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Stephen Bohr

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  • June 28, 2012
    7:30 PM
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I thought heaven thank you so much for the privilege of being in this beautiful place thank you father that thou were able to gather together for a weekend and I'm just kind of unwind and relax and don't be in the middle of nature where we can hear your voice speaking so much clearer than in the rambunctious cities we asked father that as we open your word this evening that your Holy Spirit will be with us to guide our thoughts we asked that your Holy Spirit for the ministry of the Angels will soften our hearts that we might be willing to hear your voice and not only to hear your voice but it to implement the principles that were going to take a look at this evening and we thank you father for the privilege of prayer and for hearing us for we ask in Jesus name amen the Old Testament is full of messianic prophecies in fact these messianic prophecies basically announced every event of a life of Christ including the exact moment of his birth if you love in your Bibles with me to the latest chapter four in verse four we will see that gone half a percent precise time in this calendar for the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ it says there is this very well-known verse but when the fullness of time had come God sent forth his son born of a woman born under the law notice it says when the fullness of time had come in other words when the precise moment had come for Jesus to be born that is precise moment when his birth occurred I like to read a statement from the spirit of prophecy mercies commenting upon places chapter four verse four this is what she has to say act on the desire majors pages thirty one and thirty two the Savior is coming was foretold in even when Adam and Eve Burris tried the promise they looked for its speedy fulfillment they joyfully welcomed their first born son hoping that he might be the deliberate but the fulfillment of the prophecy Harry Dawson first received a guy without the site from the days of Enoch the promise was repeatedly patriarchs and prophets keeping alive the whole visit and yet he came not the prophecy of Daniel revealed the time of his advent but not all rightly interpreted the message century after century passed away the voices of the prophets ceased the hand of the oppressor was heavy upon Israel and many were ready to explain the days are prolonged and every vision failing now comes the force of the statement that I specifically want to dwell upon this evening bought like the stars in the vast circuit of their appointed path God 's purpose is no no haste and no delay humanly speaking it appeared like the coming of the Messiah was dealing but according to the spirit of prophecy God 's purposes no no phase and no delay in fact as we examine the Gospels we discovered that category event of the life of Christ was carefully choreographed before Jesus came to this world at the incarnation in fact before Jesus came to this earth he sat down with his father and his father revealed to him every event of his earthly life every contact he would have every place he would go every word that he would speak have been mapped out already in the ceaseless ages of eternity Baptist in fact the prophecy of the other prophecies of the Old Testament reveal the exact time of his birth his baptism his death is burial his resurrection his priesthood and the beginning of the investigative judgment in the heavenly sanctuary you can find specific dates for each one of both events of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ the exact time and date when these events would occur in fact just to give you an example you do know that Jesus died in fulfillment of the Passover on the exact year the exact months the exact day and the exact hour in which prophecy had specified the year is given in the seventy year privacy the set prophecy of the seventy weeks where it says that he would be killed in the middle of the week the month is given and Leviticus chapter twenty three where it says that the Passover was celebrated in the month of visa but also we have the specific day in which it would happen this was the foreign hoping they these are in fact in excess chapter twelve verse six tells us that he would die exactly at three o'clock in the afternoon between the two evenings as it says there is a separate one for six in others every event on the life of Christ without exception every person he would meet and greet word that he would speak at an event that would transpire in already been mapped out and planned before Jesus came to this earth in John chapter five verse thirty we find Jesus expressing what was the basis of his decisions on planet Earth here G.I. Jesus said in John five verse thirty I have called myself do nothing as I hear I judge and my judgment is righteous because I do not seek my own will but the will of the father who sent me every act of the life of Jesus workplace in harmony with his father 's will is not one of the events that I particularly enjoy at the Winter Olympics is the figure skating I don't know if you enjoy that particular event but I never cease to be amazed at how those skaters can twist and turn and jump so perfectly right at the right time at the right place and in the right way I can't help but marvel as I see them performing their ambience but you know what they don't just come out on the ice and start skating their practice that program time and again time and again perhaps hundreds of times people all so that when they get on the ice they know at range single move and every single turn where they are supposed to be and where they are supposed to be in that place in the program that they have regards and so it was with Jesus while he was on this are is simply unfold the plan that had been devised in the ceaseless ages