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Finding the Book of the Law

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • July 6, 2012
    7:30 PM
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well you see Zell file Army programs are wonderful pages than having all these people come together just because of the simplicity of the power of the word and my dad attended feedback your name when the PC and understand your again to be able to open the word of God if you'll permit me off a something exciting is happening in amazing faxes than trying to do something to reach every generation and a few years ago we did a program for the kids called amazing adventure and I think more adults that baptize from Napa like his sister and I keep it simple and the adults so I get enough of but even with here all the kids come up with such a thrill for us in a couple of years ago we broadcast the series from the Cedar Lakes Academy Michigan and what I think with the name of the Academy where I was great lengths sorry no longer get net in Michigan that's true for teenagers and we did pray for the opportunity to do something especially for the college age group because you know statistically and it is finished the study of Horner research on this that as many as seventy percent of young people in that age group from seventeen to twenty two drift from their faith at least temporarily some return and so we are going to Southern University and will be up linking from October ten to thirteen a program called the ultimate purpose and really be talking but what is the ultimate purpose of life so please pray for that it will be on through the end of the broadcast all the universities online anyone can watch it but that we hope you just pray for that because I'm above my skill set like college students as we pray in the Holy Spirit will reach out to the know what I was talking earlier about how I love the word and crisis really in all of the teachings of the Bible but you know it's possible for us to grow up in the church and to be surrounded with Bibles and be surrounded with Christian clichés and religious ceremony and all the fanfare and still really know nothing about the Bible sometimes we can confuse only one for really knowing the Bible and for knowing Jesus the Bible tells the book of Amos chapter eight days are coming the Lord says will not be a famine not a famine for bread or thirst for water but of hearing the words of the Lord and people will wander from north to south and east to west searching for the word of God is not the find and I've often wondered if the reason that prophecy is so amazing is because he's not talking about a famine for the word of God in some pagan country is always a famine for the word of God and the pagan lands it's talking about a family for the word of God among God 's people and that's a frightening thought that you could actually have a people we need another we've got the Bible on computers I got over half a dozen viable programs on my computer at Bible on my phone got on my iPad and all the other contraptions and Bibles and Bibles on the shelf is vital on the Internet will read to you for free language is surrounded with the opportunity for biblical truth sometimes absence makes the heart grow fun sometimes familiarity breeds contempt it was you will die for little sections of the Bible there were handwritten in the recent airlines to obtain a portion of the gospel of John a few words from God and our actually frowned the median the possibility of hearing the word of God and is an indifference that the first time it's happened I wanted to direct you to a place in the Bible please go to the book of Chronicles sorry second Chronicles chapter thirty four story in the middle of God 's word that the striker second Chronicles thirty four all start with the first verse of the same word of prayer loving father we just pray right now that you spirit will come into this place you promise that if we seek will find and if we search for you with all of our hearts that will realize you didn't come into our presence or right now were gathered in this place especially because we're seeking a few we want to know you your word better and we ask you would move any distraction please be with me forgive my sins and I pray also that way it'll be your voice that we hear the word come alive for us more and we pray this in Jesus name and the last great King and the Old Testament was King Josiah was really strange just a really bad father Manasseh while the worst-case which tells you that you can even have good kids come from that family and some very good kings like Hezekiah had bad kids like Manasseh him desire was eight years old when he became king and he reigned thirty one years in Jerusalem and he did what was right in the sight of the Lord and he walked in the ways of his father David he did not turn aside to the right-hander to the left straight on twenty eight year of his reign while he was still young out the begins to rain when these eight years old heat your brain how old is he teenagers sixteen years old got a heart for God I don't believe this idea that the value should just anticipate the kids need to rebel whether teenagers and I think that they can be the greatest workers for God Marinetti he began to seek the God of his father and of the twelve years he began to purge Judah and Jerusalem when you notice things are happening quickly it's going a years and then each year of his reign and in the twelfth year against the Persians acting now on his convictions using an always young before I a lot of advisers but now developing a little more of my own authority and I want to do something I wanted to be knowing what the truth is I wanted to do something to have an influence for good and he actually exerted his authority began to purge Judah and Jerusalem of the high places false places of religion anyone in images and the carved images and the molded images he began to eliminate idolatry is at least he knew the ten Commandments and they broke down the altars of the veils in his presence any incense altars which were above him