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My Struggle in a South Korean Prison

Sung Hoon Kang


Sung Hoon Kang was sent to prison for refusing to bear arms in South Korea.  Listen as he describes his sobering experiences in which he learned the reason for his existence while being able to share his faith with fellow inmates. Sung counts it a privilege to have been able to suffer for Christ's sake.



  • July 5, 2012
    4:30 PM
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nothing is a thank you on this afternoon I visited sharing my testimony my personal experience from prison and if I begins Toledo the patient from the book education pays fifty seven this is the greatest one to the world can you put in is the one command right what does this award need the most that's the we need more money doing and more food we need more diseases are absolutely right and that context and the more Jesus called we manifest what we need the man got control who crisis the way this one don't want conducted for disliking if there's one thing that's lacking that some man or woman I can reveal Jesus Christ and a lot write about you and I may face difficulties as his men will not be more colorful acts the captive cry for he was a man our not be bored phone with money or anything manually in their inmost souls are true and honest man who do not fear to call sin by its right name man whose conscience if it's truth to duty as the needle to the pool man who is spent for the right though the heavens fall those are the man or woman awarded sixty four and today I treasure my testimony I want to share a few principles that can help each one of us how can we become such a man and woman now where is done for the right thing whether what happens when the water comes of it we are in the pool we hang out with the letter will recall how clearly been faithful to golf principle that God has given how can I reveal Christ in my life and that's the question I want to share a few principles from my personal experience from prison ecology is quite help me to send faithful the most disclosing circumstances before you begin RIP the mine I went off for more time to bottle with me to all for praying like that would present Holy Spirit did us let's pray Devon 's father I think you so much for this beautiful day you have given to offenders on the Bible can you have allowed this to happen this beautiful campus and the freedom that we enjoy to come together in Washington learn more about the Bible and you this week I put that you are helpless cripple our hearts for the things that you want to teach us this afternoon and I pray that you are especially high me behind your cross that Jesus would be uplifted through this my present testimony of your power and your love my life and in them not just in from South Korea and my name is something and the vibrant distress often cause in Virginia this came near the whole public the media is it a recording but I'm very privileged to be able to have this time to share this testimony I want to share them back on why the prison in Korea South Korea at covering most of you know me face very difficult sturgeon with North Korea more quiz a communist country I thought creative Republic but the war never officially ended so I went living in a situation where the no question that progress anytime any given day when government requires every man that's born in South Korea to go through military training for two years it's not often are more voluntary it's mandatory every man that's able have to go through this training for careers in the military I fitted a slave under living men Kristin media management at Parkland College is a small mission or college in Virginia and there was one question that I have in my mind constantly as I was going through that we started training when I finish my score here I have elected my country and the person I have to face is the military issued watch tonight with the Christian is it okay for me to go through this training web is exactly learning forth we are called to other people and if the necessary during the war I have to kill other people is it okay for me to go through the kind of training is a Christian now it's a question I was when the table is not in the easy this season I took me many years to a study personally pray and find I was convicted on my heart that I should offered alternate service where either have to carry arms and be trained to take other people 's lives and the injuries such as the initial training were not training if you watch going through the string you're basically telling the government I am willing to partake in this war and I'm willing to should adopt sole purpose of training like home when the war happens then you send out the truth the train afforded film I yes my foot in Virginia and here two thousand six in November island up to my country and some of you might be often white into just day to let their countrymen thing is when I got my visa to study in the state I find two people that are willing to sign the first one I find them come back after my study were happy to pay fifty thousand dollars to the government and the second one rebooked the prisoners of the meet so that was my uncle and my grandfather I don't want to see my grandfather to improve the people that know the very following day I arrived and Quinn the very next day with my dad I went to the Ministry of office and I explained to the officers look I'm a Seventh-day Adventist and according to my religious conscience my conviction I cannot go through the tweeters of training there is exactly learning how to kill other people and in the war I would not take other people 's life to fit my is there anyway that I can be placed in the military where I