of eternity as to time and asked Weaver however while Jesus walked upon this earth he did not have the knowledge that he had when he was in heaven with his father in other words each day were going to find the father had to reveal DeJesus what his itinerary would be where he would go cool you might speak with and what he was specifically say let me give you a few biblical examples of this you remember the story of the madness rate registered in John chapter nine where you have the man who was born blind now I were told that the disciples came to Jesus and asked him a question in Chapter nine in verse two Rabbi or teacher who was sent this man or his parents that he was born blind Jesus immediately answered listen carefully to what his answer was neither this man nor his parents sinned but that the works of God should be revealed in an the impression that we get from this verse is that this man was born to meet Jesus at that particular time and in that particular place so that the works of God could be revealed in him at that precise moment you see Jesus through a life of intensity prayer with his mother through study Bible prophecy so the contemplation of nature and by careful observation of the providential circumstances of his life he knew exactly when and what to do day by day the Holy Spirit revealed to him exactly what his itinerary was for that particular day using how do we know that there are several verses in the Gospel of John where Jesus says my time is not come or my hour is not or my hour has come let's noticed several bowls versus a we find in the gospel of John the first is in John chapter two and verse for business at the wedding in Cana there is no line and the mother of Jesus constant to him and says there is no line I want you to notice what Jesus answered to his mother Jesus said to her woman what does your concern have to do with me by our hazmat unit my hour has not yet come a little later on in the Gospel of John in chapter seven and verse six and verse eight we find that the brothers of Jesus capitalism Jesus encouraging him to go out to know I these tabernacles in Jerusalem and I want you to notice what Jesus said to his half-brothers sons of Joseph by a previous marriage then Jesus said to them visit John said in verse six my time has not yet come but your time is always ready and then verse eight this has to heal the want list based I am not yet going on to this these four my time has not yet fully come my time is not legal digital sound calendar of events he most certainly did not ask John chapter seven in verse thirty here Jesus says tools are listening my father has sent me and they really got aggravated Jesus for saying this and I want you to notice what they tried to do but could not because they are in John seven in verse thirty then sought to take him but no one laid a hand on him because he is our and not yet come and then we move onto the next chapter John chapter eight in verse twenty Jesus says to those who are gathered together you don't know me and you don't know my father once again noticed the reaction of those who were listening to what Jesus said John eight in verse twenty these words Jesus spoke of the treasury as he taught in the Temple and no one laid hands on him for his hour had not yet come your libido towards the end of his ministry some Greeks came to Jesus and they want to interview with Jesus actually built that Andrew were the ones I told Jesus that is great wanted an interview with him it's interesting to notice what Jesus responded to them John Chapter twelve and verse twenty three John Chapter twelve in verse twenty three but Jesus answered them saying the hour has come that the son of man should be glorified no not as they say the hour has left the hour has now come and I'm not expressed what he said now the soul is troubled and what shall I say father save me from this what from this hour but for this purpose I came to this hour once again Jesus is showing that he's aware that he has a calendar of events there's a certain hour and there's a certain time for events to transpire in the divine calendar that was sent for him before he came to this world the next example is is in John chapter thirteen and verse one John Chapter thirteen and verse one North White says their now before the feast of the Passover when Jesus knew that his hour had come that he should depart from this world to the father having loved his own who were in the world you love them to the end Norris Jesus was aware according to list that is our hand and that we won't want to John chapter seventeen and was once a time and again in the Gospel of John we have this phenomenon up the time in the hour for events to occur on seventeen this one here Jesus is praying his interest sesame prior to his father in law is what we find there Jesus spoke these words lifted up his eyes to heaven and said father the hour has come glorify your son that your son also may glorify you so we find in these verses clearly indicated that Jesus had a calendar of events that had been established for him before he actually even came to this world now I want to read you an interesting statement of the Spirit prompted because some of you might be wondering well now what every little detail of the life of Christ mapped out before he came to this world listen to this amazing statement from desire majors page one hundred and forty seven desire majors page one hundred and forty seven the words mine hour is not yet come we just referred to that in several verses the worst mine hour is not yet come point to the fact that every act of Christ's life on earth was in fulfillment of the plan that had existed from the days of eternity before he came to earth the plan may out before him perfect in all its details is an amazing statement but that she says this but is a well meant Jesus didn't really have any trials on earth because he already knew everything there was an habit he already knows that he was