he cut down on the wooden images and the carved images in the moment images and notice that he begins to affect revival he starts to act upon what he knows and even fulfill the prophecy burning the bones of the fall of false priests on their altars to basically those altars they want to use them anymore and jumped out of her same in the eighteenth year of his reign when he occurs land and the Temple got to root of all idols never his father Manasseh set up idols in the temple of the Lord hard to believe when the Kurds landing in the Temple he sends Jason Sunna as a liar my say on the governor of the city Angela subject has the reporter to repair the house of the Lord house born during the fifty five years of the reign of Manasseh I just fallen apart it had been neglected and he said look we need to restore the house of God to hear you seen the makings of a great revival the missing something is acting on what he notes and they came to hillock I have a high priest and they delivered the money that was brought into the house the Lord that the Levites who kept the doors are gathered from the hand of an asset from them and from the remnant of Israel ten of the tribes in the north and been carried away but some other amendment remainders now worshiping in Jerusalem from all of Judah and Benjamin which then brought back to Jerusalem and they put it in the hand of the workmen and he began to work in to rebuild and repair the house of the Lord as it had broken down and it says in verse twelve and the man did the work faithfully and covers fourteen to the purging the House of Lords are doing construction the renovating the really getting back into the dark corners of the Temple and keep my metabolism this intriguing and Moses Temple of the Temple of Solomon at the Temple of Nehemiah and Ezra was refurbished by King Herod 's three main temples you find in the Bible honors the most glorious was the Temple of Solomon he was the most majestic will the World Bank the billion dollars of gold in the attempt this is the temple that had been neglected and it was massive sprawling and there were core doors and cubbyholes in the involves for the money and the treasures and so the really get in there cleaning it out in the process of doing this it says in verse fourteen when they brought out the money that was brought into the house the Lord and had a treasury in a safe in the back of the plate in the temple of the Lord were to kit the treasures we start to clean it out to get all the money to invest in restoring it lo and behold the kind of priest 's digging around back there is dust probably swirling up everywhere and he's passing things out maybe we can turn this into some money and then fix up the Temple work is what sets it becomes backing out of the false and discussed goal but it's an old old school says Al Qaeda priests found the book of the law of the Lord given by Moses now I don't know about you but I can't read that and wonder to myself found in order for something to be found it must first be one immediately got attempted in the kingdom they are God 's people forgotten God 's temple and somehow they missed placed there by the deal understand the gravity of the United says to us today that you can have an international movement and you can all organization and get all the structure and you have all the ceremony and you can have the history and you can have the buildings in the institutions and the hospitals in the education and displaceable him to do I been around for hundreds and hundreds of years longer than our church and the high priest comes backing out of this false honey on roles this book and all the dust flies off of it and he's found the original copy probably of Deuteronomy written by the hand of Moses but not when you felt like they found the regional Internet misplaced original copy they misplaced that whole section because they want guess what we thought we been just passing some of it on orally all these years as we misplaced the original we didn't really know what it said we had actually read the writing that Moses had written they lost track of it I can understand how that would happen if you read the history of the kings and kings and then bad things and they had granted that good bad good bad and you know their history they just started getting really off-track and losing their heritage these are the people of God the reason exists it is time to let them out of Egypt through the wilderness to Mount Sinai delivered his word to them everything they had was built around the word of God think about it when you are up in station you look at Planters of your pics of country and say what country would you call the holy land most of us would probably say Israel and then you say are right in Israel what would be the holy city obviously Jerusalem but the accurate biblically and a few the same in Jerusalem where is the holy mount it's a mount Mariah what was on the holy mountain holy Temple in the holy Temple got a couple of holy places the holy place in the holy of holies what links the holy holy holy the Golden box inside what's inside the Golden box couple rocks what makes those watching the word of God was inscribed and out inside the arc he had the ten Commandments outside the art used to have the company but they misplaced it and you can understand when you got hostile teams putting idols in the Temple some priests probably the same reason the art is missing today some preset you know what to keep this from being lost with it a high book of Moses back here in this corner we won't destroy finally I found it again they found the book along written by Moses and Hill Cayenne answered and said that she can describe I found the book of the law in the house of the Lord is a good idea to come to church sometimes you hear the word of God in the house of the Lord is a good place for any man hopefully you're still hearing the word of God opened in the house of the Lord and you can discover the book of the Lord in the house of the Lord so they carry the book to the King brain imaging word and firstly have a preamble all that has been committed your servants