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The Holy Spirit and the Ministration of Angels

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed




  • July 26, 2012
    3:45 PM
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our system this room on May twenty one to twenty three of last month the geographical so I feel very much at home here in beautiful place thanks it's good to be here well Mark and the committee have asked me to talk about how God works as a ministry of angels and how Satan works the ministry of angels because really Satan has just basically copied God 's method of administration so I went to focus mostly on how God works through the ministry of the Angels and it will leave them alone okay let's begin with the word of prayer father in heaven thank you for bringing us here this afternoon we are a few but we are anxious to hear your voice speaking through your word so we ask that you will bless our study together that it might be fruitful not only intellectually but experientially we has a you will bless all the seminars that are going on at this time and we thank you father for the privilege of prayer knowing that what we come before your throne boldly in the name of Jesus UN stress so we know that you've heard this prayer that you will answer it because we ask in Jesus name amen there's one doctrine of the Adventist church that is being seriously questioned in some sort they and that is the personality of the Holy Spirit I think probably won't one of the main reasons why it is so difficult for people to grasp the idea that the Holy Spirit is a person is because of the metaphors that the Bible uses to illness through the work of the Holy Spirit for example the Holy Spirit is spoken of as rain he's referred to as oil in other places in Scripture he is referred to as fire and still in another place the Holy Spirit is referred to as wind and so that I conjures up in our minds ideas of perhaps some kind ups in personal substance that kind is poured in us because we speak about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and begin filling of the Holy Spirit and so on because of the metaphors that are used to describe the Holy Spirit is very difficult for some people to conceive that the Holy Spirit is a person because oil and rain and fire and wind are all in personal they are not personal but we need to remember that these are metaphors that are used to describe functions of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is not rain the Holy Spirit is not oil the Holy Spirit is not fire the Holy Spirit is not wind IVs are metaphors that are used to describe functions or things that the Holy Spirit performs off for example he spoken of his reign because when rain falls it makes the earth green it makes things grow as the Holy Spirit makes our spiritual life girl and flourish by the Holy Spirit is spoken of as oil because you put oil in the lab and it gives light and Holy Spirit of course in our life sheds light on his book misfire because fire cleanses and the Holy Spirit cleanses our life from sin consume sin in her life and his mother on his wind because he could see the effects of the window you can see the wind and Jesus of course spoke of that when he was dealing with nicotine him us him so basically God these metaphors are used for the Holy Spirit are simply wrapped they are metaphors the Holy Spirit is not these things I'd like to read some statements as we began off from the spirit of prophecy on the personality of the Holy Spirit the first of these is in the book evangelism page six hundred and sixteen Ellen White had no doubts about the personality of the Holy Spirit she was getting worship talk to the students at Avondale College in Australia and this is what she said to them we need to realize that the Holy Spirit court is as much a person as God is a person is walking through these grounds so not as explicitly she says we need to realize that the Holy Spirit court is as much a person as God is a person is walking through these grounds it all there are also others that are questioning whether Jesus is eternal God what many are teaching in the church these days in many different places is that Jesus at some point in eternity past was created by the father and that Jesus is not God in every sense of the word but it's on the question the doctrine of the Trinity they're saying that God the father Z only one who is truly God eternal Jesus was the first creature of God and the Holy Spirit is not a person but a force of Ellen White doesn't buy into that Ellen White in the Bible will make it clear that the Holy Spirit is a person and that God is triune in others the Godhead has three persons like to read you just one statement from Ellen White on the idea of the three persons in the Godhead this is the book evangelism page six hundred and fifteen evangelism page six fifty she says there are three living persons not even understand free living persons should continue saying of the heavenly trio solenoids there are three living persons of the heavily trailed in the name of these three great powers the father the son and the Holy Spirit those who receive Christ by faith are baptized and these powers will cooperate with the obedient subjects of heaven in their efforts to live the new life in Christ source emits a very clear that there are three persons in the Godhead and she says three living persons and then she says all the heavenly trio and then she speaks of three great powers and see names and the father the son and the Holy Spirit so Emily had no doubts I'm only reading some of the statements she has many many statements were she says something very similar now onto several years ago I was in a class at Andrews University where he went to seminary and my teacher was sought see Mervyn Maxwell automotive heard of some of you are probably too young to have heard of Seaburg Maxwell but he was an expert in denominational history he was a phenomenal teacher I mean now he made he made church history come alive it wasn't just dates and persons if you really are a major feel like you were involved in the history that he was telling but once I was sitting in class and Doctor Maxwell said something that really spiked interest in my mind he was in it was actually not the topic of the class hee hee were actually made it only as a thought as a sidelight on the topic that he was dealing with and he said you know I think that the Holy Spirit is a person who is in the command and control center of the universe and the Holy Spirit basically is the commander of the Angels and the Holy Spirit performs his work through the ministration of the Angels he administrates the universe of God through the ministry of the Angels well that was a very short comment that he made and but but it really struck me and I said you know I