to be victorious not so quick nor such event explains but as he walked among men he was guided step by step by the fathers with even not hesitate to act at the appointed time with the same submission he waited until the time had come saw Jesus on earth did not have the knowledge of the plan that he had in heaven the Holy Spirit reveals the plan to him day by day and Jesus followed the plan precisely and exactly as it had been laid out the lesson to what Ellen White had to say in ministry if you claims four hundred and seventy nine this is amazing for seventy nine ministry of healing Christ and his earthly life on earth in his life on earth made no plans for himself Jesus ended up in the morning Faye now where I got to go today well I think upon you and would Google be a good place to go Christ in his life on earth may know plans for himself he accepted God 's plans for him and day by day the father unfolded he is black amazing to say how how do you know because he was a man of intense prayer and to be with his mother because he started the prophecies of Scripture he knew exactly how these prophecies would be fulfilled in him because he was in constant communion with nature and with the God of nature and because he was terrible in observing the providential events on each day of his life at the same time praying that the father would reveal to him the individuals that he needed to come in contact with in fact we find an example of this in the first visit of Jesus to the dental when he was twelve years old I'm but a reinstatement from desire may just page seventy eight where Ellen White describes this first visit to the Temple for the first time the child looked upon the Temple he saw the white robed priests performing their solemn ministry he beheld the bleeding victim upon the altar of sacrifice with the worshipers he bowed in prayer while the cloud of incense ascended before the the key witness the privacy rights of the Paschal service day by day he saw their meaning more clearly every act seemed to be bound up with his own life new impulses work awakening within him silent and absorbed he seemed to be studying out a great problem the mystery of his mission was opening to the Savior do you not know that I must be about my father 's business so you know so as he observed the services of the Temple is that this has to do with me this have to do with my mission as all as he ask for the guidance of his father each day as you observe the ceremonies of the Temple things became clearer and clearer in his mind as to what he was supposed to do in fulfillment of his father 's boy in fact you know that the final events of the life of Jesus had been prophesied precisely Long before Jesus was born but they give you several examples from the book of Psalms you remember that Jesus on the cross said my God my God why hast thou forsaken me now why would Jesus say words such as votes because he had studied Scripture the seed was very words are found in Psalm twenty two and verse one where it says my God my God why have you forsaken me why you so far from me and from the words of my groaning saw Jesus know that those words were to be spoken on the cross of Calvary and actually spoke those words did know that the Bible even says what but what his enemies would say at the foot of the also thousand years before Jesus was born the very words and his enemies pronounce Mona Psalm twenty two versus seven eight if you read these in the Gospels let his enemies all yeah you know he declined the Messiah led by helping listened to what we find in sound twenty two versus seven eight all dollars and see me ridiculed me they shoot out the lip they shake their heads saying he trusted in the Lord left you rescue him let him deliver him since he delights in him allows exact words in his enemy spoke at the photographs yet they were written a thousand years before Jesus was even born what about the dividing of his garment do you think that Jesus was confident somewhat when he saw that the soldiers were dividing his garments I imagine that Jesus and everything is being fulfilled just the way that Bible prophecy said it was good happen because Psalm twenty two inverse eighteen so as they divide my garments among them and for my clothing they cast lots to when Jesus sees that he says the plan is transpiring exactly the way God has said it would when they offered him gall and vinegar to drink Jesus must've thought of Psalm sixty nine in verse twenty three word sentence they also gave me gall for my food and for my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink down on the last words that Jesus spoke upon the cross had been prophesied a thousand years before he was born in Psalm thirty one verse five it says in your hands I commend my spirit you have redeemed me old Lord God of truth so we find very clearly in the ministry of Christ multiple examples as to how the life of Christ was simply an unfolding on the plan that had been the will you let me share with you that's different to see things from up there and then it is to be going through then he get off after man sinned and you can read this on my coterie it's a rather long passage I found if you would like to read this after the service in early writings page one twenty six after man's sin Jesus went into the presence of his father and he said father you know man is sand and now I offer my life to go down and in die for the creatures that I have made in the father I it was a struggle for him to say yes to Jesus according to the spirit can't seriously believe that God is this the unmoved mover sits on his throne has no emotions and no feelings and just sits there looks forward to the one slider to the inside student but God has feelings do they decide to go ahead son that's all right I'll struggle soldiers this is the second time father I wanted not to regain but might my creatures stand a father doesn't say yes finally Jesus is the fact that I wanted out and the