don't have to bear arms and offices just looked at me and they fit our young men and physically you have two options with the prisoner you go through this training the defendant while at the prison phone I explained that I'm not try to avoid it through to the nation anything if it's hard to loan what if it's really satisfying unwilling to the as long as it doesn't consider what might religious conviction I am willing to die much like to avoid the duty to the nation for please can you help me is there anyway that I can view full core medical or anything is there any other alternative for the second and a fit under the common law on there's no alternative that's allotted for one young man you have to choose between prison and going through this training I made a very short prayer in my heart that I already knew what I have to be insufficient without the first mental first transplant was sure with you on this afternoon how can they be treated on the little lots of things as we are in the middle what we think how can we then find and be faithful to the principal principle of conduct principally found in that it's up to one verse eight for a family Bible let's read critically that offers that's funding that it's the one with eight principal under one how can we be faithful to the status of Columbus Day IP thereby but through that together want to drink but Danielle purposed in his heart that he would not define felt with the portion of the teams may brighten another three about the Bible they found that the something very specific about this he purposed in his heart to be faithful to the thing that's very important principle no one is we have to comb it I had at the time before we think the trial in three morning life as we make up on our needs the ethnical petrol and I'd like to follow justifies and be faithful to God not my strength but for the parts of Clement of head of the continent some people say I wait until no I face a trial or condition right to wrong move because from my personal experience when you wait until you face of the files and the posters and your mind that it filled the club of dear what's happened to have everything may not make the right decision yet if I had at the pump everything every morning Lauren I don't know what's can happen to me today but one of you going to meet up with the digital keys and call me a heads up I'm not EOE the circumstances are out the environment should alter my decision not to roll principle of the Christian does not allow the circumstances to our drug decisions right and finished in a complex line iPhone here in iPhone comes in depending on the flight and something about combat it isn't just the motivated technician is always point to this interruption is an U that discount best off-the-cuff coria I thought no America it always point to the same direction you put the competent bearing the God it a point to the same direction you freeze it in the freezer as it freezes down it it point to this interruption like learning and if it burns down it always point to the same direction I think that's how we should be as Christians in the circumference should not alter or affect our decisions the principles I thought it got has given us just because you had out with different people different friends shouldn't alter our this is a single moment though for you are with the little wetware wish always point to the same direction as the coupon and all forced to do that we have to commit ahead of the consult one Long before I face got trial as always pray about this issue I wear the minimum mind if the song was a speed not alone all of this I wonder what the prison done go desktop connection his place in my heart though I already knew the answer so I looked at the officers as if that's the only case is a question I want to deny haptic choose prison done when desktop principles and they said no minimum make a big mistake you know the recorders the rest of your life your good criminal and all that I told him I already made up my mind and I rather go to prison after a few months after the court and at the short trial I will sentence for one and half years in prison and I member that they when I first felt handcuffs on my hands left on the heavy and cold and they took me to the room right next to the court and I thought other about twenty other prisoners there and they bombed me with the rope with other prisoners on low-income escape and the card stud that goes through the underground tunnel which is very dark and very then our members is looking through that dark the dog whistle me and all of a sudden after I was done with the trial and added to complete chance God was just shouting at us and just cursing at us and just push method of the wall and treated so badly and only timeout in Thailand I have not been treated about what happened with Sharpton and put the knife and went if people don't I started experiencing that I thought to realize and know I'm no longer a citizen of South Korea but I'm prisoner I'm a slave for the next one and half years and I think to be honest with you I left there the fewest topics within my heart and I could not see what's behind that Powell and I never experienced reliable a lot of different stories and on done lot of mission truth and visit a lot of different Britons but I've never actually gone and leads in prison before silk ability about scripting let's waiting the water would be like all cover portions what they do when you are afraid to pray right eye but the praying type of the memorized a lot of and recital of the Bible promises and as I was reciting different Bible Thomas isn't praying my heart that specifically the upwards into my mind denies that it's up to forty three the Bible states that think the Lord that