learned check this out I'm going to study this because it's a very unique and interesting concept and salt for the next twenty five thirty years I've been studying this particular topic now out we cannot understand the the person of the Holy Spirit we can understand who only is in substance we can understand how he has all of the powers of the dust but we can understand how the Holy Spirit works discrepancies very clear that we cannot understand the nature of the Holy Spirit but we can understand how the Holy Spirit works that are not Monday I was are enormous after the class that I had with Doctor Maxwell I was reading patriarchs and prophets and as I was reading patriarchs and prophets I went was reading the chapter on Cain and Abel and I came to a section they are in that chapter where Ellen White said that God condescended to send an angel to speak to K and then she quotes Genesis chapter four and versus seven eight if you do well will you not be accepted if you do not will do well sin lies at the gate now what really struck me about essay Ms. Rowling says that God condescended to send an angel is to be decaying whereas in Genesis chapter four and explicitly says that the Lord God said picking so I said this is very interesting and all in Genesis Ford says the Lord God said to gain and Ellen White says that God condescended to have an angel come and speak those words to King sinusitis I will examine other stories in the Old Testament and I discovered some unbelievable things of the Spirit of prophecy says that is that most everything that is attributed in the Old Testament to God directly was actually performed for the ministration of the Angels and you know as I was studying all of these different episodes from the Old Testament and and I was reading from the spirit of prophecy it all up for example the Bible says that the Lord took the wheels off of Pharaoh 's chariots and Ellen White says that the Angels took the wheels of a Pharaoh 's chariots I know and it's as in Genesis chapter seven of the Lord close the door of the ark and its apparatus is Lord opened the door of the ark well Ellen White says that the that the powerful angel was sent from heaven to close the door of our BR in the powerful angel was sent to open the door of the ark to let the family out you know I had the Bible says of God knock down the walls of Jericho Illinois says that powerful angels grab the walls and they knock down the walls and some very interesting scenario and pictures started forming in my mind as I studied this and I came to the conclusion that Doctor Maxwells by Doctor Maxwell was right and the Holy Spirit who by the way now represents Christ and does the work of Christ item of your aware but Bob Holy Spirit now is the commander of the engine of close since Jesus assumed humanity Ellen White Ellen White Coram Arriba statement to Ellen White calls the Holy Spirit the the representative of the commander of the Lords host now many people are involved in that statement how many Holy Spirit is the representative of the commander of the Lords host list for a right so the Holy Spirit is a represent was the commander Jesus is the commander but will ultimately is the one that works through Christ and works through the Holy Spirit is God the father and so what I wanted to this afternoon is share this concept with you because I believe that we have not fully understood the power that is available to God 's people in these last days through the power of God working through ministration of the Angels are some things I want to say are surprising I want to I want to jog your thinking processes that I want you to do your research on this look at look at it for yourself I'll look up the statements you know in twenty five years of research I have not found one single statement that would contradict what I'm going to share with you and I were to have a special appreciation for the Angels I asked the foot soldiers if you please of the Holy Spirit in these last days now but with me to some eight some eight and versus three through eight Psalm eight versus three through eight I have a psalmist is speaking about the creation of Adam and there is so there's a couple of things that I want us to notice in this passage says there would I consider your heavens the work of your fingers no more and the stars which you have preordained what is man the word is unbound what is man that you are mindful of him and the son of man that you visit him but you have made him a little lower than the angels and you have almost crowned him who wears crowns things right and you have crowned him with glory and honor thou Kings are crowned but they rule over a certain territory right now what is the territory over which God placed this ruler to govern well it continues saying you have made him to have what domain and see King has dominion you have made a bad dominion over the works of your hands you have put all things under his feet that's an expression that means you have placed them to rule all things and then explains what it is all she but Knox and even the beasts of the field the birds of the air and the fish of the sea that pass through the paths of the sea but when the Bible uses the expression beasts of the field birds of the air and fish of the sea it means everything related to planet Earth the heavens the earth and the waters in other words Adam was crowned king in the realm of his dominion was everything related to planet Earth but then Adam and Eve sin and when they send Adam had to step down from the throne and he lost his dominion he lost his territory and his conqueror became king and took over the territory back was not as the principal in Romans chapter six in verse sixteen hi command I'll run list chapter six Edinburgh sixteen has the principle here the apostle Paul inspired by the Holy Spirit says do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey you are that one's slaves whom you obey whether of sin leading to death or of obedience leaving the righteousness salt we are slaves the word slave of slaves can also be translated servants we are servants of he who would choose to what to obey saw and stand up at him being King and this being his realm of Dominion now another for individual talk over the phone and have dominion over planet Earth and who was that person that person was sent he stole a wrong and he stole Adams territory are we find this in Luke four versus five two seven wanted and noticed how the devil claimed that this was his realm of Dominion on Luke chapter four and versus five through seven it says here then the devil taking him up on a high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms policy sold him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time and the devil said to him all this authority I will give you and their glory for this has been delivered