buzz is okay will implement the plan of religious statement from Illinois spotted bigots above its page sixty three she says the plan of salvation had been laid before the creation of your for Christ is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the word now listen to this yet it was a struggle even with the King of the universe to yield up his son to die for the guilty race but God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life so Jesus three times and had us as well as I want to go out and vote but when he was in regard to get so many three times he is a father if I can escape if I can escape if I can escape it you can bring desktop for me because I was first seen what he would go through from there and actually experiencing it when he is here on our butt in all been laid out before you long before he came to this world as I mentioned each day through an intimate communion with his father in prayer through an intense study of Bible prophecy so lots of careful observation of the providential leading of God in that particular day in his life the people we came in contact with the events that took place the being in communion with nature Jesus was able to know the plans of the father had from or him for that particular day in others Jesus was led step by step by the ministry of the Holy Spirit elevation is one about us feeling as possible for something similar to happen to us it's all know that could never be a H in that statement that I read before from ministry of healing only I want to complete the statement now notice what Ellen White has to say here Christ in his life on earth made no plans for himself he accepted God 's plans for him and day by day the father unfolded his plans now listen this this is where it speaks to us so should we depend upon God that our lives may be the simple outworking of his will as we commit our way he will direct our steps with an amazing statement now talking about us via Suboxone as possible through a lot ha ha I'm Internet life of prayer was not doing intense study of Scripture with prayer through careful observation asking for the guidance of God in the providential experience is unrealized that we could know what God 's will is for our lines each day I found it in my life sometimes I deviated from the plan I must say and I know because of the fruits of the results but there been other times when I can see the leading of God clearly and I followed down that path and I'm amazed about the way that the Lord works citizen is saying they are in ministry of healing page four seventy nine too many in planning for a brilliant future make other failure let God plan for you as a little child trust the guidance of Kim who will keep the feet of his saints and then it comes this famous statement that were all acquainted with Jesus and let God plan for you as a little child trust the guidance of you and will keep the feet of his saints and she says God never leaves his children otherwise than they would choose to relent if they could see me and from the beginning and discern the glory of the purpose which they are fulfilling as coworkers with hindsight is twenty twenty at eleven experience of looking back ends and you know when you went to a severe trial severe difficulties in your exhibit you come out of a difficulty not a problem you look back you say thank you Lord I could see you're handling it was kind of dark when I was going to does very never will not I seen that what you decide is best I've seen that happen in my life many lawmen imagine good biblical examples of this other than Christ remember the days of master there was a deathly great in the days of master all the Jews was a foster being exterminated on a certain day have a plan to deliver his people he most certainly has a plan to deliver his people I was an enormous asteroid chapter four and verses thirteen and fourteen and what you're looking for Esther four thirteen and fourteen let me say something all of us are important for God but we are not indispensable zero cents all of us are important in fulfilling God 's plan but we are not indispensable if opening the way and this is an illustration of that reality so moronic AI delivers a message to Esther that Mauritania I told them to answer Esther do not think in your heart that you will escape in the king 's palace any more than all the other Jews don't think that because you and against Dallas years June when united to get killed to because you will get the is your juvenile discover breast fourteen four and you remain completely silent at this time listen carefully really and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place was not a deliberate throw was after indispensable know she was in part and God wanted her to fulfill a very important by Chris on delivering Israel but not as then it continues saying for if you remain completely silent in this time really and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place but you and your father 's house and then one day I asked this question and who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this idea seems to MLS like I said he says who knows well everybody loves right will house let up on his radio for a time such as this if you don't fulfill God 's plan Gosplan will still be fulfilled but somebody else will do it and you will lose less than you remember the story of Joseph Yamada Joseph had two dreams right and in those dreams basically God was telling Joseph that someday his father his mother and his brothers were an account and they read about before him he was going to be there Lord unit nevertheless that was listening on invariably available to all of that continent all take care of this and Philadelphia live uses the experiment happen because wanted to do is I'm good I'm going to influence his brothers to sell him as a slave so much for the idea that he will be the Lord over his father 's mother his brother 's assault he sells any most agent the only been