created created the heat up on the OE five here not for I have redeemed the Colby by a guy named out large mine were not pass through the water I would be with the through the reverse these are not over for the window will get through the fire those are not Bieber neither shall the flame kindle upon thee for I am the Lord thy God holy one of I figure if I was that different promises or less than the fears of the Galway and there was a perfect piece of my heart up to the point where I got a little bit excited and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for him and with that joy in my heart and liver excitement I arrived prison of course they distribute off and they give you a prison uniform which was really big for me fact the constant horn of my pants I was fearful of the shoes was really small factor that predicted in the shoes matter that the whole that number on the handholding my parents that the pitcher and after Tom took on our own in orientation the guard came and then took me to the building dollars state everywhere the first time I'm walking through that building enough out of all presenting Karen I was placed in one of the oldest and the worst prison and this prison was actually built by Japanese during World War II and the condition was worse than my worst imagination out on the as I was looking through the building on the board are what size there were all different cells with iron bars and you see all of this hand sticking out and there was a distinct order that almost made me throughout and I could hear people shouting finding out cursing in there looking at me and you know calling all different and the things I was kind of dark damp and I arrived to the self but I was supposed to stand the guard opened up the big Island door as soon as I fill inside the felt I was supposed to think I felt immediately like every single cell in the room my body was just refusing to going there is no active thing to fill for one and half years there were no bats are no better than gnome mattresses are nothing humans to floor before the name on the floor was so small you could barely a laydown in fifth or seven of us in that small room and I just stood there and the first man on the Hardeeville door locked behind me now speaking on my experience in prison the day that arrived in the film it happened that all those inmates are in my cell four film IR rather had a great experience against Christians so when he found out when they found out that I was a Christian and the reason why I came in and they are taking our time and everything I do they've don't mock me Chris me and you didn't heart and just to give you some of few examples of SSI interest my something or somebody came up and they said no a case of the floor for thought I'd try my best to fit the floor if there's like ones there discards that me and no correspondence to mockup me and all that right the defendant to sit on the corner fire but the Lord sits on the corner and then next thing are they men were common then you know Sydney and car segment telling the young general place because that's his spot and I cannot sit there fun spending the middle of the room not knowing what to do and are they make him an Intel only to pick up the uniform and a hand on the wall for the my uniform and and in the long and are they much content and both my uniform the ground and telling me that if I cannot do that on cause of the one time I member I was try to clean up the corner of the room and once again I hear my name somebody coercing me so I look what did I do wrong this time and the unit one thing on your shot though is over my face and its all-knowing eye it gives you an idea how ridiculous they were that night it was Friday the sum of setting and what's what's one nine and the left to the awning loud and everything affected if an flip phone I just live on the floor I realized the lesser on twenty four hours in prison if you know some people kill each other or convince also on being always legal iPhone so I'm a person I cannot go to bed with any life threatening noises by the North division and cortisone with no nothing and on the quarter there were some very old rag old blunted that's when I do know how long it's been there other things that we can use up some of that and called over my face was very smelly and everything dirty trick to get some sleep as I was laying on that room I thought about Jesus Christ and what was it been like for him to leave the richness and glory and comfort of heaven right in with the King of the universe thousands of dollars in Angels worshiping him to come to visit through the dark sinful world and I'm because just in my soon when I thought about that in the cheer start the floor yl I felt the love of God even deeper than before and under the blanket I answered it then God got into so much for all unethical to this this is a privileged and because I'm going to go through this kind of experience once in my life help me to somehow someway share your love to those around me please use Nancy her vehicle and I went to bed the night hoping the next morning think through that little better but I was wrong I was done more than I member one one Dallas to sitting next to one inmates is not reading something and the inmate 's right next to me got the identified with other inmate and he got really mad and what the and then he looked at me Alice sitting right next to them so keep this at the punch might face the right thing he known racist and that he was just about to give his pool my faith and God intervene then I rumored the car calling my name and the car told me that my parents are here to visit my brother so I followed the garden going on and I member telling myself I cannot try from them if it's already