they are doing that during the renovation and they gathered the money on the verse seventeen second Chronicles thirty four seventeen and a gathered the money that was found in the house Lauren delivered in hand the overseers and shaven the scribe told the king saying Al Qaeda priest is given me the book in any Taliban in the book uses the book might once I should even read it before the king and it happened that when the king heard the words of the law he tore his clothes the mother tells me he hadn't heard it before is not right is a is a safe meeting of attacks going on this is akin to love the Lord me following all he knows that there is a whole lot that a no loss he was just trying to be godly based on the oral traditions and a few things that maybe manuscripts that they had some of the writings of the prophets but the foundational teachings the writings of Moses is at least lost a big portion I think you read Deuteronomy because well because of the King 's response city towards closing the king commanded Al Qaeda hike in the center season have been in the side of Mica she can describe an SEI servant of the king saying go inquire of the Lord for me as for those who are left in Israel and Judah concerning the words of the book that is found for great is the wrath of the Lord that is poured out on us because our fathers have not kept the word of the Lord according to all that is written in this book I think it had Deuteronomy when he got done with Deuteronomy twenty eight the blessings in the Cushing's God outlines Moses outlined perfectly what was in happen to Israel if they forsake the Lord Stephen mine Josiah witnessed ten of the tribes being carried off to Syria Israel is a nation had been decimated making us and while everything Moses said happen etc. really be carried off by their adversaries if the force of the Lord is thinking were next because we have to I know what my father did sink in the NASA still it just strikes me that here you could have God 's people called by his name him a mission life history Temple ceremony and for them the misplaced the Bible I can still happen in one of the things that really struck me when I joined the Adventist church is I knew what happiness believe better than most at this before I ever came to and administer and it wasn't because I was a great scholar I'm still not my read the Bible and then I read great controversy and desire of ages Daniel and Revelation and as Stephen Haskell 's books as I continue the foundational teachings of what the evidence believe and when I came to the first few administrations I visited one of the study with people I was so I'm looking for the right word this happens more and more justify that's a good word I was mystified I was flummoxed I've been wanting to use that word flummoxed I read that once in Reader's Digest and waiting for a chance to use it but here are these people who are members of this church and they had no idea what they believe I simply had no idea they tried a new routine was what the culture was but when I start asking about some of the specifics about the foundation and the message in the three Angels messages additionally the children it is when I was thirty years ago I'm not sure it's a better pastor a Methodist pastor and I kind of know what's going on out there travel all over the country in the world and a lot of Seventh-day Adventist members are sort of living on the crumbs egg in all some are from what to get it once a week in church very thin devotional life and if the truth be known the average Seventh-day Adventist Christian the average Christian across the country spends a whole lot more time having their values defined by the media and by the word of God and if we read a little devotional book that begins with one Scripture and then kind of expounds a little bit we sat at my worship one verse maybe a day or two we can live on that if you were to translate into that into food we all starve to death the house specially for going to be people in the last days were going to defend our faith when Jesus said Juergen to be brought before kings and rulers to give a testimony of what the gospel is we need to be really digging into the word of God to be able to do that man doesn't live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth about the Bible says that the word is like for our soul Jeremiah fifteen sixteen your words were found in I hate them and your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart front called by your name O Lord God of hosts Job twenty three verse twelve I thought departed from the commandment of his lips notice I've treasured the words of his mouth more than my necessary food and of course Jesus says in Matthew four says man will not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God we need to learn to eat ourselves every member you can trust us the pastors to do it you need to know what you believe in your pastor is to be made in the past is not getting mixed up on some of them get mixed up we all know that I see you personally need to have your own Bibles in your letter and let the other thing is I just noticed more and more people don't even bring their Bibles the church is why I got the Bible on my phone the screen is that they and I suppose I will try to give you a hard time I know about you but somehow just be doing on studying and violating it how we study my Bible reveal my computer but my screens that way you knew your notes and stuff I think when you bring a viable church and is one reason I say that quite honestly on bias when people sit there with their phones and El Paso and study my love your texting people half his life you don't lazily opt out my Bible on here where I tell you you know I see some of these kids text including my own and to me it's amazing I still type with two fingers honestly and my kids can type on a keyboard that they with two fingers is like lightning LCM of you like this also evening citizens on the mysticism of disinterested Gettysburg address this is something we need to nor my boyfriends so a desire heard this he said you know what this is really touched my