it says and schools were established which together with the arts and sciences professor to teach the printable the righteousness but these agencies became what corrupted it says during the captivity many of the people and receives even ideas and customs and bees were brought into their religious service in many things they conform to the practices of idolaters literally it was amazing it was like God 's people because they came out a few minutes of Babylon and here it is they brought a lot of the Babylonian teachings now let's know something about Rome go to the book of Revelation chapter thirteen Revelation the thirteenth chapter because this is a very important point here operated your following and I want to pray for yourself and your following because this is very important because lobotomy very practical with the situation am showing you the foundation that we can get ready to go to the meets notice what he says Revelation thirteen inverse lettuces and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy now this beast is who negative reason I ask is because our children we do this in another study who is because this piece right here being spoken of was not the devil that Satan is working through the investor but it best not be exact beast reluctantly Daniel Saul for beef and Daniel seven the first one was Babylon it was like a lion the next one was Medo Persia was like a bear the next one was Greece it was like a leopard and in the next one was Rome and it was like this in describing that Daniel confined animal to compare to because it was that Savage not here is that there is a beast that is spoken of him Revelation thirteen maybe bursts it will help you know who displeases what to say about the big beasts and birds to enemies with I saw was like unto what a leopard leopard represented who grace is says and his feet wet with the above bear the bear represent who Medo Persia then it said and his mouth was as the mouth of a lion who was why was the lion Babylon now Babylon has been named breeze has been named and NATO presence the name celestial kingdom it hasn't been a well so therefore it says that this be in verse one is not like a leopard has no feet Michael beer and the mouth by the line then who is that at least on the inside and I'm not talking with the US who is a fast-paced on salmon it was avoidable for identification if we can understand simple purposes of what we do study unserious I will literally stop the study who if the if the beast looks like a leopard if it also is like a lion if it is also like a bear that's three is only one more lap pool could that of the Beasley wrong and consumer banking bless your hearts thank you absurd thank you with it there's got to think we got applied now plan the Bible says that Rome is like the leopard is not if there is an animal that Romans like the most is like Greece the children of Israel when Jesus came on the scene they were living in the time of Rome and Rome is leopard like so therefore through the educational system they brought greatness quality to God 's people and it was through Greek myth quality that it unfit the minds of God 's people that when the Savior came in the face they couldn't even recognize him false education is deadly we're told the city of Athens was the metropolis of healing them with weapons this was geography simply aren't brief if any of Athens was the Mitch Raab of healing them it says the apostle was not deceived by that which he saw in the center of money as he saw the magnificence of Athens he realizes seductive power over number the art and science and his mind was deeply impressed with the importance of the work before him saw that the influence of Greek education was affecting the people and it was affecting the world now while I bring these points and because of this is the same way God 's people were not able to recognize Jesus not understand prophecy not be able to understand doctrine the reason why God 's people corpus so much debates practices and sent in other words the reason why Dusty was caught up as so much of Babylonian behavior it was directly connected to the false education they were subjecting their minds to I hope you understand was that every young person I believe should be hearing this they are many of us today would put our children in environments that we don't understand those environments are designed steel Jesus from their minds these environments are designed to make sure you do not understand present truth and you don't understand be screened as messages and you certainly will not experience it there is a plan that Satan put together to make sure you won't make it Satan repeats his efforts because he so much success and what you know he does the order of attack what was Babylon sort of attack give them falsification today this was happening to so many of God 's people my heart goes out to our young people I'm serious I want to listen this the focus of false education would be when you think about the focus of authentication notice of the Bible says in Genesis chapter three Jen three in Genesis the first chapter I want you to notice what the Bible says Genesis chapter three unlimited verses one to six Genesis chapter three verses one to six the focus of false education I want to look at this you remember that Satan he honestly is having a dialogue would eat out a lot he was talking to a serpent but nevertheless he is adhered as the Bible says now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made and he said the woman gay guys said you shall not eat of every tree of the garden I want to look at the method of Satan and how he tries to get us he says EA have gone since the very tone of his voice has a tone of something what would you call it who said that beautiful answer his tone of voice had the essence or the sound of doubt in it yeah he hath God said that's not eat of the tree and what he says next and as already said then the woman said unto the serpent we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the changes in the midst of the garden God has said he's in I needed to start you touch it lest you die in verse four says in a certain center to the woman in show we die he told a lie years later Satan meets Jesus go to Matthew for years later Satan needs Jesus in Matthew chapter four he then does something here and not in the fourth chapter now the snows of the Bible says here the Bible says a message before then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil when he had fasted forty days and forty nights he was afterward hungered and when an attempted thing to him he said that if thou be the son of God the about if thou be the son of God maybe you are maybe you're not an thou be the son of God command that these don't be made bread but he answered and said it is what written mention I live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out the mouth of God false education