to me and I give it to whomever I wish Saul who delivered it to him and Annie says it's been delivered to me I'm the king now I sit on the phone this is my territory and I can give you the kingdoms of the world if I wish because they are my they are no longer at once the light has this interesting comment in regards a property page sixty seven about Adam losing his domain and how it could be recovered he says she says at his creation Adam was placed in dominion over the earth but by yielding to temptation he was brought under the power of Satan of whom a man is overcome of the same he is brought in bondage when man became Satan 's copy of notice the domain in which he held fast to his conqueror before we just notice from Scripture right she says the domain in which he held past was conqueror thus Satan became the God of this world she had just shocked that domain in notice it wasn't legitimately his stolen it he had usurped that domain in over the earth which had been originally given to whom to Adam now here comes the good news but Christ by his sacrifice paying the penalty of sin would not only read the man but recovered the domain in which he had forfeited all that was lost by the first Adam will be restored by the second is that good news is wonderful news which is updated to things in order to recover that which was lost at sea Jesus came to this Earth to take the place of every single human being was ever lived on the planet and only Jesus could take the place of every single human being because Jesus created everyone only he who created all content could offer to take the place of all and of course Jesus did create everyone and I know when I say that somebody else I will know I was born from a mother Jesus did make me that's okay where was your mother warned from all my mother was born from her mother and one was for another glimpse from her mother so you go back all the way back to the beginning where you end up with many when Jesus created Adam and Eve he created everyone because everyone descends from them are you with me as always he who created everyone could offer to take the place of everyone and he had to do two things in order to conquer the devil and take back the phone and take up with the territory here first of all he had to live a perfect life you know we emphasize so much sometimes his death that we forget that his death will have no value unless he had lived a perfect life because the land that was brought to the sanctuary had to be without blemish before it was sacrificed in the lamb without blemish represents Christ the perfect life of Christ so obviously the law demands perfection how many of us have approach adopted to the law the law says a you have to obey me one hundred percent perfectly you can't deviate even the smallest thing well the Bible says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God there is none righteous no not one which means that none of us can offer the law what the law requires so Jesus came to live the life that we submit so that he could offer the law what the law requires from us but then we had a second problem and that is not only did we need to be able offer law perfection but somebody had to meet needed to pay for the debt that we had incurred by our sins and so after living is perfect life Jesus took upon himself our sins and suffered the death penalty the below requires the most worse since it was basically Jesus came to this Earth to live for us and to die for us he came to live the life that we should live and he came to die the death that we should die and if he shall live the life the perfect life and if he shall die for sin he would be doing it in place of everyone and therefore he would reread the I'll bring that once was lost by everyone to be valid now where did the final battle take place between Christ and Satan go with me to John chapter twelve and verses thirty one to thirty three John Chapter twelve in verses thirty one to thirty three is this is the last week of the life of Christ before his death and Jesus had something very interesting to say here about what was happened when he got them across Jesus says this now is the judgment of this world now the ruler of this world will be whacked out with the main cast of the devil was cast out originally from heaven you're aware of that right he was cast out with his angels this is not talking about that original casting out this is talking about the casting of Satan cat he's cast off the phone and he loses his territory that's what it's best with this is talking about is no longer the representative of planet Earth remember the book of Job when that meeting took place in heaven that dot the sons of God came before God the representatives of the worlds by the way and among the representatives of the world 's cable site and on a single income from these as well I come from a planet planet Earth so that must mean that the other sons of God must've come from other planets of the demo claims have a right to belong to that group because up to that point he had taken the throne and he had taken dominion over this earth but not Jesus saying I left the perfect life and when I came across paying for the sins of the human race then I will conquer for everyone on planet Earth so I says now is the judgment of this world now the ruler of this world would be cast out and know not how he would be cast out and I if I am lifted up from the earth will draw all peoples to myself this is seven signifying by what death he would die what is it that took away the phone from Satan and the territory that he had stolen from Adam it was the life and death of Jesus Christ in place of every single human being desiring to space seven fifty eight notice this wonderful statement from LOI desire of ages seven and fifty according to the Angels in America although just hang out this is all background we can't understand the role of the Angels unless we understand the background no S desire mega seven fifty eight Christ did not yield up his life Kelly and accomplish the work which he came to do and with this parting breath he exclaimed it is finished now listen carefully to the tense of the verb that she uses the battle had and one that will be one the battle had been won he is right-handed and his holy arm had gotten him the victory as a colleague over he planted his banner on the Journal Heights was there not joy among the Angels listen carefully all haven't triumphed in the saviors victory Satan was defeated and he knew that his kingdom was lost marvelous syllogisms my living as perfect life and by dying for a sin to the place of every single human being and recovered that which had been lost now I'm be sharing with you in the second session of on this tomorrow that is a very intimate connection between the cross and what happened on the day of Pentecost visit