hard for my parents but I'm a silicon dies at break down and cry so I was praying Lord hath wanting help me not to cry in front of the desire nor make their life partner it's really hard for them that I'm here film but as soon as I answered to the interview room of course over the colossi so my parents and my brother and greeting me as soon as I filled her face I just booked on the island have I met they had module and like flowers to come visit me I have financed in part by midnight clear that they weren't not even a single where there wasn't what's wrong but so far I just shook my head I just cried and cried and cried because there is somebody that can belong there is somebody that knows a man love and just seeing somebody that cares alumni just completed bookmark an asset to realize no and the preciousness of friends and families and sometimes it's easy for us to pick a format that I define item on a very why measuring this because second principle how can ritual to God in the milliwatts I think it's a very important principle we have to realize that suffering is a prize for committing soft flooring and painting supplies for comment this is Christ I want to explain your Bible to second Timothy second Timothy chapter three verse twelve second Timothy chapter three verse twelve by the faith that's written together yet I an old hardware live godly in Christ Jesus our software persecution right how many whole the fatal some of you were sober enough of our persecution on not most of you what the Bible says all of you in a single road is the unfaithful to shift the Monica I give unto you you know what needs to be suffered you in the long wantonness be going through pain is not suffering and pain is a lot of Christianity you cannot escape from suffering and pain and become a Christian film yelling in the eighties with full minute before becoming a Christian formal intervention but the Bible is very clear that for God we are taking is not usable there were be suffering through the pain therapy trials no why does God allow us sufferings in our Christian experience on suffering serves a definite purpose in the plan of God in him what do you think suffering that is it truly test our faith and I will be regional following just know when everything is going well I know it's your GPAs good thing you're not that good job and a nice car home in a beautiful family and nice friends everything is going well in new praise God and in all appraisal I'd love to become Christian I love to I mean I love being a Christian and new Prescott and sing and needs a lot of good things like what happens when or listen you wake up in your reciprocal that your brother has passed away car accident we apparently or look to regular checkup the doctors of the defendant or listen your sentence with cancer when the suffering and trial and pain comes back the moment there the true test of faith comes in not everybody can praise God and your love protective love and everything is going well but the true question is when and everything is going wrong are you still willing to follow God and love him the thing that's a question is a time to go through all this but join these pages page two hundred twenty four if it's both old delegates that heaven can bestow upon man fallacy but twice in his sufferings is the most lady trusts and the highest order what is the highest order fellow seamen suffering up Christ you know you got one chance to fight the one time to be favored by you if you really think about it in the end of the heavy opportunity when I had one in which the people are going against God and the RT and within in this kind of will to stand before God was shuffling and be faithful to you once in your life in England Angels don't have a condo project the village defendant forgot when the majority is going to God we do have right as the Judeo people from you you have a twenty doesn't force anything but you can choose in this once have to be faithful to God in every circumstance and prerogative to guess what you would never have a second child in this kind of sinful environment with the sinful people on both to be faithful to God and I think it is a great privilege to partake in the suffering for Jesus Christ but when that to the three known after few days things that the change in him on those people were so bitter against Christianity and counting the heart time one by one they slipped off the lot different questions if they don't tell me more about your God but the Bible and intent the Bulls in the room everyone has both the both in the room off me someone one day visit to new which was your favorite chapter from the Bible this would be a great opportunity for I pray that I opened up to Psalm ninety one methods with some ninety one and then after I finished the chapter the most that I don't like that can not on the delivery that some of the one five one chapter and read as bachelor better maybe to try on my thyroid on the job and that he really liked it and they said no every morning what to do with us one chapter a day I said oh I love to do it and to cut this short don't want my one piece of thoughtful question on one image into music it got remixes them and why would he allow me to come this far I just killed my friend and I'm convicted of the murder how if God really exists while the London and all cousin questions it's a thought one day of both the Bush came to me and the Yasmin is that you are a Christian what denomination are you I'm a seventh advocate as soon as I said on the thirty seventh office conference just changed if anything and even that these corner is a delight something that after an hour he came back to me even if they award is just the without letter to me with a rated five in the third heaven