is typically built upon doubt false education is built upon doubt plant the seeds of doubt is not really true word of God says that the so we believe that we stand on it but it would bump into someone as a multiplier of the future we don't even realize the minutes as with echoing the voice of Satan and we don't even see the amazing wisdom I can puppeteer is like that that would become his puppet is serving we don't even realize because the date usually like never before almost the people of God you are hearing this seed of doubt what goes on to tell us this in the Encyclopaedia Britannica the statement that was made is it within the article Socrates states this was obviously this is before I ever met you says manual in the dialogue with Plato called by his name I was told that you spent your time and what doubting you spent your time in doubting anything and leaving others to what they'll never remember this is Greek education education but Mrs. has affected every school system in the planet Earth to date medicine it is says before I ever met users manual and the dialogue with Plato called by his name I was told that you spent your time and doubting and leaving others to doubt and it is a fact that you're with reason spells have brought me to that condition it says talk about Wilson there's no you should look him up he was a very well-known and well-respected in his spirit and education will business that I respect faith but down how is what gives you an education house all these things connect back to none other than what started at the tree of life or rather the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and psychological conservatives while before we go there because of his alleged ligaments it says in the general conference daily bulletin March six eighteen ninety nine when avenues had an option either to eat from the tree of life but it also says do not eat from the tree of life the knowledge of good and evil now this is what inspiration says about that tree of the knowledge of good and evil was one of the tree of life these you know that Adam and Eve 's Garden was also a classroom it says the Garden of Eden was not only atoms dwelling but his schoolroom as in back-to-school soul in the school of Earth today to trees are planted the tree of life which bears the fruit of the shrew education and that sure the oven knowledge using the fruit of science falsely so called so that Shirley Ogden now is of good and evil was a actual pictorial overrepresentation of false education and they chose to partake of it and it brought sin and death are you following because whatever you let in the mind is that affect you in your character now the school systems of the day there were also made up under the false educational system shall education is found in John seventeen goods on seventeen the contrast very quickly John the seventeenth chapter in John the seventeenth chapter we find the very essence of true education is found in John the seventeenth chapter and we can look at it right here verse three John seventeen inversely the foundation of all true education is this it says and this is what life eternal that they might know the beach only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent true education is based on the mental physical spiritual element of the individuals that they may know God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent that is the foundation of true education and child artist page two ninety three it says the first great lesson in all education is to know and understand the will of God so many parents get caught up into book learning and they begin to get their children to become quotable geniuses and all that's typically happening in a lot of homes today is we're teaching our children how to become intelligent sentence God says why can't you just seek to become intelligent Saints passenger education was folded the false education in which our children intelligent a brilliant people in this world I don't doubt that I don't deny that they are brilliant people in this world the problem is as many of them a brilliant sense at all and he and many of them are using their brilliance to come up with the newest and latest the basis the most debased sins and sinful practices the system behind all this is the way this principle of false education that we just read about here then there was schools that were built upon in the given example no school visit Friday no school that as well this school is none other than yell University and resume facing a child a Yale in a lot of people say this what you need to send our citizen about Yale University Yale University here's what it says in education in the United States page twenty four wonderful book that was bringing out on the foundation of many of the schools it says the regulations for the most part with those at Harvard as also the courses of study so in other words yell the school is still the place where I went to Paris as a child their apparent wealth silver stick up accept everything my Taliban hail yell got many of its regulations and their courses of study from where Harvard I wonder where Harvard got their education from notice it says this is none other than Harvard University now Harvard University Odyssey gave jailed their inspiration but on the Flickr something about Marvin if this president does their pattern the Harvard course largely after that all the English universities so in other words the hell they got their courses of study in everything from Harvard Harvard got bears from the English universities when we think of the English universities we especially think of none other brothers and sisters then we think of William and Mary that was known as the wonderful English universities William and Mary was considered the English universities of anguish universities but I wonder where William and Mary got their inspiration for their courses of study this notice all work of English pattern Oxford Cambridge eaten rugby and Westminster so all of their course of study they got from the English pattern like Oxford and Cambridge and many others so therefore when we think of that we think about none other than we look at of course Oxford and Cambridge but the question is I wonder where Oxford and Cambridge and the other universities got their inspiration for their courses of study as noted it says Oxford and Cambridge modeled themselves largely after what Paris this is getting interesting with connecting some things so they get their inspiration from powerlessness notice something about the sisters University of Paris I wonder where the University of Paris got the inspiration on their courses of study this notice it says under the rise in constitutional universities page two forty two it says it was because it the University of Paris was the center of geological learning that it receives so many privileges from the hope and was kept in