very easy for Johnson did too I cannot be better against the essay here I was a good son you know I was a homeboy and and I obeyed my father 's rules and end of one users and being a good son anal Bangalore all I get is solid and slavery as you know he ends up in the house however you know I ended up in the house bottom because he had the learned he had to learn administration because he had a big job of administration in the future so God says I'm glad to give you little practice before I says and the potter 's house and he becomes a administrator of five first house is gaining experience and down because his fastball and he doesn't belittle Doctor yells up and present he could really been bitter now and I'll burn a set of environment and what do I get for I had not been present what use is it to be faithful to the no lights as asking was being taken by the Israelites out of Egypt he could see at a distance his father 's tan he must've been homesick and she says that at that time he made up his mind that he didn't understand what was happening but is that God has a plan and to cooperate with his play I'm going to be thankful I can understand it but God is a plant so it ends up in prison because he was supposed to meet someone there doesn't allow what's happening the Lord is giving him enough rope to hang himself what he's doing the devil is trying to the prophecy from being fulfilled and he doesn't realize that buddies regularly cooperating for the fulfillment of the plan and so you all know the story Joseph in prison meets the cupbearer and he meets the Baker Baker ends up being ancient history and the cupbearer you know he also says you can assert wine for the game again and so when the day comes for the cupbearer to be released Justin says Albano Inc. remember me when you you will you weren't with Pharaoh for me and what an ungrateful cupbearer he goes out and he forgets the Lord gain in some type of divine amnesia because I was in time there was a time as until years later now 's the time because God gives Farrell to dreams about the seven years of plenty in the seven years of famine and so now I know the time so there was as when can I get to interpret his dream Wiseman could answer the cut there the Lord says remember remember it's a nicer final man who can do it it tells a story about that about the banker in the box Charlie he ended up coming out as an slow to make a long story short Farrell calls in any interprets the dreams and now he becomes the Prime Minister of Egypt did think that the Joseph is starting thing to understand a little bit that there was some kind of a pattern involved here regards some kind of a plan course he did and so now what happens well when the seven years of famine come here comes brothers from amazing story the providence of God is just simply amazing this is one of my favorite stories mobile and visit his brothers what do they do before the strike at an insult the story transpires and then I at the very end of the story when Joseph finally identifies himself to his brothers his monosaccharide is all jaws it was all sorry that we notice you know we shall never saw the noise also says this in Genesis twenty five versus by the Senate he says the Lord sent me ahead of you to agent to preserve the sea you know what the devil again really was this even see this impacting the Genesis code I do with all these stories in Genesis the really prophetic stories are not only stories they are prophecies written in the form of stories and basically what the beltline in mind what he knew at this point that God was preserving a holy line from which eventually the Messiah would come and he says if I wipe out this family there will be no seed that will come from the holy line but God sent Joseph into Egypt to have time to preserve seed the final plan did Joseph cooperate with the plan using here was a man of prayer you think you carefully look at the circumstances each day and try to see how God was leading in both particular circumstances you better believe most profit Jeremiah Jeremiah chapter one verses four through eight Jeremiah chapter one verses what I do know that God chose Jeremiah before he was born God chose all of us before we were born to give you a plan for us is not willing to reveal that plan to us he most certainly is but he's not going to reveal it to us while watching television benefits through the end he's going to reveal it to us because we have an intimate close connection with him now notice what what we find about Jeremiah says that the word of the Lord came to me saying before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I sanctified you pennies I set you apart IR you a prophet to the nations I now notice Jeremiah I are Lord go on on the wall I cannot speak what is something the site you've been I thought it was but the Lord said to me when I say I might use the letting life and let anybody on the meeting because of you you cannot say I am a use for you shall ball to all to whom I send you and what ever I command you you shall speak do not be afraid of their faces for I am with you to deliver you says the Lord he was chosen to fulfill his mission before he was born in praise the Lord as you read the story of Jeremiah Jeremiah decided to walk step-by-step in the Lords will and of course he became the great prophet Jeremiah that we know in Scripture before we bring this to a close I would like to share with you an example from early Adventist history you are aware I'm sure that before Ella what was chosen to be a prophet God shows two other individuals to be prophets of the first individuals name was William Foy on the second individual was a man named Hayes and Foss now there's no evidence that William Floyd rejected the prophetic call but there is evident clear evidence that Hayes and Foss rejected the prophetic call I like to read you a description that was given by Arthur White Ellen White's grandson about this experience off-season