and as I was reading the cures that come to my eyes as well he was saying is that year-long pilot twenty five years of them I was in the military but through my training that's what the Bulls would think and he was radio young men twenties and he said he will learn that twenty five years ago when he was going through the training there was another young man in the Army almost being beaten to death because even want to work on Saturday and it happened that I was the Seventh-day Adventist young man and then he said in that letter but don't make him opinion witness to me and I refused the lithographic that he will say and then I let anything off to twenty five years old now and just leaving my life in my pleasure I ended up in prison and one day if they got big Island though or other young man walks into myself and he said as soon as you walked in I said in my heart done most of the Christian and then he said I was in the supplies if that was the Seventh-day Adventist and when he asked refund all thousand seven thousand she was dumbfounded and that is what is the newsletter maybe God is giving me seconds maybe asking me another chance in this print don't understand many different stories but up from one times six optical bullets out of place in them workstation and present no they place you into the from workstation and network fall box of a horse and get paid really low I was getting pain around ten dollars a month off of his boots off reliever but I was placed as a war of the caretaker in the building so I knew immediately that I have to face the fact that issue phone the very same day I was assigned this caretaker I went up to the problem no personnel in charge of the whole caretakers in the present balance on the inmate laughing I'm a civil damages and I know as a caretaker got to do with the cleaning up the building and all done on Sunday as if they were to have intelligence and I cannot do regular work on some and then this inmate with reference out of our building the MFA what's her name I found someone that someone I think you are seriously mistaken what they need to use them realize where you are right is that this is prison young on occasion or you are not on the got not a new house where the needle pick and choose what you want to or not doing you are increased you are presented on the furiously simply to do what every article to the two other want to get help if you haven't noticed any longer to go back and do your work five look I do understand that I'm a prisoner and I don't design and present this is very Fisher environment but that doesn't mean that I all of a sudden I cannot break off so as a Christian I cannot work on Saturday and I'm breaking being curious and angry as if not I don't want to hear up this balance so that you have no choice but work on Sunday of the next phase while astral you quickly how is found in truth George Shaw 's up to twenty four verse fifteen I'm sure you know this by heart fun discovery I finished Georgia typically for script and then is sin if it seems even want to you to serve the Lord choose you this day whom you will start right by the Goths which her father started our own dog without the floor all but as for me and my house we were third the Lord the next lesser with you if you have always remember that the megawatts of comes and you are in have a choice you are a more Asian beef with the free don't know whether we are one with who you are with you always have a choice I always hear people saying I have no choice but to this in the devil made me to do this and all the kind of things like but many times when I hear this the reason why people say that is because they are not willing to pay the price and because of that they said I had no choice but it's like I'm the toys on my own boyfriend to call me his outbreak of this item slip within the had no choice what you have a choice with the toys there comes a price baptized is breaking up with boyfriend some people say if I will consolidate and if I don't will consolidate them was that I feed my family is visually design economy right if I quit my job because of the Taliban was not the killed my thinner my children slide looks like to welcome the Sabbath day will you do have a choice but with that choice comes with no when that's my story well told I much with type two called the person ahead caretaker indigents labor formed way back to come and look even though I'm a prisoner human dominance suspicious of the things like prison I want to try to have a choice in the middle what happened to me I'm not cannot work this Saturday and violet cost principles help but thinking that he was just curious is that I'm going to go to the office is white now and then a reporter and this is what can happen if I were fortunate to the card he received the punishment under the something to isolate the community locked up and isolate fell and you lose all your privileges they've developed my privilege as far as Hawaii and Tokyo as an goodwill is like to be able to let your friends comment is due being able to know which is certain things in a prison all everything would be taken away more than anything it's that you lose the fortune to get up three months or year from disparate when I hire that I thought what this just things that I can get out three months earlier from this prison if they are selected if you are on auto behavior are you can get all three month arguments or sentence when I heard that everything that I've gone through so far kept my mind now all this in myth and hard times and efficient the film am yet politically led by its modular with a toilet you open the door get into the holiday youths out the door and you can barely down with there's no sitting polio I think there's a hold on the