close relation to the papal see and the Bible says that Rome was wet like leopard like Greek mythology false education brothers and sisters the University is up-to-date that many parents are promoting over when they send their children that they are sending their children to receive none other than Babylonian education and when they receive Babylonian education brothers and sisters comes out Babylonian Hayne here no wonder it was a man by the name of EA Sutherland used by God into seventy administers when he was the Stallworth when it came to true education Christian education it was a case of the men who wrote this book studies in Christian education that he stated a quotation from her home on page twenty where wrong says let me teach a child until he is twelve years old says the X and he will always remain a Catholic Rome says I got you when you come to my school and you subject your mind to my teachings whoever has the mind has the man and brother sisters Romans leopard like and this is why God is trying to educate online to help us understand that we allow false education to come in our midst and it is this affecting our minds to the point that we don't appreciate mileage of any more and you don't want to know more reasons less amazing it's amazing how many children today I can go to Christian schools and lean doubting Christ's interesting it otherwise this is not something that is just existing in the public schools in another public schools are absolutely deadly brother this is the phase something is emergency with an investment project doesn't have an investment project estimates that you hate Disney every penny in your savings account give me every penny of what you have envy is a fifty percent chance that I will double it but is a fifty percent chance you lose everything that you have a minute you would think that investment fifty percent chance that it will be doubled but a fifty percent chance you lose everything how many of us would think that investment okay question the official medical back it is a all right give me every penny in your bank account and what I wanted to is this going to be a seventy percent chance that I will double everything that you have in your bank but is a thirty percent chance you'll lose everything you have how many would think that investment yup seventy percent nobody comes back one more time he says all right I have a deal you just can't refuse he says give me every penny your bank account in the every bit of money you have what is in a piggy bank a bank account under your mattress or pillow where credit is any he says BSN ninety five percent chance that I will double your money but there's a five percent chance you'll lose everything you have on it if you would take that investment okay one one one person with one person so you think you should always reflect ninety five percent start of a single by now the number of this is that in most seventy administered a most of the Christian so-called Christian what makes you know we love our money more than our children we will not even take a five percent chance of losing our money but when we put our children in school environments will be no false education is being taught there is more than a five percent more than a thirty percent by the assistant is more than a fifty percent chance that your child is believed that school doubting Christ and his truth and we will sooner send our children to the school and put them under the application of Palestine would dare not even think of five percent chance of our own money many of us love our money more than our children is something wrong with this would taking would take an wrist with gambling with our use brothers and sisters this is a limitation on its share this story with you because I pray that it will empower you my wife and I when we had our children we realize that homeschooling with God instruction I was not making a lot of money out of the counselor did and the people who are mentally disabled and what was called dually diagnosed and brothers and sisters though it is in noble service it pays horrible inherent is that my wife now is that we have four children the easiest thing for me to go with a honey go to work will find a daycare or some other place and let the mighty afraid much of the fallout and will just go ahead and and and and make money in and pay our mortgages and pay our bills and do it and that the American way we were going to God 's instructions we read the Bible prophecy has been the first eight to ten years of that south might be spent at home with the mother the teacher the home and a distributor classroom the Bible to textbook so it is that we said father we dare to take on that sound suited and my wife even as she was aspiring to be a mercy it was screened to be a nurse but she surrendered that dreams as you can go ahead and give the children the best that they could get this is not a view that in the end of the relocating to Jordan I remember we made it we made a deal with with with our relatives living in Georgia we said listen with unaccounted judgment of buyer houses of the first album by house would enjoy that we would buy a house and an end we told our relatives visit with and asking the relatives homeschooled their children was able to ask you to homeschool our children my wife is to wear underwear you can go ahead and live the American way what we moved down to Georgia we bought our house the people put the keys and I have congratulation Mister and Mrs. Lemmond you are now homeowners who is so excited we own our first home here is that we go to pick up our children from our relatives and your relatives this on to say this again oh what the Lord has impressed us that we should not take care of your children and that you need to do now we said women we made a deal we bought a house we have to pay for that house now you said you want to my wife after work so they say look I'm sorry but without God has told us to let you know you need to watch her children are similar about this this person about this or that has to be your problem now I remember we let that house and I was perplexed and driving on the road and I'm perplexed I might well be limited not to give back the house the house is mine and we had to make a decision RIP we put our children in in in your and I'm leaving New York sold New York I got a great salary on coming down to Georgia I had to take a twenty twenty five thousand our premier cut I had a very humble job will hear it is that I'm thinking myself how world to take care of this house take care of our children and so on my wife is not a word enforce the second we have to thought well we live in a little town maybe the public school is not so bad and I sit in on one of the things I love about studying the Bible when you fill your mind with the Word of God when it is appropriate God will bring things back up into your mind to get you back