heart I can keep it to myself we need to bring the nation together and he called the national assembly and you go to verse twenty nine then the king sent and gathered all the elders of Judah and Jerusalem and the king went up to the house of Lord with all the men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem and the priests and the Levites and all you will notice like this leaders not following all the priests all the Levites and all the people great and small even if it were just in a revisited pastors priests and he ran and very hearing all the words of the book of the covenant they didn't found in the house of the Lord you know you can read the whole book of Deuteronomy in a couple of hours and he stood there and they basically the book of Deuteronomy is the closing sermon of Moses before he dies and the king reaches for the whole nation they got as many as could squeeze into the courtyard of the Lord and he read the word of God in your hearing it doesn't say he preached it doesn't say he expounded here sometimes I thought to myself if I haven't prepared well for a message released to get up and read the Bible to the people then go get something as a precedent for that and the king stood in his place notice that the king stood in his place and he made a covenant before the Lord to follow the Lord keep his commandments and his testimonies and his statutes with all of his harder with all the soul to perform the words of the covenant they were written in the book the Kingston he took a stand young King and he made all who were present in Jerusalem and Benjamin take their stand for it so it's one thing to read the word of the Lord and it's another thing to make make the people take a stand it says the king made a covenant before the Lord to not only read the Bible is viewed as the reader of the working artist is a revelation blessed are those who read and hear and keep the things that are written their landings they were all get together by blogging order to read the Bible is another thing to say where to make a covenant and keep the things agreed at the believe in God we've got this theory watered-down idea what belief in God is when Daniel went to the lines then God sent an angel of shut the lions mouth the Bible says when the king came at his dinner was delivered because he believed in God Mohammed Daniel believe in God he was willing to go to the lions then rather than denying his time with God to do something about wanting only the Bible tells us whosoever believes in him might not perish but have everlasting life belief belief means to be live it needs to do and what you saying you give credence to give you believe the word of God selling I believe I believe it Jesus told a parable one time man had two sons the boys are needed to work in the field today in a person 's anomaly that I believe it but he never went the other was that I want to go I had other plans but he repented anyway in Christman says which is to do the will of their father in heaven which one really believe the one who said Lord Lord one who did the will of his father and so the king said let's make a covenant now to keep the word of God soul train as we read the Bible and as we have a revival in our devotions here that will always keep in mind that a revival really happens when there's reform and you do what you're reading and praying about you notice one of the reasons is Joseph I was a man after his David's heart he followed his father David and follow the Lord with all his heart and he notices not to sing I think that's true he's doing something he's burning the idols that were in the kingdom this Jesus reigns supreme in your mind or in your heart you have items that need to get taken down by their high places still to the devil in your kingdom and of the Bible tells us that the essential might have dominion over you who reigns in your my diseases rang busy and control have you signed your life to him Josiah said were to do something about not only did he think he alters out of the temple of God even burn them he was pretty radical he was pretty drastic and wanting to get rid of the things that were not according to the word of God and after they took their stand here for just the second note twice and said here and it made me think of something talked about the king took his place he stood in his place and then he asked the people to take a stand someone is probably Artie said that the Bible army camp you'd think Ephesians chapter sixty four but the Army department Yarbrough God I go there for just the second Ephesians chapter six verse ten finally my brethren now Paul here is summarizing everything you said in the previous five chapters finally my brethren be strong in the Lord and the power of his might what you need power we need Mike if you're to be a soldier at the desk you need might visit a soldier fighting on the field that needs my really needed my justify the good fight of faith finally strong in the Lord power this might put on the whole armor of God then he might run from the enemy with all the armor on it might center on the armor of God on the run of the cited trouble put on the armor in the something else you need to do with the armor stand take your survey in the faith that you might stand against the wiles of the devil for we don't wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this age against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places therefore he says it again take up whole armor of God that you might be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all the standard standard three times standing therefore having girded your waist with truth and having before he even gets into the specifics of the armor what's the emphasis Stan Stan Stan note just tonight and I don't know if I'll probably misses out on observation came to me I was listening to some of the different testimonies in a amazing facts I've been found amazing facts amazing facts was founded by three great ministers one of whom is still alive domain serial Miller who still live in jokers that a woman in Texas together in the Alamo was in Texas Palestinian