intimate connection between the across an Pentecost is so not what women do we'll talk about what happened over the Pentagon's and when the link it was what happened across there would've been no Pentecostal felt across now let's will accept her to just thinking placed by the way fifty days after the resurrection of Christ so it's just a couple of months basically after Christ is resurrected and I want to notice acts chapter two in verses one through four no wonder that Pentecost had fully come they were all with one accord in one place and suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a mighty rushing wind remember that that's important other was a sound of what of a mighty rushing wind and it filled the hall also where they were sitting no hiccups a second phenomenon then there appeared to them divided tongues as of fire so what are the two natural phenomena or I guess we should call them natural but you know the things from nature that were there in the upper room a mighty rushing wind and times as of fire and one sat upon each of them and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues now listen carefully to what the verse says they began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance cool was it that gave them the gift of tongs according to acts two verse four as the Spirit gave them utterance so is the Holy Spirit the game to give talks correct according to vendors as the Spirit gave them utterance by Lloyd you know what they were talking what what they were talking about Italy were given that the ability to speak the languages of the people present there in the upper room there were about fourteen different let nations mentioned that they were all Jews from those nations but as they had gone to the places they forgotten the Aramaic language and so was necessary for God to give that the apostles actually the hundred and twenty that were in the upper room the ability to speak these languages solid like a dummy I can't what Jesus had just gone missing is seen the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost was the earthly announcement that now Jesus had begun his high priestly ministry has intercessory ministry that my sanctuary is seen Jesus Linda live his life and he died his death for every single person that assuming that everyone can be saved because you have to claim what he did individually in person through repentance and confession instead of trusting in Jesus you have to claim what Jesus did individually and personally no limit let me give you an illustration suppose that there is not that there is not an individual who has unlimited resources he has quite trillions and print trillions of dollars and he says all I see those poor human beings down there you know they're so indebted they are dead up to their up to their years you know we can't sleep at night they're all depressed you know they're going to go bankrupt and I just feel so sorry for them so long but I do is I'm going to announce that on the put enough money in the bank to pay for everyone's debts everyone on planet Earth the big goodness will be paid for credit cards educational bills more gauge automobile loans department store cards and I'm really confident enough in the bank to pay for everyone's dance on platters there's only one catch yet to come to the bank and make the withdrawal what happens if you don't come to the bank and make the withdrawal you'll still be in that visit Jesus by his life and death made that deposit so to speak and in the bank of heaven unlimited resources for everyone to be saved but you have to individually and not the claimant so while the apostles saying on the day of Pentecost that what they're saying is false you know Jesus looked this perfect life he died you can read Peter 's sermon it's right there Jesus did good among human beings the unit of the victorious life and then he was crucified he died and now be ascended to heaven he's at the right haven't got the signed trays open for business you can come and claim his life and his death as yours so another words on the gift of tongues is given for them to announce the benefits of Christ's atonement that are available now for everyone who will come in repentance and faith of Christ now when was the gift of tongues first given at the tower of Babel right well again for different purpose it was given to divide into confused but who gave the gift of tons of Babel God right God actually those people were building the power God simply gave them the ability to you not to speak the languages of the earth that we know today of course the purpose was so they could not consolidate rebellion because you know it if they yelled that about a hundred and fifty years after the flood is when Babel is taking place and basically on the world has consolidated rebellion against God says I'm to make it very difficult for for evil to consolidate into one capital and one system on the company give different languages so that people have different cultures and you know the baby cannot consult in one united rebellion against my kingdom and soul and so God gave the gift of tongues to divide and to separate you don't did to disperse human beings across the earth but now let me read Genesis eleven verses six through eight and I want to know something very interesting here says and the Lord said indeed the people are one and they all have one language and this is what they begin to do now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them let us go down and there confuse their language that they may not understand one another's speech saw the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of the all the earth and be ceased building the city and if you read on it said that the Lord they are confused their language of the Lord confused their language and the Lord divided them over the earth but not listened to this interesting comment from Ellen White this is found in the book the story of redemption page seventy three clearly in Genesis eleven it says the Lord and Fiona start their times and the Lord divide them over the earth but nonetheless how and why explains that she says they had built their power to a lofty height when the Lord sent angels to confound them in their work interesting she could then you say men had been appointed for the purpose of receiving word from the work at the top of the tower calling for material for their work which the first would communicate to the second and he do the third until the word reach those on the ground as the word was passing from one to another in its descent the Angels confound their language who was at that that actually did the on-site giving of the times he was well Angel 's according to Ella white as the word was passing from one to another in its descent the Angels confounded the language and when the word rates the workmen