thoughts on this is found in autobiography that he wrote about Ellen White sometimes I'm rating not sometime before the first vision was given to Ellen in December the Lord had given just such a vision to hasten and then instructed that he was to oh oh one God had revealed to him however he felt he had been conceived in the disappointment of eighteen forty four Gino to that residential and school and went on to anyone who claim to have a vision from the Sony refused to obey the promptings promptings of God 's Spirit until the Lord came near to him in a vision he instructed that if he refused about the message of heaven it will be given to the people of excuse me he was instructed and if he refused to bear the message happened would have to can give to the people the Lord of the Lord I must've skipped this anyway the Lord would give this gift to the weakest of the week but hastened still felt that he could not bear the burden and the reproach of standing before the people to present a vision from God he thought the Lord that he would not do it then very strange feelings came over him and a voice said you have grieved away the spirit of the Lord this front and hasten horrifying and his own stubbornness and rebellion he thought the Lord that he would nominate the vision he called a meeting of the evidence for the purpose when the people came together he recounted his experience then he tried to tell what was shown to him but he could not call it tonight in with the most concentrated effort he could not recall a word of it he cried out in distress is gone from me I can say nothing and the spirit of the Lord has left me Dawson were present here on Arthur White is still describing those who were present described the meeting as the most terrible meeting they were ever in as hastened talked with Alan because he did talk with Ellen Beth February morning Portland in Portland he told her that although he had not gone into the chapel where she had spoken the evening before he had stood outside the door and heard every word that she had sent he declared that what the Lord had shown to her at first been shown to him but said he I was proud I was unreconciled to the disappointment I murmured against God and wished myself to then I felt a strange feeling coming over me I shall be henceforth as one dead to spiritual things and then he said to Alan wake these words do not refuse to obey God for it will be at the peril of your soul I am a lost man you are chosen of God be faithful in doing your work and the crown I might have had you will receive it have a plan for his boss he refused to follow the plan was important yes was the indispensable nor because God called the week weakest of the week you know this last part where it says the crowd I might attend you will receive is actually a quotation from revelation three verses ten and eleven words just because the art that the highest type the word of my patients I also will keep the from the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world to try them that dwell upon the earth behold I come quickly hold fast that which thou hast that no man take thy crown in the man's revealing four seventy nine the same page when we read the previous two statements Ellen White says too many in planning for brilliant new future make an honor failure let God plan for you as a little child trust of the guidance of you who will keep the feet of his saints God never leads his children otherwise than they would chose to be met if they could see the end from the beginning and discern the glory of the purpose for which they are fulfilling his coworkers within a mask you are would you also agree with that statement getting jealous of what Charles in the same way if you go see the end from the beginning that Kinshasa it's also the same before hand what was going to happen when it gets a prosody were chosen through the same thing of course would have been a lot easier of course it would because he would've known what we have a young fellow here who's going to be a real help to breaches in the future when a man is always very helpful don't think I've always said that preachers like to noises and charts and one of them is not the cell phone preachers like the first noise that we like is that here the pages of the Bible turning music to our ears in the second noise that we like is at least than a man once in a while and if you want to say hallelujah that's good to because the Angels in heaven say amen and hallelujah the class but they do say amen and hallelujah that the proper response that God has established you know I've been able to see how God leads in a marvelous way in in the form in which secrets unsealed and saw been born and has grown there it's as amazing I could not stand here and speak for two hours about how God has led in the establishment of this ministry by me just share you share with you a few little things about ministry one nine years ago we decided that we would start a ministry and we didn't have a single penny of money except when it was in the pockets of the contributors but we did so we pray to the Lord that he would help us raise three hundred thousand dollars to buy the equipment that we needed to produce programming within a period of ten months the Lord had given us three hundred thousand dollars from donations from different places not only that local church but many places in the United States and other countries we were able to get the equipment to start producing programming you know we we started into little rooms in the church by an Intel very recently were functioning those two rooms if you could see them as a relatively embarrassing we never like to get people to tour on because it you know David they were just cramped and you and all the furniture was just piled up it was just not ideal working place a couple of years ago we decided that we needed to acquire a facility where we could better function and others always naysayers you know