net to sit down and you think that's the back that's what you think of the businesslike and to take shower that's great that shower there's the false that there so with all this number comes in so you want the fourth and no hot water I have been vital in the winter when I pick showering I don't I think with most of the image do not take show in winter but I'm a perfect knuckle development that took a shower so I going rafting with my cell phone at five minutes of its own you can do this you can do this so opened the fourth that in the icy cold water and put in the bucket by your barely talk to all the walls then you put in over your head and the humidity that wealthier by the whole budget shakes as a focal no nothing comes out of your body never thought and know the food when I'm a vegan and is hardly nothing except the rise in student writing and it wouldn't change in everything I have see foot and there's hardly acting in and all distant things that came to my mind to leave here for another three months if I can get out we must if I could get all the one they are you I could do anything but the applicant a lot almost under the ninety days maybe you know what I've done enough probably got it on this by listing the lot and if there was no way and after or this is a spacer society I made by the local daughter that it was not working on their way of looking that come to mama and are looking with huge thing I was in love with a lady and I was riding airline and every week I was writing I and if I get punished by no Anglican Eisenstein hour of start stop whining why should I think what happened at all the kind of question in my ten assorted hard for them to be able to come only like four times a month and visit me and if it's in the comment is made even worse for them all things to come and I was confused I didn't want to do at the prey for the recent the next and flowers surely you how can we be true to run them and what happens out we have to recognize that here is the reason why lethal often called it's the fear why we so often compromise and give into Satan and all other one I don't want it this webinar I have to visit the casino I'm afraid I'm not offended but we are afraid of all what the confidence maybe all I cannot get my someone solid because to my family you're afraid of the consequences the reason why so many times we compromised then you know deviate from God 's principle is because we are scared that the confidence of what happened now it's too open to buy the team published the twenty eighth province of the twenty eight on-site progress of the six no five powers of twenty to August the twenty eighth the very first words at three published at the twenty first one the wicked flee when no man pursue it but the righteous are what old as a life the righteous are bold as a lion as a Christian is one thing I've learned and that experience we should never ever weigh the consequences in following God 's principles on them as Christians we should never think of no consequences in following the principle in a reserved occupation that's funded subdivide like a true Christian prison but would not stop the way consequences it does not offer what will people think of me if I could be or how we laid off that my war the possibility find it up with the most intense longing that you don't got desire to know what God would have them do that there works me glorify the Chris do not stop with the public and following Oslo that's the common mystical we make the always think of when the cost of what happened to me and because he is gearing up those consequences the compromise three place left in my heart filled I met with prayer and I faith the head configure once again and I refused to think on all the things that could happen I decided you want on with the Bengals so the thing is that's not my problem that's the problem my problem is to find out what gospel is simply carrying out the window where I am and then leaving the rest in cost it seems to figure out what to do with the consequences and solar times a week talk to Fiat the consequences and in so doing we compromised film I called the head caretaker that the weather what happens even that's what happened to me I want to know about I'm not going to work on the Sunday elk with you with angry curious if it meant you are sold this was the contract to have you here in a film on the rebel right now have report you OPEC your stuff in your percent I flip the phone event and hope for the author thinking back is how your pet that's unpacked my a look at man said you have to go but the mathematical instead while I'm a hectic agreement I get started this off if I can keep my foundational team and our work instantly when I heard that I knew was miracle SimpleNet of the casino there was no reason for that person to offer that she didn't know me and he was few roof that I was dissolving him and yet industrial hi Matthew was going to the office is not some alternative powerful put full dental plan and I've learned the lesson when you send the forgone when the owner thought he would offer you an member I work so hard they are not doing them with baseline in the Sundays out if I mopped the floor like I would just lay on the floor this is my head even now does not desire to find things to do and clean and do my duty forth about Pentagon and I was also thankful to do that get a grip I look so hard day and night and also Newt Gingrich a funny thing I have never some prison what you thought like you know that our building to more quickly after the link up with Linda in turn the office of sorts all happy to this pet caretaker was taking very good care of this building and in return I can figure was really happy about me and that he kept me as they know