upon the ground material was called for which is not been required lightning from heaven nor angels are referred to as lightning right Ezekiel one thirteen fourteen for example as lightning from heaven as a talking of God 's wrath brought off the top of the tower casting it to the ground so the Bible says a large country as their tongues Ellen White explains that God sent to Angels to confuse their tongues or to give them to give talks now is what Alan White says biblical well let's go to Psalm one hundred and four Psalm one hundred and four and I'm going to read first of all the King James and then I'm going to read from the NIV I know that some people don't like the NIV but sometimes the King James version does not translate correctly again James is version is not perfect Bible version it has mistakes on the NIV has whole chapters that are missing and that that's my that's my beef with the NIV see not that I don't like some things about the NIV and I don't like something smoking James I believe that the NIV is a much better translation when it comes to some one hundred four one two four you can see the reason why a memory first of all from the new King James bless the Lord O my soul old Lord my God you are very great you are clothed with our and majesty who cover yourself with light as with a garment who stretched out the heavens like a curtain he lays the beams of his upper chambers in the waters who makes the clouds his chariot what is God 's chariot the club what clouds represent angels very well who makes cloud the clouds his chariot who walks on the wings of the wind and that is what makes his angels spirits his ministers a flame of fire now I don't know if you're aware but the word spirit in Scripture both in the old and New Testament in the Old Testament that the Hebrew word was in the New Testament it's the work in Yuma that word is translated spirit and it is also translated wind at the same word that is translated when for example when Jesus was speaking with Nicodemus he says you know you can see the effects of the wind but you can't see the wind so is the work of the Holy Spirit the word when there is the same word is translated spirit in the New Testament so it's perfectly legitimate to translate the word for Neil not on the word grew a lot with wind rather than spirits saw what I'm saying is that there is a better translation would be he makes his angels winds and his ministers a flame of fire and that's exactly what BNI reader because all you have to you have any things from nature right piece about clouds speaks about fire so it makes sense that you're dealing with when this is any connection Pentecost look for the NIV has the same verses three and four he wraps himself in light as with a garment he stretches out the heavens like a tent and lays the beams of his upper chambers on their waters he makes the clouds his chariot and writes on the wings of the wind he makes when his messengers flames of fire his servants now is a well know when it it doesn't know where the Angels isn't there it says he makes winds his messengers and flames of fire his servants well it's referring to Angels go with me to Hebrews one verse seven for this versus quality and Hebrews one and verse seven and once again I'm reading in the NIV because that is the better translation of Psalm one hundred and four and Hebrews one percent is quoting Psalm one hundred and four sensor and Hebrews one four seven in speaking of the watt of the angels he says he makes his angels when it's his servants flames of fire what were the two phenomena on the day of Pentecost with an fire isn't just possible that the Angels were involved under the pen across in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit means that now the big representative of the commander of Lavalley Angels is not a command the Angels to invade planet Earth felt the disciples in the preaching of the gospel worldwide physiatrist them he reads several statements were bowling my life today page fifty eight my life today page fifty eight listen carefully to what she says seek the little old lady had this clear in all their people are critical of mellow like this you not to plagiarize all forget all that a prophet doesn't have to be original I'm a big gig gimme a break why would tell a white lie when Isle of Wight waste their time writing out from scratch something that somebody else has written that sentence is not in harmony with what is on mission on NSB and economical right IAEA don't have to be original to be a true prophet all you have to do is make sure that if you borrow that is in harmony with what is on mission now know is what she says my life today page fifty eight when the truth in its simplicity is left in every place one when the truth that simplicity is never a place listen carefully now then God will work through his angels as he worked on the day of Pentecost interesting saw the God work in the Pentagon who want to the Angels when the truth that simplicity is the replacement God will work through the Angels as he worked on the name Pentecost and hearts will be chainsaw decidedly that there will be a manifestation of the influence of genuine truth as is represented in the descent of the Holy Spirit here's another one selected messages volume two page fifty seven selected messages volume two page fifty seven she says when the angels of heaven come among us and work through human agents so was to come among us second this is volume two page fifty seven when Angels come among us and work through human agents are you seeing what happens here angels and they work through us through human agents she says there will be solid substantial conversions after the order of the conversions after the day of Pentecost a mighty again here's another one manuscript releases volume ten page one hundred and twelve manuscript releases volume ten page one hundred twelve she says all heaven is interested in your salvation and follow Jesus and angels of God are waiting to do for you what they did for the early disciples on the day of Pentecost here's another one that I may know him page fifty seven that I may know him page fifty seven she says hello ministry of the angel addresses out on incredible statement she says the ministry of the Angels the Holy Spirit is enabled to work upon the mind and heart of the human agent and draw him to Christ who has paid the ransom money for result that the center may be rescued from the slavery of sin and Satan how does Holy Spirit work through the ministry of the Angels the Holy Spirit is enabled to work upon the mind and the heart of the human agent so was in the works upon the human mind and heart it is only spiritual administration of the Angels exactly now let us get several things here it already has so many self heroes live I wondered a deal with easy to chapter one you