national I remember hearing a story one time about the president Kennedy went to go to the Alamo on Fourth of July or something and after reading all the people and doing the press up he said to his attendant he said is her backdoor we get out here and visit Mister President if there was a backdoor one B the Alamo solo serial number and Jo Cruz and domain started amazing facts and Jo Cruz in particular had credible curves to take some theory unpopular stance at amazing facts that had some rough years in the early years because they took some new positions that were pretty I thought property biblical and you never read about creeping compromise or enemy at the gate are reaping the whirlwind those books me to have a big impact Jo Cruz was a brief raid phrased preacher he said things that the world popular but you know when you're hurting you thought he's right he can understand well you know I was just listening someone mentioned David Asher who went to Black Hills evangelistic program with losing Carol Torres that work with Jo Cruz in the nation Steve Walberg who was an amazing facts evangelist and I and amazing effects of endless John Bradshaw with it is written was an amazing facts of endless amount how many people here been affected by one of those ministries that you can point all back to man who took a stand the current one-man pieces this is the truth and sixty four has a long impact as I just wanted I just wanted to say that even though I know in some circles his name is still not popular I am so proud of Joe crews and what he did what he stood for and I still listen to tapes and read his books and say amen because he said this is our message if you really have anything new or unique he just took what the admin is used to believe God willing in two days I hope it doesn't get down to us you surprised that this is the price of the other bag but there's an Adventist evangelist any of you ever hear Byron Spears I call on the walking Bible if you ever heard of the endless Byron Spears preach we invited into Central I think he was like ninety years old he came and preached holy one is you so he couldn't walk so we sat down in a chair the deacons brought the chair up in the set up on the platform and this ninety -year-old man preach for over an hour without ever touching the Bible must've given seventy five hundred scriptures from memory and you know you don't talk about how major hurdle virus free body turns a hundred in a few days and I'm going out for his birthday party because I know I am so busy I told Ken I said I want to go one honor a man that loves the word of God that much and he invited me so I want to go to surprise coming he doesn't also don't say anything those of you who are watching this dream right now don't say anything but you know I was so impressed because you don't hear that kind of evangelism anymore Karen and I went one elder Spears evangelistic meetings in the seventies and he walked back and forth with the cane night after night most than thirty meetings you know those evangelist used to go for months but he did thirty meetings in his seventies most than seventy five seventy six walking back and forth with two canes never touched the Bible night after night seventy five hundred scriptures along one verbatim from memory King James as you came up to you why would you Mister he lets you know about this in the right to believe in such a phenomenal memory since I really have a very good memory I'll forget your name next time I see him to send it to guess he says the Lord just helps me remember his word in our claim that promise for Jesus and these words that I speak the Holy Spirit will bring them to your remembrance and have never experienced that before I think that's a promise you can play both I think we need to return to the writ the roots of our message that is a five no basis for a home-based message know what Josiah do then after they took their stand you read the next chapter chapter thirty five is now a society at the Passover to the Lord in Jerusalem I haven't been doing recently reading the Bible we haven't done this if I were to do it regularly Moses said he had the frequent sorties how come we haven't been doing I can imagine that the people of God kingdom of God God will pass over for years I finally to keep the Passover again and he remembers thinking there had been out in the second Chronicles thirty five verse eighteen there had been no Passover kept in Israel like that since the days of Samuel keep in mind sandal was before anything just sires the last good king through all those years is hundreds of years they just been neglecting the word of God and an old saying Oakland shows that they lost sight of and yes you and the Temple that the kingdom and a bash and since we are the chosen people of God they lost a vital and neglecting the Passover in their whole existence was about being delivered from Egypt in the Passover lamb it's like Christians forgetting the Lords supper I thought it was like exercising it's as if you're in the Bible were to an award for atmosphere and he blessed the people request the kingdom he protected them during the time of his science and friends I think we need to have a reliable in our personal devotions in our Bible reading the Bible is the armor the word of God is the sword and we need to know how to use it Hebrews four verse twelve for the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword he went to the division of the soul and the spirit in the joints and tomorrow is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart you struggle with sin and temptation your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you follow me this is the way I did I reason this in my mind you can get to heaven if you don't love Jesus you might know all kinds of Scripture but if you don't love Jesus you might pray long prayers that if you love Jesus you may have gone to church you may have great-grandparents in the four five generations in the church there's no value in that heritage if you don't love Jesus you don't get credit for that you can't love somebody you don't know and in order for