everything was imprisoned to switch everybody around because they do want us to stay to long with one other soldier prisons get switched on to develop vision and with much but I really like you and most likely if you look to other workstations and not allow you to what not to develop a film if you are mine I love off the officers antenna off the permission from them so wherever I go I can pick you that I have any greater value unless he wants officer once again about one thousand and he got the permission so when we always switched on we stick together I was able to get the silent laughter would rewrite this new workstation together at the twigs officer can communicate no someone can't have a thing is that you are moving to barbershop your God Barbara Pleasant no others must be mistake and everything but the note that's the order you're going to go Barbara thoughtful that I never caught and was heavy for him I noticed that I'm happy here my thought am not the one resemblance to part with no I knew there got to get wizened like I was placing me and thought it looked station when all the company 's rapid resort I knew there have to be risen and thought simply follow costly so when I arrived in barbershop I explained that I don't know why people may have I'm no expense or the rest of them come out they had some expense and there was proficient why were there and everything behind us with no experience that the what went well enough though just after stopping across an article not handle experiment network anyone have been funded so I just follow them fifteen hundred prisoners in the prison willing to file swappers with cognitive or morning we looked at different building cut hair on my first customer constant absence would be again gangster with couples and everything in the system right from the diet he expected that this is my first something here I never copied for you to find and I want to stay in the wrong top island left I on the back I want that the electrical telegraph to my best that theaters you look at the manuscript just burst into laughter anything you want to shave it so to say this and you can imagine hacking up most of the pour back into me that they shaved their heads that was shaving one in that after another I was thinking why am I here what what am I doing here shaving all the report I have been done of the reason I and I evening of course all the workers oddly together so I had to move my room to and move into this barbarous room door finalist as such to find out in the evening that the realists were martyrs and the other young men with him and me committed robbery for a nine times all I have had enough presence and I knew the cost that may have arisen because the three short because when women are punk as I was constantly suitable way to this visit was to young men if any of any food out in my foot if any of any court having my clothing and are off Macbeth gets the money to the continent and all that something and eventually nearly stuck open of his heart that enough how can I be saved and his fate in life that got come too far I pulled the devil and he can have my soul if he can make me rich actual outcome before and I took on the system is unnecessary it's that sick people than is the government of the people in the is not the watch of people that just came to say it's the same soon as I can I just came to think of it so short he is looking at learning a lot of different things about God it is up to get baptized and in the prison I never forget how are the working cover four F by definition very quickly and I will never forget the night because after a few months they moved me by the workstation to become a nurse about that night when I was living away from none barbershop I've never forget when I was packing my stuff young men on the coast the room was just staring at me if anyone was looking all time I was just acting when I finished packing heat and to me quite clear he said something that he held my hand to convince anyone has to just cry and cry hi and the filing of any commandant has said you have gone through a lot in the spring probably the worst time of my life when I want to know just one thing before you leave us all you want there was nothing they said if it was a storm in one person I feel like God has sent you just for me just to save me all you have gone through all your difficulties it was for me and they figure no one from now on I want to live a life that is private and that is not ashamed before God and I want to follow God all the way and never forget that day there so many stories as I said after that I became a nurse and when I become a nice once again at the sister of an issue about a way when I was in my barber I said to find out in the wickedly toward fill in at the fittest college but when I become a notify know what the game at the fifth of the beige I have no problem in taking care of sick people no emergency situations on update to relieve the pain of others I know that's a complete harmony with the Sabbath spirit will when it comes to the regular office work I knew I couldn't do and I was told that authority particularly a dog and be sure to do all the office work on Sunday five once again face the salvation of this time it was nothing in the act of faith officers themselves we were working the department where there were five prisoners this and get to work with and different officers timer facing the officers this officer particularly was in the military for three years and he would spin in that department for twenty five years and with all kind of acting the head of the department in the full scary person I am under him off me the first thing I do with what my flowers stay seven days a week whenever we need you at the time that