know the wheel within a wheel is powerful how hot that the clearest picture of how God administrates the universe is found in Ezekiel chapter one three five as a chain of command you where the guys to have command but doesn't do everything himself he delegates responsibilities of smart he's a smart administrator you know the best administrators are not the ones that do the most work but the ones who recruit the most workers that make sense of course now what is God 's chain of command let's cut Revelation one in verses one to three year we have clearly the chain of the chain of command that God has Revelation chapter one verses one to three the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave to him okay so what is at the top of the chain of command God was next in the genogram Jesus Christ was next in the chain of command well actually actually he's not mentioned here in Revelation one one to three it's actually the Holy Spirit because God says to each church he who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches so who speaks to the judges the Holy Spirit son otherwise God gives the message that Jesus Jesus gives up to the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit gives it to the angel efforts as here the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him to show his servants things which must shortly take place and then I added you as an example revelation to her seven US in the ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches and it continues as saying and he sent and signified it by his angel to his servant whom Johnson used its aftermath the filing is a DeJesus Jesus to the spirit the spirit to the angel the angel gives it too long to John and then what does John do he sends a letter to the seven churches and one of the seven churches supposed to their supposed to preach the message that is found in a very sent to them right so yeah this chain of command which is God the father Jesus Holy Spirit the angel John sends the message to the churches and of course the churches are to proclaim the message to wear their to proclaim the message to the world so does God do everything himself God does not do everything himself God delegates responsibility now let's talk a little bit about the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament do we have many references to the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament very very few references to the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and I believe that the reason why is because every time that Jesus intervened in the Old Testament every time that that Jesus became involved in the Old Testament Satan protested the human league against Christ because basically Satan was on the phone and this was his territory as I says that Jesus how dare you in French on my territory when this is my kingdom how is it that you interfere and you and you intervene in my kingdom you can find an example of this member when Moses died there was a battle on on the grave of Moses there over the body of Moses you not only describe as a describes exactly what happened I Jesus had come to resurrect Moses and sentences you can't resurrect Mosley was a center alley struck the rock twice he disobeyed you so is my edges inside I won't deny that Moses disobeyed me and any broke my command but Moses repented and said that he was sorry and he accepted me as his Savior and sold as slaves is what you mean Savior well I'm been a die for Moses Yum Yum and I get so on what basis can you legally drink and then and now if you have not paid the price for his redemption and so the devil is actually protesting presciently because because Jesus is infringing upon his territory but let me ask you after the day of Pentagon last is now come to this territory and do whatever he believes been set as many of his agents here as he wanted to of course agreed why could he do it now without any protest from the devil because he was sitting on the phone and he had conquered this territory is anyone saying so so the day of Pentecost basically what happens is God unleashes up on this planet all the heavenly hosts throughout the disciples and the preaching of the gospel the preaching of the good news about what Jesus had done and the devil could not protest now I doesn't look like God Jesus is sitting on the throne and that this world is under his control it sure doesn't look like it doesn't everything seems to be falling apart so is out can you say that Jesus is sitting on the phone and that this is his territory well let me put it this way so we can understand you think the devil you know simply because Jesus at the cross he took away the phone and he took away his territory the Devils in a rollover play down nor the devil says that Jesus says is okay it took the phone and you did a very dark come and get it is a development fight for every inch of the territory that Jesus is one legally yes it's legally Christ's he wanted this is cascading down this is his realm of dominion but the devil is not going to give up without a fight and that's what were seeing were seeing the fight desperate individual who knows that his kingdom was lost that's why things are getting worse and worse by the way what is our role our role is simply to cooperate with the Angels and go out and proclaim God 's message to the world now let me just let me read a statement about the resurrection of Moses Scott patient page twenty six little book confrontation page twenty six Christ resurrected Moses and Doug and I haven't this enraged Satan and EFG loan is the son of God I be invading his dominion street and didn't appear that he had a point of the day my point because he is not legally conquered this planet yet but at the cost benzene is legally cognitive planet locally unleashes many of his troops upon this earth as he wanted on the day of Pentecost of course he could she did the same this enraged Satan any accused the sun about invalidating his dominion by robbing the grave of his lawful prey Jones says of the resurrection of balls as yet Michael the Archangel when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses Durst not bring against him a railing accusation but said the Lord rebuke the so what is our role you know what our job is our job is to tell people that if there was a loser they better change sides if you want to use military terminology it already like to be with the loser nobody likes to lose a welcome if you're the devil of evidence that the question with the loser he already lost and eventually to be burned in the lake of fire salt why not change science when I joined the Lord site the site of the one game victory not listened to a statement from Elimite odd this is desire mages page three hundred and fifty two desire may just three hundred fifty two speaking about the first evangelist that