you to know the Lord we need to spend time with him and that doesn't mean a fleeting moment but one of the most common concerns I hear women in marriage counseling and for my wife is not quality time is wanting to sell only been together only that you haven't been driven into my monarch and you know and I wonder if the Lord feels that way too sometimes I was in church has the day and then we never talk it's possible for us to go through all the mechanics robotically and never realize I'm not really spending time with the little you can't love someone you don't know the way that you get to know anybody is you communicate you talk to them they talk to you in addition I know one time I was typing Karen from some foreign country and I can see her picture on the screen by God no audio and so I'm just having one because it will help you hearing me response is a lie I am talking then nor typing entertainment I still saw looked like she was on the no response and it just wasn't the same without any kind of feedback and he ever talk to someone and you don't get a response on I talked to my teenage boys in Helsinki I fully know we do flowers on front and allow you take the trash out as a few crumbs or something acknowledge that you are hurting me the auto talking about so you want to two-way communication we talk to the Lord through prayer he principally speaks to us through his Word speaks to us to province he speaks to us through Christian counselee speaks to us through nature is spirit .net order but principally he speaks to us through his Word what if you could hear God if you have volume button somewhere on the speaker and as it turned this up and hear the voice of God would you be turning it up and keep it with you a little radio is a poison that can appear the words of God while you do in the table you want to speak to you and now that I get the whole Bible on my phone out of my iPad I got in my car and I each I can listen to it all the time have noticed that same problem I myself listen to the Bible us and to see if a radio preacher said nothing well you know this might be more interesting than you can gently even alludes that Hungerford chest feeling someone read the word of God is reading the word of God but whenever I do I am so bless to know if there was ever a time in history when the church has had more to struggle with his sorry for distractions the devil has more distractions there are more voices right now to speak to us think about how many different ways now can you hear sounds how much information comes into our minds not just from TV screens and phones from billboards and for magazines and audio in our cars just are when we go in the house and all around us all the time were hearing so many voices most of them are not sanctified by the Lord through his voice supermarket someone was talking undergone a testimony about his struggle with his worldly music in their mind I leaned over and said the basement as it happens whenever I go to the market leader these old songs they were walking home when I was a canonical easy listening the same hexagonal time same exact thing so since were so surrounded with this was sin abounds grace needs the much more abound and if you've got all these other messages that are constantly pouring into your senses you must you listening you must hunt justly choose the counter that by just placing the pipe pouring into your mind the truth because if you're not worrying the mind in your truth the only way to get the air out of account is the sum of the something else if you're not worrying the living water in your life and the Prince of power the air will displace it and the double system to start moving gravity if you make a conscious decision when I got to listen to today strategically what am I to listen to it make appointments with God every morning I get up I got a routine I go and I sipped on my computer and I read through the Bible and the Logos Bible software and a lot of software and I'm reading it a different place every morning going to the will I go through my personal Bible study where I may be writing articles read read the Bible for that I get in my car I've got sermons and I've got got Christian stations I listen to try to surround myself with the Bible and the Christian books because you can't and I don't know how people that don't do that if you're Christian how you make it because there's so many other voices Psalm one nineteen verse eleven your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin so you want to have something to fight sin you don't fill your heart fill your mind with the Word of God to keep you keep you from sinning no more getting near the end here and I'd like to read a couple more versus Joshua one eight Joshua said this book of the law shall not depart from your mouth but you will meditate in it day and night that you might observe to do according to all that is written in it for then you will make your way prosperous and you'll have good success and he doesn't say that you need to force yourself to read the Bible so you can obey me I is you read the word of God Howard was released in your life to obey no Jesus said let there be light and there was light the word has inherent power in a inherent in every command of God is the power tool they using the word there is powered self judge leading the powers provided to do it Deuteronomy eleven Moses and therefore you only are these words and this is something that Josiah read therefore you only have these words of mine in your hearts and your soul and bind them as a sign on your hand addition these frontlets between your eyes notice in the last days where is the mark of the beast and before it what is the market release these words of mine notice and ceiling that is an order that is is in the ceiling got in the word of God is the Sabbath commandment in the word of God by the way the only place you find were holding the ten Commandments is the Sabbath commandment in the middle of God 's law since the lease sign on your hand is from between your eyes cavemen of theology if you don't have the word of God in your hand in your head