on the straight and narrow path as soon as I started to implement public school all of a sudden of the Lord is not agreement every Bible verse and every spirit across equal to my mind in essence I can't know it could violate my conscience to Martha Honey we just have to trust the Lord I didn't even have a job at that point I ended up finding a job twenty five thousand dollars cut for years and I'm thinking how are we to make it in a single believe trusting God we had to do what God says because multiple sellout on their children because of finances that's one thing when saying to you brothers and sisters I have no idea how we made that you it was a miracle on top of office as the Loews because I know that was not making enough money to provide food gas pay insurance mortgage and the list goes on it was no way that I was in economy but somehow God multiplied it because of faithfulness and guess what my manager was so happy with me at the job isn't going he said I'm very pleased with the work that you've done anything on that you know that I'm leaving the company as it really and he was a wonderful mentor is uneven the company has it really is a young woman of low income that is one of the organization anything and as so as the first opportunity comes the need I he says you're my first pick a signal at thanks a lot he literally told Peter Duane I believe God sent you to this company for you to meet me so you could share Jesus with me and I can empower you financially that was his words because I started with an asthma management in the Bible is always always talk about the Bible everything else is that I believe God sent you to bring me to Jesus and God sent me to help you finance anywhere I can use it when I'm loaded as that of the company the first opening of bringing you know within two months he called me to give an opening human number one guy come on over he brought me over brothers and sisters shortly after I came over there I made literally five times the amount of money I made in New York God blessed faithfulness you are you hearing me today the job is history this is my job not now God has graduated Mimi said now I need a full time for me and I will be in the full-time working assault I do not everybody says what your income my income is Matthew chapter twenty verse four domestic labor sports as whatsoever as right as well give you that's my income that's my annual salary whatever is right in God 's been faithful to us over the years and I'm telling you many parents do not put their children the right environment because they're fearful of what could happen financially brothers and sisters in God wills it you have nothing to fear do what God says because today we're losing a lot not just the children in the world Windows and a lot of Seventh-day Adventist children because of the environment that would putting them in on the closing some of these points here sorry eleven o'clock we have only until twelve I want to take fifteen more minutes and I want to close on these thoughts here were to take a ten minute pause and then little further and we may not want to go to the express and the third angel but this is sometimes more important to just study what the studying and that the people get it and just leave the other message for another day when one opens another door for Gandhi surprised we don't get to go to the expressive regarding because we need to get this think this is a burden this is a serious burn because I need a stock is listed I'm about to get Ruby with you now are you following listening purposes to watch this there comes a point in time when individuals may have to go to the schools but the question is when is it time to attend the schools now that I talk to you brothers and sisters remember the diabetes twenty nine is shown that the children of Israel brought the great education into their religious services you may be singled where the moment you were talking about the public schools and I was not limiting it to the public schools do you know what the purpose of the seventy at the school system was for write this down please manuscript release book one U putting M R book one page two hundred twenty eight this is the clearest statement of the purpose of seven day Adventist schools the inspiration says manuscript release M R book one page two hundred twenty eight it says a manuscript of the book one page two twenty eight it says God 's purpose in giving the third Angels message is to prepare a people to stand chilled to him during the investigative judgment now let's try to repeat that on the said and I want to repeat it please can I pray this be ingrained in your my on the God 's purpose in giving the third Angels message is to prepare a people dispenser to him during the investigative judgment one more time God 's purpose in giving the third Angels message is to prepare a people dispenser with him during the investigative judgment side with me God 's purpose in giving the third Angels message is to prepare a people to stand true to him during the investigative judgment one more time God 's purpose in giving the third Angels message is to prepare a people to stand true to him during the investigative judgment now here's where it gets deep while it says God 's purpose is to prepare a people dispenser to him during the investigative judgment brothers and sisters I'm here to let you know that Mrs. listen to this quote I'm quoting manuscript release book one page two hundred twenty eight this is what it says this is the purpose for which we establish and maintain our publishing houses and our schools what is the purpose of a seven-day Adventist school to prepare a people to stand true to God during the investigative judgment the purpose of the seventh day Adventist educational system is not to give people degrees that was not our purpose if it's a fringe benefit so be it but quite honestly if you will is that it is all accreditation issue that's when we really got us of the most troubling today what you are credited not to do things we were offended to and after the fact and that's what we ought today that's a fact no one can deny that he may not like that but it's a fact once you say world limits on doing things the way the wealthiest five U S and we now have a right to get some instructions that's what's happening all right now follow with me because I am not saying what I am saying Lansing am not seen that you cannot go to a seventy at the school or snuggled with the management school I'm not at all what alive because inspiration doesn't go that far I'm been a show you what Ellen White said is either the appropriate time to go to public school in the testimony of Jesus actually said that the other time we could even go to public schools yes I'm good to show you in a Donaldson is the public schools unnoticed in the American school but brothers


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