shared the message in the early church she said they are to contend with supernatural forces but they are assured of supernatural help in the fight against supernatural for this bottom they are assured of supernatural help out listen carefully all the intelligence is upheld and are in this army and more than the Angels are in the ranks the Holy Spirit my statement to mention the Holy Spirit the representative of the Captain of the Lords host comes down to direct the battle so what is the Holy Spirit what is the role of the Holy Spirit to direct the battle of his troops and what are his groups his troops are the Angels now let me read you this interesting statement from Ellen White and then bring this to a close this is that famous statement where she said where he speaks about army of youth what an army of youth could do it press never look at the context of that it's called in it's actually in a book called a call to stand apart page sixty six she says there is no line of work in which it is possible for the use of the receive greater benefits all engage in ministry are God 's helping hands they are coworkers with the Angels what are we coworkers with the Angels rather they are the human agencies will the Angels accomplished their mission listen carefully now Angels speak to their voices and work by their hands and the human workers cooperating with family agencies have the benefit of their education and experience as a means of education what university course to enable this and then she says with such an army of workers as are you rightly trained might furnish house send a message of a crucified and risen and soon coming Savior might be cared the whole world how soon might be a income the end of suffering and sorrow and sin how soon in place of a possession here with its blight of sin and pain our children might receive their inheritance where the righteous shall inherit the land and dwell therein forever where the inhabitants shall not say IM sick and the voice of weeping shall be no more heard so I got statement about an army of youth is in the context of God 's young people working in cooperation with family intelligence is specifically with the Angels let me give you one final example of how this works are you aware of how the Angels were involved in the miracles of Christ Amicus region a statement from desire wages and then I'm going to give you biblical example L lights as the angels of God this is desire pages one forty three the Angels of God are ever passing from earth to heaven and from heaven to earth then she says the miracles of Christ incidentally in volume two of spirit of prophecy page sixty seven sixty eight she quotes the same passage but she says all the miracles of Christ saw and start Rossignol into page sixty seven sixty eight she says all the miracles of Christ for the afflicted and suffering were wrought by the power of God through the administration of the Angels and is through Christ by the ministration of his heavenly messengers that every blessing comes from God to us so how were the miracles of Christ performed by the power gone through what the ministration of angels let me give you an example of how this works your lambda Centauri and then had down the assortment that was sick of really deathly sick and Don Yahweh it's interesting I used to think before I i.e. released on this concept I used to think that there's something magical in God 's word yet on when Jesus when Jesus spoke a word in a person with feelings because somehow mystically the word flew through the air and went into that person 's body I don't believe that anymore because it doesn't square with the Bible are with the spirit of prophecy there is someone for whom God is working to bring healing to that person who was executing God 's word to please now let's read Matthew eight versus five to ten Matthew eight and verses five through ten and let's knows this story and then I'll read your comment from Ellen White it says they are not what Jesus had entered Capernaum a stentorian Cantoni and cleaning with the insane law art my servant is lying at home paralyzed dreadfully tormented by Jesus again I will come in alien the centurion answered and said Lord I'm not worthy to you should come under my roof but only speak a word and my servant will be healed you know the centurion understood how it worked because he continues saying for I also am a man under authority having soldiers under me and I said to this window when he goes into another company comes into my servant do this and he doesn't when Jesus heard it he marveled and said to those who followed assuredly I think you I have not found such great faith not even in Israel so what in the center you say you say not all soldiers and all I have to do is speak the word of the soldiers went on to do with the well white and losing desire ranges three sixty she's courting the centurion that was this is a stentorian speaking over what is described what he say as I represent the power overall and my soldiers recognize my authority is supreme sawdust about represent the power of the infinite God and all created things all bathed I worked the options command the disease to be part of it shall obey the now canceled someone by heavenly messengers and they shall impart healing virtue speak but the word and my servant shall be healed so what what happened when Jesus spoke the word the angel was already out over there cutting the individual in bringing healing to that individual a license all of the miracles of Christ were performed by the Bollenbach the ministration of the Angels when Jesus walked on water did he defy the laws of gravity but does not define his loss is physical laws is a just perhaps I don't have a quote for this but it is is it perhaps true that the Angels held Jesus up to the Angels site Jesus sometimes when people want to stone him to be blind the eyes of the people so that the people could not see Jesus even though he was there absolutely the Angels followed Jesus all throughout his ministry and of course everything that Jesus did he did to the mysteries of the Holy Spirit he was conceived of the spirit he grew up in the spirit he was baptized in the Spirit he was led to the wilderness by the spirit that all devils by the spirit knows everything he was sacrificed by the eternal spirit it says in Hebrew the Holy Spirit is involved all through the life of Christ but it is done through ministration of angels at this temptation the Bible says that the angels of God ministered to him you follow me the list of this is open up and a different panorama you know how important are angels in the way that God works their vitally important to let me touch upon one final thing and then we'll go eat the food that parishes the final outpouring of the Holy Spirit isn't just possible that the latter rain also means that