you will have the mark of the beast therefore you lay up these words of mine in your hearts and in your soul and find them as a sign on your hand and opiates friendless between your eyes you shall teach them to your children speaking of them when you sit in your house when you walk by the way when you lay down when you rise up and they shall be on your recent account you will be on the door posts of your house Paul said Colossians three sixteen let the word of Christ dwell in you let the word will be in you richly in all wisdom first Timothy four thirteen July and give attention to reading her parable about a man one time he dreams in his vision he was walking through a desert a heard a voice say reach down and pick up some of the stones tomorrow you'll be happy and you'll be sad so he reached down and picked up some of the stones put them in his pocket the next day he was both happy and sad because he found that the stones were actually tools and he was happy he picked up some of him he was sadly not picked up more of this kind of the way it is with the word of God unthankful for what I have that I think the longer I live the more sad I am like to take advantage of my use how many of you know that it's easier to remember the word of God when you're younger I wish when I was he younger my mind was much sharper and keener than it is now that I spent a lot more time reading the Bible than the other goofy empty the same things that I spent time listening to and reading about before I have by sure would like to have more George Mueller said a person 's relationship to the Lord will be in direct proportion with the place the word of God holds in their lives your relationship with God is going to be in direct proportion to where the word of God is in your life I like to close with this from the great controversy page fifty one Satan well knew that the Holy Spirit Schulz would enable men to discern his deceptions and withstand his power is by the words and even the Savior of the world have resisted his attacks and every assault Christ presented the shield of eternal truth saying it is written to every suggestion of the adversary he opposes in the wisdom of the power of the word in order for Satan to maintain his sway over men and establishes authority he must keep them in ignorance of the Scriptures is it possible that he could do that even in the church is impossible that all people in a movement to misplace the book is impossible to have a famine for the word of God in the land that God and even though you may be raised in the church and going to church you have a relationship with the Lord through personal daily devotions where Jesus is in your LS that's Mike Lee might know how you are and you know I was that some of us need to maybe do a site to long after the Lord of the love the Lord of the same but I want to remove the idols that are in the kingdom I minute draw near to you promises and try near to God he will draw near to just size of Florida missing cash in on the drawing here you and I in the form what I know you want me to reform and when he did that is on the word of God in the house some of you might be wondering I read the Bible and then get anything out of it but he just doesn't seem interesting to me could we do items in your life that are obstacles your relationship with God and his word might come alive for you if you're willing to talk to those things Lord I'm going to burn the xylose am willing to sacrifice these things I know are coming between me and you some of us have lost our appetite for the Word of God so let's have been burned by the things of the world we are so hyper stimulating the entertainment of the devil that by comparison the Bible seems bland and we might need to turn off multimedia so that the word of God will come alive I was amazed when I quit smoking now all of a sudden I could peacefully again and we're not a single piece in our mouths again like honey I can just say Lord I need to appreciate that truth before I close with prayer I trust that the word is not in a return void night that the Holy Spirit is speaking to some of you you were nice that maybe you don't appreciate word of God don't appreciate the life you couldn't even taking it for granted trying to live off what you're getting once a week in church we need to have a revival of our personal emotions and draw near to God in our lives are willing to join me tonight similarly your grace this place the Sabbath I would say I want a requirement in my life I want to commit myself young willing to lay down every eye cast on every phone I will wash now I'll be whiter than snow is through the word of artist 's mountain of suffering right now is that your prayer is like the stand with you I heavenly father the Lord it makes us shudder to think that history could be repeated in it we are people a movement that you've raised up with an incredible history and heritage organization and institutions that it's possible that we can over time this place will that I can crop up in the kingdom board would like to pray right now that in our lives that uses can reign supreme we pray that he will move into our hearts do for us Lord we cannot do for ourselves all of our promises are sometimes like most of sand will sort to focus on filling our minds with your truth to spend time in prayer and really studying the word and then we pray the Holy Spirit will bring the words the life you've told us in these words are spirit in your life but they must be spiritually discerned so we know we need your spirit finds us or from our sins for outdoor spirit on this place this whole event is ultimately going to draw near to you Lord I pray that you wanting your promise now draw near to us even right now as we pause here and prayer I prayed your Holy Spirit will speak to each person helped them know what it is you want us to do this is something specific that you want us to change or to hand over to you for taking right now and we ask that you will then help us to be new creatures because of this we thank you we pray this now in Jesus name


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