there were some people in the church when not we decided to start this ministry it's a hardware you go to get the money and basic guy said well if it's the Lord 's will and we pray that the Lord will show up and show us images will then the monies in a command that's not to be a problem because the gold and silver blogs locked and the large solid that this was his plan because we were able to raise the money so about two to one half years ago we decided that we would start raising funds to acquire a new building where we could better function well to make a long story short and June fifteen on this year we were able to move into our new facility in the price of Price that we had to pay was six hundred and seventy five thousand dollars raised within a couple of years and we own not one penny on the facility simply amazing the way to God God leads Mauer were involved in phase two of our ministry because we know we have ought against seven offices state-of-the-art there were already built inside the warehouse like building but we also have a great big warehouse were planning on building inside a distribution center and a state-of-the-art production studio we can produce programming for television not only theological lectures but we want to do some interactive programming we want him like a question answer session we want to have a talkshow format and we also are planning on doing health-related lectures to broadcast on television we have Doctor Milton Teske some of you know him I hear you rather reversing diabetes program here we mark for many years he's a member of our church has a passion for health ministries he's a strong supporter of secrets unsealed and were planning on having him and the medical professionals in our church are produced television program programming on the area in the area of health and saw insult you know we have to raise now about four hundred thousand dollars to build that these buildings and to purchase the equipment that we need and once again you know we had some German church members said that the same are you going to get the money deposit you know God has already already sent manna from heaven and their murmuring because water has become audible rock and so you know how long does it take for you to learn that God is envious because he has shown step-by-step these alternate arts we've knocked on the doors and on opens the doors and God provides the way and that when we receive letters and e-mails from all over the world and phone calls from all over the world from people who had come the church ministers of other denominations that embrace the endless message on people from other churches entire charges maybe some of you read the last newsletter that came out there's this Pentecostal lady pastor in Mexico and dies she she saw the book presentation on the Sabbath Genesis code series and she had a hundred and ninety six on the Pentecostal church members were baptized on the same day and became semi- hammers when we receive our e-mails and we were when we receive letters and what we receive phone calls with information such as this we can't help but know that God is in this good God is leading us and we believe that the best days are still ahead we don't know what's I have God does have a plan yet the master plan yet the blueprint all we have to do is walk step-by-step with him following his leading doing what is in harmony with the Bible and with the spirit of prophecy and we believe that God will lead a step-by-step and there will be thousands in the kingdom as a result of this ministry with which the Lord has raised up by God not only has a plan for secrets on sale he has a plan for each one of our lives each one of our individual lives but we have to be people pray we have to beat up people that get into the word and study the word and try to discern what God 's will is in the word he wants the people who I can go out in the midst of nature and listen to the voice of God in a tranquil peaceful environment I bought also wants us to look carefully at the at the circumstances of providential meeting each day you know how God leads from point a to point B like he's done with secrets unsealed it's amazing as we see the antibody soul and God has done for secrets unseal what he therefore I asked her what he did for Jolson what he did for Jesus is not something unique to them is something that God can do in each one of our lives if we allow the Holy Spirit to lead in our lives God has a plan and I asked this evening would you like me to have a word of prayer now that God will reveal to you the plan that he has for your life your raise your hand however where prayer with you let's pray father in heaven we studied biblical examples this evening about how you have a plan for everyone's life how many times it's true that we have interposed our own will and we make a mess of things therefore we asked father that you will reveal what your plans are you love us not to make plans for ourselves without consulting with you to see if it is your will father we have a God significant group of people gathered here this evening each one you have a plan for each one you have a role to fulfill in the closing history of his work I just asked by the URL for each one to meet the necessary conditions so that they can see clearly your hand leading in each event of their lives Lord of war tired of living in this world of sin and sickness and sorrow and suffering and death it's time to go home help us Lord to make the first the main thing the main thing help us Lord to seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and not the things that are added on to us because you will naturally add those things thank you father for having been with us thank you for leaving our lives in your way and your time because the acid in the precious name of Jesus him will media was brought by audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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