because let's see the reason why God why why God could unleash all of the troops of heaven is because there were human beings who had totally been emptied of self and be lent themselves to cooperate with family beach yellow bear the Angels in heaven they're just there waiting for us we have a buddy that works you know all essays here I sent it but you see the Bible tells us that during the ten days before Pentecost the date they were probably emptied himself and now they could be faithful soldiers the Holy Spirit can use the list of victims because they were ready is it just possible that the anodyne guys that have a whole generation of people and the angels are under the same thing that they did for the disciples of the Pentagon listened to be statements throwing the little old lady had a straight she know what she was talking about the book the paged one hundred and twelve man NASA page two hundred and twelve with this powerful before the work is Klaus Hopf and the sealing of God 's people is finished we shall receive the outpouring of the Spirit of God angels from heaven will be in our midst gets the point she says the spirit of God we shall receive the outpouring of the Spirit of God angels from heaven will be in our midst here's another one review and Herald January twenty eighteen ninety one she says after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit thousands were converted angels and excel in strength the brightness of heaven came to the help of the church and swept back the forces of Satan and business on the review and Herald January twenty eighteen ninety one then she says the work of the Holy Spirit was not limited to apostolic days it is not confined to any church large or small the field of his ministration is the world he will convince the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment I listen carefully but the instrumentalities through which the Holy Spirit works we just noticed that the Angels would write but she says she's sassy of the instrumentalities through which the Holy Spirit works of the members of Christ's body those who believe in his name it is through these light bearers that the gospel is to be carried to all the nations of the earth do you realize that there is unlimited power just waiting for us to cooperate with God you don't the only soldier the general can use it as one who renders unquestioning of yes to the orders of his general reason why Jesus can use this is because were always trying to interpose our will and our agenda of the disciples on the day of Pentecost they were calling and being of their own agenda but an even set up assassins where there is a fundamental disposal of the work they pray like never before we studied Scripture the repair all of the all of the dissension that they had and now we were soldiers the self willing to do with their commander told and that's the reason why the gospel went to the entire world in wind generation as can happen at the end of time as well so why not now nor I are excited when I went to present legal insight and I seek hundreds and hundreds of booths of many different ministries that's that's the thing I like about Lent best about a aside in the preaching is good and everything but seeing all those bowls with Saleh government has three young people in a big base problem all over the place and all the signs of the times the Lord is working to finish his work on planet Earth May the Lord help us that we might lend ourselves as you know as his foot soldiers to render him unquestioning obedience to go where he tells us to go and to do what he tells us to do not that I want to share with you a little bit more about the life of Christ and how he how Jesus becomes a pattern for us in Jesus made no plans for himself every day the father revealed what the plans were in LA says that he can be the same with us before in tune with the Lord okay any questions yes him right right right never strategize that much then there you got I think I think that the big problem is a lack of full and total commitment when there is a full commitment as we saw on the day of Pentecost I mean you're talking about a hundred and twenty individuals in that room you and him and God planned to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the feast of Pentecost because all men twelve years and older were required to be there from everywhere in the world and so and so there were people representatives from every nation under heaven it says there and asked Jennifer to the present there in the upper room that was that was on purpose because now when they hear what Jesus just done you know he's died in his resurrected and now Peter says now he's begun his intercessory ministry and family sanctuary and and and this is being shared with those people what are they going to when they go back to their nations of the priest of Pentecost the gospel will go hello world in the short time got it off and and and and just spread like fire not three thousand and five thousand a few days later not them I think we need I think we need in reach a lobbying reach health secrets unseal the ministry that I represent what we have we do evangelism but most of our materials are focused on reaching the Saints inspiring the Saints to study Scripture and to commit their lives to the Lord and to go out and share the wonderful message that we has to have as a church because there can be no outreach unless there is in range if the church if the church is not prepared then evangelism will not be successful and we need to remember that on the day of Pentecost they had no budget at all three thousand three thousand souls with no evangelistic budget and as a result of one servant that's when God is waiting for he's waiting for us you know he's not waiting for more calamities and more on global warming and for the stars to fall these not waiver enables thanks is waiting for us if we committed to him as unquestioning soldiers in unbelievable things that unfortunately we all have our own agendas you know and then saving for a rainy day like people did before the flood okay well let's have more prayer and then well I don't miss tomorrow's breakout session I get better fun than ever we thank you for the time we been able to spend together in the study of your Word and the Spirit of prophecy we ask that you will take what we've studied implanted in our hearts that we might truly believe that Jesus is coming soon that we need to go out and we need to save as many people as possible because we want to see them in the kingdom we asked Lord that you will bless us now as we as we continue the program in this evening send your Spirit through the ministry of angels to be with us and we thank you father for your presence and for hearing our prayerful we ask in Jesus name a


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