I moved to the as long as I than to the office work on Sunday after a second IC so what does you stay in the office begins on the fifth no one there is to go against his officer in the government what did you just say I think I cannot will consolidate if it's a regular office works are in a safe value on your mind and that he answered arts under that I'm than the Austral most are you willing to work on Sunday and I pray I was kind of scared about the appraisal by the time I learned over and over again I've learned whenever you want to talk on Wednesday so it's mod it's not my job to think about the consequences right thigh simply made the plan I cannot walk in the sun in the middle of the confidence and maybe I was seven I was expecting them loud enough floor I know him cursing me or anything that alters or changes added instead he turned to his topic is that you know what I admire you want to miss it I'll deny your courage and what Justin for now we need more young people like you know who is able to send them for what they believe is the right thing and assault many people I like to move in on pages which Washington know what about a dependent of the island the minor but thinking this way is it wrong to help others on Sunday said no zero two good things for others on Sunday no wonder consider this way if you can't work it off to the office work on Sunday you are relieving us from us doing the work so you are out to the north of the him not getting paid anyway I think Kanye which are sub through the day he went on and on and on thought stopping because it is so easy for us to and with good reason for doing the wrong thing at the stuff in my sister I want you to know the reason why I'm sending life from you right now is because God 's principles cannot be compromised if I were to compromise spotlight now all I have gone through has no meaning in fact I believe that have to be standing right here is gossip crystal can compromise the reason why I'm here in this prison is because I cannot compromise I want to know that I'm not working the Sunday and once again gone that then and what the miracle is a flip that means that you know what or copying for the other prisoners this but when I went to the other prisoners as I found out they were all jealous witnesses came in with the exact same reason conscientious objectors and when I was explanatory seven fifty nine one no office I can do office work on Saturday fully when I finish my sentence they stop missing if there's anyone I can listen to its move to all your work on Sunday you keep your Sabbath in return can you work one hour buyer someone thought it one Sunday when we have our own worship perfectly good of a deal film that's how powerful the seventies you could anyways there was either was one got placed me there other than the missing list your left when this is either to have noticed vertically and at the head nurse you can go any building in prison I had that Van and eye-catching open of my own self outlook on myself him walk through the building I find that and I got to meet fulminant and MSN initial one-story divine one dammit this inmate he called me to think I was given on Israel's shot through on this inmate whether diving and if and how much a man somewhere in nuclear weapons cannot explain this video on how to find out how to find out more about your gone through many of their adjoining the thing that I flipped out it is some bookmark phone this morning I brought these are measured here's a book they can within the Obama and then the following morning I came back and then I saw him in the table writing something for Outlook that he went to fill me with the minor faith came to me with his notebook in the book I gave it come in this book that you can it's on the I never read this comic book in my entire life as a you know what I'm writing every single words on so I would never forget this one that's what you can keep up with it I consider the night to get the point that if you finish your other one film says thank you him filled dots are first begun one day he wrote me a letter improvement now I cannot talk to long to get out before the Illinois filled me do it right the cumulative effect with minimal Doctor cell phone when I limit my thigh was waiting in that letter this implies that you know what I'm all my life have living for my pleasure is that if somehow I concur my clock and go back to my youth if that's a possibility I would not leave the lifetime of the highway she was alike that you are going right now but I realize I will have few years I'm not the biggest prison and his wife Faith before two yes I have left this out once I want to follow the path that you are going and sort and no there is only different stories but no one if there's one thing I've learned is not experienced it so when you send the forgot refused to become the consequences of minority at times you would go through suffering it looked to pain you go through lawlessness and many different experiences but at the end when you look back you received that through all the experiences that God has truly blessed you that you and not just any other way and I pray that it's one of us make that choice and equipment and every day that we make that commitment to Christ and the favorite to win whether it happens to us that is their heavenly father and I think you so much for once again this freedom where we can come in which is really a predator for the US of our compromises and persons with Mrs. to help us and strengthen us our will and helpless exercise of the will that management must help us to follow you all the way and this one chance that we have in this life and bless us and by this name just and


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